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February 6, 2016

Hastert, Illinois Republicans to Call for Immigration Overhaul

Hastert (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Hastert (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

An immigration overhaul may not have enough GOP support to pass the House, but the idea has found some Republican support in Illinois.

Former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., is slated to join a number of prominent Illinois Republicans and CEOs on Tuesday to call on GOP leaders to pass a national immigration overhaul. Republican Reps. Aaron Schock and Adam Kinzinger are also scheduled to give video testimonials on the subject.

The event is hosted by the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition, and it’s being held at the prestigious Chicago Club in the heart of the Windy City.

Among the guests expected to join Hastert, who has stated his support of an overhaul numerous times: Jim Oberweis, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate against Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill.; former Illinois Republican Govs. James Thompson (1977-1991) and Jim Edgar (1991-1999); and a number of CEOs. You can find a full list of expected speakers here.

  • HelpSaveMaryland

    Illinois and California deserve each other. Both states are going down the tubes financially and economically. Illegal immigration is a major factor in their the decline and fall. Amnesty for 20 million Hispanic illegal aliens only adds to the misery of unemployed Americans and the government budget deficit as social services are devoured by non-English speaking, uneducated and unskilled illegal aliens. We don’t need anymore “undocumented Democrats”. Hastert is a horse’s rear. Enforce the law. No Amnesty for illegals. Illegal Alien families that leave together stay together!

    • OldmanRick

      When all is said and done, the number will be more in the neighborhood of 30 to forty million after grandparents, parents, wives, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. are added to the list. Worse yet, the majority of those folks will still be on welfare, free education, free housing, free medical, food stamps, and tax refunds.

      Oh, and they don’t want to assimilate and become American citizens. They just want the green card and the free ride.

      • Brian Cunningham

        40 million may actually be a low estimate.

        • Jeff Holland


      • Unknown1776

        they don’t want free education, housing, food stamps, etc. The ones that are here work for a living where they can in order to provide for their families, which includes housing. They want their children to get a good education, which they pay for via property taxes (if property is rented, such taxes are implicitly included in rent) and sales taxes on both the local, county and State level. If they are using a duplicate SS number, and there are many who do, they pay taxes into federal withholding (which means income taxes that are withheld so you don’t face a giant tax bill at the end of the year), unemployment insurance at both the State and Federal level, Social Security, Medicare and State withholding taxes. They will never see a dime of that money either in forms of SS or Medicare, since they are not legally here. They will not be able to take advantage of tax deductions and benefits like EIC or MID (do not allow yourself to mistakenly believe they do not own?buy property here in the U.S.; Georgia has many examples of this throughout the State, noticeably in the Buford area), they will never get refunds due to their aversion to filing taxes for fear of: 1) being deported; 2) being caught with using another person’s SS number; 3) being illiterate when it comes to the consequences of the system.

        I’ve had many dealings with those who’d be described as illegal immigrants. Many have been here for over a decade in the search for economic opportunity. None have ever come here expecting a free ride, and I’ve never seen my fellow Americans wait on the side of the road at a Home Depot at 5 in the morning to work whatever hours are offered at whatever wages are offered in whatever conditions may be found. They’re not the reason you aren’t getting a job, but they are creating jobs through every additional $ they’re spending in the economy that would be taken away with the forced deportation of 12 million+ individuals.

        • 5topAmnesty

          If you want more immigration, then FINE, send these people home, and have them apply to come here – with higher limits on how many can come.
          Stop giving us this humanitarian GARBAGE. We know you want the cheap labor, and ONLY the cheap labor. The Chamber of Commerce has said exactly that.
          But, for some of us, WRECKING THE COUNTRY is a too high a price to pay – it’s just TERRIBLE that there are so many people that COULD CARE LESS as to what this country becomes in a generation or two.

          • Unknown1776

            you could easily say when looked at it in a historical context as to how waves of immigrants were treated here in the U.S. with respect to the local population that this is just par for the course, as well as the fact this country wasn’t destroyed through their assimilation either.

          • 5topAmnesty

            I believe the VAST MAJORITY of them came here legally. Yes, they can be assimilated, if done in an ORDERLY manner. So, they need to go home and then apply, just as immigrants have always done.

          • Unknown1776

            the vast majority also came here as a ploy by business interests to secure cheap labor at the expense of American labor throughout our industrial/railroad revolution era. What city would we have without a Chinatown, little Italy or Irish pub?

          • 5topAmnesty

            So why do you support that now?

