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February 13, 2016

GOP Post: Unemployment Extension Won’t Create Jobs

A Wednesday afternoon blog post by Ways and Means Republicans suggests that blocking an unemployment benefits extension may have boosted the economy.

“What Happened Since Extended Unemployment Benefits Ended?” the post asks. “More Jobs and Less Long-Term Unemployment, for Starters.”

The post said the emergency unemployment compensation program assisted 24 million people over 5.5 years at a cost of more than $260 billion.

“Despite Democrat claims that spending on unemployment benefits ‘creates jobs faster than almost any initiative you can name,’ all this record-setting benefit spending has bought in recent years is the slowest jobs recovery on record,” the post said.

Since benefits were cut off, employment is up 1.156 million, the labor force is up 1.29 million and the number of long-term unemployed is down from 3.878 million to 3.739 million, the post said.

A post earlier this week also ripped the idea, repeated often by Democrats, that unemployment benefits support job creation by putting money in the pockets of people who will spend it: “Democrats continue to promise extending unemployment benefits a 13th time will somehow create thousands of jobs. It won’t.”

That post points to a paper suggesting that unprecedented unemployment benefits extensions caused unemployment to persist.

(The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that a full-year unemployment extension in 2014 would increase employment by 200,000 jobs on net at a cost of $26 billion.)

Josh Drobnyk, a spokesman for Ways and Means Democrats, ripped the GOP analysis.

“House Republicans are cherry picking economic data to rationalize blocking a simple up or down vote on legislation to extend unemployment insurance,” he said in a statement to CQ Roll Call.

House Republicans so far have not proposed an extension of their own, although some senior Republicans are considering using an extension as leverage to push through other GOP priorities, such as small business tax cuts.

  • Maria Cardoso

    Fabricated information and data. Not true at all. GOP has no conscience and they don’t yet seem to learn from past elections. Perhaps they will get it at the next election when we leave them scratching their heads again.

    • Tnbd7190

      That’s a girl, I agree

  • Maria Cardoso

    John Boehner, having Learned NOTHING from the last Presidential election, actually makes Richard Nixon look great! Without a doubt the worst Speaker in American political history!

    Boehner, now under investigation by the SEC, took in $22 million in campaign donations from Koch brothers and other special interests (coal, energy, gambling), including, Venezuela oil Chevron (owned by the Koch brothers). That is why the Keystone XL Pipeline is so important to him because he promised he would get it passed in exchange for $$$$.

    Boehner’s ties with special interest groups, and his eagerness to brazenly take their money is well known, but the Speaker may have pushed things way too far in 2012. Speaker Boehner seems to have dodged an SEC investigation into his financial involvement with the companies that would benefit from the Keystone XL pipeline, but it appears that lure of Citizens United fueled conservative cash was too much for the Speaker to resist last year.

    Rep. Boehner was the House’s top fundraiser last year. This was a matter of political survival. The unpopular within his own party speaker raised more than $22 million, which he used to solidify his position by buying loyalty through donations to House Republican reelection campaigns.

    Similar allegations against Boehner surfaced in June, when an FEC complaint was filed against him for accepting $2.5 million in illegal donations from the Venezuelan government run Chevron. It turns out that Boehner’s illegal activities go way beyond Keystone XL and Chevron.

    Speaker Boehner’s has been getting away with these kinds of illegal activities for decades, but the walls may finally be closing in on one of the worst Speakers in American political history.

    Boehner is more interested in tax breaks for the wealthy, passing legislation for the Koch brothers and his Super Pac donors for foreign oil than the struggling American people. Boehner is not for the American people. He is for power and money and he MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!!

    Friends of John Boehner is one of several political organizations that Boehner uses to raise money for GOP candidates and solidify his party’s control over the U.S. House of Representatives

    • polioliroli

      wouldn’t it be in his best interest to pass the EU bill?
      why make extra drama?

      • Maria Cardoso

        Of course it would. However, the GOP doesn’t have the best interest of the working American. Only their 1% campaign contributors.

        • Tnbd7190

          Remember Boehner at election time!

          • Christopher Duncan

            Remember Reid too. He put the bill to the House knowing it would fail. He knew all along. It’s just a ploy to make the Republithugs look evil, which we already know they are so it’s simply political grandstanding for votes on both sides.

          • Randall

            He put it to the house because it needs to go to the house. You can’t sit on it forever, that would just support the republicans.

