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February 12, 2016

GOP to Huddle on Immigration at Retreat

The annual House Republican retreat will feature an open session on an immigration rewrite, during which members will be allowed to freely speak about the contentious issue.

The official schedule has yet to be released, but sources involved in planning the yearly getaway told Roll Call that the weekend event will feature a session dedicated solely to immigration policy changes.

The session will focus on the principles of an immigration rewrite that GOP leaders are working to compile, according to sources familiar with the event’s planning. Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio is expected to release the document to members ahead of or during the retreat, which begins Jan. 29 in Eastern Maryland.

Leadership is hoping to reach some semblance of common ground among the conference, where the views on how to overhaul the nation’s immigration system have been sharply divided and the rhetoric consistently hot.

To that end, the session could be a dangerous proposition. Leadership hosted a similar meeting of the minds in the Capitol last summer and despite a lively discussion, ultimately emerged at a stalemate after failing to round up enough support within the conference to move ahead on legislation.

Proponents of moving bills this year, however, are counting on the impression that members have progressed in their willingness to take up meaningful policy changes, including legislation that could provide legal status to many of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

“Members are in a much different place than they were last year,” said a GOP leadership aide. “It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds.”

The document outlining the principles is expected to be unspecific, a quality leaders hope will allow it to attract general support from the conference.

Yet GOP members pushing the conference to take up the issue are worried about a backlash against the document from conservatives within and outside Congress. One of those members said the group could “go ballistic” on the document, causing leadership to rethink bringing anything to the House floor.

“I don’t think it necessarily hurts us but I’m not sure it helps us either,” the member said, speaking on background to discuss private deliberations.

Most notably and most controversially, the document is expected to tackle the legal status of undocumented immigrants, an issue GOP leaders have so far avoided addressing outright. Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va., said in a recent interview on Telemundo that he would support a plan that would allow those immigrants to live and work in the states and travel to their home countries while also paying taxes.

Source close to the discussions said the best chance of legalizing those immigrants’ status is a proposal that would allow them stay in the country if they submit to background checks and pay back taxes. They would then be able to apply for citizenship using current channels available to immigrants.

Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., a proponent of a policy overhaul, said some in the conference would be receptive to such a plan. “You can’t strengthen our border without talking about internal security and the undocumenteds that are here today,” he said.

Still, it is clear that others, such as Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, see any attempt to provide legal status to immigrants as a nonstarter.

Compounding the trouble is that 2014 is an election year, and Republicans are worried that stepping too far out on immigration could attract primary challenges. Leadership will have to navigate whether those political considerations outweigh the criticism they would get by not acting at all.

Overall, the outline is not expected to include any surprises: Border enforcement will likely get the top billing and a proposal to legalize the children of immigrants, touted by Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s, R-Va., will likely be included. The plan is also expected to address high-skilled and low-skilled workers and potential changes to the nation’s visa system.

  • Andrew

    I really hope immigration reform become a reality in 2014, i know it’s a big issue but congress must act soon, American People want solutions to big problems like this one. Reforming our immigration laws will help the economy.

    • PaminIndy


    • Clutch Cargo

      The GOP should pass a one-page bill that says: The government shall enforce current immigration laws.

      Besides that, the only thing we need is perhaps to beef up the visa system. Nearly 50 % of illegals in America simply overstayed their legal visa …. and refused to return to their country of origin.

      We need a way to better keep track of the “visitors.”

      • Tracy Whinehousen

        That’d be great! Otherwise, the message that they will send to their kids, our kids and the world is that laws do not matter as long as you want something bad enough….btw, the next immediate thing that must be done is for us to free every single prisoner in our jails and prisons, give them a pardon, make them pay a fee, etc. and give them exactly what they broke the law try to get@ SAME THING.

      • karacek

        That sounds good; but then you have Obummer having commercial planes flying 30,000 Syrian Muslims into the country, so far. Don’t know how many came through the open borders! The plan is to settle them in the Bible belt to crush the Christians!
        Good luck Obozo…don’t mess with southern Christians. They might revive the KKK!

    • Layla

      With 52 MILLION already out of work? FOOL.

  • papal

    The majority of the folks do not support any type of amnesty. If they did the dems would have did it when they controlled congress, the dems didn’t even bring it up. It was okay for Obamacare but not for the illegals the dems all profess to support.

    • Raylusk

      You are wrong. Polls clearly show the majority of Americans do support a pathway to citizenship. Now quit with the tea party talking points and actually use facts.

