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February 10, 2016

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7:05 p.m.
Republicans Regroup on Border Funding Bill
2:39 p.m.
House Sends Highway Bill Back to Senate
1:38 p.m.
House Leaders Postpone Border Supplemental, Delay Recess, Blame Obama (Updated) (Video)
12:45 p.m.
Cantor Delivers Final Speech as Majority Leader (Video)
11:53 a.m.
House Moves Ahead on New Border Funding Gambit
11:25 p.m.
Ted Cruz Rallies House Conservatives to End ‘Obama’s Amnesty’
9 p.m.
Facing Immigration Revolt, Republicans Plan Vote to Ban ‘Administrative Amnesty’ (Updated)
6:30 p.m.
House Votes to Sue Obama (Updated) (Video)
4:45 p.m.
VA Health Care Overhaul Passes House
2:14 p.m.
House Democrats Weigh Voting Down Highway Bill
10:26 a.m.
Majority Leader-Elect McCarthy Inherits Top Cantor Aides
5 a.m.
Majority Whip-Elect Steve Scalise Staffs Up
5 a.m.
Bill Foster, Congress’ Science Guy
6:47 p.m.
Pelosi: GOP Border Bill ‘Unjust and Inhumane’
6:15 p.m.
Dysfunctional Congress Sprints to Chaotic Finish
3:49 p.m.
Boehner Blasts Reid, Won’t Allow ‘Immigration Reform’ on Border Bill (Video)
1:39 p.m.
Former Rep. M. Caldwell Butler Dies at 89 (Video)
1:32 p.m.
Republicans Honor Cantor’s Tenure (Video)
12:52 p.m.
Will Democrats Bail Out Republicans on Border Supplemental?
11 a.m.
Advocates Grade Congress on Immigration (Updated)
10:36 a.m.
$659 Million Border Bill Planned by GOP (Updated) (Video)
9:30 a.m.
Watch Live: Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services Testifies Before House Committee
4:28 p.m.
Conservatives: Obama Impeachment Effort ‘Futile’
6:31 p.m.
No Vacation Until Congress Fixes VA, Democrats Demand
3:03 p.m.
Paul Ryan Unveils Anti-Poverty Program
11:38 a.m.
New GOP Optimism for Border Supplemental Before August (Updated)
11:04 a.m.
Pelosi: Don’t Tack Expedited Deportations to Border Bill (Video)
4:29 p.m.
Ethics Investigations Since 2009 — in One Chart
3:53 p.m.
Texas GOP Delegation to Obama: Enforce Immigration Law
2:02 p.m.
Miller Fires Back at Sanders After VA Talks Stall Over Money (Video) (Updated)
12:44 p.m.
After Fights Over Cuckoo Clocks and Billable Hours, Rules Panel Backs Resolution Allowing House to Sue Obama
12:39 p.m.
Boehner Still Pushing on Border Supplemental, VA Crisis (Video)
4:06 p.m.
Boehner Pens Letter to Obama on Border Crisis, Congressional Response
12:28 p.m.
House GOP Forges Ahead on Border Funding Legislation With No Clear Endgame
12:09 p.m.
Cruz Meets With Conservatives to Discuss Border Crisis (Updated)
10:10 a.m.
GOP Calls for Troops on Border, Speedier Deportations
5:43 p.m.
4 Big Reasons Obama’s Border Funds Request Is in Trouble
4:45 p.m.
Johnson: Ignoring Border Crisis is Not an Option for Congress (Updated) (Video)
4:33 p.m.
Boehner on Obamacare: ‘It Cannot Be Fixed’
1:16 p.m.
The Border Supplemental and ‘the Height of Irresponsibility’
11:30 a.m.
Boehner Puts Onus on Democrats for Tenuous Status of Border Funding Bill
5 a.m.
Chaffetz on Oversight: More Results, Less Confrontation
6:05 p.m.
Oklahoma Republicans to Obama: No More Child Migrants at Fort Sill
5 a.m.
McCarthy Takes Over Visible Leader Duties as Staff Transitions
1:16 p.m.
Anger on Capitol Hill Grows as Details on Flight MH17 Emerge
4 p.m.
Carter and Goodlatte Put Down Their Own Markers to Solve Border Crisis
12:25 p.m.
Boehner Losing Optimism on Addressing Border Crisis Before August Recess (Video)
12:17 p.m.
