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February 11, 2016

Diaz-Balart: ‘Boehner’s Never Told Me’ Immigration Overhaul Is ‘Dead’


Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., will still seek a vote on immigration this year (Photo by Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Did Speaker John A. Boehner really tell President Barack Obama that the House wouldn’t vote on an immigration overhaul bill this year?

Florida Republican Mario Diaz-Balart intimated on Monday afternoon that he doubts Boehner would have, with such finality, closed the door to moving forward on such legislation, as Obama suggested in a national address.

“Boehner’s never told me that it’s dead,” Diaz-Balart said in a phone interview with CQ Roll Call. “What Boehner’s been telling me is what he’s always been telling me, that clearly the American people don’t trust Obama to enforce the law.”

In a statement following the president’s announcement, Boehner stopped well short of calling the president a liar, but did not explicitly confirm that he has killed the issue this year.

Diaz-Balart could be in a position to know where Boehner stands on the issue: He has been working for months to secure the votes for a comprehensive immigration bill designed to attract wide support from House Republicans and enough Democrats to deem it bipartisan and ensure a lifeline in the Senate.

Despite Obama’s announcement Monday that he will take executive action on immigration without Congress, Diaz-Balart said he plans to continue working on immigration legislation in the House in the weeks left before the August recess.

“The majority of the Republican conference wants to move forward,” he said. “We still have a shot.”



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  • Brenda Huddleston

    Obama just keeps lying to make his way of ruling look acceptable. Why doesn’t he ever mention the bills that the House has sent over that just SIT on Harry’s desk! Boehner is correct….we DO NOT trust Obama to enforce the Immigration laws and he has proven why.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    Senator John Boehner is a liar.

    It’s been six months without an unemployment extension bill for the three million unemployed families still without benefits. The republicans senate has made every effort to delay the vote to render it too late for passing. This was done in a very calculated manner, without compassion or common decency towards these struggling families. The republican senate has destined these families to financial ruin and utter poverty. They have walked away from the issue, leaving these families without an income source. However, they fought tooth and nail for the Koch Brother’s Oil Pipeline bill to be passed. They have demonstrated for whom they work for, and it’s not the average American, living paycheck to paycheck. The republicans are working for corporate America and special interest groups with deep pockets. The congress recently passed a foreign aid package for the Ukraine. worth Billions of tax payer dollars, but failed helping these poor families in need.

  • Teresa Gavalda

    Mario, as well as ALL the other Hispanics in the House, should know by now that they are just useful tools for Boehner, et al, to reach their goals, If it need be they will do it through lies, postponements, filibusters or whatever else.

  • coalgateOps

    Obamacare is little more than an ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up to exploit the sympathies of the gullible and the ignorant.

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