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February 10, 2016

Boehner Vows He Won’t ‘Roll Over’ to Obama, Democrats (Updated)


(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 12:00 p.m. | Speaker John A. Boehner pushed back against media reports that he may be willing to buck the majority of his caucus to end the current budget impasse, telling GOP lawmakers that he will not “roll over.”

Republicans leaving a morning party conference meeting said the Ohio Republican reassured them that he would not cave to Democrats — who are demanding a policy rider-free continuing resolution to reopen the government, as well as a “clean” debt limit increase.

“I think the important takeaway is this stuff that’s floating around in the media about, you know, he’s not willing to challenge, is not true,” said Rep. John Fleming. The Louisiana Republican quoted Boehner as saying he wouldn’t “roll over.”

Fleming added, “We’ll demand the other side to talk to us and negotiate with us. … He doesn’t have any intentions on rolling over on anything whether it’s the CR — that’s the word he used — or the debt limit.”

At a news conference following the meeting, Boehner said he has told President Barack Obama that “no one gets 100 percent” of what they want, and said president is not going to get 100 percent of what he wants either.

“You know, when we have a crisis like we’re in the middle of this week, the American people expect their leaders to sit down and try to resolve their differences,” Boehner said. “I was at the White House the other night, and listened to the president some 20 times explain to me why he wasn’t going to negotiate. Sat there and listened to the majority leader in the United States Senate describe to me that he’s not going to talk until we surrender. And then this morning, I get the Wall Street Journal out, and it says, ‘Well we don’t care how long this lasts because we’re winning.’ This isn’t some damn game.”

Boehner indicated that House Republicans will still insist that the president agree to change 2010 health care law in exchange for an agreement to reopen the government.

Rep. Tom Cole complained that Republicans feel stymied.

“It’s kind of hard to talk when the president won’t show up and negotiate,” the Oklahoma Republican said.

Republicans leaving the Friday morning meeting said there was little discussion of tying the debt ceiling and the CR into one bill.

Many media outlets have been reporting that Boehner has privately told some Republicans he is not willing to risk a debt default and would attempt to pass a debt limit increase with more Democratic votes than Republican votes. Those reports have also hinted that Boehner is considering putting a debt limit increase into a bill that would reopen the government.

  • Layla

    I’m on the Speakers side on this one, a first.

    • proudestamerican

      then you don’t believe in our system of government. shame on you.

      • Layla

        I don’t believe in dictators. And I’m not ashamed of that.

        • Wuthie

          What do you think Boehner is doing? Dictating to the Democrats and President that if he can’t get his way though the democratic way of majority votes he will hurt the American people until they give him what he wants.

        • Jesse4

          You should be ashamed for using a word you clearly don’t understand, like “dictator.”

    • godblessusa

      “President Obama is stubbornly refusing to end a crisis I created.”

      – John Boehner

  • EWS

    you can’t negotiate wth terrorists. Boehner must need a hearing aid. The president has stated quite clearly he will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the US nor allow a party who can’t get their way through elections change an existing law.

    • Biff Wellington

      Current government revenues are $258 billion a month; the cost to service our debt is $57 billion a month. I know Obama has never had a real job in his life, but ever an imbecile like him can see that we have plenty of money to cover “the full faith and credit of the US”.

      All of this is simply scare tactics, designed to whip up the ignorant into a frenzy over Obama’s health insurance scam. Judging by the comments here, it seems to be working…

      • Wuthie

        Am I understanding this correctly? You are saying that on a 16 trillion dollar debt we are only paying 57 billion dollars a month?

        Our interest alone for September was 20 billion dollars, then you have the bonds, military pay, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Gov contractors, other government workers, cost of goods, etc.

        If that is what you are trying to say I suggest you check your numbers again.

      • JoeSway

        Interesting that being a professor is not a real job…do you want to repeat that for any teachers you know?

  • Chas Holman

    Speaker Boenher, put a clean CR to the floor for your party to vote on, and stop the games.

