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February 13, 2016

Boehner Losing Optimism on Addressing Border Crisis Before August Recess (Video)

Most Republicans want immigration overhaul, Boehner said. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Boehner is less optimistic about passing a border bill before the August recess. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Speaker John A. Boehner seems to be losing confidence that Congress can pass legislation addressing the wave of children coming across the border before lawmakers head back to their districts for the August recess.

Asked on Thursday during his weekly news conference whether he thought Congress would address the crisis before the recess, Boehner said, “I would certainly hope so, but I don’t have as much optimism as I’d like to have.”

Boehner noted Republicans are working with a group of lawmakers tasked with providing recommendations to address the border crisis — the task force is expected to make recommendations soon, potentially as soon as Thursday — and he said Republicans were working with the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, Harold Rogers of Kentucky, to come up with a supplemental bill to address the crisis.

The president requested $3.7 billion for the supplemental legislation, but Republicans are expected to offer far less than that.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Republicans appear far apart on whether they should address a 2008 human trafficking law that could provide refugee status for some of these children — and whether a supplemental measure should include changes to the law.

Boehner wouldn’t commit on whether a supplemental bill would revise the law — “I don’t want to lock myself in,” he said — but he suggested he believed that additional money for the crisis should be tied to changes.

“I don’t know how you can address the problem down there without looking at the ’08 law,” Boehner said. “I don’t know how Congress can send more money to the border to begin to mitigate the problem if you don’t do something about the ’08 law that is being abused.”

  • David Farrar

    The invasion that is presently taking place on our southwestern border isn’t about race, as desperately as many on the Left try to imply. It is about creating a political power basis for the radical, leftist, communists who are presently in power in Washington. The Chamber of Commerce, RINO Republicans in Congress — you know, the McCain and Graham types, JEB too — are essentially okay with this, figuring they too can go after this group and win their fair share. This all may, or may not, be true. But as a solid member of the American middle class, I know it will be the middle class that will suffer most of the pain and lost economic in the struggle for political supremacy; unless it finds its voice and stands up for itself. Hello, Tea Party.

    ex animo

    • Robert Morris

      Hello Tea Party? Good by common sense!

      • Matt

        You spelled Good-Bye incorrectly, sir.

        • Robert Morris

          You got the point didn’t you?

      • Ed Burns

        What common sense?

        • Robert Morris

          Ed Burns
          There isn’t any when you consider the TP, and it’s well documented. What part of the comment didn’t you understand?


    the government seems to have forgotten all about the three million unemployed families that are still without an unemployment extension since late last December. while the congress approved billions of dollars for the Ukraine, and approved the Koch brothers oil pipeline bill, the unemployment extension bill was refused passage by the republican senate. both political parties have failed these unemployed families, and left them in financial ruin and deep poverty

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