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February 10, 2016

Black Caucus Open to Working With ‘Nice Guy’ Ryan

Moore (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis., said Tuesday the Congressional Black Caucus is open to working with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., on bipartisan legislative action on reducing poverty.

Ryan, who came under fire from black leaders after recent comments about inner-city unemployment, will hold a hearing next week examining the results of the War on Poverty, and has also accepted an invitation to meet with the CBC.

Moore said the caucus sees the Ryan meeting as an opportunity.

“Congressman Ryan is a nice guy,” she told a group of reporters in a press conference call Tuesday. “And — and, as such, you know, he has tried to frame the comments that he made about inner-city folks as just sort of inarticulate ways of — of communicating.

“We’re gonna challenge his assumptions about that, and really raise with him a couple of very specific proposals,” she said.

“Paul Ryan wants to talk about poverty, but he is … hamstrung by a caucus that is not willing to have these conversations. And so he’s sort of walking a tightrope,” she said.

Correction 3:03 p.m.

An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported that Rep. Ryan asked to meet with the CBC. He was invited to meet with the group.


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  • Fritz

    Ryan never mentioned race. At all. When you talk about inner cities, unemployment, a lack of work ethic and violence, everyone knows you’re talking about black people. Especially the black people. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

  • Chaz22

    To give a little support to somebody who has been, and still is,demonized by the media etc., I want to say that “inner city ” remark was NOT a racist remark. Anyone that assumes that is assuming too much . Since I have been tuned in to Republican fun and games since the last election I have concluded that Rep.Chairman Ryan is one of the least prejudiced politicians around .

    • Spectator

      Maybe not prejudiced, but uncaring, anti-American, treasonous, and stupid. Anyone who in our time of record unemployment, represented to a great extent by black youth, who are the future of blacks in America, supports the presence that we have of illegal aliens in entry level jobs, and on top of that wants to bring in more, flooding our shrinking jobs market with people who shouldn’t even be here, is not only an idiot, but is evil.

      Yes, you and Rep. Moore may think that Ryan is a nice guy and not racist, but he IS anti-American and cares nothing about the people he is supposed to represent: the people of THIS country of all races.

      • Chaz22


  • Americaneagle1

    …worse than Paul Ryan’s remarks are his actions of favoring illegals and foreign workers over any American black, white. Paul Ryan wants Amnesty in many forms. Increased immigration & permanent work permits to illegal (11-20 million) and legal immigrants., This isn’t a “nice guy’s mode of operation. A nice guy would slow competition experience by blacks and low paid wage earners dealing with the illegals and foreign workers.. so sick of Ryan, Jeb Bush working so hard to promote the illegals into jobs

  • Pav Sterry

    Are they both working against American workers? My mother’s family left Appaliachia to find jobs. The fiber glass factory she worked at 6 days a week into her 60’s had an immigration raid. The area’s unemployment rate was 18-20%. Citizens lined up for work when illegals were removed from jobs. Ryan and the Congressional Black Caucus oppose deporting illegals and support importing more foreign workers. Both of them (CBC and Ryan) would have gladly made my American family and millions of others homeless to get money from abusive businesses and race bait for votes.

    • PostTosties

      I used to go to a deserted area in my neck of the woods to pick wild pomegranates. Not anymore! All the illegals found out about these trees!
      They grab all of the fruit They compete on every level it seems? Even the wild food.

  • Spectator

    Rep. Gwen Moore should start thinking “outside the box” of black leadership and Republicans like Ryan who talk out of both sides of their mouth. She isn’t going to get anywhere by criticizing him for remarks she doesn’t like. She needs to get to the heart of the problem. And that is jobs

    Jobs for young blacks so that they can get a start, learn a trade and build on their experience and learned work ethic. Those jobs DON’T EXIST today for either blacks or their citizen counterparts in any other race. They have been taken over by illegal aliens, whom Ryan and his anti-American cohorts in BOTH parties support and want to bring in MORE of. How stupid is that?

    Rep. Moore, open your eyes and see what the REAL trouble is with, not only Ryan, but with all the bought and paid for politicians who just want cheap labor for the elites and are betraying Americans of every color, blacks being well-represented in that group.

  • ErikKengaard

    Blacks in congress are in it for themselves. They definitely don’t represent the interests of the working class. If they did, they wouldn’t support increased immigration. But they do, because they are more than willing to sell out their so-called constituents for contributions from those who benefit from cheap labor. What is remarkable is that these “constituents” keep voting against their own interest.

  • ErikKengaard

    The best way to reduce poverty is to reduce competition for jobs by restricting immigration. It worked in 1924 and it will work today.