      • papal

        If you were “right” and I was “wrong”, what stopped the dems from passing amnesty, just like Obamacare, on a strictly dem votes? The dems could have passed any amnesty they wanted and according to your polls would have been okay? Why wouldn’t they do that since they all claim to want amnesty? Were they just too busy? The dems didn’t even bring it up, why?

      • PaminIndy

        NO, YOU ARE WRONG. Most Americans object to our government offering amnesty to CRIMINALS who disregard our laws.

        • Cynthia A. Barnett


          ●●●●● ●●● ●●●●● ●●●● ●●●●●●Our immigration laws are not broken, our corrupt U.S. government is. We don’t need new immigration laws.

      • TycheSD

        With conditions – namely that border be secured first, that people learn English first, etc.

        • papal

          The only conditions that will be enforced would be the fine(money to govt) and the back taxes(money for govt), the rest of the conditions are window dressing. Why would expect them to uphold learning English when they have press two for Spanish?

      • Amberteka

        Gallop This Week.. Only 3% of the USA Public Wants amnesty to be an issue. Or the Dream Act. or whatever the Media and the Establishment cook up to call it.
        Gallop….Oct. 2013 Americans REVOLT against amnesty. Over 60%. Send them home! Now. We don’t care how. You got them here. Send them home. ( to a booming economy in Mexico. Central America. China. India..FOLLOW OUR OURSOURCED INDUSTRIES……..

        • Raylusk

          No over 60% isn’t clambering to send them home. 60% are dissatisfied with Obama’s approach. But that 60% includes people that want amnesty and those that don’t. Every other poll has clearly shown a majority of people want amnesty. Now quit trying to manufacture numbers. It won’t work on me because I have actually read the polls and not just how Fox News describes them. You should do the same because you are being lied to by Fox News.

          • papal

            Claiming some one is manufacturing numbers when that is what you are doing.. Maybe you read the Greenberg, Quilan, and Posner Poll from 2008 that was about immigration. James Carville was involved with it also. The dems were shocked about the results and that is why all the liberal newspapers pushed McCain on the repubs to take immigration off the table. You still haven’t answered the question why the dems didn’t do a amnesty bill while they were in total control. It was okay for Obamacare, why not the illegals.

          • Raylusk

            I haven’t manufactured any numbers but you have. What I posted is exactly true and if you had any intellectual honesty you would look at the polls for the last year and see what they actually say not what Fox News claims.

            As far as immigration reform I thought you would be smart enough to figure that out but I guess not. First Dems spend over a year working with Repubs on the ACA and it’s difficult to move two major bills at once. Before that they were working on economic issues to stop banks from failing and the complete collapse of the auto industry. By the time they were done with the ACA they no longer had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate so no immigration reform bill was possible. Especially since McConnell clearly kept the GOP in line so there wasn’t a way to get it passed.

            But see you could have easily figured out all this by yourself if you would set aside you’re ideology and look at facts.

            Now unless you actually have something factual to say I’m done with you. Quit lying about 60% saying to send them home. It’s not true and you know it.

          • papal

            It is you who are lying. I have facts and history on my side. The dems who all claim to want amnesty had a chance to do it, they looked away. They didn’t even bring it up when they could have passed any amnesty bill they wanted, they looked away. You can spew your faux polls to the low information, but the majority do not support amnesty and that is why the cowardly dems looked away. Ignore what polls say, look at what dems did when they had a chance. they looked away.

          • Raylusk

            Just shut up. You sound dumber with every word you write. You were probably one of those idiots that didn’t believe the polls before the 2012 elections either. I clearly explained why immigration reform didn’t happen in 2009 and after that it was too late. You are just too dumb to look at real facts instead of the made up crap you receive from your controllers on Fox News or what ever garbage conservative lie factory you listen too. The majority so support a pathway to citizenship. That is fact. If you say anything else you are a liar. Now I’m done with you because you really are too stupid to be involved in any kind of debate. Take a hike little man.

          • papal

            Ignore the polls and ignore what politicians say, watch what they do. You can make up whatever excuses as to why dems did nothing, fact is they did nothing, nada. They could have passed the bill in a week and the president could have signed the next week, they did nothing. In 2006 when amnesty came up before many dems changed their vote due the folks uproar. The uproar is still there. waiting to be heard from again. I know it, repubs know it, and dems know it. YOu are the one basking in denial.

