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February 12, 2016

Pelosi: GOP Border Bill ‘Unjust and Inhumane’

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blistered the GOP’s border bill as “unjust and inhumane” in a statement Tuesday.

“We must have a heart, and look into our souls to guide us in our treatment of these desperate children,” the California Democrat said of the tens of thousands of unauthorized migrants who have flooded the border. “While we are reminded of the critical importance of passing comprehensive immigration reform, we must do so much more than the Republicans’ unjust and inhumane proposal.”

It’s not unusual for Pelosi to blast a Republican measure, but in this case, it’s not clear Republicans can pass their bill if Pelosi puts the hammer down on Democrats who cross party lines. 

Specifically, Pelosi said the GOP bill “fails to provide any resources for legal aid to unaccompanied children with legitimate refugee or asylum claims, and does not authorize enough judges to adjudicate the extensive backlog of cases.”

And she said the bill “unacceptably seeks to change current law to weaken due process protections for these children, and places vulnerable children in an expedited process without counsel and with no right to appeal.”

All that “poses a particular danger to child victims of gang violence and human trafficking,” she said.


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  • bittman

    That’s what she should have said about Obamacare instead of lying to AmEricans about being able to keep our healthcare plans, our doctors, and our costs would go down $2,500.

  • jack

    As a Dem, did she ever think that our welfare system is already in stressed? This would effect the poor. Most Dems dont want these people here either, shes way out of line on this issue.

  • papal

    The Obama and Dem inspired invasion was intentionally created to put pressure the repubs to pass amnesty. It just didn’t happen out of nowhere, it was created.

  • Santiago Alemedia

    When she’s not trotting out kids to support gun grabbing, Pelosi is using them to push her illegal alien amnesty bill. Stop using the poor kids, Nancy.

    The GOP bill that revises 2008 trafficking law is a SOLUTION and not just another giveaway. If House and Senate Dems don’t support it and refuse to budge, then DEMS are the new party of “NO!” and will have blocked reform.

  • Bill__Kennedy

    The American people want to stop this illegal immigration, but most of the American establishment wants to continue to welcome it, as they have for the last two years as it built from Central America. at July 30, 2014 – 05:45:47 AM PDT

    ‘More than six in 10 Americans would support a bill making it easier for the United States to deport all unaccompanied children who have entered the country illegally, according to a CNN/ORC International poll.

    Under a 2008 human trafficking law, children from Central American countries other than Mexico who come to the U.S. illegally must have their cases assessed by a judge, often allowing them to remain in the States for months or years while they wait for a hearing. Sixty-two percent of poll respondents support legislation that would expedite the process, while just 36 percent oppose it.’

  • Bill__Kennedy

    The current migration is the middle class of Central America, not the poor fleeing gang violence; the poor couldn’t begin to pay the smugglers’ fees, typically over $5,000.

    Those who are from poor area are likely to be the teenage boys who are already members of the international criminal gangs who control the people smuggling. The American establishment, 100% in favor of more immigration, aka ‘reform,’, has ignored these gangs for years, letting them make a lot of money as coyotes. When the children’s crusade grew so much after 2 years that it couldn’t be kept out of the news any longer, the establishment declared a great ‘humanitarian crisis.’ The administration is carefully avoiding probing the gang connections among these immigrants, and keeping others from doing so. The Border Patrol has found obvious gang members among them, but they’re not allowed to do anything about it, or check their criminal records in Central America. Wouldn’t be PC apparently.

    There are more people living in gang-controlled areas in Brazil alone than in all of Central America, should we invite them in? American cities have gangs, and cities like Detroit and Baltimore have comparable murder rates to most Central American cities – are they going to get protection? Will the government pay for lawyers to secure their rights, as they do the illegal immigrants?

  • Bill__Kennedy

    The immigrants are not poor people fleeing gangs. They are middle class people fleeing a real estate boom.

    ‘Where I work in Guatemala, remittances have inflated the price of land to astounding levels; most families are unable to buy property unless they can place at least one wage-earner in the U.S. So every family is under pressure to send someone north. Migrants must borrow at least $5,000 to pay human smugglers. Many pay 10% monthly interest and put up family land as collateral. So they’re betting the farm. When something goes wrong, they lose it.

    Migration on these terms is not a solution to the problems facing Central Americans. Because jobs in the U.S. are scarce, and living costs are so high compared with Central America, even legal migration can beggar them.’

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