  • KLinNYC

    Eliminating illegal immigration and reducing immigration numbers in
    general would open a lot of job opportunities for everyone.
    So how about not giving amnesty to illegal aliens who compete
    with blacks for low wage jobs? Not to mention dramatically decreasing legal low skilled immigration.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    While this news might be of interest to many, the REAL news that’s not discussed lately, is the news about the more than two million unemployed workers, and their families, who have without their benefits since late December. These families have been treated terribly by the Republican party, and left hung out to dry, without any means of support. These Americans are not “Lazy”, or “unwilling” to seek employment. Most of them are “older workers” who worked for years paying into the system, in the hopes that help would be there for them, if they should need it. Unfortunately, after 26 weeks of benefits, they were abruptly shut off from that support. These workers have been seeking employment in one of the worse recessions in many years. Many companies are not willing to hire them, due to their age, and the higher insurance risk that might cost their bottom line. While the Republicans continue to play “party politics”, and continue using these workers as bargaining chips, and for political leverage, these families are facing evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. This is REAL. These things are HAPPENING right now. The Republicans claim to be concerned about “budgetary issues” and “fiscal responsibility”, well at the same time supporting an aid package for the Ukraine worth BILLIONS of tax payer’s dollars. Why are they not “concern” or compassionate regarding their own people here in this country? Where’s their so called “family value system”? The Republicans have shown their contempt for the poor and disadvantaged in our country, and that they would win at any cost to make President Obama fail in the public’s eyes. This is their sole reason for being. Please SUPPORT these families. Call or write to your elected officials and demand that they ACT on behalf of these unemployed workers. DEMAND that they PASS the extension bill IMMEDIATELY in the senate

  • amberdru

    Black youth unemployment in Chicago is 92%, but Ryan and the CBC both support giving illegal aliens work permits and admitting more foreign workers. How about adopting Barbra Jordan’s position which would free up millions of jobs for American workers. Barbara Jordan

    “It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”

    – Barbara Jordan She also said. Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave.

    • Tyrone Shoelaces

      Amber – good to see you get it! keep preaching the truth!

  • Geno

    Legalizing aliens will only put more Americans and ex-aliens on the public dole. Now why would any Congressperson thinking of shrinking the budget do that? Oh, excuse me, Congress seldom applies reasoning before acting!

  • Traid Domon

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  • 2formetoo

    Are these people serious??? Both parties are attempting to bring in MORE immigrants!!!! Just who do they think it hurts more??? Blacks, of course!!!

  • George Allegro

    A default is only triggered if Hussein Obama’s regime chooses not to pay the interest payments due on the debt.

  • Bitter Cold

    Here we find a brief introduction to an individual who is actually serious about reducing central government debt:

  • StopTheFlood

    Poverty programs are nothing but a band-aid. The real problem is turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. Illegal immigration floods our job market creating an environment of disposable labor and keeps wages low. The job market needs to be starved out so that wages will increase. Greedy businesses will then have to woo employees with higher wages and better benefits. E-Verify should be mandated in order to stop employment of Illegals.


    The Republican party has done a huge disservice to itself, for taking the position against the unemployment extension bill in the senate. With 2.6 Million angry potential voters having been affected by their refusal to pass the bill; the coming election will prove to be the Republican’s downfall. These families were left hung out to dry since late last December, and they will not forget the anguish that they have suffered because of it. Many of these families have become ruined financially, they have witnessed their credit being destroyed, they have faced evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. How can they not forget which party was at fault for this? The Republicans have been using these families for political leverage, and bargaining chips, to further their party’s political agenda. They have shown their party’s true distain for the Average American family, and the suffering that these families have been going through being jobless without benefits to support their children. Senators like John Boehner are what makes the Republican party look bad in the people’s eyes. As a “FORMER” Republican of many years, I can honestly say that I will NEVER vote for another Republican again, and actively persuade my friends and family not to likewise. The Republican party will find itself VOTED OUT in the next election

    • Tyrone Shoelaces

      Really – 5 years of free money wasn’t enough for these people to find some other job, some other trade? Yonatan, guess what – life isn’t fair, and it won’t change if you don’t try to do something. The GOP has not shown their disdain, they have offered up jobs bills that keep getting shut down in the senate by Harry Reid. Obama’s solution of just keeping shoveling money at the unemployed is not a good solution. he should have asked, no demanded, that both sides get over themselves and put something together to help people get on their feet. I think you will find the Dems voted out in droves this fall, because they not only won’t do anything about jobs, they are complicit in importing illegal workers to take what few are out there and drive down wages. So in short, you flaming Democrat – you get what you sow. Enjoy your president and your slide further into poverty.

  • Tyrone Shoelaces

    Congressional Black Caucus – this is a great opportunity. hopefully you will walk the walk and not just talk the talk in saying you want to meet with him.

    Your constituency, American Blacks, are in danger of becoming 3rd class citizens if your President is allowed to continue to let illegal aliens flood this country. If you think it is hard to get jobs now, wait until there are another couple million Mexicans and OTM’s competing for whats out there. They will work cheaper and longer and harder, so they will be hired before Blacks.

    you need to send a message to the President that the AMERICANS of color deserve to be put ahead of the Illegal Aliens.

  • Rubie Brown

    She need to be voted out of office along with the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus, who voted for or are in favor of illegal Immigration should be voted out of office now. Because they clearly have sold out a long time ago. They know that it directly impacts skilled and unskilled workers, they know that if negatively impacts Black workers, and now Whites and others who are legal. Illegal Immigration have directly took jobs and impacted and destroyed Black neighborhoods. You only have to look to California to see the devastation. They don’t care as long as they are still in office, which won’t be long! The Congressional Black Caucus should be voted out of office, All of them.

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