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February 9, 2016

Cantor: Pelosi Should Apologize for ‘Hungry Children’ Comment (Updated)

Updated 12:04 p.m. | House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wants House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to apologize for saying that an anonymous Republican friend told her the party does not care about struggling families and hungry children.

“The minority leader in the House should really, I think, apologize for that statement. That’s outrageous. We all want to help inner city kids. We all want to help people, and the debate should be around what’s the best way to help people,” the Virginia Republican told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. 

Pelosi said over the weekend at the California Democrats State Convention in Los Angeles that an anonymous Republican friend told her that “struggling families and really hungry children” are “invisible, and the Republican caucus is indifferent to them.”

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said in a statement that Pelosi will not apologize: “Leader Pelosi’s statement is consistent with the House Republican record, with which Leader Cantor is surely familiar.”

Cantor said during the Fox News interview that he and other Republicans in fact do care about struggling children.

“I have traveled almost every month to an inner city school both in my hometown of Richmond and elsewhere across the country, spending time in these schools with inner city students and kids. I don’t look at them being invisible, I look at them as being an inspiration,” he said.

  • Leemoe

    Pelosi is using the Reid campaign strategy of “Anonymous”. If they can’t put a name to it, then it is most likely a lie.

  • Brenda Huddleston

    She should apologize because once again she is playing one group of Americans against the other rather than bringing the country together. If it was said, it was probably taken out of context, and one comment from an unknown person most certainly does not represent the entire Republican Party. Let’s all stop taking the bait!

  • sleeve

    Shove it Bibi’s boy. You and your hawk beak are racist misogynic neanderthals, starving children with every vote while sending suitcases of cash to Israel. Always attacking women whether they are involved in anything or not. Go scratch someone else’s eyes out you treasonous snake, and the next time you try to restrict Rep’s Pelosi’s speech, you better be king first, ignorant toad.

    • Palindrome

      He is a neo con (jew)

  • docb

    When you and your ignorant gop gaggle starve children with your every vote…We have the right to call you out as pernicious, cruel arsehats starving children, the elderly and veterans!

    Take that you ugly weasel…Make issa the arson apologize or loui gohmert or or or all the little small minded white males in your caucus!

  • JMH21

    Anytime a politician cites some anonymous source you can be sure that source is inside their own head. Pelosi was making a speech to the party faithful an had to use inflammatory rhetoric to get them riled up. Unless she is willing to name the person (she said it was someone she knew) and have them confirm they said it she should either admit she made it up or apologize for a false statement.

    Harry Reid made the comment about Romney not paying taxes and then when it was proven that he was false he just ignored anyone asking for a retraction or apology. I think they all went to the Al Sharpton school of politics where you make outrageous claims to incite people to anger and they when the fact prove you wrong you just walk away to the next issue.

    • Layla

      No, it is the Saul Alinsky School of Politics.

  • marijoca

    Pelosi DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT apologize for what is obvious to the rest of us. She also does not need to put a name to the source, considering how venomous Republicans are about dissent from their own, she would probably put that friend in danger. I have Republican friends who basically say the same thing, not word for word but in my discussions with them and the disrespect they show people of need.

    Republicans are doing everything in their power to prevent jobs from being created, they battle to discontinue unemployment insurance, they’re trying to cut all social programs and they expect people to survive under all this. I see nothing but cruelty and treasonous behavior coming from them. REPUBLICANS NEED TO APOLOGIZE for throwing the middle class under the bus.

    • JMH21

      Must have been the same source Reid had on Romney not paying taxes. Perhaps it was the same person that told Obama that people can keep their health insurance. My point is simple, politicians have been making up stuff forever to create whatever scenario fits their ideology. Pelosi has no source but is sounded good to her and gave an appearance of legitimacy.

      In reality Democrats should be apologizing for throwing the middle class not under the bus, but off the bus. Anyone that is working hard to get ahead will be penalized so that those that would rather sit around thinking about painting or becoming an entrepreneur can have the benefits that come from those working. That was another wonderful comment by Ms. Pelosi.

  • Pete Selinger

    Pelosi should apologize for thinking she has Republican friend

  • i <3 BR

    “struggling families and really hungry children” are “invisible, and the Republican caucus is indifferent to them.”

    i thought that was common knowledge. at least from the republican voting record it does appear to be so.

  • ShadrachSmith

    Pelosi should apologize for Obamacare, and the way she passed it.
    This article is just intentional distraction from the real issues of the ’14 campaign.

  • coalgateOps

    In related video, our resident marxist agitator lies to the face of the American people about keeping their insurance and their doctor:

  • Layla

    Pelosi needs to be sent to a nursing home, along with Dianne Feinstein. I wonder how long it will take the American people to realize that Congress will not change until Congress is voted out?

  • Jonathan Leibowitz

    In this related Bloomberg article, we find another Bolshevik democrat openly waging ideological warfare against our sacred Constitution:

  • Organix

    In their war against Western civilization, today’s liberals use three main attack vectors:-Attacking the family-Attacking private property-Attacking Christianity

  • Gary Kunkel

    How many children are now going hungry because their parents are facing shockingly high deductibles on their mandatory Obamacare policies?

    How many children are going hungry because a parent was moved from full time status to part time status because of the ACA?

    How many children are going hungry because funds that would otherwise help them are being used to prop up the ACA and fund global warming initiatives?

    To the Democrats, these kids just don’t exist. … talk about blinders.

    • Carabella1

      Get a clue. Your party’s talking points on the ACA have been debunked repeatedly.

      • Gary Kunkel

        Yep. as far as Democrats are concerned, these kids don’t exist. But who cares anyway? Right?

        Everyone knows that Obamacare is glorious. Nancy Pelosi said so. And those cancer patients that whined and complained about their ACA coverage – just a bunch of liars. That’s what Harry Reid told us. I mean, the Democratic leadership would never lie to us about this legislation, right?

        Why on earth are Democratic candidates worried about what to say about Obamacare after the Florida election? That loss had absolutely nothing to do with it. And as for polls showing dissatisfaction with the legislation – why should our Democratic leaders listen to a bunch of whiners and complainers? Their lives are so much better but they are SO clueless about it.

        Let’s push this plan hard … run on it … and take full credit for it.

  • Thomas Brady

    Liberalism is childish.

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