      • Tnbd7190

        let’s get rid of all the GOPs at election time

        • sha44ss

          Lets get rid of BOTH parties this time! They are in bed with each other ! This is a dog and pony show but this time they ALL have gone TOO FAR!

      • sybil


        • Christopher Duncan

          What a waste of time. Best to do what I would if I ever cross paths with the man. Him and Reid. Neither of them want this to pass, they’re just sucking up to their constituents. Reid suggests a bill he KNOWS is full of holes and won’t make any changes to it, whining about not being held hostage in order for it to fail so that the Republithugs look evil, and Boehner will ignore it to please his money grubbing allies thinking he’s untouchable as always. But just like everyone else, no one is bulletproof and I’ll leave it at that.. It’s simple math really.

    • Howard Hay

      if the gop do not get pipe line bill through their leader will be gone the brothers will look for another patsy ryan?

      • Maria Cardoso

        Of course they will. However, I believe the time has come for Americans to amass a grassroots movement to take this country back. To restore the US Constitution and return America to the people. A nation founded on the principles of for the people by the people. Not for the corporations by the corporations as our corrupt Congress is doing. They care about staying in power and in office. Every single member of congress is a millionaire. They earn over $300,000/year and work only 114 days a year. ALways on vacation. We need term limits. We should perhaps divide congress the at work party and the vacationing party this way congress is always at work. This is an era of technology. The political corruption must be stopped or this country will be destroyed. There will only be two classes: the wealthy and the poor. The redistribution of wealth started during the Bush Administration and since then what has been happening behind the scenes is the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich. We have to stand up and be heard. Elections are now bought by the billionaires. Our representatives don’t care about the people, only their campaign contributors and the promises favors they need to return in order for them to remain in power.

        There is a movement that is forming to bring democracy and restore the Constitution. All elements of it. Even the Supreme Court is making detrimental decisions and not abiding by the oath they took to protect the constitution. US Supreme Court, the Robert’s Court, is also rendering decisions and opinions based on political favors.

        Time is now. Or we as the greatest nation will forever cease to exist. Even teenagers today can’t find a job.

        • Ryan
        • cory

          $300,000.00 per year for 114 days is equivalent to $2631.00 per day and if it were an eight hour day is equal to $328.00 per hour. damn! should have gotten into politics.

        • Layla

          Maria, you are allowed to spew on here, but stick to the facts, please. Members of Congress make $174,000 a year.

          • sybil

            THEN THEY MAKE MUCH MORE WHEN THEY DO SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS AND WROTE BOOKS ON TAXPAYERS TIME. I did an extensive search as a former law librarian and found out how much he and others make on an average, which runs between 190k to 350k…facts!

          • Y HARRIS

            @Layla27:disqus you need to do your research sweetie… thanks @disqus_6fe6bEI0XD:disqus ….@disqus_Klr5vz40Cf:disqus ..thanks for stating the facts and speaking up. When we vote, we have to be sure about the person were voting for…not too many are really out to help Americans…they are running for their own selfish reasons…ie the current situation with long term unemployment!

          • Art Bagnall

            From the taxpayers they get the 174K.

            They have “other” income streams. Ever heard of bribery (campaign $$$)?

            AND… Who the F are you, the moderator? Clam up.

            Most members ARE millionaires, a majority in BOTH houses.
            If you had been watching the news lately you’d know that.

            Not a 1m/YR salary from Congress, but WEALTH, mostly inherited, or in Issa’s case, from stolen cars.

            At least HE’S a self-made man.

            “Made” as in Mafia.

          • Benny Blaze

            Layla you are so wrong,do your research!

    • Robert Henkel

      anyone that lost there EU benefits in Boehner”s state should camp out in there cars infront of his house. Until he oks the bill

      • The Crying Boozer Tangerine

        No because he is using his paid for life for nothing money and oil stocks to buy more houses in Florida.

        • sha44ss

          Yes he doesn’t care because he isnt going to RUN again! He s RETIRING to FLORIDA! SO “WHAT DOES IT MATTER” THAT AMERICANS ARE STARVING!?

    • Layla

      He’ll have to work pretty hard to keep up with the administration scandals. Chicago style politics in the White House.

      • Art Bagnall

        Go away. Tea Party Troll.

      • erick

        These scandals will not as exciting as Reagan’s drug dealing thru the basement of the white house by Oliver North. Or having the CIA develop the crack form of cocaine to sell in the black ghettos. Or as exciting as Nixon’s covert operations designed to neutralize his opponents. The most exciting one was the domestic political assassination program designed to illuminate potential black leadership in the ghettos, and make the murders appear as senseless gang killings.

