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February 11, 2016

Congressman: Get Ready for Immigration Move From Obama

UNITED STATES - MAY 20: Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., shakes hands with undocumented youth during a news conference on military service for undocumented youth with Deferred Action and other issues related to military service for immigrants and their families on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, out side of the U.S. Capitol. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Gutierrez said Monday the president’s move on immigration could be “unprecedented” in scope. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Reacting to a report that President Barack Obama is mulling unilateral action that could impact almost half the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez said Monday, “It’s music to my ears.”

The Illinois Democrat, one of Congress’ most vocal supporters of a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s immigration system, said in an appearance on MSNBC that Obama has been forced to take action because of gridlock in the House.

“We want to get as many as we can out of the vicious cycle of deportation,” Gutiérrez said. “But I think if the president takes such a move … I think it would be a huge move.”

His comments came after reporter Chris Jansing told MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart that administration sources have said the White House is weighing executive action that would impact up to 5 million illegal immigrants. 

“If it is 5 million,” Gutiérrez said, “That would be five times as many as when the president freed the ‘Dreamers’ from deportation — when he instituted [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] in June of 2012, when he said we’re not going to deport anymore immigrants that arrived here as children.”

The Illinois Democrat told Diaz-Balart that he’s talked with leaders in his hometown about gearing up to welcome thousands of newly legal residents into the city’s systems.

“We have to get prepared as a city and prepare a model for the nation,” he said. “Because when 5 million people are allowed the opportunity to come out from under the shadows and into the light of day and get legalized, it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of capacity of our community.”

Diaz-Balart’s brother,  Florida Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, has worked with Gutiérrez to craft a bipartisan immigration overhaul in the House, but the effort collapsed this summer over GOP conservatives’ concerns about security on the southern border.

Obama administration officials have told Hispanic groups that if Congress failed to act this summer, the president would take action on his own.


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  • grumpy

    If there is any truth to this, get ready for a push for impeachment and civil disobedience. Sometimes I think zero WANTS to be removed from office. The house has acted, the senate refuses to do anything, yet liberal politicians keep blaming the house. When they control the media it’s very hard for the truth to see the light of day

    • ChillyinAlaska

      Obama is attempting to crash our economy and get us into a race war. He is anti American and a traitor to this country.

  • TonysTake

    This is political suicide for democrats when the welfare train runs off the track.

    • jack

      That is so right on. I think they will sink themselves.

    • CharlieSeattle

      In Senate Bill 744, the Gang Of Eight, 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans, all showed they are complicit in treason scr3wing over American workers.

  • jack

    As a DEM I wont vote for anyone who increases immigration. We have enough people searching for work. It all sounds so great but will make more people legal for welfare. Business will have to pay min wage, which will sink many business.

    • Layla

      Obama would rather “rule” over a country in ruins…

  • jack

    We need less immigration!

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    Why would anyone in their right mind think amnesty is a good idea? It will mean less jobs and more poverty for Americans!
    Gutierrez has a FB page, let him know how displeased you are with what he is saying! Also let your congressmen and senators know amnesty is wrong! Put the pressure on the politicians!

  • mifouf

    Take a line from Churchill and “Never give in. Never, never, never” etc. Keep demanding that your representative actually represent you and oppose any and all forms of amnesty or increased legal immigration. Our representatives do, in fact, control the national purse, and we all need to demand that they assert that right on our behalf. Do whatever is needed. This is a war, and we need to recognize that it is THE issue that will most effect the future of our nation far far into the future.

    Does your representative realize that awarding work permits for illegals ARE an amnesty? That drivers licenses ARE an amnesty? That protections from deportation (DACA) ARE an amnesty? That awarding social benefits (schooling, housing, travel, food, delayed processing) ARE an amnesty? And that all of these foolhardy amnesties encourage much more illegal entry.

    • ChillyinAlaska


  • Jim Gilchrist

    Dear Americans,

    An arbitrary decision by the president to amnesty five million illegal aliens actually means amnesty for the entire 30+ million illegal aliens currently occupying US territory.

