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February 13, 2016

Boehner Still Cool to Senate Unemployment Extension Bill

Speaker John A. Boehner reiterated Tuesday that the Senate’s bipartisan unemployment insurance proposal would not likely be taken up by the House, even if the Senate passes it later this week.

The Ohio Republican did not rule out bringing up a proposal of his own, but said he will wait to see whether the Senate passes the bill.

“I told the president I would consider this as long as it was paid for and as long as there were provisions attached that would actually help the economy and help people get back to work. Those conditions have not been met,” he said.

As he did in a blog post last week, Boehner noted the objections of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, which warned the Senate’s retroactive bill could take months to implement and lead to a large number of improper payments.

Sen. Rob Portman told CQ Roll Call Monday that he has reached out to Ohio’s employment officials to try and address Boehner’s concerns. Portman, a fellow Ohio Republican, could be the 60th vote on the Senate bill later this week.

Last week, Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez vouched for the Senate bill, saying he was confident it could be implemented.

  • NeedsVacation


    Rep. Rob Portman is doing the right thing. John Boehner lied about this program being “unworkable” and Mr. Portman knows it. And now Boehner is saying it would be difficult to implement the program!

    Just because the program would be difficult to re-implement we should terminate it? Ok.. so people who are having a difficult time finding work should stop?

    Boehner is now putting both feet in his mouth.

    95% of American’s support long-term unemployment.

    Call Boehner’s office and tell him what he needs to do.

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205

    Good luck everyone.

    • poor boy

      if boehner doesn’t pass this bill he needs to be voted out , hard working people need this money to feed there familys until work picks up , myself i do not want to go on welfare,food stamps, and medical assistance. i was on a old claim and didn’t have enough for a new claim when they cut ext. out when other people drawed 99 week. i never drawed 1 week of it. i never turn down any job my local call me for i even take the one day jobs. if this isn’t renuewed i know how i will vote at the election

      • Layla

        Unions, you mean, as you clearly ARE a union member. Be pi$$ed at your President for laying to you, not the GOP.

        • kiontra

          Spell check sweetie!

        • TJ

          Layla perhaps you should go back to elementary school to get a refresher course on spelling. What is wrong with being a union member? Since the fall of the union the middle class has taken a nose dive.

          • ricky747

            nt mean 2b rash or rude but unions did suck donkey,ovr pd undr wkd mid estrn awipes,who f up country not 2 mention globe.bstids

        • cheshire572

          Laying, is that how Fox spells what cons do? Cause you are clueless

        • Starving American

          Layla.. You are a POS.. fku you heartless loser.. Our unions keep us working when new buildings are erected.. If you go to hospital one day.. We union members are the one’s the built it.. when you know what your talking about speak up.. when you don’t.. everything that come’s out of your mouth was offered to you in the first place by your toilet.. Shut up and get a clue you POS…

      • rob

        the only way that the bill will get pass is everyone trust God and believe I’m not voting for no one no more because this is not right and it is not of God this is not normal so many people as such as myself have lost everything we had and they think that this is funny but its all good God has the last laugh so if I were to tell you anything it would be to trust God because we’re fighting against the devil him self

    • Layla

      Union board, here! We want JOBS, NOT FREEBIES! Your statement that 95% of American’s support long term unemployment IS A LIE!

      • kiontra

        Curious….how much do you pay monthly to support the unemployed???

        • cheshire572

          Kiontra, NOT EVERYONE IS ON UI ALL THEIR LIFE, most of us had jobs or business that GOP’s failures & actions lost us. Most of us paid 33% which is 3 times as much as Boehner paid or Romney. SO whatever your source of “information” is, It’s bs

          • kiontra

            I think you didnt comprehend my question to LAYLA. She was a little in an uproar over the GOP and UI i just thought i’d ask what she was paying towards the bill…..In Other words….WHY DOES SHE CARE SO MUCH IF ITS NOT COMING OUT OF HER POCKETS??!! If someones job is to take care of the country as a whole, then thats what they must do, whether they want to or not! Sweets i actually was on UI for six months. Cut off at the beginning of my first extension. I dont do this often!

          • ricky747

            bt u did.rt

          • kiontra

            Surely did!!!

      • Starving American

        You are a POS

      • Angela

        Then DON’T piss on unemployment until they STOP giving tax breaks to American jobs overseas!! ONLY in America do we consider getting on a boat to China only so we can have an American job!! You are a loser. YOU do not fund unemployment! The people who worked for decades and had their jobs taken away because of budget cuts and outsourcing DID! You don’t fund anything! Go attack the people who have never worked a day in their life and sit on welfare as a career choice! We have probably put in way more work and dedication than you EVER dreamed of.

