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February 7, 2016

Democrats Turn Back GOP’s Piecemeal Funding Strategy

House Republicans tried to soften the blow — in reality and politically — of a government shutdown Tuesday with bills that would provide funding for veterans, for national parks and for the District of Columbia. But Democrats said no.

Republicans tried to pass the three bills under suspension of the rules, in which a two-thirds majority is required. But Democrats, who characterized them as face-saving measures after forcing a government shutdown, refused.

The House rejected the veterans affairs funding bill, 264-164, with 33 Democrats joining all Republicans in support of the measure. The national parks bill was rejected 252-176, with 22 Democrats joining all but one Republican (Rep. Don Young of Alaska) in support of the measure; the D.C. funding bill was rejected 265-163, with 34 Democrats joining all Republicans in support of the measure.

House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said his panel would bring the three bills up under a rule on Wednesday, so Republicans could pass the measures with a simple majority. It’s an open question whether Sessions would allow Democrats to have a standard motion to recommit on the bills, for fear that Democrats would force Republicans to go on record opposing a “clean” CR through a procedural vote.

House Republicans had hoped to force Democrats to concede to fund the government piece by piece by putting generally noncontroversial bills on the floor, or, at least, make Democrats reject funding popular programs.

Leading up to the government shutdown, Democrats joined with Republicans in both chambers to overwhelmingly pass a bill that would ensure the troops continued to get paid in the event of lapsed appropriations.

But Democrats largely united against the mini-continuing resolutions in a statement against the Republicans’ gesture of “cherry-picking” certain programs and functions to reopen, going with the low-hanging fruits and not more contentious agencies such as the IRS and the EPA.

“The idea of shutting down the whole government and then when we get adverse reaction from our constituents we pick and choose, we open up a few. What happens tomorrow when the Social Security Administration comes to us and says, ‘What about the 16,000 employees we just furloughed?'” said Rep. James P. Moran, D-Va., who went on to call the strategy an “act of desperation” and “a band-aid.”

“They took hostages by shutting down the government and now they are releasing one hostage at a time,” said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Knowing they would be denied, Democrats took turns offering unanimous consent requests for the House to bring up the Senate’s “clean” CR. Time and time again, the presiding officer, Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Ill., shot down the requests.

Democrats tried the tactic so many times that Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., made a point of order to ask, “At what point does it become dilatory activity inconsistent with proper decorum of the House?”

The White House said earlier in the day that President Barack Obama would veto the stand-alone CR’s should they make their way to the Oval Office — that outcome is unlikely, as Senate Democrats have declared their unwillingness to engage with House Republicans in such a tactic.

“How does the White House justify signing the troop funding bill, but vetoing similar measures for veterans, National Parks, and the District of Columbia?” asked Michael Steel, a spokesman for Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, in a statement. “The President can’t continue to complain about the impact of the government shutdown on veterans, visitors at National parks, and DC while vetoing bills to help them.

“The White House position is unsustainably hypocritical,” Steel said.

The bill to fund the operations of the District of Columbia through Dec. 15 was perhaps thought to be a gift to Democrats, who have traditionally aligned themselves with D.C. residents more so than their GOP counterparts in the fight for self-determination. But Democrats turned away the measure, sticking to their broader political strategy to defeat the piecemeal bills in defiance of the new Republican approach.

Rep. José E. Serrano, D-N.Y., a longtime ally of the District and ranking member on the appropriations subcommittee that has jurisdiction over D.C. affairs, suggested that he would have to avoid Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., for the next few days, suggesting that his “no” vote would have consequences for their relationship going forward.

“This is a sham of a process and a fake bill, designed by the tea party, for the tea party and of the tea party,” said Serrano. “This is part of a trick.”

At one point appearing as though she were close to tears, Norton delivered an impassioned plea for members to vote to fund D.C. through the government shutdown.

“What would you do if your local budget was here? Would you mention it in the same breath with the HHS budget or the Labor Department budget or the VA’s budget?” Norton said. “Don’t dare compare us to your appropriations. I understand the resentment on my side to what is being done here, but carry out your resentment without putting us in a position of a thing.”

Republicans, for their part, expressed — perhaps even feigned — shock that Democrats would vote against the bill.

“I can’t believe the gentleman would oppose this bill,” said Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky. “This is a clean-funding mechanism, nearly identical to what was included in the initial clean continuing resolution.

“This funding is solely local and does not come out of the federal covers. they will fund critical district programs, law enforcement, safety, the schools and other essential municipal activities. I can’t believe that I’m hearing opposition to that from that side of the aisle or any side of any aisle,” Rogers said.

But Democrats continued to insist the issue wasn’t over funding D.C.

“This debate is heartbreaking to me,” said Norton, maintaining that Republicans were playing politics with D.C. “This is a living, breathing city.”


  • davidhouston

    So an all consuming desire by the Dems for partisan advantage.
    Aided and abetted by the press the shutdown was a staged Democratic event.

    • StopThisMadness

      Yep. And don’t look for it to end soon….the Dems raised $850,000 by fundraising off their base who never seem to realize that they’re being played for fools….on every issue. The Dems are $18 million in the hole so they have to keep this shutdown hoax going.

      • bobruark

        They are not being played for fools. Newsflash !! they ARE FOOLS…I know some of them, some of them think they are my friends…I know for a fact they are FOOLS

        • Penswords

          I think Boehner doesn’t want Obama to have a victory–he knows this is going to work in the long run. Obamacare IS ROMNEY care. Remember? The Right complained about social security, too. It will be a process. Don’t be afraid–do some research. This was inevitable since the ’80’s and Reagan’s sympathy for rich people with corporate interests. Income disparity and rising healthcare costs have been the culprit, but no one wants to tell THEM they have limits either. There is a limit to income disparity–and we are at it right now. WITNESS: it is not sustainable at this level. This had to happen. In the long run it will be better. Sure, there will have to be adjustments as time reveals what works better.

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Just a quick comment on your post:
            1. Romney Care is not as great as you think (I don’t know where you reside, but I’m sure its not MA), its coasting WAY more than was forecasted and the cost of premiums are exploding each year.
            The “income disparity” is at record high and under Obama each year in office, it has gotten worse, WAY WORSE. But that was truly “inevitable” because the more centrally controlled (or socialists) a country is the larger the income gap is. That’s a FACT.
            The thing that is “not sustainable” is our national debt of 17 Trillion or yearly operating deficiencies of 1+ Trillion that Obama is running up. This in the face of the government bringing in record high tax revenue.

    • pmorton

      72% of Americans blame the Republicans and justly so. Jim DeMint, aided by Ted Cruz started this mess and they own it.

      • StopThisMadness

        And the majority of Americans oppose Obamacare, Obama’s numbers are in the tank, and the majority of people believe that our country is going in the wrong direction….so you point is…what?

        • pmorton

          Obama has a 52% approval rating. Congress has a 10% approval rating. A plurality oppose Obamacare, 46%, but a majority approve the ACA. So, what’s your point?

          • wag_dog_69

            You are cherry picking the polls. Obama hasn’t had an approval rating above 50% since well before the Syrian debacle. Obamacare was only a one party law. It wasn’t popular when it was enacted and is less so now.

          • RobertCarmack

            Obama has a 52% approval rating, ahh to live in the land of lollipops and unicorns…

          • Reyna Silvia Holly

            Gallup and CNN have him at 43% and those are just as recent as Rasmaussen.

          • bill v

            Ahh yes pmorton, cherry pick the CNN poll which played word games with Obamacare vs the ACA. USA Today has a poll out with a clear majority, 53% OPPOSING this law. The New York Times has another poll showing Obama’s approval at 43%. So, what’s your point?? We can do this all day.

          • Reid Linwood

            52% approval rating? Where? The Last New York Times/CBS poll from a few days ago has him at 43%. The last Reuters/Ipsos poll has him at 39%. Gallup is at 45%. Please, please tell me where this magical poll is that shows Obama having a majority approval rating.

          • Kenya_Diggit


          • LT B

            76.32% of all statistics in blogs are made up.

          • Marlene Hessler

            Last poll I saw had 0blamo at 43% and dropping.

        • Penswords

          No we don’t. Just the 65 people on here.

      • Ibulena

        This mess was started by Obama and his administration 2008 and THEY OWN IT!

  • Bennie

    This is the same tactic the Political Right in Congress did with the sequester taking the sting out of the sequester. That is why the sequester is still in operation. This attempt to piecemeal the shutdown would have the same effect allowing the shutdown to go on and on. The Democrats in Congress were and are right in refusing the piecemeal attempts. The Political Right caused the shutdown and thus they should carry the full effect of it, otherwise if the Democrats were to give into the piecemeal attempts, removing the sting, so they could save face and continue the shutdown for a very long time just like the sequester.

    • Valley Forge

      How is it bad policy to “take the sting” out of a budget cut? If there’s no sting left, then it can’t be so bad. Dems are just terrified that a majority of voters will discover they only care about a fraction of what the govt does.

      • godblessusa

        “Democrats are the ones injecting pet social issues into every debate and election for the last several years.”

        Exactly! Debates and elections. THAT is the proper place for pet issues. Not extortion and shutdown.

        • Wade Smith

          By definition everything Congress and the President do are debates. All elections have consequences such as the Republicans holding the majority in the House. The Democrats hold the Senate. The correct way is for each to pass their legislation and to go to a reconciliation conference. This is the reconciliation conference that the Democrats have refused to attend.

    • Ken Lowther

      There is no requirement that a “clean” CR be passed. That’s merely a political demand of the president and the Senate leadership, one which they wouldn’t necessarily abide by were the shoe on the other foot.

      Both sides caused the shutdown…it has been five years in the making. The fact that you can’t see it shows where your loyalties lie.

      • LT B

        We are discussing the wrong thing here. Why are we dealing with a CR at all? Why over the past 5 years or so have we not had an actual budget? Why are we going from CR crisis to CR crisis? It used to be they would come in for a short bit while the budget was a bit late. Now, the Democratically run Senate will not send a counter proposal back to the House, nor will they bring the House budget to the Senate floor for a vote. The Democrats wanted a shutdown as they think the American population will blame the Republicans. Largely because we, as a people, have the attention span of a 5 year old. Forget the CR, write a budget and send it to the Senate!

      • Marlene Hessler

        This is 0bama’s and Reid’s shutdown. They refused several very reasonable compromises. Now they will try the same approach to raising the debt limit.
        Republicans and Patriots of both Houses vote NO on ANY DEBT LIMIT INCREASE. Shut down the thugs.

    • hoistthatrag

      You are one sick puppy. There’s medication out there for you…look for it.

    • Kenya_Diggit

      So you are saying that if Obumbles doesn’t get his way, he is unwilling to fund other “Piecemeal” bills?

      There is your answer of who is willing to shut the government down.

    • HappyG

      Do you have any idea how our government agencies were funded in the past?

  • Valley Forge

    So passing individual funding bills, the normal course of appropriations for two centuries, is now a trick.

    And Republicans having the gall to pick and choose what to fund is hostage-taking. Just like my wife takes hostages when she refuses me money to buy a jet ski but has the gall to buy groceries.

    • godblessusa

      They took the entire government hostage and now want to release one hostage at a time. Because they’re feeling the heat.

      And it is not at all “the normal course of appropriations” to pass funding bills…AFTER shutting down the government.

      • buffmuffin

        They already passed bills to fund the entire government, save one item… It is the dems holding them hostage over only one service.. Obamacare.

        • Mike4444

          This can go on until Christmas for all I care.

          • truthistreason


          • TBW

            I hope it goes on until my grand children are elderly! Shutting down the Fed monster is the only way we can stop the bankrupting of the nation!

          • Un HappyCust

            It won’t save any money. This is just a paid vacation for Federal Workers. They will get all the back pay once the Government starts up. All that is happening now is we are paying them to do slightly less work then typical, but paying them in a week or so later. All the “can’t pay my bills” folks are saying they have no savings and lots of bills i.e. Government.

          • rhzszm

            People who can’t pay bills lose those things they’re in debt for. It’s as natural as death and taxes, to abolish it would be selective socialism.

          • Un HappyCust

            Yes. I agree. The point I was trying to make was that the public employee unions will require back pay. So while they are not at work at the moment once the funding comes through they will be paid as if they had been at work.
            The media keeps showing workers who say they cannot pay bills and will loose everything. I agree don’t pay and you loose it. My point was that they will be able to pay for the items because they will get the same amount of pay for the same amount of time. The pay will just be deferred until the next pay period. If they had any saving at all they would be able to last a month. Typical Government thinking and planning is to have no savings, so the smallest of pay delay causes total failure. Shouldn’t we all be responsible enough to be able to last at least one paycheck?

          • brtova

            Could you give me some proof of this?

          • Un HappyCust

            After the previous 16 shut-downs Fed. workers were paid. If history is not enough of a guide put in the dots and read bill: www govtrack us/congress/bills/113/hr3223

          • Matt

            And after Christmas… Hell indefinitely for all I care!

          • Penswords

            Obamacare is the law. It was already challenged. Still legal. I know small business people who like it, but they always offered insurance to their workers. The only people crying are those who would jack their workers to try to youget into the billionaire club. Hint-hint: The billionaires don’t want you. They are never gonna let you in, so stopkidding yourself you& accept the fact.

