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February 14, 2016

White House, Democrats Cry Foul Over GOP Push to Enforce Immigration, Other Laws

A House Republican bill aimed at forcing President Barack Obama to enforce immigration and other laws as they are written drew sharp rebukes Wednesday from the White House and House Democrats, who ripped the measure as anti-immigrant.

The legal dispute over President Barack Obama’s unilateral decision to suspend deportations for people brought to the country illegally by their parents, known as “dreamers,” has split the GOP and Democrats before.

But on Wednesday the dispute threatened to end any lingering goodwill Democrats were inclined to extend toward GOP leaders, who just weeks earlier unveiled a set of immigration principles for overhauling the nation’s broken system — and then said Obama needed to earn back the GOP’s trust that he would enforce the law.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney weighed in from the podium, where he spoke of House leaders’ interest in an immigration overhaul in the past tense.

Carney said the GOP’s legislation “runs contrary to our most deeply held values as Americans and asks law enforcement officials to treat these ‘dreamers’ the same way as they would treat those with criminal records. …

“You hear a lot of talk about where people are on this issue. It doesn’t require much to look at what House Republicans are doing today to question whether or not they’re serious about moving forward on comprehensive immigration reform,” he said.

But GOP leaders said Congress needs to act to curb what they consider to be Obama’s abuse of power on a broad scale.

“His administration’s blatant disregard for the rule of law has not been limited to just a few instances,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said on the House floor. “From gutting welfare reform and No Child Left Behind requirements to refusing to enforce immigration and drug laws, the president’s dangerous expansion of powers appears to be endless. Whether one believes in the merit of the end goal or not, this is not how the executive branch was intended by our founders to act.”

The House passed a bill 233-181 on Wednesday that would authorize the House or the Senate to bring a civil lawsuit against the White House for executive overreach.

“The president doesn’t get to decide which laws he’s going to enforce any more than Americans get to decide which laws they’re going to follow,” Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, said in a statement. “The fact that the president would threaten to veto a measure requiring him to uphold his Constitutional obligations underscores why this bill is needed, and why Senate Democrats should pass it immediately.”

On Thursday, the chamber will vote on an additional measure forcing federal officials to justify to Congress each time they opt not to enforce certain laws.

Democrats backing an immigration overhaul were livid.

“I want to read to you from the Republican principles on immigration,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, D-Ill., during floor debate on Wednesday. “This is what your caucus put forward. ‘One of the greatest founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistake of their parents. It is time to provide an opportunity for legal residents of citizenship for those brought to this country as children through no fault of their own and no other place.’ Yet today you want to take away that very ability from the president of the United States.”

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., who like Gutierrez has been a leading voice in pushing for a comprehensive immigration overhaul, also weighed in.

“We have had one vote on immigration here in Congress. It was on Congressman King’s bill to deport the Dream Act kids,” said Lofgren on the Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, amendment that the House passed last year to override Obama’s executive action to defer the deportations of dreamers.

Lofgren also wondered why the House had not yet seen legislation reportedly in the works from Cantor and Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va., tentatively titled the Kids Act, that would help dreamers avoid being penalized for being in the country illegally through no fault of their own.

“We’ve heard a lot of discussion about a bill supposedly that’s going to be brought forward by the majority about the innocent children who’ve been brought here,” she said, “but we haven’t seen a bill. Instead, we see these bills.”

Steven T. Dennis contributed to this report.

  • gfstiel

    Its about the rule of law. Not immigration but leave it to the Democrats to try and spin this administrations lawlessness as an immigration bill. How about Obamacare ? the law with so many personal exceptions for his friends that he changes every week on his own. Or the EPA? this President thinks he’s king. Lets wait and see how loud the liberals cry when the shoe is on the other foot.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Sincethose exceptions apply pretty universally, Obama must have THAT MANY Americans as friends… well wait… ~S~ He certainly has 5 million more friends than Mitt Romney and 8 million more than John McCain!

      • Martin Adamson

        Yes, but all Mitt Romney’s friends were alive in October 2012, whereas about 7 million of Obama’s were as dead as mutton, or as fictitious as Harry Potter.

        • Stephen Barlow

          Thorazine can’t help THOSE levels of hallucinations.

          The only mass voter fraud on record is jeb Bush destroyin ballors after stopping a recount with 100,000 left to examine in 2000.

          And the mysterious Diebold voting tally flip flop in Ohio in majority minority Democratic districts in 2004… you know, where the Bush mandated voting machines kept no records for a recount because they were programmed to auto erase after the polls closed…

          If a Republican points a finger, you KNOW HE’S GUILTY of what he’s BLAMING about.

          • Moto

            You are doing some fantastic projection,there. You are the ones known for pointing the finger at others to disguise your own hypocrisy.

            You’re actually projecting the attitudes conservatives have towards liberals onto conservatives and then projecting the actual actions of liberals back onto conservatives.

            It is astounding what contortions the human mind will go through to avoid facing an unpalatable truth.