    • ricky747

      dis sht hes an ahole basterd kke

      • ricky747

        meant fk dis crap hes a jw ahole bastid.

    • thaisc21
  • VinnyFromIndy

    Can the GOP’s war on Americans be any clearer??? Boehner and the GOP simply do not care about the fate of millions of desperate Americans. They do not care that the CBO said the extension of benefits would CREATE 200k jobs.

    Make no mistake! The GOP is minting tens of thousands of New Democrats each week they deny these benefits. There are at least a million Republicans that have been thrown to the wolves by the GOP over this issue. One can only imagine the gut punch for these Republicans to watch as their party abandons them out of spite using lies to justify their cruelty. Not only are these millions of Republicans being thrown to the wolves by their party leaders, their conservative brethren now call THEM moochers and takers on comment threads on the Internet. This issue is not like gay marriage or some other esoteric issue for the desperate unemployed. For these people the need is severe and immediate. They are watching helplessly as they lose their homes, apartments, cars. They are having their heat, water and electricity shut off one by one or they are destroying their credit and 401K’s. You can be sure that no amount of lies or propaganda by the right wing media will confuse these desperate Republicans that are facing financial catastrophe. They know without a shadow of a doubt which party is doing this to them and their families. It is the GOP.

    The GOP is thrusting MILLIONS into abject poverty for no other reason than spite and hatred of this President. Also, this “letter” that Boehner is using as cover to deny these benefits was written by a Tea Party, Republican operative in Mississippi named Mark Henry. Henry simply gushes over Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin on his Facebook page.

    I hope all readers note that in the last few months that the GOP has thrown the poor, veterans and now the unemployed to the wolves. If you are not a millionaire or billionaire the GOP could not care less about the fate of you or your family. John Boehner is FAR more interested in the number if ice cubes in his multiple, daily glasses of scotch than the unemployed. In short, the GOP hates you America!

    • Layla

      More political Bull Shot… We need JOBS. The unions are posting here attempting to blame the GOP when it is the administration that has cost/is costing us jobs.

      • VinnyFromIndy

        LIAR! Layla is a troll and knows about as much as my dog on the subject of jobs in America.

        The fact is that the GOP has blocked EVERY attempt by Democrats and the President to create jobs in the last two years. The America Jobs Act STILL sits in Boehner’s desk because he will not bring the bill to the floor. In addition, the CBO has scored these UI extensions as a BIG job creator. Over 200k jobs will be created if the GOP quits obstructing.

        I really feel sorry for those that must know one such as you in real life.

      • ricky747

        ah rt layla,th cause of ths catastrophe is unions wall strt banks real industry th rich gw bush politicians lets not f get.admin of lets nt f get thm 2 say th least. gm ovr

      • Starving American


  • Former Republican

    With over 2 million people out of work and an overwhelming public approval this should have been passed without question. Their is a time for politics but this is disgusting how our representatives are stalling the issue when family’s with children go hungry. The only issue Boehner has with the extension is the fact it doesn’t include tax breaks for the 1%. The rest of his concerns are stall tactics.

    • Layla

      The other 400,000,000 of us are tired of supporting you. This entire issue is being politicized and blamed on the GOP when it is Dem policies that are causing this massive unemployment. You were NEVER a Republican, pal.

      • Gordon Pierce

        If bonehead has a proposal why don’t he just submit it and get the American people back to work. I thought this was an American problem not a democrat or republican problem. Quit bullshitting with people’s lives. And Layla, LAY across a railroad track with your bullshit statement.

        • Shizue Leigh Hicks

          Thank you, Gordon. Boehner is too busy at the family bar and counting up the $900,000 he cleared last year. That’s pretty good wouldn’t you say with a base salary of $223,500?

          The man absolutely sickens me. Have you seen the You Tube clip of Boehner weeping? The commentator is Ed Schultz of The Ed Show. That’s another thing that turned my stomach. It was just after he became Speaker and he’s telling how he’s crying because he’s thinking about all the promising young people and their futures in this great country just like when he was a boy…

          Give me a break!

          No, better yet, reinstate the Unemployment Extension!

      • TJ

        Don’t think that we the long term unemployed were not one of the 400,000,000 you mention in your statement at one time. While I was employed I would never of written or thought to write something so callous. I have paid my far share and sometimes it seems like too much in taxes but I do so. I wish this was not a party issue because it would have been resolved in December. I hear of job bills from both sides but do not see anything concrete. It is all words on paper with no real foundation. I see our government is more interested in giving monies to the Ukraine -what taxes do they pay and is this going to create jobs here at home? Don’t think so. Also must make sure the physicians don’t get a cut in their wages before we pass something that can help US citizens that had a job and for some reason (too old, too experienced) are not getting the call to re-enter the job market.

