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February 12, 2016

Cantor to Resign From Congress (Updated)

Cantor makes his way to the House floor in the Capitol on his last day as leader, (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Cantor makes his way to the House floor in the Capitol on his last day as leader. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Updated 8:54 a.m. | Rep. Eric Cantor will resign from Congress effective Aug. 18, he said in an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch posted at midnight.

The Virginia Republican, newly deposed as House majority leader after losing his primary to Dave Brat, said he has asked Gov. Terry McAuliffe to call a special election on Nov. 4, ensuring that the district will be represented in the lame duck.

“I want to make sure that the constituents in the 7th District will have a voice in what will be a very consequential lame-duck session,” Cantor told his hometown newspaper. Cantor said that will also give his replacement additional seniority in the next Congress.

News of Cantor’s quick exit came hours after he delivered a farewell speech as leader, and caps a stunning fall for the man who had been preparing to succeed John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, as speaker. He had previously said he planned to serve out the remainder of his term.

Leaving allows him to avoid awkward months serving as a back-bencher in a House he had once helped rule. It also gives him a chance to quickly move on to what will likely be a lucrative career in the private sector.

Cantor did not reveal what he plans to do after Congress. He’s backing Brat’s candidacy.

In a separate column in the Times-Dispatch, Cantor expanded on his decision:

“It has been the highest honor of my professional life to serve the people of Virginia’s 7th District in Congress. That is why it is with tremendous gratitude and a heavy heart that I have decided to resign from Congress, effective Aug. 18,” he said.

“As I return to private life, Diana and I will make decisions about the future. I certainly look forward to doing what I did when I first became a Republican: advocating, as a private citizen, for the conservative solutions to the problems we face that will secure our nation’s greatness and provide a better life for all Americans.”

Brat issued a statement thanking Cantor for his service:

“I want to thank Eric for his service to the Seventh District and to the entire Commonwealth. The time one has to sacrifice to be an elected official is enormous, and he has sacrificed a great deal to serve the people. I also want to thank him for his endorsement. I wish Eric and his family the best in their future endeavors. …”

He said he is focused on winning the Nov. 4 contest and noted if he does, he’ll be “ready to serve” come Nov. 5.

Brat is set to face off against Democrat Jack Trammell in a race that is rated Safe Republican by the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.



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    Cantor out? Good riddance to bad rubbish! now, we need to get rid of Cruz, Ryan, Boehner and replace them with people who will do what they were sent to do – work for the betterment of ALL Americans. The GOP b/s has got to stop!

    • Harvard2015

      And this Brat guy is a good replacement who will stop the “GOP b/s” because…..?

      • RADIO GUY

        I made no mention of Brat. Reread my post! And if you think I’m pro-Brat, You’re wrong. I despise Cantor.

        • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

          I’ll bet you have brown hair because….

  • The Liberty Disciple

    He just doesn’t know when to stop.

  • Philip K. Eyrich

    Doing a Sarah Palin?!

  • Werewolf

    Be gone, silver spoon RINO!

  • dinthecenter

    I guess what bothers me most is the expense that he imposes on the state and the Congress by imposing extra election and transition costs. We should expect people to serve out the terms to which they are elected except in rare cases of health crisis or election to other office.

  • Cambel

    Boo Hoo, taking his ball and going home.

  • Layla

    Cantor soon to be followed by many pro amnesty supporters on both sides who won’t see it coming on election day in November.

  • c p

    “It also gives him a chance to quickly move on to what will likely be a lucrative career in the private sector.” Exactly. As in getting his share of the $300m a year the banksters spread around Washington.

  • NoWay123

    Na na na na , na na na na hell hell yeah good bye Eric. Unemployment packet will be mailed out to you on Aug. 20th, 2014. Thank you come again.

  • don76550

    Cantor maybe you shouldn’t have screwed the multitude of gun owners in your district by favoring anti gun legislation promoted by democrats. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

  • Iben_Hadd

    Cantor is THE poster boy for the Republican party of 2014.
    Obama is running free, he has the Justice Dept, including the FBI, Marshall Service the IRS, the military, in other words he controls the guns and most of the courts. Against this, congress is helpless with only one legal route available to them; Impeachment! Is that possible when The Senate controlled by Democrats backed by their lackey press would light the fires that most likely set the Nation aflame?
    At this point in time only someone that has a clear vision with unwavering commitment to the vision, not beholden to the money needed for the coming election, and the ability to connect to the people by bypassing the press. that leaves out 90% of the house.
    Reagan was able to accomplish this feat in1980 does anyone fill the bill?
    On pages like this Senator Cruz gets a lot of attention, we will watch to see if he can make the connection.
    In the meantime let’s not set the Nation aflame. Prematurely.

  • RTMartin

    America! When the PEOPLE are faced with a tyrannical government, it is the responsibility of the PEOPLE to remove those people who represent tyranny….PEOPLE do your job….LET THEM HEAR – YOU’RE FIRED FROM OFFICE!!! In America does not mean American….America is being invaded and robbed…ENOUGH is already ENOUGH!

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