          • Stephen Barlow

            Draw me a map of you imaginary ‘facts…

            then show Me what the “unpalatable truth” is…

      • Rowwdy Colt

        Ah yes…..all those dead friends in the local graveyard certainly helped. Let’s not forget the ones of whom, voted early and often.

      • DavidKramer

        Well, he especially has some criminals that gave him $100,000 for his campaign……that Equador wants extradited. They are here illegally, donated to Obama illegally, and are not being extradited. Oh sorry, you were not including them were you? By the way, criminal activity is not excluded because you are popular.

        • Stephen Barlow

          WHOM are “they”? The same people who claim to have lost jobs from the PPACA? The same “THEY” who is chronically debunked for claiming that the ACA costs them more in premiums and gives them less coverage than the SCAMACARE polices united healthcare discontinued for PROFIT MOTIVATED reasons?

          WHO are these everpresent and mysteriously unaccountable “THEY”?

          • DavidKramer

            You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Heck, I did not realize that paying twice as much for a policy was a good thing, especially when your deductibles are three times as much! Good thing we have leftards like you to differentiate between affordable insurance policies and policies that will cost you 10 times as much for coverage…if you decide to actually use the policy.

            Where would people be if it was not for the benevolent government siphoning off 85% of our policies so that they can bribe people to remain on the slave plantation!?

          • Stephen Barlow

            But in reality, 9/10 of the sham “PPACA victims” actually pay less and get a whole lot better coverage for than smaller premium. See, it’s bad strategy to use the same lie to defend itself AFTER the lie has been REPEATEDLY exposed as a fraud. It ceases to have value. Which explains why Fox Feeds you 9 identical fraudulent but “names were changed” stories… It’s the same lie in different circumstances.. STILL a complete lie 9 times out of 10.

            So what was originally 5 million allegedly affected by insurance companies cancelling policies… was whittled down to 500,000, of which maybe 50,000 people experienced harm ranging from inconvenience to financial misfortune, because 9/10 of their stories were debunked with 20 minutes of web search and a phone call verifying their fraudulent veracity.

            BUT THEN… once you plot those citizens on a MAP, and realize that almost all oft hem are in RED states where Republicans generated corruption of Federal Law is responsible for the misfortunes of 47,000 of those “alleged PPACA victims”…
            Mostly through the States failure to expand Medicaid or to create a state wide exchange, which encourages wider competition (you know, that ‘free market is good’ concept the Republicans are so keen on)… which as you fiscal experts all know DRIVES DOWN PRICES.

            So, the net 3,000 people who have been stupid enough to remain in a RED Dictated State, only have themselves to blame for their own “horror story”.

          • DavidKramer

            Wow, quite the bloviation. Where to begin…….oh sorry, I know exactly where to begin. You sir are a paid propagandist for the OFA. No one lies like you, unless they are paid for it. Well, excepting of course Obama, he lies just for the fun of it. Why not bloviate on about how we can keep our doctors and our insurance…………liar.

          • Stephen Barlow

            OFA? Can you show these nice people a copy of my pay stub? I agree, most honest people lie equally with Me.

            Sorry your math skills are so poor. That’s why i showed My work.

            And all I have to do to PROVE My work is hit the Fox Archives…

          • Stephen Barlow

            Few people ‘DECIDE’ to use health insurance. That’s WHY it’s insurance… in case the unforeseen HAPPENS to you. With you logic, all car accidents are premeditated.

          • DavidKramer

            Hmmmm, I thought we were talking about insurance……seeing that ObamaScamCare is not actually insurance, but a system that provides for everything from free rubbers to free abortions on demand. Hey, if you wanted to talk actual insurance, maybe we should. You do know what actuarial tables are I assume?

          • DavidKramer

            Hey, come on! Got anymore racist crap to spew?!

          • Stephen Barlow

            And how is THIS truth racist? you really shouldn’t have sh*t in your hat before you put it on your head.

          • DavidKramer

            Yes, good thing those deductibles are so huge. That way no on uses these “insurance” policies. But hey, you get your free birth control and abortions.

          • Stephen Barlow

            what did your hillbilly Daddy do to you in the barn when you were a kid! Damn, he sure scrambled your brains like duck eggs in a blender.

          • DavidKramer

            Racist comment…..typical for a lefty.

          • DavidKramer

            Another racist comment……….whodathought that the lefties were as racist as they are………oh yeah, I knew they were racist.

            I am accused of racism for disagreeing with policies, yet racists like Stephen actually say racists things……………Imagine that!

          • DavidKramer

            Good racist. [pats on head]

          • Stephen Barlow

            Would your Daddy have cornholed you if you were white?

          • DavidKramer

            You are one sick individual huh? Not surprising, that is what a lefty is…….

          • Stephen Barlow

            I throw right and hit switch. Play guitar lefty though.

            And it ain’t ME greasing you bung with A KFC leg… your Dad was a very disturbed pervert.