    • Benny Blaze

      Good post Maria,I wish everyone could see it this way,we need to get them thugs out of office!!!

  • betsym

    GOP must believe that people are idiots and they can post anything they want. They are truly a bunch of tone deaf people, and that includes my Rep. Lamborn. I only can hope he gets defeated by the Democrat Irv Halter.

    • sybil

      people have to truly Bremen who voted no and keep them our of work..hmmm fair exchange ! yes!

  • mikem42

    Small business tax cuts again. Always tax cuts. Where do they think the money comes from to run a government, including their own pay and perks? Now, small business tax incentives for adding real bona fide new hires to the payroll might be a step in the right direction.

    • LaughingLion

      “Trickle down economy” = the little Americans getting pissed on. Always has, always will!

      • mikem42

        The piss is hitting folks higher up the ladder, more and more. When will they notice and start to vote for their own best interests, and rid us of these fake economy majors, such as Paul Ryan. He is pathetic and so in the pocket of big business, he and his family.

        • The Crying Boozer Tangerine

          The man with no plan. Paul Ryan should have joined a boyband and sung all day about his ‘tax less’ to fix everything under the sun.

  • LaughingLion

    NOT SURPRISED! Remember . . . Economics is such that you can get 10 economist in a room and come out with 20 different opinions! Both the Republicans and Democrats are picking and choosing their stats to fit their needs.

    Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England during Queen Victoria’s reign said it best: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

    • Tnbd7190

      like this, funny but true!

  • DerekJR321

    I’m glad these politicians get to go enjoy a nice two week vacation. I’m glad their Easters won’t be filled with sadness, like it will be for my 12-year old son. I’m glad they feel that helping over 2 million Americans is “not that important”. I’ve now learned the true nature of the political system. If you have no money, you are of no concern to the GOP. I will remember this. And I will make sure that I NEVER vote for one of these disgusting human beings again.

    • Tnbd7190

      God Bless! I have two one 14 year old son and one 12 year old girl! Not going to be much of an Easter here.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The Republicans have really made voting in the next elections a priority, for those more than two million unemployed workers, which were affected terribly by the failure of the Republicans to pass the unemployment extension bill in the senate. Their total lack of compassion and human decency has caused these millions of families untold suffering and financial damage over the last four months, since running out of their benefits. Senators such as John Boehner, had made every effort to have the bill killed in the senate, and him and his Republican cronies have intentionally dragged their feet and made countless delays, hoping it will go away. These politicians, in their soft jobs and affluent lifestyle, have paid little concern to the plight of these families who had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. They continued taking their numerous senate breaks and vacations, while these families were struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their tables at home. This is the party that represents itself as being “the party for family values”. It’s clear that these senators have no family values, but perhaps for their own families. Last week the congress approved a billion dollar or more foreign aid package for the Ukraine. The passing of the package in the congress was swift without delay. However, the same can’t be said about the passing of the unemployment bill. When it comes to spending tax payer’s dollars on foreign aid, and corporate welfare, and Banking and Airline Bailouts, but there’s always a “budgetary concern” when the subject are the poor in this country. This surely isn’t right in a great country like ours.

    • LaughingLion

      When you say that the Republicans are “the party of family values” is this the same party that Representative Vance McAllister (R-LA), the so-called “Kissing Congressman”, the married congressman that was caught on tape kissing his married staffer belongs to after running on those “family values”.

  • Jerome



    I will N E V E R vote republican again! I’ve had it with these miserly liars & thieves who have to audacity to suggest that they’re not paid enough for the little that they do. Going on recess every other week and taking the entire summer off is NOT a job it’s a Hobby.

    • Maria Wineland

      I absolutely agree. They’re playing with people’s livelihoods while raking in huge paychecks and payoffs for doing next to nothing. They’re totally detached from reality and have no clue about average citizens’ lives.

      • Tnbd7190

        could not agree more. and get this going on recess again! the people should be running these offices!

    • Tnbd7190

      me either, The GOPs r done!

    • Layla

      I’ll bet you voted for Hope and Change, didn’t you? The boy president who has never run as much as a damned lemonade stand.