    Congress has a fiduciary and legal responsibility to fund the laws that THEY passed. Stop the damn games.

    • Biff Wellington

      you seem to soak up those talking points quite well, but do you even understand what you’re saying? This is simply a manufactured crisis, Obama thinking he can gain political points by blaming the other side for his own stupidity.

      • Wuthie

        You’re right, it is a manufactured crisis, but not by Obama. Obama can’t vote on the bill.

        There is a normal process for Congress to pass bills. Republicans tried 43 time to repeal the AHC law. They didn’t have the votes to do it.

        So now they are hurting hundreds of thousands of American families to get rid of a law they can’t do the democratic way.
        And you are trying to convince me that Obama is trying to gain political points?

      • Benjamin

        Can you explain how Obama manufactured this crisis? He wants a clean CR and a clean debt ceiling increase, and then he wants to negotiate with Republicans on a real budget.

        What part of that is stupid, and what part of that is manufactured?

      • GoneRouge

        you’re a typical low IQ stupid person buying into the endless bullshit the gop and fox feed you imbeciles.. this shut down was pre planned when obama was re elected by koch bros and ed meese.. google it.. just like they pre planned to bring down his presidency in a secret meeting in jan 2009 during the inauguration ball.. you fools are nothing but idiot puppets

  • proudestamerican

    Under no circumstances will the President negotiate with hostage takers. Every agency of the Federal government was created by a law passed by Congress and signed by a President. If the GOP wants to remove an agency, they can propose legislation to do so.
    This shutdown is simply a back door attempt to impeach Obama since the GOP does not have the Senate.

  • keyified

    It amazes me that the mainstream media doesn’t realize what’s really going on. Or if they actually do realize what’s going on their liberal-bent ideology prevents them from telling the truth to the American people. Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress are fully responsible for the government shutdown because they are unwilling to listen to the American people. The majority of the American people despise Obamacare and want it either delayed or repealed outright. Obamacare is a horrible monstrosity that will essentially destroy the once best healthcare system in the world. But since Obamacare is Barack Obama’s baby that in itself apparently justifies Democrat’s ruthless attempt to shove it down the throats of the American people against their will. Nancy Pelosi said that Congress would have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. After people found out what was in it the majority of the American people don’t want to have anything to do with it. That’s what the government shutdown is all about. Barack Obama is unwilling to listen to the American people and subsequently he is doing everything he can during the shutdown to make people’s lives miserable. He’s like a little child who throws a temper tantrum if he can’t have his way.

    Barack Obama has already changed Obamacare several times and each time he did so was an illegal act because he bypassed Congress and thus the democratic process. Yet Barack Obama won’t allow Congress (the branch of government that passes laws) to change Obamacare and thereby it demonstrates he’s a tyrannical president who breaks the law but refuses to negotiate with members of Congress who actually enact the laws. Let’s face it shall we? Barack Obama is saying to the American people and to Republicans in Congress it’s my way or the highway! And then you have cold-hearted Harry Reid stand up and actually defend Barack Obama’s tyrannical mode of operation. Democrats are ruining the country and the lame-stream media provides backup for their corrupt behavior. The lame-stream media is collectively in bed with the Democrat Party so it is no wonder America is in decline and going bankrupt.

    Progressive Democrats are bankrupting the nation and they now want to destroy the once best healthcare system in the world. That tells you everything you need to know about Barack Obama and his minions in Congress. They are politicizing the whole thing and they demonize anyone who opposes their ruthless agenda. Harry Reid would rather see children with cancer die then to negotiate with Republicans in Congress. Barack Obama and Joe Biden would rather see World War II veterans turned away from a memorial in Washington D.C. rather than give an inch to try and solve the problems facing America. One of the biggest problems facing the country is our humongous national debt that currently stands at $17 trillion. Yet Barack Obama wants to raise the debt limit even higher and thereby placing the United States of America on a perilous path toward bankruptcy and ruination if the trend is not reversed. In 2008 (before he was elected) Barack Obama stated that raising the debt ceiling was irresponsible and unpatriotic. But now that Barack Obama is president his hypocrisy knows no bounds as he demands even more money (borrowed from China) so he can further bankrupt the United States.