          • DavidKramer

            Sorry, does google not work for one of the lying sacks of shart OFA individuals? Google, “extradition obama illegal equador” ……….I know, I know, you are like the smartest guy in the room…….an empty one of course.

    • Palindrome

      There are laws for white people and there are no laws for brown and black people under this president. Impeach him!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Name your grounds and make you case. I have seen good comedy since the LAST TIME I watched Fox news or heard Ted Cruz.

        There IS NO LW protecting black and brown people. Zimmerman and Dunn PROVE IT.

        • Palindrome

          Be patient the revolution is coming.

        • Prospector

          Isn’t Zimmerman a “brown” person?

          • brainy435

            No, the racist liberals disown minorities when they dare oppose the agenda of said racist liberals.

          • Stephen Barlow

            How Hispanic is he?

            His Family Background

            George Zimmerman’s ethnic background seems to have baffled the news media. He’s at times been described as solely white, solely Hispanic and as a “white Hispanic.” So what is Zimmerman’s cultural background? Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is Peruvian. That likely means he has both European heritage and heritage indigenous to Latin America. His parents’ careers have led to greater scrutiny of Zimmerman. That’s because Robert Zimmermanserved as a magistrate judge and Gladys Zimmerman worked as a deputy court clerk. Many wondered if his parents’ legal connections helped George Zimmerman avoid arrest after killing Trayvon Martin. It’s unclear what role, if any, Robert and Gladys Zimmerman played in the case.”


          • Prospector

            So, Zimmerman is as “brown” as Obama is “black”.

          • Stephen Barlow

            Would they let ZIMM in YOUR White Supremacyst group?

          • DavidKramer

            Another Democrat killing the black person……..irony is not your strong suit eh?

          • Stephen Barlow

            I take that as a”NO, White Only Need Apply.”

        • Rowwdy Colt

          LMAO! Silly, silly boy.

  • Chillycat2

    So the Democrats just admitted they will never enforce any laws that protect our borders or in anyway allows us to control who we allow in and who we allow to stay. They are for 100 per cent open borders.

    • Stephen Barlow

      NO!! They said it’s unconscionable for the GOP to LIE SO COMPLETELY about their ‘hope for immigration reform’ for so long to so many REPUBLICANS!!!

      The Dems are just saying that good kids who should become Americans citizens because they have lived as Americans since infancy, should have the chance to BENEFIT AMERICA by using the investment AMERICA MADE IN THEM… here, in AMERICA.

      What the RED ASSED BABBOONS want it to put a new plaque on the Statue of Liberty.

      • Palindrome

        shut up you liar!

        • cybersharque

          You are applying the Himmler Prinzip of telling so many lies that they become truth. Sieg Heil.

          • Stephen Barlow

            Same reality, different checks.

        • Stephen Barlow

          STOP looking in the mirror when you type @ Me.

          • Palindrome

            stop looking? No, I am looking at the laser sight on my rifle as it shimmers on your forehead

      • brainy435

        The Democrat message: If you follow our immigration laws and stay in your country with your family, we will screw you over as hard as we can. If you break our laws and flaunt our borders, we will work tirelessly to make sure your children keep the opportunities you stole from those law-abiding families. Democrats only respect lawlessness.

        • Stephen Barlow

          Oh? And about those crumbling underfunded schools on the Indian Reservations…

          yeah, and those nonexistant hospitals promised in the 70’s that Reagan STOPPED in the 80’s…

          That’s right!!!! Bush approved CASINO’S for the FEW Native Americans to grift the 99% of native Americans in… and gave then FED Grants to build them…

          • brainy435

            So Stephen realises his position is indefensible and starts casting about for a change of topic. Typical liberal.

          • Stephen Barlow

            I am offering a parallel yet independent corroborating example from fact checkable reality.

            I know you are not used to that kind of evidence.

            I know you are used to 9/10 Obamacare horror stories being debunked with 20 minutes of internet research and a phone call…. but..
            SUCK IT!

          • DavidKramer


          • brainpimp

            That was a spectacularly constructed strawman that you just crushed.

            It’s a shame it has NOTHING to do with the discussion.

          • grevious channing

            I’ll echo your sentiments. As a resident of South Dakota, I know first hand what these casinos have done for our Native American population….robbed them of what little money and dignity they have. SD has the top 2, 3 of the top 5 and 4 of the top 10 poorest counties in the entire United States. The common denominator in this squalor and poverty is that every one of those counties is home to a large Indian reservation. We don’t take care of the indigenous people (don’t split hairs please) in our nation, whom we once tried to completely kill off, yet we embrace illegal invaders and reward them for breaking our laws. Even if the illegal invader children had no say in the decision to break our laws, they are STILL here illegally.

          • Stephen Barlow

            This is true. But the point is that the racist policies of the US Government are long term damaging, long time overdue for extinction and being applied to innocent, quality educated children.

            The only end to it is to STOP IT NOW. Across the board. If the Republicans hadn’t paid to have Kennedy murdered… the Civil Rights Movement would have advanced so far that the Khristian Konservative Konspiracy wouldn’t have Citizens united to fund them.