        I voted for McCain & Palin, not that they ever had a chance. I knew Obama was trouble & Not a valid presidential candidate. Bush was no better, between Bush & Obama they gave over a Trillion dollars to the so-called bank bailout. Bush got involved in wars that were none of our business. Quite frankly I don’t see any difference between either party. They are Owned by the Banks and big business. You ever hear the saying? “Follow the Money”

  • Shad Harvey

    why dont they inspect employers to make sure that the illegals are not taking the jobs away from Americans.. I bet that will create a lot of openings!

    • Tnbd7190

      r u kidding, they just keep letting them in to take more of our jobs-then have the balls to call us lazy!

      • BC Shelby

        …and also abuse a tax loophole (the Child Tax Credit) that in 2012 cost our nation 4.2$ billion which the IRS will do nothing about. Some of these people are receiving very “healthy” refunds by claiming a dozen or more “nieces” and “nephews” that don’t even live in this country.

        Meanwhile, you or I make one little mistake on our 1040s and it’s penalties and fees if not possibly even an audit.

  • Michael Robinson

    Unemployment insurance creating jobs? In and by itself no. However that is not the purpose of unemployment insurance. Not only is it meant to help those looking for employment and many unemployed Americans are doing just that, but also to stabilize especially local economies. If people cannot even spend money for basic things, then business activity instead of remaining flat, heads south even more.

  • barrnone

    Tying job creation to this bill is the biggest republican con since the Iraq invasion. That they still get votes is one of the biggest mysteries they don’t care about anything except making a buck.

  • FedUpInNJ

    “House Republicans so far have not proposed an extension of their own, although some senior Republicans are considering using an extension as leverage to push through other GOP priorities, such as small business tax cuts”. That’s great! I’ll try to keep in mind they are playing games with the lives of 3 million people because they want leverage on business issues! WTF? By John Boehner not even “allowing” a vote he is refusing the very process of democracy. There WILL be increased crime, there WILL be riots if this isn’t passed. Right now over 3 million Americans are not paying any FICA or STATE taxes, instead they are being driven to complete dependency on welfare… how is THAT good for the economy? This extension is up in less than 60 days anyway; why not let it pass, let people get back on their feet KNOWING there are no more extensions after May unless there is significant job creation built in? To punish people by blocking this is nothing less than TREASON. Obama should step in and use his pen to sign an executive order to get this doen since Boehner refuses to do his job. We let these do nothing politicians rise to a paint of “holy” and that has to stop. When 1 man can hold 3 million people hostage its time for a BIG change. Whether we agree with Obama’s policies or not that has NOTHING to do with being able to get some help in a bad economy after you’ve paid FICA taxes for over 40 years. Enough already! Approve it and move on!

    • rick

      its the time of the end folks. did u not know that these very things would be here? these men have the same characteristics as the one who is ruling the earth. dan 2:44 soon this gov will come to an end. then real justice will prevail!!

    • rick

      well said. we all see right through bohner. and he could have added his own theories on how to create jobs. but as we know this situation is not a benefit to him.. and i think ur right this has changedd a lot of people.

      • Layla

        He did, Rick. Oddly enough, they were blocked in the Senate by Reid.

    • Christopher Duncan

      Reid proposed a bill he knew would fail. Knew from the start. Claiming
      he won’t make any changes, and that the Republicans better vote on it or
      else you might as well be the devil? Take off your rose colored glasses and look at how criminal both
      of these parties are. You think even half the democrat politicians give a
      damn about jobless people beyond how badly it makes republithugs look to everyone? Really? I agree that voting is key and should be allowed, but I tell you, if Boehner allowed this to come to a vote as it is right now it would fail by a landslide.

      There’s not enough incentive for Obama to sign an executive anything and all it would do is alienate him from the few Republithugs who don’t despise him on general principle.

  • FedUpInNJ

    Republicans will lose the House in November. There are too many unemployed Republicans who can’t defend or understand Boehner’s unfounded reasons for not letting this pass. Boehner is blocking the very process of democracy and that’s a disgrace for us ALL. Call the POTUS and demand an executive order to renew unemployment 201.456.1111

    • Christopher Duncan

      Blocking a bill he knows would fail, making not only him but the entire House look bad? Executive order would make every Republithug from here to the moon hate Obama and the rest of the democRATS with renewed passion. Will never happen.

  • barrnone

    Bet on it, if they take the Senate there will be another financial crisis and bailout by the govt. Same govt that’s propped up the economy since Bush but is too broke to help the unemployed and underpaid.

