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February 14, 2016

Border Funding Request Takes Shape in House

Granger, R-Texas, is leading a GOP task force to make recommendations on the child migrant border surge (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Granger is leading a GOP task force to make recommendations on the child migrant border surge. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 4:45 p.m. | House Republicans could, by the week’s end, unveil their legislative response to the president’s $3.7 billion request to bolster resources at the southwest border.

The response is likely to cost less and incorporate policy riders sure to rile up Democrats on the left — but still might not be stringent enough to satisfy members on the hard right.

Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, the chairwoman of a special GOP working group convened by Speaker John A. Boehner to make policy recommendations on the child migrant border surge, told reporters Tuesday her group is focused on increasing border security funding, adding National Guard troops on the border and having more immigration judges to preside over deportation hearings and asylum requests.

With a formal report not yet public at the time she spoke with the press, Granger also said the group supported tweaking a 2008 trafficking law to allow all unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border to choose to return to their home countries rather than await trial to be deported, a right currently afforded only to children from countries contiguous to the United States.

“Tweak it, not change it, not repeal it,” Granger stressed, “but to treat all children the same.”

Such revisions to the law, known as the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, are being touted in a pair of bills sponsored by Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and Republican Sen. John Cornyn, both of Texas.

Supporters of the proposal say it would expedite deportation proceedings and address overcrowding at detention facilities, while opponents — primarily Democrats from the Progressive and Hispanic caucuses — say it would significantly scale back protections put in place six years ago to keep children from returning to Central American countries where they face imminent harm.

Many House Democrats hailing from these contingents have said they won’t vote to approve the president’s funding request if that 2008 trafficking law is touched, setting up inevitable tension with their leadership.

“This is the deportation-only agenda dressed in sheep’s clothing,” Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, chairman of the CHC immigration task force, said in a statement Tuesday.

But Democrats might be in a bind. Barack Obama has signaled the Cornyn-Cuellar proposal is worth exploring, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has said it’s not a “deal-breaker” and CHC Chairman Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., on Tuesday also expressed a readiness to swallow what, for many of his colleagues, would be a very bitter pill.

And, at Republican leaders’ weekly news conference Tuesday morning, Majority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., suggested members should prepare themselves for an appropriations package that incorporates changes to the 2008 Wilberforce Act.

“I think we’ll wait until the task force comes back, but I think this is a bill you see [as] bipartisan, you see House Democrats supporting it,” McCarthy said. “I think it’s one that would have to be fixed and I think it would be an element of any package that comes forth.”

As Democrats push for a “clean” funding package and steel themselves for compromise, many Republicans are ticking off what conditions need to be fulfilled in order to vote “yes.”

Rep. James Lankford, R-Okla., said he needed the funding to sunset after one year and implied he wanted it to be offset, rather than be characterized as an emergency, which would be appropriated without a pay-for.

Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., said he and some other colleagues are working to ensure the final appropriations bill includes language to make sure the Transportation Security Administration requires proper documentation of illegal immigrants who have to travel to various holding locations as they await deportation proceedings.

And Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., said a “prerequisite” for his support was that the bill “shouldn’t have any money that takes care of the needs for these people for more than a week.”

Some Republicans won’t vote for any border funding bill under any circumstances. “There’s no chance in the world I’ll vote for it,” said Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala. “You can solve the problem by spending roughly $25 million to fly 50,000 illegal aliens back home to their families.” The proposed $3.7 billion request coming from the White House, he said, “is reckless and asinine.”

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said much of the president’s request was already covered by the appropriations process.

“So let’s deal with the appropriations on the floor,” Huelskamp said. “We don’t need to do a supplemental. Can they not last until Oct. 1? I don’t doubt they have plenty of money to make it to Oct. 1.”

But Huelskamp posited that party leaders felt compelled to act quickly, before the August recess, when constituents back home might make a convincing argument against appropriating the money. “When people go to go home, we’re going to find out that nobody wants to do this, including the Democrats,” he said.

It all means Republican leaders might be faced with the challenge of crafting a bill that needs bipartisan support to pass — and bipartisan support specifically appealing to the moderate factions of both parties rather than those at the more extreme ends of the ideological spectrum.

On Tuesday afternoon, Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky., still would not divulge how negotiations were proceeding and what the top-line number would look like or whether it would be offset or characterized as an emergency, other than to say it would more than likely fall short of the original $3.7 billion request.

“We’re trying to sift out in [Obama’s] request those items and dollar numbers that need to be done immediately,” Rogers said, “and then the rest of what he’s requesting, we can consider as we process the regular … appropriations bills.

“We’re trying to put together a bill, first off, that makes sense, that we can afford and does the right thing, humanitarian-wise and regarding the border,” he said. “I am hopeful as we go along, that this will become a bipartisan effort, and bicameral.”

If the Cornyn-Cuellar restrictions make it through the House, they’ll face a tougher road in the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid said he’d consider a narrower bill.

“I won’t support it,” the Nevada Democrat told reporters Tuesday. “Our No. 1 concern should be this narrow issue of how we take care of this situation we have on the border. As I’ve been told, the Cornyn-Cuellar legislation covers a lot of other issues.”

Matt Fuller, Emily Ethridge and Niels Lesniewski contributed to this report.


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    While life continues to go on as normal for many in our country, there are still more than three million unemployed families without an extension of benefits since late last December. While the republican senate fought tooth & nail to pass the Koch brother’s oil pipeline bill, they totally rejected passing the extension bill, which would have helped these millions of families. Now, both political parties have walked away from the issue, leaving these families in financial ruin and deep poverty without recourse. Billions are spent on foreign aid and the military, but the poor & unemployed are left without help. Where’s our country’s priorities and compassion

    • Cristina Hiatt

      Absolutely no money to spend on programs for illegal immigrants. Send them home.

    • dane

      If this Anti American who calls himself pres, would approve the pipe line,shit can obama care , stop giving money to terrorists, playing golf, vacations and build the damn fence we would have enough money and jobs for all Americans who want to work!

  • Richard G. Shuster


    • brewby

      Yeah, what he said!

    • maisy

      And prosecute him for TREASON!

      • Christopher H Fromme

        Sarah Palin is right IMPEACH the President

        • James

          Not impeach-PROSECUTE and DEPORT.

          • David

            Ya think?


    The only additional funding should be for deportations and securing the border!

    Our “leaders” in Washington are deliberately allowing this country to be invaded by hordes of illegals – hordes that we will be supporting. What sane country would allow this?

    • amuncat

      One completely taken over by corporate greed and psychopathic leaders (plural: all of ’em!)

    • Jazzy

      The funding needs to go to our own LTU so they can find jobs

      • sensen

        Funding need to go nowhere. We have a debt of 17 trillion.

    • StormanNorman

      Right ON!!!!! Additional funding for deporting people and consider getting that money from Mexico aid as Mexico is transporting the kids to the US and not protecting their southern border! Actually, this is an invasion and the Mexican train bringing the kids should be bombed so Mexico will think twice about aiding the invasion! We should declare war on Mexico —– never give them aid! Add also a EVerify law so no illegals in the us today can’t get jobs without employers being fined! We need to change the law so illegals caught near the border are deported w/o trial or further expense to taxpayers! Amnesty to law breakers —– NEVER!

      • sensen

        I find it interesting that the media, including Fox, keeps reminding us that these people paid thousands, 7 thousand each is most often mentioned, to a coyote to transport them to the border. If you believe that these folks had $7,000, you must be very ignorant. It certainly cost somebody to get these kids to the border, but who???

        • Dave from San Antonio

          They become “indentured” slaves, so-to-speak, until it’s paid off. Maybe 10-20 years.

        • phylmike34


        • Leah

          Actually, the price was $750. Almost $1,000, but not as much as what you stated. Fox has been honest and clear about that.

      • Conchita

        No funding for any law breakers, regardless of age. Fund the plane or bus tickets to send to their own countries. Cut the foreign aid to Mexico and the countries who are sending them here. Agree with you that we need eVerify NOW and a law to fine, or close, any employer who hires illegals. NO AMNESTY

      • DieHardPatriot

        Put three connected diesel Locomotives on the track at the illegal crossing. let them get past that! Oh in a another post I mentioned the Money Obama has already sent two Catholic Dioceses and one Baptist churches. Now get this….THe baptist child care group had become an enforcement arm threatening health care workers with arrest if they say anything about the conditions in that area and they call themselves…”THE BROWN SHIRTS”..REALLY THEY ACTUALLY DO. Well, Hitler had his ‘Brown Shirts” and now Obama has his and they are supposed Christians. Yeah right with mixed loyalties and misinterpretation of what compassion really means. What about those in need in this country. Charity begins at home and Obama will not fund that unless you are a lazy..will not work welfare recipient!He will only fund those whom will be his future voter block and loyalists. Obama wants to declare martial Law against Americans. I say beat him to the punch and declare our independence as was so aptly worded in the original Declaration of Independence.

      • David

        War with Mexico is not the right solution to the problem. They are just showing US the respect our elected officials show for this country – which for many, like AZ Senators Flake and McCain is NONE.

      • chock

        Take it out of their foreign aid that we shouldn’t be paying anyway. The dems and establishment repubs are too stupid to run our country. All they know is run it in the ground……

    • Shane

      No money for Obama until that law is changed or repealed. There are two ways to fix this crisis – Change that law, for Obama to repeal his executive amnesty order for young illegal aliens. Congress must act NOW!

      • David

        One thing bothers me about the congress passing any bill to “fix” this problem. We have a House Majority leader, a Minority leader and a House Speaker who have all said they want to do some kind of amnesty this year.
        My concern is that the bill gets amended with SB744 in the senate and passed there. Then, since the House has already voted for and passed the unamended bill they sent to the Senate, the bill only needs to pass a House reconciliation committee, like the ACA (Obamacare) did when it got shoved down our throats. It won’t go before the full house, where enough Reps would be available to vote the amended bill down. As such, they will offer another empty platitude saying, “We are officially closing the door in illegal immigration! Anyone who wasn’t already in this country illegally before June of 2012 has to be deported” (Pats on the back for all the politicians – they achieved amnesty and duped the American public into thinking they were only going to fix the current crisis. “Uh, we had to compromise to address the crisis, don’t you see? You will remember to vote for me when it’s time, right? “

        • Lizdiaz

          Just watch later on, when they finally agree on something, they will say ok anyone that’s been here before which ever year they agree on possibly 2015 or 2016 qualifies for amnesty. That’s why these people are here they are ready to jump on the free train to amnesty. Our county is run by a bunch of jokers, I bet all these countries are laughing at us.

          • Azreb

            Of course they are – especially since we are handing them millions (billions) in aid.

    • Marianne King

      The laws already established should be obeyed; especially, closed borders. Hordes of illegals should not be allowed in –PERIOD! It’s unlawful for Obama of allow this plus the pressure of feeding and housing them. No city should have to be put in this position.

    • chock

      While we support them and all their kids forever and ever. Now they don’t need identification to board planes to get here. The crime rate in the countries they have left has gone down. That should tell you something.

    • Buck

      No additional funding of any kind! Use some of the c130’s & give them a first class ride in one sitting strapped to the wall !! Just as soon as they come in head them to the airports where the planes are waiting! Money is ,was there for border until the Odumber admin squandered it like they have plundered everything..

  • Photogirl4u

    No way! We don’t have the money. It costs us less to send them back then to keep them..Better the fence with the money. No Money for illegal acts. We are giving our military pick slips, and they are considering money for illegals…Now it just doesn’t get crazier than that. The inmates are running the asylum.

  • Zeeblebit Graffitti

    What are we going to shut down the government for this insanity. Send in the national guard. Tell the schools to stop taking in illegal alien children and depleting our social services. Time is Now! Stop overpopulating this country. Get the true facts at Read, Learn, Join, and Fight Back!

    • David

      Overpopulating this country? Why, a study was done by the Cornwall Alliance which found that, using local resources and current technologies, we could fit the entire world’s 6 billion population within the state of Texas, with room for parks, single family homes, and farmland to sustain it (and then some!) Overpopulation is not an issue here. Its about our nation being a soveriegn nation, and having a rule of law that isn’t just for “the little people” but which our government MUST follow also!

      I am so tired of politicians that think they are above the law! Not just Presidents, but Senators and Representatives who think rewarding lawless behavior won’t hurt good, hard-working Americans, or don’t care if it does. Numbers USA cited a study that found that ALL of our nation’s job growth has been filled by legal and illegal immigration…

      When do US natives get to have some new job opportunities or, even better paiying ones?

      We certainly do not need to be borrowing and spending billions more dollars on a problem this President created by effecting an executive amnesty for illegals who came here as minors. Word got back to those countries that this President won’t deport children – now look what’s happening!

      This president has all the resources he needs to contain and deport the problem. We have FEMA camps, built for US, just waiting empty for holding all of these illegals till a judge can deport them. They are supposed to be stocked with 90 days of food and water too. No fosterhomes are needed. no public assistance or medicaid either. he can use FEMA staff and HHS medical practicioners – they have plenty, by the way, to treat and care for these illegal children. If these were American kids, from some natural or government instigated disaster, FEMA and HSS would still be the ones doing the job.

      So, what’s the difference? Illegal kids are too good for what is good enough for US citizens?

      • Leah

        How about starting by putting a few hundred in your back yard??? Hmm???

        • David

          Let me guess, you didn’t finish reading my post, did you?

      • gjbare

        Yes by all means we could take them in Texas and then we can see what it is like to be in a third world country. I do not care what study that was put out. The USA cannot support all these people and soon the ship will sink.

        • 1OldGunny1


        • David

          I guess you didn’t read past the first part of my post either, did you? I’m not in favor of amnesty at all. Read through what I wrote.

          • Buzz Allnight

            I am glad you are not for amnesty but the first part of your post is still

      • shamu9

        Yup!! I Said that a LONG time Ago! See Ya in the Camps! They’ll put us There, and Give the Wets our homes!!

        • TwatDoc

          It’ll be AFTER all my considerable stockpile of ammunition is depleted and my knife grows too dull to pierce flesh !!

          • Leah

            Some nick . . .

      • 1OldGunny1

        You are so wrong on this I don’t even know where to begin. Texas has massive water shortages right now. And Houston is one of the worst smog producing cities in the US.

        We reached the maximum sustainable population in this country at about 147 million back in the 1950’s, taking into account all of our natural resources.

        America is a vessel of sorts. And like ever vessel there is a maximum capacity. We have long ago reached that maximum and now are endangering the lives of all.

        • sgb1

          There are graphs at Numbers USA that demonstrate what the old amnesties did for poulation grown and how many hundreds of millions higher it will be in the future. Want to talk about the horrible diseases they are bringing? The parasites? We don’t need them and they need to go home. I don’t know why we don’t just turn them around and let Mexico deal with them.

          • David

            An except from the email Dr. Beisner, relating to what I mention about the world’s population fitting within the U.S. (Noting that the countries he mentions comparatively for population densities are heavily dependent upon typically primitive agricultural techniques which are extremely inefficient. This is especially true when compared to current U.S. agricultural practices.) Here’s the excerpt:

            “We can get another perspective on world population density by asking what would happen if the world’s population were packed into a smaller area. If all of the projected 5.32 billion people living in 1990 lived in the United States, population density would be 1,470 per square mile, about 7 percent less than it was in Taiwan and about 24 percent less than it was in Bangladesh in 1987.” (From the email where he quotes from a book he published in 1990, titled: Prospects for Growth: A Biblical View of Population, Resources, and the Future)

          • Buzz Allnight

            and that is the point
            WE DON’T!

        • David

          After reading your reply, I went looking for the article. I wasn’t able to find it on the website so, I emailed Dr. Beisner about it, thinking I might never hear from him but, having to at least try to validate what I wrote. Well, I got a reply from the good Doctor within a couple hours. Turns out I was wrong. 7 billion people (an updated, current, estimate, which could be overestimated by as much as 25%), living in Texas, would be a population density of about 26,040 per square mile. About as crowded as a midsized city. He also concurs that the water isn’t sufficient for sustainability of the population.

          I was pretty sure I’d read it on the Cornwall Alliance website but, Dr. Beisner set the record straight – it wasn’t from there. I must have gotten bad info elsewhere and just took their word for it. (Live and learn) I’d guess though, from what all else he said, that such a population could actually be sustained within the U.S. borders though; with room for well planned growth too. (He disagrees that we are overpopulated here.) But, that was not the point I was trying to make; it was merely an aside to the issue raised, which is that we really should not be expected to be the world’s fee-free babysitter. We have enough with our own poor and gang violence.

          • Lisa

            good job on doing more research, david! thanks for the info.

