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February 9, 2016

Unemployment Extension Negotiations Continue: Boehner Gives Heller His Demands (Updated)

A January press conference asking Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

A January press conference asking Congress to extend unemployment insurance benefits. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 6:20 p.m. | Speaker John A. Boehner talked to the leading Republican pushing for an unemployment insurance extension, telling Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada on Tuesday that he won’t budge from demands for add-ons that would create jobs before he will put the measure on the House floor.

“The Speaker spoke by telephone with Sen. Heller today, and told him the same thing he has told the White House since before Christmas: we’re willing to look at a plan that is paid-for and includes something to help create jobs,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel in a statement. “Unfortunately, Senator Reid ruled out adding jobs provisions.”

The Ohio Republican has been consistent since December in demanding some concession from Democrats and the White House in return for an extension of emergency unemployment benefits — although without naming what, exactly, would be enough for him to bring a bill to the floor for a vote.

Heller spokeswoman Chandler Smith said Heller had “a good conversation” with Boehner. “He encouraged the Speaker to allow the unemployment insurance extension legislation to move forward in the House, making the case that this bill is not just important for Nevada, but for the entire country,” she said in an email. “Speaker Boehner relayed the same message that he gave to the White House. Senator Heller will continue to work to get something done.”

Adam Jentleson, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., wasn’t amused by Steel’s statement.

“Are you kidding me? This is the lamest excuse in a long line of lame excuses. Speaker Boehner could bring the bill to the floor tomorrow if he wanted but he’s choosing not to, it’s as simple as that.”

Democrats and the White House have maintained a steady drumbeat pushing for a vote on the bill that passed the Senate.

On Tuesday, the Ways and Means Democrats sent a letter to Boehner featuring stories from more than 50 of the 2.5 million people who have been cut off from extended unemployment benefits since December.

On Monday, Reid blamed opposition from the Koch brothers for Republicans opposing unemployment benefits and the minimum wage.

And President Barack Obama and his allies have been tweeting about the issue regularly.

Niels Lesniewski contributed to this report.

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  • loureejames

    this is crazy

  • loureejames

    why is he doing this?

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      JOHN BOEHNER is an alcoholic who is under investigation by the FEC (Federal Election Committee) for misuse of campaign funds.

      I believe stage directors call this MISDIRECTION.

    • Beth

      He wants his friends at Keystone XL to have unquestionable rights to pollute and pillage America in exchange to allow middle Americans to keep their homes for a month or two.

  • Morgangrace

    So sad what is happening to our Country, all because of people like him. We used to be a great Country but now the US is being laughed at. People are suffering, children are going without all because of this one man and NO ONE is stopping him. He is doing it because he can and he knows it. Until the people of this Country grow so balls and take control of OUR GOVERNMENT WE ARE ALL SCREWED!

    • Itsmommy

      I agree. Unfortunately, we have to depend upon the idiots that vote them into their gerrymandered districts to vote them out.

  • flashbyte

    I think I will drink the koolaid now……..!!!

  • Morgangrace

    Look at what they are doing it’s now a game to them to see who is going to be able to hold out the longest. Well there game is causing millions and millions to suffer. Honestly does this sound like people who care about what happens to supposedly THERE PEOPLE? They talk about terrorist killing and causing suffering to the US, well take a look in our congress they are doing the same thing but worse they are doing it to there own people.

  • Disappointed In California

    Seriously… the president can do nothing more than a tweet to help the millions of Americans in need?

    • kasia54

      Well, yea. The President is not holding this up – Boehner is – didn’t you read the article? The President can’t do squat about issuing an EO to pass bills that spend money.

      • Disappointed In California

        But a tweet??

      • Itsmommy

        I agree with Disappointed in CA on this. The President hasn’t done enough. He and all Senators and Representatives who support the restoration of unemployment benefits could speak up more often, more loudly and more publicly. .

  • Robert Tennyson

    I’m not usually one to curse when I become angry, but as far as Boehner is concerned, “GO STRAIGHT TO HELL YOU ARROGANT A-HOLE”

    • Guest


    • myra

      amen brother]

    • Ben

      Why don’t you tell Harry, Obama and the rest to go to hell you stupid idiot? Aren’t they the ones that won’t add the SIMPLE job provision?? Why don’t you go to hell jerk!

      • Debaser

        And what is that simple provision? I’m not seeing it anywhere.

      • FedUpInNJ

        And if its so simple why haven’t Republicans come up with it? Their only concern is the XL Pipeline and the whopping 35 jobs it will create + the bizillions in profits for the Koch family.

      • Itsmommy

        You’re on the wrong site. No 12 year-olds allowed. Go away.

        • Jack Everett

          Still can’t deal with the truth I see have another dose of kool aid.

          • Leslie Laughlin

            Jack be nimble jack be quick wheres the kool aid?

      • Lance Lasley

        35 full time jobs is nothing

        • Jack Everett

          Not that many.

      • pwpg06

        Ben? how many times are they going to add everything they want for them at the end reject it with lame excuses?? Come down from that cloud man and THINK.. geesh

      • Aces High

        why don’t you go over to fox news tuff guy

      • biggin

        because the Republicans make more and more demands when the demands are met. It is a game of cat and mouse with them it makes no difference that millions of Americans are suffering because of their games

      • Leslie Laughlin

        ben get a grip, obviously you have no hungry children so you are the ignorant one.

  • Icare

    Boehner should not only be removed, fired, impeached, strung up and flogged, but any guaranteed retirement should also be taken away as he is a terrorist to The United States and The People.

    Why is he a terrorist?

    That’s Easy!

    Any person in a government position as Boehner is should be looking out for the interests of the American People and not sucking up to the rich for profit.

    The government was not created to be a personal business line of credit [taxes] to be given to the rich or to fight illegal wars. Now as things are going, we may be going into a long skirmish with Russia because of the Ukraine.

    When is all this government madness going to end? When they finish selling our country to foreigners?

    Wake up People… We Need A New Government! And we don’t need it today, we needed it yesterday!

    We have a government building trillion dollar fighter jets that don’t fly and tax breaks for the rich and the business tax breaks to move jobs overseas… WAKE UP!

    • Leslie Laughlin

      If we stowaway to Ukraine maybe we can get some American humanitarian aid from the American troops while we wait for Boehner

  • VinnyFromIndy

    The only thing that the GOP could do at this point to make clearer how they feel about all Americans that are not millionaires or billionaires would be for them to drive around their districts ringing doorbells and kicking the people that answer square in the crotch. In just the last six moths the GOP has thrown TENS OF MILLIONS desperate Americans to the wolves. The poor, veterans and the unemployed have all been left to die by the GOP. The Republican Party believes so strongly that the ACA is their magic ticket to electoral victory this next November that they feel emboldened to stick it to any group of Americans that are not in the 1% club. I hope all readers understand that the modern Republican party hates you and your families and they will not lift a finger to help you if disaster strikes.

    Lastly, I hope all readers note the speed with which the House GOP will pass the upcoming “Tax Extender” bill in the next week. This tax extender bill will continue to allow corporations like GE to avoid paying a single penny in taxes on their almost 27 BILLION dollars in profit in the last few years. The bill will also CONTINUE TO PROVIDE INCENTIVES TO MOVE JOBS OFFSHORE. When John Boehner and the GOP claim to want to help create jobs for Americans they are simply lying through their teeth. Please remember all this in November and send the GOP a well earned surprise by not electing any of them.

    • Jack Everett

      Romney made it very clear what the GOP thinks of working tax payers when he tried to throw 47% of them under the bus.

