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February 12, 2016

Boehner: Most Republicans Want to Deal With Immigration


(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Boehner said that most Republicans want to change the nation’s immigration system. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Speaker John A. Boehner said Monday that most Republicans want to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, but that a lack of trust in President Barack Obama’s will to enforce the laws is keeping them from doing so.

The Ohio Republican, speaking at a luncheon sponsored by several San Antonio business groups, acknowledged that there are some in his conference who do not want to take on the issue, but he was measured in speaking about his colleagues’ resistance.

“There are some members of our party who just do not want to deal with this. It’s no secret,” he said. “I do believe the vast majority of our members do want to deal with this, they want to deal with it openly, honestly and fairly.”

That characterization contradicts the way Boehner described his members at an event in Ohio last month, when he said they are whiny and do not want to do the hard work of passing an immigration rewrite. On Monday, Boehner instead blamed Obama — namely his appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and delays to the Affordable Care Act’s implementation — for breaching trust with House Republicans.

“We’re at a point where my colleagues don’t trust that the president will implement the law the way we would see it passed. So I put the ball back in the president’s court. He’s going to have to do something to demonstrate his trustworthiness,” Boehner said.

Boehner said he thinks it is important to pass an immigration policy rewrite, but he said it is impossible to do without his colleagues’ consent, using a favorite phrase of his: “A leader without followers is just a man taking a walk.”

The speaker reiterated that he would like to pass an immigration package in “chunks,” likely starting with border enforcement. But he declined to wade further into the policy, noting that, “I don’t want to make my job harder than it already is.”

Boehner was asked about the politics of immigration, but, to applause from the audience, declined to answer, saying only: “This is not about politics, not about elections. It’s about doing the right thing for the American people. It’s about doing the right thing for the country. Period.”

  • chattyone

    He is absolutely correct. Put a stop to all the illegals. NOW! Keep them out and deport those who are here.

    • kirk

      I want to see your mother being deported!

      • DoucheOwebama

        I wanna see your mom stop giving BJ’s to the homeless…GFY.

    • Jack Everett

      This Koch sock puppet has never been right about anything Bohener wants these illegals as bad as Obama does.

      • left wing

        jack, lies and blames just like all the insane left wing wacko paid trolls

  • snickering

    “If they only had a brain”

    • Jack Everett

      Come back when you reach voting age.

      • snickering

        Oh how sweet, you’ve never seen the “Wizard of Oz”. Don’t peek behind the curtain or face reality forever.

  • Jack Everett

    Bohener should get away from daddy’s bar more often. Bohener is all for making illegal immigrants citizens and can’t wait to get his underpaid house maids back. Corporate sponsored cheap labor from criminal trespassers is right up the GOP alley and a bipartisan effort by both parties.

    “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” – Mario Savio – Sproul Hall, University of California, Berkeley on December 2, 1964

  • HelpSaveMaryland

    With Obama letting known illegal alien criminals back out on the street I would not push any immigration reform until Barak is back in Chicago. Jobs for Americans not Illegal Aliens. Enforce the LAw!

  • EWS

    I hope the republican party in the house just keeps doing nothing. That way Hillary can reform it in 2016 after benefiting from a Hispanic landslide.

    • left wing

      yes, all those undocumented democrats voting for hillary, the inept would continue the democratic tradition of voter fraud.

  • EWS

    Yeah we can’t trust the guy that deported more people then Bush.

    • left wing

      nice LIE, but then that is all you insane lefties do is LIE.

  • twopesos

    Why Are Washington’s Illegal Immigration And Immigration Reform Such Confounded Messes?

    The primary reason is that Washington does not tell the truth about either.

    Washington’s concern with its NAFTA trading partner Mexico outweighs its concerns for illegal immigration from Mexico. 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, second largest source of oil, and US investments in Mexico (Wal-Mart) trump any of America’s complaints or concerns about illegal immigration to the US.

    Washigton’s corporate cronies profit from the use of undocumented labor. These include but are not limited to the agricultural, hotel-motel, fast food, food processing, and construction industries. There are not enough ICE agents out there to effectively enforce employer sanctions and E-verify will never be mandatory. Washington immigration profiteers have wanted to keep it that way for at least Reagan’s 1986.

    Washigton’s corporate cronies simultaneously profit off undocumented labor and billions of US tax dollars pumped into ineffective crony border and interior enforcement.

    You are aware that the Senate’s latest reform scam – S. 744 asks for 46.3 billion dollars more in US tax dollars for border security right? Why do you think Boehner stresses “border security” as the first “chunk” he wants to tackle? See Section 6 (a) (2)(A):

    And John McCain wants to give RPI status to 11.2 million undocumented under Section 2101 while simultaneously asking to double the size of the US Border Patrol under 1102(a) and (for extra corrupt Arizona pork) 200 million for Arizona Prosecutions (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(i) referenced in 1104(a)(1) 200 million more for Arizona’s and FEMA “Operation Stonegarden” (S.744 Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(2)(B)(ii) referenced in Section 1104(b).

    That a boy John. Let ’em in so that you can put more in jail. And why is FEMA on the border?

    And you want to double the size of the border patrol knowing this kind of corruption is taking place?

  • So Nee

    Here we find our resident marxist agitator, Hussein Obama, spinning another tall yarn:

  • Murph Johnston

    In related video, we find a delusional liberal named Barbara Boxer lying about Hussein Obama’s deficit record:

  • left wing

    john rushing to make sure the pubs commit suicide before he loses his job.

  • Al Rex

    No more non-White immigration into the United States. Boehner do not pass any immigration bill which would grant amnesty for more non-Whites. Non-White immigration is a death sentence for Whites.

    Anyone,any White who advocate even an immigration of a single non-White into our White Nations is a traitor. Nothing less.

    All non-White immigration must stop
    and millions deported.

    ODE TO A DYING PEOPLE ( We Whites are dying out because of traitors within us)

    • Jack Everett

      Thats mighty good racism Christian!

      • Al Rex

        It’s actually saving our race and civilization. Nothing to do with Racism. Just that non-Whites don’t belong with Whites. If they want a “Better Life” they can have it among their own people or they can go to China (Asians Countries), the Middle East. India Mexico and down. Why they only want to live in White Countries and destroy them? OUT… we have to close the borders forever. Whites belong with Whites. That’s it. Like it or not.

  • Raj Err

    It isn’t the intentions of liberals’ moral and fiscal bankruptcy that we have to live with, it is the consequences.

  • Mike Barry

    “Speaker John A. Boehner said Monday that most Republicans want to overhaul the nation’s immigration system, but that a lack of trust in President Barack Obama’s will to enforce the laws is keeping them from doing so. – Hey Jackass, we DON’T want to overhaul immigration laws. We want them ENFORCED! NO MORE THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION! What part of that don’t you understand?

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