          • Unknown1776

            because I’m a realist and humanist. These people are not leaving and the cost of forcibly deporting people would be prohibitive, not to mention be a stain on our record as far as foreign policy is concerned (not to mention the problems we’d face with South American countries for what would be considered inhumane in the present day as far as forced conviction and tearing apart families who have both American and illegal components). Not to mention it’s the right thing to do. They should pay fines, back taxes, as well as learn English to name a few in order to get in line with the laws of this country. Those who have arrived here without family connections before the current President was inaugurated in 2009 should be deported out, as immigration was an issue even then. Businesses should be required to utilize the E-verify system in order to determine employment status, BUT they should also be given the chance to reduce employment of people who would not be eligible for a temporary status to work here in the U.S. following immigration reform, as the people who would be ineligible would still need to extricate themselves from this country, meaning preparations need to be made as far as their housing situation, logistics, and finances are concerned. Regardless of how you view people of illegal immigrant status, they are still people just like you or I attempting to find their place in life, while providing for their future and family.

          • Unknown1776

            and one quick way to hit the American economy would be to evict 12 million+ engines of economic activity, while increasing costs associated with every day food items (which Americans are generally loath to do) would be a sure fire way to injure an already fragile economy, not to mention without eliminating tax deductions that leaves the U.S. at a competitive disadvantage with respect to shifting costs in the inputs of production (labor). Being able to write off costs for production overseas only brings the bar that much lower for costs/item associated with manufacturing and shipping from another country. So, losing low-skilled, low-cost labor from the market would also further jeopardize American jobs and business due to incentives currently out there to lower cost and maximize profit by outsourcing production of low-skill, labor-intensive goods and services.

            Lots of ways to shoot yourself in the foot there. Lets keep these hardworking individuals here, ensuring further economic activity and growth (they are a net positive, not a net negative on the economy) while eliminating tax breaks and raising tariffs on those items currently at a competitive disadvantage of being produced here.

            And we do need to raise the number of visas given to prospective immigrants to the U.S. 65,000 H1B and 66,000 H2B visas per annum is paltry. Just as enforcement for those who overstay their visas should be vigorous, in that the system is backed with fail safes triggered to an expiration of a visa. People who keep coming across our borders without going through the necessary steps of immigration and naturalization do need to be turned back, do need to be evicted. However, there are millions who have been here for a significant amount of time as well. I do not believe in blanket immigration appeasement either, as there must be disincentives to those who would come solely to be involved in a mass immigration reform catered to a particular demographic.

            Also, if you want to disincentive this mass immigration, lobby for government to do better in its economic, political and social engagements with those countries, out of which these people typically emigrate. Many come here for economic opportunity/security due to its lacking within their own countries. We Americans know how important it is for a man to have a piece of land he can call his own with guarantees of private property and protection of such by law, which are the generators for entrepreneurship. We should look at promoting such ideas, as well as general free market principles, in order to help them facilitate their own economic opportunity. That would go a long way to stem the tide of migration (which has already slowed due to the aforementioned increase in economic opportunities within their our countries, e.g. Mexico during our Great Recession and tepid recovery thereafter).

          • FG54

            ‘And we do need to raise the number of visas given to prospective immigrants to the U.S. 65,000 H1B and 66,000 H2B visas per annum is paltry.’ What a flaming nutjob you are! With unemployment levels we have now we do NOT need more…I wish one of those ‘prospective immigrants’ will take YOUR job…

    • Raylusk

      If California didn’t have to pay for the deadbeat red states who suck up much more federal money then they pay in federal taxes, there never would have been a financial crisis in California. But despite California funding the red states, California has turned itsself around and now has a budget surplus. In addition California has the largest economy in the US and would place in the top ten nations if California was a nation instead of a state. But you conservatives continue to delude yourself despite all the evidence and facts to the contrary that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

      • Brian Cunningham

        Did you ever check out Kalifornia’s unfunded pension liabilities? Didn’t think so.

      • left wing

        wow, the insane left never quits LYING

      • justavenger

        Nut job

      • Jeff Holland

        Where do you get your facts???? I just moved from California and its becoming a 3rd world country. fool.

  • John Collignon

    GOP should shelve immigration until after election, much like Dems. did with Keystone. Both helping GOP if they change the narrative which they won’t do…because they don’t know how to !!

    • Raylusk

      So how do you approve a pipeline when it doesn’t even have a legal route to follow? Nebraska courts have stopped any approval of building keystone through their state. With out knowing where the line is going to go you can’t properly access any environmental issues. So unless Nebraska approves the line going through their state, there is nothing for the Federal government to approve.

