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February 13, 2016

House Passes First Anti-Obamacare Bill of 2014

More Democrats defected on the House’s first anti-Obamacare bill of 2014 than on any other Obamacare-related vote to date, a blow to party unity and leadership’s advice that rank-and-file members stand strong against GOP “gotcha” bills.

The legislation, which would require victims of security breaches through the insurance exchanges to be notified within two days, passed 291-122. Sixty-seven Democrats joined Republicans to vote for the bill.

Democratic leaders were expecting defections from the rank and file, particularly from more moderate and vulnerable incumbents. But it wasn’t immediately clear whether they were expecting fractures of this magnitude. Even the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, Steve Israel, D-N.Y., voted for the bill. Democratic leaders had encouraged a “no” vote.

While Republicans called the measure “good government” and “common sense,” many Democrats called it a political stunt that would put undue administrative burden on administration officials. Democrats also said the bill functions as a scare tactic against using the website when security breaches have never been a problem.

But there wasn’t a formal whip operation, said Democratic leadership aides, suggesting that they didn’t necessarily believe the bill was a lost cause in terms of party unity but that it was simply, in the words of one staffer, “a waste of time.”

You can find the full breakdown of the vote here.

  • Bob Viering

    This bill is just an attempt to divert attention from the train wreck of Gov. Christie’s Bridgegate.

    • Layla

      Not necessary. Most Republicans are not paying attention to Christie anyway.

  • ImAPoliticalGirl

    Really? This is a “gotcha” bill? How is requiring the government to notify VICTIMS that utilize of SECURITY BREACHES a gotcha bill? How does letting these people know their social security numbers, their salary information, their address, their credit information and so forth has been compromised a GOTCHA bill? Explain that to me please.

    • ImAPoliticalGirl

      Christie’s problems having nothing to do with this. The website’s security problems have been a topic of discussion in Congressional hearings since last year. Heck, McAfee called the site a hacker’s wet dream on Oct. 3. HHS, part of the “most transparent” administration in history continues to lie about the security issues so this is the result. Of course, the Senate will do nothing. Meanwhile, millions of Americans will have their identity compromised because of this junk website.

  • ImAPoliticalGirl

    Really, how does requiring the government to notify VICTIMS of possible identity theft a GOTCHA bill? How does people learning that the website, which utilizes a lot of personal information such as credit information, salary information, social security numbers, and so forth has been compromised a GOTCHA bill?

  • Ed Campbell

    Mail me a penny postcard when Democrats grow sufficient backbone to stand erect and fight for ordinary folks – in addition to, say, Goldman, Sachs or General Dynamics.

    • Layla

      Standing ovation for you, my friend.

      • Jesse4

        For a Republican to try to paint the Democrats as the party of big business, takes rare gall. The stupidity and hypocrisy would kill an ordinary human.

  • Alied1333

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  • Layla

    Backbone? NOBODY in Congress has a backbone. They all need to be fired for the mess they have created.

  • Dodd Flea

    Himes is such a coward.

  • Curmudgeon10

    And this makes-sense-to-me bill is “Anti Obama Care” because????

  • The Roadster

    Most Americans recognize that Hussein Obama has no credibility.

  • Scientist5

    And who are the experts on politizing everything – certainly not the Democrats???? Damn, I can’t remember when they ever acted without first looking at the political side of an issue. Hopefully, the American public will wise up and throw them out.

  • Michael Nunez

    If Obama’s ideas about health insurance are so good, why is the IRS needed to force you to follow them?

  • Igor Shafarevich

    Hussein Obama is a delusional marxist.

  • Gyst53

    An easier approach would be to suspend all HIPPA security regulations and just give/sell your healthcare information away to the highest insurance/pharmaceutical company bidder! We don;t need to regulate it, just sell it!!!

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