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November 29, 2015

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3:22 p.m.
Cantor Releases 2014 House Schedule
1:08 p.m.
House Democrats Will Not Face Ethics Investigation for Civil Disobedience
1:03 p.m.
Issa Subpoenas Sebelius for Obamacare Website Documents
8 p.m.
Best Moments From the Sebelius Obamacare Hearing (Video)
6:33 p.m.
Farm Bill Conference Faces Pre-Emptive Conservative Demands
6:12 p.m.
Peterson Will Fight ‘Tooth and Nail’ to Prevent Budget, Farm Merger
5:38 p.m.
3 Republicans Sign Onto Democratic Immigration Bill
12:55 p.m.
Pelosi: Revenues Must Be on Table
12:12 p.m.
Republicans Attack Sebelius, Obama for Health Care Sales Pitch
10:08 a.m.
Sebelius: ‘Hold Me Accountable for the Debacle’ (Updated)
12:48 a.m.
Sebelius’ Testimony Identical to CMS Head’s Prepared Remarks
4:26 p.m.
6 Questions Sebelius Can Expect From the GOP
2:21 p.m.
Hoyer Wants a ‘Big Deal’ on Budget, but Mum on Strategy
12:52 p.m.
Hoyer: Obamacare Messaging Could Have Been More ‘Precise’
11:34 a.m.
House Republicans Shift From Obamacare Web Woes
5:21 p.m.
Ex-Rep. Renzi Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison
3:12 p.m.
5 Democrats Target Obamacare Contractors in Website Flap
12:21 p.m.
Issa Threatens to Subpoena Obamacare Website Documents
6:03 p.m.
GOP Hawks Want Budget Conferees to Ditch Defense Cuts
11:46 a.m.
Obama to House GOP: Pass Immigration This Year
5:41 p.m.
Water Bill Brings Bipartisanship Back in Fashion (Updated)
5:18 p.m.
Appropriators’ Frustration Mounts as Sequester Festers
1:45 p.m.
House Democrat Wants Someone Fired Over Obamacare Website
1:26 p.m.
Pelosi on Obamacare Website: ‘Just Fix It’
11:27 a.m.
Boehner: ‘We’re Gonna Be Fine’
6:20 p.m.
Reports: Rifle Stolen From Renee Ellmers’ N.C. Home
5:50 p.m.
Hoyer Optimistic — but Cautiously So — on Budget Conference
4:27 p.m.
Hoyer: Stenographer Who Hijacked Floor a ‘Delightful Human Being’
4:07 p.m.
Boehner Finds the Woman for the Job
2:51 p.m.
House Honors Late Speaker Tom Foley
2:26 p.m.
Sebelius Agrees to Testify on Obamacare Rollout … Eventually
4:39 p.m.
Water Bill Latest Legislation Likely to Test Heritage-Leadership Divide
4:12 p.m.
Paul Ryan’s ‘No’ Vote Concerns Pelosi, Hoyer
10:47 p.m.
House Stenographer Opines About Freemasons (Updated) (Video)
10:24 p.m.
Default Averted; House Votes to Reopen Government
9:16 p.m.
Obama Speaks Before House Votes, Plans to Reopen Government ‘Immediately’
6 p.m.
House Republicans: ‘We Lost’
3:22 p.m.
Boehner Backs Senate Deal, Will Bring It to House Floor (Updated)
3:06 p.m.
Conservatives, Moderates Rally Behind Boehner
11:37 a.m.
Boehner Hasn’t Decided When to Vote on Senate Deal (Updated)
6:43 p.m.
Cruz-Led Conservatives Put Boehner in Double Bind
6:21 p.m.
Latest House Plan Falls Apart
3:01 p.m.
House GOP Changes Plan Again
1:44 p.m.
Tortilla Coast Group Tight-Lipped
9:46 a.m.
House GOP Eyes Pre-Emptive Move to Counter Senate Debt Deal (Updated)
12:06 a.m.
Ted Cruz, House Republicans Meet in Secret at Tortilla Coast
6:36 p.m.
Obama Dropped House GOP ‘Like a Hot Potato’
3:38 p.m.
Obama, Pelosi Talk Debt Limit and Shutdown in Call
2:14 p.m.
