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February 11, 2016

More Shutdown Drama as House Sends CR Back to Senate

Darrell Issa

Rep. Darrell Issa addressed the press after a Saturday afternoon meeting of the House Republican Conference. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

House Republicans voted early Sunday morning to prolong the showdown over a government shutdown, sending the Senate more provisions intended to undermine Obamacare as part of a stopgap spending bill to keep the government operating past Monday.

The high-stakes game of hot potato could end up bringing the government to a bureaucratic halt come Tuesday, given that Senate Democratic leaders have flatly refused to consider any measure that would weaken the president’s signature legislative achievement.

Shortly after midnight, the House voted to approve a series of amendments to the Senate-passed version of a continuing resolution. While the Senate had stripped out language intended to defund Obamacare, House Republicans decided Saturday to try again with a one-year delay of the health care law, which they approved 231-192. Two Democrats voted with all but two Republicans for the Obamacare delay.

The Republicans voting against the delay were Reps. Richard Hanna and Chris Gibson, both of New York. Democrats voting with Republicans were Reps. Jim Matheson of Utah and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina.

The House also approved, 248-174 a repeal of a 2.3 percent tax on medical device makers that the Congressional Budget Office says would bring in $29 billion over a decade. Seventeen Democrats joined all Republicans on that vote. The chamber also voted to change the CR’s expiration date from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15.

House leaders made the bill even more unpalatable to Senate Democrats by including a “conscience clause” allowing employers and insurers to opt out of providing coverage for contraception if they have moral or religious objections.

The measures were technically amendments to the Senate amendment to the House-passed continuing resolution, meaning the Democratic Senate could vote down the legislation in a single vote with a simple majority and send the CR back to the House yet again.

The House also passed a separate bill, 423-0, that would pay military personnel even in the event of a government shutdown — seemingly a concession that Congress won’t reach a CR agreement before Oct. 1. The “Pay Our Military Act” would, at least, soften the blow of a shutdown for military personnel, and, perhaps, dull the talking point that men and women in the military are risking their lives for IOUs.

House floor debate grew heated in the 10 p.m. hour of a very long Saturday on Capitol Hill.

Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., frequently reminded members to address their remarks to him, the presiding officer, and not to each other as they exchanged barbs of blame for the looming shutdown — yet members continued to make personal atttacks.

Democratic Rep. David Scott of Georgia shouted at Republicans — and over Republicans, like John Culberson of Texas, who shouted back — that they were consumed in partisanship.

“Your hate for this president is coming before the love of this country,” Scott said, claiming that Republicans intended to shut down the government “because you have been hijacked by a small group of extreme folks who simply hate this president.”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., did an impression of President Barack Obama, ridiculing the president for refusing to negotiate on the debt limit.

“There will be no negotiations,” Rohrabacher said, imitating Obama’s deep baritone voice.

“If this government shuts down, it’s because you haven’t accepted the compromise that Republicans have reached out to you and offered,” said Rohrabacher.

But House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md., a vocal critic of funding the government at sequester levels, charged Republicans with not being satisfied by the White House’s concession that a CR would likely be held at $986 billion.

“The president said he’d sign your level,” Hoyer said. “Your level. You’ve won. But you can’t take ‘yes’ for an answer.”

The heated debate spiraled into burning rhetoric as each side tried to top the other.

“For those tuning in to this debate, I want to make sure there’s no confusion: This is not ‘Saturday Night Live,’” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel of New York.

As Congress runs up against a Sept. 30 deadline that now looks even more difficult to meet, many lawmakers predicted at least a short government shutdown starting Oct. 1.

House Republicans appear to be hoping that if a shutdown does occur, the Senate — and its majority Democrats — will get the blame.

But even before Republicans sent the CR back to the Senate, Reid called the vote “pointless” and said “the American people will not be extorted by tea party anarchists.” White House spokesman Jay Carney also weighed in on Saturday, saying, “Any member of the Republican Party who votes for this bill is voting for a shutdown.”

But potential Senate action — or inaction — didn’t seem to faze House Republicans Saturday.