          • 1OldGunny1

            You still don’t understand about our already overburdend power grid (yes we have our own). Our pollution problems in the bigger cities. Major gang and crime problems. Dwindling farm land. The dwindling water resources. Texas water resources have been drying up. All of your hypothetical dogma is just that – nonsense. It is not sustainable or practical. It would not work.

          • Leah

            Our power grid isn’t overburdened, it’s simply not protected well enough from enemy attacks or EMP.

            Our farmland isn’t dwindling (where do you get your wacky information?!)

          • 1OldGunny1

            Okay pardon. I misread your reply. I think that you are starting to get it now. Thank-you.

            Here is one for you:


            In a study titled Food, Land, Population and the U.S. Economy, David Pimenteland Mario Giampietro estimated[when?] the maximum U.S. population for asustainable economy at 200 million. And in order to achieve a sustainable economy and avert disaster, the United States would have to reduce its population by at least one-third, and world population would have to be reduced by two-thirds.

          • Leah

            That is a very poor opinion and not FACTUAL on ANY level!!

          • David

            These are “speculations” based on historic and other data which must be INTERPRETED. You are right, it may be based on facts but, that does not make the conclusions they reach factual. It also presumes that agricultural technologies have peaked and energy supplies will be exhusted or degrade to the point that all that will exist is solar and wind. Cold fusion is believed to be promising and within our reach though. It would be a limitless energy resource that creates no polution. Such cheap and abundant energy could be used to turn the arctic zones into crop producers on a continental scale – no claim of water shortages there to make. Virtually all of Antarctica could be converted to farm lands, beneath a bed of ice and snow.

          • Leah

            No, Antarctica can’t be converted to farm lands, but America is NOT over crowded on any level! That is not to say we should allow illegals to invade the country, it’s simply to clarify that America is FAR from being overcrowded. We have PLENTY of farmland. And THAT being said, we’d have lots more FOOD if our idiots in government didn’t think we should be burning it in our gastanks!

            We also send humanitarian food to Russia and other countries who are not our friends and whom should not be receiving ANYTHING from us.

          • David

            I wasn’t really arguing against anything you had said Leah. I was arguing in agreement with you, against the overcrowding, and fatalism of global human overpopulation in that book which Gunny was citing. It simply does not account for continuing improvements in agricultural technology, or in alternative energy resource development. It is a scare tactic used by those who, (not saying Gunny is one), don’t like the way the world is advancing under free market systems, and want to take control of it for their own agenda – without working for it.

            I had already pointed to research published by Dr. Beisner which stated America was far from being overcrowded, able to support and sustain well over a billion in population growth, with available agricultural lands and resources.

            I also totally agree with you that diverting our agricultural lands from food production into extremely inefficient and higher polluting fuel sources is boneheaded.

            I would like to know why you think Antarctica cannot be used for agricultural use though? Do you believe the soil of Antarctica is tainted, or would otherwise not be suitable for growing crops? Tunneling through ice, creating row after row of “greenhouses” using artificial lighting (much as indoor hydroponics are done), seems hardly far fetched, though highly impractical. I had only offered it as a possibility because of Gunny’s “shrinking farm lands” argument. I don’t believe it is necessary. Just trying to point out there is lots of area “outside the box” of current conventional methods and thinking.

          • Leah

            Thanks for clarifying, David. I agree as well. This is the only country in human history that burns it’s food for fuel … and even then, it destroys gasoline engines, produces worse MPG and COSTS more! There is no sense to it on ANY level!

            What we’re seeing is a race to the bottom! Socialism is a step to Communism. Communists KILL Socialists (see Russia history for proof). The Dialectical Process, brainwashed into America’s youth in public schools is intended to destroy America – and it’s WORKING!

          • David

          • David

            I’d like to know what year this was published and, if these are any part of the “Global Warming Alarmists” who think that humans in any number more than a few hundred million is too much for “mother earth” to sustain for more than the next century.
            Such people do not consider that with the increases in human population we have also advanced technologys (including agricultural.) As far as our power grid is concerned, we are way underdeveloped in the use of nuclear energy. And, there is absolutely no consideration of advances that could unlock even cheaper and cleaner energy resources (like fusion energy.) We also have a whole solarsystem full of resources – within our reach, if we’d just stop waiting around for government to go out there first and make it happen for us. Solar satalites could be used to transmit power and be used to manipulate weather patterns, ending droughts. I favor those who look to creating possibilities over those who doom say; it has worked for mankind till now.

            I still think we need to deport these illegals without borrowing from our kids and grandkids to do it.

          • 1OldGunny1

            Here is even a scarier one:


            if China and India were to consume as much resources per capita as the United States or Japan in 2030 together they would require a full planet Earth to meet their needs.[234] In the long term these effects can lead to increased conflict over dwindling resources[235] and in the worst case a Malthusian catastrophe.

      • sgb1

        We don’t have the water or the food for them, not to mention health services, education and social benefits. We cannot afford them. We cannot take them all in. Go to Numbers USA and look at the gumball tape. It clearly demonstrates that we cannot take in the worlds poor. We can’t afford it. We don’t have infrastrastructure either. Every wonder why there are so many cars on the road?

        • David

          Let me guess, you didn’t finish reading my post either, did you?

    • Robert Williams

      Yes! NumbersUSA.

    • Azreb

      I joined months ago – but we also need to email the White House at and call 202-456-1111 to tell Obama “NO”. Then get the numbers of ALL your representatives and your senators and call them, too, and/or email them.
      Flood their phone lines – email them constantly. That was the way we stopped the amnesty nonsense during Bush’s term and we can do it again.

  • Joe Murphy

    This orchestrated stunt is Mexico’s problem – not ours. Obama has been using his executive authority to skirt our immigration laws every single day through “prosecutorial discretion.” Now he just needs to execise the same discretion and simply refuse these foreign nationals at the border. We do not need to detain and care for them. We only need to enforce our sovereignty. Any money spent on immigration should be dedicated solely for protecting our borders. If you want to extend compassion, then lets begin with the 16% of Americans (mostly minorities) who are living in poverty.

    • amuncat

      I guarantee you that if we stopped accepting them and they got as far as Mexico, Mexico would quickly and inhumanely solve the problema immediately! Ne’er a word said!


    $3.7 billion can be more than enough to transport them all back home. So that this doesn’t happen, Obama is spreading them around the country so fast.

    • exlalady

      Oh, yes! These ILLEGAL ALIENS are being delivered all over the country. Here in San Bernardino County, Calif. some Catholic churches are housing them & asking their parishoners to take them into their homes. Of course, its the Baptist Child and Family Services that got the contract for running the processing camps. We only hear about where they are being delivered when a town shows up in mass to meet the delivery buses and turn them away.

  • LibraryTchr

    This isn’t Border Funding. This is welfare for the illegal immigrants who are swarming across our borders because they believe President Obama has put out the welcome mat. As a LEGAL immigrant to this country I am upset. We have Vets who can’t get treatment, schools without adequate funding and a $17 trillion dollar debt. Find a fast track to send these people HOME! It would cost significantly less than giving them the keys to our country!

    • janet smith

      The perfect answer is to send Obama to Central America playing a flute and they will all follow him, Then revoke Obama’s citizenship!

      • shamu9

        What Citizenship, Kenyan?? Ship Obama and his ‘M S 13′ Children to Nairobi Kenya!!

  • Leah

    NO MORE SPENDING!! Send National Guard! Obama is OBVIOUSLY out of control and needs to be stopped!

    • TwatDoc

      MUST be stopped, at all costs.

  • Joseph Blow

    I am against anything other than deporting immediately and building an effective fence. NO $ to Obama to relocate and keep ILLEGALS here in the USA. I want the law enforced and citizens protected. NO more LIES from this Administration that Immigration laws are being enforced – they clearly are not. Deport NOW.

  • Seachase

    What kind of penalties are they proposing for Mexico in response to them facilitating this criminal invasion with Obama?

    • Leah

      Let’s bring a penalty against Obama! HE is the one we need to curtail – and PRONTO!

    • mobilebay

      Mexico will get more monetary aid and we’ll allow thousand more illegals to break into our country.

  • Michael J. Fell

    America’s borders should be secure enough to keep people from entering illegally. If someone does enter the United States illegally, they should be deported immediately.

  • cuchulain

    The House is considering President Obama’s $3.7 billion request (half of
    which he plans to use relocating illegal Surgers to communities around
    the U.S.).

    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now.
    For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the
    detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from
    Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of
    their countrymen, women, and children.

  • R.Sorensen

    If we spend any more money, spend it on securing the border!!
    Illegal immigration is just that ILLEGAL
    If we give them 3 billion today, it will be 10 billion more in a few months.
    Not to mention the obamacare, housing, food, etc….It would signal a green light and 100K would be 1 million illegals in a matter of weeks.

  • KayO

    Mexico has no excuse for being poor. The Mexican government is corrupt, as well as their police force. All they have to do is kill off the drug lords and gangs, get rid of those police and politicians taking bribes from the drug lords, tap into all of that oil they’re sitting on, and establish themselves as the resort of all resorts for vacationers. Send these illegals back, and insist the Mexican government clean up its act.

  • Sickbirds

    The illegal aliens in this latest invasion should be given nothing more than rice, beans, and water. This is more than hundreds of thousands of poor American kids get to eat each day.

    The almost $4 Billion dollars should be cut to $1 Billion and earmarked to deport all of the incarcerated illegals within 30 days or less.

  • Ralph12c41o

    In the private sector if you continually try to make the case that you need more funding to do your very likely will be shown the door. Politicians that cannot solve problems within current budgets need to be replaced.

    The President has all the tools he needs to solve the problem his Administration created. Prioritize within current funding and get the job done!

    • 23cowboy

      Come November, throw all the DC bums out of office.

  • Robert Quance

    The only money needed is to get these illegals back to their home countries and find the others here illegally too and get them back to their home countries too.

  • MaranathaMark

    Not one penny towards the Immigrants UNTIL that border is secure and immigration laws are ENFORCED! Start the process of sending ALL illegal Aliens home, and Build the Flipping FENCE and I might agree to the 3+Billion!!!

  • pupster40

    When you start a fire and want to put it out, the last thing you would grab is a can of gasoline. That is, unless you wanted the house and surrounding forest to burn also.
    This jerk calling himself POTUS has proven his ineptness time and time again, it is obvious that he wants the destruction of these United States of America gone from the world and history.

  • Joseph Blow

    If Obama won’t pass the Keystone pipeline, which is a no brainer to create jobs and energy independence, allocate money to immediately build an effective fence on an urgent national security basis now. Creating this fence will create jobs and the process should use only domestic fence material suppliers and resources. Deport all ILLEGALS NOW.

  • Pavlonia53

    The House is considering President Obama’s $3.7 billion request (half of which he plans to use relocating illegal Surgers to communities around the U.S.).
    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right
    now. For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their countrymen, women, and children.
    We need to stop being the caretakers of third world countries and their peoples. Let their corrupt governments be changed by their votes and actions.We need to take care of our American citizens who foot the bill for this nonsense.
    God bless America. We certainly could use a little help as we seem to be doing a pretty pathetic job with our own direction.

    • joy

      No no no! Plain as that! No more money, no more illegals, no more making up your own rules, Congress an Mr. President!

    • exlalady

      Pavlonia53, Everything you say makes sense. However, the one salient point in this whole mess is that Obama & Co. carefully orchestrated this invasion many months back. In other words, he does not WANT to remedy this chaos because he has always intended to bring down the American middle class. That is why he was put in office. Several people searched out and found the actual government Online posting for bids to be submitted to accompany undocumented alien children who would be flown and bused to various parts of the U.S. This invasion was PLANNED with the cooperation of the Mexican government. which allowed this swarm of other Central Americans to pass through Mexico and in many cases, even aided them to the US border. Now, they are arriving daily on MEXICAN TRAINS!!

  • LastMomStanding

    We’ve (taxpayers) have ALREADY contributed over $80Billion in funding of this invasion, via grants given to the Catholic and Baptist churches.

    These grants come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, which provides care and placement for children who enter the U.S. from other countries without an adult guardian.


    • chickenman555

      amen to the money given the churches, who enjoy tax exempt status, and expect us to pay the taxes for the money the government gives them as barry’s lapdogs.

    • maisy

      The government also funds LaRaza and represents Mexicans OVER Americans and I for one have had enough!!!!!

  • Michael Emmons

    while I totally disagree with funding for this crap; I hope they don’t use this as an opportunity to increase H-1b guestworker visa quotas. Knowing congress they’ll slip in anything that helps their corporations; …then ones funding their campaigns.

    no more H-1b/L-1 guestworker visas replacing well educated American citizens

    • exlalady

      Michael, I have read that companies will be given tax credits and other incentives to hire H-1b guestworkers who, of course, will work for about $10,000 less than Americans. Professors from various American universities have recently spoken up to say that there is NO shortage of well-educated American graduates in Math, Science or Technologies in spite of what the Kenyan-in-Chief is telling us. Our kids are going to be screwed when they graduate. Its all part of the plan to bring down the middle class.

  • Steven Terrell

    Why are they even considering this. Obama has enough funding as it is! Obama could place the National Guard at the border locked and loaded also help with the deportations. In addition he could withhold money from the countries assisting with this invasion.

  • anAmericanMom

    Seriously considering this? Then seriously do this deduct $3.7 Billion from aid sent to foreign countries. starting with Mexico. Want to help world poverty help people where they live. Stop funding their corrupt leaders.

  • Ed Uktr

    Pres. Obama doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He ALREADY HAS the tools he needs at his disposal.

    He can call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he can withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their countrymen, women, and children.

    • mbnick

      Add to that all the troops coming back from Afghanistan with no jobs.

    • whozis

      Yeah, he has a pen and a phone, and that seems to work for him on everything else!

  • ddhend

    We don’t need to give the President more funds so he can double talk us into thinking he is going to remove those who have entered the country illegally.The President needs to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now he doesn’t need any additional funds. For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their countrymen, women, and children. If he gets these funds he will jerk us around as he so often has!

    • janet smith

      He has already proved this is exactly what he wants! Geeze what does it take , our country is going down the tubes.

      • ddhend

        They always try to make any objection a racist thing. Any person who takes the legal path is welcome. Do the work, the paperwork and requirements and the door is open. We have laws and it is more than past time to stop ignoring them. It isn’t about immigrants! it is about illegal immigrants. Every other country protects their borders and not a thought is given to it. We protect ours and we are racist dogs! SICK OF THIS!!!!

  • Harry Boschb

    not NO but hell no send all back where they come from i raised my off springs up
    not to be a burden on anyone (we the people) have enough on their plate already
    so shake a leg and get them out of here or it’s more money that a–hole will want.

  • No More Madness

    If there is no provision for closing the border and changing the 2008 fiasco law that is being abused by the Obama administration, no funding.
    It is mandatory to fix this and DEPORT ALL OF THE ILLEGALS NOT JUST THE “KIDS” that are mostly of age to be terrorists and gang members.
    We are being invade by insurgents with ill intent from the Mexican border, or being distracted so the Northern border is more at risk OR BOTH!!!!
    How many terrorists have to cross our borders before this is stopped and the Obama administration is held accountable for their actions.

  • Cheryl Stroup

    NO MORE $ to illegals. What about AMERICAN CHILDREN and AMERICAN citizens? Stop importing DISEASES that put a strain on public health.

    The President does NOT NEED MORE MONEY nor does America need “immigration reform.” What AMERICA NEEDS is a SECURE BORDER and ENFORCEMENT of the LAWS ON THE BOOKS.

    Stop this madness. Until the President takes SERIOUS action to STOP THE INVASION, per the federal government’s OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, such as calling up the National Guard to assist with the
    detention, processing, and removal of the illegals and withholding funds from
    Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of
    their countrymen, women, and children, Congress should NOT EVEN CONSIDER the President’s request.

    It is the President’s REFUSAL to ENFORCE the LAW that has led to this. America is a RULE OF LAW country, where ALL LAWS are SUPPOSEDLY APPLIED EQUALLY to everyone. Allowing illegal aliens to remain in America makes a MOCKERY of America and the Rule of Law which is supposed to PROTECT EVERYONE.

    Take judges and lawyers to every detention center. Process and REMOVE the illegals being held immediately.

    • bamissfa

      where are the FREE lawyers and judges for average US citizens who have had their rights illegally stomped by the IRS NSA et al Obama reid holder

      • Cheryl Stroup

        Public defenders, and the ACLU.

        • kysteelgirl

          The taxpayer funded ACLU is suing us for these illegal aliens…typical, huh?

        • JC

          They are working for illegals!!