        • bonny dickson

          Layla shut up

          • Kerstin

            I’m sure Layla would be singing a different tune if this happened to him!

        • ricky747

          poor little shnooks physicianst make their millions $ ev yr and drv their escalades to the mtn house,like bohner.we go fite in uk and elsewhere 4 gas for our little cars and monstuous sov s we drive $$$.

          • ricky747

            poor little shnooks cant make millions no moreand cant drive escalades 2 th mtn retreats any morelike boehnerdying in uk possibly for oil,for our junks. huh. a life reps joiks.

          • ricky747

            s all go on fd stamps and welfare etc etc etc if we hav not already. well c revolution really.creeps

          • rob

            I feel you on that one I have lost everything I have and I have 3 kids and a wife and so I have nothing at this time but you know what I come to realize that we are in the last days and that God is soon to return this is all in the Bible and the Book of Revelations the only thing that will cause this bill to be pass for everyone to believe in God and trust that God release our money because God got the whole world in his hands is not man is God and I believe that God is going to do bless us at the right time games so if I would’ve have any encouraging words to say to you and to all of us it would be to trust God because the political house is satanic satanic and demonic they like to control manipulate apparatus and manipulation control and witchcraft

          • wsucram15

            IT isnt..and we have to do something, to gain control of a people, you remove their rights slowly a little at a time so they dont notice until its too late..I cant print who said that or they wont let me post this. It is a very bad guy in history.

            46.9 million people
            who used to be middle class are all in poverty, not just the 2 million
            of late. What is congress going to do about all of these people? What
            are they going to do about the clear widespread discrimination going on
            with regard to age in hiring practices and in length of unemployment? A
            good chunk of these “unemployed” are educated Baby Boomers…one of the
            largest sectors of the population, now on welfare. AS they get ill, it
            will be disability because social services forces you to file. Here are
            some places you can help your citizens get the help they need..



            Tell your story..

            and if you havent sign–>
            Just know this..I am being told if the Congress does not come back with a positive vote by 4/ will never happen. PUSH NOW

          • sis smith

            That’s it’s right there yes saaaaahhh…. only if we believe that the world is upon God’s shoulder.

        • Peter L Tomaino

          well I was one of 400 million now I have no home, losing my family and it’s not fair , they know we cant do much , like march on the hill to tell them face to face , cause we are spending what we have left to keep a roof and food. He I am living at my parents home and risking losing what I have left

          • Ms Kay

            Its an election year… Vote New

          • Peter L Tomaino

            if I have to get there , Kinda without a home address

        • Ms Kay

          TODAY in the news:

          After weeks of crisis in Ukraine — the upheaval in Kiev, the Russian occupation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin’s intransigence — the country just got some encouraging economic news. The International Monetary Fund tentatively approved up to $18 billion in badly needed lending assistance over two years. And the United States Congress, overcoming its habitual dysfunction, voted for a $1 billion package of American aid.

          Let Americans starve…we don’t matter

        • karen

          Layla you don’t get it. The long term unemployed are people
          just like you. I was a mortgage consultant with Citibank one of the world’s
          largest banks. They laid off 13,000 people in 2012 and 2013. I have degrees. I
          went from making 50k a year to 8.25 per hour. The town I live in unemployment
          rate is 12.9%. You tell me what choices do I have. Everything Boehner and the
          rest of his group has put us through god is going to take them through
          something 1000 times worst.

      • Starving American

        Layla.. You are a POS.. You have no clue.. You are just as heartless as that dirtbag that cares less if american families go hungry.. you are a POS

      • cablepuller

        Layla: You have the brains of a bag of rocks. If you are so damned tired, THEN LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!! I served the country, the entire country while in the military. You can only think of yourself. You are a drag on America. Please do the decent thing and leave.

      • Akpothole

        There are not even 400 million people in America stupid!! Unless you count all the “Fat Cats” as 2!!!

      • Angela

        You are dumb as hell. It’s the ENTIRE governments fault that allows/outsources/budget cuts jobs! ESPECIALLY giving 600 million AMERICAN jobs overseas! That is enough to give EVERY AMERICAN ages 0-the oldest 2+jobs each! So instead of complaining about people who have probably worked WAY MORE than you ever dreamed of! Why don’t you write your local congressman to STOP GIVING TAX BREAKS TO COMPANIES WHO OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS! Do your research before you open your ignorant stupid mouth! YOU aren’t taking care of nothing! ITS OUR DECADES OF TAX DOLLARS WE WORKED FOR!