“We can’t control the Senate,” said Rep. John Fleming, R-La. “We can only control ourselves, and we’re gonna do what’s right and we’re gonna let the Senate take care of itself.”

“If the Senate hasn’t acted, then the Senate is to blame,” echoed House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky.

But while House Republicans try to blame Democrats, a recent poll suggests Americans would lay more blame at the feet of Republicans. However, Democrats would hardly be held harmless. If the government shuts down, 44 percent of Americans would blame Republicans, 35 percent would blame Democrats, and 16 percent would blame all parties equally, a CBS/New York Times poll found.

That sort of polling might have made Speaker John A. Boehner’s choice easier. Faced with accepting the Senate’s CR and then having a revolt from his own conference, or taking on Obamacare and shutting down the government, Boehner made his stand.

The battle is shaping up to be a precursor to a potentially more economically dangerous fight: the debt limit. Obama and Democrats insist they will not negotiate with Republicans over paying the nation’s debt; Republicans insist they will need to extract concessions in exchange for raising the ceiling.

House Republicans might not want to cave on the CR, for fear of appearing weak as they try to extract concessions on a wish list of GOP measures in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

On the more immediate concern — the CR — some House Republicans were already indicating a willingness to pare back their demands if the Senate rejected their newest legislative ploy.

Republicans emerged from a closed-door meeting Saturday eager to vote on their latest legislative offering. But with more than 800,000 “non-essential” federal workers facing furloughs, and many more who would be working without a paycheck, the stakes continue to mount — and both sides are adamant they do not want a shutdown.

The desire to keep the lights on, however, is running up against a desire to address Obamacare and an even more damning issue: time.

In the Senate — where expediency is even rarer than bipartisanship — Reid isn’t expected to bring the chamber back until Monday, just 10 hours before a shutdown would take effect.

Cristina Marcos contributed to this report.

  • Chas Holman

    I’ve seen what this clownish act by the GOP has done to the WORLD stock market the last few weeks.. Give them another year and the uncertainty will have us all dead and buried.

    • Kirk the Conservative Jerk

      Markets up on first day of shutdown!
      If only Obama would compromise…
      BTW, The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has risen 11% on average in the 12 months following a government shutdown, according to data compiled by Bloomberg on the 12 instances since 1976.

      • Michael Trostel

        lol, compromise.. you mean like have an original budget of 1.56 trillion with the Paul Ryan budget at 967 billion… and then the dems compromise down to 986 billion. Like that compromise?

        • Kirk the Conservative Jerk

          No, Obama’s admission that he will not compromise.
          But since you choose to deflect:
          I did not realize Paul Ryan was around in the 80’s, as we haven’t had a budget that small since then.
          Unless you’re talking about deficit spending. Our borrowed portion of the 3.7+ trillion dollar budget for 2014 is 800 billion. Our Social Security Spending in 2013 is nearly 800 billion.
          Not sure what decade you got your numbers from…and if your numbers are from a website or a talking head, RUN!

          • Michael Trostel

            No not from a “website” or talking head. Its this thing called a fact. Dismiss it all you want. Doesn’t make it untrue. I was referring to the Senate Continuing Resolution… and the numbers are the numbers.
            Obama DID say he would NOT negotiate/compromise on paying the bills coming up that America has. Bills for things that have already been voted on and approved by Congress. You see, that means, not for new spending… on new things. America not paying it’s bills? Doesn’t sound like a very republican thing to do. Yet this is what the right wants to pull, again. Their corporate donors won’t and don’t like this. And they’ve been voicing their dislike. And we now whether republican or democrat… they are ALL addicted to that money. Thanks to the citizens united ruling allowing unlimited donations from corporations…… they sure don’t have our interests in mind first and foremost. Now it’s being worked on to allow individuals to donate, unlimited amounts. No one person or corporation should be able to donate thousands upon thousands, millions upon millions for the benefit of one politician. Luckily the founding fathers were smart and an Article V. Convention is a thing. That’s pretty much the only way to get our representation back to representing us.

  • Tom B

    Shut the government down!Obamacare is a TRAINWRECK!

    • A.R.

      If its indeed a train wreck then how about let the train wreck happen and don’t shut down the government? GOP conservative thinking is just asinine.