        • ragething

          exactly. they wish to defund ACA in anyway they can as they couldn’t manage it through legal channels. they are using this as a trick. they will fund everything except ACA. Its already law. If you dont think this isnt hostage taking, you’re kidding yourself. Im from england and have no skin in the game. I suspect for you, reality has a liberal bias….

      • bill v

        FYI godblessusa, the govt has been “taken hostage”, to use your term, 17 times before this since 1976. Let’s not act like this is something new. It just gets a lot more coverage now because the dems think it will hurt the gop.

      • HappyG

        The only heat they are feeling is from the hot air coming from the mouths of lackey democrats in this nation…Here’s a hint, it’s how our nation has been funded for centuries…

      • LT B

        I know, let’s write an ACTUAL budget, not a CR, and get it to the Senate for debate and ratification.

        • bobruark

          The DEMONcrats have for many years REFUSED to write an ACTUAL budge so gimme break…they are running this country like UGANDA under Idi Amin

          • John “Kahless” Taylor

            Well, to be honest, our President did come up with a budget once. How many politicians voted for it? NOT ONE SINGLE ONE! NO DEM, NO REPUB! Goes to show just how bad his one and only proposal was.

          • Penswords

            Or does it show how WASHINGTON works for corporations, not us? End Citizen’s United.

        • Penswords

          They can do this if they agree to end the corporate welfare. Too bad the Koch Brothers and their ilk OWN those guys. That’s who they work for.

          • LT B

            Koch Brothers? Soros? Corporate Welfare? GM? Soyndra? Sure, I am all for wiping out corporate welfare, and the fight against industry as well. Allow the pipeline to be built, quit over regulating coal, quit fighting against actual job creation. Quit sucking up to the Unions and their money, especially the education union.

      • seventhseal

        the dems in the senate rejected the bill that would fund and keep the government open. BTW…where is the budget that the senate is by law supposed to produce? This would make the CR mute.

        • yobaby86


      • JamesDean911

        WORST President EVER.

        • TBW

          The Kenyan is just as bad as Lincoln! Had the South won we would not be in this mess now!

      • Bill1969xxx

        What the House is doing is not funding what the LAW requires. What kind of precedent does that set? Can a group of congressman then decide to shut down the government because they think drugs should be legal or they want to change the abortion laws? ACA is the law of the land, whether we like it or not, and this government needs to recognize that and get them off this shutdown. Once the shutdown is over, they can get to the work of the American people and negotiate a settlement that is within the boundaries of law. I hate both of these parties, but right now the GOP (or at least the extreme members) don’t appear to understand the rule of law and the way our government and our constitution operates.

        • digriff

          oh but they DO understand. Do you think for ONE SECOND that if what they are doing was unconstitutional they would be able to do it?

          • Penswords

            Yes. They are crazy.

        • Matt

          What they are doing is Constitutional and legal. Unlike what Obama has done by picking and choosing who has to abide by the ACA and who doesn’t. One more thing, if you are so worried about the rule of law why don’t you turn up the heat on Harry Reid who hasn’t passed a budget in the Senate in over 4 years.

        • GiveTheWookieACookie

          You’re a lousy joke! Obama enforces only laws that he agrees with. He’s a dictator, and you hypocritical drones love him!

      • Jim Whitehead

        Yeah homobama! What an honest leader (sarc).

    • rainesson

      ObamaCare Uber Alles. And when you’re slapped you’ll take it and like it!

      (Do I really need to say Sarc Alert?)

      • John (magnum)

        Just goes to show, that the dem/socialist/communist party is ‘all in’ and wanting this shut down!!

        GOD bless America and those that are actually standing up for the American people !!

        • Northern_home_Southern_soul

          You knew the extreme crazy liberals in Congress were all in as soon as they open their mouths. Once the start with the suicide bomber, terrorist, arsonist, baby killer language you know your over the target. Once the true colors of crazy come out on the Dems you know its something they are frightened to death by.
          The dems own this shut down and are just trying to pass the buck so the low-informed blame the Tea Party. Who’s playing politics with peoples lives again?
          Maybe if the extreme socialist in power actually passed a budget during the past 5 years these CR’s wouldn’t be needed.
          Hold the line, the dems will cave, their position is held together by nothing but nasty extreme name-calling.

          • Penswords

            I thought that the House had to pass a budget. Why can’t they take a look at California and pass a budget that cuts spending AND raises taxes on the wealthy? In our country’s salad days that’s how it was–because that’s the only way it works.

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Well each branch is suppose to propose a budget, then the sides negotiate and vote on what’s funded. The House has passed reasonable budgets, but Harry Reid has blocked them, Harry Reid has also offered NO Senate budget up for debate. Obama on the other hand has produced a budget but stopped after it was voted down 99-0. 99-0

            See everything is not as it seems. Harry Reid and Obama are responsible for this Gov shutdown, Harry Reid and Obama are why there is no budget and these continuing resolutions (CR’d) are needed.

            I hope you wake up and put down the propaganda the left serves up. The truth shall set you free.

          • LT B

            But there are rich people, and I am not rich, and I want their money, and I think the government should give it to me and take it from them. Rich people are bad, and I am wonderful for saying rich people are bad. 1%ers are bad, but people that went to college to drink, get high and receive a degree in a non marketable subject should get their money and if they do not, they will defecate on police cars in NY City! This guy cracks me up. He holds California up as the example of fiscal responsibility.

          • brtova

            You stated: ‘But there are rich people, and I am not rich…’
            The system is skewed.
            Can you imagine how much more level the playing field would be if the rich paid the same percentage of taxes as the poor and middle class? And if the rich were not able to write the laws to funnel money from the poor and middle class to the upper class?

          • LT B

            Flat tax then. Then they will pay the same percentage. To think the rich will not be able to funnel legislation to help them is naive. But with the amount of welfare we have I would argue there is a LOT of money funneled in entitlements throughout the economy. Also, the upper echelon of society pays a huge percentage of the taxes the IRS takes in. So, what percentage is the fair share? The real problem is we are spending too much. If we had more jobs, the delta would shrink, or even if it did not shrink, the lower portion would make more money. It is not about the delta, it is about the actual spending power of the middle and lower classes. As for the system being skewed, so what. Work harder, come up w/ a really cool idea and market it. Whatever. Remember, life is not fair.

        • brtova

          You destroy your credibility when you link democrats with socialists, and, of all things, COMMUNISTS.
          That kind of ignorance is what is destroying America.

          • John (magnum)

            You are a FOOL. The American socialist and communist party aligns themselves with the democraps !!

          • LT B

            The far left of the Democrats are very socialist in the ideology and doctrine they espouse. Remember, FDR was a big fan of fascism before the Nazis became the face of it. You can say they are not, but their arguments certainly quack like a socialist duck.

      • TBW

        America Needs Regime Change!

      • TBW

        Perhaps we need Putin to come in and show the Kenyan how to get out of this self created mess too?

        • Penswords

          That’s just racist.

          • TBW

            LOL… Good one! LOL!!!

            Just so you know, I am a man of color!

            LOL… You Kenyan lackeys need to get a new talking point from your DNC cause that one is as wore out as “it’s Bush’s fault”… I’m still LOL… Thank you for that laugh…

          • TBW

            Do you think this is rascist?


      • Penswords

        Isn’t that what the speaker is doing? See how they run. Many Repubs are finally rejecting the the Tea Badgers. This is doing nothing but obstructing the process while hurting thousands of Americans & their families. They don’t care about you. They will throw their own grandmas under the bus. Down with the Tea Badgers. Their day is over.

    • 212112

      It is the Democrats that shut down the government.They are the ones who are so Pig headed they wont compromise.
      IF the ACA is soo good, then eliminate ALL the exemptions that have been granted thru illegal amendments to the law, and let the PEOPLE VOTE ON IT.
      I would bet that on a national vote, the people would reject it.

      • rhzszm

        It is the democrats that spent trillions more than taxpayer receipts on socialist pet projects.

        • Penswords

          Better than only for 1%ers.

          • rhzszm

            So what are you getting out of it?

      • MikeCumpston

        if they compromised or let the republicans fund the programs individually, they would not be able to blame the republicans for not being democrats.

        • brtova

          The majority here, unlike the country as a whole, sound like a bunch of spoiled 3 year-olds squabbling over a toy while the house burns down around them.

          The latest poll says the majority of the country DOES blame the republicans! Ha!

          You are a bunch of tiny (and tinny!) terrorists who hate America and want to destroy a government that is the model for the world. The rest of the world thinks you have lost your minds. So do I.

          I can’t wait until you get your comeuppance next year and get voted out of office and we progressives can get on with building a better America for at least the next 200 years!

          • Luxomni

            They blame the Republicans because the idiot box tells them to. Network news is the propaganda arm of the elite’s government.

          • MikeCumpston

            While those of us who do not respect leftists are in the minority, we are a LARGE minority and are not about to submit to rule by a gaggle of weak, mouthy ineffectual collectivists

          • Penswords

            here here!

          • stephen

            Because the majority they are asking are uninformed people to skew how America really thinks about this POS

          • brtova

            Did you watch Jimmy Kimmel interviewing people in LA whether they preferred Obamacare or the Affordable Care act?
            Ha! Ha! Ha!

            This kind of ignorance plays right into the tea party’s disinformation tactics.

            Some people would rather win at any cost than to live according to any sense of morality.

            All the tea baggers want is POWER and they don’t care how they get it or what they do to the American people or Democracy once they get power.
            If you repeat a lie again and again, some ignorant fool is going to believe it.
            Damn! I remember when I believed that most people really care about and try to be moral. (And the TB’s make such a stink about “Morality”.)

      • Chaos85

        The problem here is that half the people in America don’t know that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing! They’ve even said they hate one and support the other, just because of which name is used.

      • OldmanRick

        Marxists never do like to compromise. With them it’s their way or the highway.

        • Penswords

          Boehner is a Marxist?

      • Luxomni

        The Supreme Court declared it was a tax. So be it. Since when is the President allowed to make some groups immune from a National tax? NO WAIVERS. Every union, every company, and every Federal Employee including Congress and the President should be on it. See how long Washington will put up with it then.

    • Lloyd__Christmas

      I hate it when my wife does that.

      So, now we have it on record that the democrats are against Vets and our national parks. That should look great for the next election cycle.

      • Penswords

        Boehner did it, not Obama, not the Dems. The Drunken Tea Party is holding the country hostage after unsuccessfully trying to take down the ACA through the Supreme Court. How is it that a party who claims they are pro-constitution insists on the undoing of a President who won fair and square (unlike Bush the first time around), and a law that a mostly Republican dominated Supreme Court PASSED, held up as true and valid. SORE LOSERS. THey are not the majority–and anyone on here who tries to say they are fighting for this country is delusional. DELUSIONAL.

        • stephen

          Once again an uniformed troll

    • TBW

      Valley Forge, your wife is obviously a terrorist, anarchist, anti-Christ, hostage taking conservative for thinking rationally and feeding your family rather than blowing the money to “feel good” up until you fall down starving weak…

      • Penswords

        Yeah, that would be like a man who kept all the money he made and forced his family to get foodstamps. OH–sounds like corporations like Walmart! Imagine that. But–THEY still get their corporate welfare because they create crap jobs no one can live off of–and don’t offer benefits because no one can get a full-time job there.

        • TBW

          First off, start a boycott against Wal-Mart because they sell poor quality Chinese crap and I am with you. I refuse to shop there for that reason.

          As for your analogy, you are terribly confused. Wal-Mart pays its stockholders their profits and grows the company, just like any functioning corporation.

          I think all corporations should pay a flat gross receipts tax for domestic and international sales. No BS write offs and deductions. The country of The Bahamas does this and it works effectively without tax attorneys and CPA’s eating your lunch.

          As for the wages, it pays what the market demands just like any company. You can blame ObammyCare for the short work weeks. That will become common now so company’s can avoid this massive boondoggle…

    • stephen

      love the analogy!!!

  • Cameiros

    Republican cowards and hypocrites.
    Has a Republican ever taken a principaled stand?
    They talk about shutting the government – but thats only for show to their weak minded followers.
    In reality they’re funding the ‘guvment’ piecemeal.
    If you’re going to shut the ‘guvment’ shut it.

    • Ken Lowther

      Name calling does nobody any good, particularly you.
      Both sides are taking “principaled stand”s (sic), hence the shutdown. You do realizes both houses have to pass a bill and send it to the president’s desk? So yes “they” shut the government down, but the group is a lot more inclusive than you make it out to be. If this shutdown is anything like the last one, it’s nothing more than a long paid vacation for federal workers at taxpayer expense.

    • Reyna Silvia Holly

      No. The Dems have shut down the government and will do whatever is necessary to bring in total socialism.

  • hoistthatrag

    When they’re not drugging, robbing, kidnapping, assaulting, shooting, molesting, raping, maiming or murdering the rest of us…filling up our jails and prisons…the Democrat base is hard at work shutting down the government.

  • robin hood in reverse

    We are the Scottish Enlightenment Shining City on the Hill. In 1776, Adam Smith wrote the “Wealth of Nations”. Wealth of Nations is easy to summarize. People play free market basketball on a diving board. Pathetic despots constipate the diving board of life with bailouts, barriers, codes, kick backs, and clipped coins. The despot wants to turn the board into a czar mat so the despot can play with his drone stick. That’s the only way losers can get some loving.

