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February 8, 2016

Boehner: SOTU ‘Hardest Day of the Year’

If you’re looking for another “You Lie!” moment, keep an eye on Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio.

Maintaining his composure during the State of the Union — while sitting on camera and directly behind the president as Obama delivers his remarks — makes for the “hardest day of the year,” Boehner said.

Boehner made the comments Tuesday morning in a private meeting of the House Republican Conference located at the Republican National Committee headquarters down the street from the Capitol, according to sources in the gathering.

  • Layla

    As the weakest Speaker in my lifetime, Boehner is already having his moments trying to explain to the GOP base why Immigration Reform is his number one issue right now. With over 50 MILLION Americans without jobs, this one isn’t even on the radar screen of America.

    Not one politician has enforced the immigration laws on the books in my lifetime. If you had, we wouldn’t even be discussing this now.

    I think we’d like to hear his explanation for the fact that our active troops pay was cut while federal employees have been given a raise.

    Because the Speaker finds life so hard in Washington, the voters are going to be going their best to bring him home for a taste of the real world under Obamacare.

    • mikem42

      I agree with most of your thoughts; however the present administration has deported 2 million illegal humans back to their homeland. It is still being done daily, using the laws on the books. What part of this matches your statement concerning this?

      • Layla

        I appreciate hearing that, Mike. Please show me where I can confirm it. I am a native California from San Diego. If any there are being deported, that’s news to us.

        • mikem42

          My main source has been MSNBC, as the progressives are angry over the large numbers being deported, with families being split up and the such. But, the New York Times has 5 articles dating from Jan. 21, 2014 back to Dec. 6th, 2013 confirming this. It is a serious issue, and too political in my opinion. Common sense and humane approach is needed. One side screams “secure the borders”, while the other says “make them citizens so they can vote”, and the rest is lost in the echo chamber of Washington D.C. But the facts are that 2 mill. have been sent home under this president. Doesn’t make the news on Fox because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Go to NYTimes, topics, under deportations.

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