          • Layla

            Yes, he is lying.

          • Layla

            Raylusk, if the GOP do this, they are done as a party.

          • karacek

            “working with Repubs on the ACA”…where the heck have you been. The Repubs never were consulted you troll. When the fraud usurper was elected in 09, the Dems had full control of House and Senate. They still have control of the Senate, so how does the RINO McConnell keep the Repubs in line, and for what? Where do you get your info, the White House? Looks like it…or maybe Susan Rice, Hillary, or maybe even the criminal Holder? Where??? Get off this blog, you just are showing your ignorance and indoctrination, fool!

          • Layla

            52 MILLION Americans are out of the work force. Now tell me why we are doing this, whom it will benefit?

          • karacek

            You are FOS…full of it! You are being lied to and do not have the brains to research for yourself…just follow talking points by the liars in the White House. And, don’t defend them when it has been proven time and again how much they lie. And you still fall for it. What a shame!

      • Layla

        Our economy is going under. Amnesty IS NOT A PRIORITY for Americans, only for Congress and special interests.

  • PaminIndy

    Immigration laws in the U.S. are ignored. In 1986, we gave amnesty to millions of illegals. We The People were promised that it would never happen again, because the borders would be absolutely secured and our immigration laws would be strictly enforced. Obviously, this was not the case. So now we are going to do it again??? I SAY NO!!! Yes, children who were too young to choose where their parents took them, need to be somehow protected and/or exempted, with a pathway to citizenship THAT MUST BE EARNED AND IS REVOKABLE if they commit a crime. But the adults who enter our country illegally are CRIMINALS. No one but the illegals and their friends and family approve of amnesty. The average, taxpaying American citizen recognizes these people as the criminals that they are. We spend billions of tax dollars to house, clothe, feed, educate and provide medical aid to illegals already. Can you imagine how much more we would lose if they all came out of hiding????? And the “anchor baby” laws must be eliminated also. Millions of illegals wait until they are close to giving birth, then cross our borders and enter our hospitals so that their baby becomes an American citizen, just because it was born here. AMERICA NEEDS TO STAND UP AND DEMAND THAT OUR GOVERNMENT ENFORCE ITS OWN LAWS.

    • karacek

      I feel sorry for the kids brought here by their criminal parents…but that is not our problem. They are not Americans because they were born her of illegals. The Constitution states “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. The USA does not have jurisdiction of anyone that is a citizen of another country. So the kids have to go also, and then they can apply and do it the legal way. I would support giving them preference; but only if it’s done LEGALLY!

  • Tracy Whinehousen

    A ‘path to citizenship’ (and legalization, mind you) through existing channels means that all 11 – 33 million illegal aliens would have to go home, apply to come to our country and wait for an invitation…..un….less these sneaky bast ards are planning on ‘paroling in place’ 11 – 33 million illegal aliens (thereby creating new policy and not using existing channels). They’d better NOT!!! This issue is about saving our country for most Americans and we will NOT LET LOOSE On this! Back away slowly is the best recourse for GOP who are in the winning position as long as they don’t poison their own futures with this amnesty/legal status ‘socalled immigration reform’ business. Btw, when Americans think immigration reform we are talkinabout interior enforcement, putting an immediate end to birthright citizenship (just like almost every other civilized country) and amping up deportations so AMERICANS can get back to work!!! DON’T TREAD ON US.

  • Tracy Whinehousen

    There must be no amnesty nor any legal status. Any such MUST NOT include any chaining, whatsoever! We know the ploy they are trying to use (use socalled dreamers) and we are not falling for it. Our politicians had better remember this. End birthright citizenship. It’s antiquated, the law has been misinterpreted on purpose for too long and this is one of the major beacons that illegal aliens come here for in order to dig their feet in and try to stake a claim for our place in America – as are their many threats against American citizens. We have reached our threshold.

    • karacek

      Exactly Tracy. Anchor babies are not Americans because they were born here of illegals. The Constitution states “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. The USA does not have jurisdiction of anyone that is a citizen of another country. So the kids have to go also, and then they can apply and do it the legal

  • Pamela

    This is TREASON. There should be no discussion of what to with ILLEGALS, except eventual DEPORTATION.

    How dare these thieves steal our American tax dollars, make our votes null & void, break their oaths to represent U.S. citizens, to embrace TENS OF MILLIONS of corrupt lawless immoral trespassing ILLEGALS. They are TRAITORS.