    • Helen Miller

      If you feed the people then the people would work a lot longer. If you starve the people then the people are too weak to work.

  • kiontra

    Why are they so afraid of this man??!! Something has to be done!! My gosh this is Crazy!! If he would stop beating around the bush on what he really wants, it could possibly get solved…He states he made it clear…..or are the democrats playing like they dont know what he wants!!!?? A shame. Lord heal this situation please!

    • kasia54

      Nobody in Congress wants this passed. Hasn’t anyone even questioned why the Democrats (Senate) would pass a bill they knew Boehner wouldn’t let get to the House floor for a vote? Are people in this country really that stupid to think the Democrats want this passed? No wonder our country is so f-d up – so many stupid people – they believe everything they read.and hear on t.v. – no common sense.

      • kiontra

        Its sad but true. While all the president does is tweets about it!! This is a big mess

  • spl43

    This is crazy,, just show’s how much our own country doesn’t care. I’m in the same boat. I”m lucky I have a place to live, but In another month or so I might not even have a car to drive to get a job. I get two calls a week from my credit card company seeing if anything changes. In less then a week I will have to get rid of my internet because well I can’t afford it. If this keeps up it will hurt all the small business, and restaurants. Right now going to Burger King is a huge treat. I’ve heard sooo many sad stories families living out of cars, and they can’t drive the car anywhere because no gas money. What is wrong with our country Oh yeah we don’t need God! Guess where that’s getting us

  • erick

    John Boehner insists that the estimated 5 billion cost of federal extended unemployment benefits should be paid for in order to bring the Senate bill up to a vote in the House. Why did the House approve 50 billion in tax breaks to corporations that outsource jobs overseas without consideration as how to pay for the revenue loss? Passing HR 1579 the “Inclusive Prosperity Act” also called the robin hood tax will provide for a finance transaction tax (FTT) on wall street stock trades. This will provide sufficient revenue to pay for extended unemployment benefits, and help to finance infrastructure development that will employ millions of Americans. John Boehner’s logic is flawed. He insists that merely extending unemployment benefits will not solve the problem of a lack of jobs. By this logic if a pedestrian is injured due to an accident caused by a drunk driver, then the injured pedestrian should not receive emergency medical care because that will not solve the problem of traffic safety.

  • Bella

    The government keeps on making this UI bill just a talking point from both sides. Boehner will not budge? His stand on not even putting it up for votes is a blatant disregard of both parties’ rights. Sign the damn Discharge Petition and diregard him the same way by bypassing him!

  • Beth

    And children this is what a domestic terrorist looks like as he holds
    the American people hostage to serve his special interests….

  • SSWWII999 .

    Under Boehner’s way of thinking, people on the Titanic should not have been rescued until the hole in the ship was repaired

    • Ben

      All he asked for was a job creation planned that the democrats blocked idiot

      • Aces High

        he REFUSES to answer what provisions he would accept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just smirks and sais ” ill leave that up to the administration to think up”…..he wont accept a damn thing and he knows it !!!

        • Ben

          the whole system sucks, democrats are 1000000x’s worse because theyre govt hungry idiots.

          • Jack Everett

            The whole system sucks because the house has done nothing for 5 years except play obstructionist and racist with the black president. Hows that one term Obama presidency working out for you? November is going to get rid of a lot of scun GOP.

          • RheadNative

            One can only hope…………

        • biggin

          because the only thing they want is the pipeline so they can get kickbacks from the Koch Brothers it is all about money in their pockets not the people suffering because of their greed

      • FedUpInNJ

        But Republicans bring NOTHING to the table to help job creation?!~ Nothing!

      • Jack Everett

        Where are the job bills sent to the house?

      • Maria Cardoso

        Hey hey, Ben is obviously an uneducated ignorant individual who really believes all the lies, bs and trumped up propaganda. He is an example of why this country is in the condition it is in, because people like him are brainwashed because the GOP doesn’t want educated people, having educated people, means they get away with their hidden agenda of eliminating the middle class. They want ignorants like Ben that they can brainwash and feed their BS to while they laugh behind their backs and stripping them of everything they have ever worked for to enrich their corporations and their 1% supporters.

      • Leslie Laughlin

        Ben why do people have to go hungry while he is creating jobs?

      • RheadNative

        No—Boehner specifically wants the jobs created by the Keystone project. If 80 million jobs were created by Democrats & put into the extended unemployment bill, Boehner would still be against it because he isn’t getting the Keystone project with its HUGE creation of 35 jobs.

    • FedUpInNJ

      Precisely! Well said!

    • Jack Everett

      Very good!!!

    • erick

      By Boehner’s logic if a pedestrian is injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, then giving the injured pedestrian emergency medical attention will not solve the problem of traffic safety.

    • RheadNative

      Excellent post.

  • angel

    pass this extension work on adding the rest later. It expires end of month anyway. He could have the rest added by end of month since they would have to do another vote anyway. this is emergency benefits for a reason.

    • myra

      let them help us to find a job

      • erick

        What job. When I apply and interview for jobs I am told that I can not be hired because I am over qualified.

  • angel

    I have no problem adding jobs or the skills bill to the extension but they can do that fast make corrections get the bill back to senate. since I am hearing the GOP are trying to make provisions to the bill from cantor office. These benefits are emergency they should have never been allowed to lapse. I am one person but my kids are suffering and millions more daily.

    • myra

      they should have sent all the jobs overseas and they might be some

      • myra


      • erick

        The congress approved 50 billion in tax breaks to corporations that outsource jobs overseas without consideration as how to pay for the revenue loss. But to approve 5 billion in extended unemployment benefits for 1.8 million Americans Boehner insists that provisions be included to pay for it by cutting other benefits.

      • Walter Monhollen

        they ok funds for other countries but wont pass a bill to help the american people wow

    • Waiting for work

      Unforunately those provisions will include a repeal of the ACA and inclusion of the pipeline bill. Neither will pass the Senate. Their priority is passing the extendors for big business so the 1% can make billions and contribute millions into campaign coffers

  • John Carmiche

    The president needs to step up to the plate and squash this magot Boehner he wants to SQUASH MIN WAGE HIKE TO TELL ME HES NOT A PIECE OF CRAP ALONG WITH THE KOCH BROTHERS WHO SWEETEN THE POT FOR HIM

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      “PIECE OF CRAP” is too kind, John Carmiche.

      8 weeks after he enlisted in the Navy (during the Vietnam War years), JOHN BOEHNER was “honorably” discharged for a medical reason — A BAD BACK aka “DRAFT-DODGING A LA BOEHNER.”

      JOHN BOEHNER is under investigation by the Federal Election Committee for misuse of campaign funds (contribution and the federal matching amounts). The FEC needs to step things up!

      JOHN BOEHNER took home over $900,000 in 2013 when his stated base salary is $223,500. Gaming the system is too kind a description of what this Teflon Don has been up to.

      This garbage that he’s throwing in the public’s face now is nothing more than theatrical MISDIRECTION.

      Don’t anybody take your eyes off this TEFLON DON. He needs to know everyone is watching and listening!

  • Timothy Clarke

    while both parties have blame to take for not doing their job, it really has fallen on the Repubs shoulders and specifically Boehner because the house has never even offered up any legislation to regarding unemploymnet benefits since they expired. Is this really the only time the house has been aware of the problem? Obviously no, its all part of the game. Unfortunately Boehner cannot even muster the guts to say what exactly he is looking for to get something passed, meaning he does’t want anything passed. All the repubs do is beat down the middle class until they no longer exist and serve the 1%ers. It is hard to imagine how anyone votes for these people yet they do have their gerrymandered districts to thank for their incumbent success. I can only hope and pray as I continue my job such that I get a job soon and that people living in Boehners district will vote his failed leadership out to the curb.