      • Ken Lowther

        No more so than implementing an experiment on 1/6 of the economy in two years less than needed to adequately implement it. All while funding 6 years worth of the program with 10 years of taxes, and claiming that it balances out. Doing this while claiming to be able to cover more people for less without putting in any meaningful mechanisms for cost controls and telling people they can keep their existing coverage when they clearly cannot in order to pass a bill that few had read and even fewer comprehended fully. Yes it is the “conservative thinking” that is asinine…

        That said, given the weak-kneed nature of the American public, I agree. Let the paid vacation (that’s all it is) for the federal workers end early and let the law fail on its own merits. Just don’t expect anyone with an “R” behind their name to lift a finger to fix it when it does. That’s the nature of the extreme partisan politics that were waged to pass the flawed bill to begin with. This shutdown has been five years in the making and no amount of HHS or the president illegally making up rules and changing the law as they go will fix that.

    • Michael Trostel

      LMAO! How can this be? You must have a time machine!! Because it hasn’t even started yet! I hope you don’t think “obamacare” is a health insurance plan itself , it is not….the Affordable Care Act begins in 2014. Really all that has gone into effect is, no more denial of coverage due to preexisting conditions for children..or denial due to things such as spelling errors on applications, kids can stay on their parents plans until they are 26. Oh, and insurance companies are required to spend 80% of your premium dollars on, get this, health care!! It’s actually a huge win for insurance companies who will potentially get at least 20+million NEW customers! See, it’s still all private insurance companies, NOT govt. run health care as FOX may have “informed” you. The market place (which just opened for enrollment Oct. 1st) is full of private insurance companies State by State. You choose the company and the plan that is best for you or you and your family. Competition. They want your business… they have to be competitive. The days of One or Two Insurance companies Monopolizing the market in a state, being able to charge what they want are coming to an end. This is surely horrible and will destroy America. If it is sure to fail, why not let it?! Would the republicans not be able to say, “told you so!” and win back the majority in the Senate as well as the presidency?!

      Ronald Regan warned about medicare when it first introduced as legislation. Saying it would destroy America and lead to socialism!! Look it up. Boy, he sure changed his mind once it was implemented and the public began to understand what it was, really, and how it worked. In fact, he went on to EXPAND medicare!!! Try to take medicare away from seniors today…. seriously, far right, please try!

      Time will tell on the ACA and it won’t be long before the right abandons the term “obamacare” as quickly as they did Romney!

      Here are 4 facts. It’s a law, passed by congress.. signed by the POTUS and upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court.

  • Philip K. Eyrich

    Arguing over a CR is pathetic. Why is there no national budget in years now? Exempt everyone from the ACA or make EVERYONE required to be in at once. It won’t work if there are any exemptions.

  • aeroguy48

    The obama administration played with fire when they said earlier Saturday, that a shutdown would cause the military from being paid but they still needed to be on their job. Friday obama said that obamacare exchanges would go on and not be cut. Note the bill to pay the military if there is a shutdown was passed unanimously by Democrats and Republicans 423-0.

  • mer

    the senate is soooooooooooo worried about the shutdown possibility that IT ISN’T EVEN IN SESSION. if they had any sense………..they’d delay Obamacare and be waiting for the House bill. but this Senate only works one day a year, apparently….. perhaps they’re out golfing with our “Chief Exec”?!!!!!yeah, that’s it.!!!

  • Andre Leonard

    One day the people will tire of these donkey versus elephant games. Elect some real agents of change and turn a corner on paying $3.8 trillion a year to run a dysfunctional government.

    I am registered Libertarian and waiting.

    • Jorja1234

      With all due respect, you may be waiting for some time. As the Democrats throw open the door to immigrants, they will be unstoppable – it’s critical that the non-Democrats get together against this single issue.

  • Alexis


    Barack Obama, ‘VETO’ is nothing compared to what America has in store for you – now that America’s ‘intelligent’ have finally begun to be heard! Your case is on the Master Docket, to be heard ‘some time very soon’.