  • yumadlh

    NO! NO! NO! Cutoff all aid to those countries from which these trespassers came from and send them back. No more taxpayers money.

    • JC

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

  • Carolyn Kenney

    Not one dime to keep them here! Any and ALL funds should be for putting the National Guard on the border and sending them back! We owe these invaders NOTHING.

  • yumadlh

    Read what happened to ROME when they allowed trespassers to enter their country. IT FELL.

  • Mike

    Our open borders Immigration policy is short-term oriented and very selfish…

    I have been studying population and environmental issues for over 25 years and have come to believe that for the US, for other countries, and for the world – the most humane and environmental tact is to HELP PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE – not to encourage them to migrate.

    Migration to the US increases our own very unsustainable and growing population level with its devastating local and global environmental impacts, relieves us from training and hiring our own many low wage workers, takes pressure off of source countries to deal with their own population growth and related economic problems, and draws away from those countries the very people who are most likely to be leaders in their native lands to help improve conditions. Some countries have asked us, in fact, to better enforce our laws to help them better their own conditions. We must set an example and stop being selfish.

    Population is the great multiplier!

    Don’t be a deep feeler and a poor thinker. – George C. Marshall, winner of the
    Nobel Peace Prize, 1953.

  • anAmericanMom

    The congress needs to look at this it may be helpful .. Especially the disingenuous left.

  • dflinchum

    To show he is sincere, Obama should immediately reverse his DACA and ‘prosecutorial discretion’ decisions and start enforcing the laws.

    These ‘children’ aren’t being trafficked; they are being smuggled in. About half of these ‘children’ are coming in w/an adult. These should be immediately returned to their countries. The remaining who are being reunited w/a family member should be reunited only long enough to have the family member’s legal status checked and then the whole family should be deported if the family member is here illegally. If we did this, the whole crisis would be over in a week.

  • DAH

    Why fund an administration that refuses to enforce immigration laws then lies to the people telling us he is enforcing immigration laws. … He leaves out the part where he enforces only the laws he likes and ignores the rest.

  • Burton Pauly

    Why should taxpayers have the burden of furnishing funds to take care of these illegals? Confiscate the funds that were allocated to aid the countries where the illegals came from. This whole agenda by liberals reeks.

  • Mike Lynn

    We should fund the cost to send all of them back to their home countries- not a dime more! The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He can call up the National Guard TODAY to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their citizens. But he won’t. Because his agenda is to tug at our heart strings.

    But this time, we are NOT falling for it!

  • Jake Lindauer

    What kind of nation are we now that we “selectively” enforce laws for some people but not others?
    Massive unemployment, irresponsible lack of care and support for our own citizens and veterans who pay the taxes from whence this money comes,and yet have the audacity to ask for over 3 billion dollars?
    This for those who have absolutely NO regard for our laws or our country or our citizens.
    Deport them NOW,and bill the countries where they come from for the fees.

  • coacht11

    NO MORE MONEY FOR ANYTHING ovomit and the morons in his party want. How stupid are these people to NOT think we or I should say MOST of Americans KNOW WHY he wants this. Not undocumented workers but UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATIC Voters for the party of the left. Its just like voter ID,, we all KNOW why they don’t want it,, AGAIN,, more illegal voters. i JUST HATE that all my life I have been on the right/ Conservative side,, Just hate when I die I will be FORCED to be a Democrat !!!!!!!! Hahaha

  • Jazzy

    LTU need to take the opposite route as the immigrant kids, via La Bestia straight to Honduras, where we’ll be well qualified job applicants.

    Seriously, so after processing by border patrol, these kids are being transported to their ILLEGAL family/ friends within the United States.

    Last year Sheriff Joe was rounding up Illegals, now the Feds say local jurisdiction does not apply. What a mess.

  • Don Trippeer

    Obama created this problem trying to force his amnesty program down our throats. Shut Obama down by closing the purse strings. The only immigration legislation that should pass is a moratorium on ANY immigration until this assault on our border is stopped. Any country allowing or aiding this assault on our border should lose ALL funding we give them. Anyone taking part in this assault on our borders should be permanently banned from US citizenship.

  • XOT

    The only logical tact is to stop the current influx. Dealing with the longer-term issue cannot happen until this problem is addressed.

  • Frank W Brown

    Without a SECURE border, EVERYTHING else is just pissing into the wind!

  • helm20558


  • bp294

    Yes, folks, that’s billions with a b — SMH!

  • Evelyn Mills

    We must keep the pressure on our leaders to see these folks get deported.We would not be where we are at today if our so leaders would have enforced our laws following Reagan’s grand amnesty.
    We need to demand an end to birthright citizenship and to have E-Verify the law of the land for all employers with severe penalties for those who ignore the law.
    We need to have more enforcement on the border and tougher penalties for smugglers of people and drugs.
    I have a hard time hearing these people complaining about the cartel in their homeland when I see what has happened in America from the cartel and the poison they bring here on a daily basis.

    • janet smith

      They are making the cartel richer and giving their strong foot hold in the United States stronger.

  • mgilstrap19

    We need to fund Americans not illegals. Send them back home as soon as possible. Letting them onto our streets and expecting them back for a court date will never happen. They will have emergencies and we the taxpayer will have to pay for those medical emergencies at the hospitals. They are bringing infections to our country and we do not have the medicine to treat them before you send them into our communities. Stop this now. Close the Border down. Secure it. They are not all children. Some are from the Middle east and are criminals. You do not know what is coming in.

  • ObamaOnDaDownlow

    What lowlifes our “elected” representatives are.

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    Not a penny until the border is closed. Deportations for any and ALL illegal aliens identified. Require background checks for all IDs, driver license, voting and getting a job. Make E-verify a requirement for EVERY job.

  • BamMaTx

    No Border Security = No $$$

  • Randy Cooper

    Do not pile any more debt on “our” children. Don’t give Obama other dime except to turn ‘their’ children around at the border and send them back.

  • crosxb

    We are appalled that you are considering President Obama’s request for an amazing amount of money – $3.7 Billlion dollar requesto for illegal immigrants! Why can we so easily consider a $3.7 Billion to help illegal foreigners when our own families and their children are struggling so hard?!

    Obama can follow the suggestion made by Rep. Steny Hoyer who suggested that most of the Unaccompanied children (UACs) be deported —
    “The United States cannot be expected to give sanctuary to every single
    child in the world that is exposed to danger in their country because of the
    failure of the country’s government or local municipality’s government to
    assist in keeping their own children safe.”

    We stand with the Houston mom who said ” What about the kids here? In our
    neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country.
    All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back?”

    Obama doesn’t need any additional funds – he can use the National Guard to assist with processing them and use military transport planes to fly the surgers home.

  • Ima Troll

    Put the national guard on the border. The most cost effective thing to do is keep them out of the country in the first place, which BTW is mandated in the US Constitition. Article IV states:

    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion”

  • Jeff S

    ” Granger also said the group supported tweaking a 2008 trafficking law to allow all unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border to choose to return to their home countries rather than await trial to be deported, a right currently afforded only to children from countries contiguous to the United States.”

    As is often the case, the devil is in the details with these government plans.

  • Kelly

    Unless every penny is for border security AND deportations, then not just no, but HELL NO

  • dbur

    What’s wrong with you stupid idiot politicians? Enforce our laws or resign! Funding only for border security and deportations!!

  • 1OldGunny1

    The greatest test of a nation’s sovereignty is it’s ability to protect it’s own borders. I have spent 30 years in the service of my country with the United States Marine Corps and never have I felt this strongly about the threat occupying the White House right now and his administration. And I am not talking about just one party either. They all have turned into self-serving corrupt foxes in our henhouse. We the People need to stop chewing our cuds and wake up!!

    • coacht11

      Gunny,, THANK YOU SIR for your service to our country.

  • Saltporkdoc

    Agree 100% with BDPSU below!

  • Linda Scott

    Why is everyone talking about the 2008 Bush law? THAT LAW EXPIRED IN 2011!! It was bambam in 2013 who resurrected it and attached it to a protect women law!! Why isn’t anyone commenting on the coincidence that bambam is NOW using this law to drag his feet on deportations? Of course, TWO THRIDS of the latest surge are NOT children. Most of the ‘children are late teen males!! How does he justify dragging his feet on THOSE people? And, oh yes, he just ‘happened’ TO PUT OUT THAT REQUEST FOR PEOPLE TO ACCOMPANY CHILDREN IN jAN, 2014- THAT’s AFTER HE ENGINEERED THE LAW PASSING IN 2013!!

  • Gold Stars

    We already spend plenty of money in this country, and there is no reason to spend another 4 billion dollars!
    Change the current law so this current crop can be sent back immediately instead of taking years, if not decades, to decide if we should send them home.
    Boost the border security, not the security 50-60 miles inside the border!
    Ask Mexico why they are allowing them to pass through Mexico unimpeded!
    Start securing the border, instead of being a nanny for all the children. They have a country, and most have parents or family to take care of them. Ask yourself why is nothing being done at the family or home country level???

  • Patriot4ever

    NO FUNDING UNTIL BORDER SECURE! This can be done under current laws and resources. Send in military to secure border immediately. Call leaders in countries that are sending the illegal aliens and tell them funding to them for anything stops immediately until they take responsibility and accountability for their own citizens. Send the illegals back immediately regardless if children. Enough is enough!

  • Hail_To_Reason

    Vertical cement pylons close together with 1-1/2 inch cable right down the middle of the river should stop the boats and not cost near as much as funding this escapade.

  • 1OldGunny1

    Vote conservative or risk becoming an unarmed peasant with plenty of free condoms…

  • Linda Scott

    bambam won’t spend ONE PENNY TO PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS! He’s only asking for money to support these ILLEGAL ALIENS! Congress should give him NOT ONE PENNY! He has a half a trillion for DHS, use a couple of billion of THAT money! Because he sure as heck is not protecting America now!

  • Sandra

    Not one red cent for ILLEGALS. The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now.
    For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the
    detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from
    Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of
    their countrymen, women, and children.

  • Paul J. Doody Moragne

    Secure the border first, then we can discuss funding and what it will be used for.

  • 1OldGunny1

    Saddam Hussein wasn’t nearly the threat that Barry Hussein currently poses….

  • DonMann

    The only money that I would support giving this lawless administration is for armed NG on the ground and an expedited building of the double border fence from end to end. I would also consider approving money to expedite the removal process. the longer they get housed, the more money they’re costing the taxpayers. STOP The INVASION!!

  • noob

    The only money needed is for the plane rides back to their third world countries.

  • Maggiemae

    NO,NO, NO to any funding at atl…..PERIOD!!!! The ONLY money I would vote in favor of is for a trip back to the country these children belong in AND to securing our borders…..PERMANENTLY. I have already emailed my Representative stating my feelings in no uncertain terms. I also ALWAYS follow as they let me know everything that is going on regarding illegal immigrants. They provide an avenue to send faxes to your Congressional people, along with phone number and addresses plus…they give you the grading score on how your indivdual Congressional person has voted on every immigration issue that comes up. Awesome group of people that put this NumbersUSA together. All of this is preplanned for this administrations goal of breaking down America. This illegal intrusion of millions WILL BREAK AMERICANS. The taxes to sustain millions not here legally will do us all in. I am an immigrant – a legal one. Get in line and come in legally or stay the hell in your own country.

  • 1OldGunny1

    The greatest test of a nation’s sovereignty is it’s ability to protect it’s own borders

  • TNTX


  • 49_67_71_77

    No more money! Use what we already have to SECURE the border!

  • Jeff S

    How tragic that the illegals are abusing a law intended to protect children from trafficking. How shameless that the amnesty supporters are using and manipulating the children this way.

  • 1OldGunny1

    I am ashamed of this president and all that he represents.

  • chetohimler

    The problems lies on our government which is not proactive. Glenn Beck warned us about the “illegal children invasion” over 2 years ago. Glenn also warned us about the drug cartel invasion on small Texas towns like Laredo and McAllen. Mr. Beck is just a journalist and HE KNEW! How could our government not know? And why does our government think Americans can just “blow” money in any direction as soon as it snaps its fingers? I thought Americans were already paying for the services of “secured” borders! Damn it! Enforce the immigration laws!!!!

    • chickenman555

      we still need to stop feeding the illegals, that will only encourage more and more illegals to come here. Glenn, wake up and smell the reality and the rats, both coming across our border and in washington.

      • chetohimler

        Best line of defense is to stop them at the border and prevent them from entering our country. If they cross over and get caught, we need to feed them we can’t be that cruel…

  • Jeff S

    We have no evidence of increased dangers in these countries to precipitate the sudden, dramatic increase of illegals coming here. This is a ruse. The illegals are trying to take advantage of the lawless imperial president’s refusal to enforce our laws and defend our borders.

  • Bitsy

    No way additional border funding should happen – better be a no vote from Louisiana. The only funding I would approve of at this point is funding a one way ticket to anywhere but here for obama and family.

  • George

    Close the border now to everyone, using what ever means are necessary. When a group of “children” attempt to surrender to authorities, escort them back across the border. BUILD THE FENCE – as a national security measure, set aside the environmental measures as a temporary measure (how often have we heard that).Use the billions requested for those measures and we can deal with the rest when the border is secured. This will also have a major impact on drug dealing, sex traffic and a host of other problems. No more “accidental” crossing of the border by anyone – it will be plain to see what country you are entering.

  • docola

    I think this money is to support the illegals! This deal is costing our tax payers more and more already! Now he wants to spend billions more!? Spend that money to build a wall or an electric fence, then spend more money getting more guards out there and then actually support the guards in what they are trying to do, their jobs in keeping the illegals out! I remember when McCain was at the border and a few yards from where he was people were climbing over that fence with no one there to stop them! Sick of Obama and his cluelessness and purposely destroying this country!!! Wake up Congress and act!!!

  • Claudiatvl

    There should be NO ADDITIONAL FUNDING what-so-ever for anything, the Military can ship all the ILLEGAL ALIENS back too where they came from or dump them into Mexico and let them deal with them, the same way they got them here. And quit sending any MONEY to those Countries that approved of or took part in this massive crossings and penetration of our borders, because THOSE COUNTRIES WOULD NOT ALLOW ANYTHING LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN IN THEIR COUNTRY. Our Border laws are way to lax, open and ready to be made into an invasion for any reason needed. THAT IS ILLEAGAL. Our Borders should be respected just as any other Country would expect their borders to be respected.

  • Linda Scott

    Catch and release is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Each and every ILLEGAL ALIEN should have an obvious tracker device attached to them! If they remove it, it’s automatic deportation! We need an online database with pictures, details, etc. of these criminals! WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHO IS BEING FOISTED ON OUR COMMUNITY! I saw a commercial where a dog was found using a cell phone and a tracker!! So this is easily feasible! It’s certainly better than bambam’s plan of throwing his hands up in the air and DOING NOTHING!!

    • 1OldGunny1

      No! Every illegal alien should be deported immediately! We don’t have the budget for affixing defeatable tracking devices to them all.

  • Jeff S

    Dumping billions into this debacle is pointless unless we CLOSE THE BORDER and secure it. Otherwise, you’re bailing out water from the boat with a spoon while more gushes in from the hole in the bottom.

    Use the money to close the border and stop the flood, then do whatever is necessary to return the illegals to their home countries.

  • dskancer19

    The only investment of time should be in sending every last invader to his or her homeland – immediately. Our country cannot withstand the influx either economically or medically. ALL – GO Home!


    Monies that have been appropriated supposedly for border control have been funding relocation and settlement costs for years! Since at least 2010, this administration has been funding grants to housing and juvenile placement agencies thru HHS. It is no wonder crime is finally going down in Honduras, Guatemala, etc . . .many of the criminal element have relocate here and are being housed on our dime, provided with free lawyers and ever imaginable form of welfare-all under this phony ‘DREAM’ executive fiction! . Stop feeding us the bs about ‘the children’ . . these are 80% 16-18-yr-old males . .the exact same demographic we already have serious delinquency problems with in our low-income areas (what? you thought all these new arrivals were highly-educated tech whiz-kids?). Our resources need to go toward our own problems-and we have plenty. The only money this administration needs is enough to ship them ALL back home-and let THEIR governments man up and deal with them!

  • Cherie

    No more $. Use it to send them back but FIRST secure our borders. Don’t need any reform either, ENFORCE our exsisting laws!!

  • amuncat

    Don’t throw MY $$$ at it!!! “HUMANELY” put them on the first planes back to their homeland IMMEDIATELY, I don’t care if it takes all year!

    Funny thing, with all of the police state, security consciousness, they have allowed illegal aliens to roam freely throughout the far reaches of America, with a piece of paper that is easily forged. As I understand it, it doesn’t even have a watermark…as if!

