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February 7, 2016

House Moves Ahead on New Border Funding Gambit

Just hours after shifting gears on a strategy to pass a $659 million appropriations bill to bolster resources at the U.S.-Mexico border, House Republicans are moving ahead, more confident they have the votes.

Rank-and-file members emerged from a GOP Conference meeting at the Capitol Hill Club on Thursday morning with a sense that the gambit — giving conservatives a standalone vote to stop the expansion of President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program after they pass the border funding bill — would be enough to bring conservative holdouts on board.

Many Republicans argue that DACA, the 2012 executive order granting stays of deportation to young undocumented immigrants brought into the country illegally by their parents, is responsible for the influx of child migrants who have come to believe that if the can get over the border and into the United States, they will be allowed to stay and put on a path to legal status. They insisted that any legislation to stem the tide of the border surge would have to address that executive action, especially after news reports Obama is considering expanding the program to as many as five million more immigrants here illegally.

But the whip operation was still ongoing Thursday morning, with some Republicans still feeling reluctant to come into the fold, saying that the plan to send the appropriations bill and the DACA language over to the Senate in separate packages all but ensured the Democrat-controlled chamber would ignore the latter legislation.

Many GOP lawmakers had hoped to scale back DACA as an amendment to the underlying appropriations bill, or at least have the two measures merged into one to force the Senate to deal with the language directly. They had been hoping for consideration of a bill similar to that which is being touted by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, which dealt with the issues in bulk.

Others are angry that the DACA language isn’t strong enough.

“It doesn’t retroactively call out the president for violating [the law],” said Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., who is still a “no” vote on the border bill. “It says, ‘as of July 30, yesterday, no more deferred actions.’ So we’re condoning the actions that were taken, and from day one I’ve said he had no ability to do that.”

But Rep. Raul R. Labrador, R-Idaho, said he was pleased with the new developments.

“I think that’s the right move,” he said, “because the president can’t use DACA then as an excuse” for not adopting the House’s changes to the 2008 trafficking law also blamed for the influx of children.

Republicans are pushing for changing the six-year-old trafficking law to make it easier to deport unaccompanied minors from Central America back to their home countries.

“We’re sending two strong messages: The president’s actions caused the problem and here’s the solution to the problem,” Labrador said.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., whose bill was the basis for the DACA language coming to the House floor this afternoon, also supported leadership’s vision. “I think that it will give our friends and colleagues in the Senate two opportunities to address this issue,” she said.

Some Republicans, however, see the Blackburn legislation as a potential messaging nightmare for the GOP after failing to act on comprehensive immigration overhaul legislation.

“It’s unnecessary,” said Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif. “I’ve let [the Conference] know the concerns that we have about making a political statement versus a strong policy statement.”

Matt Fuller contributed to this report.

  • ObamaOnDaDownlow

    If it were two hundred years ago those traitors in the US Congress would be doing the rope dance. It’s really a shame that Americans have become so apathetic.

  • James Bowen

    If you are not a member of NumbersUSA, please go to and sign up. Call you members of Congress and ask them to stop this bill at 202-224-3121.

  • perish the thought

    Alas, the country is already in a state of ecological and humanitarian crisis. We are stressing our natural resources and doing horrific things to the animals we depend on in order to feed our bloated population. The mass immigrations from the third world to the first world mean more pollution, more consumption of abused animals, more crowding and social unrest.

    First make the country secure and sustainable, then talk about immigration.

    Call your representatives and let them know how unpopular immigration is.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    No amnesty for illegals and send them home! Change the law that needs to be changed and get on with it. Americans should be our governments first priority. The Obama administration never thinks of the American people unless they’re looking for votes or money.

  • Americaneagle1

    Look at physical traits of Congressman who encourage Amnesty money for border surge. Long gone is beauty or good looks on their face. what’s left is ugliness because they no longer represent American constituent citizen and it shows.

    • Layla

      And they must be voted out of office in November.

  • Linda Scott

    I just called my rep. Does he think I’m so STUPID that passing the DACA bill seperately will appease me? If he votes for the 659 mil bill without it being tied to the rescinding of DACA he is just giving Obama what he wants. You are implicity agreeing with him! Wink, wink, don’t do that please, no stop! Next time we will find someone who REALLY opposes ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote for! I’m going to go to any townhall he has in this break and take him to task. The last town hall I went to, he was waffling on this and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE was for AMNESTY OR THE ILLEGALS! Why are you so reluctant to use the power of the purse! It';s the one real weapon you have!!! If you pass this you are co-conspirators with Obama!

    • Layla

      Lots of people on BOTH SIDES going home in the November elections.

    • Americaneagle1

      well said Linda. we gave the DACA illegals education k-12 on our dime now it’s time for them, the border surgers, and their illegal parents to go back. No executive action amnesty by Obama. Don’t vote for either house or senate bill. both are to suck Americans dry. Deport. Secure border