    Our immigration laws are not broken, our corrupt U.S. government is. We don’t need new immigration laws. We need a New U.S. government that will ENFORCE the laws we have.

    • PaminIndy

      REASON? REALLY? Treason is 11 million illegals crossing our borders, against our laws. What I wrote is good old AMERICAN PATRIOTISM. You must be a foreigner who is not aware of our laws?

  • Amberteka

    The Retreat will take place at former Slave Plantation on near the James River in Virginia. The BURWELL Family owned the Plantation. It was started in the 1600’s In King George Co, VA ( of the first places in the USA to import and allow buying black Slaves. Before this they had been indentured servants (7 years service) Like the Scotch-Irish and others brought to the New World on Penal Ships. The Plantation was moved in 1746 to where it stand now.
    It was one of the largest slave owning Plantations in the USA. It was brutal. Every brick is that Mansion is stained with slave blood. please google and do your own research.
    An Outreach to Women and Minorites will be held in the “Burwell Room;” The Grand Ball Room, Which was a rallying place for the South during the Confederacy.
    SPEAKER ONE….LATINO ACTIVST…..Rachel Campo Duffy. Former MTV San Francisco cast member. Married to Sean Duffy. Close friend of PAUL RYAN. also a former MTV Cast Member. Boston. firestorm msnbc Morning Joe. He complained that he could not Live on $174,000 a year…..+ congressional expense accounts.

  • Amberteka

    Speaker Number Two at the GOP Amnesty Retreat, held at a former Slave Plantation..
    The Forum on Reaching out to Minorities and Women…to be held in the BURWELL ROOM…named after the Family of Slave holders.

    Speakers..Three Hispanic Women.( Rachel Campos-Duffy, Jamie Hererra, Ana Navarro) and three White GOP Reps.( all tight with Paul Ryan)


    Speaker Number .2………JAMIE HERRERA Bueler. She, Like Ryan, has never worked in the PUBLIC Sphere. she was an Intern…educated on Affirmative Action…then after working a Cathy McMorris Rodgers Office, she went home and ran for Office. She had been known as Jamie Herrera, but she took her husband’s name when running for Office In Washington State. She has voted with Obama almost half of the time. She backs Amnesty. NSA. His New Free Trade Deal………….She is very progressive.
    Her Husband works for a Regional Airline Company. WHICH is Connected to the NAVAL SEA SUPPLY COMMAND.. which BUILDS ALL NAVY VESSAGS. Gives out contracts. Supplying. Controls TRILLIONS of taxpayer money.

  • Amberteka

    Roll Call Instantly buries any real information about the retreat.Where it will be held. Who is speaking. Who is paying. Who is not invited.
    Establishment GOP Media. Like Media Matter for the Democrats.

  • Amberteka

    Third Speaker at the GOP Retreat……Stressing Amnesty and Acceptance of Obamacare ( Redstate yesterday…..says Mitch McConnel is carrying the Water for the Chamber of Commerce, Businessman round table…Jewish Lobby…to just “accept it” Michel Bachman has long said the House Leadership Ryan. Cantor. Boehner. McCarty. Goodlatte. Gowdy. Rodgers. ….PLAY at killing Obamacare and always has. She is proven correct)

    ANA NAVARRO……STRATEGIST FOR JOHN MCCAIN IN 2008. PART OF THE GAGGLE OF WOMEN ON THE MCCAIN TEAM WHO TRASHED AND MOCKED SARAH PALIN FOR BEING A “HICK FROM WASSILA” MOCKED HER CHILDREN. HER MENTALLY CHALLENGED SON. SAID SARAH HAD HIM JUST TO GET SYMPAHTY. MOCKED HER CLOTHES. LIED ABOUT HER CHARGING THOUSDANS AT NEInMAN MARCUS. google . It is all public record. Nicole Wallace wrote the worst novel in history with a Sarah Character being a killer terrorists……..and she still dines out on it as MSNBC Morning Joe. The Old McCain group lives there. Ana. Steve Schmidt. Who did apologize in his part of smearing Sarah Palin;.


    • karacek

      Love your passion. You are correct and have done your homework. I’m with you Patriot, all the way!

  • Amberteka

    Still, it is clear that others, such as Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, see any attempt to provide legal status to immigrants as a nonstarter.”‘

  • Santiago Alemedia

    They say you can’t deport 11 million illegals. But I say we can, if we put our mind to it. But we wouldn’t have to if we only enforced the laws that prohibit hiring illegals and make it a crime to be in the country illegally. Most illegals are here to make money, and if our govt could confiscate all gains from illegals, they would fly out of the country ASAP.