  • scott

    I am a registered Republican. I feel sorry for all these working people who lost their jobs and can not find work. Our country gives money to other countries, tax breaks to small and large companies, but will turn their heads on our working class. I will not be voting Republican for coming elections. There are families in need, making choices to sell their homes, cars, telling their children goodbye, ect and the Republicans feel nothing. Giving these families the extended unemployment benefits now or before is the right answer, then doing your job to solve the unemployment issue comes after.

    • sha44ss

      Democrats are not the answer either! BOTH PARTIES ARE IN IT TO STAY IN POWER! We have to vote them ALL OUT!

  • Maria Cardoso

    Yes, all of American will need to be reminded and remember Boehner come election time. What he made hard working, struggling Americans who contributed all of their lives to the system, paid taxes, paid into social security and medicare, paid into unemployment insurance to receive 26 weeks as if that was enough in this economic climate and then say, hey we need job creations and how to pay for it? Well, Boehner’s doesn’t worry about how to pay for tax breaks to the wealthy now does he. Kicking them to the curb. So many losing everything they have ever worked for in this country. Boehner is a disgrace to his father’s memory.

  • sharsand

    There is enough evidence out there that the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries are running a shadow government. We need to get the word out to those who watch the non-news media that everything that is negatively impacting their lives–absolutely everything–is a result of the plutocratic, libertarian, dictatorial, sons of the founder of the John Birch Society, brothers (and a few other billionaires) whose only goal is to take over this country for their own greed and power.

    • Layla

      Good grief, and they call the right paranoid. Why would they want you unemployed?

      • erick

        To prevent workers like me from building industrial facilities that will generate millions of dollars per day. To prevent workers like me from building new university campuses. To prevent workers like me from building facilities that will produce products that will improve the quality of life and standard of living of the 99%. This does not conform to the austerity plans of the 1%. After the wall street” bail out” ; begins the wall street bank” bail in” that will cut entitlements, benefits, skim pensions, and usher in an era of genocide.

  • Jerryb53

    While US Citizens that are desperately needing the Unemployment Emergency Extension to feed their children, prevent foreclosure or eviction we get this from a potential Presidential Candidate. While Detroit looks like a war zone we get this. The Ukraine and illegal immigrants come first before taxpaying Americans.

    How much in your face will Americans Take…

  • MarineOutOfWork

    sad i served.

    • Christopher Duncan

      I would agree, but the G.I. bill is the only reason I’m still sane right now and not out buying a gun and helping foment a revolution.

  • Ryan
  • Robert Simmons

    “Unemployed workers need our assistance in these difficult times, and we cannot let them down. I have shared these concerns with the leaders of the House and the Senate, and they understand the need for early action. When our legislators return to the Capitol, I ask them to make the extension of unemployment benefits a first order of business. And the benefits they approve should be retroactive, so that people who lose their benefits this month will be paid in full.”

    – George W. Bush, 2002

    “We have, in some of the hardest-hit states, extended the unemployment insurance. There’s nothing that strikes to my heart more than the unemployed.”

    – Ronald Reagan, 1982

    Even their god Reagan understood. What a shameful party they have devolved into.

    • Layla

      The DNC must be proud of each and every one of you, complaining of no jobs, but oddly instead of looking, you are blogging here!

      • WhiteJesus®

        Layla, I looked you up on Facebook and can see that you’re an obese redneck. What happened?

        • Christopher Duncan

          Excess and a full stomach obviously have deadened a sense of morality.
          Fasting is good for the soul. Too bad fast fooding has eliminated every
          trace of it whatsoever.

          • WhiteJesus®

            “fast fooding” Nice!

  • Robert Simmons

    “Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home–but not for housing. They are strong for labor–but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights. They favor minimum wage–the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all–but they won’t spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine–for people who can afford them. They consider electrical power a great blessing–but only when the private power companies get their rake-off. They think the American standard of living is a fine thing–so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people. And they admire the government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.”

    ― Harry S Truman

    Years pass, ideologies don’t.

    • LaughingLion

      OUTSTANDING!!! Absolutely great quote. That is why I think Harry Truman is one of the best Presidents in the modern era.

  • Truthteller33

    Medical insurance doesn’t create better health. But you still have it in sane, developed countries in case you need it for things out of your control. Losing your job because you were laid off or let go unjustly is the EPITOME of that. That giant Oompa Loompa is a callous, disgusting, avaricious creep.