    A Harvard Professor and previous President of IMF wrote a book called “This time is Different” . Carman Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff studied fiscal crisis in 65 countries over 500 years.

    Government is a monopoly that is 20% more expensive than the free market.

    If we go from a 38% tax rate to 20% tax rate with a balanced budget the private sector will grow from $11 Trillion to over $16 Trillion. Tax revenue won’t decrease 48%. Tax revenue will only decrease 24%. Half of Washington won’t have to go on a permanent vacation, only one out four. Employment will increase 25% so displaced bureaucrats will have lots of new opportunities to contribute to society.

    If we get down to a balanced 10%, $20 Trillion – more than a 60% increase in jobs if half of Washington goes on a permanent vacation, each dollar earned buys ($0.90/$0.62) 45% more, and hard America becomes a soft warm place and our soft power will return but its all about feelings.

    Obama, Reid, and few others are all that are in our way.

    • Tom Gilbert

      good points, but you forget one thing………Agenda 21. That’s the plan of the UN and one world government crowd.

  • buffmuffin

    That’s because Dems are the ones shutting down the government.

    Republicans have already passed bills that would fund the entire government except Obamacare.. Not interested.

    They want the government shut down to punish the American people for daring to oppose their agenda.

    Each individual item the Dems complain about being shut.. Veterans, national parks, you name it, the Republicans pass a bill funding it and the Dems reject it…

    They want them closed because the dems are holding these services as a gun to the heads of the American people, punishing them by holding them hostage.

    • Penswords

      SPOILER: You are not the majority.

  • Concernedduude

    Have to make the shut down as difficult as possible. That way there will be more blame to shift.

  • jfgalt

    Why is anyone surprised at the Democrats’ stance? They have been embolden by years of steamrolling over Republicans. Republicans in the past have capitulated, compromised, and given up when dealing with intransigent Democrats. Harry Reid knows that he can play hardball as much as he wants. The media will cover him so he doesn’t worry there. Liberals fawn over the support of absolutely anything that emanates from any of OBAMA!’s orifices so he doesn’t worry about that. Full steam ahead and that’s it. This is why he knows that he must demonize the Tea Party folks because they are not playing by his rules and the game may change. He must stop them now because he knows that if he doesn’t they will try and turn back more of his progressive lunacies that have so damaged this nation that we are now in this huge financial mess. Democratic government policies have underpinned corporate financial decisions for years and the years of that abuse are coming home to roost. I’m not letting the corporations off the hook as they were just as complicit as the politicians.

    • Jim1937

      What emanates from Obama’s orifices always smells like crap.

      • Jim Whitehead

        That’s only because it is.

    • avconsumer2

      Somebody’s surprised?

      • jfgalt


  • FightForIt

    Libs don’t care what happens just as long as they can gain some sort of political advantage. The House has sent several bills to the Senate, including one that strips Congress of their special Obamacare subsidy … and the Senate votes it down. — and you are mad at Republicans? Wow …. bizzarro world reigns supreme

    • Miles to Code

      The zombies have been told to be mad at Republicans.

      • HappyG

        That about sums this whole issue up…The problem is that the dem base is made up of masochists who enjoy being disrespected…

      • bobruark

        And we know where we have to aim to kill a zombie

        • Penswords

          You need to cool out. This is about the Banana Republicans resisting laws that were passed and then trying to force their positions on the country. These guys are owned lock stock and barrel by Heritage Foundation (Kock Brothers) and their buddies. You fall for it everytime because you watch Faux News.

      • Penswords

        And Democrats. The zombies are just angry. That’s what zombies do–they devour without any critical thinking.

  • harlananelson

    So this begs the question: Why hasn’t Reid passed a budget? In how many years? Isn’t that the real way these problems are avoided?

    • lbaxter80

      ^^^This!^^^ The media won’t hold him accountable for it, and Obama claims “Congress hasn’t passed a budget, which is their job.” Nobody has a chance to correct him when he says it, since he’s teleprompting from the Rose Garden.

      • Penswords

        It is their job.

    • SHOTGUN285

      what about the 50+ jobs bills the House has sent to the Senate over the past few years, all of which Reid buried in committee never even to face a vote on the Senate floor? And then he has the gall to talk about Republicans blocking the jobs bills. Funny.

      • Penswords

        Can you cite a reference for this.

        • SHOTGUN285

          Can’t remember where i read it. It was about a month ago. probably “the Hill” or something like that.

  • Captain Reynault

    Call this effort the GOP’s “Let’s Find Out Which Parts of Government We Really Need” Bill (aka Sequester II). I applaud their efforts. Try again today. Pressure is building on the Dems.

  • HappyG

    “Piece meal approach’? It’s sad that today’s democrats don’t understand that the ‘piece meal approach’ is how our agencies had been funded for two hundred years…I blame their teachers…

  • Jim1937

    The dimocRats own the shutdown. They are like a school yard bully who rules the play ground until someone kicks his butt, which will surely happen.

    • flyboy

      Don’t be so sure with the bully DNC main stream media who has the RAT party’s back. And the dumb mAsses sitting on the sideline who vote for said RAT party…

    • Marlene Hessler

      Let’s make it happen in Nov. Vote 5 dem senators out and dirty Harry goes too. Then Impeachment will be approved by both houses. The end is in sight.

      • Jim1937

        Sounds like an excellent plan!

  • mark830

    Harry Reid is nothing more than a DEMO-COMMIE. (a communist masquerading as a democrat). He is on a mission from Lenin.

    • brtova

      That statement is pure ignorance.
      How can anyone take you seriously if you just mouth off without thinking?

      • mark830

        Ah, someone working for old Harry has responded.

  • Herman Vogel

    Five years and the Dumbocrats have YET to produce a budget. BUT, every time the Republicans do,,,it’s either turned down by Reid and his henchmen or Vetoed by the White House. Harry, go to the rest home where you belong, Or Cuba could use another Dictator.

  • suzy000

    I’m a Conservative and am embarrassed with this piece meal stuff. Either we have a shutdown or we don’t. If we have a sissyfied shutdown, where is the leverage to get people back to the table? Boehner is running this Congress like a kindergarten. Everyday with him there is grueling for Conservatives. He is a weak and incompetent speaker and we need a REAL Speaker in there to run this House. I don’t know who is worse…Boehner on domestic issues or Obama on foreign policy!

    • Kenya_Diggit

      The piecemeal bills are to prove a point that the Dems are not interested in paying the bills. It takes away their argument that veterans and others will be hurt by the shutdown. If the Dems reject the piecemeal bills then if flushes them out as the one who are really willing to shut the government down.

    • The Reader

      Oh suzy que–you have never been a conservative in your life. Otherwise you would be applauding anything to get rid of O’bamacare.


    This “shut down” is the result of Reid and Obama’s actions to force this “ObamaCare” mess down the throats of everyday Americans that aren’t politically connected and can’t get a waiver….unlike Obama’s friends…..let’s all thank Harry Reid and Obama.

  • 212112

    It is the Democrats that shut down the government.They are the ones who are so Pig headed they wont compromise.
    IF the ACA is soo good, then eliminate ALL the exemptions that have been granted thru illegal amendments to the law, and let the PEOPLE VOTE ON IT.
    I would bet that on a national vote, the people would reject it.

  • oilcanp

    The demarxist have shut down some govt. functions because they are trying to gain total control of our lives. Our way of thought. It happened in Russia in 1917. In east europe in 1945. In China in 1949. In The Republic of Viet Nam in 1975. And it is starting here now.

  • Marlene Hessler

    Peddling insurance is an essential function of the federal government, but taking care of our veterans is not. Vote every lousy dumbocrat out of office in Nov. The government is shut down. All essential functions but the ones the dictator determines ‘he’ wants open. Impeach, draw and quarter in the streets.

  • HrundiBakshi

    Dems won’t compromise because they have a complicit media that will spin the news against the Reps who are doing what every political party has done for years. There is no law or precedence that says every single spoke in the enormous wheel of Govt must be funded at the same time.

  • lbaxter80

    It proves they want Obamacare so badly in its entirety that they will make Veterans suffer to get it all. And the GOP needs to make THAT their talking point for the rest of the week.

  • Marlene Hessler

    Do not increase the debt limit. 1. We cannot afford it anyway. 2. Dirty Harry wants to play hardball. Give him a smack. 3. Nobama thinks he wants to play hardball. Give him the bat.

  • dahart

    Sounds like Reid and Obama still holding the people hostage

  • dr_bugsy

    The Democrats have proven that they HATE VETERANS.

  • dan690

    The good thing is that they no longer need to raise the debt ceiling.

  • dr_bugsy

    Any Government populated with Democrats is an ineffective Government.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    Every time Obumbles gets on stage and says that this group will be hurt, or that agency won’t be able to function, the GOP should draft a bill to fund it (except for Obumblecare). If the Dems reject it, then they have no argument.

    • Jim1937

      Good idea!

  • Hillary2016

    Great. We need to teach those baggers a lesson.

    • Jim1937

      Stupid is as Shrillary supporter does.

    • T S

      Silly, vacuous liberal. Even Jon Stewart has mocked the liberals’ use of the “teabaggers” moniker. He slammed Rachael Maddow for doing it, just several weeks after the term was coined. You lack wit. You lack originality.

    • freedom_is_good

      Vote for Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife and get a free cigar!!

  • Bruce

    So here is the new democratic strategy, perfected by Obama the community organizer: “Do anything you can to make life hard on Americans, then blame it on republicans.”

  • ConcernedOne

    Princess Reid and King Obama won’t support funding the parks or veterans because this is where The People will actually notice the partial shutdown – whine and moan about it – then the Left can continue to lie and project the blame onto to the Republicans – like they always do.

    Truth doesn’t matter.

  • Rick Joseph

    Democrats have been funding the government “piecemeal” for four years without a budget, and now that the Republicans are attempting to ensure congress returns to performing their constitutional duty the Democrats throw a tantrum, refuse to negotiate on anything and shut down the government! What happened to their supposed love of compromise? Hypocrites!

    • Jim1937

      But dis be diffrunt, doncha see?

  • Superpower

    Wow, I guess this means obama and Bolshevik Harry Reid are dead set on destroying America. Nothing screams tyranny like Senate Democrats shutting down the government just to be exempt from obamacare.

  • Hillary2016

    Republicans are unpatriotic and terrorists, willing to bring down the country to please the baggers. They apparently didn’t get the memo that they LOST the election and if it weren’t for redistricting, we would have control of the House as we have the Senate and Presidency.

    If you want a beat down, we will give it to you just like we did in ’08 and ’12. Obamacare is a reality, deal with it, spoiled brats.

    • Jim1937

      Does the ward nurse know you are playing on the asylum computer?

    • ConcernedOne

      Do you still get paid by OFA during the ‘shutdown’?

    • T S

      Actually, they won the most recent election, which was for the House, and the House is responding to the electorate by confronting the mind-boggling mess that is Obamacare. You’re sure selective in what you consider to be elections worth counting.

    • T S

      You Dems are silly. You don’t hesitate to call your fellow Americans “terrorists,” just for using legal means to achieve a peaceful political end. But, you refuse, as a matter of national policy, to call guys who blow up Americans and others not of their religion “terrorists,” but instead call them neutral things like “rebels” and “insurgents” and “radicals.” Your leader will negotiate with evil men like Putin, Assad, and Rouhani, but not with the elected members of the House.

    • justtriedofit

      You need to go back to scholl and understand that each House rep and Senator had to ru ntheir own race. The right won some of those so they did win some elections. As for the White House well that is a different story but it was not all about health care that got him back in. As for the shutdown why won’t the dems bother with the bills they are sent? I will tell you because if it passed Obama would have to vote them and it would land on his lap and the lapdogs of the Senate are not going to let that happen.

    • freedom_is_good

      Ahh, the syphilitic mind on display for all to see.

    • The Reader

      There are more Republicans in the Congress–you can even add in the president and the vp on the democrat side, there are still more Republicans.

    • RKM1954

      You realize you suck,don’t you?


      Obama has been handing out passes (illegally) to his friends to delay their having to obey his OWN law. Hows that for reality? Only the people that aren’t his chums have to obey the law. He has also told federal authorities not to enforce other laws, on emigrations and illegal drugs. Those laws were in place long before he was elected. And Obama and the democrats wanted to stop the tax cuts which were made law under the Bush presidency. I guess it is only laws that you like that are sacrosanct.

    • renn mouse

      Ok Huma Weiner aka Huma Mahmood Abedin thanks for the input now I think Hilary wants her rug cleaned

  • J_Biggs

    This goes to show you that Democrats hate American veterans and Americans in general.

  • alternet09

    Well Harry, if you weren’t so busy beating your wife, maybe you could have passed a BUDGET over the last 4 years and we would not even be discussing a CR.

    • renn mouse

      For some reason this beating his wife comment don’t sit right with me, poor thing married to a slime ball like Dirty Harry, I would feel better if his wife was Pasty Face Pelosi, then I would say pound away Harry.

  • staff office

    I’m sick of BOTH sides! Both sides could care less about the American people!
    Congress exempts it’s self from the nightmare that is Obamacare and is still getting paid during this “shut down”.

    • koyettsu

      Actually I believe that was the senate that exempted itself.