  • DerekJR321

    I love the title of this article: “Boehner Gives Heller His Demands”. It is extremely fitting, seeing as Boehner is holding 3 million Americans hostage.

    • erick

      Boehner is following the financial class game plan to reduce the working class to the status of 3rd world peasants. Be prepared to accept austerity and poverty as the financial class prospers.

      • Shizue Leigh Hicks

        Actually, I think Boehner would prefer to see us all dead. To him, we’re just “collateral damage” or “human surplus.”

        • erick

          More like working family trash. The financial class has already written us off as useless eaters. Next they will have us euthanized, cremated, then given back to our family in a jar with Heinrich Himmler’s autograph on the jar. Reagan was a compassionate conservative, but Boehner is a fascist conservative.

  • KDuluth

    Obviously Boehner is far more concerned about upsetting his handlers than representing U.S. citizens.

    • erick

      John Boehner is serving his puppet masters well. The Koch brothers are probably quite pleased that millions of Americans are being held hostage in order to blackmail the administration into approving the XL pipeline. The Koch brothers will make a fortune on the XL pipeline.

  • myra

    how can one man have so much power he doesnt go to bed hungry are wonder how hes gona pay his bills theres people who has been livin on welfare for years and he cant help us for a few month may he never sleep another peacefulnite knowing he is such a dog

  • Discusted

    What goes around comes around. The way Boehner is treating the American people will come back on him some day. I agree with Icare he needs to go.

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      Let’s hope the stuff that comes around are federal indictments. JOHN BOEHNER is under investigation by the FEC (FEDERAL ELECTION COMMITTEE) for misuse of campaign contributions (both from supporters and matching federal monies).

      The process is slow. The first sign that something was up was back in September. Let’s hope they nail this TEFLON DON.

      $223,500 base salary as Speaker of the House; over $900,000 take home in 2013. The FEC needs to take a close look at how this “public servant” lives.

      Maybe JOHN BOEHNER is creating this UI Extension furor because he can’t afford to have anybody look at him too closely. If we’re mad at him, we don’t focus in on JOHN BOEHNER’S DIRTY DEEDS.

      It’s theatrical MISDIRECTION from a lifelong liar and fraud.

      (1968) JOHN BOEHNER enlisted in the Navy: 8 weeks after he enlisted, JOHN BOEHNER was “honorably” discharged because of a BAD BACK. they called it a medical reason. Others called it DRAFT-DODGING A LA BOEHNER. (The Vietnam War was going on at the time).

      This fraud, this liar, this opportunist, this drunk has ruined countless lives including the lives of some REAL VETERANS who paid their dues in the military and now have to do it over again because BOEHNER refuses to reinstate LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS.

      I believe in karma and I hope it crushes this villain soon and with a BIG WALLOP!

  • jaysun



    9Comments0Followers0FollowingDiscussion on Roll CallUnemployment Extension Negotiations Continue: Boehner Gives Heller His Demands (Updated)

    jaysun     • 2 hours ago 

    Unbelievable…this guy (Boehner) is going to go down in such a hard way. He know’s absolutely nothing about making decisions that he was elected for. He want’s it paid for…it is – He want’s it to benefit the economy….it does – It’s too hard to figure out…it’s not – He want’s it to promote job growth….so what does the House vote on? Tax extensions so our big companies can move all of their profits off shore and so they can create jobs overseas. Just put the bill on the floor you freaking imbecile….if it passes it passes, if it doesn’t it doesn’t! What are you afraid of? Being remembered as a complete failure? I think you’ve already covered that Mr. Speaker all by yourself. Do the right thing for us hard working Americans that have hit a bump in the road and you might be remembered in a better way after you’ve been removed from office. I feel sorry for your family…they must all be embarrassed to be related….I would. I can honestly say: I am not proud!!!!

  • lychar

    According to me it’s all a joke, both democrats and
    republicans are playing games. For over 10 years I voted democrat, but after
    taking a step back looking at our current political scenery, I made a gruesome
    discovery, we the people are being played both ways. Without a single doubt in
    my mind the first joke in the congress is inevitably Sen. Harry Reid. I mean
    his games so far got him to evade for a longtime but today there are no more
    ways for him to weasel his way out and I will elaborate: Allowing congress to
    recess several times over under false pretexts, arguing that republicans will
    have a change of heart, and we’ve all seen where that led us. Adding to that he
    takes upon himself to post on twitter a matter of a very high importance such
    as unemployment to make false statement such as we will vote on it next week.
    You have got to be kidding, really I mean if it is that much important to him
    why don’t he post his last salary or his last place of vacation, I mean I truly
    want to know where he is going and how fun he is having while American are
    getting kicked out of their homes for non-payment of the last rent, or even
    worse when a family of 4 are dying from hunger. Oh I forgot it’s not his
    problem…. Next time you need to be re-elected just don’t count on their votes I
    mean it’s not going to be their issue as well, knowing that they’re dead.

    I put a lot of faith in this man, and my expectations were
    so high, I don’t even want to start talking about the disappointment, my only
    comment: it was a hell of long drop, when I realized who truly he was.

    Priorities, I’d advise that congress change theirs. Over the
    ages, the same question keeps popping up again and again is America “the
    Police” of the world. After looking back at the declaration of independence one
    can understand ones motives, but how far do we have to go that’s what bothers
    me, understand me I’m all for broadening and extending liberties, but is it
    fair for our government to sacrifice our own people and lend a hand to a
    foreign country that suffer the same fate as the unemployed??

    They certainly have one thing in common, if nothing is done
    “they” both will eventually die. Just how many head of household will have to
    kill themselves, or mom would have to drive their whole progeny in the ocean in
    fear that hunger takes them away before her own eyes…. Before our leaders do
    anything. Many men have been strip from their manhood just by not being able to
    provide basic necessities for their love ones, one of my correspondence
    actually mentioned that he was going to do a last effort by taking life
    insurance on him then right after kill himself so that his 2 daughters would
    have something to eat. This is what America have reduced their sons to.

    They will die in Ukraine if nothing is done and no one would
    want to have that in their conscience, but right here in America, just right
    beyond our own backyard, people are suffering and our leaders are still under
    the illusion that everything is ok, you could literally come to this
    conclusion, they’ll parade unemployed folks in the white house or even the
    sacred arena that is the Congress just for their own amusement. Truth be told
    every time that ever happen, nothing was ever done. So someone tells me, what
    was the purpose of this whole circus????

    Time and time again American Leaders demonstrated that they
    are more worried about how the world is going to view them from outside and not
    from within their borders, and Obama doesn’t fall short. As a black man and not that it rhymes with
    Obama as others might assume, but I supported him all along the way. Hell I was
    even one of the people making up excuses for him every time his incompetence
    and lack of ability to govern was brought up, I ‘m not saying to go republican
    but I’m sure as hell that Hilary was going to be a better president with bigger
    “balls”. America needs a president with Heart, and no one better than Hilary
    fits that bill. It’s not Obama’s fault if people can’t find a job, and GOD
    knows that he tried and that’s all he did “tried” and hope for the best.
    Because his compassion didn’t lay there. The only thing he cares about more
    than America is his daughters, so he passed a bill that would help women, and
    thanks to GOD I have a mother and 5 sisters so I can relate to that but it
    wasn’t just a priority then. Speaker J. Boehner grew up in a farm, and we know
    just how much he is deeply involved in the farm bill, matter of fact, it you
    were to scream out loud farm bill when the Speaker passes by he’ll turn around
    as if you just called him by his nickname. My point is none of these people
    will connect with us because they haven’t experienced it themselves. Arguably
    Hilary would, not that she was unemployed once but only because her husband has
    a far better record than Obama but also she is naturally born with that maternalistic
    ability with that being said I truly think Michelle would be a far better
    president than her husband if given the same opportunity.