    The Democratic Party is misleading the nation by claiming only five million aliens will be legalized by the unilateral stroke of a tyrant’s pen.

    Before the ink dries on that executive order the other 25 million illegal aliens will jump out from the “shadows” to also claim their rightful entitlement to amnesty. And the Democrats will welcome this newly acquired pro-Democrat voting block with open arms.

    This politically inspired ploy fits right into the Democratic Party’s long-established game plan to seize absolute control over all elections, and all bureaucracies, in the United States by illegally increasing the sheer number of Democratic-voting party loyalists.

    This unprecedented insult to the electorate is being done by the blatant usurpation of America’s rules of law by sinister and wayward elected officials like Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez and his home-boy sidekick, President Barack Obama…without any conference with the electorate of this country.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the United States of America is no longer a nation of laws…and Americans are rendered helpless to do anything about it. Any civil disobedience will be immediately responded to with law enforcement crackdowns…arrests, fines, prosecutions, and even imprisonment. Any violent acts of civil disobedience will most certainly be met with a lethal response from the smoking gun barrels of law enforcement and/or our own military.

    Indeed, our nation’s political governors have driven a stake through the heart of the American spirit and all the priceless concepts of responsible governance conceived by our Founding Fathers over two centuries ago.

    Welcome to the new America…an America now governed at the whim of dictatorial mentalities posing as public servants, an America where free speech is reserved to the meanest thugs wielding the biggest clubs, an America whose leadership no longer reacts to reason, fairness, or the equitable power of law.

    Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

    • captdot

      Well said, Jim!

    • ChillyinAlaska

      If Obama does it, we need to find a D.A. in any state and charge him as well as all congressmen going along with him with RACKETEERING under the RICO statutes and arrest and remove them from office for blatant violations of their oath of office. They have sworn to faithfully execute our laws and protect and defend the constitution, and in Obama’s case, PROTECT, PRESERVE AND DEFEND the constitution. Giving amnesty to these illegal alien invaders will be a blatant violation of that oath.

      • Layla

        RICO charges would be most appropriate under such circumstances.

    • Kaptin Ike

      Jim, close your eyes for a second and give a second thought to What you have said. Now, the founding fathers;who were they? Immigrants themselves right? No? And what is the meaning of the ‘dream act’? Food for thought, Jim.

      • Rochelle Renee

        Now, you close your eyes and visualize an America without any Rule of law – which is what these people are, by action, advocating! No one is commenting about immigrants. Immigrants we are fine with. We are discussing illegal aliens who have invaded and infiltrated our country in the 10s of millions.

        • Kaptin Ike

          Who is talking about America without any rule of law? Is Obama not acting within the constitutional boundaries? Are The Executive powers he is trying to use not Conferred on him by the constitution? Is he The first president to use executive powers on immigration? Check the records my friend. And since you believe so much in the rule of law, why don’t you challenge the man in the law courts? Also, have you taken the time to objectively assess the positive contribution these so called ‘illegal aliens’have made to both the social and economic progress of this country even while in the shadows? I bet you have no idea how much they can do when they are brought out of the shadows. Ask the employers. America is the land of immigrants. Long live America.

          • El Gringgo

            Maybe he is the one created the law. These idiots..

    • J.s.

      If it happens there will be dem,onstrations in the street as those of us paying the bills say enough is enough. Are we ready to take to the streets-I hope so. It may be time for people to stop talking and take a real stand.

  • CharlieSeattle

    It is an act of TREASON by Obama, Holder and Congress to NOT enforce existing immigration laws as they ALL swore to do!

    It is an act of TREASON by Obama, Holder and Congress to legalize the dumping of 12-18 million illegal aliens and their naturalized children into this economy and let the unemployed American citizens pick up the tab for their crimes, healthcare and children’s education.

  • CharlieSeattle

    American’s use the Constitution to protect their children’s life, liberty and freedom.

    Obama flouts the Constitution and uses illegal alien children to protect his treasonous political agenda.