    • The Reader

      This both sides are the same crap is just that CRAP–it is the people behind the Republicans that actually care about Americans. The democrats won’t even fund the Veterans. ’nuff said.


      “I’m sick of BOTH sides!”

      But realistically, you can probably only get rid of one of the sides. That would probably reduce the conflict, if only the people could agree which side to get rid of.

  • T S

    The Republicans have grown a pair! Thank goodness! They’re actually following the common sense strategy that Pat Buchanan (who they’d never dare be photographed with, the cowards) set forth in his column this week!

    I smell real hope and real change in the wind this morning!

    It’s a great day for America, everybody!

  • koyettsu

    ..and again that makes this shut down the Democrats fault not the GOP’s. You can’t say the GOP is shutting down the government if the GOP is sending over bills to fund it and the Democrats are rejecting them.

  • patriotkat

    It is really simple. America and Americans can not afford the mythical obamacare costs especially now. It is destroying jobs to the point over 50% will need free health care and not enough money by those others to support it. Boy, the dems are really rocket scientists, are they not?

  • WBC

    One can only hope that the GOP can keep up their nerve for the debt ceiling fight coming up. Keep sending Filthy Harry and the Halfrican Queen legislation that works and let them keep turning it down. By election time next year every democrap in both houses will have a voting record that can be used against them.

  • truthistreason


  • James E Salise

    We have to have a budget and live within our income. You cannot live on debt indefinitely; bankruptcy is knocking at the door. No budget passed for four years years and demanding increase on debt limit: Not a sound economic strategy. When will we wake up and deal with reality?

  • Superpower

    Harry Reid, (D) just changed the locks on our National Parks and Memorials, thanks tyrant.

  • Lloyd__Christmas

    As far as I’m concerned, the GIVEerment can stay shut down the rest of Pres Zero’s term.

  • YankeeI

    “This is a living, breathing city.”………
    No, it’s a city full of self serving, corrupt con artists led by the biggest con artist of all time. It lives and breathes deceit and funds the deceit by stealing money from hard working Americans, the one’s that still have jobs that is! While Republicans are just cowardly and weak kneed, the Democrats are flat out EVIL! This is all about their long time dream to totally control the lives of Americans on all fronts. I pity the young people of this country.

  • freedom_is_good

    The democrat party is afraid that if Congress funds the parts of government that actually do something, that the citizens might be satisfied with a smaller, less bloated government and Congress migh decide not to fund the rest of the bureaucratic leviathan.

    • MadMoto

      Precisely… There will come a point when people say…. That’s good…. We’re happy…. leave the rest off the table….

  • Hillary2016

    Just like with Medicare and Social Security, Republicans are scared shitless that Obamacare will become as popular and irreversible.

    Baggers and right-wing crazies always on the wrong side of history…

    • T S

      Does the manual say you have to use “baggers” in every post? Just curious, because it seems to be a substitute for substance.

    • MadMoto

      Who said those programs were popular?

      Certainly irreversible, but in dire need of reforms. Social Security will be bankrupt long before I am eligible to collect, but they sure don’t mind taking the funds from me.

    • Superpower

      Your best efforts to try and spin this are weak. We’re supposed to believe that a Benghazi Butcher supporter knows something about history, even more hilarious is your obsession with The Tea Party, get some help.

    • Thomasinwonderland

      If it is so great, why is Obama illegally handing out all those exemptions to his business and union buddies?

  • libertees

    9 Stages of a Democracy. What stage are we on?
    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;

    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to selfishness;
    From selfishness to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.

    • T S

      Since that progression was articulated, I have wondered if awareness of it might lead to action to avoid it. Perhaps that what we’re seeing now?

      I’d say we’re moving from apathy to dependence, but that we may be seeing a critical mass trying to turn the tide back from apathy toward liberty.

  • JamesDean911

    The president was going to go “line by line” through the budget and line item any unnecessary costs…I gues the Republicans will do it for him.

  • RKM1954

    Barry was elected President. He was not coronated as King. He seems to have forgotten that.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Shocking. The Dems reveal their strategy of wanting the Gubmint shut down for political purposes. Now, when will the alphabet soup media be reporting on this again, so the erstwhile brain dead can ‘learn’ about this too?

  • J Nice

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE arrest the Honor Flight (90 year old WWII veterans) at the WWII memorial this Friday. Do it!!! I dare you Osama, I mean Obama. I double triple dog dare you to arrest the heroes of the greatest generation and watch GOP play that over and over and over and over and over again. Arrest them, house them up in their wheelchairs in a DC jail, and be responsible when they have medical problems in the clink. It will show your true disdain for real patriots and show the world what libturds really think of our military.

    • truthistreason

      That would be a good way to fill DC with a lot of armed patriots

    • Tom Gilbert

      now don’t forget J, veterans are seen as ‘terrorists’ by this administration and its’ cronies.

  • Hillary2016

    Facts for right-wing thugs: Obamacare was approved by the House, by the Senate, signed by the President, declared CONSTITUTIONAL by the right-wing Supreme Court.

    Not only that, but the Obama ran on his health-care law in 2012 and WON!

    Apparently, the crazies on the right can’t cope with democracy and the democratic process so they throw a childish tantrum.

    • Superpower

      So why is America rejecting it? Why are you here having to defend something that already “is”? It sure doesn’t seem like your obamacare is such a done deal now, does it?

    • Zhan

      This is not a “Democracy”.

      It is a Constitutional Republic.

      Typical LIV.

      • Mike Atlas

        A democracy gives the illusion of freedom, but it is in reality an oligarchy whereby a few wealthy people who own the media can manipulate the majority of the people, and thus control the leaders of the nation. As long as a nations leaders are dependent on positive press coverage to win their political campaigns, they will be subservient to whomever controls that press.

      • John “Kahless” Taylor

        “A Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep discussing what to have for dinner. A Republic is 2 wolves and a well-armed sheep discussing what to have for dinner” – Ben Franklin

        Well, something like that anyway.

    • gatekeeper96740
    • Cheryl Leiman Leiman

      What don’t you idiots understand about “you can keep your insurance and your premiums will go down” Obama’s words (lies) which got him re-elected. If the truth had been spoken he’d be back to community organizing -whatever the f—k that is.

    • truthistreason

      Slavery was too. Whats your point?

    • Thomasinwonderland

      Where did you get that talking point?


      Obama has been handing out passes (illegally) to his friends to delay their having to obey his OWN law. Hows that for reality? Only the people that aren’t his chums have to obey the law. He has also told federal authorities not to enforce other laws, on immigration and illegal drugs. Those laws were in place long before he was elected. And Obama and the democrats wanted to stop the tax cuts which were made law under the Bush presidency. I guess it is only laws that you like that are sacrosanct.

    • justtriedofit

      I would watch what you call Democracy crazy angry person. 1 The bill was voted in on party lines. 2. The court aloud it only if you call the mandate a tax which Obama still does not do which means he is breaking the Law. 3 the dems have failed to pass a budget in 5 years which breaks the law. So if I was you I would relax a bit maybe have a little less coffee just saying.

    • Kenya_Diggit

      So why has Obumbles unlawfully granted waivers? Why is it that HE is the only one who feels he can amend the law?

    • jaydee987

      So now that ACA is law, Obama can unilaterally and unconstitutionally modify and add provisions (like delaying the employer mandate), but when it comes time to listening to what the Repubs would like and negotiating to meet in the middle, that’s not allowed? So much easier to be a king, isn’t it.

      • TAZ

        Why should he!!! If Dems SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT until BUSH’S tax cuts were delayed for a YEAR do you think your party would have caved in???? HE$$ NO so why should Obama, OC is going forward and signing up people while the Baggers SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT TO DELAY FOR A YEAR!!!! STRANGE PEOPLE

        • Will Malven

          The Dems did shut down the government . . . yesterday when they refused to compromise.

          By the way, a tax cut benefits all tax-payers and is not mandatory, as is Obamacare. It also doesn’t impose a requirement that every citizen buy a product.

          . . . and, of course, the American people do not want Obamacare. Straight across the board, not a single polling organization and not a single poll has shown the people favoring Obamacare.

          If it’s so damn good, why all the exemptions for Obama’s political allies?

          • TAZ

            Compromise baggers don’t want compromise they haven’t compromised in 5 years. Your way of compromise is DELAYING OC FOR A YEAR, THAT IS STUPID PEOPLE ARE SIGNING UP AND IT IS GOING FORWARD. We won the election, if you wanted to delay OC you could have by winnning the election BUT THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. THIS WILL CONTINUE WITH THE BAGGERS SHUTTING THE GOVERNMENT EVERY TIME THEY DON’T GET THEIR WAY, IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW

          • Will Malven

            If it’s so damn good, then why all the exemptions?

          • jaydee987

            You missed the point about Obama unilaterally modifying ACA w/o going to congress. So like I said, I guess it’s OK for him to put in his agenda while ignoring what the other half of the country wants (ok, 47% *insert eye rolls here*). People (and more so, Obama) forget that the USA is not a Democracy. It is a representative republic.

          • TAZ

            American people 95% want a law for background checks on all guns purchased. NRA AND GOP say no!!! Now you want to be hypocrites and say doesn’t matter what American people want on gun control BUT American people don’t want OC so get rid of it. NO LET IT GO FORWARD AND FIX WHAT NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON!!!

          • Will Malven

            If it’s so damn good, then why all the exemptions?

            You still haven’t answered my question.

          • jaydee987

            You’re not thinking about what is being said by the republicans. All you heard is “obstruction” and “Mary from New York with 5 kids and 7 jobs can’t get health insurance”. There’s more to this law than that. Yes, the republicans want the whole law gone, but they also said that’s not likely to happen so lets negotiate and put in provisions that make everyone feel OK with it being the law. Obama said “No; I’ll put in my own provisions that I feel are important, and I”ll do so on my own time w/o any input from the other half of the representatives.” I guess that’s OK if you’re OK with a president taking THAT much power away from the people. Seems a little strange to me.

    • Will Malven

      “Obamacare was approved by the House, by the Senate, signed by the
      President, declared CONSTITUTIONAL by the right-wing Supreme Court.”

      . . . So was The Fugitive Slave Act . . . your point?

      • jaydee987

        ACA was actually NOT declared constitutional. That’s another generalization that’s been used by the libs/dem/whoever to make a point that really doesn’t exist.

        What the Court said: ACA works if you look at it as a tax for not buying something. That’s quite different than saying it is constitutional to force everyone to buy something in order to subsidize someone else.

        [edit: meant to reply to original poster]

    • Will Malven

      Obamacare was passed using sleazy backroom deals, special exemptions for certain Senator’s states, special rules preventing amendments, and in the end was declared “passed” by Nancy Pelosi in the House, without a final vote.

      If Obamacare is/was so wonderful, then why all the exemptions for Obama’s supporters, why all the backroom deals to get it passed, and why all the devious manipulations by Democrat leadership?

      Obviously leftists and Democrats don’t really believe in democracy, they believe in dictatorships . . . as long as they are in charge.

  • Grandma_of_Four

    Bart Stupak got SNOOKERED and he actually believed Obama! Shameful!

  • dschwarpa

    Keep offering bills to fund various Departments until they are blue in the face. The more bills the Democrats reject, the more it looks like they are the obstructionists. Don’t give in to this. The Democrats are doing this to protect Obama so he doesn’t have to veto any bills put forth. It’s about time he’s put on the spot for the reckless spending that continues under his reckless and incompetent administration.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    How is it that the whole federal government is shut down over Obamacare funding yet the Obamacare exchanges are running?

    • Superpower


    • truthistreason

      Apparently the NASA webpage isn’t smart enough to run without government…

      • toohottohandle

        The democrats have gutted NASA.

        • TAZ


          • Mike Atlas

            You Democrap Pig’s have gutted the country!

          • TAZ

            The idiot BAGGERS are the worst people we have ever seen in Congress. The polls are showing they are going DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Pepperspray137

    Why doesn’t Obama just go to the ATM with his credit card and withdraw enough to pay for obamacare? He (obama), on his own let businesses off the hook but is willing to let the government shut down in order to keep the people in this mess. This is a bad satire of how the left portrays the right in film, tv, radio, ect.. The government hooking up companies in a back room deal and putting the screws to the people, cause who’s going to stop him?

    • TAZ

      Obamacare will go forward, its law, tough if the Baggers don’t like!!!!! We don’t like alot thing they do but we are to mature to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT AND LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SUFFER.

  • Neil J. Lehto

    Why would there be any doubt that the House Rules Committee will not allow a motion to recommit after the House Leadership sent their three piece-meal bills to the floor requiring two-thirds for inevitable defeat? So far, they’ve been negotiating with themselves over Obamacare and now they’re tripping over the parliamentary rules? I don’t believe any of this was anything but intentional unless the crazies really are in command behind-the-scenes.

    • Kenya_Diggit

      The Dems could have voted for the piecemeal bills. If they are so concerned about a shutdown of these agencies, they should vote for them.

      • Neil J. Lehto

        The House leadership has played this so poorly that doing so makes no sense with the debt ceiling debate two weeks away and the Republicans keep defeating themselves.

      • TAZ

        wow let the Baggers pick the winners and losers who can have the government openings. ALL or NOTHING

        • Kenya_Diggit

          Obumbles is pushing all or nothing.