          • grevious channing

            WHACK JOB ALERT! First, race has nothing to do with this issue. This is about illegally sneaking into the US and then DEMANDING rights that aren’t yours to demand. Second, I’ve seen no proof that the children of illegal invaders are “quality educated children”. Finally, EVERYONE knows that Johnson had Kennedy assassinated NOT the Republicans.

          • Stephen Barlow

            Hispanic is a “RACE”.. on every job application, census form, Medicaid/Care form, Social Security form, Driver’s license form, Tax Return….

            The GOP position has EVERYTHING to do with RACE and furthering White Supremacy.

          • grevious channing

            Oh, I forgot, ONLY Hispanics are illegally crossing our borders….NOT! I don’t care about your nationality, I cared that you do not invade my country and then suck up social services meant for the recipient class of deadbeats (that’s a whole ‘nuther subject) that are already citizens. And are you implying that there are NO people of color in the GOP? Allen West, Tim Scott, Herman Cain, Nicki Haley, and on and on. You regurgitate the leftist Marxist talking points without a shred of evidence to support your position. Of course, that has never been a hindrance to your side, has it?

          • Stephen Barlow

            So, are you counting the ‘trafficked container immigrants’?

            Would you have counted all the Negros imported through the Carribbean before 1840 as illegal immigrants?

            Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal are “High Caste hindus” disguised as ‘Christians for political purposes.

            Herrmann Cain is an Equal opportunity sex offender.

            Allen West is whiter in his racism than that BamaCraker Session or the ShuckF*cker Grassley.

            Tim Scott is a Nephew Tom, but if he wants a GOP future, He’ll become an uncle as soon as he can.

            Not ONE of these people understands NOR stand for their own people. They have all sold out to the banksters and are all about starving women and children and keeping both old and young citizens deliberately ill and uninsured.

            I wouldn’t call ANY of them Americans, despite their accidental US birth creds.

          • grevious channing

            Lies and leftist propaganda regurgitated from your masters on the left. I don’t play with uneducated trolls so you have a nice life. Wallow in your ignorance while you perpetuate the dumbocrap lie that a black Conservative isn’t black enough or in touch with his own people. I’m done with you.

          • Stephen Barlow

            And BTW… Johnson had nothing to gain from ROBERT being killed in ’68. That was all Nixon…

          • Stephen Barlow

            Then you NEED to read the Dream Act. READ the conditions that 1.7 million Hispanic American children need to meet to Qualify for expedited citizenship.

          • DavidKramer

            Do not freak the lefty out and tell him that an avowed communist killed Kennedy, he might go into convulsions.

      • Willys

        Good kids with bad parents. Don’t blame the citizens. And I wouldn’t suggest that educating the kids in public schools is a good investment, especially in the low income neighborhoods of LA and NYC, plus dozens of others.

        Neither is a failure to enforce the law a good education.

        • Stephen Barlow

          Is it bad parenting to want more than $1000 a year to invest in food and clothes and schools and healthcare fore your 5 children?

          So you think vouchers for private schools that can, without cause or explanation, REJECT APPLICANTS AT WILL? Humn…

          SO WHY are the GOP so intent on PUNISHING the NOT GUILTY DREAM KIDS?

          • brainy435

            Why are Dems insistant on keeping all the immigrant children whose parents followed our immigration laws out of the US?

          • Moto

            They want a hostile minority-majority to displace the people who built this country and who are the rightful heirs of the tradition of American liberty.

          • Stephen Barlow

            IMMIGRANTS are WHO built this country. it wasn’tthe Carnegies and Edisons and Morgans and Rockefellers. They sat behind desks and abused the 99% who did their work for them.

            This is why I believe in Unions.

            Pull that white hoodie down a little tighter the moto, just we can';t recognize you on youtube…

          • DavidKramer

            Close any charter schools for minority children in New York today?

          • brainpimp

            Yes, when you have to sneak across a border and break the law to do it.

          • Moto

            It is bad parenting to encourage your kids to become international criminals.

            “SO WHY are the GOP so intent on PUNISHING the NOT GUILTY DREAM KIDS?”

            They ARE legally guilty. They are trespassing. If you get in a car with someone and they go into someone else’s house or yard without permission and drag you along, you are an accomplice to a crime whether you intentionally broke the law or not.

            In every legal sense, the “dreamers”,a.k.a. the trespassing Third World illegal alien CRIMINALS are guilty as sin. In China, they would be shot for doing this. We’re Americans, we deport or imprison them,

          • Stephen Barlow

            And what laws do YOU think you are not breaking? Did you know it’s a FELONY to discriminate against people for race, creed, religion, national origin… YEAH!!!! NATIONAL ORIGIN!!!

            So you gonna turn yourself in and do you 2 year bid? or keep hiding under that pointy white dunce cap hoodie?

      • Kat Von Clawswits

        What’s with the CAPS? If you present a cogent argument then shouting is unnecessary.