    Of Course that alone wouldn’t give her the birth right to be
    our next president, speaking about Hilary but what I’ll add next might give you
    something to think about: She is the only bad among the worst. In this time we
    need a president who can make a stand. The economy is well off but still
    fragile, our foreign policy needs improvement, I don’t even want to mentioned the
    immigration, where Obama excelled at he was formally given the title “as
    champion” for the number of deportations his administration orchestrated during
    his tenure as president. Also let’s not forget that Hilary has what it takes to
    lead intellectually and socially looking at her records. If I were Hilary I
    would definitely drop Obama support during the next election, or better I’d use
    his weaknesses to my advantage, not just trying to cover them and give credit
    when credit is due, but emphasizes on the learning process but most importantly
    show more pragmatism when it comes to solutions that’s how you do damage
    control and quite frankly that’s about the only choice she has right now.
    Florida already gave us a taste of what is to come during the next presidential

    Now that we’ve already came to the agreement that politicians
    are laughing at our expenses, let me throw in a joke of our own, Katt Williams
    told us that the only way for our government to act immediately and efficiently
    to a problem is when you mentioned ”insurgents”, and most recently with the
    late cold war issues being brought up again as we’ve seen , I’m sure that if
    our leaders were told that a group of communist insurgents were preventing long
    term unemployed from getting a job, they’ll will do whatever is humanly
    possible to help pass the unemployment bill, they’ll even go the extra mile and
    pull off another all-nighter just to remedy to the situation not knowing that
    communist insurgents is just a code name made up by some unemployed to
    designate republicans. Word of advice, Hilary tell Obama to offer you his
    support from his cozy couch at home and tell him to catch up with you on CNN
    news. On a more serious note I think all the unemployed people should do
    besides looking for a job is to go on a peaceful march in front of the white
    house and the congress. I mean how can you even start to look for a job when
    you don’t even have money for transportation?

    Or even money to eat or to feed your kids? And if you try
    exploit other resources in between looking for jobs and the many “NOs” that you
    might have encountered all along the way you might stumble upon the social
    services that by the way are already swamped for lack of better words with
    people in need of assistance, just to get a letter one month later by them
    saying that their supposed to get to every case within a week and they
    apologize for the inconvenience, and the only recomfort that you have is that
    they’ll get to your case….. Eventually…., praying and hoping that it’s not too
    late, and you are reduced to what you are used to by now, your friendly
    neighborhood garbage can, hoping to pull some scraps here and there. Living for
    the moment, not thinking about your future because you ain’t got none. Only
    hope sustains your being every minute that goes by, every day, you hope to have
    a better tomorrow. Though you were brought up in a Christian family with tons
    of values, your faith get tested every instant that passes by. Deep inside you
    after preaching the word of the LORD to your kids as a bed time story in your
    messed up, raggedy and old minivan, you still wondered if GOD truly exist.
    Deeply you know you committed sin, you are not perfect but are your sin worse
    than what Boehner or Reid did??

    Does your kids have to pay for what you did? Knowing that
    you never killed anybody. Last time you stole something was a week ago and it
    was an apple to feed your kids, plus the bible gives you a free pass on that
    because that’s not a crime if you steal to feed someone who is hungry. Hell the
    wild parties you ever had was when you were still in college and you did repent
    for it as far as you are concerned….

    Boehner’s office and discuss this issue with him:

    D.C. Office

    1011 Longworth H.O.B.

    Washington, DC 20515

    (202) 225-6205

    1. April
    24th, 2014 @ 1:19 pm

    will be a gathering of the unemployed and our supporters at Boehner’s office in
    Ohio on 5/2/2014. What our situation needs most is attention in the public eye.
    A gathering of thousands of the unemployed will get us some much needed press
    coverage. It will also let Boehner know that we will not just sit back and let
    him get away with this.

    IN THE

    Butler County Office

    7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road

    Suite B

    West Chester, OH 45069

    (513) 779-5400

  • Thomas Wise

    Boehner does what the Koch Bros tell him and they don’t want EU extended unless they get their pipeline. Who cares who it hurts it’s the best leverage they have to getting it so they think, but what they obviously don’t realize is they are hurting the GOP more.. And Boehner’s approval rating has to be in the single digits…and they call the unemployed greedy?

  • Hetero Lingo

    Not even $17 trillion in debt could stop Joe Biden’s lavish summer vacation to Paris where his one-night hotel bill ran $585,000.

  • aaaa aa

    Hmm….wonder why he wants the keystone pipeline project
    Guess who will be laying the pipe?
    Koch industries that’s who.What a wuss Boehner is kissing the rears of rich folks as usual.He is a mere puppet to the rich
    Pipe is already being laid,right up the AMERICAN people rear thanks to people like him in office
    He should be tarred and feathered

  • Aces High


  • FedUpInNJ

    Barack Obama and his allies have been tweeting about the issue regularly??? Really I haven’t heard a peep from the POTUS about the unemployment extension since the SOTU speech! Boehner is denying people’s right to the process of democracy and that’s just wrong!

  • voltaic

    It’s amazing that GOP and Boehner are punishing millions of unemployed, including 270,000 long-term unemployed veterans for partisan talking points. Unemployment has never been tied to other legislation until now. Long term insurance has never been ended with long term unemployment rates so high. The GOP so hate the struggling jobless that they are willing to see children and families suffer financial hardship and make finding a job that much more difficult. GOP is being unnecessarily cruel and thuggish to the least fortunate. hy not say that they will extend benefits and then work on a jobs deal that will help everyone and not just GOP.

  • mrmano_0

    I think if someone would just give John Boehner a hug everything would be ok.

    • DJMiles

      He’s about to get a lot more then just a hug next week….Obama and the Democrats didn’t take long to sell you out once people began revolting against them for using the unemployed for political gain.
      It’s a win for everybody!

  • FedUpInNJ

    Reid is a jerk hellbent on bringing down the Koch brothers – that’s all he cares about, it is disgusting! I can’t wait for the November elections, anyone who votes Boehner back in is a total ahole

  • Aces High


  • james letts

    i work full time an own a start up small business, this govt makes it hard to do anything,,,, ran out of unemployment after years of dedicated employment to a company that ran away overseas,(thanks to our govt who forced them out of country), unable to find a job, no help from the govt to start a small business so doing it with NO CASH FLOW, an barley afloat,(btw I hired other unemployed , people with no benefits), you want job creation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fund small American bussinessess so we can stay afloat, an created more jobs, instead of bailing out ceo.s we only give grants to non americans to start an run companies in America, who only hire non americans, ,I am a Veteran I served, my country ,
    an I cant get help, something wrg here,,,, no matter what I do, we get screwed , Cant collect unemployment,,ran out, Cant collect welfare, cause I own a just started small business,,, an cant get help from our govt, to stay afloat an help created jobs for other americans who are out of unemployment , , OUR LEADERS ARE JUST OUT OF TOUCH, AN PEIECES OF ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THAT JUST DONT CARE, ITS A GAME TO THEM…. so disgusted,,,,,,, approve unemployment already asswipes, an help us small business owners, help others,,,

  • sami

    In CA sitting in my room checking the news again. To find no progress. Losing my home with my teenager on the 1st. Well legally I guess I could stay a few days but then what? I have worked for 30 yrs. Paid taxes. Now I have only recd 6 months of unemployment. I think in 30 years I would have more avail to me. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed that I can’t survive. In this economy. Groceries are up, rent is up, gasoline is over $4.00 I can’t continue like this. I desperately need the extension passed. If I could I would crawl in a hole and never come out but I cant I Ave my daughter who is depending on me. Please anyone try to persuade mr. Boehner to bring this to a vote. I need help

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      sami, BOEHNER is beyond hope and redemption. He is a calculating fraud, liar, and opportunist who saw $$$$$ in public service as far back as anyone can remember.