GOP Task Force Member Says Border Crisis Recommendations Will Be Released Thursday
5:27 p.m.
One Day Closer to Recess and Still No House Border Funding Bill
4:26 p.m.
Lawmakers Battle Over Legal Arguments for Boehner Lawsuit (Video)
4 p.m.
House Backs Financial Services Bill With Steep Cuts to IRS
3:50 p.m.
House Lawmakers Critical of Proposed Counterterrorism Fund
3:35 p.m.
CDC Chief Pledges to Improve Safety After Biohazard Lapses
3:24 p.m.
House Panels Act on Lerner Resolutions
3:18 p.m.
House Democratic Women Calling for ‘Clean’ Border Funding Bill
9:56 a.m.
Watch Live: House Rules Committee Hearing on Proposed Lawsuit of President Barack Obama
5 a.m.
Chairman: Ethics Committee Can Only ‘Offer Up Advice’
5:42 p.m.
Wolf Wants Washington’s Birthday Restored to Correct Date
5:17 p.m.
House GOP Scores Short Highway Trust Fund Extension
3:07 p.m.
Why House Conservatives Don’t Support Obama Impeachment
12:47 p.m.
Hoyer Predicts Easy Passage of ‘Gimmicky’ Highway Bill
12:12 p.m.
Border Funding Request Takes Shape in House
9:44 a.m.
Poll: Majority Finds Boehner Lawsuit ‘Political Stunt’
5 a.m.
Staffers Purged at Homeland Security Committee
10:14 p.m.
Homeland Security Secretary Meets with Democrats on Supplemental, Changes to 2008 Human Trafficking Law
4:16 p.m.
Democrat Wants Accountability on Obama Lawsuit
3:07 p.m.
Hoyerland Denizen Heads to White House | Hill Climber
1:12 p.m.
Homeland Security Secretary to Meet With Blue Dog Democrats
5 a.m.
In Race for Oversight Chairmanship, Turner Lays Out Different Direction
2:37 p.m.
Grijalva: Diaz-Balart Immigration Bill Had ‘Very Large’ Support
2:07 p.m.
Hispanic Caucus Lobbying to Block Trafficking Change
6:33 p.m.
Text of Stockman Resolution Calling for House to Arrest Lois Lerner
5:49 p.m.
House Resolution Authorizes Suing Obama Over Affordable Care Act
2:44 p.m.
Diaz-Balart’s Immigration Overhaul Effort Is Dead for Now
2:18 p.m.
Pelosi Still Supports Senate-Passed ENDA Despite Diminishing LGBT Support (Video)
12:31 p.m.
Boehner Says Border Crisis Won’t Get ‘Blank Check’ (Video)
12:16 p.m.
Pelosi Slams Boehner Lawsuit of Obama (Video)
5 a.m.
GOP Task Force, Lone Democrat Eye Trafficking Law
6:12 p.m.
GOP Plan to Save Highway Trust Fund May Win By Default
5:44 p.m.
President’s Party Asks Why He’s Avoiding the Border
2:55 p.m.
Woodall Wins Unopposed Election to Interim RSC Chairman
11:40 a.m.
Uncertain Future for Next Week’s Highway Trust Fund Extension Vote
4:41 p.m.
Obama’s $4B Bill for Border Surge Gets Frosty Reception on the Right
5 a.m.
A Tale of Two Congressional Visits to the Southwest Border
4:24 p.m.
Boehner Moving Toward Late-July Obama Lawsuit Vote
1:17 p.m.
Congressman: American Drug Use Fueling Immigration Crisis
3:59 p.m.
GOP Says Border Crisis is Obama’s Fault; Democrats Blame Violence, Poverty
2:31 p.m.
Goodlatte: Border Crisis ‘Disaster of President Obama’s Own Making’
2:07 p.m.
Ethics Chairman Says Panel Will Reverse Decision on Travel Disclosures (Updated)
4:29 p.m.
33 House Republicans to Obama: End Deportation Stays for ‘Dreamers’
3:46 p.m.
Congressman: We Can’t Just Kick Them Off a Bus in Guatemala
3:36 p.m.
Fundraising: Boehner Says GOP Needs More From Chairmen
2:13 p.m.
Pelosi, Government Watchdogs Slam Ethics Committee Disclosure Change (Updated)
11:28 a.m.
Earmarks Aren’t Coming Back, Boehner Vows in New Video
5 a.m.
House GOP’s Secret Vote, Deconstructed

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