        Oh, wait…

        • Stephen Barlow

          Shift is easier to hit for emphasis than any other set of keys.

      • Rowwdy Colt

        Nice spin.

    • chuckinva

      If you posed the question are you for open borders, they would reply certainly not. However their actions belie that answer. Now, if you were to tell them that Hispanics favored the GOP do you think that their actions would be different?

  • Mad Hatter

    “White House, Democrats Cry Foul Over GOP Push to Enforce Immigration, Other Laws”

    Because enforcing laws, and having laws applied equally is so 20th Century to the Alinsky Party.

    • Willys

      20th Century… the early part of which is the era from which Hilary Clinton confesses to having adopted her Progressive socialist tendencies.

  • bookish1

    Well, it’s about damn time.

  • Don

    Republicans know that such legislation has been attempted in the past and has failed in the courts. This is just show on the part of the Republicans in an attempt to energize the voter base for the November elections.
    The real power that the House has to force Obama to do things is the power of the purse but John Boehner, the liberal Democrat Speaker of the House, refuses to use that power.
    Unless and until the Republican leadership acts Republican, and chops Obama off at the knees by cutting funding for his liberal agenda, nothing is going to change. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  • Ken

    Another bill from the Republican House that has zero chance of becoming law, It is nothing more than another waste of time authored for the sole purpose of making a political statement. This Congress has lost sight of it’s purpose. Instead of working for the people it works for the Party. The focus has become a side show of setting political booby-traps designed to make the opposing side look bad. They are properly called the most do nothing congress in history.

    • Malcom Tent

      I don’t see how trying to demand that the President of the United States obey and execute the laws is not in the interests of the American People. If the Democrats aren’t interested in seeing that happen what are real Americans supposed to do … negotiate with them over which laws will actually be enforced? Would that be more to your liking? Or should we just agree that from now we are electing Kings who are above the law? Is that what you propose?

    • Turning Leaves

      Insisting that the Executive Branch implement the laws passed by Congress as they were written is working for the people. It’s Democratic Party politics that prevents this work from being done.

      • Ken

        I don’t entirely disagree with you, but, for the House to send out a bill that they know has no chance of passing the Senate or being signed by the President is tantamount to doing a rain dance on the front lawn of the White House. It is a waste of time.

        • Prospector

          I don’t believe that it is a waste of time to stand and declare for principle. Otherwise, what is the point of a multi-party system?

          • Ken

            The insistence on standing on principle, by both sides, is what has led this Congress to it’s current dysfunctional state. Leaders on both sides should find matters of the nations business on which they can agree and thereby begin to change the political climate in Washington. Neither party benefits from gridlock or blind adherence to principle.

          • Prospector

            Do you think that both parties should at least be able to agree that the chief executive should enforce the laws, as written and authorized, for which the president has signed into federal law?

            If principles are not adhered to, are they truly principles or just words?

        • Turning Leaves

          So, what? The Republican led House should just pass the bills that the President dictates to them?

    • Prospector

      This is precisely the job of Congress. Congress is not a rubber stamp for the president.

  • marktomark


  • Ronaldus_Maximus

    Maybe the idiots on BOTH sides of the aisle need to go back and re read their oath of office.

  • Robert Courtney

    ” being in the country illegally through no fault of their own”
    HEY Dumpocrats, it’s not MY fault, either, it’s your Socialist Ideologies fault. You made it too easy!
    So why in the hell should I and my family sacrifice a living, higher education seats and our TAX Money for supporting these CRIMINALS?
    Not only is it not MY fault they are here, I have been screaming at the Feds for a two decades to STOP IT!
    This is INSANITY, and it is entirely the Progressive Ideology that makes ME pay for Criminal Activity.
    This has to STOP, NOW!

    • Maniccheapskate

      Ted “I cain’t swim” Kennedy’s estate should be Rico’ed and paid to the USA general fund for treason/collusion in getting the immigration bill through congress in the 60’s.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Whay aren’t you thanking Reagan? HE implemented the lax border policies and then funded the Sandinista’s with guns and by buying drugs so that a stampede from Central America would rush up to the US and pick fruit for next to nothing.

      Bush added to the influx by “building a wall”, just like Stalin. Had he invested in JOBS for Americans as Customs agents… the gun and drug trade would be less than a QUARTER what it has escalated so since IranContragate.

      Remember: If a Republican points a finger, you KNOW HE’S GUILTY of his own accusations.

      • Moto

        “Remember: If a Republican points a finger, you KNOW HE’S GUILTY of his own accusations.”

        I’ll take “projection” for $600,Alex.

        • Stephen Barlow

          You haven’t seen Sunday Morning Network propaganda for the last 7 years have you? Not ONE network is NOT a KKK sponsored event.

          I am sorry, I meant GOP.

          And I am not even thinking about the 24/7 fraud machine @ Fox.

      • Robert Courtney

        WRONG Komrad.

        Showing your ignorance, as usual. I was here in 1986. I was working in DC at the time. Congressional House Security.