      Public Service for JOHN BOEHNER meant how BOEHNER could serve himself with the public’s money.

      Currently, he’s being investigated by the Federal Election Committee for misuse of campaign funds and those matching federal dollars. Where there’s money, of course, the IRS won’t be far behind. (Even Al Capone couldn’t withstand the force of the IRS. I’m looking forward to hearing how JOHN BOEHNER weeps over the pain a tandem FEC and IRS audits can bring).

      This TEFLON DON from Ohio has been at this game of lining his pockets for years.

      The following info is from PoliticsUSA :

      “In 1996, Bob Herbert (New York Times) wrote about Boehner dishing out checks from the tobacco industry to his fellow Republicans on the House floor, ‘One day last summer Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, chairman of the House Republican Conference, decided to play Santa Claus. Perhaps he was bored. Debates were being conducted on such issues as funding for foreign operations and a proposal to amend the Constitution to outlaw desecration of the flag. In any event, Mr. Boehner took it upon himself to begin handing out money from tobacco lobbyists to certain of his colleagues on the House floor.'”

      I don’t think an honest, heartfelt plea such as yours will sway this alcoholic buffoon to do the right thing.

      Perhaps if JOHN BOEHNER is removed from office for the time the FEC and IRS are investigating financial irregularities in his campaign funding, maybe the log jam might finally be broken and the UI Extension could be fast-tracked.

      As long as BOEHNER owns his catbird seat along with the House, we long-term unemployed people are nonentities, collateral damage.

      Take care, sami. Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have a caring Mom like you.

      • Walter Monhollen

        yea starting with his pay

  • TheCarCzar

    Mr. Speaker, please let this Bill come up for a vote. Thank you.

    • DJMiles

      Mr Obama please do something other then just sending 1 tweet that said Congress should extend unemployment!

  • John

    John Boehner needs to be voted out of office and road out on a rail, he doesn’t care about nothing but playing golf and tanning FU John Boehner!

  • DJMiles
    Here is a fast way to get unemployment approved if the Democrats want it.

  • Jack Everett

    Any excuse will do Mr amnesty Bohener. Keep all these jobless people on the street to support corporate pigs with more welfare. Job bills are sitting in the house now collecting dust so you bumper sticker has failed. What happened to no more attachments to bills? Looks like you don’t know the meaning of a clean bill.

  • DJMiles

    Jobs bill Boehner has been waiting on Since December may finally be coming to the Senate floor next week

    • Jack Everett

      The only jobs bill Bohener wants is more welfare to Wall Street! When are Bohener trickle down jobs going to start falling from the sky?

      • DJMiles

        Boehner wants what has been delayed for 5 years….11 Senate Democrats even recently sent a letter to Obama to stop playing politics.

  • pwpg06

    At least one good thing is going o come out of the GOP’s trolling.. They will not win elections ever again; All I hear out there even from republicans is that they want them out of congress ASAP…

    • DJMiles
      Keep the pressure on Obama and the Democrats and we will have this extension very soon.

      • Jack Everett

        Still drinking that kool aid I see!

        • DJMiles

          Yes but not for long soon I will be switching to expensive wine now that unemployment will finally be approved and tens of thousands of new shovel ready jobs for us Americans at the same time…

    • Jack Everett

      these brainwashed fools really think the have a chance to become the majority party lol.

    • ex-Republican

      I will never vote for a Repukelican again, so help me God, Spoke with a congressional aid to Scott Perry, PA congressman who was included in an LA times piece, he gave me some BS about pension smoothing yada yada, I told him to start sending resumes he is going to be a one and done term brat, and this Puke is a military veteran.. Nahhh Nahhh Nahhha nanahhhh heyyyy heyyy goodbye. Game over punk.

  • sml

    National boycott on Koch brother products! Hurt their bottom line, hit them where they live.

  • mrmano_0

    Don’t believe the liars and fools on here.
    Republicans are entirely to blame for this mess.

    • DJMiles

      Are they to blame for the Senate Democrats trying to once again renew the tax breaks for companies that rrelocate outside the US?
      Tax extenders were 1 of the first things Obama did after moving into the white house and has consistently renewed them since.might explain why unemployment went from 5.2% Jan 20th 2009 to over 11% in 2011.

      • mrmano_0

        What’s been consistently been proven is that you’re a lying troll who shills for Republicans and the Keystone XL pipeline.

        Ignore this troll. It only knows how to lie and twist truth. It has been consistently proven wrong so there is no need to engage it.

        • DJMiles

          Your just mad because Obama and the Democrats forgot all about you anti keystone advocate the minute their strategy of using the unemployed,Min. Wage, Immigration,Veteran’s and equality wasn’t working…..
          Keystone is coming and us Americans welcome the 50,000 + jobs .

      • erick

        The republican and chamber of commerce opposition to the “Bring Jobs Home Act of 2012″–Senate bill 1549– resulted in the bill not being passed by the Senate. If it had passed, then companies would have been encouraged to relocate in the USA.

        • DJMiles

          Dont know much about that bill or what was in it….As we seen with unemployment,Equality,veterans and min wage Democrats like to use issues for political gain during election years by blocking off all debate on the bills in the Senate forcing Republicans to oppose.If your correct it don’t make a lot of sense because the tax breaks to companies that relocate outside the us were 1 of the fist things Obama did after being elected and has renewed them every year since….Maybe he really enjoys giving tax breaks so gives them to companies to move to India then tells them come come back and we’ll give you another tax break.He has just been a never ending disaster.

          • erick

            Look on This type of bill has been presented several times. See S. 3364 “Bring Jobs Home Act”. It was introduced on 7/9/2012, but failed cloture.

  • Janine

    What is the harm in bringing the bill to the floor for a vote?It is the right of OUR representatives to vote on the bill. What is Boehner afraid of… that “his” people will vote to move the bill forward? He is holding it up for his own personal beliefs and not that of the American people and those who represent them in our government. If the House votes it down then we start over again; but there should be a VOTE!

  • mrmano_0

    The Keystone XL pipeline is why John Boehner has been standing in the way of the well being of millions of people.

    That alone show illustrate just how greedy and evil John Boehner is, he is under the control of the Koch brothers who are the owners of the Alberta tars sands land.

    Keystone XL is bad for property rights, bad for our environment, bad for First Nation Citizens, Keystone XL will raise gas prices and green house gas levels.

    Keystone XL is bad for America.

    Anyone tells you different is lying.

