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February 9, 2016

Congresswoman Wants Dobson to Apologize for Calling Obama ‘Abortion President’

Hahn (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Hahn (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Dr. James Dobson should apologize for referring to President Barack Obama as “the abortion president” at last week’s National Day of Prayer, says Rep. Janice Hahn, who walked out of the event in protest.

The California congresswoman sent a letter to Dobson, a talk show host and author, taking issue with the May 1 remarks at the event.

Hahn, who served as a co-chairwoman of the National Prayer Breakfast in February and oversees, with Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, a congressional prayer breakfast for colleagues each week, took issue with Dobson’s political commentary and walked out in the middle of his speech.

“Last week, when I attended the National Day of Prayer, I expected a day to bring people in our nation and Congress together,” Hahn wrote in her letter, obtained by CQ Roll Call. “Instead, your remarks were divisive, and I thought inappropriate for this non-partisan event.

“I think you owe the Members of Congress who took time out of their busy day to attend an apology,” she wrote. “This would be the first step in healing a wound that you inflicted with your disrespectful and inappropriate speech.”

The National Day of Prayer is typically held on the first Thursday of May; since its inception, every president, regardless of faith or party affiliation, has issued a proclamation in support of the occasion. Its official website describes the event as one that “belongs to all Americans” and “is not sponsored or owned by any one group.”

Dobson does, however, happen to be the husband of Shirley Dobson, the head of the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

Hahn told CQ Roll Call that she was considering bringing up the issue with fellow attendees of the weekly prayer breakfast to explore taking additional action, but that might not sit well with her co-chairman, staunch conservative Gohmert.

“I can understand Janice’s position,” Gohmert said last week. “I can also well understand Dr. Dobson’s frustration because it is their belief that assisting in any way, including providing funding, for abortion, is a sin.”

In the meantime, a spokeswoman for Hahn said that she has received countless letters of support since her protest of Dobson’s remarks.

Here is the full letter:

Dear Dr. Dobson,

I am writing to you concerning last week’s National Day of Prayer. Although I publicly stated why I strongly believe the event should not be politicized, I never directly discussed it with you.

I am a person of strong faith, which comes from my family – including my grandparents who were missionaries in Japan. My parents ensured that I had a Christian education, and as a result, my faith is a strong guide for me professionally and personally. As a young mother in the 1980s, I listened to your radio show Focus on the Family regularly and read Dare to Discipline faithfully.

When I won my Congressional seat in a special election, I immediately joined the Congressional Prayer Breakfast. In this weekly breakfast, Democrats and Republicans put aside their political beliefs for an hour each week. We sing hymns, pray for each other, and hear the testimonies of Members of Congress. For over the last year, I have been the co-chair of the breakfast with Rep. Louie Gohmert. Together, we chaired the National Prayer Breakfast this past February—where 5000 people attend from over 120 countries. Louie and I are on different sides of the political spectrum and never agree on policy matters. But, we came together for this event and attendees could tell that we are true friends—we projected the spirit of unity even though we differ on politics.

Last week, when I attended the National Day of Prayer, I expected a day to bring people in our nation and Congress together. Instead, your remarks were divisive, and I thought inappropriate for this non-partisan event.

You also missed what the American public wants – the end of partisan bickering and coming together for our great nation. We can always find things that divide us. It is harder — but more rewarding — to find common ground.

I hope in the future you can put aside your agenda and work to bring the American people together to pray for our country at events such as the National Day of Prayer.

I think you owe the Members of Congress who took time out of their busy day to attend an apology. That would be the first step in healing a wound that you inflicted with your disrespectful and inappropriate speech.


Janice Hahn

Member of Congress

  • Aces High

    Anyone in politics should be fined severely for bringing up their religious beliefs….separation of church and state remember??…also..what if a muslum was a member of congress and forced their religious beliefs down peoples throats???…it should not be brought up at all EVER… it doesn’t mater how you feel about could argue that the bible sais a man should have several wives instead of one…but our law dictates that its illegal to have more then one…

    • Pablo

      Damn that stupid First Amendment! People should never say things that piss me off!

      Hey, where is that “separation of church and state” written?

      • numerouno1

        Republicans want clerics to run the United States Federal government. Then we can have prayer all the time and get back on the right track: burning heretics and exploiting the poor and enslaving non-whites.

        • Chaz Lesniewicz

          Dumb comment

        • pyramid_003

          1. Ignore question.
          2. Make outrageous statement.
          3. Pat self on back for being such a decisive debater.

        • DoucheOwebama

          Why don’t you go back to trolling the elementary schools for your Prom date you Pedo-douche bast*rd. GFY.