    How could you in clear conscious under utilize what we already have in place to solve this, yet, beg to spend billions more on their comfort and welfare, people who shouldn’t be here? The UN doesn’t have a precedence for classifying their countries in refugee status. And so what if they did, even more reason to share these people with other Latin American countries who speak their language? American is at full tilt! We have more priorities than the care and feeding of manipulative illegal aliens!

  • Dave

    Obama wants this money to take care of the thousands of illegal ‘children.” Most are MS13 gangsters. You can save millions by just flying them back home with the warning that next time, your respective country will lose aid in the form of U.S. dollars.

  • David Hastings

    What to do about Illegals/Children coming into the USA.

    1. Terminate ALL foreign aid to these countries where they come from.

    2. Exit from all trade agreements such as GATT, NAFTA etc.

    3. Place a 25% tariff on anything imported from these countries.

    4. Begin an aggressive deportation offensive targeting their citizens.

    5. Institute a tax ( 10%) on any/all remunerations sent to these countries
    by illegals in the US.

    6. Increase US security presence on our southern border.

    7. Institute a special tax on ALL travel to these countries for flights,
    vacation cruises, and car travel. Ten dollars per car, twenty five dollars for
    each passenger on flights and cruise ships.

    • chickenman555

      double the taxes and tariffs. hit them where it hurts.

  • hagar2935

    We MUST close our borders….. a Nation without secure borders is NOT a Nation! Finish the border fence with several layers of razor wire and underground explosives attached to movement sensors. Mine the border everywhere and put the National guard on duty 24/7 with orders to shoot to kill. Deport every single ILLEGAL in the USA back to the Country they came from, whether it is China, Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Russia!

    And get rid of the ILLEGAL occupying our White House!

  • Jeff S

    I’m fine with funding for more judges, with more border control as long as three things are accomplished:

    1. Close the border and turn away any more of these “refugees” (actually illegal aliens)
    2. End catch and release.
    3. Require a burden of objective proof for illegals to meet to qualify for refugee status, above and beyond whatever stories they tell to the judges.

  • 1OldGunny1

    What kind of a country are we going to leave for our grandchildren? Why aren’t rank n’ file Americans waking up?

  • keann

    History shows us that when invaders are coming across a country’s border the government of that country sends the troops to repel the invasion. When the invasion has been halted the country will usually work on a plan, either diplomatically or physically or both so it can’t be repeated. I respectfully request that our elected leaders produce/implement a plan like their election/re-election depended on it because for me it does.

  • Jeff S

    Last weekend an illegal in Parker County Texas raped a 9 year old girl and stole from her parents. This illegal had been deported many times before this happened.

    Catch and release does not work, and deporting illegals without any punishment doesn’t work, as long as the border is not secure. You in Congress promised to close the border in 1986. You approved a fence in 2008.


  • 1OldGunny1

    What would Vladimir Putin do if he were president here about this border situation?

  • anAmericanMom

    They can say No And the can Stop funding till they take them back.


    House has slashed the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent cut that would mean fewer audits of taxpayers and make it more likely that people who cheat on their taxes will get away with it.

    –mean fewer audits of taxpayers and make it more likely that people who cheat on their taxes will get away with it.–
    Not like IRS was auditing those illegals taking tax CREDITS for nieces and nephews into the billions.

  • 1OldGunny1

    Bathhouse Barry does not have the best interests of this country in his heart.

  • Reason

    We need to change the law to apply to all countries– not just contiguous countries, call in the National Guard to secure the border (for real this time), and hire judges to more quickly process these illegal kids. The cry that they will all go home to harms way is exaggerated and they are once again taking gross advantage of the U.S.’s spineless position on immigration. Lastly, WE NEED TO CHARGE THEIR HOME COUNTRIES FOR ALL COSTS INCURRED. Or at minimum, stop their aid from the U.S. or reduce the costs from it. We don’t even take care of our own children, no less millions from other countries that are being foisted onto us.

  • Joe Guzzardi

    Not one thin dime until the 98 percent + of the aliens have been deported and a change in the 2008 law is on the books.

    In the future unlawful entry will be met by mandatory removal.

    • chickenman555

      give ’em hell, joe. keep up the good work.

    • chickenman555

      If you quit feeding them, they will quit coming. send ’em back, all the way back, to where they come from.

  • Nancy Thomas

    Total nonsense. The president can simply send the National Guard. Why do we have to pay for his democratic voter registration drive? Mexico is coordinating the invasion of our country by giving safe passage to Central Americans who want to invade the USA. We should stop all aid to these countries and impose economic sanctions against them as as well.
    Obama caused the “problem” and now he wants us to pay for it? It’s CRAZY. We can’t even take care of our own people! Thousands of homeless veterans living in the streets, our foster kids living in misery, people out of work all over America, and Obama opens our border to invaders.
    The invaders don’t need to be “processed”, they should be SENT BACK!
    They don’t show up for their hearings and then nobody goes looking for them. SEND THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff S

    If we turn back the illegals for two weeks, the flood will stop. Just do it for two weeks. No hearings, no housing and medical. Just turn them back. This crisis will STOP if you do it.

  • 1OldGunny1

    The greatest test of a nation’s sovereignty is it’s ability to protect it’s own borders. I have spent 30 years in the service of my country with the United States Marine Corps and never have I felt this strongly about the threat occupying the White House right now and his administration. And I am not talking about just one party either. They all have turned into self-serving corrupt foxes in our henhouse. We the People need to stop chewing our cuds and wake up!!

  • Jeff S

    We should immediately start deducting the costs for this debacle from any foreign aid given to the applicable South American countries. When it hurts Mexico and the other offending countries more than all this helps them, they will put a stop to it.

    • 1OldGunny1

      No! ALL foreign aid should be stopped immediately! No Mas!

      • Jeff S

        No, I disagree with that. In some cases foreign aid serves our purposes. But we should not be subsidizing countries who are flooding us with uneducated, diseased little welfare wannabes.

        • 1OldGunny1

          I beg to differ. We are broke. We are in the red. We do not have to money to be playing and singing We are the World. any more. The party is over….

          • Jeff S

            I understand, Gunny. I really do. But we can spend a lot less putting money into good allies in certain areas of the world than it would cost to go back there later and fight.

            We can make up a lot of our red ink by cutting gov’t waste and redundant agencies, killing pork projects, closing unconstitutional agencies like the Dept of Education and reducing regulations to open up our economy.

          • 1OldGunny1

            No more money period! We are not the world’s nanny or caretaker! That money that we give away is stolen from the blood, sweat & tears of the American taxpayer. No!

  • anAmericanMom

    I always thought in emergencies STATES can send their national guard. Are they not for the states protection to be used?

    • 1OldGunny1

      Not when you have an effeminate governor like in the state of Texas – Ricky Perry who is a makeup wearing, former cheerleader and right wing arm of the democratic party.

    • chickenman555

      rick perry doesn’t have the cajones to do anything about it except talk and pontificate in his effort to garner support for his next attempt to run for president. he can’t even take care of his own state, and he wants to run the country. but i guess he wouldn’t be any worse than what we have now.

  • 1OldGunny1

    All illegal aliens caught should be deloused, have their heads shaved, issued prison whites, be finger-printed and iris scanned. Then be given instructions on what will happen to them the second time that they are caught here. And promptly sent back home. We do that to our young men in the Marines more or less.. Only they are instructed on what happens when they go UA (AWOL).

  • ohhhdear

    Stop the madness. CLOSE the border and start deporting. Begin with the illegal alien in the WH. Stop being complicit with all his crimes.

    • anAmericanMom

      Can just say Alien it totally fits that character in the WH!

  • Jeff S

    We should not give one dime to the Coyote in Chief Obama to pay for housing and trafficking these illegal aliens. Pay for faster deportation, pay for better security and get them sent home as soon as possible.

  • Donald Ham

    No blank checks to Obama. This is one time where throwing money at a problem will not fix it. Only by fast tracking these illegal aliens to deportation will end this surge invasion at our borders.

  • Linda Scott

    Is bambam offering anything in return for this HUGE amount of money to keep and support these ILLEGALS? Will he RESCIND DACA? His personal invitation to the world to invade our country? Will he IMMEDIATELY FUND THE NATIONAL GUARD to protect our border and our people? Will he IMMEDIATELY direct ICE to resume interior deportations? How about that ILLEGAL ALIEN woman in OREGON who ran over and KILLED two AMERICAN CITIZEN CHILDREN – and didn’t even get jail time. Will he deport her and her family? Or is she not enough of a criminal for him? He RELEASED 200 convited murderers last year. WHAT DOES HE CONSIDER A ‘CRIMINAL’ WHO SHOULD BE DEPORTED?

  • constantvigil

    As Milton Friedman said, a welfare nation can’t have open borders.
    When will Congress fund the bill to secure the border???
    Any money for this Obama made crisis should come out of his administration or out of the supporters pockets without increasing our debt. But the money should only go for securing the border and deporting the illegal aliens !!!
    Impeach the lying, lawless Obama and Holder and prosecute them !!!

  • Red

    We do NOT need additional Funding to tell these immigrants to go BACK HOME !!

  • imontoyou

    No more funding! Period. NOTHING will be done as usual. There is N accountability on how the money is spent and libs never follow through. We have thrown money over money at this issue and STILL nothing has been done to secure the border! NO MORE MONEY for nothing!!!!!

  • Bill Compton

    According to the Constitution, The House is the bill payer, Why in hell does this Idiot still have a check book at all??? Cut off his funding and then Hollyweird won’t wanna play with him and Moose.

  • Nanna

    No to anything for these illegals. Enough! Anything given should be, MUST be for changing the law, securing the border, and transporting these people, children, minor teens and adults back to their country. No schooling, no housing, no jobs, no, no, no!!! This government is illegally letting us be invaded, with no protection for Americans. And by Americans, I mean a United States citizen.!!!!

  • Jeff S

    Where is that idiot Boehner in all this? Show some damn leadership for a change and get out in front. Take action to put a stop to this!!!

    • 1OldGunny1

      Has he cried recently again?

      • Jeff S

        yeah – he looked in a mirror and saw his orange coloring was washing off.

  • nativist

    “to allow unaccompanied minors to choose to return to their home countries…”
    Shouldn’t Americans’ Congressional representatives be the ones making that choice?

    • 1OldGunny1

      Our congressional reps should be the ones escorting them home!

    • Jeff S

      I’m with you. Why do illegals get to choose whether they stay or go home? How about we allow them to choose whether they walk back or get sent back on school buses?

  • 1OldGunny1

    The greatest test of a nation’s sovereignty is it’s ability to protect it’s own borders.

    CALL the White House now! And all your congressional reps and state senators now and tell them that!!!!

  • Ron Yeary

    No money for illegals ! Send them packing ! The only money appropriated should be to secure the border and for deportation.

  • 1OldGunny1

    No more foreign aid to Mexico period! And shutdown all travel to Mexico until our Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is back on US soil.

  • Robert Williams

    Funding ONLY for deportation and fence building!

  • mgilstrap19

    Send National Guard Troops and U.S. Marshals to handle the Surge. Help our Border safety. OBAMA is out of Control and so is Eric Holder. They both have the control at their finger tips, they are choosing not to use it appropriately. No new money for housing, but increase border protection and increased flights back to Central America. Withhold money to Central America and they will clean up their act.

  • chickenman555

    good thing my original post was deleted trying to log in.

    Remember the cash for clunkers fiasco? the first billion took 2-3 weeks to get spent, then all of a sudden, we immediately needed 2 billion more on an emergency basis. so congress, owned by the dems, passed the legislation. the 2 billion was gone in one day. it was a tuesday or wednesday. and that weekend we gave 2 billion to brazil’s oil exploration industry, headed by none other than(drum roll, please) George Soros. a man who needs no extra money to do anything, who brings down economies for kicks, who does not have America’s best interest at heart. who is for one world order, as is most of the dems and republicans in congress.

    this money will only go to obama donors and sycophants.

    and why is the catholic church pushing for all this amnesty and taking care of the “children”? They enjoy tax exempt status, and push obama’s agenda in the churches. they enjoy the benefits of tax exempt status, and expect us to pay the taxes to care for the “children”. yeah, right. drug cartels, gangs, islamic jihadists, etc. oh, yeah, the catholic church, and other churches also, are receiving money from the government for doing what they preach they should be doing all along. hypocrisy to the nth degree.

    enough is enough already. vote them all out.

  • mdy616

    The ONLY funding needed is to give medical care, food, clothing and then turn them around and send them home.

  • 1OldGunny1

    There will be another major push for gun-control coming. I have inside sources. Just you wait & see….

  • ibasob

    Seven months ago, The Regime began planning
    how to transport tens of thousands of undocumented children from the border. A
    January 29th application was posted on Federal Business Opportunities, a
    website that advertises government contract openings. The post says the
    government was preparing for the arrival of undocumented children. They sought
    vendors to handle transportaion logistics and it was not to take them back across
    the border. With smuggling routes
    wide open for business, it’s far more than cocaine or children seeking a better
    life getting a free pass across the border. When hell breaks loose the
    Democraps will be saying , ‘What the
    hell happened we were just trying to help the kids, don’t let them use these
    kids to destory American.

    • exlalady

      This is correct! I saw the posting on at least three other web sites!!

  • Maria

    Save this country. I’m Hispanic. The problem is that the US is getting flooded with illegal HICKspanics, Muslims and Asians. THEY’LL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY JUST LIKE WHERE THEY CAME FROM. These people are nothing like the early immigrants who wanted to prosper by WORKING. These want to suck the government dry and have an entitled attitude, besides reproducing uncontrollably (anchor babies who don’t cost them a cent because from birth to adulthood it’s all paid with government aid). They also bring their mentality of corruption and vindictiveness. Don’t give them jobs, don’t let their children enroll in school, don’t give them free medical care. They’ll go back. Why would you still want to reward them? Do something. Write to your senators/reps. Join NumbersUSA, etc.

  • RegConserative

    Just what i wonder all so !

    From a post elsewhere

    Comment by pwpmmp

    July 14, 2014 @ 1:55 pm

    What is interesting to me, as a nurse, is that they are shipping non-inoculated, possibly ill or disease-carrying children all around the US. Are they just begging for epidemics to break out all across the country? It would seem so. I wonder how much our fine president and/or his henchmen and women are getting from the crime syndicates to keep this little money-maker going. Desperate parents from foreign countries pay a fortune to the syndicates to get their kids across the border, and a kick-back goes to those who allow it to happen, or who at least look the other way. Hmm…

  • 1OldGunny1

    Free men have firearms. Slaves do not.

    The choice is ours. Check one:

    X….Gun Owner

  • UStinman

    “and the hits ,just keep on cumin” SCOTUS ruling on hobby lobby, educated me to one thing I didn’t know. “If Congress does not push back on Obamas Exec. Orders
    they set a president ,and basically become law”. So lawsuits and impeachment are a must. What pisses me off ,why has the GOP waited so long , 5.6yrs. ???
    As to the question of money, they don’t need anymore money Put the Guard on the boarder and use the money we send these country every year to house an deport.
    But that’s not going to happen. Notice how they are disbursing these illegals all over the country. We are and have been Deliberately an Systematically invaded and colonized , by Politicians and Nat. Camber of commerce.
    I am Scared and Angry at what’s going on. I’d like my representatives and all
    politicians to know, if I or any of my family get SICK , INJURED or KILLED by
    an ILLEGAL ,I will hunt you down like a F#$%in dog !!!!!
    Semper Fi

  • Jeff S

    Hey Congress – Ask Eric Cantor how that whole “open border” mentality worked for him.

  • 1OldGunny1

    5 Mexican Generals Plan

    We divide the border into five jurisdictions. To each jurisdiction we appoint a Mexican general. To each of them, we hold $1 million in a bank account … And we withdraw $5,000 every time we catch an illegal alien coming through his jurisdiction.

    • 1OldGunny1

      From time to time we can recharge their accounts.

      • 1OldGunny1

        and replace ineffective generals…

    • crosxb

      Now THAT is a fantastic idea! Very workable, really great. Send that idea forward!!

      • 1OldGunny1

        Actually that was proposed by a fella that ran for Texas governor and who plays in a band. Mr. Kinky Friedman. I was rather hoping that he would win too.

  • 1OldGunny1

    The U.S.-Mexican border is collapsing. Pres. Obama’s weakness and his kneecapping of immigration enforcement for 5 years have had the predicted effect. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have already been smuggled into our country, with millions more to follow unless we act now to stop it.