    • erick

      But the XL pipeline is good for the Koch brothers. That is why Boehner is holding millions of unemployed workers unemployment benefits hostage so he can blackmail the administration into approving the XL pipeline. Join the boycott of Koch brothers companies. See

  • DJMiles

    John Boehner may finally get the jobs bill he’s been seeking next week.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    FEC (Federal Elections Committee) Investigation + PLUS + IRS Audit =
    JOHN BOEHNER OUT OF WORK! (Priceless!)

    The following info is from PoliticsUSA :

    “In 1996, Bob Herbert (New York Times) wrote about Boehner dishing out checks from the tobacco industry to his fellow Republicans on the House floor, ‘One day last summer Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, chairman of the House
    Republican Conference, decided to play Santa Claus. Perhaps he was
    bored. Debates were being conducted on such issues as funding for
    foreign operations and a proposal to amend the Constitution to outlaw
    desecration of the flag. In any event, Mr. Boehner took it upon himself
    to begin handing out money from tobacco lobbyists to certain of his
    colleagues on the House floor.'”

    Maybe JOHN BOEHNER is still keeping House members in line with bunches of good old American dollars just like he did in the old days of 1996. Who knows?

    • mrmano_0

      John Boehner is a corrupt evil man I hope the Koch brothers will save one if the 50 permanent Keystone XL pipeline jobs for him.

  • DJMiles

    Democrats ready to approve Keystone Pipeline as early as next week.50,000+ shovel ready jobs and a long awaited Vote on extending unemployment.

    • erick

      Why not kidnap his wife and send him her ring one of her fingers still attached to the ring. This technique will add leverage in the negotiation.

    • Jack Everett

      ten shovel ready part time jobs for six months while Koch laughs all the way to the bank.

  • Larry king

    Boehner isn’t going to budge on this until he gets the Koch brothers everything they want. I don’t think people understand the what is going on. Our country is going to hell at a rapid pace. Take a look at the link below.

  • sorry to be a (R)

    Will a Riot make things worse or better ?

    • Crystal Rae Adams

      I almost think it’s what needs to happen. They are not listening to us. He reminds me of pure evil. I would compare him to Adolf Hitler. He is slow about it in relation to physical harm but evil is continuing to destroy our country. He doesn’t care about you or I.

  • Advocate

    Call John Boehner’s office and discuss your situation.

    John Boehner:
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (#1 to leave a message and #2 to speak with his assistant)

  • Garrett Daniels

    I call and leave a message everyday to remind him of what a piece of garbage he is. I suggest you all do the same. His weekly nicotine habit > my weekly EUC check. What a piece of garbage this thing is. I hope he disappears and someone with a heart takes his place. Voice your opinion people, that is your right. Just don’t threaten the thing and you can say whatever you’d like. I have more recently changed my tone quite a bit when leaving messages, I suggest you all do the same. That’s the only way this cockroach will see what kind of legacy he’s really leaving behind.

    • SolidBro

      Get a job, chump.

  • ex-Republican

    “Oh Mommy why didn’t I win re-election”, well son, “when you vote to put people in the poor house that’s what happens.” People……this is going to be transformative election. “they have the guns, but we have the numbers, gonna win yea were taking over” Jim Morrison….

  • Guy Three

    There you have it since December democrats have not made the effort to answer the request of the house specifically Harry Reid that corrupt little man

  • Guy Three

    Just find out what he wants and add it, stop making republicans the villain, CREATE jobs!

  • kevin

    A bill to extend unemployment for 2.4+ million Americans has passed the senate with bi partisan support. This will shine the light through the darkness to give those unemployed and still looking, a glimmer of hope. However, Speaker Boehner is dead set on extinguishing this light that will leave behind over 2.4+ million of our friends and families.

    Speaker Boehner is detached from reality and the real
    struggles that Americans are facing. Do we buy food or medicine this month? How can we send our kids to college, pay our rent and mortgages, and keep the lights on? Will we be able to keep gas in our cars, pay our bus fare, and keep our cell phones on so that we can have that fighting chance to find a job?

    In a crucial time of need Speaker Boehner has given up on
    his fellow Americans. Decent, hard working individuals who’ve fallen on hard
    times, by no fault of our own! We are educated folks who have worked our whole
    lives, who have college degrees, and a wealth of knowledge to share.

    All we ask for is your continued belief in us, but Speaker Boehner, like a father scolding his child, stands firm and will not bring up a vote on extending unemployment. He has failed me, and my friends, and he has failed America.

    So come November and in 2016, we can take a stand, and we
    can fail the GOP at the polls. 2.4+ Million people, our friends, and families will remember these times when an unemployment extension was not passed, when the minimum wage debate was blocked, when over 50 votes were held to repeal Obama care that over 10 million people are currently benefiting from.

    There is still time, however limited, for Speaker Boehner to
    work in good faith with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a
    bill that will retroactively extend unemployment benefits and help restore our
    dignity and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    #SpeakerBoehnerFails #ExtendUI

  • Guy Three

    President has no idea how to create jobs is the problem, not to mention boehner is probably bought out by dems

  • Realist555

    This is very similar to the standoff that caused the gov’t. shutdown last year which hurts peoples lives to this day… I’m one of the long term unemployed for two years- I’d rather they not pass the bill if they have to approve the pipeline to pass it. I’d rather have a cleaner safer earth and gulf, and stop extracting fossil fuels and stop fouling up the environment. No more fracking too, in any state!
    This all about the bottom line for big oil. Instead of pumping money into republican campaigns, the oil companies should use those billions of dollars on investing in alternate forms of energy. Look, my gas vehicle only uses 80 miles per gallon- its a motor scooter and I ride it all year. I do my part and a lot of other concerned citizens do the same, it’s time that the congress steps up and starts making smart decisions that involve the good of the people of the US and our future.. remember WE THE PEOPLE? Anyway, back to jobs… we, the people also have a way to remedy this problem… it’s called the vote. Vote these ineffective and paid-off politicians out of office. Really investigate where your candidate stands on all issues, think about what motivates their stances- if they are not directly trying to help the people and are siding with big business or tea party internal government terrorist agendas, then drop them, find one that does. Be a responsible voter and the situations that we are in now will occur less often hopefully in years to come.

    • SolidBro

      What a steaming pile you’ve sh*t out there.

  • DJMiles

    3 hours after Senator Dean hellers conversation with John Boehner it appears Reid has finally Givin in on using the unemployed….Says the Senate will likely vote on the House passed Jobs bill next week.

  • rpj7884

    this congress is amazing ! republicans and democrats playing games and blackmailing each other to get their own way, and who ends up paying for it …..the american taxpayer that keeps this country together…..not the house,senate or congress……absolutely amazing.

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      Does this or does this not remind you of organized crime? BOEHNER is the ultimate TEFLON DON. How can we put an end to these political pissing games that waste nothing but money and time?

      People, including many VETERANS, are going hungry and are left homeless because of this debacle created by THE ONE AND ONLY JOHN BOEHNER!

      JOHN BOEHNER, the 8-week WONDERBOY who enlisted in the Navy in 1968 and was honorably discharged 8 weeks later for a BAD BACK. (The Vietnam War was going on at the time BTW. DRAFT DODGING A LA BOEHNER?)

      Let’s not forget all these little tidbits of biographical history. They all add up to the worst SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE this nation has ever known.

      PLEASE PEOPLE: Don’t forget that this sleazy boozehound is 3 seats away from the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES. GOD SAVE US ALL!

  • Rock Chick

    Hey it’s ok. If forced to I’ll just claim bankruptcy again. I’ll go to hospitals when I get sick and not pay the bills, max out my cards and let the credit card companies deal with it, etc. There’s always a way around financial problems, granted these tactics will worsen our economy…but hey what do they expect when they send jobs to India, won’t force businesses to hire the “over qualified” when we can’t get work in our career field, and don’t fight to keep them here, nor help us get on our feet when they screw us like this.