      • Cameron Bruce

        I hope you’re laid off tomorrow. It happens to all of us at some point in our lives. You seem to be quite confident that your job is secure… Right? This statement is pure ignorance!

      • wsucram15 have no clue as to what is happening ans I hope it happens to you..which eventually it will.

      • Hawaiianstyle

        If we are going to apportion credit for the continued unemployment how much credit do we give the Republicans in Congress that think their job one is to get the President unelected, not jobs, not peace, not food, medicine, health, just make Obama look bad?

        PS I was never a Republican either.

      • Christine Itiswhatitis

        400,000,000 aren’t working in America. You need to check your facts. It’s closer to 170 million in the private sector. Over that number of citizens are collecting some form of welfare. Not UC. Since the economy is sooooo great why aren’t those people getting scorned, and the like? Is it because the number is too high to mess with out of the American Population?

        I mean think about it. If the government cut all of those people off it would be more mass chaos then it is!

        People on UC LOST their jobs, through no fault of their own. They, me included WANT to work! Try getting a recommendation from a job that has to pay out UC also! I’ll go through training, Boehner I believe is right in that aspect however that doesn’t mean that this should be happening to people who really are looking. I have been, up to 2 hours away from where I live. I have TWO APPS in with Philadelphia Fire Department, and most likely apply for another. They have been holding the classes up, including Paramedics! I also have an application in for the Fire Side. However I am not holding my breath. They are hiring EMTS to work on the squads, over medics, to save money. Which makes sense in a way, but not for the greater good. I have applied and applied.

        Ambulance Companies are shutting down. The good ones. Including my friend’s because they are honest. Those who commit fraud and other things aren’t.

        The SAD PART IS my boyfriend was laid off a few years ago. He got not one but TWO JOBS very quickly. Low paying but TWO. He made a deal with Nissan because he was 2 behind on his payments, they repoed his car with a darned Domino’s Sign On his car. Three days after he got that job and two days AFTER he talked to them.

        The burdens of those on UC go far beyond what those who haven’t been on it or were lucky to get a job quickly can even comprehend!

        BTW that number doesn’t include illegals getting welfare. Those on SSD, or social security in general and also UC!

        You get more help if you are a drug addict then you do if you are on UC or WC, and injured badly.

        I’ll get retrained for something else, etc. I was looking for a JOB and can’t get one.

        Went into Primos to see if they were hiring. Nope. They have people with Master’s Degrees working there. You know whose working at a Dollar Tree? A very nice man who was a teacher and got laid off with a Master’s who asked ME not to judge HIM! That’s said.

        In case you didn’t know also, Km art’s are closing, as are 400 Office Depot’s, Staples will be next, I talked to them after inquiring about a job; they cut their hours back!

        And Camden just laid off 400 people in the school district! Times are great to look for a job!

        Look for a nanny position also. You need a car which I’m probably going to lose mine if I don’t find one. My apartment and even my bed in GONE! Also, many people want, for a nanny a degree.

    • rob

      it is very sad I have 3 kids and I am losing everything I have by the end of this month all I can do is pray and trust God I hope that they pass this bill so I can get ahead it is really need it at this time for me and my family but they don’t see it that way and I have been working since I’ve been 18 years old and now I am 35 and have lost so far everything I have and if they don’t pass this bill we will be on the streets in a shelter

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      At the end of February The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ total for long-term unemployed was 3.8 million — approximately the population of Oklahoma.

  • mikmor

    This is crunch time people…. This is the reality of what these people are really about. No damage control can hide this fact. Those of you who are working and think this does not effect you, think again. The only diffrence between you and the unemployment line is the stroke of a pen.And the only diffrence between help and destitution is a man. And if you find yourself there, one thing is sure, you WILL change your politics. Those of you who by whatever means think you are immune to any of this better wake up. If you think that by voting for these people gaurantees you some sort of protection, again I say, Wake up.This Nu-conervative breed that is destroying the GOP are not concerned one bit about everyday citizens. These people are out to destroy the middle class. Their philosophy is simple-If you can not make yourself a millionaire, then you are relegated to be a serf. There is no middle ground with these folks. They are radical and they spit in the face of what this nation has took years to build. Good luck, and God Bless.

    • Andre M Baptista

      sad but true

  • elaine

    well i hope mr boehner and his family never go hungry. its amazing how these people dont care about their fellow americans. i am an american citizen and have never been thru a time like this. hope he likes peanut butter cause thats what ive been eating.

  • Layla

    We need JOBS, not more unemployment. Time to replace this administration and Congress with one who will keep it’s word.

