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February 7, 2016

House GOP Plan for September: Shame the Senate

UNITED STATES - JULY 24: Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, conducts his weekly news conference in the Capitol Visitor Center, July 24, 2014. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Boehner told Republicans the House will be busy in September. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Speaker John A. Boehner outlined the September legislative agenda in a Wednesday afternoon conference call with House Republican lawmakers, describing a scheduled 12-day session that will be “brief, but busy.”

The most pressing item on the agenda is a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown on Sept. 30, but Boehner also spoke strongly and at length, according to a read-out from a source on the call, in favor of using the remaining legislative days before the November elections to draw “a very stark contrast between ourselves and the Democrats who run Washington.”

The Republican-led House, Boehner said, “is going to spend September focused on American solutions to help get people back to work, lower costs at home and restore opportunity for all Americans.”

House Republicans’ “closing argument” before they depart for the campaign trail ahead of Election Day, Boehner said, will be moving legislation designed to have tangible results for the American people, while the “do-nothing Senate plans to spend the final legislative days before November talking about the Koch brothers.”

Boehner’s comments mirrored an early August memo from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., alerting members that leadership would be taking dozens of jobs and energy bills that have already been passed individually by the House and bundling them together in packages to send over to the Senate again — a move intended to put more pressure on the chamber’s Democratic leadership.

With the GOP almost certain to retain control of the House in the 114th Congress, the chamber’s Republicans now appear to be rallying to help tilt the balance of power in the Senate.



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  • dede21206

    Total BS

    • Darrell

      why do you say that?

      • Jack Everett

        Because its true.

    • gunnyjeep

      you mean like the 40 bills that were passed in the house by 100% of members of the house voting for that Harry Reid refuses to bring to the Senate floor for a vote or the other 300 bills pass by majority in the house that Harry also refuses to bring up for a vote

  • Jack Everett

    What will lush Bohener do buy all the bums in the bar a drink.

  • A Semper Fi Marine

    I believe when EITHER Chamber either “refuses” or “fails” to bring up a Bill that has been passed by the opposite chamber, it is a CLEAR violation of their duties and responsibilities and the Head of each Chamber should be Held Accountable for such failures and REMOVED FROM THE CHAIR.

    Just my Take

    • Rob_Chapman

      Your take is wrong Semper Fi, letting bills die is pretty much the same as voting them down.

      But just out of curiousity, does your view that measures should be brought onto the floor for debate extend to the filibuster rule with which the Senate minorities block legislation approved by the majority?

      • A Semper Fi Marine

        I BELIEVE that EVERY BILL passed by one House DESERVES a straight “Up or Down” vote and should not be held up by either a Filibuster OR the by the Chair. I’m an “Equal Vote” kinda guy and I DON’T play favorites when it comes to Party Politics. I Vote for the PERSON and NOT the PARTY and belong to NO Group. I’ve heard I’m DANGEROUS, because I’M an INDEPENDENT, Veteran, White Christian – THEY call me EVIL! LOL!

        • Jack Everett

          So does this opinion that all house voted bills get a vote in the senate and all senate approved bills get a vote in the house?

          • A Semper Fi Marine

            THAT is MY opinion in what should take place. If voted in favor in one house, there should be an “up or down” vote in the other house, after discussions.

  • erick

    John Boehner will focus on putting people back to work and on lowering costs. This will be accomplished by employers refusing to hire skilled workers because they are “OVERQUALIFIED”, and hiring cheep foreign labor on 1HB VISAs. If you are a university graduate you will become virtually unemployable. Boehner’s energy bills will pollute the environment, and create health problems to exterminate the working class. Eric Cantor got a 1.4 million dollar job working for Moelis & Company investment bank, even though Cantor had no experience in investment banking. However, Eric Cantor will use his entrepreneurial skills and CIA contacts to launder CIA drug money thru the investment bank. This will provide needed liquid cash to the banking system.

    • Rob_Chapman

      John Boehner will concentrate on holding onto his own job and on nothing else.

  • bredwad8

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    • Jack Everett


  • Jack Everett

    They are going to use the bankers ponzi scheme of bundling. The same con that they sent to the senate other times. These fool do nothing but campaign non stop. We don’t need any more of their corporate welfare schemes or their trickle down ponzi schemes. Bhoener and his Koch boss are the right ones for the senate to take on. Americans need jobs not election day rhetoric and the house has not produced a thing for 6 years.

  • 5topAmnesty

    Just keep voting on BORDER SECURITY. You guys can start with the FENCE.

    The Dems will never recover from those votes. Also use images of THE BEAST train in your campaigns and on talk shows.

    Have some fun, for once.

    • Jack Everett

      Of course wing uts never talk about important issues.

      • 5topAmnesty

        If you don’t think immigration is important, you live a VERY SHELTERED life.

        Just look up Rotherham, England, where their new arrivals are GANG-RAPING little girls by the THOUSANDS.

        • Jack Everett

          Citizens need jobs not rhetoric and and allowing this flood of people over the border especially children is supported by both parties. The public needs jobs, homes. clothing and food not more rhetoric about later and kicking the can down the road. The illegal immigration can be stopped any time government wants to simply start supporting our immigration laws.

  • Rob_Chapman

    First item on the GOP House agenda: restore the cuts in Medicaid and military spending and offset them by firing Big Bird.

    Second item: repeal Obamacare and replace with a new war in Syria against ISIL.

    The only ones the House Republicans are capable of embarrassing are themselves.

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