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February 10, 2016

Boehner Predicts He’ll Win Dairy Fight in Farm Bill

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Speaker John A. Boehner predicted Thursday that he’ll win a fight over dairy regulations in the farm bill.

“I am confident that the conference report will not include supply management in the dairy program,” the Ohio Republican told reporters at his weekly news conference.

Boehner, who hails from a milk-producing state, has become directly involved in lobbying the farm bill conferees to scrap the language in the bill that he has likened to a “soviet-style dairy program.”

“Let’s not make it worse by including supply management tools that really will make it worse,” Boehner said on Thursday.

“I have fought off the supply management ideas for 23 years that I’ve been in Congress, and my position hasn’t changed. Mr. Peterson and others are aware of that,” he added, referring to House Agriculture ranking member Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., who is one of the top senior negotiators on the House-Senate farm bill conference committee.

The deal-making on the farm bill has slowed due in part to disagreement over a controversial provision to regulate the production and price of milk in the United States — the “supply management” provision.

While Boehner’s involvement in negotiating the dairy provisions of the farm bill might be a new development, he has been closely watching the farm bill’s progress throughout its rocky journey through the 113th Congress. His vote late last year in support of the farm bill was the first such vote he’s taken on the issue sine 1996.

  • PowerOfChoice

    Mr. Boehner how about this portion of the Farm Bill which defrauds Mortgage Lenders and not to mention Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA (with Tax Payer Dollars) when they are on the line to pay Mortgage Lenders who have been defrauded:

    Farm Bill Funding Fraud …

    Is the USDA Mutual Self Help Housing Program supposed to be giving a hand up to individuals who are renters and already have a roof over their head by defrauding mortgage lenders and other citizens? Is it the intent to leave victim homeowners with no home, no equity, and with damaged credit ratings? Are Grantees implementing supposed to be enriching themselves and their future clients with total disregard for the impact their actions would have on the victims and the community. When many owners have to “short sale” homes it destroys the local real estate market for the local rural community and is reprehensible when victims and their neighbors should not have been placed in such a position.

    No government program should violate laws and contracts defrauding citizens and mortgage lenders by 30 to 40 percent ($138,000 – $165,000) per family when they need to sell due to divorce, job transfer, etc. And that does not include surrounding neighbors who also may be similarly affected. The money via the Farm Bill funding this program instead of defrauding Citizens and Lenders would be better utilized to reduce our Deficit or help those who actually DO NOT have a roof over their head such as providing homeless shelters. Instead the money is being used to shatter innocent families’ lives leaving them virtually bankrupt after 20-30 years of hard work destroying their American Dream.

    This is a prime example of why government should keep their noses out of areas it does not belong because most government programs enacted end up full of fraud and abuse. Is it not supposed to be a crime to defraud secured
    lenders and devalue collateral attached to a security agreement?

    And they stated in the past that Wall Street destroyed the housing market … I believe our legislators need to take a look in the mirror because their legislation is doing the same if not worse harm to American Citizens.

  • Defend Liberty

    Since we do not fully understand the sources of our customs and traditions, we should realize that we are not free to change them without risking the civilization that depends upon them.

  • BlockTheTruth

    I predict Boehner will be found guilty of treason along with many others including their gay muslim leader…….

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