  • JohnnyThanatos

    I have voted
    republican for most of my adult life because I believed in personal
    responsibility and hard work, and believed that if I followed those ideals I would have a secure future for myself and family. My eyes are being opened by the
    indifference being shown by those who have ridden this recession right
    to the upper layers of income stratification. During this recession I
    watched as companies that weren’t badly effected by it used it as an
    excuse to downsize “extraneous” personnel, reduce salaries, raise
    prices, and outsource everything to lower paid outside vendors willing
    to work for scraps. CEO salaries are higher than ever. Jobs that used to
    pay $20+ per hour have 20 people fighting for every open position – for
    $11 per hour. They’ve lost all sense of shame, because CEOs no longer
    have to look directly into the eyes of the people that work for them,
    only the investors. What boggles the mind is that Boehner doesn’t
    realize what is happening to his party and the momentum that they had
    going into the midterm election – by dismissing us they’re lose MILLIONS of
    votes. I’ve sold
    everything I have that I can sell other than my computer, gone into
    bankruptcy, and have a cabinet full of cup o’ noodles, generic cereal,
    and discount section meat – so someone saying they don’t want to have to
    do their job because it might be harder for a while doesn’t garner
    sympathy from me. The representatives seem to have forgotten the meaning
    of the word “representative” – they are elected to REPRESENT
    the will of the people by voting how their constituency tells them to.
    The vast majority of Americans support this action. By not fulfilling
    their obligation to vote the will of their constituency they forsake the
    very first duty of their office. They are pulling their hands back from
    us when we’re hanging on the cliff’s edge begging to be saved, and
    saying “it might be difficult, so we can’t help you … you should learn
    to climb better and not be so lazy”. Understand, after this, we WILL
    vote for anything that gives us a chance to send you a message if you
    continue to turn your backs on us. Sadly, I can only assume they will
    because they’ve already been bought by corpora…err “people” (at least
    according to the supreme court) and already have their golden parachutes
    strapped on for when they do get booted.

    • Me

      they are elected to REPRESENT the will of the people by voting how their constituency tells them to.” … why are you assuming that people are telling them to vote for us to go even further into debt by extending benefits??? Perhaps the majority of people believe enough is enough and that unemployment benefits is ot the new Social Security. If you don’t have a job by now you will probably never have a job – so when do we finally quit paying for that ??? Or are you saying you want us to pay unemployment benefits for LIFE??

      • JohnnyThanatos

        “why are you assuming that people are telling them to vote for us to go even further into debt by extending benefits?”
        Well, since you asked, I’ll educate you:
        I don’t think the word “assuming” means what you think it means. I just proved that I was reporting a proven fact. I assumed nothing. YOU, however…
        “Perhaps the majority of people believe enough is enough”
        (I think I pretty much just proved this wrong)
        “If you don’t have a job by now you will probably never have a job – so when do we finally quit paying for that ??? Or are you saying you want us to pay unemployment benefits for LIFE??”
        You just invented a fictional opinion I never postulated out of whole cloth. So…I’m clearly one of those freeloaders who loves the welfare state, right? I mean if we’re going to assume, I’ll assume you see me that way based on your post.
        Guess what? You replied to a 2 month old post. 4 weeks ago I finally got a job, after submitting HUNDREDS of applications. It is paying far lower than I used to make, and I am still grateful to have it, and am working my butt off. That being said, I still support the extension for others who, like me, were trying damned hard to find a job. The way the Republican party treated me like I wasn’t even trying while I was putting in applications at fast food places and grocery stores to save my home and family guarantees they’ve forever lost my vote until I see some semblance of common sense and decency return.
        Here’s one last fact for you – and I’d like to hear your opinion on. Right now, there are 3 unemployed people for every available job. So, given that government statistic, it is a literal impossibility for 2 out of 3 unemployed people to become employed, since the jobs simply do not exist. Do you feel those 66% of unemployed people who have a STATISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY of being employed should have to face a judgmental cold shoulder because it’s easier to make uninformed assumptions…

        • Me

          Here is your answer. I feel that this current govt regime is doing everything they can in order to keep jobs from occurring. That by doing so more and more people become reliant on the govt themselves, and if they have to loose a few million here or there – then so be it. I think that you are naïve if you do not think that our current form of administration feel that Socialism is alive and well in the US .. I am glad that you found a job. That will make getting unemployment again easier for you when this one goes away also.

  • ex-Republican

    We were fooled, the Republican party just threw us to the wolves…this will never be forgotten…I can not wait to watch the election day returns. People they have the guns, but we have the numbers…

    • Ms Kay

      Vote New !