    Republicans in Congress aren’t the problem. Progressive Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama himself are the real problem. If the lame-stream media had any sense of decency or common sense they would blame Democrats for the shutdown and not the Republicans. Republicans are listening to the American people and the majority of the American people despise Obamacare and they also realize it’s not affordable and also a certified train wreck. But obviously the lame-stream media doesn’t have a sense of decency (or any common sense apparently either), and therefore, they continue to blame Republicans for what are the destructive deeds of Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • nycguy

      Way too long. You do realize the shutdown would be over right now if Boehner would just bring the bill the Senate passed to a vote in the House.

      • Rich

        Or that the Senate would begin to pass all the other bills being sent to them by the House to fund all the other programs. Like the NIH…

        • Benjamin


          GOP: “Fund just the programs we like!”

          Dems: “No.”

          GOP: “Ok, then fund just the programs we like, one at a time!”

    • pitch1934

      Please cite or post a link to the poll that will allow us to know that the “majority of Americans “despise” the Affordable Care Act.

      • Layla

        Read something other than Roll Call. It’s out there.

        • pitch1934

          So, what is the link?

          • Biff Wellington

            do your own homework…the information is out there.

          • pitch1934

            In other words biff, you don’t know.

          • Benjamin

            When you assert something as fact, it’s your responsibility to back that fact up with evidence, like this:

            “An overwhelming majority of Americans would rather see issues with ObamaCare addressed through the legislative process than defunded through government shutdown.”

            That’s an assertion. And here’s a citation:

            Your turn! Please make sure it’s something that lives up to your “despise” language, and also a source that breaks out people (of whom there are many on the left) who don’t like ObamaCare because it doesn’t go far enough.

    • Wuthie

      They didn’t poll all the American people. I seem to remember several polls that showed Romney winning the election. Just by reading, listening and talking to people, if find they know very little about the AHC law.

      By you stating that America has the best health care in the world I know you know very little about the law or other countries with better health care.

      What you fail to grasp is that Republicans don’t have the votes to repeal, delay, or defund the AHC law. 43 times they tried through the normal process. Now their tactic is to hold hostage American families and hurt the economy so they can have their way. What the Republicans are doing is no different than having a mugger come up to you with a gun and demand you give him all your money or he’ll shoot you.

      By the way I’m an American and I like most of the AHC law. It has already saved me money and it isn’t even in full swing yet.

  • repsac3

    “Let me cut off your arms.”
    “Well, let me cut off just one of your arms, then.”
    “Absolutely not.”
    “Why won’t you negotiate with me?!?”

    • repsac3

      “Can I at least have a finger or two?”
      “Go away.”

  • JIMH

    LOL….Is “Roll-Over” the same thing as “Grabbing Your Ankles”?, because I’m SURE he is going to do that……John, if you don’t demonstrate some leadership, the Country is going down in flames. Be the Man…..Stand up and Lead, do the right thing…..Enslaving the population is NOT right…….

  • Rich

    The struggle against ObamaCare is a struggle for Freedom. That bill exerts more control over the American people than we can allow. Less than that – ObamaCare is not even ready to be rolled out – look at all the glitches. Also, have you heard all the horror stories about the huge increases in premiums that people are being hit with? About the loss in choices that people have? How people have had to sign up for plans that don’t meet their health care needs, simply because that’s all they can afford? What about all the people who are loosing their jobs, or are having their hours cut to part-time, because of ObamaCare’s demands on businesses? Then they can’t afford their ObamaCare premiums because they have less income now. It goes beyond any sense for ObamaCare to be kept or even allowed to go into effect.

  • godblessusa

    “Demands” like simply funding the government and avoiding default? THOSE are demands?

    That is merely doing their job, not concessions to the president.

    From day 1 of Obama’s presidency, Republicans have refused to negotiate ANYTHING without dynamite strapped to them.

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