  • mike

    No funding for the VA, thanks dummycraps I’m sure my spine will just heal its self while you put up a strong front against making provisions in Barrys ill constructed and executed health care plan. Make life harder for EVERYONE (except yourselves) because you can’t concede that maybe Obarrycare could maybe use a little tweaking in the funding department. I have an idea and then you can be totally hypocritical and blast headlines with how the republicans and THEIR shutdown is a shame. You people make me sick and you should ALL lose your jobs, from the top down.

  • Russell41

    In 1995 Newt Gingrich and President Clinton sat for hours negotiating before the last government shutdown. Obama won’t even talk to Speaker Boehner or any other Republican. Incredibly weak leadership and juvenile to say the least. Democrats have the temperament of an 8th grader and they proudly are running this country into the toilet as payback to the religious founders.

    • Will Malven

      I believe comparing them to an 8th grader is stretching the point . . . I’d say they’re pretty much on a 3rd grade level.

  • toohottohandle

    What I find interesting is that VA compensation and pensions will stop in November, but welfare and food stamps will continue to be paid. I think that says all you need to know about Obama and the democratic party.

  • FollowTheMoneyTrailDotCom

    What a breathless piece of salacious reporting this is!

    First of all, the government is not “completely shut down”. About 800,000 workers (about 20% of the Federal Workforce) are getting a free vacation.

    Big Deal.

    To increase the DRAMA and give the lapdog media something to wail about, the folks in charge of the Executive branch (that would be the Democrats) cherry picked the most visible things they could find to close. National Parks. Panda Cam. Veterans benefits.

    Same DRAMATIC BS they pulled over the “Sequester” and the lefties, ever ready to be righteously indignant about something or other, parroted this propaganda for weeks about the horrible Republicans who hate women, want old people to die, blah blah blah.

    The Republicans called their bluff this time, and dared the Democrats to vote against National Parks and Veterans. And they did.

    So idiot sycophants, your guy HATES NATURE!!! Pretty pathetic, isn’t it? That’s how you play the game.

    So here we have the Republicans playing the left’s own game – what does this author do? Why, refuse to play along of course. What a hypocrite.

    We need a revolt against the media in this country. Run ’em out of business, folks. They want a civil war – ratings will go up. They want to kill innocent people, ratings go up. They want more corruption in government – ratings go up, They want a bloody fight, and could care less who gets hurt – because ratings go up.

  • Cogito

    Even Left-leaning, multi-billionaire Warren Buffet is on public record stating “Obamacare should be scrapped.”
    Of course, Obama will ignore it. Obama only likes Buffet when he supports tax increases, and claims his secretary pays more tax than him.
    And do not expect to read about it in the lame stream, Obama worshiping press, most of whom are Marxist ideologues.

  • Hillary2016

    I’m really hoping Obama, Reid and Pelosi drag this as much as possible and they use it against the baggers in the midterm elections.

    Time to wipe out the tea slime from House.

    • Zhan

      Yes, because in the prog version of “Democracy” the last thing you would want is an opposition.

      Fascism much?

    • grassy knoll

      die scum

    • jaydee987

      Looks like someone enjoys getting their news by looking at headlines instead of doing some actual reading and thinking.

    • Will Malven

      I hope they do, as well. The longer the American people live without the government we currently have, the more they are likely to realize just how much unnecessary government they are paying for.

      Drag it out. Make it last 6 months. The American voters will suddenly discover just how empowering self-reliance is and how unnecessary much of what liberals have put in place is.

      Yeah, I’m all for it.

    • TAZ

      Love the way the Teabaggers are destroying the REPUBLICAN PARTY

    • Mike Atlas

      I hope all you f’n Liberal pig’s lose your jobs!

      • TAZ

        hahahah The GOP are sure acting like children even on this board!!!!! If we lose are jobs IT WILL BE THE BAGGERS FAULT

  • bobedee

    The democrats are responsible for government shut down.

  • Richard

    Government is the biggest problem facing this country. Among those in the government, Democrats are the worst part of the problem. Their economic policy is nothing short of lunacy. They love the welfare state. They love the warfare state. They love the Orwellian surveillance state. They are infatuated with behavior and thought control. They are the worst evil among the government evils.

  • A_V

    So Serrano is a member of the tea party?

  • Damon Kirk

    If a government shuts down and only those that work for said government or freeload off of it are impacted, does it really matter? They played this with Sequestration and nothing happened. So far this looks similar. Perhaps this will simply wake people up to the fact that the nonessential parts of the government are in fact, nonessential.

  • Alexis

    Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi – and all of The Senate – both sides of the aisle are ‘piecemealing’ their futures into ‘tiny pieces’ — scattering further apart, until they have no way out of their own Tiny Mind’s Hell.


    Published, June 2012
    Excerpts – Pages 1-5 from:

    Barack Obama’s intentions as U.S. President, have materialized – one by one – in the very complex, ‘paradoxically-timed’, multi-tiered, extraordinarily subversive, cunning, deceitful, and treasonous protocol that Obama has employed to position himself to ‘FUNDAMENTALLY OVER-THROW AMERICA – AND TO ESTABLISH A WORLD-DICTATORSHIP – using U.S. domestic and foreign policies as his private game-board.

    Obama’s ‘custom-designed envy class’ has coalesced multi-culturally as never before in American history, hand in hand with ‘Obama’s custom-designed Black-racism’ – and, in accord with ‘THE PLAN’:

    Martin Luther King’s collaboration with White power-brokers – JFK, RFK, and LBJ -to legislate an agenda that would provide for a select-few N—–s to become wealthy at the expense of the general N—-o population – guaranteeing future American generations of continuing ‘ absolute White Power’.

    2008 Entry: ‘THE PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE’ OF THE AMERICAN N—-‘S CULTURAL DYNAMIC IN AMERICAN SOCIETY – Was a future-value ‘social’ calculation, an investment that was structured a lot like a zero-coupon inflation swap. It was an investment in two ‘social vehicles’ that had a swap feature allowing ‘the government’ to reduce its exposure to the risk of the (planned) decline of the derivative value of one investment while ultimately benefiting from a sort of (planned) inflation derivative from another – maturing co-terminously.

    These investment vehicles were: the ‘1964 civil rights legislation’ – and – the 1965 immigration reform legislation.

    It was “THE PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY’S culture as the predominant underclass in America”, mobilized with the enactment of the Civil Rights legislation of 1964 – concurrent with ‘the planned escalation of the Brown-Muslim community’s culture to replace it in America – augmented by the infiltrations of the ‘Brown’ Hispanic community.

    It was ‘A PLAN’ – the plan wasn’t about enabling the Black community to merge into the middle-class, rather it was about ‘permanently destroying it’ by giving it ‘congressionally-approved’ societal-leeway to destroy itself.
    It was a cynical and exceptionally clever, long-term program – that cost JFK, RFK, and MLK, their lives – and LBJ a legacy of ‘NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA’. (Read ‘treason & shroud’ on-going series for details of events and their social repercussions).

    Society’s ultimate denouement of this plan, would be the evolution of ‘THE ULTIMATE ENVY-ER’ – a class of individuals whose entire focus in life is to hate, berate, and destroy the American democratic system – precisely in accord with the plan’s agenda: This is the ‘Progressive Leftist-Liberal’, a breed that was spawned from World Wars I and II, that psycho-genically climaxed as ‘THE BABY-BOOMER’ CLASS – and, is now metamorphosed into America’s Marxist-Fascist ‘home-grown terrorist’ class – under any number of organizational appellations, such as the ‘ACLU’, ‘Move-on.Org’ , the ‘DNC’, the ‘Black Caucus’, the ‘Rainbow Coalition’, the ‘U.S. Office of the President Emeritus’ – as ‘The office’ is now retired, while the real estate currently accommodates a dictator – and Congress hasn’t yet caught up with adjusting the name-plate on the door. The list includes any other function or functionary, directly or indirectly funded by George Soros- and fundamentally sponsored, managed, and financed by the Bilderberg group – e.g. The Fed.

    “That man’s terrible”: Secret Jackie Kennedy tapes reveal her disgust over Martin Luther King’s ‘sex party’ By Chris Parsons 10th September 2011
    Jackie Kennedy hated Martin Luther King so much she could barely look at photographs of him.

    In interviews taped in 1964 but only just released, she said the Black civil rights leader was a “terrible man and a phony”.

    She claimed King bragged of being drunk at her husband John F Kennedy’s funeral and had been caught trying to set up an orgy.

    They began as society’s odd-balls in the ‘60’s they were social activists and law-breakers, criminally and civilly, they did their dirty work thru mediums such as ‘Alinsky’s rules’, Lucifer’s rules, Marxist’s rules, and so on. Their strategy was to remain under-cover activists operating surreptitiously against the Constitution, ‘using the Constitution’, its inherent rights, to destroy it – one legal precedent at a time – resulting in a systemic rupture in the pillars of America’s democratic institutions. They were born for this purpose – it is in their DNA; they are geno-typical terrorists. They have names such as ‘The Clintons’. People tend to think of terrorists as bearded creatures with psychotic eyes, when in fact, ‘baby boomers’ have psychotic eyes, but not necessarily beards.

    Resulting from ‘ The Plan’ would be America’s first Black President – as ‘ideologically’ scripted 100 years ago beginning with TR, thru Taft and Wilson to FDR, who anchored The Plan for its next stage: JFK/RFK/LBJ – who conceived, crafted and legislated its specifics, though ‘The Plan’s actual agenda’ was not spelled out, except as it was covertly scripted between the lines, in invisible-ink and footnotes that only the architects of the legislation knew about at the time. 30 years later, The Plan went to the ‘Clinton stage’ (see below) who set the stage for ‘The Plan’s’ denouement: the era of a ‘Black U.S. President’ – its final stage conscripted by ordinance of ‘The Plan’s’ abolishment of the N—o’s cohesion in America.

    As it happens, the ‘Black U.S. President’ would bring along the country’s first Black Attorney General. He would be the most corrupt AG the country had ever had; another ‘first’. Both, individuals would be rabid America-Haters, ideally ‘bred’, and sociologically groomed by ‘The Plan’s’ genetic code – 100% to The Plan’s specs – conceived, structured, and put in place by White Power-Brokers to, once and for all time, surgically rid America of its permanent N—o underclass – and replace it with a more-permanent Brown-Muslim underclass that would be of a much larger voter constituency, one that would be much more manageable for a longer term than would be the Black underclass – by the time the plan’s protocol had fully-matured.

    That would be when The Plan had given the N—-o community sufficient time to have ‘self-destructed’ on the ‘rope’ of the ‘Civil Rights’ legislation – that would have produced ‘N—o Slave Masters’ – who would eagerly replace the ‘White Slave Masters’ of the past – and, the legislation would have produced a N—o population ‘gone mad’ with fantastical demands on society, and egregious violations against a social system that relies on ‘self-reliance’ for its maintenance, congealed in a legal document guaranteeing its citizens the right of a vote – which right is, theoretically, to be kept sacrosanct by an implied mandate that those who vote, groom themselves educationally and psycho-emotionally to maturely contribute to The System. That is to say, a responsibility of every voter to carry his part of maintaining the liberty of a free nation’s right to be represented, without breaking down the system by expecting ‘to be carried’ by it.

    The Planners’ knew that the N—o population would violate all of the above – because they knew that they had installed guarantees that it would; they had reached an understanding with MLK that would assure that ‘a Black slave-master’ contingent would see to it that the general Black population would be kept on ‘Black Urban Voter-Farms’ – that would guarantee to the White-power brokers an ever-increasing population spread of ‘Liberal Democrat Party electoral wins’ – congressionally – where they needed it most, if not always at the Executive level. It worked perfectly for 40 years – while the Liberal Congress collaborated with the ‘Black Slave-Masters’ to create social programs to facilitate an increasingly dependent N—-o social class – as well as a dependent White class who would form a contingent of union members and welfare-recipients – along with the Blacks – becoming a coalition of entitlement-dependents – just as The Plan called for – and, they would base these demands from a platform of demand for ‘equal rights’, which they would characterize as ‘social justice’.

    It was just what the (Fascist-Communist) Progressive-power-brokers needed to formulate a grass-roots militia to provide a socio-political infrastructure to eviscerate liberty from the Constitution and replace it with a totalitarian-Fascist form of government in which ‘they would have dictatorial rights and all economic benefits, and citizens would have a vote that had no teeth, but by that time the citizens would have long since lost their sense of direction, and all of their 1st Amendment rights, with their 2nd Amendment rights ready to go, under the various legislative changes that the liberal congress would have installed over the years – and – which the Black President would nail, also taking away their 10th amendment rights. And a longer list of rights he would abolish by executive order, creating thousands of regulatory impositions which would guarantee that they would hamstring American’s ability to do business and that the country’s economy would produce a psychologically dependent society of virtual mental-slaves ringing the hour when the gods of fascism to step out from behind their 100 years of covert manipulations of the country. .