  • ministeroffire

    What Does The Lord God & True Jesus Christ Say About ILLEGAL Immigration?
    St. John 14:15 IF Ye Love Me (True Jesus Christ & Lord God), Keep (Learn, Do and Teach) My Commandments!
    The True Jesus Christ & Lord God Plainly Say That IF You Do NOT Keep His Holy Commandments Then You Do NOT Truly Love Him!
    Some of The Lord God’s Commandments Are AGAINST ILLEGAL Immigration!
    Deuteronomy 19:14 Thou (Any Soul) Shalt NOT REMOVE Thy Neighbour’s LANDMARK (Hebrew #1366 = BORDERS, Boundary Lines, Territory, Coasts, Space, etc.), Which They of Old Time Have Set In Thine Inheritance, Which Thou Shalt Inherit In The Land That The LORD Thy God Giveth Thee To Possess It!
    Deuteronomy 27:17 CURSED Be He (Any Soul) That REMOVETH His Neighbour’s LANDMARK (Hebrew #1366 = BORDERS, Boundary Lines, Territory, Coasts, Space, etc.)! And ALL The PEOPLE SHALL SAY, AMEN!
    The ILLGEAL Immigrants Are CURSED Under The Lord God’s Holy Commandments & Laws For VIOLATING The Lord God’s Holy Commandments & Law AGAINST REMOVING Our LANDMARKS or BORDERS and Coming Into Our Lord God Given Nation ILLEGALLY!
    And ALL Those In The U.S. Senate & Congress & The President & His Administration & Anyone Else Who Are Helping The ILLEGAL Immigrants Are Also CURSED Under The Lord God’s Holy Commandments & Law For REMOVING Our LANDMARS or BORDERS, and Helping The ILLEGAL Immigrants To Come Into Our Lord God Given Nation ILLEGALLY!
    And They Are Spreading This CURSE Across Our Whole Lord God Given U.S.A. Nation! “In God We Trust!”
    Lord God Help Us and Save Us From ALL of These CURSED LAW BREAKERS of Your Holy Commandments & Laws, I Pray, In The True Jesus Christ’s Holy Name, Amen!
    Come Quickly Lord Jesus Christ Our Saviour and Redeemer, Amen!

  • Red Baker

    Throw out the illegal aliens and the traitors in Congress and the White House who are trying to import them by the millions and give them Amnesty. Don’t listen to the lies about “immigration reform”. We already have all the laws we need to protect our borders, prosecute illegal employers, and deport the invaders. Trouble is, we stopped building the border fence and stopped doing workplace enforcement.

    Start putting the employers of illegal aliens in prison, and seize their business assets. Stop their unfair advantage over law-abiding employers.

    According to the Center for Immigration Studies, jobs held by native-born Americans have not increased since 2000, even though their numbers have grown by over 10 million. This mass immigration, both legal and illegal, is killing jobs, especially for the native-born working class, and it is working its way into middle class jobs. No wonder record numbers are unemployed and seeking and getting disability status, food stamps, and welfare.

    Mass immigration is complete betrayal of the working class, especially low-skill blacks and recent legal immigrants. Even the damn unions are supporting mass immigration and amnesty. Time to wake up, America. Throw them all out, including the pro-amnesty politicians.

  • ministeroffire

    Constitutionally The President Does NOT Have The Power or Authority To Make Law Nor Change Law!
    We Already Have Immigration Laws Which Need To Be Enforced By The U.S. Congress!
    The Constitution Only Gives Power, Authority and Responsibility To Make Law To The U.S. Congress, and The U.S. Congress Is NOT Exercising Their Constitutional Power, Authority and Responsibility Under Article #1 To SECURE Our BORDERS!
    The Constitution Article #1, Section 8 Plainly Gives a Long List of The U.S. Congress’s Power, Authority and Responsibilities Only:
    Article #1
    Section 8. The Congress Shall Have Power To : —–
    Paragraph #4. Power To Establish An Uniform Rule of Naturalization ((or i.e. POWER TO ESTABLISH RULES TO BECOME a LEGAL U.S.A. CITIZEN and/or LEGA IMMIGRANT)),
    Paragraph #15. Power To Provide For Calling Forth The Militia To Execute The Laws of The Union (U.S.A.), SUPPRESS INSURRECTIONS and REPEL INVASION;
    Paragraph #18. Power To Make All Laws Which Shall Be Necessary and Proper For Carrying Into Execution The Foregoing Powers, and All Other Powers Vested By This Constitution In The Government of The United States, Or In Any Department of Officer Thereof (Even The Executive Officer, or The President)!
    Now The Question Is Why Is Our U.S. Congress NOT Exercising Their Constitutional Power, Authority and Responsibility To SECURE Our BORDERS FROM These CURSED Under The Lord God’s Holy Commandments & Law ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?
    St. Luke 12:48 —–! For Unto Whomsoever Much Is Given, of Him (of That Soul) Shall Be Much Required; —–!
    The Lord God Has Allowed These People In Our U.S. Congress To Have Much Power, Authority and Responsibility To Serve and Protect The Lord God’s People In The U.S.A., and The Lord God REQUIRES a Lot More From These People In Our U.S. Congress Than What They Are Living Up To!
    Lord God Save Us From These People In Power Who Are NOT Fulfilling Their Constitutional Duties To Serve and Protect Your People In The U.S.A., I Pray, In The True Jesus Christ’s Holy Name, Amen!
    Come Quickly Lord Jesus Christ, Our Saviour & Redeemer, Amen!

  • kysteelgirl

    Obviously, the House leadership did not hear the message of NO AMNESTY when Cantor was defeated. We want the Cruz/Blackburn bill.

  • Allen Rogers

    Thank you Ted Cruz for helping block a VERY BAD bill. They only money needed is to build the fence which was promised (and funded) years ago – AND to send ALL the illegal aliens back to their own countries. Only one “immigration” bill is needed – To ensure the mandatory use of the already existing “E-VERIFY” system
    for EVERY job and EVERY benefit given to ANYONE. If you are here
    illegally, and are blocked from stealing a job from a US Citizen or LEGAL
    immigrant and you can’t get housing, welfare or other benefits, then most
    likely, you would have no choice but to pack up and ‘self-deport’. The
    average wage in this country is going DOWN, mostly because of the flood of
    illegal aliens and the dishonest people who hire them at 50-70% of the normal
    wage. Just ask a truck driver, a construction worker, even an electrician
    or plumber. Many illegal aliens are doing electrical and plumbing jobs
    without knowing US standards and codes and without the REQUIRED licenses. This happened to two people in my neighborhood.

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