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February 10, 2016

Boehner: Time for Obama to Reassess Afghanistan Withdrawal Strategy

Afghanistan News: Boehner wants Obama to reassess his Afghanistan withdrawal strategy. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Boehner wants Obama to reassess his Afghanistan withdrawal strategy. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Speaker John A. Boehner says it’s time for President Barack Obama to reassess his strategy for withdrawing from Afghanistan after an attack left a general dead.

“What happened today is not only a personal tragedy, but a setback that demands leaders in Washington and Kabul take time to assess the state of our shared campaign and the necessary steps forward,” the Ohio Republican said. “The Taliban’s recent campaign of high-profile attacks is calculated to accompany a global PR strategy highlighting the fact that U.S. and coalition forces will soon be leaving Afghanistan and abandoning its weak and ineffective government. The Taliban wants everyone to know it will soon dominate all aspects of life in Afghanistan once again.

“I have told the President privately and publicly that my biggest concern is that America will end its mission in Afghanistan just short of the goal line. After my visit there in May, I warned that if we did not demonstrate a determination to finish the job, we would be looking at a reversal of progress similar to what we have seen in Iraq. The national security interests of our country are too high, and too much sacrifice has been made to watch that happen. So let me reiterate: if the President decides to re-think his strategy, including withdrawals, deadlines, and policy restraints, particularly on certain associated terrorist networks, he will have my support.”

Boehner, who has long been a hawk on Afghanistan and Iraq, also urged the country’s two presidential candidates facing a recount — Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah — to continue to exhibit statesmanship.

“The Afghan people need their leaders more than ever, and the international community needs confidence that the leaders of Afghanistan understand the stakes,” he said.


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  • Packard27

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

    I take a back seat to no man or woman in criticizing both the rank incompetence and the lawless corruption of the Obama Administration. Nevertheless, it is fair to ask now, just how long does Boehner and his “Washington DC/Wall Street Patriot” class of friends expect the rest of us to continue to fight and die in a place as worthless as Afghanistan?

    Why don’t you, Crazy Man McCain, and Lindsay Graham all get your families and your guns and get on over there to set things right. Everyone else is through trying to save such an odd culture of people who never really wanted saving in the first place.

  • Yougetalife

    The worst speaker ever and the most incompetent house ever do nothing so he is irrelevant.

  • papacito9999

    Ok Boehner are you volunteering to go over there and fight? Of course not. You’ll run like a coward the same way you ducked naval boot camp.

  • DonQuixote109

    Mr. Boehner,
    We don’t want our boys and girls to die anymore. And, by the way, if we’re really going to finish the job, you best get your Tea Party compatriots to fund the project properly, without eviscerating our fragile social services web that so many returning soldiers rely on to survive the aftermath.

  • Swo Ford
  • Swo Ford

    As an adherent to the marxist ideology, Obama is solely pre-occupied with consolidating the requisite centralized power to impose his notions of “fundamental transformation”.

  • Ash Berger

    Here we find even more evidence of the serious abuses of power perpetrated by Obama’s criminal regime:

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