  • left wing

    why have any laws or waste time and money passing new ones. the gangsters in the obama administration will just ignore them, just like they do now.

  • 5topAmnesty

    So I guess Hastert has NO CHILDREN and NO GRAND CHILDREN. Then I can see his point – cheap labor to take care of him in the nursing home.

    Since, if he had children and grand children he would surely understand that what he’s supporting, the eventual addition of 30 million new voters who mostly vote Democrat (including chain immigration) will mean that Republicans will NEVER AGAIN be competitive at the national level and only barely competitive in some states, if that. And given what the Dems stand for, the best we can hope to become is a basket case country like Argentina – and, very likely, more like Honduras or El Salvador.

    So AGAIN, if you DO NOT CARE about the future of the country (i.e., you are childless), then it makes PERFECT SENSE to support this mass Amnesty and I have to assume that’s the case with Hastert and the people on his side of the issue.

    • Unknown1776

      they’re already on that path to never again winning the Presidency as far as demographic numbers are concerned, and with the Democrats having seen the targeting of local and State level offices to influence the process of redistricting after the 2010 census (which arbitrarily rigged Congress for the next decade as far as the House is concerned, less a dramatic shift occurs in the political and social fabric of the American people), you will find the 2020 census being markedly different than its predecessor. Also, you are forgetting that, though illegal immigrants may not be able to have a vote/voice in the American electorate, their children born here in the U.S. have access to all those rights. And since the Latin American diaspora here in the U.S. are among the fastest growing components of the multicultural make up of this country, feelings of antipathy, xenophobia and fear mongering will not be long forgotten by the coming generations.

      • 5topAmnesty

        You seem to FORGET that some of us want the Illegals to LEAVE (hopefully on their own). We have NEVER tried making life uncomfortable for them. So how about we try that first. That begins with getting rid of the goodies for them (health care, education, and jobs). When they leave, their future kids go with them.

        As to the idea that the Republicans will EVER win their votes, please show me a country south of the border where the people have voted conservative. The closest is Chile, but that took a military coup.

        So don’t try this garbage on us. We know that the only thing you want is the CHEAP LABOR from these people, and could care less how they vote in the future, as long as they make you money NOW and keep you out of jail (by being legal) – that is ALL that matters to you, and WE DO KNOW IT. It’s no secret.

        By the way, there is NOTHING xenophobic about enforcing immigration laws – Canada does it, Mexico does it, England does it – in fact EVERY COUNTRY in the world does it. It has NOTHING to do with xenophobia, and you well know that too. So maybe COOL IT with the name calling – you can do better than that.

      • FG54

        That’s exactly why there will be no amnesty! Let them take their anchor babies (as to not breaking up families) and go back to wherever they came from. These demographic changes are forced on us and to a great extent are results of illegal activities (border jumping, identity theft etc) and must never be rewarded. Stop with your pseudo-scientific lame attempts to justify their crimes. Some jail time for those who employ them will help too.

  • 5topAmnesty

    One other thing. Why should the Republicans act like BATTERED WIVES, when it comes to legislation? EVERY initiative from the House for the past 3 years, including Keystone, security reforms for Obamacare, and many other initiative has NEVER been given a vote in the Senate.

    Perhaps, it is time to STAND UP to the bullies there and tell them to take a hike on their highest priority of this session. What on earth do we owe those people?

  • 5topAmnesty

    By the way, I have yet to hear a reason for the BIG HURRY to pass the Senate bill. There will be PLENTY OF TIME to discuss this next year, and hopefully with cooler heads.

  • sashley

    What is the meaning of our citizenship when the rewards awarded to illegal aliens by the U.S. Congress and “The One” trumps the penalty for their illegal presence and gives them financial advantages over citizens and those who came here the right way?

  • David Farrar

    The same thing that destroyed the Roman empire is now destroying our own Republic. The only way the Roman political elite could sustain their level of spending was by conquest, followed by Roman citizenship, followed by taxation. In the end, Roman citizenship expanded to a point where there were so few true Romans left who cared enough to defend the Republic.

    ex animo

  • justavenger

    Progressive RINO Republicans, the bottom feeding boot licking business wing of the proaggressive movement, needs to STFU and horror their oath of office. No wear does it say that they need to give away our hard earned nation to illegal invaders.

  • Disgruntled2012

    Go to hell, you traitors! No amnesty now or ever!

    Do it and the GOP will literally cease to exist within an election cycle or two. Not a threat, but a promise!

  • kala

    Oberweis just lost my vote and many others. Fool.

  • gardenSalsa64

    Criminals are not immigrants.

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