        Reagan was promised by DEMOCRATS there WOULD be Border enforcement. That was the ONLY reason he signed the bill.That was the 1st broken promise, Something very common for Dumpocrats like yourself, even in 1986.
        The Dumpocrats said 1.2 million, there were just a few shy of 3 Million Ilegals after the smoke cleared.
        Another broken promise by you Dumpocrats.
        In fact, in Reagans Memoirs that he wrote in the year after his terms ended, he said one of the top three regrets he had as POTUS was believing what Dumpocrats promised, and signing the Amnesty Bill.

        At least, he admitted what a foul mistake that was made. Something Dumpocrats have yet to even address.

        Just Dumpocrats spewing that fairy tale meme about Reagan. It’s not working Komrad, so keep wasting your time, it’s doing no good.

        I had spent $ and had been at my Senator’s and Representative’s offices, screaming for IMPEACHMENT for Bush. OVER AMNESTY!
        Then when Piglosi became speaker in 2007, the very next day after she was sworn in, she TOOK IMPEACHMENT off the table. YOUR Commie Party stopped impeachment Libtotty. You had Conservative support for impeachment.
        I was confused until it became obvious the Dumpocrats just wanted to use Bush to pound Republicans with in 2008.
        So blame PIGLOSI for the last two years of Bush.
        “R U Mad, Bro” when you hear the truth?

        • Stephen Barlow

          Really? Like a tour guide?

          And how exactly did the Democrats NOT secure the borders? Was it TAX CUTS and BUDGET BALANCING ACTS? Clinton is the only President whose term had a balanced budget in the last 50 years. A decade after you were a tour guide.

          So try another lie.

          But BUSH and his WALL invited 8 million you say?

          Let’s go back to WHY these people were FLEEING their homelands? MASSIVE US INTERVENTIONS, both with advisors and arms supplies during the whole of the REAGAN Regime… and boots on the fround US TROOPS in how many different countries? (4) All without the Congressional Approval the Constitution Requires.

          No American interests were at risk in Central America in the 80’s. I no private iterests except Dole and Green Giant and Chiquita. LOL There were 100’s of COVERT CIA OPERATIVES, but they shouldn’t have been there anyway.

          SO, we foment a WAR and terrorize El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica with American weapons and troops, supporting a murderous Sandinista Rebel Army… and where do these people flee to?

          To the farmlands of America where they can’t even be share croppers, just off the books indentured slaves.

          THAT is the GOP in action. THIS is the product of Reaganomics in spades.

        • Stephen Barlow

          Do you mean the doctored history Reagan’s Library holds? Like the rewritten history in BOTH bush Libraries? Where the Mission Accomplished Speech really meant that the next 3500 Americans to die in Iraq really never existed?

          That kind of Reagan Memoir?

        • Stephen Barlow

          I agree with you about Obama not investigating the whole Bush Administration and Pelosi NOT pursuing impeachment was a paramount ignorance! We could have saved the economy from crashing had she put the full court press into Bush and Mortgage banking corruption the way Ken Star chase a stain on a dress after consentual sex between adults.

  • Santiago Alemedia

    Amnesty push cost dems votes in tuesday’s Florida congressional election. Try respecting legal immigration and stop catering to law breakers and portraying them as innocent victims.

    Obama’s not enforcing the law is malfeasance in office, an impeachable offense. He cannot legally refuse to enforce the will of the public. And the public does not want to change immigration laws to accommodate line jumpers and law breakers.

    • zzx375

      “…Try respecting legal immigration and stop catering to law breakers and portraying them as innocent victims. …” What!? You mean enforce the laws on the books? You mean the law breakers aren’t innocent victims!?

      That’s pretty radical thinking. I’m going to have to sit down.

  • Andre Leonard

    It’s pretty sad when the legislative branch has to pass a bill to force the president to enforce the law.

    We have truly become a dysfunctional country..

    • Prospector

      It is awful and astounding how degraded the federal government has become. America was the shining example of a nation that could do the big, monumental things…. now, no. We can’t even connect a pipeline.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Tends to happen when you goal is to shutdown the government and unfund cabinet departments. The ATF is still using paper files… per NRA orders to RED lackeys who want that A+ NRA labeling.

    • Stephen Barlow

      I agree!!!! Wouldn’t it be nice if the Legislature wasn’t a Boneheaded Puppet Show and actually voted on bills that would provife jobs, rebuild the REpublican – neglected infrastructure, monitor and regulate banking, protect consumers, end special tax breaks, give VOTERS more power than anonymous corporations, GIVE VOTERS PROTECTION FROM RACISM NATIONALLY and perhaps even save the taxpayers money by budgeting for a SENSIBLE MILITARY.

      We HAVE no real threats a conventional army, nave or air force can protect us from. There WILL BE NO INVASIONs, NO MASSED NUCLEAR STRIKES, and NO SURGE ACROSS THE BORDER OF CANADA OR MEXICO. EVER.

      So WHY are the GOPers NOT cutting the DOD by HALF and then HALF again. Which would leave us with a military bigger than the next 4 largest in the world?