  • spl43

    Update I’m about 20 days or less from loosing my car. I live in small town so getting to a job will be interesting if I can find one, but I do have a job interview tomorrow

  • DJMiles

    Boehner finally getting the job creation measure he’s been demanding. .

  • Numbskull

    So one man holds all the power?

    • Crystal Rae Adams

      It’s not suppose to be like that but in this situation it is. It seems he has more power then the president himself.

  • Rhonda


  • DJMiles

    Keep the pressure on Harry Reid…Jobs bill vote expected next week

  • Rhonda

    Read it and you will understand why he wants the Pipeline to go hand in hand with Unemployment

    • DJMiles

      Very simple because unemployment don’t last very long even after it passes next week people will be right back in the same situation again soon.Keystone pipeline will provide 50,000+ people with good paying jobs.

  • KDuluth

    If you live in any state other than NJ, NY and NV – your Republican rep was not one of seven signing a request to Boehner to bring extension to a vote. He is one guy – only people in Ohio can vote him out. What is YOUR congress rep doing on this issue?

  • Sal1126966

    Why is it up to only one person to decide what is voted on..this is crazy! His all or nothing approach is b.s. The government doesn’t create job creation!!! THE PEOPLE DO!!

  • JoeyBonts

    I really don’t understand how one man has the power to determine whether a bill for the whole country gets a vote or not. Stop trying to hold the damn country hostage! If he thinks it’s not going to pass then why not just bring it to the floor? There’s over 3 million people who could really use this and this a-hole won’t even consider it for a vote? It’s a real shame..

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      Unfortunately, no one has ever called BOEHNER on his “style” which is very much like a mob boss. As far back as 1996, BOEHNER was influence-peddling (see Bob Herbert’s article in th New York Times) outlining how JOHN BOEHNER plays to win with taxpayers’ dollars.

      Right now, he’s under investigation by the FEC (Federal Election Committee) and, possibly, the IRS.

      BOEHNER IS A DISGRACE! Hopefully soon he will meet his match when investigators hand him his walking papers.

  • JimmyBiden

    Democrats and the president need to give Boehner what he’s asking for in order to get this done. The Senate is ready to compromise on Keystone so why not compromise for EUI.

  • krat

    Why does one guy hold all of the cards when this is supposed to be a democracy??.. There should be a vote and BOTH parties should try to work together (for once) to create jobs and help the economy… We spend billions on wars in other countries but can’t help out our own people!!

    • Jack Everett

      America is not a democracy, the president is not elected by popular vote.

      • krat

        Good point!!.. I just don’t see how one guy can just say nope, I’m not going to allow a vote!!.. It’s ridiculous to think of!!

    • Michelle

      EXACTLY!!! your right….how does this one guy get all the power in his hands?! I thought we were supposed to have a system of checks and balances here!

  • rs

    I dont understnad why Boehner has so much power and is the only one who can bring unemployment to the floor for a vote

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      MONEY = POWER. Trite, but true, especially with JOHN BOEHNER.

      See Bob Herbert’s October 5, 2010 article “That’s Where the Money Is”
      in the New York Times outlining how JOHN BOEHNER plays to win with
      taxpayers’ dollars and monies from corporate influence peddlers.

      BOEHNER has been at this particular game for a long time!

  • Matthew Pieri

    Easily solved. Boehner smokes in his office,a clear violation of federal law about smoking in government buildings. Arrest him and while he is being processed get the vote to the floor. This fake tan a hole plays by no rules so neither should his opposition.



    • Shawn

      Amen !

  • DJMiles

    Reid caves to Boehner’s job measure demand…Vote expected next week

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      DJMiles, I hope you’re right. So many desperate people, including VETERANS among we long-term unemployed.

      I’ve been able to plod along for four months with tons of help from my son plus payment arrangement deals and running up tabs.

      BUT, for many people, I know it’s not only been bad, but it’s been TRAGIC. NO FOOD, NO HOME for many including many VETERANS!

      The name “JOHN BOEHNER” and the sight of his sleazy, greasy face make me sick to my stomach.

      DJMiles, I hope you’re right about next week. Take care.

  • The Roadster

    Here we find marxist agitator Hussein Obama fear-mongering about the tiny spending reductions of the 2013 sequester:

  • DJMiles

    Democrats plan vote on jobs bill next week

  • mrmano_0

    Contact you lawmakers and tell them to say NO to the Keystone XL pipeline.

    No to trading American well being for corporate greed.
    NO to Koch brothers and Republican extortion.
    NO to industrial pollution.

    Keystone XL is bad for America, it’s bad for you and me.

  • ladysidearm

    We need to log in and sign this petition before May 3rd. It is to request for an executive order from the president to over ride the speaker and sign the bill.Respectfully Requesting President Barack Obama to Issue an Executive Order to Extend…


    I think I speak for many when I say that I am truly happy for 7.1 million Americans that now have health care. However, at this very moment there are over 2 million and counting losing their unemployment which is resulting in people losing their basic shelter, utilities and ability to by food.. Whil… without congress let’s get this done.

    • Crystal Rae Adams

      I could not find the petition for this.

      • ladysidearm log in and then click on open petitions. scroll down to show more petitions and it’s under there

  • biggin

    I think it is sad that one man is able to dictate the lives of millions

  • kk

    This is why I hate republicans! You give them an inch they take a foot. I have been unemployed for 9 months, I feel bad for the unemployed hard working individuals. But, I don’t feel bad for the ones who voted these asshol** into office. This is what you get when you vote republican.

  • Dellhar

    Boycott every company that Boehner supports. What brand of cigarettes does he smoke? What is his favorite brandy? Which stock funds from which companies create his investment income? Force him to move externally. Boehner feels that he is untouchable. Let millions of Americans let him know differently.

  • erick

    Better yet join the boycott on the Koch brothers industries. See

  • TheCarCzar

    Brave American workers who lost jobs through no fault of their own are suffering. Have a heart.

  • erick

    The cost of production of a gallon of gasoline is 27 cents. The majority of the $4 dollar cost at the pump is stockholder interest and CEO bonus. If you really want cheaper gas, then nationalize the oil industry. The CEO’s got together an decided to price gouge the public so they could but their own oil company stocks back. This is because the CEO bonus is tied to stock performance.

  • Leslie Laughlin

    eat some beans

  • Leslie Laughlin

    and what does that have to do with relieving the suffering. help the people that are struggling while you figure out how to create jobs. Why do people have to lose their homes while they are creating jobs….makes no sense.

  • Leslie Laughlin

    Cant we have an emergency vote to impeach Boehner. He is clearly not holding up his oath. He is doing direct harm to millions of Americans, how can he be allowed to do this? It is really serious, children are literately going hungry and homeless. There must be a democratic way to make him stop. How can an elected officals with hold basic life needs from Americans? Can the army come to my neighborhood with humanitarian aid? Perhaps we can all live in tents along the Canadian boarder and get Canadian humanitarian aid?

  • Dellhar

    TRA, Trade Readjustment Act, provides for training and education at the
    cost of your former employer, as well as extended benefits while you are
    in training. It once only applied to job loss for people who produced
    products. It now includes job loss due to services being shipped out of
    the U.S. The benefits once lasted up to 2 years while you were in
    training. You may also be eligible to reduce taxable income dollar for
    dollar for out of pocket medical premiums you pay.