    When your sentence has been read, you will be shown the way to The Gates of Dis – do not pass GO – when you’ve reached the River Styx you will be ferried across it by Four American Dead whose lives you snuffed out. Their names are Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods. They will not speak to you – you are beneath their diginity. There is no ‘energy wave-length’ on which communication will be possible between you and their Souls.

    Once they’ve delivered you to the River’s southern banks, you will have reached the place from which no Soul ever returns. You will be greeted by wandering Wraiths whose doom is to encounter you there; It is their punishment for having voted to preserve ObamaCare, causing the suffering and death of masses struggling under the evil destruction of their personal liberties, caused by ObamaCare – and the economic deprivation caused by your policies, written in blood, with every signature on every last one of your Executive Orders.

    Those who voted for you – and those members of the GOP who have voted to preserve ObamaCare, will pay eternally for their votes. It is ‘they who are the Dead Wraiths, whom you will encounter, whose deaths were caused by their treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American populace. It caused their death – an equivalence of their ’cause of others’ deaths’. .

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    No one cares who in the hell you think you are – but, every red-blooded American knows that ‘all that you claim as yours – is OURS’.

    In Longfellow’s eloquence:

    “Back, he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky,
    With the white road smoking behind him and his rapier brandished high!
    Blood-red were his spurs i’ the golden noon; wine-red was his velvet coat,
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    That ‘energy’ is the most vile, most negative and damaging assault that has assailed planet Earth in all of its histories. ‘Hatred for that Energy – which ‘IS YOU’ – is a hatred for the Mind that resides in that form in which you lurk on this planet – it is palpable, so palpable that words cannot describe it. If hatred for ‘that energy which is Your Psyche’ were anything but a natural Energy-consequence of ‘response to your hatred of humamity’ you would have a shot at staying around for a while longer than is your destiny to leave.

    Hatred ‘of you’ – the Mind-Energy within your physical form, is nothing but, the equivalence of Your Hatred of Humanity:

    You want to destroy humanity, humanity responds – equivalently.

    There is no ‘man’ there – there is only an energy determined to destroy the finest energies of humankind.

    We know which will win in the final outcome, but, for now, this writer, for one, will express it with a Faustian refrain: “Book II” of Goethe’s Faust, Kaufmann’s translation – ‘from memory of many years past’ – The Chorus to Faust”;

    “:What occurred is dead and ended.
    Pain and death have passed away,
    You are healed, Oh, apprehend it,
    Embrace the newborn light of day!”

    This will be America’s chorus when your energy is “dead and ended” on our planet. “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

    “HOW JOHN ROBERTS RESET ‘OBAMACARE TO PUTINCARE’”/ What Really Happened in Benghazi – and Why”

    “Obama’s ‘Big Schizophrenic Lie Technique’ reverses Hitler’s ‘Big Lie’ to a ‘Big Truth’ so colossal that no one
    believes he isn’t lying”

    • thereasonableprogressive

      Pretty strong talk. Are your emotions clouding your judgment? No Republican senator supports the ACA. They only differ in how to kill it. Some of these senators think blowing up the country in an effort to defund the law is a bad idea. They are going to Hell for thinking that way? My God! You guys don’t take any prisoners, do you?

      • Alexis


        Betraying a totally ‘unreasonable’ bent in the claiming of ‘reasonableness’ – is to fail to use ‘objective logic’ to make a point that is juxtaposed at the opposite pole of the one being claimed. Perhaps you do not know the calculus of ‘objectivity vs. emotions’, in this event the following may be useful. Posted 3 days ago at the article indicated at the bottom of this post, commenting on Jon Stewart’s ‘illogical’ assertions re ‘what Ted Cruz was doing to him’.

        “For the record, what Ted Cruz was really doing was to set you up to do that to yourselves – and, LOOK! IT WORKED!
        What he was also doing, is precisely what has to be done, if anyone is going to beat Hillary in ’16 – and God knows that we need that to happen! .