    These underage aliens, and the much larger group of adults, are crossing our border now because they’ve figured out that Obama will never deport them. Moreover, Obama seems to be planning for taxpayers to pick up the check for a lifetime of financial dependency, starting by moving thousands of them into Texas communities.

  • richeyrich8

    This is bull crap. Obummer doesn’t need any more money to deport these law breakers.

    • Leah

      Of course he doesn’t! What he’s attempting to do is profoundly bankrupt America! That’s part of the Cloward & Pivins plan!

      • exlalady

        At Last!! Thank you, Leah for saying it!!
        CLOWARD & PIVENS!! GOOGLE it, folks! It lays out the step by step plan for bringing down the USA & its right on track!!

  • constantvigil

    What border???
    Secure the border and then you have one – send the national Guard – no more money to Coyote Obama…

  • willieyumm

    4 BILLION to baby sit the cesspool he created on purpose?? We are falling right into his hands !!– Hitler here we come !! Seal that Border as does any-other country in this world. Still looking for easy answers that please every-one & not lose a single vote while AMERICA PAYS THE PRICE !!!

  • a. jay

    No new funding — it will only go to the system’s black hole which will create a type of amnesty for lawbreakers. True refugees flee to the next nearest country, in this case that’s not the USA. Costa Rica would be much closer, but there’s no free lunch there. Any refugee crisis is also a matter for the UNHCR, not American taxpayers’ wallets. California is already spending more on workshops to “make sure” illegal aliens can sign up for drivers’ licenses than is spent on Veterans. Every law on the books seems to be neutralized for illegals who are given carte blanche to what the rest of us pay (and pay) for. Prop. 187 in Calif. passed by nearly 70%, but the will of the people was thwarted. It’s also imperative to stop the anchor baby business cold. No US citizenship to anyone born here unless one parent is a legal citizen or permanent resident.

  • 1OldGunny1

    Obama makes me sick…

  • anAmericanMom

    Tear up those worthless treaties and stop funding those worthless corrupt countries. Take the Money from that!

    • 1OldGunny1

      Stop funding ALL countries! Our government routinely gives away billions of dollars in foreign aid that is literally stolen out of the pocketbooks of the American People. And most of that aid is hijacked by corrupt administrators and “leaders” in those wretched miserable countries.

      • anAmericanMom

        Yep, but lets start with answers back to this robbery that is being looked at and bargaining crap is going on over FIRST!

  • Legalcld

    Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who helped write the 2008 bill, said the White House does not need new power to act. “That law already provides the administration with flexibility to accelerate the judicial process in times of crisis,” she said. “The administration should use that flexibility to speed up the system while still treating these children humanely, with compassion and respect.” Now send the National Guard down to the border with orders to turn everyone around and send them back! Take videos of all the bodies washing up on the shores now and run TV ads in these countries showing what could happen to their kid if they send them. Take aid away from any country who’s kids are already here to pay the bill to support them! DO NOT give the white house a blank check or anything close to a blank check$$ And don’t only attach strings to the money, but tie ropes to it!

  • anAmericanMom

    It will all go to LA RAZA like their suits for the illegals here it all goes to La RAZA not the ALLEGED injured people they sue for

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    This is happening on our California border! We need more resources at the border, because it’s getting more dangerous!!

  • pwc1011

    The math is very simple…

    $$ to Secure border
    + $$ to deport
    = $$ budgeted

    It’s that easy. No math degree required.

  • cub28761

    Shame this is a joke democraps can not be trusted obama is a liar.

  • anAmericanMom

    Stop funding La Raza and tear up those treaties with the countries who sent their toss aways !

  • Paulla

    If Obama really wants to stop the flow of invaders, he has the power to do so now. In fact, it’s his job — to put our national guard on the border, lots of them, and expedite the removal of the aliens. In short, to protect our citizens. Catch and release guarantees that most of them will not report for asylum proceedings. And if they do, they come from a corrupt system and they’re used to lying to get what they want. As I heard a Chinese immigrant say: “Americans are gullible, you can tell them anything and they’ll believe it.” Yesterday, on the news I saw one of the current crop of invaders crying and saying they don’t have enough to eat in Guatemala. She was well padded. She obviously is getting the food she needs and then some. I came up during the Depression and I know, when you don’t have enough to eat, you get thin, you don’t get fat. And if they’re so hard up, where do they get the thousands of dollars to pay the Coyotes?

  • bamissfa

    NO FUNDING for these children! Ship them up ASAP back to country of origin, deduct their transport fees from any foreign aid.

    STOP THE TIDE NOW. NO money and no amnesty.

    SECURE the border with US military.

    We secure borders for other nations.
    Our president traded 5 murderous muslim terrorists for 1 stinkin rotten DESERTER yet obama has not will not do anything to get our US marine back NOR has Obama taken any steps to get treatment for our US VETERANS!
    Absolutely WRONG for these children to receive the best DRS 24/7 when our veteran are still waiting to see a DR. SHAME on obama. MOST of these “children” have pubic hair already so hardly children!

    This is an OUTRAGE! Is obama the president of illegals, lawbreakers, criminals he is evil satanic.

    DO SOMETHING for US CITIZENS. RESIGN would be a great start~!

    • anAmericanMom

      This is not about the children.. NOT that kind of money! This is to fund HHS recruiting their navigators hence on to ACORN Voter sign ups and La raza!!!!!

  • tma_sierrahills

    Why not aircraft carriers and military cargo planes to bring back the poor endangered kids from such places as Somalia and Bangladesh? Of course all this is absurd. I have heard numerous reports where these ‘kids,’ often including mothers and working-age male adults, are just routinely walking across the border and stepping onto one of a line of awaiting buses, as if they were going to a high school football game. First, they should not be allowed to walk across the border into the USA. If Mexico is happy to be their way-station, fine, they can stay there instead. Second, we need to push for real border security until we can vote out these federal open-borders occupation governments.

  • bmabray

    Four presidents have not implemented the law…SECURE THE BORDER. All have failed which has allowed illegals from all countries to infiltrate the border.
    How many murders, rapes, deadly auto crashes, and sex slavery must we have to cope with before elected officials stand up and do their job. Congress has the purse strings…but no courage to act to save this country.

  • Americaneagle1

    Everything Obama does fails. Don’t give him any money except to deport the illegal invaders immediately, ASAP. Make it happen!. This is an invasion funded by Congress and Odumbo. These are invaders, not refugees. They are 3rd world uneducated. look like they just got out of the jungle. We don’t want to be run by NATO or 3rd world countries. Mexico wouldn’t take the illegals so why us?

    • Leah

      Actually, in his sight, EVERYTHING he’s done has been successful! He is succeeding in destroying America, EXACTLY what he set out to do!

  • CaptTurbo

    Deport them all! Bus rides to the Rio Grande shouldn’t cost very much. Save extra money and deport the Muslim impostor too!

  • rob

    The President doesn’t need any more money to deal with this problem – he needs to immediately assign the National Guard to protect the border and then go to Congress and request to amend the 2008 legislation so that unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border be immediately repatriated back to their countries
    …we are being invaded and this is only the latest wave in an ongoing invasion which will only increase in intensity if we don’t act. Soon.

  • anAmericanMom

    WAIT Crisis you say?!? Humanitarian Crisis the poor children oh the humanity! Where is the RED cross and the UN?
    National guard to keep the border in check?

  • maisy

    Fund the deportation immediately. Turn them right back to their homes. This whole episode was orchestrated by this treasonous President. Don’t give him a penny more to finance his destruction of the USA!!

  • scottpr

    Zero won’t use the money for what he says, it will go to some other
    nefarious project. How do I know? Because he has lied every step of the
    way other than to say he would transform America.

  • gbmpython

    NO more money for the border issues unless it is to build an Israeli style fence…if they can’t afford gas for those big busses, then escort the illegals back to the border on foot. We can not allow our country to be overrun by illegals – and this is no accident / fluke…they are being told by Obama and his cronies to come now. Stop the invasion – throw any feds that won’t do their jobs across the border too.

  • maisy

    Obama has the funds to fly these people all over the country already,…….Turn those F’ing planes around and take them back where they came from–and take this Treasonous SOB Obama with them!!!!

  • porterv

    How much money does it take to drop kick an illegal back across the border? You could make a game out of it. But not to worry: John Boehner will cave into Obama again. He always does.

  • HW

    No Money, No amnesty, no asylum, enforcement. do not reward this ridiculous charade.

  • Chipocluda

    The solution is NOT to let them come in our country in the first place. Of course all of them are going to say they are in inminant danger. Aren’t people in inminent danger in some cities in the U.S. too ? What about South Chicago? Where are these people going to go to be safe?
    I don’t know what was wrong with the original law in the first place? “La migra” was the way to go. Police in every city in the U.S. had the authority to ask for their legal papers. If they didn’t have them, the police would send them to INS. Then INS would deport them. We had much less of a problem back then. Why does the government always have to complicate everything?!?
    They wait until we have 11million illegals here (could be up to 20 million), don’t deport them, and they keep on coming. If we take away their food stamps, free phones, schools, AND jobs, they will go back to their families in the countries they came from. We need to finally protect ourselves. Can’t we love ourselves? Look out for our own? Do we have to ruin our country, keep borrowing money from China for this mess?
    People are against going to wars because of spending money in other countries. Well, we don’t care about spending our money for these illegals?

  • anAmericanMom

    okay so here we go not even dry ink.. —Obama administration’s emergency supplemental request of $3.7 billion currently pending on Capitol Hill—-

    But in this article.

    Hispanic Caucus Lobbying to Block Trafficking Change

    It is:Democrats are growing increasingly concerned about Republican calls to revise a 2008 human trafficking law in exchange for approving President Barack Obama’s $3.8 billion supplemental funding request to address the child migrant crisis at the Southwest border.

    $3.8 Billion ?? Already it is up.. really?

  • kala

    Not a dime. Turn these people around now. Enough is enough already. Almost 4 billion for illegal aliens? Pure folly, insanity at its highest….. Hey, inner city poor blacks in Chicago, you approve of this while your people are dying??? Hey “progressives”, you think this is right?? Hypocrisy is alive and well. Where is Jessie Jackson now?

  • anAmericanMom

    Fax YOUR reps. NO funding!

  • JoeAllen

    Obama orchestrated this invasion of our southern border. He is a petulant thug who is constantly playing the RACE CARD in hopes of causing RIOTS.

  • anAmericanMom

    People this will go into the coffers of HHS ACA push, nothing more than DEM voter navigators and La Raza.
    Ever see the results of legal compliant s filed on behalf of illegals. La raza gets the payout the “alleged” injured illegals get squat

  • Matthew Flaig

    Enforce the existing laws. Mandate E-verify. Find and deport those who stay beyond their visas end date. No amnesty. Not ever for the illegal immigrants. We already let in more than a million LEGAL immigrants a year, more than any other country. If we can spend 3.8 billion to ferry them all around the country, not to mention what it’s going to cost to take care of them forever, let’s spend whatever it will take to deport them all. It will be a drop in the bucket compared to the long term problems this will cause for the future and OUR children.

    • anAmericanMom

      So simple even this administration could get it, you would think.

  • Adam Kos

    Before we agree to add any more illegals to the millions we already have here, I want someone to address how much it will cost. 50,000 kids *$10,000/yr for public education and $2,000/yr for health care is $1.2 billion a year. That’s just for the kids. And we are already paying for 3 million kids already here, among 13 million illegals, which is $56 billion a year. here is the money going to come from? What do we get for it other than higher unemployment and lower wages for our own poor?
    We need to start cracking down on illegals, requiring employers, landlords, and school administrators to reject illegals. And immediately deport illegals giving birth here, with their kids. That’s the only way we’ll stop illegal immigration.

  • poofrog

    What ever Obama wants, Obama gets. Congress is giving him all the money he has asked for and Congress holds the money strings! Me thinks the fix is in! When one of your children dies from this epidemic, perhaps the uninformed will start getting involved. Welcome to a 3rd world country!

  • mgilstrap19

    Stop sending illegals across the country. We do not need to fund them, feed them, house them, send them back into safe zones in their country. Stop sending aid to Hamas and funding guns to Mexican Drug Cartels. Investigate the Justice Department and the IRS. Stop sending health crisis into our cities from the jungles of south America. We do not need to have more problems. Send them back. Secure our Border.

  • anAmericanMom

    This. is total BS and Boehner needs to RESIGN! He is not up to the job it takes to STOP this administration

  • Roy T Newsom

    Here we go again. He Democrats have announced their excuse to spend billions of taxpayers dollars and the Republicans are going to come back with their bid to spend (maybe less) billions. They are competing with the Democrats in finding a way to spend more of our taxes (our kids future taxes) while claiming they are our Heros for saving money. DO NOT SPEND A ADDITIONAL DIME! Stop all the aid to the countries that are sending their kids up here illegally and stop all the give-away programs to the Illegal Aliens. That will give them more money than they need to put a stop to all this illegal activity.

    • guestgov


  • Adam Kos

    Obama is going to use half this money to settle these illegals with their illegal relatives, then the next president will have to deal with it when none of them show up for their hearings.
    Letting these kids in is providing support, advertising, and tremendous revenue for the gangs, cartels, and crooked mexican cops and politicians that are getting rich trafficking these kids. Obama is just making things worse in central america for the poor people there.

  • anAmericanMom

    Submit applications for employment with EVERY company that has called for illegal immigrants, because they cannot fill their jobs!

    • anAmericanMom

      I personally have with three and no openings is what I was told?!?! Low paying not exec positions.. Marriott , Walmart and Carlton Ritz. Maid service and maintenance. What no opening??
      BEAT them at their BS GAME!

      Lets send all the denials to CONGRESS!

      Or would that be a document dump!

  • serah

    Funding needs to go to Border Security, short and long term, the rest to return all of them to their Country of Origin. The money these Countries get in way of Foreign Aid, needs to stop, and used for the border security and the care of these illegals until they are returned to their Countries within 2 weeks. The money doesn’t flow to them again until all illegals are gone. Lets include Mexico in that.

  • Ranjit Patel

    The Feds, with their multi-trillion $$$ annual budget, do not need to beg Congress for an extra $3.7 billion. They can take it from some dysfunctional program like SNAP or WIC. A strong message needs to be sent to the world that just because you rock up on our border with “children” in tow (facilitated by our friendly neighbor Mexico), doesn’t mean you are allowed in to rob us. Aggressive deportation, border security and repatriation is required.

  • AFMissilier

    The United States is not responsible for the circumstances that these children are “fleeing”. The Democrats and the Hispanic Caucus need to come back to reality. It is a euphoric dream to protect everyone in the world, especially the children. But, diplomacy, foreign aide, and charities are the “only” options they need to concern themselves about. They need to look closer to home. We have millions of homeless, including children, that need the resources of this Nation. If any individual, despite their age, has entered this country illegally, they have committed a felony. We are not responsible for more than simply deporting them back to their home of origin. The Congress in general must look at this surge as an opportunity for terrorists to infiltrate the border. If the border had been secured as required by current law, we would not have this issue. It is NOT a crisis. Obama and Democrats have kept their hands off the border issues and promoted amnesty. After racking up 100s of trillions of dollars in debt, we cannot support any more immigrants legal or illegal. Immigration reform has to take the form of “closing the borders”, expedite deportation, transfer felons to facilities in their country of origin, and reduce the number of work visas. Once the World realizes that coming to America does NOT mean a ticket to citizenship. Before we “reopen” our borders, we need our economy to recover and have at least 90% employment of citizens. The jobs being created now are for illegal immigrants and for business to pay lower salaries/wages. Bottom line is that until we “stop” illegal immigration and begin deporting illegals, our economy is not going to have a solid foundation.

    • guestgov

      you are right!!

  • guestgov

    STOP TRADE AND AID TO ALL COUNTTIES THAT ARE INVOLVED including but not limited to MEXICO!! NO MORE FUNDING FROM CONGRESS! The coyotes are getting RICH!! No need for any additional funds to prove that the USA is serious about turning the surge around. The USA ALREADY HAS the tools he needs at his disposal.

    The President and CONGRESS can call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he can withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their countrymen, women, and children.

  • Dajjal

    The crisis results from failure to build the fence and patrol the border effectively. We need to replace the RINOs & Democrats in Congress with Conservaives. Invest the money in border security.;

  • exlalady

    Let him redirect some of the funding that he gives to La Raza & MECHA!! BTW, the Ford Foundtion gives them even more funding so get them to pay for these ILLEGAL ALIENS. People are getting wise to you, Obama! Its amazing what can be found on Online!!!

