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February 10, 2016

House Approves Ryan Budget

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wi. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call Fast File)

(Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The House narrowly approved Rep. Paul D. Ryan’s spending blueprint Thursday, 219-205. It’s an important symbolic victory for the Wisconsin Republican and potential GOP presidential contender.

No Democrats voted for the 10-year-spending plan and the bill won’t go anywhere in the Senate, but the document has come to represent a marker for where the Republican Party, its leaders and rank-and-file House members stand on fiscal policy.

Twelve Republicans defected (See who opposed the budget, and why, here). The last time the Ryan budget passed the House, there were 10 Republicans who opposed the measure.

Ahead of the vote, Ryan called it a “balanced budget that pays down the debt,” to loud applause from his colleagues. Ryan said the Republican plan boils down to a simple question: “Who knows better, the people or Washington?”

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., criticized the GOP budget plan as a “road to recession.”


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  • Layla

    Anybody who cuts military pay and retirement benefits is NOT a presidential contender no matter what you say. This man is dead in the water, just like Rubio.

    • Derfallbright

      You may want to pay attention to what the Presidential commission of military pay and benefits comes up with.

      Part of the problem with technology today there are many many people in the military who can serve for 20 years and never hear a shot fired in anger and based on their military speciality (MOS) that are not likely to hear that shot if they serve another 20 years, nor will the person that replaces them, or the person that replaces them.

      I’m an Army brat, married to an Army brat, but I also understand business economics and the influence of politics on the process. Extended life spans are having an impact on the budget and thus our overall national security.

      Lets look at some of the simple math I join at age 20 serve for 20 years, I am replaced by another 20 year old, but the military continues to pay me some part of my salary. By the time I reach 60, the guy that replaced me is now 40 and he retires, so my position is filled again by another 20 year old. So in my old position there are two retired guys and one active duty filling my old job….all receiving health care coverage and pay. In this day and age I may make it to 80 and beyond, now we have three retired guys and one active duty guy filling my old job, all receiving pay. (remember the military never.set up qualified pension pension plans to prefund retirement costs….they are paid out of the regular budgets and is subject to cost of living increases. My dad and father in law both reached a point where they were making more in retirement pay than they earned while on active duty.

      This is simply a system that can not continue without changes. Ethically you should not change the system for people currently on active duty, (although corporate America does it all the time)

      Many jobs in the military today are actually white collar jobs, there is no particular physical requirements that would prevent someone doing this job well into their 50’s or 60’s. No, I suspect we don’t want a 60 year old Navy seal, or guys with grey hair jumping out of airplanes for the 101st Airborne division…..but a grey haired pilot sitting in a pod at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas operating a drone may be just fine.

      A step in the right direction might be granting credit toward retirement eligibility to those people who serve in a combat job. That Navy seal might still be able to retire and start drawing benefits at age 40, but the personnel clerk that typed the orders to send him to combat wouldn’t. And this needs to be without loopholes. My dad was stationed in Japan after tours in Korea and Vietnam, and he knew guys that had jobs to conduct inspections of food service facilities in Vietnam every 60 days. They would schedule their trips at the end of one month and into the start of the next month, so that at 5 day trip earned them 2 months of combat pay. So the end result was 6 trips in 12 months earned them a year’s worth of combat zone pay.

      Also another look needs to be taken at VA hospitals……there seems to be a real question about quality of service. After WWI people returned with illnesses or injuries that no civilian hospital could treat. That seems less true today. Are VA hospitals still the best and most cost effective way to treat our vets?

      My only point is this is an issue where emotion should not override common sense.

  • Layla

    Where is your pay cut, Mr. Ryan?

    • dectra

      Agreed, Layla.

      OTHER federal employees have had 140 MILLION dollars cut from their pay….but not congress….oh no….we can’t have these guys who work (a max) Three Days A Week take a pay cut……

  • Eideard

    The farce is with you.

  • Horace

    Nobody can say that the current administration is perfect. God knows it has failed the Progressive cause in so many ways, but as a barrier against the evils of the Republican party and the monsters that swim in its shallows it is fully effective. Ryan’s budget is a very good example of a policy that will die on the razor wire that is the Democratic majority of the Senate. Leader Reid and his cohort are the moat that surrounds the edifice of justice and freedom that protects the forgotten masses. Think of where this country would be if the Republican troglodytes had had full reign in the last 5 years. By now the term Wall St, would have appeared in the Constitution and the signatures of the Koch brothers would have been added just below Hancock’s.
    Those if you who have not been infused with the serum of their backlash politics and their bizarre theocratic myths have an opportunity to drive them away from the shores of this country. Vote full Democratic Tickets as early and as often as possible. Help people who they are trying to deny the vote to vote. Rent a van or a bus use your church vehicles if you need to and see that the disenfranchised get their opportunity to scrape this trash from the country’s shoes. There is plenty of time to prepare if only you will think about your future. Go get em !!!!

  • G26

    Kathleen Sebelius lied when she claimed that 70,000 children would lose access to Head Start due to the 2013 sequester.

    • dectra


      YOU lied when you posted your garbage. Go back to Fox Propaganda, you hack.

  • dectra

    More meaningless votes, destined to go to the rubbish bin. Hey, Paul, why not tack on ANOTHER vote to repeal the ACA at the same time?

    Republicans continue to waste time on empty votes………and not spend time creating the JOBS, JOBS, JOBS they ran on.

  • Organix

    One can’t help but wonder how Hussein Obama intends fund the civilian national security force he desires:

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