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February 14, 2016

Boehner Offers Obama Some Advice

Speaker John A. Boehner had a bit of advice for President Barack Obama on Thursday morning as the president tries to change the conversation from the problems with Obamacare to just about anything else: Do something to create private sector jobs.

“Listen: I don’t usually ever do this, but I think I ought to give the president a little advice. You know, if he wants to start building back the American people’s trust, he needs to stop expanding the role of our government and do something — how ’bout anything? — to help create American private sector create jobs,” the Ohio Republican said during his weekly news conference.

Boehner urged Obama to support energy legislation that has passed in the House but has not seen action in the Senate.

“Or he could rein in the regulations that are strangling our economy. Or he could delay this health care law,” Boehner said.

Boehner’s advice comes after a long string of bad news for and Obama’s oft-repeated promise that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

“I think it’s now obvious that the reality of the president’s health care law simply doesn’t match the promises the president made to the American people himself,” Boehner said.

“Every day, we hear heart-wrenching stories from Americans who are getting letters about their health care plans being canceled, or the cost of their new plans is skyrocketing, or they can’t keep their doctors,” he said. “As a result, I think, the American people are losing confidence in this administration.”

Boehner’s pivot back to jobs and what the president and the Senate aren’t doing is, in many ways, a convenient pivot for him and Republicans, too.

With only nine legislative days left in the year, Democrats lambasted House Republicans on Thursday morning for not having finished a host of issues, including the budget conference, the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, the farm bill conference, tax extender legislation, “and yes,” as Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md., put it, “we ought to deal with comprehensive immigration reform.”

Boehner is also dealing with a House GOP public relations issue after freshman Republican Trey Radel of Florida was charged with possession of cocaine.

Boehner told reporters Thursday that the Radel incident was “between he, his family and his constituents.”

Pressed specifically if he would remove Radel from any committees or issue any sort of penalty, Boehner repeated the line.

“This is between he, his family and his constituents,” Boehner said.

  • Leslie Piper

    Dummy doesn’t even know it should be “between HIM and his family,” but then, he’s a rebooblicken….probably trying to improve his standing with the Ts by speaking ungrammatically.
    A hole in the political landscape, Boehner again shows his Americanism sitzplatz instead of gravitass and grandeur.

  • DonQuixote109

    Speaker Boehner, There have been MANY attempts to stimulate the economy that the Tea Party has held hostage. The Shut down, though short term, cost the economy a not so small fortune. The Federal Employees will be made whole, but what about the furloughed contractors – they are out 2 weeks pay (subject to whatever unemployment they may have collected.)

    If you read your own branch’s reports, passing immigration is forecast to save the country a significant amount of money while STIMULATING the economy.

    Yes, there have been hiccups with the implementation of the ACHA. It shouldn’t have happened. But, what you are holding up is a straw man argument. The policies being canceled were changed within the past three years – of course they were, insurance companies and employers shift policies annually to try and save money – or shift the cost to the employees. These were substandard policies.

    Some policies even FOX and Friends have shown not to be worth the paper they were written on.

    What I find interesting are all of the corporations shifting employee hours like mad, doing everything they can to avoid offering a more comprehensive plan.

    Yet, a company like Costco, has done the exact opposite, embracing the new healthcare AND taking care of its employees, Unlke Wal-Mart, McDonalds, etc.

    We need to examine the “Christian” values of the “Conservative” Right – compare the Pro Big Business, forget about environmental regulations that keep our air, water, and soil habitable, and the tax policies that, over the past twenty to thirty years have shifted the Wealth Distribution (PERCENTAGES, in addition to raw dollars) further and further to the 1%, to the policies espouse by the MOST Conservative Christian – Jesus Christ.

    One cannot take select snippets from the Bible, and hold it up as the only truth. One particularly cannot hold up the OLD Testament and claim it is Christian. There are not too many Western Civilization people in the world today who would not have been stoned, enslaved, whipped, etc. under a strict adherence to Deuteronomy.

    The Beatitudes speak volumes. Yes, there are other parables where Christ says that if someone will not work they should not eat or burden others. Those words did NOT include the children, the handicapped, the injured, the people who are NOT ABLE to work. It means the small percentage who truly try to game the system. And, let us not forget, there are those who game the system among the 1%. A close look at Corporate Welfare might show a huge disparity between what people like the Koch Brothers, Archers Daniel Midland, and similar pull from the government feeding trough as compared to the poor who try to game the system.

    Congress has redefined the rules and the professionalism of the once fine institution. You, as Speaker of the House, have done a poor job as a leader, and 3rd in line for the Presidency.

  • Robert H. Pike

    Obama to Boehner; Submit a bill to raise the minimum wage? Boehner to Obama….not in your term!

  • Chredon

    Or the Senate could drop the filibuster on, and the House pass, the dozens of job packages that have been proposed over the past five years.

  • Montesquieu

    Well, if one thing is clear, it’s that Hussein Obama is a liar, a fraud, and a fool.

  • Montesquieu

    While those of the liberty school realize that coercive power keeps the peace, they work to minimize government’s overall coercive power.

  • Defend Liberty

    Hussein Obama’s ideology is marxism.

  • Defend Liberty

    While it sounds cynical to say that the affluent provide a service by trying new things, the same service would be required under socialism.

  • DonQuixote109

    The minimum wage, in absolute dollars, is close to 1/3 what it was in the mid-late 60’s.

    The economy wasn’t so terrible back then.

    Do your research – KNOW the facts, not the hyperbolic bull fecal matter.

  • Steve Cox

    I’m all for smart regulation and strong defense. These will protect our freedoms. I’m concerned about the size of government and the very small amount that gets done by them. I’m concerned about taking care of our veterans and their families. It appears the government and the Libs are more concerned about keeping lazy people lazy and destroying family values. Facts are a stubborn thing, especially for those who can’t see what the welfare state will do to this nation. Entitlement is like a disease that will destroy self will and innovation. No! I don’t believe the Dems are even close to center and are so far left they will destroy the constitution and the work ethic of this nation. If you are so concerned about the 1 percent taking advantage of the rest of us, why in the heck don’t the Libs really go after them? Instead you have the most Liberal President in history forming crony capitalist relationships with big business that will promote their agenda. Liberals IMO are the biggest hypocrites alive. Obamacare is a fraud, it takes hard earned money from those working and just getting by and gives free things to those the government happen to think deserve more. This has no effect on the 1 percent and drives a heck of a lot more to entitlements.

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