        We’ll see if he keeps it up – without any major faux pas. None of you are able to take him down – only ‘he could take himself down'; he is heads and tailes more facile than are any of you.
        You have only the benefit of your corrupt cabal. If he manages the following all of you are toast – along with Hillary;

        The trick of winning the 2016 election is totally out of the hands of anyone who cannot conquer the following set of circumstances:

        Paul is not as ‘marketable’ for several reasons – all of them mentally and morally positive, however, one physical characteristic is not easily overcome in this situation: His physical appearance and personality style.)

        Going up against Hillary Clinton is a psychological-fight above everything else, it is to do battle for the ‘imagination of a dull-minded electorate’. They are driven by ‘imageries’, that they automatically ‘obey’. They do not rationally reason about anything, they are highly ‘visually’ and ‘personality’ oriented: They understand brutality, tyranny, and deprivation. Paul’s persona is quite the opposite – but, Hillary’s ‘is that’, in spades. Cruz’ is powerfully ‘immovable’ – some of which is his persona (as is Paul’s), but much of which is his physicality; body density – size/height, facial features – his jaw, nose, and mouth ’emit the energy radiation’ of a mind that is ‘fiercely determined’. This ‘message’ emanates from their ‘shape and form’, as well as the ‘energy of their proportionate distance and angles, one to the other’.

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        ‘Animals’ do not possess the ‘reflective consciousness’ dynamic of creatures of a higher cerebral evolution – they do not ‘think of the consequences’ of their behaviors, positive or negative.

        They do not possess the capacity to ‘strategize from all four corners of The Box’. These individuals are of a Barbarian intellgience state – which is not said quite rightly. Charlemagne was ‘a Barbarian’ and a unique figure in mankind’s evolution. Revised: They are to pre-historic creatures, what a Cro-Magnon was to a Neanderthal. .They will experience the pain and suffering of deprivation and of life on the periphery of society’s vortex, until they have suffered enough to ‘choose to change themselves, in order to change their circumstances’. They will ‘learn to think’ – as infants learn to walk.

        They are human-rodents, on a scale of comparison to individuals of a more highly evolved intelligence range;.They do not have a capacity of intellectual knowledge from which to counter their Barbarian instincts – they simply ‘react’ first to visual,and auditory stimulus – then to ‘touch’ – as well to olfactory stimulus – lastly to taste… Everything passes their blood-brain barrier and goes straight to their subconscious-mind’s emotion-state – undigested..

        Obama is not intelligent enough to cognitively understand the foregoing, but by an instinct he is primitively programmed to use all of the instincts of ‘Primitive Man and the Beast of the Jungle’. This is the evolutionary level of The Mind’s total ‘unconsciousness of Itself’ – beyond a sub-conscious promitive instinct of a one-dimensional need that is the body’s preservation-dynamic: Hunt, kill, eat.

        Consequently his ‘self-preservation instincts are dwarfed at his physical being’!

        This is the psychological ‘key’ to the success of an Obama, and a Hitler – and, will be Hillary’s – ‘if’ – a stronger Mind-Energy does not ‘lift the dull-minds of America’s dominant culture today, to a higher-energy level, by sheer force of ‘being of a higher energy level’ – himself. Both Cruz and Paul – are – however, the Q is whether ‘their Positive Energy is more powerful than is Hillary’s Negative Energy. The Titanomachy – the great battle of the Immortals, we know as the War of the Titans is the allegory of this battle. The battle of the older Titans against the young Olympians, between Mt. Othrys and Mt. Olympus – before the existence of mankind, is the mythology of The War between Positive/Negative Forces – as told in The Story of Physics, and The Story of Krishna and Arjuna in Sanskrit literature – among other examples in literature.

        How do you think Obama got himself elected in ’08? It was by using all of those psychological ‘tricks’, which he copied straight from Hitler’s staged ‘psycho-dramas’ – and, as well, by using their respective occult practices (a major part of their strategy – which the public knows nothing about; Hitler lived by such practices, as we know – Obama is doing the same, ‘as we don’t know’ – but, was overwhelmingly obvious in his entire campaign to ’08). . It is an ‘energy principle’, at work; The principle of its action is impartial. The ‘Mind-Consciousness Energy State’ of ‘who’ is using it, and for what end, is what defines whether it is positive or negative. ‘It’ falls to Newton’s Laws of Energy – no matter who, what or where; it’s an ‘Energy-dynamic that functions by a Principle of Motion’. The ‘Mind’ is what accelerates it; the ‘state of consciousness of ‘that Mind’ is what determines the level of the energy ‘at work’.