  • Linda

    Seriously !
    If employment is up, Its up with minimum wage jobs where people can’t support themselves anyway. The unemployment extension certainly may not create jobs.. that should be a separate agenda… But it will put food on the table, heat the home, keep electric on, and pay for gas to get to an interview. Yes by all means unemployed workers want jobs that will pay their bills, it will give everyone back a sense of dignity and purpose of belonging. Health insurance doesn’t create sickness but it pays the bill when we are sick. That’s what insurance is.. This bill brought some hope to people. I voted Republican for years.. Now I see that they really are ruthless people..

    • BC Shelby

      …and the real kicker, many people who apply for minimum wage jobs are turned down, claimed as being “overqualified” because they earned more in a previous position or have decades of work experience.

      So, to all those who say, “why not take a lower paying job?”, get on the butts of these employers to hire us and stop handing us the “excuses” why they won’t.

  • angie

    How sad to think of all the struggling Americans and all the children that will continue to suffer this Easter while these pathetic excuses for human beings go on another rescess. Two weeks at that! How people can be so heartless is beyond me. How boehner can lay his head down and sleep at night, just makes me sick to my stomach. While Americans try to find a place to sleep or find their next meal, he will be enjoying a nice two week easter vacation! Disgusting! I truly hope people remember all of this come election time.


    That’s why they are going so hard for the pipeline there pockets has already been padded and its the American people that is paying the price. We can forgot about it they are for themselves not the people. That is what our gov has become its is no longer for the people.

  • VinnyFromIndy

    It will create jobs. The GOP is simply lying about that. The other thing that it WILL do is prevent MILLIONS of Americans from losing everything and being thrust into poverty. It will do that.

    Quite clearly, the GOP could not care less about these millions of Americans. They do not care at all that people are losing homes, apartments, cars. The GOP in the House has cared so little about laid off Americans that they have sat there and done NOTHING form months in regard to this issue. Now that the bill has moved to the House, these Republicans appear prepared to finally deliver the death blow to millions of Americans by never letting this bill come to the floor for a vote.

    The GOP is a cancer on America. Tens of millions of lives are FAR worse off because the Republicans have some power in Washington.

    • Layla

      Sorry, but nope. The cancer on this country is our dear President. This economy is all his, lock, stock and Obamacare. If Boehner were truly running this show, he’d be giving tax breaks to corporate America, enabling them to hire more people.

      • WhiteJesus®


      • erick

        Hire more people in the foreign countries that the corporations have outsourced the work to because of their tax breaks.

  • frank1569

    Quick note to Republicans who refuse to live in reality:

    Over 20 million unemployed/underemployed Americans vs 4 million job openings, the majority of which offer meager wages, no benefits, and no future career potential. For those GOPers who can’t do simple math, that means JOBS DO NOT EXIST for 75% of those who need to work to survive, both physically and mentally.

    Er, I mean, get a job ya lazy taker moocher bums!

    • Layla

      Er, you just might have to move! There are jobs out there.

      • WhiteJesus®

        How’s your cashier job at Hardees?

      • Christopher Duncan

        MOVE! Omigod! Problem solved! Wow, you’re the savior of all 50 million Americans who are out of work (your words during a different discussion, not mine). Sure, I’ll move. Gimme money to transport and feed myself and my family while I do. I’ll stay at a homeless shelter with my wife and allow social service to take away my child while I look, no problem, however hitchhiking or walking hundreds of miles to where all the magical jobs are is perfect if you want to be kidnapped/raped/killed/mugged/tossed in a roadside ditch/any number of other nightmarish scenarios.

      • erick

        Canada makes it hard for us American illegal aliens south of the border to get a work visa in Canada.

  • WhiteJesus®

    Angry GOP oldsters sucking up Medicare: No support for moochers!!

    Irony personified.

    • Layla

      Are you aware they pay hundreds a month for their healthcare? Moochers? They’re paying for it, idiot.

      • WhiteJesus®

        LMAO…the average Medicare taker uses 3x, yes, 3x what they paid in. That’s taking by anyone’s definition.

        Now STFU and slink away, toll.

  • Dan Thomas

    John Boehner is becoming “The Food Stamp Speaker” He is single handedly forcing over 2 million people toward food stamps, section 8 housing, and welfare. Way to go John, have nice Easter vacation on us.

    • Layla

      Nope, King Obama gets 100% of the credit for being the food stamp king. For the first time since WWII and the Depression, 4 out of every 7 are on food stamps. Quite a legacy… We even advertise them in Mexico.

      • WhiteJesus®

        Layla, it’s a nice day outside in most of the US. Shouldn’t you be out hosing off your trailer, you redneck piece of crap?

