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February 6, 2016

Boehner Won’t Bring Up Senate Immigration Bill

Speaker John A. Boehner reiterated to House Republicans this morning that he will not bring up the Senate’s immigration overhaul for a vote in the House.

“Weeks ago, I — along with Eric, Kevin, Cathy and Bob Goodlatte — issued a statement making clear that the House is not going to just take up and vote on whatever the Senate passes,” Boehner told lawmakers, per a source in the room. “We’ll do our own bill, through regular order and it’ll be a bill that reflects the will of our majority and the people we represent.”

He was referencing other Republican leaders, including Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California, Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, and Goodlatte, the Judiciary chairman from Virginia.

Democrats have ratcheted up pressure on Boehner to bring up the Senate’s bill even if a majority of his own conference opposes it, if the House is unable to pass legislation of its own. But the speaker last week all but guaranteed a majority of his majority would have to back any immigration bill before it would come to the floor.

  • Larry Launer

    What the senate is passing in the morning is a nightmare , I hope Boehner hangs tough

  • sameolbs

    Great news for US citizens. There is plenty of evidence that shows that this bill would have devastating consequences on low income American citizens and the jobs that are available to them.

  • vikings55

    If they kill it, they are effectively forfeiting the next few cycles and admitting that they don’t want, need, desire the minority vote. They had better start devising a plan to pull 67% of the white vote, they will need it. I admit they were finished either way, but this way at least it was a stay of execution and gave some time to convert over the next 15 years. That’s done if they shelve it.
    The Dems will cry crocodile tears over this, but did play the politics well. They designed the whole process to fall on the extreme house- so that they alone will wear blame. 27% just fell to 20%. Florida as good as gone and when the Dems start every election with 242 (states won for 6 straight elections)- that’s all they need.

  • American

    Bye….Bye Republican party. It’s been a pleasure being a member for so long but you are doing it to yourself. I’m not a minority and I can tell you this white vote isn’t going to be voting with a party that kills legislation that the majority of Americans want passed. That was Americans not just Republicans and if the Republican party is going to cater to just Republicans and not Americans they won’t be winning very many elections in the future.

  • Rob Thiebeau

    It was already pointed out He would do this: They would Pass the bill.
    It would go to committee where the Senate parts will get more input than House.
    And we will have the Senate bill -10%.

  • thegreenchick

    Boehner told lawmakers, per a source in the room. ”We’ll do our own bill, through regular order and it’ll be a bill that reflects the will of our majority and the people we represent.” The key is “the people we represent” statement. Just who do they represent? The top 1% they golf with? The top 1% who heavily filter funds into their re-election campaigns? Who is it that they represent. With the Republican party bleeding registered voters, who do they represent?

  • novale

    We have the highest unemployment in 100 years in the US,
    ~15% of the workforce out of work, and the solution is to bring even more
    immigrants into the US to compete for even fewer jobs, especially the remaining
    few good high tech jobs?

    If this does not confirm how out of touch the Senate is to
    their constituents, then I don’t know what will. They have always done the
    bidding of the 1%, against the interest of the 99% they are supposed to

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