      • Aces High

        You obviously don’t get it…really…where has all the differences of religion ever gotten us?? especially the catholic religion??..its proven itself to have murdered and destroyed millions of lives for centuries!!…these are facts…not my opinion…the church is falling and so is the “puritist” idealisms….the republicans act as if they are fighting a holy war..we all know this to be true..i used to be a catholic and republican…so we can pretend all we want..but the truth is…republicans want to tell people who to serve and what religion this country will follow…remember the salem witch trials???ooops sorry we were wrong about that to…please!!!! enough of the horse sh*t already….

        • DoucheOwebama

          You are WAY off. Republicans want people to choose their own religions and not have some INCOMPETENT ad-menstruation attack them because they are CATHOLIC or Christian. I have had it up to here with these bast*rds shoving their LGBT bullsh*t down Americas throat (no pun intended). Your “Messiah” is the WORST offender of them all…and that douche is a Muslim-oving, anti-American piece of dogsh*t, so go back to your one-handed “alone time” with your Blowbama blowup doll and pi$$ off, a$$hole.

  • felixoti

    It would have been true if there were no abortions during James Dobson’s Republican presidencies. If they had eradicated abortion, I would have agreed with his comments; unfortunately, their promotion of freedom and government non-interference in personal lives caused our youths to believe that fornication was fine and allowed. You cannot eat your cake and have it.
    If abortion is still a problem today, James Dobson and his like should ask themselves what they did in over 30 years to stop, or curb it

    • notdatkindacoke

      Put your car in drive, and go over a cliff. Think of the amount you will be saving us in social security payments, and the bytes for storing your useless comments.

    • Pablo

      Maybe you should find the answer for that question instead of assuming that it is “nothing.” It most assuredly is not.

    • irishsmile

      I will only vote for pro-life candidates & it doesn’t matter to me what political party supports them. McCain is not pro-life nor against gay marriage. He is as bad as Pelosi.

    • Josey_Montana

      I was a kid during the Reagan years and I never got that message.

      Maybe “certain people” got that message but not my kind.

  • indictthemnow

    When you apologize for that hideous turtle neck, ‘babe’.

  • jack

    This woman should be made to stand and watch abortions for a week… might change her sick little mind.

    • Aces High

      what???? the abortion doctor etc.. sees them all week..and it hasn’t changed his mind. what are your thoughts on the African girls being sold into sex slavery and aborting the fetus’ of the product of them being raped?..intelligent replies only please..all others will not be answered!! this is only a discussion..( I know how republicans start grinding their teeth and throwing stuff when people try to engage in a civil conversation)

      • Harold

        So, you are wanting to discuss the extreme cases only? Well, I would make this deal in an instant – abortions only in cases of rape. That would save millions of lives.

        Of course, the number of women wrongfully claiming rape would skyrocket.

        • numerouno1

          I see you have a profound respect for women.

          • DoucheOwebama

            I see you have a profound respect for incompetent doucheb*g DUMBocrats.

        • irishsmile

          More women are raped than you will ever know! Very heartless!!! If it is your wife or daughter…, would you object?

          • Josey_Montana

            I call bullshit on that claim.

    • John C Tithof

      One week sounds a little light to me!

    • Frisbee

      This creep is an abortion. And, what’s with that neck? Looks like she and Crazy-Eyes Pelosi had the same plastic surgeon. She should be fined and thrown in jail for appearing with that head in public. Cover up, you bag of barf!

  • John C Tithof

    Why feel wrong about telling what most people think, that this President is the aboartion doctor.He also has blood on his hands for the four people he did not try to save in Benghazi.

    • Frisbee

      But, Hilary asked, “What does it matter?” She was real bitchy about that, too, and those tough Congressmen looked like they needed their panties changed when she was done with them.

      • Steve Kellmeyer

        And that’s the key here. This breakfast happened so long ago, that what, at this point, does it matter?

        She needs to MOA

  • Flyinelvis

    Janice Hahn is a typical liberal piece of trash. She and her brother Jimmy only got voted into office in Los Angeles because of her deceased dad’s coattails. Her daddy parceled out and wasted so much tax payer money to ghetto idiots in south central Los Angeles during the 70-80s that the idiots see the name Hahn on the ballot and they think it is Kenneth running for office from the grave.

    • motcollins

      Sorry that didn’t work for Liz Cheney.

      Oh wait…no I’m not.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    If our founding fathers could have seen us today, they would have packed up, went back to England and apologized to the king.

    • notdatkindacoke

      Or at least, not bothered to rebel.

    • Josey_Montana

      I agree with you. My ancestors were here in 1776: Dutch Reformed, Huguenots and Dissenters mainly, including the Pilgrim Fathers.

      I cannot imagine, knowing how soon it went to hell, they would sacrifice life and limb. Better to have cut a deal with their respective kings and let bygones be bygones.

      A tear wells up writing that.

  • matty

    But it is just fine to call Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, right?

  • Frisbee

    Rep Janice Hahn has trouble with the constitution and honest and decent people using their right of freedom of speech, but, she sees nothing wrong with the holocaust of tens of millions of innocent babies ripped apart alive while in their mother’s wombs. She makes the ghost of Adolf Hitler proud. May she and her ilk rot from the inside.