      Fixing THOSE issues would undysfunction the SHUTDOWN seditionists in Congress.

      • Prospector

        Why are you shouting?

        • Turning Leaves

          His meds got lost in the mail.

          • Stephen Barlow

            Soma is freedom. To quote the man who predicted Reaganomics and the Bush Administration, Aldous Huxley.

            BET you thought I was gonna say Orwell didn’t you.

          • Turning Leaves

            After using the word “soma?” Not hardly.

        • Stephen Barlow

          BEcause I can. You DON’T like it, then LEAVE.

          • Prospector

            Madame, you are rather irritable this morning. When you type in all caps, are you physically shouting at your keyboard or at your screen?

          • Stephen Barlow

            Is that a pick axe in your sphincter? Isn’t exlax easier? What? Oh! it’s not as much fun for you.

            Well.. Whatever you have to do to dig out a story…

      • Scott Douglass

        The “surge across the border of…Mexico” has been happening since Reagan threw the illegals a bone back in ’86 – we’ve been overrun without a shot being fired…

        Now these people want to raise the minimum wage to help them earn a decent living working permanently in entry-level fast-food jobs….

        Don’t get me STARTED about the long lines of Spanish-speakers clogging the emergency rooms that they use as their primary care physicians, thereby driving up the overall cost of health care….

        And ESL classes that are a drain on our educational systems…

        • Stephen Barlow

          The poor whites who the GOP pander to before elections and ignore AFTER being elected in the SOUTH are clamoring for a living wage.

      • Moto

        For nearly 12 years you have blamed Bush and now the Republican congress for the failures of your party. You had a dem supermajority when Obama took office, you guys could have done any of those things, but you decided gays in the military and gay marriage were more important than jobs.

        Everyone in America saw it with their own eyes.


        You can’t even define what “racism” is. The definition changes every five minutes. Next week, “protecting people from racism” could be issuing minorities licenses to hunt whites like game. You people are crazy and moronic, there’s no way we’re agreeing to anything that isn’t clearly-defined and palatable to us.

        • Stephen Barlow

          Maybe it’s because the truth hasn’t changed, no matter how much Koch Bros money you shovel over it….

      • NotFromHavana

        Millions of people had to die in the 20th century for us to learn what happens when America disarms and goes into isolation. From your rants, I would guess you’d approve of a few million people being rounded up for the heinous crime of disagreeing with you (I think you call in sedition).

    • Willys

      Send him the bill. Make him sign it or tell us why. Could make good election fodder.

  • Ruled?

    Did Obama not take the oath of office to “faithfully execute the laws” of the country?

    • Prospector

      Apparently, he either thinks those words mean something else or he had his fingers crossed behind his back.

  • papal

    The bill won’t become law but will highlight some of Obama lawless actions. It will also highlight the dems hypocrisy that it is okay for their guy to ignore the laws but not repub presidents. It is all about keeping Obama’s and the dems polling numbers down going towards 2014. The dems defense of Obama’s selective enforcement will only help repubs.

  • bflat879

    So, the Democrats want to make legal the way the President is acting illegally? They can’t come up with a realistic approach to immigration reform yet it’s the Republicans fault.

    I have a solution. Put 5 Ellis Islands on the Mexican Border and allow everyone here the ability to go there and apply for the proper papers. Have those offices staffed with people who will process both new applications, from people who aren’t here yet, and ones for people already here. Then, and only then will we be able to begin to actually reform immigration.

    If people are really here to support their families, they should be willing to make themselves legal. Once that’s accomplished, the process of reforming our laws can begin. I believe the country could agree on that. The problem is the Democrats don’t want a solution to this problem, they’d much rather have the issue.

  • Oilfart1

    To all those democrats damning republicans asking for the right to have judicial recourse when the executive branch ignores laws, convince the president to enforce the laws passed. If laws need to be changed, change them legislatively. Its called the balance of powers. You know, like it was written into the Constitution.

  • Maniccheapskate

    Smoke and mirrors.

    Eliminate all government unions and reduce government pay to the median of the non-government tax payer; figured with the unemployed in the mix.

  • Maniccheapskate

    Smoke and mirrors.

    Repeal Davis Bacon act. Use only local non union wage rates for construction projects.

  • Maniccheapskate

    Smoke and mirrors.

    E-verify all government welfare, medicaid, education, jobs assistance, then enforce the law.

    Repeal all work visas and eliminate all immigration for 10 years.

    Jail or execute all banksters.

  • Super Genius

    “But on Wednesday the dispute threatened to end any lingering goodwill Democrats were inclined to extend toward GOP leaders.”

    The Dems won’t enforce the laws, and yet in the writer’s mind it is they who are in the moral position to extend or withhold goodwill, and it’s the Republicans who are unreasonable and recalcitrant. Incredible.