  • Matthew Pieri

    Anyone can manipulate statistics to to prove anything. These numbers are a sham….they don’t count the millions who simply have fallen out of the system all together.

    • Christopher Duncan

      Or are taking 10-20 hour a week jobs. Or getting a piddly allowance by the state for financial aid to take some classes while they hunt for life saving employment. Or taking money under the table for random acts of very short term employment. Or like you said have become homeless or have fallen into a depressed funk and moved in with friends/relatives. Or who moved to another state/country. Or starved to death. Or committed suicide. Or committed crimes in order to survive and are now or soon to be in jail.

  • Matthew Pieri

    why do the crazies always shoot the John Lennon’s and not the John Boehner’s?

    • Christopher Duncan

      Because it won’t solve anything. Another spawn of Satan will rise from their ranks to a position of preeminent stomping on the little guy. I’d have to shoot Reid too for proposing a bill he knew from the start would never convince the House.

  • Leland Watson

    Yes the numbers do not truly account for those that have given up. The Republican
    Party states that extended EDD will not create jobs but they don’t consider
    that a lot of us over 60 are being discriminated against due to age. I have applied for jobs that are a 90% match to what I was doing before losing my job. Not one reply or even an acknowledgement. I only got 26 weeks of benefits and that is not long enough to replace a technical job.
    Finding a job in today’s economy is tough! Professional people are being forces to temporary jobs which takes them off the role. This is not right as it makes it more difficult to eventually find work in their field of expertise.

    I personally will vote every republican out of office since they have no
    hesitation to provide foreign countries billions in aid but balk about helping
    Americans in need.

    I wish I was knowledgeable enough to start a website for the unemployed to collect petitions to the Republican Party.

    • LaughingLion

      I am 58, unemployed, and know what you mean. President Obama and the corporate execs said they would hire the long term unemployed or at least not discriminate against them. But still, in the real world on the human resources staffer level, the long term unemployed and the older applicants resumes or website applications are either put in the “hold for six months” file or deleted altogether. We are still discriminated against, it’s just more subtle and hidden.

  • JG59

    It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for someone over 50 to find a job in 26 weeks in this economy.

    • Christopher Duncan

      I see what you did thar! Amen by the way. Hell, I’m 32 and a Navy vet with an honorable discharge, almost two years of college experience, several years of civilian job experience, and several certifications and I still can’t find a job.

      • voltaic

        You and 240,000 of your veteran friends have been abandoned by the GOP. I find it disturbing that they send soldiers to war for fake WMD and then when the soldier returns home the GOP cuts off their support. Hopefully you find a job soon sailor and thank you for your service.

  • Christopher Duncan

    Speaking of Keystone…. Hilarious considering a pipeline would hire a large number of Canadians and only have less than 50 permanent non-contract jobs when complete. 2000 construction jobs for two years, or almost twice that in one year, plus whatever indirect jobs you have like food trucks and equipment suppliers. Building a slightly better than average sized mall would hire about the same number of people. But what do I know. I’m only someone who researches facts while my rose tinted glasses are collecting dust somewhere.

    And this garbage is supported by a vast majority!

  • super hero


  • voltaic

    GOP feed the rich and starve the poor and middle class economic policies are crushing the lives of millions. GOP fight for wealthy tax cuts that help a few and they ignore help to jobless millions. 2.3 million children live with parents unemployed for more than 6 months, but GOP ignores their needs. These soulless politicians who take home $175k a year of taxpayer money are cutting the lifeline of the most vulnerable. They have no shame, they are GOP.

  • barrnone

    Of course it won’t create jobs it’s a ‘unemployment bill’ get it, unemployed as in no job..

  • nunya

    We are witnessing to end of the GOP…thank god…coulnt happen soon enough…

  • almost homeless at 58


  • Benjamin Dover

    Compulsive? When it came to the 2013 sequester, Obama could not stop lying:

  • tim

    john Boehner is the anti Christ living among us on earth

  • Eric Kemp

    Figure 1. Unemployed Workers Cut Off of EUC
    Approximately 850,000
    additional workers exhaust
    regular UI benefits over the
    first quarter of 2014 and will
    be denied access to EUC.
    1.3 million long-term unemployed
    workers will be
    immediately cut off of EUC
    at the end of 2013.
    2.15 Million
    Unemployed Workers
    Source: USDOL-ETA, EUC Weekly Continuing Claims and
    Monthly Program and Financial Data for the regular State UI
    program (state UI program exhaustees are estimated based
    on earlier average rates of decline in final payments).
    End of Year
    1.3 Million

  • Sandie Webb

    As one of the unemployed I am totally disheartened with the way our “LEADERS” in Government have failed to support the families suffering from the loss of benefits since December 28th 2013. Were is our President who professed help for the unemployed during his re-election campaign. He lied to the People and gave false hope the unemployed, who are now facing loses that cannot be recovered. Many are homeless, and have no money for food or shelter. As the “LEADER” of this US he needs to get his House in order and step up to the plate and help the unemployed!