      • ex-Republican

        Ms Kay, I will never vote for a Republican as long as I walk this earth. I have sent out over 2000 resumes, been on very few interviews, and the interviews I have been on have been hostile, these young HR people are viscous people, nasty to the core. This will last many years to come. The Republican party is filled with angry and ugly white men, who hate anyone and any thing that are not in their same class. I know this because this is the environment I grew up in…Rich Republicans hate poor people, not maybe, definitely, and nothing and nobody will ever change that fact. At least I can admit, I was wrong. these punks and they are punks, are Mommies Boys, again I grew up in this hypocritical world. I will be campaigning vigorously. It’s quite simple, during the election season hold a picture up and show people, This person voted to allow our beloved American children to starve…This is just the beginning….I will soldier on for our veterans, for our single mothers, for our proud fathers, these punks have started a revolution…

  • DerekJR321

    Amazing how this should pass without issue. Both sides WANT to pass this. And yet here is Mr. Out of Touch stomping his feet like a spoiled child “no it won’t pass I won’t let it”. You think the over 2 million unemployed will forget this? If this doesn’t pass.. I really think there might be hell to pay for this government. If they manage to pass an aid package for Ukraine but don’t pass this extension.. then it will just prove that this government doesn’t give a damn about Americans.

    • ricky747

      thy givadamn bout$oil the rich and gtg thr own way. wining bout ev thg.bratsprix wht duz any 1 gv sht bout 2024 to pay it bak.we ll all b croakd by tht time.ths is now gd it.fux.eff ukr also and the oil.nooooooooo nt reps $ making prix.

    • rob

      the bill will get pass it’s just that we are fighting against the devil and we all must pray I have lost so far everything that I have and they think that this is funny and I’ve been working since 18 years old and loss my job so we all must pray and trust God at this point

      • DerekJR321

        I sure hope so. I’ve been checking the news almost non-stop. I think the house will pass it no problem. I think Boehner will stall it in the senate. He thinks this is a bargaining chip to get “republican” bills passed. He doesn’t know he is literally playing with peoples lives. How many out there are at the tipping point? How many out there will chose to do something drastic? And it’s all because he wants to play political games?

    • Ms Kay

      The government cares more about the Ukraine today in the news:

      After weeks of crisis in Ukraine — the upheaval in Kiev, the Russian occupation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin’s intransigence — the country just got some encouraging economic news. The International Monetary Fund tentatively approved up to $18 billion in badly needed lending assistance over two years. And the United States Congress, overcoming its habitual dysfunction, voted for a $1 billion package of American aid.

  • Kathleen OConnell

    Congress is NOT looking out for their constituents or the majority; only for themselves and their lobbyists interests. Lets make them get their act together or get them out of office and UNEMPLOYED. I’d like to see what they do and think then.

    • tgrella01

      Layla, you are such a terd!

    • ricky747

      yeah def rt bravo

  • carl williams

    bring up a proposal

  • carl williams

    Boehner , bring up his proposal , why in the hell haven’t you done that by now . no because you want to drag this sht on and on , .. so past this ue now , do you job


    How sad that men like John Boehner will stand in the way of the passing of the unemployment extension bill that would help the more than two million unemployed workers and their families without benefits, and the means to survive economically, while seeking employment. How can he claim to be for fiscal responsibility when millions of our tax payers dollars are going to fund corporate welfare and foreign aid? When tax payers dollars were spent on bailing out the Banking and Airline industries, amongst other companies, where was their “fiscal responsibility” and budgetary concerns then? Why is helping the average working American worker and families, not as important? I’m looking forward to the 2016 election. You will see these millions of voters show their distain and anger towards these career politicans in the voting booths.

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  • Starving American

    In his own time he will face the devil.. for he is one himself

  • rob

    I lost everything that I have I’ve worked since I’ve been 18 years old all the way up until 35 I have 3 kids and a wife and I am getting ready to be evicted from my house by the end of this month but you know what I still trust God at the end of the day that he will bring me through I don’t know about you all out there but I trust God that he will make a way for me and my family we are not fighting Agence flesh and blood we are fighting again the devil himself this is not of God kids are being affected by this the next generation is being affected by this relationships are being broken up because of this people are killing themselves and committing suicide because of this crime rate has gone up and they think that this is funny I have never been a lazy man I’ve always work so when they say we are lazy they got it wrong I’m gone praying trust God and because I know God is real I know that he’s going to open up a door that know man can shut remember we fight and wrestle not against flesh or blood but again the devil who sits in high placeswhenever we cant feed our kids and buy toiletries for our homes and have to find food banks I know we are in the last days this is definitely deep this is out of. president Obama’s hands at this point I believe that they are doing this to get back at president Obama the guy sees and he knows all so and saying all of that I believe God for the victory in the end because God got the whole world in his hands not man

  • Ms Kay

    THey can send money to the Ukraine as in the news today…yet starve Americans waiting for a UI Extension

    After weeks of crisis in Ukraine — the upheaval in Kiev, the Russian occupation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin’s intransigence — the country just got some encouraging economic news. The International Monetary Fund tentatively approved up to $18 billion in badly needed lending assistance over two years. And the United States Congress, overcoming its habitual dysfunction, voted for a $1 billion package of American aid.