    If your
    company is not on the list to provide TRA benefits, you can complete a
    petition form that can be found on your state’s unemployment website.
    When jobs at a former employer were shipped out of the country back in
    2001, some employees filed a petition to have the company included on
    the list for TRA benefits. It took some time, but the unemployment
    office contacted former employers offering them extended benefits and
    the opportunity to enroll in training/education programs.

    You can
    also call your unemployment office and ask to speak with the TRA
    representative. My experience with them in NJ is that their whole goal
    is to get you off unemployment as quickly as possible. So, they may not
    give you all the information you need. Also, try calling HR at your
    former employer.

    Search your state unemployment web site for TRA to get information about the program.


    As a “former” republican for most of my 52 years, I can no longer support a party that would purposely make the lives of the unemployed in this country, a total hell. While the republican party continues to play their “party politics”, and holding hostage the benefits that would help these millions of families support themselves while seeking employment. This has been a political game of wills for the republicans and democrats, and the true losers in this game is these unemployed families. The republicans claim to represent themselves as being the party for “family values”, when they are totally lacking in any values whatsoever, including family values. If the republicans truly are for family unit, they would not have waited for these past 5 months to pass the extension bill. These families have suffered untold damage including evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcies, and homelessness. At a time when our country is going through one of the worse recessions in many years, these senators are denying life saving assistance to these families. Senators such as John Boehner, are an example of what the current republican party has sadly become. They have become a party of self-righteous, self-promoting, self-indulgent, career politicians, who have no connection with the common people, and have become out of touch, and no longer relevant. We will remember the republican party in the coming elections, and will make sure NOT to vote for them again. They have shown themselves UNWORTHY to govern.

  • Deb915

    way I see it people need to take life into their own hands now days, you can do
    that by learning how to trade the markets. I’ve been learning to the website
    Traders Superstore they have excellent videos and I just got their deal they
    are running and I’m very happy with their course material. The instructor is a
    very knowledgeable trader. I’ve been doing really well so far and my goal is
    within one month to quit my job and I believe I can do it.

  • TGC

    so we build a pipeline so Canada can sell its oil to china and India not to the US. that’s moronic. I herd the same argument in 91, if we take Iraq we will get all that oil real cheep.

    • John Baker

      Oil is a completely fungible commodity. Bringing another large supplier to the global market will put downward pressure on prices. This is basic supply and demand economics. I hope Boehner sticks to his guns: no Keystone no extension. The essence of a good bargain is that neither party gets everything they want .

      • RheadNative

        Keystone is an entirely different ball of wax than the extended unemployment bill. The extended unemployment shouldn’t be looked at as a “bargain” by anyone—people have gone over 4 months without any income or any other money coming into their house. They are losing their homes, being evicted & don’t have enough money to feed their families. Selling your car, not having access to the internet & not being able to wash your clothes puts a serious damper on job interviews, don’t you think?

  • TGC

    “God Save Us From Simple Thinkers” Benjamen Franklin.

  • Martyb

    Why is this up to one person?

  • Art L Gumm

    What is ironic, it now appears that Dem’s are he ones holding up the process. Give in and allow some add ons. What’s the issue here. It’s not rocket science.

  • Advocate

    Contact Pete Sessions and John Boehner. Pete Sessions is having a meeting with Sen. Heller today to discuss UI.

    Pete Sessions:
    P: (202) 225-2231

    John Boehner:
    P: (202) 225-0600

    (#1 to leave a message and #2 to speak with his assistant)

  • Cindy Pouncey

    How can we impeach Boehner, he should bring it to a vote and let the House decide.

  • Rhonda

    Has anyone actually seen or read anything other than the pipeline in terms of creating jobs? I haven’t

  • Joe Galtea


  • Lori

    OMG Please pass this. My husband passed away and I have 0 income due the cut. I have to now support myself and I have no way to do so I am only 50. There is nothing for me. I am going to loose my home if this does not pass. My unemployment ends, my husband gets sick and dies and now I am going to loose my home due to this delay. Please please pass this bill

  • Becky

    Please GOD Get that SOB Boehner, out of
    office he is hurting millions of innocent family’s
    We are suffering I can’t take it no more /” I am
    Behind on my bills ready to loose everything
    I worked hard for I always worked my whole Life
    Since I was seventeen and now I am 48 years old
    My job was eliminated due to changes in the
    Department …..
    No falt of my own I been looking for work everyday since
    Application after Application I even call the company
    I Applied at just to let them know I sent my resume and
    Filled out their application for work I get no call back and
    I use our Colorado work force computer fill out more
    Applications and still nothing !!!!! I can’t take it no more
    We need Help why are they doing this to us we need our
    Benefits it’s not much believe me but it’s food on our
    Tables gas in our cars. Water/ Heat. Paid a roof over
    Our heads it’s not shopping Money, we cant afford clothes
    or shoes on unemployment
    but it will help keep our lights on heat paid and
    Get us by while we continue to look for work I just feel
    Like crying: /

  • Rocker Arm Pumper

    The Republicans land owners in Nebraska are holding up the Keystone Pipeline Route in the Nebraska State Supreme Court. American Shale Oil doesn’t need cheaper Canadian Oil Competition. Buying having the Canadians put it on rail cars instead of a pipeline raises the price per barrel $7. Support American Shale Oil Jobs and Band the Keystone Pipeline. Keep the Shale Oil Boom Pumping.

  • DJMiles
  • DJMiles

    4 1/2 months after Democrats voted to let extended unemployment expire their is still no attempts to renew benefits for 2.8 million unemployed Americans. ..If they are not using the unemployed then why so many lies since December

    As you could see from December till now they have neglected to follow thru with their promise’s of attaching the unemployment extension to any of Republicans priority bills or any Must pass legislation.

    Next week Harry Reid is bringing the Republicans #1 priority to the Senate floor the Keystone pipeline guess we will all wait and see if he demands passage of the unemployment extension in Return.

  • Tom Robertson

    Will the democrats negotiate at all?

  • ladysidearm

    called Mr Boehner office and got no where because they are having a lot of calls. Couldn’t even leqave a message his mailbox is full.

  • readabook

    It has been written over and over that Boehner has not be specific in
    what he wants. Why doesn’t he say “yes to the pipeline, and yes to
    unemployment extensions”. I think the White House is afraid that once
    they begin giving, he will continue to want more. He’s done that before.
    TELL US EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, BOEHNER, Just say ” If the White House gives me this, I will give them that” What’s so hard about that???

  • Dev Looshen

    In this related YouTube video we find the least popular Congressional leader, Harry Reid, obstructing funds for children with cancer:

  • elf

  • Brenda Eichhorn

    Mr. Boehner cannot give an answer, because he doesn’t know how any jobs can be created here in the United States either. They have all been moved overseas. How do you think most of us has lost our jobs. That’s the exact place where Mr. Boehner belongs, since that is where his investments are.

  • No Name

    I agree wit Icare!!!

  • nonsense & no sense

    Problems are not solved by accusations. Confusion will not provide solutions. We need leaders who put political ambition aside & think outside the box. I’m just an unemployed baby boomer who once had a piece of the “american dream”.I was a casualty of the great recession. I have a rough idea that may seed a brighter future for distressed citizens. There are closed & abandoned military bases across the country. They have barracks, apartments, houses, buildings, kitchens, mess halls, schools, infirmaries, plumbing, electric etc. Staffing them should create jobs which would benefit the surrounding communities. Qualification for residence should be established with timely goals. Rent should be sliding scale
    This is opportunity not welfare.

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