    But instead, our govt. creates a welcoming environment for illegals, allowing them to open bank accounts, work jobs, enroll their kids in schools, buy homes. Duh! No wonder they are staying.

    If there’s another amnesty, what does that say to all of our legal immigrants who followed the law? What does another amnesty say to the potentially hundreds of millions of illegals thinking of coming?

    A country that can’t or won’t enforce its laws is soon overwhelmed into chaos and anarchy.

    • karacek

      Stop welfare, jobs, printing government documents and applications in Spanish, press 2 for Spanish, and prosecute landlords and companies that cater to them. Bet you see a line heading south then! And, the taxpayers would save money as they self-deport.

    • Tom Smith

      Somehow, the IRS collects taxes from 200 million Americans.
      I bet if those boys at the IRS were allowed to run ICE,
      they wouldn’t deport 11 million illegal aliens
      -they would deport all 30 million illegal aliens.

  • Amberteka

    The GOP will split it’s Base if it does any amnesty under any name for anyone. If they try the joke of Triggers…certain things happen for other things to happen..hogwash. Delayed lie.
    If they do it. And I am getting tired of them. Let the Rats destroy themselves.
    They cannot win without the base. As seen in 2006.2008.2012.
    the base will gather around someone else..a new party will form..they will go on.
    REDSTATe…says……………Pushing Amnesty. splitting the party over that to take the heat off of Obamacare is the plan of the RHINOS. The Chamber and Businessman’s Obamacare. Employers drop insurance. The Amnesty plans..(Gang of Eight which is what it will be)….include economic incentives for employrs to hire the “New” Americans. before USA workers. typical for D.C.
    So……………Push. Amnesty. Save obamacare.
    The Chamber..which is there..has already spent 50 million on them, and that is a lie. They have most likely spent half a billionaire. Every member of Congress pushing amnesty..GOP has received a million dollars. Or that is what Business groups..Catholic church..Jewish Groups..spent on the 20 members of Dave Camps Committee to kill E-Verify.
    The Orlando Sentinel said the Chamber..Businessmen Round Table..LaRaza…Catholic Church spent over 100 million to kill E-Verify in Florida.
    At that Retreat…..which is closed to the Public……….LaRaza. American Enterprise Institute. Chamber of Commerce. Bush Machine.+ Soros funding machine etc……………..certainly with them behind those locked doors.
    Someone has to buy the booze and pay the dancing girls and boys> ? that is what they said about Afghanistan. right?

  • Amberteka

    Are you not sick of it?
    Praying they don’t take us into another of their dirty little wars. Praying they don’t dump more people than the entire population of Canada..all with work permits. On us in a time of economic desperation..
    praying they don’t do another Corporate Owned World Trade organization American Killing Free Trade Job Sale…………..
    praying they don’t decide that polygamy and polyandry is a human right.
    Praying that our ministers are not drug out and arrested because they are Christian.
    Don’t you just say…….I’m not calling them anymore. They don’t Care. They don’t fear Americans nor do they respect us. Just let them pull the USA down. End the misery. This waiting and fearing and hating to read Drudge each morning………..

    Just go for Amnesty. Split the party. Save obamacare. Let Democrats win in November and in 2016. Take your dirty money and find a hidely hole in New Zealand. Just do it. Get it over with. And I’m not calling anyone. You want some amnesty….do it. Then get yourself elected. In YOUR district. This year.

  • karacek

    This traitor needs to be ousted now. Obummer has had large commercial passenger plane loads of illegal Muslims from Syria flown into the USA, most of them settling in Michigan and I believe Tennessee. Remember the picture of McCain in Syria with the terrorists, Al Quida members? Plan is to put more of them in the Bible belt to crush Christianity! More than 30,000 here already, paid by Obummer with our money! I read a few articles by a pilot that said he was fired for refusing!
    So bogus. Our country is run by laws. People who break our laws and have no regard for them should not be given amnesty. America cannot afford more free loaders and low, or no skilled workers! ; Who knows who’s here with open borders that Holder will not close. This administration is also guilty of human trafficking, I mean WTF!

  • Tom Smith

    The GOP, once again, alienating its base,
    and endangering easy gains in the fall 2014 elections.

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