    The planners knew that the criteria of ‘equal rights’ meant ‘equal responsibility’ and that the indigent-minds of those who were manipulatively duped with ‘civil rights legislation’ would never live up to the implied social-responsibilities of such legislation – in fact, they would do diametrically the opposite; they knew that, instead, they would violate its terms – and, the planners had planned this too, it was a critical lever in the plan; they had installed a feature in the plan that would automatically evolve a praetorian guard of ‘black goons’ who would seize the opportunity to use ‘the legislation’ as a platform for their exclusive benefit, as they would insinuate themselves into a broker-position that would create a division between the Black community and ‘independent thought and action’ – for their personal economic benefit; exactly, according to the intent of the smart white-progressive power brokers who had crafted The Plan.

    The Black-slave-masters would perform the function of keeping the minds of the new Black-urban-plantation roped to the notion that only the Democratic Party cared about them – propaganda used to keep them in their new ‘Black on Black Slavery ’ – and so, as a consequence, they routinely elect more Black-slave-masters to the congress who would legislate more indigenous social-‘slavery systems in the name of ‘civil rights’ – that expand to include white-slaves of Black-masters, in a wide variety of laws falling under the caption of ‘civil rights’ – that forbid rights.

    These would in due time assure a larger and larger underclass population that would be a larger and larger voter-block, that would insure a larger and larger tax burden on a middle-class, that would assure a larger and larger government-foot-print stamped on the face of a country whose productive-citizens would have become smaller and smaller, because their economic productivity would be under greater and greater attack as a larger and larger increasingly Lefter-and-Lefter Socialist-Marxist government would be taking more and more of their earnings – presumably to support the ‘Big Black Hole’ of America’s population from a more and more cynical bleeding-heart Liberal-concern for the lesser-privileged in society – that they had patiently, systematically, carefully crafted, groomed, and bred, over years of social-engineering..

    BOTTOM LINE: This was The Systems Design of ‘The Plan’ – and – it would assure ……..” Go to Page 5 at:… “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

    Original at Veni, Vidi, Vixi Diary entries dated 2008 – by A. Ainsworth – as appearing in the series of articles “Treason & Shroud”, predicting Barack Obama’s intentions as U.S. President,

  • nightsong

    Three more years? No, it won’t work. This is a sad and shameful time. The near future is vague and dreary It is now or never, pray, and be ready.

  • no amnesty

    Democrats=derelicts of Americas political process, the downfall of America!

  • Megamimi

    And so, on whose shoulders does this rest? Not the Republicans, who time and again, have offered opportunities to fund the government, and to mitigate the effects of the Harry and Barry show, but Democrats who intend, apparently, to once again, make things as uncomfortable as possible to prove a point.

  • natgrenadine

    Congressional democrats are less interested in directing government than directing the blame of its failures.

    • JP

      Too bad the average American is so wrapped up in trivial nothingness that they don’t even know the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. All this squabbling is just theatre for the politico junkies and bases.

  • Steve White

    So Obama, Harry Reid , and John Boehner have stumbled upon a
    great thing here. Of the 4.1 Million federal government workers, 80% of them
    are still working today. The 20% workforce cut is what many other
    companies and households in America have had to do.

    In fact the very title of these jobs are that they are
    called “non-essential”. many of them from places like the EPA, and
    NASA, and really how many people does it take to not explore space, and to
    over-regulate drilling for oil? I mean,NASA was told to start doing Muslim outreach last year. If they have time for that, then they certainly non
    essential, and really it’s not as if they have been completely shut
    down. They are just doing with less staff. The troops have been paid,
    thanks to a bill pushed through and signed by all three branches, so
    that leaves things like national parks. I think we can actually hire
    people from the private sector to do those jobs better anyway, and we
    can require that they not unionize, and vote themselves more money than
    other private sector jobs are paying.

    In 2012, the average federal government worker was
    compensated $114,976 in salary and benefits, where as the average private sector compensation was $65,917. Far from being public servants, they with the help of unions, and Democrats have taken advantage of the situation and are making 74% more than we who pay for their jobs.

    This corruption should stop, and so I think this so called “shut
    down”, which is really a 20% cut in the size of the federal government, is
    a great start. I’d like to see government down to about 60% the size of what it
    has been, and I’d like to see government unions banned. People who stand to
    benefit from political parties who like to spend and grow government, tend to
    vote for ever bigger, and ever more expensive government. We can go broke providing for this royalty class of American.

    So, let’s shrink government! Tell congress, let’s use this
    event as an opportunity to bring about fundamental change!

  • James Day

    Let them shut down the government because they WILL NOT LIVE WHAT THEY IMPOSE ON US!!! FOR THEIR ANSWER IS LET THEM EAT CAKE!

    • TAZ


      • Will Malven

        LOL!!! The Dems wouldn’t dream of shutting down government. They worship government. They’d let the most conservative initiative go through and become law before they would intentionally shut down the government.

        The only reason they decided to shut it down this time is they foolishly believe they can blame the Republicans and gain political power from it.

        It didn’t work in ’96 and it won’t work this time.


      Since when does a President get to pick and choose who will be forced to obey the law and who will be exempted or granted waivers?

      • TAZ

        Since when does a few idiots get to pick and choose what law can go forward or be delayed???? THE BABIES ARE GOING DOWN IN THE POLLS AND THEY SHOULD.

        • Vickie Warren

          Take a history lesson, Taz. You need it.

  • Alexis

    About ‘how America went from ‘Super-Power to Hell on Earth’: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi – and, all of the little demons on their coat tails.

    America’s “Hell on Earth” is ‘Obama’ and ObamaCare – and everything within its Electro-Magnetic Color Spectrum:

    Today’s ‘America’ has a problem that it did not have when The Mafia and Tammany Hall – all of the way up from Fiorello, and other citadels of corruption – did not have, not even those greater masters of corruption, such as Huey Long, had the problem America has today with its unique State of Corruption. Today’s America is a Black and White mosaic, of redistribution of ‘earned credits vs. uneaqrned credits’ in America’s present system of defining Social Justice. It looks like a dizzying Versailles parquet floor in constant transformation between mirrors, along the Great Hall of Mirrors – on a very sunny day at Versailles.

    The Black Square’s imaginations are running in square-circles against their perception that they have conquered all of the White Squares, that never actually move at all, from their seats of power – it is all a mirrored illusion. The Blacks and most of the Whites, are unaware that this battle is a non-starter.

    They do not realize that in the realm of science, on the Electro-Magnetic Color Spectrum Radiation Chart, ‘White’ – that is to say “pure white” – contains all of the colors of the rainbow within its light-prisms – ‘literally’, all of the way down to Indigo. ‘White’ dominates all of the domain ‘of color’, that is the eye’s experience of variation. To some people, that is a fact that others perceive as being ‘Hell in a Prism of Color’. Goethe, actually sort of thought along those lines, but never quite gave us a ‘theory’ about ‘Colours’, which he certainly recognized as being an enormous labyrinth of ‘psycho-drama’ between ‘Light and darkness’. That ‘is a sort of Hell’, indeed – and, one that was right up Goethe’s alley: He understood ‘Light’ as few have. Just read his Faust, Book II to get a glimpse of the Pure Light of The Mind.

    Meanwhile, America is in a ‘State of Hell': ‘OBAMACARE HELL’. ObamaCare is a view of The Light Prism from the Bottum Up. There’s no view at all, from there – it is Pure Black Murky Hell. That which is the One-of-a-kind Hell of ‘Care Giver-Mania’ – translated by these Communist Handlers as, “Your Brother’s Keeper”. America under Obama’s Care is a government of Opaque Hell. .

    America’s ‘Hell-ish’ government crosses from Obama to John Roberts, where it turned SCOTUS into a Black Chamber of Demonic apparitions – flying around with name tags all the same: John Roberts’ Tax-from-Hell is Obama’s Care-from-Hell – contained in Roberts’ psyche for all of eternity.

    Its Senate-GOPers are ‘in their Hell’. Its ‘House GOPers are trying to exit their ‘Hell’.

    Its Senate-Democrats are ‘in their Hell’. Its House Democrats are trying to maintain the ship of their ‘Hell’, so that its GOPers can’t escape their ‘Hell’

    American Minds are the divisibility of these ‘Hells’. They are in one or the other of these ‘Mind, and so, Social States of Hell’ – while there are those Americans ‘still remaining’, who are ‘not in the Hell of the others’, because, they are not of ‘a mind-consciousness-state of Hell’. They do not ‘Do Hell’ – in their psyches.

    The formal religious catechism of ‘Heaven and Hell’ is a Game! The Game is fundamental to the notion that ‘Your Brother’s Keeper, is God’s Notion of The Keeper’s Heaven’ – which is secularly translated in the Democrat’s Notion of Oppressive Government over the Mind’s of the Masses’: They are ‘in Heaven’, when they are able to dominate the Minds and Lives of other human beings to a position of ‘needing to be kept’.

    The tipping point of ‘America’s Hell’ was when America permitted ‘enough of Hell’s Demi-Mondes to enter its borders from places that ‘are Hell’ in the Minds of those who are Kept There – because ‘their Minds are Hell to any culture and system of government that is not Hell to the largest percentage of its populace’ – thereby defining the Culture of the place where the populace resides.

    The ‘idea of Causing Hell in order to Cause Heaven’ for those Political Schemers, was to ‘psycho-dynamically spread the Mind-Disease of Hell, in the Minds of those who were to be imported from 3rd World Countries, to mentally-infect the dynamics of the weighted average of ‘Hell in the Psyche of America’. It worked. Since 1965 America began to be a ‘psycho-dynamic Hell’, infected by the Mind-Disease of those immigrants whose Consciousness-State frames the Mind-State of ‘Hell on Earth’.

    America’s government ‘Keepers’ are in Heaven – in their Minds.

    America’s President is in a ‘Heaven’ of epic proportions that all of history’s greatest literary Minds could not define. His Cabinet is ‘in or out of Hell’ depending on where each of them is likely to be caught supporting, or bailing out of, Obama’s Heaven as it turns to Hell, and so are tampering with accelerating their Hell to greater proportions, as they may be tempted to tamper with exposing His Heaven as Hell on Earth to the American populace. Among these are, those who facilitated Obama to create Hell for those in Benghazi, by use of all of Hell’s tricks, such as the IRS, to the NSA – and back to Obama. Tampering with Obama’s Heaven – is an implied threat of it ‘becoming Obama’s Hell’ – so a Hell of maximum proportions to those who cross this squiggly-slithering little Black-demon-from-Hell..

    America’s Congress, is in a ‘Hell’ of epic proportions that all of history could not define – due to the psycho-dynamic proportions of the expectations of the expanded ‘Heaven on Earth’ perception of Americans who still believe in the premise of its liberty to choose between Heaven and Hell, based on their choices of conduct in society.

    Those ‘Minds’ in The Congress, are ‘neither Brothers or Keepers’ – in the Mind of this President, which is where the fun begins about ‘Heaven versus Hell’.

    To the extent that The Congress is unable to define its direction between Obama’s Heaven and The Public’s Hell, it is in Limbo – and, Limbo is ‘Hell’. It is unwise to ignore Dante’s definition of Limbo.

    The ‘Hell’ of today’s ‘so-called’ tipping point between funding or not funding The Hell of Government, is a ludicrous precept. There is no Hell greater than This Government in the Mind of the Populace, who are of the Mind-Consciousness-State that made This Country Happen. Theirs is a ‘Mind-Consciousness-State which is diametrically opposite The Minds of those who came here from Other Hells, to survive off of those ‘who created the green pastures that they’ve come to graze in as any Cow would do’.

    These Hell-Masters, the Presidency, and those of the Senate-GOP, and those of The House, are ‘Hell bent’ to Make Hell for Everyone in the Country – and, even in the World – everywhere on Earth, for all of Mankind – as their best promotion of “HELL’, “Their Brother’s Keepers”: Social Democracy, Social Justice, Socialism-in-all-of-its-guises thru to its Nazi-guise: Fascism – and, of course, that comes with The Communism that Socialism turned into, in order for the Fascism to have ‘Brothers to keep’. .

    They have missed The Essential Point of Hell vs. Heaven: It is all ‘in the Mind’.

    How in The Hell, can they not SEE?!?!

    The facts behind ObamaCare are designed and developed purely from the Mental-State of ‘MInds that live in Hell’. Their purpose: To reduce all of society to suffer the same agony that is their Hell on Earth. The job of keeping the job of being Big Brother to earth’s little brothers kept squirming and squiggling in the slithery cesspools of Obama’s Care, trying desperately to get away from these Demon-Keepers. ..

    Some in society, have the intelligence to ‘Not enter there’ – it is a psycho-dynamic zone outside of their realm of reality. Others will sign up and remain there forever. ‘There’ is Their Hell. Actually, they were already ‘there’, they came from Hell, to bring Hell to planet earth. Hell is the only place they’ve ever been throughout all of their existence, before arriving here to create Hell on Earth. They came with Obama – and, Lo! The Earth Shall Spit Upon Them as it Spits Them Out of its Cradle, to Rock Eternally in the Fiery Furnace of Their Mind’s Hell. They can do it somewhere else – not here. (*)

    (*) Most people do not realize that Whitman had ‘them’ in mind, when he wrote, “Out of the cradle, endlessly rocking”. He simply forgot to say ‘where’. “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

  • mdavis223

    So Reid throws a wobbly and pitches his toys from the pram. What a bunch of weasels, playing politics at every opportunity while the American public suffers. All the while arguing over peanuts when the US unfunded long-term liability is in the neighborhood of $125 trillion USD. Come on guys, get your head back in the game or the game will be over, permanently.