    • ChillyinAlaska

      The FASCISTS and COMMUNISTS always hide behind the children. Hitler hid behind the children too.

      • Rochelle Renee

        Until he rounded them up, killed them and/or put them in forced labor camps, that is.

  • Wuthie

    What are you people afraid of? These illegals here have jobs. They usually make their own jobs. What is stopping you from doing the same?

    • ChillyinAlaska

      American citizens can’t put their entire families on welfare and every government program, and then work under the table. American citizens have watched their standard of living being ruined by these ILLEGAL ALIENS illegally working and driving the wages and conditions down. We have laws in this country to protect AMERICANS, and they don’t “make their own” jobs, they steal the jobs from Americans, and also steal whatever isn’t fastened down, as statistics show when they infiltrate our country they bring a crime wave with them.

      • Wuthie

        Americans CAN and DO put their families on welfare and public assistance. It’s the illegals that can’t. Do you know anything about getting welfare? You have to be a LEGAL permanent resident of the state you are applying in among other things

        They don’t steel your jobs they take the jobs Americans feel is below their dignity to take. They come here with nothing except the close on their backs and make a living WITHOUT government welfare contrary to your beliefs. Tell me how someone that can’t speak English steals a job from someone that can.
        In the late 1990’s there were so many jobs I couldn’t find people that would stay more than a year before they went looking for a better paying job. Wages soared during those years. There were illegals then too.

        If you want to blame something for your ruined standard of living blame the global economy, blame companies taking their businesses out of the country, blame the decrease in union labor, you can even blame yourself. There isn’t just one thing that has lowered the standard of living for the middle class.

        • Rochelle Renee

          Illegals get welfare because they have been reassured that nothing will be verified so they lie, as they seemingly have become accustomed to doing.

          • Wuthie

            And you get your information from where??? If you have facts to what you say prove it.

        • ChillyinAlaska

          You are simply blind and a fool to boot. Illegals get treated better than AMERICAN citizens, they lie and use their children,and even get income tax returns they shouldn’t by lying and claiming children in Mexico as dependents. You need to get your information somewhere else than you have, or most likely you are an illegal yourself just posting more misinformation for La Raza.

          • Wuthie

            I’m bland and a fool??? LOL Illegals get treated better than American citizens??? ROTFLMAO. That was so funny I had clean my screen off.

            You my funny friend are the one who should get their information from a more reliable source. You do realize that not all the illegals are from Mexico????

            No I’m not illegal I served my country in the Air Force during the Vietnam war. I faced illegal immigration for over 40 years, worked hard, worked smart, and always had a job. I figured if some illegal person got a job I was after then I needed to better myself.

          • ChillyinAlaska

            Yes, BLIND and a FOOL, or just more lies and BS from another illegal alien or supporter. I don’t believe your story, know a lot of Vets, and THEY DON’T SUPPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS INVADING OUR COUNTRY. You are no vet.

          • Wuthie

            And I know a lot of vets that do support immigration reform so what’s your point?

    • stecraig

      There we go with education, again. Pray tell me mister illegal, when was entitlement and welfare classified as a job?

      • Wuthie

        There sure seems to be To be a lot of Americans that think welfare is a job. 59.5 million Americans are on it. 38.8% of them are white, 39.8% are black and 15.7% are Hispanic.Those figures are from the Untied States Department of Commerce.

        Since you have to be a permanent and LEGAL resident of the state you live to get welfare, how pray tell do they get away with it?

        • ChillyinAlaska

          Hey fool, THEY LIE AND NO ONE EVER CHECKS. They probably claim to be a white AMERICAN…

          • Wuthie

            You know if you pulled your head out of the sand or where ever you have it hidden you might find another world out there that really isn’t as bad fairy tale world.

          • ChillyinAlaska

            I’m firmly in reality and SEVENTY percent of AMERICANS agree with me, not you..

            you need to pull your head out of your A$$, but you aren’t really an American, just another illegal alien LYING as they do about everything. You aren’t convincing anyone here troll.