  • Michelle Pierro


  • Sonia Waters

    No more money for this renegade president, PERIOD!!! There is plenty of money tied up in ridiculous projects that could be put to better use. Secure the border, PERIOD. Send these illegals back, PERIOD. House of Representatives, please do not let this president hold you hostage any longer. You have the purse strings! Use some backbone, and stand up to this TYRANT, PERIOD!!!

  • Felipe827

    No funding needed! Since DHS and AG are not enforcing laws properly, they must have bundles of the stuff sitting around. No special deals need to be made other than to correct the wording in the WWTVPRA/2008. This is more an effort to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    Since Mr. Obama and team cannot enforce the laws as written, why give them more money to do a continued poor job? Once given the money he will spend as he sees fit, the problem still won’t be corrected, and his next request will be for $7.4 B. HoR you are being extorted!

  • 1OldGunny1

    The greatest test of a nation’s sovereignty is its ability to protect its own borders.

  • sailor50

    I am definitely not a Republican but I do very much favor a closed border and increased deportations. I’m in Arizona and resent the attempts to make this a racial issue…as it is most certainly a financial issue. Until our unemployment picture improves considerably, we do not need any more illegals including children.

  • TonysTake

    Only if the funds are used to put the National Guard troops on the border. Obama gets no blank checks, period. Who is paying for the illegals EBT cards they are using at Walmart? Who is paying for their transportation to be shipped thousands of miles inside the US? Who is dishing out all this cash while American kids go hungry?

    • sensen

      I agree with this post. I would only like to point out the half of the country does not pay any income taxes, thus only the working half that pays taxes will be supporting these non-educated products of a corrupt society

  • Nana Mary

    We made contracts with our soldiers–if they serve 20 years they retire with certain benefits. It means hardship duty, repeated tours in wartime,watching friends be blown up, sweltering heat with little water, 3 ft. snows in a small tent with 3 others and no supplies left, being away from family, and now, they want to RIF about 80,000 EXPERIENCED warriors, before their 20 years, just so we will have money to take care of trespassers (and then their family, incl. grandma’s nursing home and the kids college, eventually. . .)

    Then to add MORE salt to the wound, they allow these illegals to join the military and thereby become citizens on the Fourth of July with the “president” patting them on the head. NO skills, NO experience, but now soldiers. I was even for this deal (citizenship for active war duty in Iraq and AFG) back in 2005, but we NEEDED more soldiers then. Apparently NOT NOW when we are letting soldiers go, breaking trust in the agreement with them. Americans should made aware.

    Right now, facing possible all-out war in the Middle East and Ukraine, (and who knows what will happen with China or Africa?), why are we reducing forces at all, and why are we not protecting our borders? Borders are essential to any nation. Ask Mexico, protecting itself by jailing people (eg our Marine making a wrong turn!) Yet they send tens of thousands of their trespassers, and even make military incursions and fire on our border guards 1-3 miles over the border! We are supposed to just swallow that?

    Obama is NOT FOR AMERICA in any way, shape, or form. Not one iota.

  • 1OldGunny1

    Congress and the then president Ronald Reagan had promised when they granted amnesty back then that it would be the last time. Time for Congress to honor their promises. And We The People need to hold their lying feet to the fire.

  • Phil Bolles

    The only funding that should be allowed is that which is necessary to immediately deport all illegal migrants that are part of the invasion since October 2013, and to secure our borders using National Guard and/or active duty military troops as needed. The continuing cost of return transport and border security should be charged to the foreign aid accounts of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in any ratio that is suitable to us.

    • 1OldGunny1

      ALL illegals should be sent back. Not just from Oct 2013. All of them are criminals that have broken our laws and in effect have cut the line with regards to those who go through legal channels of immigration.

      Muck akin to cutting in line at the movie theater. They shouldn’t be sent to the back of the line. They should be banned from that movie theater all together.

  • 1OldGunny1

    Send in the Marines!!!

    • Leah

      WHAT Marines? Obama is gutting our military!

  • sensen

    The out pouring of sympathy, by repugnuts, democraps and uterus drive morons, for these illegals is sicking. There is simply no reason or logic to justify the allowing these illegals to stay in this country and rob the tax paying citizens of their labor. Consider this, how would you like to face a trial with the verdict based on sympathy, feeling, speculation, and irrationality.

  • mbnick

    Obama latest $3.7Billion scam is nothing but cash for his Judge and lawyer buddies to buy votes. Almost none of it goes to protecting the border and shipping these teen males and other illegal’s back. Remember in November.

    • flash001USA .

      We may not have till November and the bad part of this is it’s not just Obama and the demo-rat party that is the problem here. Ask yourself a hard question: Why didn’t Rick Perry send in his state national guards and ask for help from the local militias or even his state citizens? There’s your first clue right there.

  • Keith Westbrook
  • Guest

    For the life of my I cannot understand why I would even need to be leaving a message like this in the first place because of a government that will NOT do the right thing and enforce our damn borders. As the sleeping public awakens it will bring with it destruction and mayhem and the last thing we need is a civil unrest but unfortunately it is heading that direction!

  • DrGeneNelson

    More and more evidence is surfacing that this so-called crisis was in the planning stages for months.
    The Obama administration supplemental proposal is structured
    to provide more funds to move the illegal aliens to other locations within the
    U.S. Only a tiny fraction of the supplemental (around $130 million) is to deter
    further illegal alien (er, unregistered Democrat) arrivals. This boodoggle
    seems to be one of those “you have to pass it to see what is in it”
    This legislative proposal SHOULD be DOA in the Republican – majority
    House of Representatives. The House leadership – and the rank and file have
    said “NO AMNESTY!”

  • JC

    BOTTOM LINE PEOPLE, LATINOS have EVERY INTENTION to TAKE OVER this COUNTRY they said was taken from them so WAKE UP thinking these people are your friends. Each State should be passing a law not to allow them in your State, now they want to sue us? UNBELIEVABLE!! LaRaza and other Latino groups are out to take over. LOOK at the countries they come from, BANKRUPT!!!!!! Now they want to come here and do the same. These GREEDY DEVILS do NOT care about Americans, look at the disrespect they have by flying their MEXICAN FLAG here. Stop this laying up on welfare for years and years, having babies, free food and housing and you can deter some problems. The ACLU is headed by a Latino so now you see why they want to sue. We educate them and they SUE us. How smart is that?? DEPORT THEM ALL!!!

  • flash001USA .

    For the life of me I cannot understand why I would even need to be leaving a message like this or even asking my elected leaders to stand up and police our borders in the first place and yet I am. Now we have a government that will NOT do the right thing and enforce our damn borders.

    Make no mistake, this is not by accident and either someone or some group is orchestrating this. They’re either blackmailing our leaders or paying them off to NOT enforce our borders. The real question is who is behind this and why?

    As the sleeping public awakens it will bring with it destruction and mayhem and
    the last thing we need is a civil unrest but unfortunately it is heading that direction!

    • Jeff S

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? We have now reached the point where citizens are having to fill the streets to stand against the government’s actions, which are in violation of the law and the Constitution.

      • flash001USA .

        And make no mistake… This is why the NSA is stockpiling ammo.
        It’s for those of us that will be standing up and fighting back.

  • sylent1

    Obama has assumed the role of dictator with his presidential directives other than performing the Constitutionally mandated Executive Branch’s job of enforcing laws enacted by Congress. Through his arrogance we have inundated our borders with the poor of southern Americas who feel they can come to America without regard for the process of law.
    We should request that ALL here illegally repatriate themselves within 60 days. Those that do will be offered opportunity to enter this country as any other foreign citizen would-those that do NOT should be arrested, forced to work on border defenses to pay for the cost of transportation and deportation and then refused re entry FOREVER. We should empty the drug dealers and smugglers and the gang members from our streets and prisons and inform Mexico we are returning their trash and that if they return it will be a CAPITAL offense. There is NO need for hearings for those caught breaking our laws red handed-they are here illegally. IF they entered through Mexico they should be returned to Mexico-if they entered through the Pacific Ocean they should be returned to the Pacific Ocean. Any Muslim in this country on over- extended visas or illegally should be removed and refused re entry. We are at war with Muslims, perhaps only the terrorist factions but Muslims irregardless and the risk is too great to allow those that would break our laws to remain. The National Guard should be tasked with protecting our borders from ALL that attempt to smuggle themselves in REGARDLESS of country of origin.
    Reinstate 4-star general Carter Ham and impeach Obama.

  • flash001USA .

    Do not impeach Obama! Do a RECALL vote and REMOVE him from office then charge him with high treason along with Eric Holder.

  • scot_belle

    There are ONLY (4) things that I want:…BEFORE ANY $$ REQUESTED BY OBAMA:

    (1) for those showing up at our border…short term…food, medical and shelter
    (3) Put the troops returning from the middle east…on the border instead of pink slipping them…(like they are now), and also send the National Guard…AND DRONES, TO REPEL FURTHER INCURSIONS OF ILLEGALS…



    My recurring dream is…president zero being shackled and perp-walked OUT of the Oval Office (golf course?)… headed straight to LEAVENWORTH KS.

  • Garwoodv6

    Why is money an issue to secure the Border? $500 Million Border Security funding is sitting waiting to be used, separate from funding for ICE, BP, Customs. A standing Army, National Guard, are already on the payroll, just waiting to be sent to duty.

  • Jon Willey

    I believe no additional funding is required to enforce our current immigration statutes. Move all of the border patrol agents currently babysitting illegal immigrants back to the border to stop the influx of illegal aliens with whatever force is required. Deport each and every illegal alien to their native land and charge their home lands with the costs incurred. Imprison anyone caught here illegally for one year on their first offense and then deport them. The next time they are caught here illegally make the incarceration period fifteen years, See how many illegal aliens are interested in those consequences. If you do not hold them accountable they will keep coming.

  • crosxb

    I just heard that the National Guard, which Texas Governor Rick Perry says has been back 40-45 miles away from the border at the checkpoints, that they are not, under the law, allowed to apprehend any of these children that are crossing. WHAT IS THAT? WHY the heck not???

    We agree with Perry that “they need to be right on the river as a show of force”. And they MUST have the power to stop these illegals, detain them in the quick process to return them to their own countries!!

    • Jeff S

      That’s the problem with using the Guard. The illegals will just surrender to the Guard who will have to take them into custody, just like the border patrol. They have already made the determination that we can’t just turn them back.

      • crosxb

        I think we’re finding that laws made earlier are not serving us well at all. These have to be changed, which means that we all must contact our Congresspeople and explicitly explain why these changes are needed (as in defining their jobs for them).

        That “determination that we can’t just turn them back” can be changed. So at the moment the emphasis must be on very quick “processing” before they are returned to their own countries.

        • Jeff S

          I think this is largely true, but some in congress have stated that the existing law already gives the president the authority to turn them back without hearings.

          How sad that a law intended to protect children from trafficking is now being used import an impoverished underclass for political purposes; in effect, it’s being used to facilitate human trafficking.

  • Robert McBride

    No monies should be given for this effort as Obama would divert the funds to some other inappropriate area. Enforce the immigration laws as they stand or make them even more restrictive. The Border Patrol should not be “catchers” who simply accept the illegals and turn them over, they should be “goalies” and reject them on the spot.

  • Statesrights

    Is the requested funding to stop the flow-or fund unending arrivals? We need to have wording that is clearly enforceable from Obama and a finite amount of time and money allotted.

    • crosxb

      Would “clearly enforceable wording from Obama” mean anything?? I think not! We need leadership in Congress to step up, enforce our existing immigration laws and change the 2008 Act – to quickly process children from non-contiguous countries.

      Whichever party performs that function, stepping up to the plate, stopping this invasion and repatriating all who have mistakenly come – THEY will be quite successful in the November elections and beyond!!

  • Biggiewood

    Obama needs NO additional funding. The only thing he needs is a backbone to do as our American public DEMANDS. But noooo…..the empty chair and pen thinks HE knows what’s best. Time for this lame duck to be PLUCKED.

  • disgusted57

    How about, “All the money you want for Airplanes back to wherever they came from” ?
    That’s a good funding plan.
    As well as, “All the money you want for a 25′ tall double fence along the whole border” ?
    That’s a good plan as well.
    How about, “NOTHING AT ALL for housing, food, clothing, health care, lawyers, and advocates”?
    How about we sue the bastards that are letting this happen, and throw them in jail for refusing to enforce our Law and ignoring our Constitution?

  • TwatDoc

    We are a Nation of laws and when the President chooses not to enforce the laws of our land and subvert the laws of our land He MUST be brought into check and impeached.
    We have in place a LEGAL means to immigrate to America and allowing future Democratic voters to enter against the will of the People will ensure a Republican Senate in November 2014 !

  • simoner1

    The House is considering President Obama’s $3.7 billion request (half of which he plans to use relocating illegal Surgers to communities around the U.S.).

    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their countrymen. These illegal aliens should be held, given medical attention and put on a plane back home.

    Funding for this is asinine at best especially when you consider that the US is dead broke and saddled with $17 trillion in debt.

  • John Hudson

    The most important thing is to destroy the message that Obama, Boehner, McConnell and other open borders people have been sending o illegal aliens that they are welcome here. It would cost nothing for Obama to publicly announce that all who come here will be deported immediately. It would cost nothing for more Americans to confront the illegal aliens and let them know forcefully that they are unwelcome and should self-deport. Have you noticed that Zuckerberg has stopped spending money on pro-amnesty commercials since this latest wave of invaders became a hot topic?

  • Don England

    No new funds are needed to stop this invasion. Why are they allowed to walk across the border. There is no humanitarian crisis. This is political theater caused by both political parties. Call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal of all illegal aliens. Withhold all funds from Countries that encourage this illegal immigration or won’t take them back. Secure our border. Lock it down to this mass invasion. Enforce our present laws. Occupants of an insane asylum can come up with solutions to this. Congress do your jobs.

  • C. Larson

    If Congress gives this man another red cent they
    are bigger fools than the people already think they are! He should not get one
    thin dime in funding. Rather, Congress should be putting its energy toward
    stopping a president from operating outside the law and the Constitution. They
    should be attacking relentlessly, repeatedly and vigorously because that is how
    you defeat a stubborn enemy. The House should be sending bills narrowly
    tailored to specifically target, and reverse, onerous executive actions taken
    by the President to the Senate. Appropriation riders could help cut funding for
    Obama’s fiat-created federal programs and lastly, the House should begin an
    official “inquiry” into whether the President may have committed impeachable
    offenses, as a preliminary step in collecting and organizing evidence for
    possible impeachment.

    The scandals at the IRS and the Veterans
    Administration, the massive spying programs targeting law-abiding citizens,
    inept foreign policies in the Middle East and the border with Mexico being
    overrun with illegals should have served to open Americas’ eyes to the dangers
    posed by this President and this Administration. Congress needs to stop this
    man before he totally destroys this once great nation, not fund his illegal
    traitorous endeavors.

  • sgb1

    He doesn’t need the money for that. He could call up the National Guard to deal with the illegals. We could pass a bill making it possible to simply turn them around to go home. We could withold funds from their home countries until they stop sending them to us. This is idiocy. If they give him money for this it must be tied to deportation.

  • Bisley

    Not another dime should be appropriated to deal with this. Obama and his appointees have encouraged and facilitated these people coming here, and prevented the Border Patrol and Immigration people from stopping them, or deporting them. They brought them here, against the wishes of the public; let them figure out how to handle them, with the funds at hand, or deport them.

  • Judith Blakely Sanders

    There should be: National guard sent , without question …ongoing meetings with Congressional leaders, migration governments being held to account and consistent transparent engagement and action. Humanitarian and UN emergency action and participation, , Mexican governments cooperation and participation in humanitarian efforts, security and enforcement. We should be looking at re allocation of funds recently and already provided by congress, or funds already available and allocated for emergency’s/ disasters. Legislation to include recovery of funds, from Governments involved in the encouragement of mass illegal migration, child and human trafficking and human rights violations., Note: The law ,at this point, provides all apprehended undocumented , unaccompanied minors, with a legal process , realistically taking well over a year. Most of the children, will be seeking permanent emergency asylum.

  • Karen Ratliff

    Congress is not listening to the people of America! Every politician in Washington DC who is not voting according to the majority of their constituents should be removed from office and replaced with people who will listen to the voice of Americans. We have had enough!
    I have worked all my life at whatever job I could find to support my children. Sometimes that meant going without more than roof and food. It meant stretching dollars at yard sales and thrift stores. My children were raised to value God and country, to appreciate working for what they had and being creative. It did not hurt them, in fact they are strong, successful individuals. No assistance or aid from government needed.
    No more funding to people who are in our country illegally! They should be deported back across the border so they can go home!!! If they crossed Mexico to get here, they can cross it again to go back to where they came. If not, it is Mexico’s problem since they allowed them to come into their country!