  • HrundiBakshi

    Don’t look now, but you’re being “fundamentally transformed.”

    • helpthelofo

      The only time Obama told the truth, and roughly 50% of the country still doesn’t get it. Maybe I’m wrong. There could be a conservative tsunami in 2014 & 2016. That would save this country.

      • HrundiBakshi

        All we can do is spread the word,

        • Get everyone you know registered to vote.
        • Get those who can’t get to the polls a ride, even if it’s just 2 or 3 others.

        Succeed and we have a slim fighting chance; fail and it’s all over.

        Alaska: Mark Begich (D)
        Arkansas: Mark Pryor (D)
        Colorado: Mark Udall (D)
        Delaware: Chris Coons (D)
        Hawaii: Brian Schatz (D)
        Illinois: Richard Durbin (D)
        Iowa: Tom Harkin (D) Retiring
        Louisiana: Mary Landrieu (D)
        Michigan: Carl Levin (D) Retiring
        Minnesota: Al Franken (D)
        Montana: Max Baucus (D) Retiring
        New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen (D)
        New Mexico: Tom Udall (D)
        North Carolina: Kay Hagan (D)
        Oregon: Jeff Merkley (D)
        Rhode Island: Jack Reed (D)
        South Dakota: Tim Johnson (D) Retiring
        Virginia: Mark Warner (D)
        West Virginia: Jay Rockefeller (D) Retiring

  • Fat Beer Belly Biker

    This is exactly how it should always be. Instead of taking the fast lane and passing blanket CRs, each and every agency should be carefully examined and funded or not. That would go a long way towards trimming down this bloated bureaucracy we call government. It has to start somewhere, and there’s no better time than the present.

  • Robert Gaugh

    U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 7:

    “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”

    Harry Reid is causing the gov’t shutdown. Harry Reid and Obama couldn’t care less about the U.S. constitution.

    Harry Reid is desperate to keep the exemption from Obamacare that he has carved out for the democratics party apparatchiks.

  • Robert Gaugh


    • nunya fknbsness

      three ? try 5 years.

  • SamIamtwo

    Dems have a rough time thinking out of the box to fund agencies, eh? Dems are holding up government. Refusing to do anything for the sake of politics AKA BS pandering to their liberal base and trying to blame it on the GOP.

    The DEMS pushed thru ObamaCare and as a result the GOP took over the House in 2010…ObamaCare is not a representative law of the land…it passed along party lines…

    Congress controls the purse strings…and when you have a set up like this, previous presidents have sat down and negotiated….

    This shut down is unnecessary and is total BS. All or nothing is based on the public being manipulated by the shutdown to make you the public feel that the GOP is unreasonable. And the MSMs are carrying the water for this tactic. Sheep.

    A tactic from the far left. I hope people know this cause it can spin out of control. Sheep do not understand what is going on…and we have plenty of laws that do not receive appropriations, this is not unusual…what is unusual is a non-representative LAW and the refusal of DEMs to negotiate in true faith.

    The REPS are trying to fund agencies like they recently did with the MILITARY.

    Obama has waived over one half of the law illegally himself…go figure…one and one is five?

    IIRC this is a first. But the RINOs are beginning to flip and flop…typical republican weak kneed progressives.


    I totally SUPPORT the Republicans on this funding issue. This fight is about more than just getting rid of a failed government scam called Obamacare, it’s about saving the Republic. Hold firm Republicans, because no matter how many LIES the news media puts out, the American people support you on this one.

  • Hounder

    now who is not compromise

  • hownow

    BHOweevil, BarrierReid, and Nancy BeLousy’s game plan is laughably and lamentably “transparent”. BHOweevil, BarrierReid, and Nancy BeLousy find it inconvenient and burdensome to work within the process of legislative and executive governing in order to achieve ObamAgenda goals. And so, BHOweevil, in collusion with BarrierReid and Nancy BeLousy, try to destroy the opposition through precipitating another “crisis”, this time through a government shutdown. BHOweevil issues his standard veto threat, then deceitfully announces he is willing to “work with” the opposition – and does not. BarrierReid and Senate Democrats obstruct the legislative process by refusing to negotiate and by refusing to bring House bills to the Senate for debate and a vote. Nancy BeLousy, from her minority position in the House, “cheerleads” by publicly badmouthing the opposition. And voila, a governtment shutdown is precipitated. Despicable, deceitful, disgraceful – and decidedly Democrat.

  • Will Malven

    Liberals are all drama-queens.

    If you don’t do this immediately, the end of the world will come.
    If you don’t do that, the whole planet will be destroyed.
    If you don’t pass this, the people will starve.

    Blah, blah, blah. I used to think Chicken Little was just a story, but now I know it’s a description of how Democrats behave.

  • furgetaboutit

    Just go to hit refresh or F5, and repeat over and over.
    or better yet get the Opera browser, go to, right click on the page choose reload from the popup menu, choose custom from the sub menu and have it refresh every second, open another tab and repeat, get 100 tabs going, walk away, go to bed, leave it going, 100 tabs refreshing every second, that is 6000 hits a min, 360,000 hits per hour, 8,640,000 hits per day from one computer.
    And if you have more than one computer and good internet connection, well … let them eat that.
    Please repost

    It is from Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, what is good for the left is good for the right, right?

  • Archer

    For the leftist dems this is a campaign item if anyone actually suffers as a result well that’s just more fodder for them.
    The same party that claims to care “the little guy and minorities” doesn’t, never has and never will.

  • dbt3481

    LOL, did anyone expect the democrats to do anything? They think this is going to break the will of people like me and then they get Carte Blanche to do whatever…

    Well eat my shorts Harry… I am 110% behind the republicans on this one. I hope they shut more down.

    • Gage Mulholland

      Carte Blanche to do whatever? Like provide affordable healthcare to 30 million people? I’m constantly amazed at you folks.

      • peacesnail

        Dem cockroach.

        • TAZ


        • Gage Mulholland

          Thankfully, you’re the dying breed.

      • Zhan

        …and bankrupt the nation in the process?

        The aliens who landed here from Planet Prog never fail to amaze me.

        And, in the end, that 30 million you claim to care about will still be uninsured.

        So, refresh my memory. Why did we do this?

        • toohottohandle

          To fulfill Cloward and Piven strtategy?

          • Zhan

            Well, that certainly dovetails nicely with the M.O. of that notorious America-hater, one B. Hussein Obama…

        • Penny

          In the beginning of the propagandized efforts to sell and pass ocommiescare, oZero claimed 30 million uninsured families would become insured. The other day, he upped that number to 45 million. The truth? It would have been cheaper all around to send a basic pre-paid (government funded) insurance policy to every uninsured family in America because with or without ocommiescare, 30 million people will still not have coverage next year.
          Oh, if only we could recover the billions already waste on this giant redistribution scheme hoisted on us by the most corrupt administration in American history!

      • justtriedofit

        What about the 35 million that won’t get anything? I am amazed at how you all just trust them so blindly. Have you been reading the new the Senate refuses ever atempt made by the House. So you still think it is the right causing the issue?

      • toohottohandle

        Another atheist lib wing nut roars.

        • Gage Mulholland

          Such an intellectual response, I’m impressed. Never mind the substance of the issues, which you have no legs to stand on. I’d do the same as you too, if I was on the wrong side of history.

        • helpthelofo


      • Bob White

        Who provides that allegedly affordable healthcare? If you are referring to the provision by fiat of ACA plans, in most cases these are less affordable for most people. It would be Orwellian to call these affordable.

        If you are referring to the subsidies that will be required to make the more expensive plans affordable, then who is actually providing this care to 30 million otherwise uninsured people? It would be the taxpayers, that’s who, certainly not the politicians who voted for the law increasing the taxpayers’ burden.

        We should listen to Nobel Prize winning economist F.A. Hayek: “To act on the belief that we possess the knowledge and the power which enable us to shape the processes of society entirely to our liking, knowledge which in fact we do not possess, is likely to make us do much harm.”

        • Will Malven

          Gullible little fool. There will be fewer people covered after all of this shakes out than there were before Obamacare came into being . . . that is, unless we can kill the program.

          • Bob White

            Will, I expect you are right about that. If Democrats attempt to force people to buy expensive health insurance that does not cover the first $5,000 of expenses, not only will they not get 30 million people insured as they predict, they will have a lot of angry voters on their hands. As it stands, I expect many to opt to pay the penalty rather than buy the insurance.

            If the Democrats intend to soak the upper middle class to pay for subsidies to buy healthcare for lower middle class, they will have a revolution on their hands. If the tea party were a stock, I’d be buying at that point.

            Back in the 90s, Democrats (with bi-partisan support) tried to push catastrophic coverage on Medicaid patients. The patients objected and the mandated coverage was killed. ACA is much worse and far less popular.

        • Gage Mulholland

          Thanks for that. Nothing of which has anything to do with providing affordable healthcare to millions of Americans. Of course, Jesus would side with you right? lol

          • Bob White

            Sure it has something to do with providing health care to millions of people. Do you want me to explain it to you, or will you just re-read it with an open mind?

            As for jesus, I’m an atheist and you are a stereotyper.

        • helpthelofo


      • dbt3481

        Still buying into the BS?

        • helpthelofo

          It’s just amazing, isn’t it?

        • Gage Mulholland

          HAHA! That’s rich, considering the average “Conservative” who watches Fox News knows less about the world around them than the person who watches no news at all.

          • dbt3481

            Funny since I don’t watch TV? Sure, movies but TV? No, to many stupid shows.

            I read over 100 web sites a day on average. So back to, still buying the BS?

            Show me a single government program that has been cost effective? How does involving government make anything cheaper? Quite the contrary, it always makes it more expensive.

            Want cheaper health care? Then give the consumer a say in the cost…. In other words, skin in the game…

            Otherwise enjoy waiting in line like the other slaves for your free health care enforced by those nice folks at the IRS…

  • peacesnail

    If only an asteriod the size of Conneticut would hit Washinton DC……

  • AmazedJim

    Harry Reid is a hell of a Senate Majority Leader! Refusing funding attempts, refusing to meet and discuss the situation, and leading the charge to block WW2 veterans from visiting the memorial in DC. What a class act.

  • VoteLoud

    Reid and Obama are playing politics with America, as they believe that the polls favor their position to NOT NOGOTIATE ON ANY ISSUES.

    This will backfire on them, just as the sequester did.

    • helpthelofo

      Now if conservatives will get out and, VOTE.

  • dr3yec

    OMG every deal the GOP make the Dems reject it. Now it is completely obvious who really wanted the shutdown all along.

    • peacesnail

      Dems want a shutdown so they can blame the republicans and destroy their chances of taking over the Congress and fighting President Zero and his policies of destruction.

  • peacesnail

    All this is, is vote buying from the terminally stupid. The dems dangle the carrot (gubment freebies) and they have a lifelong voting block of uneducated, illiterates who will mindlessly pull the D lever. Dems do not want a Republic, they want an iron fisted dictatorship.

  • TruthDetector

    Reid and Obama don’t want to fund the government?

    This must be a parallel universe — I agree with them.

    Don’t fund the government.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Can there be anymore proof that it’s the democrats that are extending the impasse! That any attempt by republicans to keep things running is rejected! That any-n-all efforts by democrats to exacerbate the torment to the public is intentionally intensified!!!

    This situation is completely a democrat inspired cluster, proving beyond all doubt, they could care less about the taxpayer, not a lick!!!

  • korvest

    Remember when the Dems claimed that the Republicans were using the budget to hurt Obamacare, when Obamacare has nothing to do with the budget. Obamacare affects one-sixth of the American economy and has nothing to do with the budget?
    And, the big lie didn’t even get a pinnoccio from the media?
    It’s easy for the Democrats to not want any changes to Obamacare, because the President has exempted them and their donors from the effects of the bill on the rest of America.
    I told my friends who are on medicare that there would be big cuts to medicare and they would be effected, but the ones who were Democrats would not believe this would happen…because Obama said it wouldn’t. Well, my Democrat friends who are on medicare, you will soon see how right I was…but don’t come crying to me for your mistake. Your only hope now, is to start voting Republican and get rid of the Harry Reid controlled Senate. Then, elect a Republican President.
    Our only hope for the future is to keep the house, change the Senate, and then get a Republican President.
    If that doesn’t work, we can always go back again. This is called “term limits.”

  • DearLeaderMaobama

    Obama’s pride and ego will destroy the Democratic party. People are fed up with the games and are finally starting to wake up to obama’s lies. The fact that Dems are willing to reject funding for Veterans hospitals and medical care just to tow obama’s line is quite telling of what is more important to them.

    • peacesnail

      I wish that were the case, but there are way to many stupid voters out there now.

  • Tom Masters

    Sadly this verifies the fact that only 49% of Americans have an IQ higher than their temperature…..

    • Chris Of Rights

      Pretty sure the percentage is far lower among the political class.

  • alpha2omega47

    Harry Reid and Obama remind me of two babies in their high chairs, pouting and whining because they don’t want to eat their spinach.