Huelskamp: White House Is ‘Fear Mongering’ on Debt Limit
1:03 p.m.
Senior Democrat, GOP Aide Get Into Altercation on House Floor
10:05 a.m.
House GOP Talks With Obama Break Down as Both Look to Senate
4:45 p.m.
White House Seeks Longer Debt Extension as Boehner, Obama Continue Talks
2:40 p.m.
House Centrists Emerging From the Shadows
12:02 p.m.
House GOP Sends Informal Proposal to Obama on Shutdown, Debt Limit (Updated)
6:36 p.m.
No Deal at White House, but Both Sides Will Keep Talking (Updated)
4:39 p.m.
Budget Conference at Last? Not So Fast, Says Pelosi
1:55 p.m.
Why Republicans Sent a Debt Limit Test Balloon, Not a Debt Limit Plan
11:49 a.m.
Paul Ryan Wants Budget Conference (Updated)
10:29 a.m.
House GOP Plan Would Keep Government Shut, Raise Debt Limit (Updated)
5:32 p.m.
Republicans Refocus From Obamacare to Spending
3:14 p.m.
House GOP to Send Negotiators to White House; Obama ‘Disappointed’ (Updated)
12:15 p.m.
Heritage Action Supports Debt Limit Hike
12:13 p.m.
Bipartisan Group of Congressional Leaders Meet to Discuss Pathway Ahead
9:05 a.m.
Obama Invites House Democrats to White House
7:44 p.m.
Lawmakers Have Low Expectations for New Supercommittee
5:33 p.m.
Republicans Say Obama Underestimates Their Resolve as Debt Default Nears
5:14 p.m.
Boehner Demands Democrats Negotiate With GOP on Spending, Debt Limit
11:28 a.m.
Obama Call to Boehner: No Negotiations Without Clean CR
10:22 a.m.
GOP Proposes New Supercommittee to Resolve Impasse (Updated)
8:25 a.m.
GOP Skeptical of Combining Debt Limit and CR Fights
5:54 p.m.
Pelosi Publicly, Privately Slams Bipartisan 6-Month CR
3:01 p.m.
Why the Democrats’ Discharge Petition Won’t Work
12:12 p.m.
Boehner, Reid Staffers Spar Over Debt Limit and Shutdown
2:23 p.m.
House Democrats Make GOP Leaders an Offer They Can Refuse
1:56 p.m.
Shutdown Resolution Unlikely Over Weekend
11:44 a.m.
House Votes 407-0 to Provide Back Pay to Furloughed Workers
5:50 p.m.
GOP Moderates Wary of Crossing Boehner
1:45 p.m.
Democrats Plan to Discharge GOP Bill to End Shutdown (Updated)
1:20 p.m.
Senior Republicans Used to Back Clean CRs to Avert Shutdowns
11:38 a.m.
Boehner Vows He Won’t ‘Roll Over’ to Obama, Democrats (Updated)
11:36 a.m.
White House Announces Support for Back Pay for Workers (Updated)
10:23 a.m.
Will Shutdown Solution Come From Rank and File?
2:15 p.m.
Boehner Works Behind the Scenes on ‘Grand Bargain’
1:39 p.m.
Progressives Form ‘Human Chain’ Against Chained CPI
1:37 p.m.
Cantor Updates Republicans on ‘Current State of Play’
6:52 p.m.
House Passes First 3 Mini-CRs, Daring Senate to Act
6:12 p.m.
Republican Centrists Plot Revolt to End Government Shutdown
5:09 p.m.
Democrats Let D.C. Funding Bill Pass by Voice Vote
4:23 p.m.
Season of Appropriations Chairman’s Discontent
4:16 p.m.
GOP Lawmakers Heckled at Outdoor Press Conference
8:06 p.m.
Democrats Turn Back GOP’s Piecemeal Funding Strategy
4:45 p.m.
Lawmakers, Veterans Storm WWII Memorial Closed by Shutdown
1:39 p.m.
House Leaders Seize on Ted Cruz’s Idea to End Shutdown (Updated)
1:05 p.m.
Republicans Ready for Conference, but Still Missing Their Dance Partners
1:12 a.m.
Last-Ditch CR Effort by House Faces Certain Senate Rejection

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