  • Hans Olo

    By obstructing attempts to reduce the Federal debt, liberals are shoving children further into the hock of hostile foreign governments.

  • Rocco Guarnagia
  • Moshika

    Boehner is only one person — why is it difficult for “his followers” in the house to stand up against him? One man cannot be that powerful to dictate and control that which is not his to decide. He was outvoted. It is most obvious our so-called elected official’s are being “busted” for lack of better words making laws and breaking them — gun laws — good example — deny the American People, felons guns, take them away and sell them to the underground making a nice profit. I mention felons simply because those that have committed a crime are not felons — but all “American’s.”
    Or, cops, taking from the sick and elder pills to sell on the street — cops in Winnemucca NV pulling individuals over, stealing their money even though they have done nothing wrong — by the way — one person had filed a lawsuit getting his money back — now has become a federal investigation.
    I realize we can cry, complain, speak out loud — but as that song goes from Simon and Garfunkel “People hearing without listening” Sounds of Silence — and so, in silence the bill to extend benefits sits — I try — with everything I have deep in side to continue to “trust” in our government to do what is best for the “people” but I do realize — their interests, all their fun in the sun with guns vacations are much more important then those of us that just want to make a living.

  • Larry

    Please sign the white house petition I just created!! To put an END to long recesses in Congress when Americans are suffering:

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The worse cheaters currently in our country, are the politicians who have cheated the more than two million unemployed workers out of their extended unemployment benefits since last December. These politicians such as John Boehner, not only have cheated these poor unemployed families of their benefits, but have ruined their credit and financial lives in the process. These people have worked all of their lives, believing that the taxes being taken out of their weekly paychecks, may one day benefit them should they become unfortunately unemployed due to lay offs and downsizing. However after their 26 weeks were finished, they were left hung out to dry by the republican senators. Although billions of tax payer’s dollars recently was approved for the Ukraine, these families have received nothing but delay after delay, and promises after promises. Many of these families have lost their homes, have been evicted from their apartments, have become bankrupt, and homeless, While the politicians continue to play their “party politics” and using these families as bargaining chips and political leverage. It’s sad that the victims of the recession, which largely was the fault of the greedy banking and airline industries, amongst other large corporations, are made to feel that they’re asking for something that they really don’t deserve, such as financial help to support their families until they can find proper work again. Why does it seem that the government can always find the money to bailout companies, and for foreign aid, and personal raises, but not to help the most needy Americans in our country? We’re now going into 5 months of waiting and hoping for help to arrive in the form of an extension bill passing in the senate, and the Republicans are still not wanting to help these families. They have become so out of touch with the reality of the 99 percent of us in this country, that they have no clue of the amount of pain and damage that’s been caused with each passing day, week, and month that the extension isn’t passed for these families. My only solace is that in the next election in 2016, these millions of broken and hurt Americans will use their voting rights to vote all of these career politicians out from office for good. We need to bring back “public servants, not “public masters”

  • hellhound55

    What a load of crap this is! These people have the nerve to say that by cutting off the benefits that somehow the employment numbers are up and the economy is starting to recover. Do they really think people are that stupid? The only thing this has done was force people into low paying jobs or put them on welfare and food stamps. Let’s get real! There is no recovery and it will not recover anytime soon. Any jobs bill will take months or even years to have any noticeable effect. The people need the help now. This was never a problem continue the benefits as necessary until now…why? Any idiot can see that the numbers are fake and misleading and don’t reflect reality. They need to stop trying to justify the cruelty that they have shown to the struggling people. It is easy to make decisions and judge from the golden palaces that these people live in but it does not help the people. They are using false and misleading information to try to bury the issue and deliberately end the program. There are MILLIONS of people depending on these benefits to hold them over until they can find decent work. They keep saying that people are holding out, avoiding taking available jobs. WHAT JOBS would they be talking about? Mcdonalds or burger king maybe? Oh wait! those jobs are already taken by illegals working with fake id…

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