  • anAmericanMom

    Flood Boehner’s office with calls HE and every member who signs up for this latest robbery is complacent and part and party ro the problem if they pass this

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Send them home, secure the borders, then they can apply for the right to LEGALLY enter this country.

  • Celia Brown

    Zero funding for the liar, who won’t deport most or any illegals anyway. If he was serious about stopping the problem, which he created, planned, and implemented, he could simply call up the National Guard. But since he has no intention of stopping or slowing the flood of illegals choking our country, I certainly wouldn’t give him one thin dime.

  • Bama Bill

    I say, “Seal the Border!” We do not need anyone to cross into the USA from Mexico!
    Only allow exceptions, after complete inspection! Cut off all foreign aid! It is insane to borrow money to help other countries. We are DEEP in debt, can not afford to.
    Out credit is maxed out, the dollar is sinking, and is no longer the “International exchange currency”. If your credit card is at it’s limit, you CAN NOT use it!
    Everybody say, “Thank you Barry!”.

    • anAmericanMom

      This is our representatives working AGAINST US!

    • Judith Blakely Sanders

      I just want to see someone taking the weel of the ship,before we all slam into the rocks!! This is completely out of control!

      • Leah

        I think you meant WHEEL, not “weel”

  • mgilstrap19

    Use E-verify to make sure no corporation uses illegals to work in the U.S. Use the money to secure the border. Not to feed, clothe and house them or pay for legal services. We should be taking care of our children in Chicago and Washington D.C. and not bringing more into our country who have no education. We need to shore up America not bring it down to a 3rd World country. Perhaps the person running our country has forgotten his oath to the constitution.

  • SickofPoliticks

    Giving this administration money is absolutely stupid. Return the children to their country of origin. Put the National Guard at the border and secure it so no other illegals can come in. DO NOT TRUST THIS LYING PRESIDENT… EVER!!

  • anAmericanMom

    –Barton said even if Speaker John A. Boehner kept the House in session through August and “did all sorts of extraordinary things with the schedule,” he didn’t think it could be done.-

    What schedule? Everything you do is write spending bills for Obama created crisis. I did not know they were on any set Schedule.


    It is clearly state by the founding fathers that we should steer clear of ermanent alliances. We should impeach Obama, and the illegal aliens that he try to manufacture should be sent back. We all somehow have been former immigrants. I and my wife worked for my citizenship, not this useful troll idiots who follow their parents and foreign governments like mindless jerks. THOSE PINCHI CHUNTAROS ! CABALLO SIN CABEZA ! Those dumb Indians ! A horse without a head (meaning, no direction)

  • TnBob86

    How about NO FUNDING ? WE didnt bring them here, WE do not have to be responsible for them. SEAL OUR BORDERS NOW !! They all crossed from mexico, they need to be sent back to mexico.

  • Julie D.

    What “loving parent” gives their child to a coyote or drug cartel criminal and pays them with money they don’t have. There is NO SUCH THING! These are parasites using their own children to steal from Americans with the help of corrupt criminal politicians in their country and ours. Our Veterans are dying waiting for care and our own citizens go without while we borrow or print MORE money to REWARD the criminals and DISEASED LICE INFESTED PARASITES, GANGS and TERRORISTS pouring across our WIDE OPEN BORDERS!!!! THIS IS BULL CRAP ON STEROIDS! CONGRESS, How DARE YOU LET THIS EVIL TRAITOR OF A PRESIDENT AND HIS DEMONS continue to ROT this country from the inside out and PISS on the Graves of OUR FALLEN! If money is needed to send this PROBLEM back where it came from; start with a 50% tax on the $120 BILLION sent to mexico by the ILLEGALS already here and stop sending these traitors aid while they are dumping on us. If you don’t, a tax revolt and surge to the border from this side is NOT out of the realm of possibility. WE THE PEOPLE can only take so much!

    • dan prater

      They’re not loving parents, their using their kids for monetary gain, nothing else.this is being done for the parents benift.

      • Julie D.

        Exactly! Like I said, there is no such thing. We don’t call them anchor babies, we call them jack pot babies, cha-ching, cha-ching.
        And why wouldn’t they, they don’t have to pay the hospitals, take everything from the room that’s not nailed down and get paid hundreds of dollars a month and a tax credit refund at the end of the year. We are idiots to put up with this!

      • dan prater

        We agree

  • Dave from San Antonio

    Send them back and “bill” their Country…if the Country says it won’t pay…deduct the amount from what we “give” them in aid…or stop aid altogether until they stop sending their “unwanted” citizens. THIS IS a National Security issue and the “President”(ugh) is NOT doing his job and the alphabet agencies, he controls, are in ‘lock step’ with him and not doing their jobs. Something is gonna give before long…

  • Susan

    Funding only for border security and sending people back to their respective countries.

  • SAnnSM

    DO NOT FUND! Defund obamacare and take the money to remove every illegal in our country.

  • chazzz

    Send them back where they came from.Do that and they will stop coming. The parents that pay the coyotes will stop and the coyotes will be out of business. That is what I call a win-win.

  • noelle2013

    NO !
    this must be LESS that $3.7B!

  • Patricia Traeger

    Why should we fund anything for illegals besides their deportations back to their own country? In fact, they should be sent back and then the country who sent them billed for the cost of returning them and for the care they received while they were here. No funding for them to stay here and live off the taxpayers. If it were the other way around, do you think those countries would give a second thought to allowing people from this country to cross their borders illegally and be allowed to stay and be taken care of? Look what happened to the young Marine who did nothing more than make a wrong turn, ending up in Mexico and because he happened to have three guns legally registered to him, they are treating him like hes’ some kind of terrorist and not allowing him to come back home. Worse yet, this president is doing nothing about it but he wants Congress to give him money to take care of those entering our borders illegally and knowing it is illegal. Yet, nothing is being done to them. Something is seriously wrong here. It’s a real slap in the face to all those who went through the long process of becoming a legal citizen. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  • Barb3000

    If that is true about the kids parents paying $ 7000 to be escorted to the US border you can bet that factions in the Mexican government is getting their cut out off it. These drug cartels and smugglers in Mexico don’t work in a vacuum. Why are the US taxpayers giving aid to Mexico anyway??? The last time I looked it up Mexico’s unemployment rate is only about 3 or 4%. Do you know where the so called aid is going …in the pockets and bank accounts of the politicians in Mexico that’s where. Just like the Central American countries where these kids and adults are coming from their governments grab all the aid that this government sends them and it goes into the politicians pockets with no accounting as to just what it was spent on other than nice houses and cars for the politicians not the poor. Send these people home, I agree it would be cheaper to fly all of them home, including the illegal parents working in the US that would free up jobs for some of the US citizens that need them.

  • PriklyPete

    Each of our elected officials have taken an oath to preserve this country’s sovereignty, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law. This does not include illegals crossing our border to be treated regally by giving them welfare, free schooling, etc, etc, etc. BO has the tools to turn these illegals around and send them on their merry way back to their country, this does not include “America”. So send in the “National Guard”, Marines, Navy, Army, and who ever might wish to work to maintain this country’s sovereignty. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and you may go straight to jail until you’ve been sent home.

  • savy

    Humm More Billions just printed to arrest a Obama created disaster.How compassionate.Cut out some complete farce stuff like windmills and solar panels electric cars, then use that to clear up the problem caused by FEDZILLA for decades aka. Swiss cheese border . The democrats want more dependent voters . the republican (Rino’s) want cheap labor US? Chamber of commerce supports amnesty The people want the border sealed for 2 years then we might be able to talk about the rest…..We let FEDZILLA export our manufacturing base. Now they will give America away .. Putzes all word from Detroit

  • Layla

    Defund ALL foreign aid to Mexico, Latin America. Use that money to secure the border. Prosecute human trafficking, NO AMNESTY.

  • Layla

    If congress won’t secure the borders, VOTE CONGRESS OUT IN NOVEMBER, both sides. This must end.

  • 2formetoo

    How hard is it for these members of congress to understand: WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE-NOT ANOTHER DIME FROM US TAXPAYERTS!!!!!!

  • chazzz

    This border could be fixed and patroled by the National Guard,Not just the National Guard of the border states but all the states.When I served during the first Gulf War, before and after there were always opportunites to put in extra time at one of the bases. Why not have every state send units for short periods of time,2-4 weeks, to patrol the border with the Border Patrol and enforce our laws. Many out of work NG members would jump at the chance. Send them back build the fence, and enforce our laws.Wre simply cannot afford to keep these illegals. We need to reunite the children with their illegal parents and send them all back where they came from. Many of these parents are on welfare and almost all of these children would need decades of welfare,food stamps etc,etc and who pays for it, the tax payer. That and how many of these people are gang members with rape and murder already on their list of crimes. Send them back.

  • Jim P

    Build the dam fence. Move the military to the border and let no one cross. Any and all that have gotten across should be sent back. These people are coming into this country without identification of any kind. No Visa or passport. I can’t leave this country without proper identification and a passport and as far a Mexico is concerned I need a visa. If I am in Mexico without proper identification I would be looking at 2 years in prison there.
    This started long before it hit the news media, check out how many meetings Obama has had with LaRaza and every other pro illegal group.
    Need to start hanging politicians like Christmas decorations at the Whitehouse.

  • Steve Czaja

    I would say that if the President does NOT enforce the border-by turning away everyone, then he should not get a dime of support! We are being invaded. NO country can survive such assaults.

  • ktuncia

    The money for building the border fence was provided for with the last Amnesty in the 80’s the democrats just refused to provide the allocated funding. Funny how defunding Obamacare the same way is somehow evil even though far more Americans are for funding the fence and defunding Obamacare than are not- so much for the whole “for the People by the People” thing.
    Build the fence as we were promised last time and then we’ll discuss the funding required to place every illegal in the country on just the other side of that wall so they can find their way home. It would be far more kindness than we would get if we were in their countries illegally that’s for sure.

  • Buzz Allnight

    But Huelskamp posited that party leaders felt compelled to act quickly, before the August recess, when constituents back home might make a convincing argument against appropriating the money. “When people go to go home, we’re going to find out that nobody wants to do this, including the Democrats,” he said.

  • Buzz Allnight


  • GaDancer

    We are being sold down the river by the current admin, past Bush admins, and every elected member of both houses except Jeff Sessions. Nothing for these invaders who only come here for freebees, and deport them all, including their parents. As a matter of fact, deporting all 11 million illegals will cost less than 4 billion.

  • Tessera

    Before a single penny is authorized we need evidence that Mr. Obama is finally going to fulfill his oath to uphold our laws. He should call out the National Guard to protect the border while the Border Patrol is occupied with the so-called “refugees”, support an immediate revision of the law prohibiting deportation of minors back across the border that they crossed illegally, order the withholding of any funds currently being sent to any of the countries whose citizens are involved in the border “surge,” and authorize penalties against Mexico for facilitating illegal entry into the U.S.

  • AnnieG

    We can protect any border around the world except our own.
    Repeal the 2008 immigration law.
    Washington has money for free housing, food, health care but our veterans sleep on the street and can’t get adequate medical care. Our seniors live in poverty after working their whole lives in this country.
    Re-elect No One

  • Roxy

    Put the National Guard to work and get these people shipped out of here! After all, that’s what they’re here for: to guard the nation. The so-called president doesn’t need ANOTHER DIME to pay for that.

  • zamzow

    The presidents 3.7 billion proposal is ” Reckless and asinine ” Rep Mo Brooks R-AL just about sums up our present immigration policies and the continued slow motions genocide of Americas founding race !


    Congress keep your dirty hands off WE THE PEOPLES MONEY. Those illegial kids as you call them are not our proplem. We take care of Americans first. You are all comitting treason against America.

  • subscriber43

    No more accommodating of illegal aliens under any circumstances! Don’t give Obama any money for his plan, which is to flood the country with 3d world immigrants and totally change it, into just another 3d world country. Business interests in the GOP are with him as well as the ethnic lobbies. Immigration lawyers are the sharks circling around this issue as they feed on illegal and massive legal immigration. Not enough legislators are standing up for U.S. citizens. We need Sen. Jeff Sessions to be elected President and Kris Kobach as Vice President with Sessions. People, watch NumbersUSA’s candidate comparisons carefully and elect some honest legislators for a change.


    Mostly 16 and 17 year old gang members. Murderers–robbers–rapists–moochers. Mostly welfare bums. A young boy said Obummer has put out the word that if they can get to America they can stay.

    • David

      I saw that news clip. That is what the kid said (cept for calling the President Obummer.)
      I think “Traitor-in-Chief” is a better name.

  • Randy Justice

    We gave them 2 billion for a fence and all we got was a couple of cameras to watch them cross the border, NOT ONE MORE CENT UNTIL OUR BORDERS ARE SECURED WITH A FENCE AND ARMED GUARDS WITH ORDERS TO SHOOT TO KILL !!!!!! WHAT A JOKE !!! IMPEACH KING BARRY…NOW…


    We are only a few minutes away from a civil war. It is almost here.

  • Richard Loveday

    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now.
    For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the
    detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from
    Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of
    their countrymen, women, and children.

  • chicagobluesgirl

    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now.
    He could call up the National Guard to assist with the
    detention, processing, and removal. Additionally, he could withhold
    funds from countries that refuse to assist with the return of
    their countrymen, women, and children.

  • Johannah Wagner

    I have called my Congress man Trent Franks office and can not get a direct answer I said NO to any request for more money as will be used yo bring more in I also called Mc Cain and Flake, Jeff Flake publicly said change the law, send them all home, Mc Cain can’t get an answer I will call again!

  • Jack Adams

    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now. For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of their countrymen, women, and children!!!


  • H Hughes

    Deport NOW! This crisis has happened, predictably, because of the lack of enforcement of our laws. Beginning with the insane 1986 Reagan amnesty. This official dismissal of America’s laws only lead to a further disregard of our laws & law enforcement officers.
    . Americans need realize that the more people that come here, legal or not, the lower the wages will go. And unemployment will rise. Then the USA becomes just like the country that the immigrants are fleeing from.

    AND David, In California, we ARE overwhelmed – overpopulated. Look at our ,water storage, prisons, social services, transportation, education systems & environment. Or go try to find a nice place to camp on the weekend that is vacant. We do not need more people, especially ones that broke the law to get here. And as you know what starts in Cali, soon spreads across the whole USA.

  • darkwingdave

    With the analysis I have read, we could send every last one of them home 1st class and not spend 5% of what they want us to pay. NO NO NO NO NO

  • whozis

    Funding for the return of illegal aliens ONLY. To be used for that purpose ONLY. Turn them around and get them back to their homes — that will send the message that it is a waste of money to risk coming here illegally.

  • Snarky Republican

    Send the next group to Washington D.C and dump them off on the White House lawn. Start taking groups to the consulates of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Next they can go to the headquarters of these bleeding heart amnesty groups.

  • 100% FED Up!

    The President needs to call up the National Guard. If he wanted to stop the influx of illegals, he could. Trade 100,000 illegals back to Mexico for Sgt. Tahmooressi who has been abused and wrongly accused as he sits in a prison cell over there waiting for our useless community organizer to carefully orchestrate an impenetrable Democrat voting block. If he really cared about the country he was elected to lead, he would act like a leader and release our marine. He is pathetic!

  • mauna

    Give Obama only enough money to secure the border. Of course, he will throw a fit as he has no intention of securing the border. He made some kind of deal with the President of Mexico when he met with him, and whatever the deal was, American citizens will get the worst of it. I am afraid Obama is giving into the Mexican Activists, and he has been giving funds to La Raza and other Mexican activists for their cause. He is dangerous.

  • Doc Greene

    We have the Law already. Texas should defund DC and close its own border. Send NO tax dollars to DC until the border is sealed 100%

    • Leah

      That would sure get their attention! Besides that, the IRS is so corrupt, NOBODY should pay taxes until it’s resolved! Yes, I said NOBODY!

    • Lizdiaz

      I agree

  • anAmericanMom

    Actually that appears in line with all the Obama’s expenses since in office,.Their perpetually funded EBT cards at that.

  • Guest

    Obama needs to be deposed and exiled to a deserted island in the pacific.

    • Gil

      Sounds like a plan to me!

  • 1OldGunny1

    Obama needs to be deposed and exiled to a deserted island in the pacific…

  • Lizdiaz

    Where is our government getting all this money, they are talking about billions. Do they know how many people in the US could use skills training, small businesses that need funds to help them out, middle class that need help with Obamacare. This makes me sick to my stomach I work hard to give our country 1/3 of what I make and still have to pay $2000 a month on insurance that Obama has cause to high rocket and for what so our government can use our money on illegals. I say they get walked across the border and let Mexico deal with them, they let them pass their country without deporting them. Mexico probably got paid to allow them to pass.