  • Ira Motus

    If the Republicans know what’s good for America, they had better buy up all of the advertising available on all of the media, particularly MSNBC BET and MTV and deplete all of their savings, campaign funds, etc. getting the message out over and over that the house offered several compromise choices to the (you know) and that the (you know) played his usual rope-a-dope stonewalling card. The Republicans have to know that just as he did this morning on IMUS, Bob Shieffer isn’t going to let on that he has a clue about reality. It’s their playbook and it works with the populace. The only hope, short of a providential bomb (and earlier experience with the grifters from AK shows that isn’t going to happen) is to drill the facts into the populace as hard as they can be drilled .

    • helpthelofo

      You are exactly 100% correct!! That is the ONLY way the low info voter can gather enough information to make informed voting possible. Ads on late night TV would be great start…

      • Ira Motus

        Thanks, I agree with you. You have to wonder why the Republicans don’t follow advice about how to get through to low info voters.

  • JimH69

    EVERY one of these Senate rejections show one thing – there is NO COMPRISING with radical socialist.

  • whisper

    If the Democrats won’t look at the individual bits and pieces, that tells me one thing and one thing only — they are NOT interested in the separate bits and pieces at all, and that includes the people, the jobs, the economy. They are only interested in passing that health care funding, for a program which they won’t have to pay for, and in some cases won’t even have to participate in. They don’t care what it will cost US, or what the end results will be. They only want to do what Lord OWEbama asks, because they’re afraid they’ll get dumped by voters next time.

    Well, it’s not the Republicans causing the shutdown. It’s the Dems. Proof is here in their own words.

  • Bob White

    So when Norton supports the bill it is an impassioned plea (because she is a Democrat), but when a Republican expresses shock at those voting against, he possibly feigning his emotion. Good thing we have Roll Call to tell us which party is the most sincere.


    I strongly believe Harry Reid is a solidly ignorant, arrogant, old man that was sexually abused as a child.

    • Penny

      Please do not make excuses for a slimeball spawned of evil and long practiced in evil as central to his being..


        According to Harry I am what you described because I believe in the tea party principles of much less government and much more real freedom. But according to Harry Reid I am strapping on my suicide vest and ready to go blow some people up. Now I don’t know about most of you out there. BUT I have served and I have KILLED people running toward me trying to get close enough to blow me up while wearing a suicide vest. IF I were with in arms reach of him and he made a comment like this. He would regret ever saying anything along that line with in ear shot of anyone else. See, when the dems make comments like this they just have no idea the discontent they are seeding with in the good Americans of this country.

  • MarvLS1

    The root word of Democrat and Demon is the same.

  • docdave88

    Looks to me, from flyover country, like the radical, arsonist, terrorist, hostage taking, jihadist democrats are shutting down the government all by themselves, starving women and children in their ongoing war against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    Sounds like Amerikan Muslims to me.

    But then again, my degree is from a regional state college, so I couldn’t be right in the face of all of those Ivy Leaguers.

    Welcome to The One’s Amerika.

    Now I’m off to my Three Minute Hate.

    Funny, isn’t it. I thought it was 2013 but it turns out to be 1984.

  • Patrick Lee

    Polls are now 70-30 against the pubs on this shutdown. The house will be ours next year and just watch what we will accomplish in Obamas last 2 years. Can you say Immigration, Gun Registration and Restrictions, Yeah Baby we are going to own you losers.

    • entittled_one

      be quiet or we will cut off your cheques

    • 1angrywhite

      You will never own us. We are a free people with protections of our own built in to the government. The media is spoon feeding you, honey. It’s like Fox news, for the mentally ill. Just look at your nutty statement about owning people. It’s not likely except that you have a disseminating tool of lies called the media. You scumbags will lose this war by any means necessary.

    • Tori

      Spoken like a true goose stepper. And THAT is why the people demanded this show be shut down.

    • Larry46

      You already have an administration that has not secured the borders. Ever purchase a gun? Every one legally purchase is in effect registered. Even at the Gun Shows. Read the Constitution and compare it to the gun laws. There are boatloads of restrictions now. I realize that you don’t want to include facts in your argument, but most gun violence is accomplished with illegal guns, mostly in your Blue states where the gun laws are the strictest. One more tidbit, there is a staggeringly higher percentage of Obama supporters in jail for gun violations than members of the N.R.A. Ain’t that a kick in the butt?

      • Tori

        This man has shown in 3 sentences who and what the dems are. AND, why they will be destroyed.

    • Vickie Warren

      Advocating hard for that dictatorship, aren’t you?

    • Will Malven

      Anyone gullible enough and delusional enough to believe that “Gun Registration” [sic] (never knew that was a proper noun) will happen in America at any time in the near-future has automatically disqualified himself as a source of rational information.

      Leftist idiots abound and you are a perfect example. You confuse your assumptions with facts and your mythology for reality.

    • Morrowc1

      Patrick Lee, why do you want to control me? You have some problems stemming from your childhood? Go take your meds. And don’t ever dream of coming to my house to pick up my guns…… you wouldn’t be able to swallow with 230 grains of lead in your throat.

    • jaydee987

      “Yeah Baby we are going to own you losers”

      Perfect way to summarize the mentality of the majority of politicians on both sides of the aisle. No wonder everything is done down party lines. Zero concern about 50% of the country. Zero accountability. Zero interest in ensuring the constitutional foundation of this country is maintained; and most importantly, zero interest in changing anything. All about the votes and emotional propaganda.

      Though, about people like ‘Patrick Lee’, I would love to be there when he’s one of the first in line to get all of his rights stripped; being that he and his kind are the easiest to manipulate.

  • Larry46

    I would hope that I’m not the only one who believes that, despite Nancy Pelosi’s remark that we have cut the government as much as we can, that there are a bunch of those “non-essential” government services that need to be permanently SHUTDOWN!

    • Vickie Warren

      With you 100%

  • Cindy Otis

    If the Dems actually cared about anything other than themselves they’d be passing individual funding bills left and right to keep as much of the essential services running as possible. But no, all the Dems care about is power and political grandstanding. If Obamacare was really so great – why isn’t it mandatory for all Senators and Congressmen? Why isn’t it mandatory for all gov’t employees? Why are they issuing exceptions for their political cronies and delaying mandates? Seems to me if you’re able to pick and choose whether or not to enforce the law then it’s fine for others to pick and choose what parts of Obamacare get funded (hopefully NONE of it).

  • entittled_one

    if you control the media you control everything. Libtards knew this decades ago & went on to own most msm. hello gop????

  • Thomasinwonderland

    The house passed a CR that funded the gov’t, but not Obamacare-the democrats said no. the house passed a CR that funded the gov’t but delayed Obamacare-the democrats said no. The house offers to fund veterans, national parks and D.C.- the democrats say no. So- I am supposed to believe that the tea party is shutting down the government? Please!

    • Mamatex

      Tea party must be bigger than I realized

      • Larry46

        Actually they are and that’s why the Libs are scared stiff of them. If you remember it was the emergence of the Tea Party that swept the Republicans into a majority in the House in 2010. Can you imagine what damage Obama and the Democrat congress would have done to this country without them?

        • Mamatex

          You are right

  • netmad

    So, once again Democrats have proven that it is they who want the government shut down. If they really wanted to end the government shutdown they would sign these individual CR’s and fight it out on Obamacare.

  • NeoConVet

    MY GOSH….With the Shutdown of “NON Essential” Fed Workers…. who will be left to Spy on me, conduct illegal IRS actions, treat me as a Subject of the Gov’t, Require ME to Buy Services I don’t want.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    When will the people realize that there’s a war going on, and it’s being waged by the Demorat party? You can dump all that BS about the Republicans refusing to compromise. Maybe the right wingers are finally learning that every time they bend over backward to reach a compromise, they get kicked in the balls.

    Not only do the Democrats want total control of this country, they want it on their terms. How does this differ from the Muslims?

    • The_Bob_Michaels

      Just like words such as “gay” and “hate”, they’ve managed to alter the meaning of “compromise”. To Dems it now means accept our proposals and abandon your principles. Fortunately, there’s a few in congress that have a spine and reject that notion.

      • helpthelofo

        That’s funny, sad and true.

  • Descanti

    Finally, a budget plan that actually has some teeth! When private sector folks get laid off, I don’t think they get back pay, so let the furloughs continue! Fed workers should not be immune to the piss-poor economy which has resulted from five years of Obama policies. The only way to reign in the administration is to take away their money. Actually it is our money so we should be able to decide how it gets spent. The Dems will come back to the table when their political stunt of attempting to crush the GOP under their jackboots fails in a few weeks. The hope of exterminating conservatives will fade as they realize that average Americans don’t really care too much about parks, and the high-emotional areas like VA affairs and sports programs at Army and Navy. They care about cheap food, gas and jobs. Vets will get their benefits in a few of weeks. Obama and his Bolshevik handlers will blink. Give it time…

  • BarryIsBroken

    I think the first federal fyck sticks that should go without pay are the president, congress and senate…..let all these fycks starve…….

  • Morrowc1

    Waste of time. The WH never had one veteran vote and never will get one. But Obama doesn’t care as long as he opens the floodgates and 11 million Mexicans swarm the border with their families of five per.

    • J Wolfe

      That has always been their fall back plan

    • TAZ

      Teabagger want to pick and choose government agencies they think is worth while to HE## with the rest of the people that are going without. NO WAY OPEN THE GOVERNMENT TO ALL THE PEOPLE

  • fitzzz

    Consequences ??????
    There are none, but there should be
    If you screw up, do something wrong, something illegal, you need to be punished
    Today in this country, that has all but disappeared
    Be it elected officials, teachers, unions, or thugs on the street

  • Ralloh

    Of course the dems say no. They want to milk this for all it’s worth by blaming Republicans. I’m just hoping that enough real Americans have finally woken up to see right through their tricks. I hope it backfires on them and they lose huge next year.

  • Freedom311

    The Rats are jumping ship…

    Rep. José E. Serrano, D-N.Y., a longtime ally of the District and ranking member on the appropriations subcommittee that has jurisdiction over D.C. affairs, suggested that he would have to avoid Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., for the next few days, suggesting that his “no” vote would have consequences for their relationship going forward.

    “What would you do if your local budget was here? Would you mention it in the same breath with the HHS budget or the Labor Department budget or the VA’s budget?” Norton said. “Don’t dare compare us to your appropriations. I understand the resentment on my side to what is being done here, but carry out your resentment without putting us in a position of a thing.”
    Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C

  • MaineRep

    It is the Democrats who have caused the shut down but we will never hear it through MSM. Yesterday the managing editor of NYT was lamenting the impact of the internet. His opinion that the internet would take away the truth in reporting. Actually it has done the opposite because we never hear the truth from the MSM. They are still covering for Reid and Obama.

  • Monte

    Both parties are at fault for this continuous cycle of last minute crap. But for this I would have to put the blame on Democrats. Don’t get me wrong Repubs deserve a lot of blame for other things but dems own this. Republicans where to greedy with repeal it all or nothing at first. Now they’ve compromised somewhat and asked for a delay of a year which I dont see anything wrong with considering businesses got a delay of a year and other parts of the law have been delayed. If it’s okay to delay one it should be okay to dalay the other. Dems are looking for a clean CR which does not include sequester cuts. Why would repubs give dems a CR without sequester and funding for ACA. Dems are the ones who need to start negociating. Repubs need to get of the defund ACA.

  • MichaelH1836

    I never thought I’d say it, but the current actions from the left brand democrats as actual traitors to the American nation. They’ll evidently do ANYTHING to extend their authority over citizens and to further the agenda from “progressives”. Shame!

  • Kees Roma

    Brazen communists, aka Democrat politicians, strike at the American People again…

    • TAZ

      HAHAHAH Another Spoiled child boo hoo Obama and the Dems won’t give in and get rid of OC. NEVER HAPPEN JACK

    • TAZ


      • The_Toxic_Avenger

        If that is who you are voting for, then you are.

  • J Wolfe

    The liberal/progressive definition of the word “COMPROMISE” =

    “Give us everything that WE want, under OUR conditions, or OUR conspirators in the media will do everything possible to blame YOU!!!!”

    • Gage Mulholland

      You cannot be serious? Why must Republicans ALWAYS project their own issues onto everyone else??

  • George_in_LaQuinta

    Roll Call, a mouth piece for the American left.

  • Warren Dew

    How can this place be called “Roll Call” when there’s no link to the roll call on the vote? I want to know how my own congressman voted on these issues.

    • Gage Mulholland

      That’s easy, ask yourself where you live. If it happens to be in a Red (moocher) state, your answer should be pretty clear. If you live in a Blue (states that pay all the bills) State then you answer should also be pretty clear.

  • sabo

    So much for compromise from the democrats.
    They’re way or the highway attitude has gotten our government shut down.
    Harry Reid and Mr.Obama.-lay this at they’re feet and vote accordingly come election tim.

    • Gage Mulholland

      They’ve already compromised, in the form of accepting GOP austerity level spending. If we want to cry like school kids and stop funding for laws we don’t like, the Democratic Party should not fund the Government until Glass Stegal is put back in place. Of course, none of you brilliant minds on this thread even know what that law was.

  • The_Toxic_Avenger

    So basically, its the Democrats who are preventing funding for veterans, national parks, and DC?
    Why are the Democrats shutting down the Government?

  • rhzszm

    “They took hostages by shutting down the government and now they are releasing one hostage at a time,” said Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

    Why is your party shooting the released hostages, Nancy?

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