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February 11, 2016

Boehner Stays Out of Feinstein-CIA Feud (Updated) (Video)

Speaker John A. Boehner is holding his fire on the feud between Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the CIA.

“There is an independent IG investigation of this CIA issue,” the Ohio Republican said. Until he sees a report, “I’ll keep my opinions to myself,” he said.

When asked if the allegations concerned him, he replied, “Of course it does.”

  • Jeffrey

    Boehner the RINO is defending the NSA against Feinstein …this fits perfectly :)

  • old409

    It would take somebody with a pair of balls to stand up to the NSA,,,,apparently Feinstein has them and John ” The Capon” Boehner doesn’t,,,,thus “The Capon”.

  • Hima Layan

    For the record: Here’s the deficit history on Hussein Obama’s watch – over the last four years:2009: $1.41 Trillion 2010: $1.29 Trillion 2011: $1.30 Trillion 2012: $1.10 Trillion

  • txlakedude

    Here’s the Boehner, GOP, Bush, conservatives budget….2000>surplus, 2008 to present> -$6triilion.
    No revenues, reduced taxes for the stashing of Americas monies overseas, and the biggest inequity, in the worlds history… Thanks conservatives.
    Keep up on doing nothing for Americas future, and reputation.

  • txlakedude

    Oh let’s don’t forget, the current NSA policies, and billions wasted on their paranoid money making schemes.
    Go Boehner, go !

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