          • Wuthie

            Oh believe me I know I will never convince you of anything. Some one would have to have the intelligence and willingness to look at more than one side and check things out from a reliable source and you are much to dense and thick headed for that.

          • ChillyinAlaska

            Screw you, stupid commie troll, you are the one lacking in intelligence, and an anti American to boot. Typical liberal, too stupid to see the facts, an foolishly thinking they are the sharpest tack in the box. We aren’t buying your babble, and over SEVENTY percent of AMERICANS agree with me.

  • El Gringgo







    • ChillyinAlaska


      • El Gringgo

        That’s why they must be registered ….and …. taxed…! idi0T! status quo doesn’t work!

        • ChillyinAlaska

          How about we just ENFORCE OUR LAWS, and deport them as they are caught here? It is against our laws to work here, it is against our laws to be here illegally,and it’s against our laws for illegals to collect government benefits. How about we SECURE THE BORDER AND ENFORCE OUR EXISTING LAW, AS CONGRESS PROMISED US THEY WOULD DO IN 1986, AS PART OF THE CONDITIONS OF THE AMNESTY THEN?

          • El Gringgo

            You sound like a total r3t4rd you might want to put thought into your comments before you make them. Enforcing the law is achievable. But it is costly. Unless you wanna use your own money. Go to your reps, knock their door, and tell them ” I am a rich man, I am gonna pay all the expense for finding and removing these illegals”. And pay attention to them, when they laugh at you then I know why.

    • stecraig

      Education in the key, I agree. And which country were you educated in mister illegal? I for one will not be taken advantage of by lawless illegals, so get ready to be reeducated!

  • disqus_dYob1RKXDL

    Both of the Diaz-Balart brothers are socialists. Hell, their aunt was married to Fidel Castro and they were Democrats until they realized that to win elective office in South Florida, you had to be a Republican. Well, they are at best RINOs and traitors to their oath of office.


    Let’s bring it all to a head…..After November, when the Repubs retake the Senate, they will control BOTH Houses of Congress. Strip funding from ALL Food Stamp programs…..If we can’t deport ’em, let ’em starve……

  • dogged

    This is nothing other than the biggest Democrat Voter Registration Drive in history.
    Luis “the Scammer” Gutiérrez? BO’s water boy from ChiTown.

    • ChillyinAlaska

      Gutierrez can be impeached and charged with treason also, for urging Obama to break the constitution. They know the president does not have the authority under the constitution and our laws to offer amnesty in any form, and is in fact now breaking the law and his oath of office by not FAITHFULLY EXECUTING THE LAWS OF OUR COUNTRY AS HE SWORE AN OATH TO DO.

  • Feeling Stonewalled

    Multiple polls have shown that the American Public wants protection from the influx of illegal aliens before offering them protection from the arms of Justice~

    It’s already apparent that the opinion of the People is no longer what drives Legislation. How many times have you heard the Liberal argument that illegal aliens should be licensed to drive, so they can get to Work? (which, although 21 States have either flouted Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) or have presented bills to do so this year, is clearly illegal in and of itself)

    — ref: Criminal Resource Manual:

    “Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts.”

  • ChillyinAlaska

    Obama will be impeached, along with the democrats urging him to break the constitution. Democrats had better re-read the constitution which gives CONGRESS the power of immigration and naturalization, not the president. Anything Obama does illegally can be undone, so be sure to get all the names and addresses of these illegals so we can round them up and deport them after Obama and the other traitors are removed from office and tried for their crimes.

    The AMERICAN PEOPLE are SEVENTY percent opposed to amnesty in any form, including any legalization/green cards/work permits. The democrats will be soon suffering a dramatic political beating, because of their insistence on doing these things the AMERICAN PEOPLE oppose, like Obamacare and allowing this invasion of illegal aliens into OUR country.

    • Rochelle Renee

      If he goes through with this, he’ll be lucky if he only gets impeached. Impeachment is the last of his worries with this move. The same applies to the list of anti-American traitors pushing and supporting him in this.