        Obama and Hitler have used it to destroy humanity to the extent possible. Cruz is using his ‘powerful energy’ for good. Hitler’s, Obama’s, and Hillary’s natural energy is powerfully negative – intent on ‘destorying all that is positive and good in humanity’.

        (They have all 3 taken their cues from Albert Pike’s “Lucifer” instructions, of 150 years ago – predicted by him specifically about ‘this time period in the life of the U.S. – and, the globe.’.).

        These individuals,who are subject to such programming, can’t handle ‘opposition’, they are masochistic, as well as sadistic – they will lie down like puppies on their backs, paws stretched upward, to avoid being beaten.- though they ‘love being beaten’. They are masochistic, remember – it is all part of the role play that makes them feel that they ‘do exist’. Without that, they have no feedback from society, as they are psycho-emotionally programmed only to be ‘abused’ – and, ‘to abuse’ when they have the opportunity. They are the extreme of a co-dependent psyche. .Hillary has that effect on them – and – she ‘loves it’! She is the other extreme of a co-dependent psyche. It is ‘her subconscious pattern to abuse’. (Consider her sexual orientation, which is merely acting-out those deviant psycho-dynamic patterns in her psyche – ‘against herself’, first).
        Though it isn’t Cruz’ intent to beat them, they do not know that, they do not ‘think’, they just react to visual prompters.

        The psychological task is to out-do Hillary’s ‘natural brute image’. They love ‘brutes’ – witness the brutality they’ve grovelled in to lap up Obama’s abuse of them – while he placates them with ‘give-aways’ – no jobs, no respect, just food stamps and free phones.

        We don’t want to be doing ‘give-aways’ – but, Hillary is. To counter-that-subconscious emotional deficit with ‘that crowd’, it is critical – ‘psychologically’ – to bowl them over with the sheer force of an imagery that they will naturally submit to’. These are not cerebrally-driven creatures, they are of a herd-mentality, accustomed to being rounded up with lassoos and whips, then led to a trough for their chow. Hillary does that naturally. Cruz will not, but ‘they will think that he does’ – just by the sheer force of his physical imagery combined with his strong will-force.

        He has a good shot at this – ‘if’ – he refrains from ‘praising Caesar’!!! That was the dumbest thing he’s done so far: Obama is still alive, for God’s sake. He needs to take a cue from Brutus. He ‘came to bury Caesar’ not to praise him. First, as Sun Tzu said, his job is to kill his enemy, then bury him – then, if there’s some compulsion left in him to praise him – or ‘her’ in this event – ‘bury it’. As W.C. Fields said, “no use being a damned fool about it”. But, then, he was talking about ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try again – and if you fail, then, give up…no use being a damned fool about it’.

        We aren’t expecting Cruz to not succeed.… “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

        3 days ago
        ‘You’re F*cking With Us, Right?’ Jon Stewart Delivers Stinging Takedown of Ted Cruz Filibuster

      • Alexis

        Addendum to last ‘reply':
        With respect to your apparently religous definition of ‘Hell':

        ‘Hell’ is a Mind-State of a Consciousness-State – as is everything The Mind perceives from a Physical-State of Consciousness.
        These GOP-Traitors to America, are ‘in Hell’ – theirs, individually – evidenced ‘by the way they think, and act in society’.
        Mind-States are dimensional, they expand, positively or negatively, depending on ‘how an indiviudal USES his Mind’.
        Their Mind’s Hell has expanded exponentially, on a magnitude of order, inverse to The Hell they Wish on Others. It’s just the way “Energy works”. It follows the Laws of Motion. Newton’s 3rd Law explains it very well:”For every action, there is a corresponding and equal re-action”. As ‘all action’ originates as “Mind-Action” – Thought – it follows from there to its ‘physical’ consequences: There, at that point, Hell becomes Hell on Earth: Physically, and socially, relative to its Causative Dynamic: Mental Hell.

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