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February 14, 2016

Pelosi: Don’t Tack Expedited Deportations to Border Bill (Video)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Pelosi says changes to speed up deportations shouldn’t be a part of the House border bill. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Friday morning that a bill to provide emergency funding for the child migrant crisis at the Southern border should not be tied to changes in a 2008 human trafficking law.

“You want to have a separate bill on 2008? Discuss it there. But don’t hold the children hostage to the cosmetics of how tough you are on the border,” Pelosi said at a news conference Friday morning.

The trafficking law is a major point of contention between Republicans and Democrats, with Republicans arguing that changes in the law would expedite deportations of the tens of thousands of children at the border and Democrats saying such changes would infringe upon a child’s right to due process.

“There’s no reason why they have to be tied and I hope that the Republicans will come to that conclusion,” Pelosi said. She later added, “I very firmly believe that it would be a mistake to do immigration law on a supplemental bill.”

Pelosi said changing the 2008 law should go through a proper review, including congressional hearings to analyze the proposal and its effects, and not be tacked onto an appropriations bill.

While Pelosi did not explicitly reject changing to the 2008 trafficking law itself, she repeatedly emphasized that the supplemental funding bill and a change in the 2008 law should be addressed separately.

Pelosi said Democrats would carefully review the Republican’s final proposal when it is introduced. But she also said that she would support the president’s original proposal as well as the Senate Democrats’ proposal, even though the Senate put forth less funding that the president requested.

“Either one of those two bills is what I would support,” she said.

With the month-long August recess just days away, Pelosi said she is still hopeful that an agreement can be reached about the emergency funding.

“I believe it’s possible that they can come forth with something where we can find common ground,” Pelosi said.

  • Enzo

    The treasonist wants to give more of our country away how amazing.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Thanks for letting me join your conversation.
    Kimberly Strassel is as good as analysts get, I read her stuff three or four times a week. It is cool that you sent me the link to her article, I am over my limit for free articles this month…every month :-)

    Habig is its own topic. It joins Hobby Lobby and Citizens United as instances of the courts enforcing the ‘rule of law’ limitations on Obama’s executive powers. This is a deep subject, but the short version is restricting the judicial powers to ‘interpret’ laws to mean things other than what they say. This is bad because it removes a reasonable person’s ability to know what the law even is.

    The legal questions about Congressional Intent in Halbig are discussed in scholarly detail by Sean Davis in his excellent article, No, Halbig Did Not Gut Obamacare Because Of A “Drafting Error”. From that article: “Right off the bat, we have two discrete sections pertaining to two discrete types of health exchange. Was that a “drafting error?” and “In 2010, Nancy Pelosi famously claimed that Congress needed to pass Obamacare in order to find out what’s in it. Well, a federal court just read Obamacare and found out what wasn’t in it: tax credit subsidies for federal exchange health plans.” Read the article and that one issue is simple.

    The big question is what happens next. The WH is going to the DC court of appeals for an en banc hearing by all 10 or 12 of the sitting judges. Note that no small part of the purpose of Harry Reid’s ‘nuclear option’ on the judicial filibuster rule was to allow Obama to fill three slots on the DC court of appeals, which he just did. So expect Obama to win that round.

    Then comes SCOTUS. They can either reject the case, leaving the latest decision as controlling, or take the case. If they take it, nobody knows what they will decide. The four liberals, Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, are likely Obama votes, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito, are solid rule of law votes, and Kennedy should be solid rule of law, but is less reliable. Roberts should be a solid rule of law vote…but his deciding vote on the last Obamacare case in favor of Obamacare makes everybody wonder if Obama has pictures of Roberts doing something bad.


    That is just an overview of the legal issues in Habig. The whole using the IRS for suppression of political dissent thing is right at the top of evil things a government can do. Support for Obama’s power to exercise this evil power is outright support for tyranny.

    Which brings us to the political divide in America today. About half the country doesn’t want the rule of law, or individual freedoms…and they get to vote.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    There are STILL three million unemployed workers, with families , who are STILL without an unemployment extension of benefits, since last December. While the republican senate vigorously fought on behalf of the Koch Brother’s oil pipeline bill to be passed, they totally ignored and delayed the passing of the unemployment extension bill , that would have greatly helped millions of these families living in financial ruin and poverty. Our government recently passed an foreign aid bill for the Ukraine, worth Billions of tax payer dollars. There is also a bill to pass a 2.6 BILLION dollar bill for the thousands of migrant children pouring into our country on a daily basis, customs or our defense. Why is it so difficult for our government to help our own citizens right here in our own country? Why is there no money to help these unemployed families who lost their benefits seven months ago, and are still struggling to survive ever since? How can the republicans refuse to help Americans, but give our money away like it belongs to themselves? These Americans are in desperate need, and can not be ignored anymore. Even our own veterans matter little to our government. Look at their healthcare they have received. We treat illegal migrants better than our veterans..

  • Its Obvious

    It ABSOLUTELY should be there. The only way there should be immigration reform of any kind is if its tied to ACTION in enforcing border security. Not TALK of increasing border security. As someone who immigrated legally and it took a very long time to become a citizen. Why should I have done it legally when I could have just have shown up? The Obama administration is essentially telling people with their actions that you can ignore immigration law. Have an H1B? Just stay. Immigration is too busy changing diapers for the foreseeable future to do anything about it. Here on a student visa? Don’t bother going home…..just stay. Great message. Great leadership. That oughta help with unemployment. Of course with the cooked book numbers….anyone who isn’t “officially” looking isn’t counted, so that doesn’t matter either. Obama should go back to Chicago and take his crooked politics with him.

  • Tom

    This Lady is one of the cleverist tap dancer in the political arena. It would be interesting to see of the California election process would reelect her.

  • eddyjames

    They should never have been allowed to cross the border in the first place. once here the only help they should receive is boarding a bus out of the country. The very same day. They have no rights. The are illegal aliens not undocumented citizens as some liberals are now calling them. They are invaders plain and simple.

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