    • quercus454

      Obama will never be impeached. There are too many people in love with the idea of a Black President to let the first one to be impeached. The affirmative action policies of this country gave us Obama. he continually gets the AA pass. No White man or woman President would ever have been allowed to get by with what Obama has.

  • craigdunstan61

    Here is a link to his Facebook Page:

    Leave comments on his page expressing how American Patriots do not wan’t Amnesty for illegal immigrants!

    Here is a link to his twitter profile:

  • 42n81

    Quit flapping your lips, do it. Let’s see if dems have the guts. They know it will be their albatross, that is what they are all talk. In meantime, cha Ching….Gutierrez will rake in cash and live well, just like fellow race baiters Jackson, sharpton..

  • BMarie

    We already know what the result of another amnesty will be – millions more illegals flooding across our borders – exactly what happened after the Reagan amnesty. The U.S. taxpayer has been footing the bill for this in terms of lower wages for many jobs, welfare subsidies, health care, education for illegal children, etc. These are not undocumented workers, they are illegals who are breaking our laws 24 hours a day just by being here. And we are so stupid we have allowed it for decades. All this talk of enforcing the border before the Republicans agree to any change in immigration policy is also ridiculous. The illegals will always find a way around whatever enforcement we put in place and it will just be many more billions of our dollars wasted. Our laws should be enforced, the “Family Reunification Act” should be cancelled, people who sponsor anyone for a visa should be forced to pay expenses when the immigrant doesn’t or can’t, just as they agree to when they become a sponsor, children born here to two illegals should not be U.S. citizens just because the mother manages to give birth on this side of the border to have an anchor baby, and we should quit providing any sort of taxpayer money or jobs or driver’s licenses to any illegal for any reason except emergency medical care and then they should be deported. The writer who said the Dems want amnesty to create millions more voters for their party is correct and the Republicans ought to realize that no matter what stance they take they will not gain many voters from this group unless they start voting to throw away our tax money. U.S. citizens are fined or imprisoned when we break the law and yet we have allowed our laws to be broken by illegals on an unprecedented scale for far too long and have done little to nothing about it. This needs to stop. Both legal and illegal immigration need serious reform, not hype, and our elected representatives ought to start doing their jobs and work out a plan that is pro-U.S. citizen and not pro-criminal.

  • Rochelle Renee

    Rico violations all around – for him if he does this and add any person with the authority to try to block the prosecution of this crime and treason against the American people and America (judges, politicians, inclusive).

  • J.s.

    Illegals that do not respect our laws are not welcome as citizens, voters, or Americans. They should return to their country or origin and apply for legal ways to enter our country.
    If democrats continue to push illegals down our throats it will backfire not only against the democrats but against the illegals as well.
    Go back home and return legally. Stop costing and ruining our school system, draining our health care system, and our social services.

  • grevious channing

    Come on Obammy! Use that phone and pen and sign the legislation! Come November, the backlash against you and your dumbocrap Socialists will result in a tidal wave of defeat in both the Senate and the House. Once the GOP has a veto proof Senate, we’ll undo all the malicious damage that you have wrought upon our nation. PLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEE SIGN THE LEGISLATION!

  • Charlie Dalton

    Fairness? In 2006, government services provided to illegal aliens, cost US citizens around $50 billion.

  • Joe Guzzardi

    It looks like incumbent Senate Democrats in tight races who voted for S.744 are begging Obama not to do it. They know it’s the kiss of death for them.

  • Santiago Alemedia

    It’s not surprising that the President is going to circumvent the law to to give goodies to illegals who circumvented the law to get what they wanted. Take whatever you need, do whatever you want. Forget laws and come anyway is the new message from this president. I am done with the Democratic party.

  • mikeandle

    More than 50,000 hardened criminal illegal aliens ordered deported remain in the U.S. because their native countries refuse to take them back.

  • Lee Christmas

    More mayhem:

  • Malcolm Powers

    And here we find yet another illegal alien serial rapist:

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