  • notdatkindacoke

    No apology is needed. Dobson wanted McCain as a candidate in 2008, because of abortion. (In hopes of defending against Obama). The fact is Obama has emphasized his position repeatedly, and no apology is needed. Am not sure what God Hahn is praying to, anyway, but it isn’t the Christian or Jewish God.

    • Pablo

      Obama did state, quite emphatically, that he wants his daughters to be able to kill his unborn grandchildren. Hell of a family man, ain’t he?

      • Steve Kellmeyer

        He just hates black babies, is all.

        • DoucheOwebama

          And all Americans who aren’t Gub’ment teat sucking SHEEP…

  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    Since negative consequences may arise when we accept responsibility, our natural tendency to avoid them is most easily achieved by not accepting the responsibility that leads to them in the first place.

  • MNHawk

    Why do un-American Democrat pieces of garbage always call for censoring others’ speech?

    • Brian Barkley

      If you don’t kiss their butt you’re evil.

  • Steve Kellmeyer

    That’s liberals – always trying to force their beliefs on others. Why should Dobson apologize?

    She was divisive by walking out, and refusing to embrace a multicultural viewpoint, in which all people have the right to be accepted, regardless of what they think, say or do! What happened to “co-exist”, honey?

    • motcollins

      Yes, why shouldn’t he be allowed to be a histrionic grifter wherever he goes?

      • DoucheOwebama

        Get a job, you piece of SH*T.

  • irishsmile

    As a “previous”, life-long cradle Democrat (now an Independent), I perceive that this Congress woman does not like to acknowledge the simple truth. The party that I supported and worked for my entire life has turned into the party which seems to have three interests: legalizing drugs, abortion and gay marriage.

    • gregoryvii

      The party which you supported and worked for your entire life has turned into the party of complete and total Communism, and I say this in all truth!

  • rubenaguilar

    Calling President Obama, as the abortion president, and rightly so, is nothing compared to the pain and horrible death so many “little ones” suffer. Where is Mrs Hahn’s indignation where true evil works. Where is better to defend life than at a Prayer Breakfast?

    • Aces High

      please….is the save the whales campaign on your “things to do in life” schedule to?…

      • rubenaguilar

        Good afternoon Aces High. I don’t understand your reply. The little ones I referred to are the millions of unborn babies that have been aborted, human babies. My biggest thing to do in life is get others and myself to Heaven. Love is the desire for the best for others, and heaven is the best. I follow the Churches lead in that I propose, not impose. God Bless you and your family!

        • Aces High

          hmmmm…sooo..where are all the people since the beginning of mankind ( that’s an incredibly large amount of people you know) exactly after death????….and where did the caveman go after they died?? hmmm..the dinosaurs mustve really upset someone…& then there was that crazy guy in Germany that exterminated like 3 million people many of them children and elderly to..?? just a question..don’t label me a witch and burn me at a stake or anything..just merely a question…im not discounting your “god”…there seems to be so many anymore…I even encountered a rather strange “religious group ” while I attended a marines funeral..that picketed the funeral…(until several of us convinced them to leave of course)…as a species we have had the worse impact on this planet and all the other species on it,including our own… then any other species yet to come…and religion has served as the most commonly used tool towards obedience for millennia….so forgive me 4 being…”on the fence”..i have witnessed some VERY good reasons that a woman should have the right to choose..oh..and may the wind blow gently on your back, may the sun shine softly on your face,may the rain drop gently on your fields.may your bounty be full and your hunt and harvest seasons merry!!!!

          • DoucheOwebama

            Blah blah blah….how does it feel to be the world’s first living abortion, douche? GFY.

  • danhan1

    Barry likes abortion and thinks a botched one calls for outright murder. What is the congresswoman so shook up about? Calling an abortionist and abortionist seems like calling a rock a rock or a dope a dope.

    • DoucheOwebama

      Barry needs to take Michael “3-dollar bill” Sam to the bath house with him…

  • Josey_Montana

    Oh boo hoo.

    So is this broad a Democrat or not?

    Either way she needs a thicker skin. This “I offended that you didn’t kiss my butt” stuff is the main reason America lost its civilization to Babylon.

  • whooosh

    After what Obama has done to this country, Obama should be the poster child for abortion. I cant think of a belter reason for a woman having an abortion, than this incompetent fool.

  • PlainOldTruth

    Janice Hahnowes Lou Dobson an apology. Want to learn something about the hidden history of infanticide as practiced by sociopathic child care providers. Read “Death on the Baby Farm.”

  • Brian Barkley

    With all he’s done for Planned Parenthood you would think they would be proud of being called the abortion President.

  • DoucheOwebama

    You come to my office and you will be shot on sight, you Blowbama d*ck sucking DOUCHE.

  • Jake Steele

    RIP AMERICA, you were great once…

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