  • Al C

    “I am calling on you , to urge you to help us get Jobs and EUI. Please ask your fellow colleagues as well to Urge Boehner to bring up the EUI Bill and pass it. We will continue to fight for Job Bills that will employ all of America.”

  • ex-Republican

    The Republican party will be a distant memory, unite people, To a person, I have heard nothing, but disgust and disdain, for these punks…Judgment day will soon be here, and I can not wait to see the election returns, these Republican Momma’s boys have awoken a Monster, and we/me will do what is necessary to vote them out…Ugly selfish, rich white men…The nerve the gall to turn your backs on your fellow Americans in their time of need. Last thing Thank You, Harry Reid, and the Democratic Party you have a ferocious new voter…

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    Tell Boehner to put down that bottle and read these posts!

  • Angela

    Let’s just see it this way: there are over 600+ MILLION AMERICAN JOBS overseas! That is enough jobs for everyone in this country ages 0-the oldest to have 2+ jobs! NOW I am going to pass a bill. For every company who chooses to go overseas…tax them 15% of their net income to put into the unemployment/welfare/pension fund! Taxpayers pay NOTHING and companies are held responsible for the increasing unemployment rate that has plagued this nation through NO ONE elses fault but their own!
    OH! But, wait! Those companies FUND their political campaigns! So OF COURSE they are not going to tax them!

    SO WHO ARE THE ONES THAT ARE LAZY AND GREEDY AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CRISIS?????? Oh, it’s ALWAYS the “lazy Amercian” who wants a “free handout” This government on BOTH sides needs to GO! I will continue to pray for the REAL Americans who have to suffer because of our GREEDY, FILTHY, CORRUPT government!

  • Orval Burk

    were is god,were will we find him, your right on mikmor.

  • Orval Burk

    its both partys doing this,.it takes to to tango

  • wsucram15

    IT isnt..and we have to do something, to gain control of a people,
    you remove their rights slowly a little at a time so they dont notice
    until its too late..I cant print who said that or they wont let me post
    this. It is a very bad person in history.

    46.9 million people
    who used to be middle class are all in poverty, not just the 2 million
    of late. What is congress going to do about all of these people? What
    are they going to do about the clear widespread discrimination going on
    with regard to age in hiring practices and in length of unemployment? A
    good chunk of these “unemployed” are educated Baby Boomers…one of the
    largest sectors of the population, now on welfare. AS they get ill, it
    will be disability because social services forces you to file. Here are
    some places you can help your citizens get the help they need..


    Tell your story..

    and if you havent sign–>
    Just know this..I am being told if the Congress does not come back with a positive vote by 4/ will never happen. PUSH NOW

  • Hawaiianstyle

    War OK. Help for unemployed sorry. Fix our “BUY a vote” political system, no thanks. Fund our crumbling national infrastructure, no money. Expand medical help to ALL Americans, un-American. Expand food assistance to starving American Families, let’em eat cake.

    How’s it feel to be part, a major part, of the problem and not the solution?

    Dear Congress I don’t care about partisan politics, I don’t care who is in the “majority”, I don’t care about socialism or Oligarchy or capitalism or Tea or, or,or.

    I care about America now and in the future. I care about how we are creating a world that will fry our poor kids in an overheated, food limited, water rationed, runaway inflation world.

    Why don’t you???? Talk is cheap. Act non verba.

  • Walter Lawrence

    How long can you keep a permanent parasite class on the ever lasting dole ?
    Perhaps everyone getting a taxpayer-paid handout should, in exchange, give up their right to vote. Why should they have a say in electing people to spend tax dollars when they are not contributors ? This goes for ALL handouts except SS, which the recipients have paid into.

  • David Flannagan

    This is a test of the Republican party and what it stands for. If Boehner caves to this relentless Democratic pressure for these ongoing UI benefit extensions, then there is little difference between the parties. Just a bunch of rhetoric. These policies are turning the voting majority of the population into life-long Big government leaches. Like a bunch of heroin addicts that can’t get enough free taxpayer dollars and benefits. This is not an incentive to work,it is a reason not to get a job. Especially when you know it will be extended again and again and again. The checks never stop coming! The Democrats just might have a lock on the country and there is no turning back. We can all thank Bush for this downfall. One mans’ policies totally ruined this once strong political party.
    That is why he will never show his face or his name around any Republican Party nominee, for the rest of his life. The “Bush brand” is political demise to any Republican candidate. You might see him on a talk show once in awhile , but politics-no way! The party shuns him .