  • greenLibertarian

    The government has plenty of money, and wastes much of it. Barack Obama has no intention of ever enforcing immigration laws unless it benefits him.

  • Dan Berghamer

    Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala – “The proposed $3.7 billion request coming from the White House, “is reckless and asinine.” The same is true of Obama himself, “reckless and asinine”. He is destroying the middle class and lives like royalty. Disgusting.

  • James

    NO! Absolutely NO! Sheldon Adelson and Zuckerberg and their crew should chip in and send them back on a Disney Cruise back to their own countries. I swear, if this is not stopped this country will spiral into civil war.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Enough is Enough!
    NO One has a ‘right’ to come into this country! It is a Privilege that
    should be Rare and Deserved by Only those who can Better America! The
    Solution is to build communities along our border and House Military,
    their families, and any other Law-Abiding, Legal Americans who want to
    live there, and let the Military Patrol The Border! All Illegal Invaders
    Must be escorted Out!

  • Fred Smith

    One could make the argument that every child in every poverty-stricken, war-torn, undeveloped nation is in imminent danger just by being there. Should we therefore bring them all here? Should we bring every street kid in Rio here? Should we bring every child in Nigeria here? If we really want to help these individuals, which we do, there should be a massive UN public education program. I’d be all for a global tax that goes towards ia UN public education program to make sure that no child grows up in a society without decent social structure. But the idea that just letting every poor child in the world come to the US is the proper solution is insane.

  • APipeRider2

    Why do we keep giving away Americans hard earned tax dollars to support other countries that are corrupt and also give away hard earned tax dollars to support illegal aliens from all over the world and not just from Mexico. There are so many Americans that could use help right now. There are American citizens living on the streets, living without enough food to feed their families, not enough housing assistance for legal American citizens. Instead, Obama is seeking billions for people who have broken our laws. They are given food stamps, housing, college tuition and money. All because they broke the laws of our once great country. When is it enough? When do we take back our country from these politicians whom are wheeling and dealing behind closed doors making deals that help them and their selfishness. Enough of giving away Americans hard earned tax dollars that was meant for creating a better America and to help out those citizens less fortunate. Our roads, bridges and schools are falling apart. Our government has become corrupt and is bankrupting our country. Enough is enough. Give back to America. When we are able to help our own country to get back on track and our roads, bridges, schools and citizens are repaired and not suffering then we can help all those other uncorrupted countries and people that need our help.

  • cmjay

    The funds should be used only to CLOSE the borders , hire more Border guards and to ship these ILLEGALS back . Mexico is facilitating the invasion of these ILLEGALS – so if they are blocked from entering , Mexico will have to deal with them.

  • Gammi2Anna

    My response to the border funding request may sound selfish but it is true none the less. Our family has nothing left to give. The Obama administration has stripped us of everything we worked for our entire lives. Our business, home, vehicles, retirement, savings, son’s inheritance and granddaughters college funds are all gone. Not one politician ever responded to our pleas for help, but now they want more taxpayer money to give illegals all the things they stole from us. I just heard a news report of a newly released ad asking Americans to become “foster parents” for the unaccompanied children (invaders). The ad claims that participants will receive over $6000.00/month to help cover the cost of providing housing for the illegals. Has politics come to the point that American citizens are expendable since they can be replaced by “loyal followers that will always vote the way they are told”? Do we just sit back and allow our country to be invaded, our lifestyles upended, our health put at risk and our children and grandchildren’s future to be stolen, all in the name of humanitarian, political correctness? As I said before, we have nothing left to give because Obamacare was shoved down our throats, which then chocked us to death. The best thing for America is for these illegals to be sent back to their homes with the message that our borders are closed and will be guarded from further invasion.

  • ginjit.dw

    There is no opposition to this run away president. There are tens of billions of dollars left from the last simulus fiasco. This is about a quick inflow of money into the economy with the election looming and the economy in the toilet. We have zero representatio.. Someone needs to stand up to this fraud. We need someone with cojones…….

  • Patrick Murphy

    Why is it so hard just to finish the border fence?This time build it so they cannot cut holes in it without alarming some one.It needs to be at least 2 rows wide with a space between the fences.Ground sensors would be nice to detect tunnels being dug as well as traffic in the areas.I say to obama,no money, no money,no money.If you want them here you pay the way for them out of your pocket not mine.

  • Azreb

    STOP ALL AID to Mexico, Guatemala and other Central American countries that are expediting, aiding and abetting this invasion of our country. Use that money to process, hold, charge and then DEPORT the illegals. If the families they went to are in the US illegally, then deport the whole family.

  • Kioga

    NO MONEY TO OBAMA ! He is not trustworthy and will divert funds according to his own plans. I say IMPEACH HIM NOW and cut off the head of the Snake that is causing this and all the other Killing of America projects, Exec. Orders, and Leadership problems in all Government Agencies and Departments. Congress needs to Unite and Do What’s Right for America, not throw money at ideological problems of Obama’s making !

  • Johnstone

    Obama caused this problem and now he wants to use tax payer money to try to fix it. What’s the matter mr president ?…… Don’t your pen and phone work anymore?
    It’s a shame for the poor kids who were tricked into coming here by Obama’s lies!

  • Doc

    How about NO! We are broke and cant afford it. Besides, The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now.

  • Marianne King


  • markinla

    Typical of the Republicans, They also want the illegals here. They just think they have done enough of their song and dance that the coast is clear.

  • Halimolobos

    We need to return the border-surgers immediately, but there is a DANGER that Republicans need to be aware of. They can propose no bill that would potentially result in conferencing with the Senate AMNESTY bill that would likely emerge from such a conference and that allows 20 million illegals to stay in this country. Letting illegals stay in this country rather than deporting them as our laws require is the primary CAUSE for the
    border crisis.

  • Jerrilyn Ramos

    The only money our REPRESENTATIVES should fund for the border is for an electrified fence twenty feet high and money to deport every person who has come into this country illegally. Anything else is insanity.

  • Jo-Jo

    When are American politicians going to hold Mexico and Central America accountable for the well being of their citizens? How are these countries ever going to improve if their only answer to their problems is to use the U.S. as a safety valve? How are the working poor of America helped when we add millions to their ranks with illegal immigrants?

  • luckysnap

    Bring in the National Guard, NO MORE MONEY!

  • Kevin Denny

    If they came on the Train, they can Go Back on the Train.

  • Janet Mathews

    There is no need for additional funding to secure the border! We can put National Guard troops on the border, and also SAVE money by cutting off every penny of foreign aid going to the countries that are flooding our borders with their cast-offs!! That will save millions of dollars right there!

  • chock

    It doesn’t do any good to send the national guard to the border to change diapers. We want our borders sealed. Neither party wants to do that. The part to watch is what would the border patrol do once they get there. Why are we letting rubber rafts bring these people over. Why can Mexico fly military into our country at will? Why do they military drive into our country at will to protect the drug and human smugglers? Why are we giving them foreign aid? This is crazy and another example to prove Washington is broke. All Boehner has to do is pay to send them home and seal the borders. Problem solved.

  • wearefree

    This is an outrage. Washington has everything it needs to stop this nonsense right now. The President should call up the National Guard and cut off all foreign aid to these Central American countries until they get control of their borders. Further, we should cut off diplomatic relations with Mexico until they stop allowing Central Americans to transit Mexico to reach our southern border. It’s no wonder America is such a laughing stock around the world–we can’t even keep 3-year-olds from toddling across our borders!

  • 1OldGunny1

    Time for Obama the America hater to go!

  • 1OldGunny1

    The Rio Grande runs dry now and doesn’t make it to the Gulf of Mexico anymore because of all the water that we syphon off from it. And Obama and his minions want to flood this country, especially Texas with millions upon millions more illegal immigrants? Water resources are in serious trouble in Texas and many other places. This is not sustainable!

    • Layla

      You might want to ask why Congress is sitting there, not opposing.

      Traitors are in charge of this country, both sides.

  • rekean

    Stop all border crossers at the border and let Mexico deal with them. Stop all funding of Obama’s requests. Impeach and arrest Obama and his staff and Administration.

    • Layla

      NOT GONNA HAPPEN. The people are going to have to vote Congress out in November and then continue on in 2016 and 18. They must all go.

  • Bill
  • Denise Persons

    Illegal Immigrant parents in the U.S. sent for their kids, and paid for smugglers and dubbed coyote’s to bring them here. (If any illegal immigrant parent had crossed back over our U.S. Borders to fetch their kids, they would normally have been deported.) BUT our Government wants to pardon the parents who may have done this misdeed, and not enforce that part of the law, either.) Obama also allowed the illegal immigrant “kids”, many of whom are members of the MS-13 gangs, to come, as well. Some MS-13 gangs recently in the U.S. started making their drug contacts and recruitments in the U.S. shelter provided to them. Are you having trouble find a full-time job or paying for the education of your own children? Well…then you’ll probably be interested to know that the $3.7 billion dollars Obama’s requesting will be going to the illegal immigrants care, and almost nothing towards securing our U.S. Borders. Do you want to protest this? ALIPAC is organizing rallies against this for July 18 & 19. Go to P.S. Since our Government plans to transport illegal immigrant families across the U.S., many of whom are carrying diseases, and send them to public schools…. have you had your shots, yet? Diseases being carried – Scabies, Lice, Measles, Tuberculosis, Dengue Fever, Swine Flu, and Ebola Virus. If you want to see where the government plans to move them to, check out:

  • Gretchen Knicely

    no more money for illegals! Provide for legalized U,S, citizens1

    • Leah

      “legalized” or LEGAL?

  • leagalfor58yrs

    No more money. Put fully armed military the full length of the border. No processing only total deportation. Most of these are NOT children. These illegal alien criminal invaders should be stopped before they touch US soil. They show no respect that we are a nation of laws. How long before the criminal element that they are supposedly fleeing is allowed to illegally cross into the US. Obama is allowing us to be INVADED and should be tried for TREASON.

  • phylmike34

    no more money,send the national guard and lock obama up!

    • Leah

      The Sergeant-at-Arms is the only person who can arrest Obama, Constitutionally.

      • Layla

        Is he a coward, too?

        • Leah

          Well since he hasn’t arrested Nancy Pelosi or Obama … YET … that’s a real possibility!

  • Bob210

    There is more violence in some areas of our country such as the Southside of Chicago than in Guatamala. I think we need to be deporting these children, who by the way look pretty well cared for for kids that supposedly travelled thousands of miles on their own. I have seen children that appear well nourished, well dressed, clean without a trace of dehydration crossing the border and we told to believe that they struggled to get here. I believe my eyes not what I’m told. Meanwhile in Detroit they are turning off the water of the poor that can’t afford rising water rates and in the Southside of Chicago over the 4th of July weekend at least 11 people shot in roughly four hours Sunday
    afternoon, bringing the total number of people shot since the holiday
    weekend began to 67.
    Why are we more concerned with these people who break our laws to get into our country claiming they are poor and desperate when the pictures of them show otherwise when we are ignoring the needs and safety of our own children. I definately smell rats and the odor is coming from Washington and the corporate boardroom that are looking for cheap labor.

    At least 11 people were killed over the long weekend


    Follow us: @nbcchicago on Twitter | nbcchicago on Facebook

  • Layla

    Congress needs to defund the administration and cut all funds to Mexico, Latin America. This president needs to be impeached for not upholding the law and Congress needs to be voted out for the same reason.

  • Layla!find-a-protest-location/c1bhc

    Above is a list of nation wide protests scheduled for every state this weekend. Show up and make your voice heard.

  • Shelley Ernest

    No to funding. Yes to getting them out and keeping them out. Perhaps the White House residents should go with them!

    • Leah

      Oh, you mean Barry and Michael?

  • grandelm

    They will rue the day if they give Obama one more dime for anything but building a fence on the sourthern border. They need to to pass legislation that all “illegal immigrants” (regardless of country) be returned immediately to country of origin. Then build a fence along the whole southern border. Secure the country before we go under!

  • Linda Miller

    No to 3.7 billion for illegals. Deport. Send them back and do not allow entry in the first place. We need to be taking care of our fighting men and women before illegals. Can’t this government get its priorities straight? This is sickening. It is turning me into a bigot because these uneducated masses seem to be so extremely selfish. WE OWE THEM NOTHING!!!!!!

  • mcbee555

    First, break down how and what Obama included in his $3.7 billion number. Then, condense each item required to bare essentials. even bare they trump the ways those illegals used to arrive at our border. The National Guard should be activated to perform assistance in border security to understaffed Border Patrol, conduct security where these illegals are now occupying military housing. There are ways to deal with this issue without throwing extra money at it, which is Obama’s style of wastefulness. Tell Obama to forget his private armies and security schemes, he doesn’t get the bill for the trouble he instigated, we get all that grief.


    The republican and democrats have both failed the more than three million unemployed families who are still without an unemployment extension since late last December. While both political parties walked away from the issue, these millions of families were left in financial ruin and deep poverty. Over the past seven months these families have lost much of what they have ever worked for. while billions of dollars were approved for the Ukraine, and more to support illegals at the border, nothing was given to these families so desperately in need. Where is the compassion and common decency for these unemployed?

    • Leah

      “unemployment extension”????!!!! Are you one of those who WANTS more government dependency??! We DO need more jobs and open borders with this INSANE invasion of illegals, is intended to DESTROY America … one more nail in the coffin of freedom!

  • G21

    On 9/21/06, Houston Police Officer Randy Johnson was murdered by an illegal alien during a routine traffic stop.


    The President doesn’t need any additional funds to prove that he is serious about turning the surge around. He has the tools he needs at his disposal, right now.
    For starters, he could call up the National Guard to assist with the
    detention, processing, and removal. And he could withhold funds from
    Central American countries that refuse to assist with the return of
    their countrymen, women, and children.
    We have laws. We do not need more or to throw more money at this Obama cause problem. Simply enforce our laws, penalize those hiring/renting to the illegals. No free education, medical, WIC, welfare etc. They will deport themselves when they dont get all the handouts.

  • MDBell

    I live in South Texas just 9 miles north of the border. We need some help here. There are some parts of Mission, Texas that American citizens are moving out of because illegals are moving in. They fear getting caught in a ‘tiroteo’ when the cartels come looking for revenge.

    Obama should not be given any extra money . He should just enforce the laws we have now, and send some of the business CEOs who are hiring illegals to jail. No jobs for illegals = none if any illegal immigration.

    Obama, WITH the Congress, should stop illegal immigrants from sending money back to Mexico. After tourism, these remittances are Mexico’s largest source of income. That should get their attention fast.

  • Forest Black

    Illegal aliens have brought typhoid to Maryland and guinea worm to Northern Virginia.

  • Mike Rosoft

    More murder and mayhem from illegal aliens:

  • dontdoitagain

    I think the Obama administration has already spent enough of our money purchasing these children and transporting them here. They should NOT get more money to keep them here.

  • khattykathy

    Our president should stop all money going to all the southern borders including Mexico that is allowing these people and children to coos their country. They wouldn’t allow any of them to stay in Mexico so why are they allowing them to cross their country. These are all corrupt governments that want to expand into to the U.S. My issue is why are our leaders promoted it? They should all be voted out of office. Citizens need to take back our country before we are as bad as these 3rd world countries. Can’t understand why democrats are so willing to sell out America and its people!

  • khattykathy

    People wonder why our children in school can’t pass the tests. It’s pretty hard when you don’t speak or read English. Why would you learn? Everything is in Spanish so leaves little reason to do so. People blame the teachers. When I was in the 6th grade Russia invaded Hungary. Families took in the refugees and the children were placed in my school and class. They didn’t have an interpreter but within a few months they learned English. Why are these Central American illiterate poor people so desired by Washington? They aren’t rocket scientists, or have PHD’s or even have an high school or elementary education. There can be only so many picking fruit in the fields or landscaping. We need to bring smart, educated people here. I’m so tired of the Statue of Liberty words from a 120 years ago being brought up. In the 1890’s we needed hard labor to build bridges, roads, buildings. Today much of that work is done by machinery operated by trained and experienced workers. Companies have put them in roofing, construction, landscaping, housekeeping, plumbing, and electrical with an American foreman signing off the work. This has ruined the American small business, taken jobs, and lowered wages. It has cut the middle class that was the backbone of the American culture and hurt America. If someone doesn’t stop it our country will be a thing of the past!

  • coalgateOps

    On 9/21/06, Houston Police Officer Randy Johnson was murdered by an illegal alien during a routine traffic stop.

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