  • cocerned

    These are people that paid taxes to for years what you think if they stop unemployment insurance you’re going to get 50 more Dollars on your check. I don’t understand if you’re not affected by This how could you know how someone feels your going to pay taxes anyway it doesn’t even matter if they pass the unemployment bill or if they don’t they’re not going to put any more money on your check so if its not affecting you why post

  • Golden Maiden

    VOTE Boehner OUT OF OFFICE> That is the only lifeline left to American’s. Vote EVERY incumbent out of office. End career politicians but for God’s sake Ohio vote this anti-american self proclaimed demigod out of office.

  • Ms Kay

    California Unemployment has now been upgraded to 8.1% April 19, 2014. That doesn’t count the ones who dropped off after they were cut off in December.

  • Ms Kay


  • Ms Kay

    Sign the Petition…. at “We the People” and pass it on

  • Shirleen Person

    It is unfair and discriminatory that Boehner is refusing to pass the unemployment extension benefits through the House of Representatives. Unemployment is unemployment and creating jobs are two totally different issues. Don’t jeopardize Americans the right to survive by not passing the current unemployment bill recently past by the Senate. It is time to stop playing paddy cake with people lives. This is a serious issue, and it is time for Boehner to be put in his place.
    Based on his actions, He is a leader that is prejudice against the poor and the middle class. He stands mostly for the rich. Apparently, Boehner does not know how it feels to be unemployed for long periods of time when you have the education and experience to be hired, and no one will hire you. Monies is needed to put gas in the car to even go to a interview or to utilized public transportation. Where is the justice? Can someone over rule him because he is not concerned about all Americans?

  • ladysidearm

    This needs to be signed by everyone before May 3rd. And as for voting Boehner out good luck. He has no opposition in the state of Ohio for office Ohio needs to step up look who is running and vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. PLEASE everyone sign the petition

    Respectfully Requesting President Barack Obama to Issue an Executive Order to Extend…
    I think I speak for many when I say that I am truly happy for 7.1 million Americans that now have health care. However, at this very moment there are over 2 million and counting losing their unemployment which is resulting in people losing their basic shelter, utilities and ability to by food.. Whil…




    Boehner was re-elected.

    The Democrats meeting room fiasco was just a bunch of bull. Both parties are full of it!!!

    “NBC’s Luke Russert reports from Capitol Hill where House
    Speaker John Boehner has been re-elected to his position in the House.

    By Michael O’Brien, NBC News

    Updated 2:14 p.m. — Ohio Rep. John Boehner, R, won a second
    term as speaker of the House on Thursday over the dissent of a handful of House conservatives.

    Following a bruising first two years as speaker and leader
    of House Republicans, 10 conservative lawmakers cast votes for someone other
    than Boehner during a roll call vote in the first hours of the new Congress.
    Several other conservative Republicans abstained from voting. Boehner received 220 votes of a total of 426 cast.

    While Boehner won re-election to the speakership with the
    overwhelming support of the GOP, he also narrowly avoided the 16 total
    defections from fellow Republicans that would have triggered a second ballot of
    House lawmakers on electing a speaker. That would have been the first time a
    second ballot was needed since 1923, and a mild embarrassment for Boehner.

    In remarks after the vote, a characteristically emotional
    Boehner urged members to resist pursuing “political victory” in lieu
    of leadership.

    “If you’ve come here to see your name in the lights or to pass off political victory as some accomplishment, you’ve come to the wrong place. The door’s right behind you,” he said. “If you have come here humbled by the opportunity to serve, if you’ve come here to be the determined voice of the people, if you’ve come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not by our constituents but by the times, then you’ve come to the right place.”

  • thaisc21
  • thaisc21
  • Nicholas Georgianis

    Make John “The Koch Brother’s Lapdog” work for $7.25
    with the rest of us at McDonald’s.

  • rodney grinnell

    Boehner there’s something wrong with him no one said thay care and holds everyone up like he’s doing. I really think he likes or seeks attention! The wrong kind of attention! I think he’s acting like he’s a king of kings some old man crying all of the time gee thats who i want to run my country. No matter what the bill is he always has a problem with it! He dont care about anyone but his own family there’s nothing in it for him or he would be the first one on board!!!! He can careless if the family around the block has a job this is the kind of person the people voted in office. Time he leaves office he’s set for life. He could care less about the people its all about you johnny go have a cig and another cold beer you 666

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