  • Robert H. Pike

    So the Republicans just admitted that they’ll never protect the children of illegal immigrants and want them deported…AND they want to punish the president for allowing it…and they want to encourage the minority vote? They are 100% bigoted, biased, haters who refuse to “harbor your tired, your hungry, those yearning to breathe free” – the lines on the plaque of the Statue of Liberty.

    • Prospector

      Is it possible for you to distinguish between legal and illegal border crossings?

      • Turning Leaves

        I don’t believe it is possible. You’re asking that of a man who thinks poetry on statue pedestals trumps Federal law.

    • disisdadrum

      Hmm…… IIRC the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France and has squat to do with our immigration or any other laws. Fail to see your point here??

    • brainy435

      Robert is bigoted, so his talk is nothing more than projection. All the innocent, law-abiding immigrants sitting at home waiting to legally come to the US? Robert HATES them and wants to make sure they NEVER get to the US. He only wish to harbor those who break the law, not those whose opportunities have already been stolen by illegal aliens.

    • NotFromHavana

      Well that clears up the issue. We don’t need laws. We need more sophistry and cliches!

  • Prospector

    It’s a crazy fecking world where the president will not faithfully execute the laws of the land, as he has sworn to do. The legislative branch is not a rubber stamp for the executive branch.

  • Turning Leaves

    If I steal a car and give it to my child so she can drive it, does she get to keep it when I’m arrested? Why should she be punished with having no car because of my mistake? That’s one of the founding principles of our country.

    • Prospector

      Should the daughter be allowed to keep the stolen car?

      • Turning Leaves

        That’s my question. If I were to go to the trouble of stealing it for her, I don’t want her to lose it if the cops come knocking at my door. That’s unAmerican, or something.

        • Prospector

          Unbelievable. Seriously?

          • Turning Leaves

            One of the greatest founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistake of their parents.

            She should get the car, right?

          • Prospector

            No. Receipt of stolen goods is a federal crime:


          • Turning Leaves

            Man, that’s harsh. Good thing the President and Atty Gen. Holder don’t have to enforce the laws then. They’re good people, they’ll let her keep it. It’s her Dream car.

          • Prospector

            Right on!

  • jimmyv65

    Hey Carney news flash for you and your man child boss, They are criminals they broke the law, I don’t care if was to better their life or whatever, they still broke the law. that’s like saying I can just come and make myself at home in the White house because I want better living conditions .. I know you , your boss and your party, don’t like our laws or our Constitution but they are the laws of the land and need to be enforced or wwe as a country will cease to exist

  • Nick

    Make no mistake, this type of bill was always going to be labeled as racist, that’s what “Anti-immigrant” really means. The WH and Dems seem to only care about laws they like being enforced and Obama sends his watchdog Eric Holder out there to ensure that the laws aren;t being enforced on things like Immigration, Gay marriage, etc. (all conveniently favoring Democrat voter blocks).
    Obama has broken his oath of office every day since he took it and yet we can’t impeach him?

  • Omar

    If the President won’t enforce the laws – or only enforce the laws he likes and to the extent they serve his political interests – then why should ANYONE in any other branch cooperate with him?

    • Prospector

      Exactly. What’s the point of having a multi-party electorate, a Legislative, and Judicial branch when the Executive branch arbitrarily enforces our body of laws?

  • chuckie2u

    Interesting how the Republicans want the migrant workers from Mexico for cheap labor and the Democrats want them to fill their voter rolls and social programs. Be thankful Mexico isn’t an Islamist country.

    • Omar

      “Be thankful Mexico isn’t an Islamist country.”

      True that. Say what you like about Cortez, but thank G-d every day that he was Catholic.

    • disisdadrum

      “Be thankful Mexico isn’t an Islamist country.”
      Maybe not but plenty of them get into the U.S. via Mexico.

  • Walrus

    The article says the immigration system is broken, yet the USA has the largest immigrant population in the world with 48 million legal immigrants. Russia is #2 with 12 million. So we have 4 times the number of immigrants (legal, add another 10 million or so illegal) that the closest competitor has, yet our system is broken. And racist. Odd that the country with the most immigrants is the only one denounced as racist. Sounds like the immigration system is working pretty well, at least on the side of allowing people in.

    If you travel any at all, you learn pretty quickly that anywhere else in the world you are required to prove to a variety of authorities that you are in their country legally. Here it is considered racist to do so. Weird. Logic would say that what is broken is the enforcement of existing immigration laws yet no one is scrambling or even attempting to fix that. To my cynical view, it would appear that one political party is using our immigration system to import voters from other lands, specifically low skilled, low income immigrants that will be beholding to them for not only their entrance into the country but their sustenance thereafter. All in a bid to consolidate power long term. There is a whole list of things wrong with that.

  • Arch

    His word means nothing. His signature on a bill making it law means nothing. He refuses to enforce the laws of the land. How can anyone trust this President?

    • Stephen Barlow

      If he enforced the law of the land, the Koch Bros would be in jail for Campaign Fraud, all their assets seized under RICO and the GOP party would be broke.

      Ted Cruz would be getting waterboarded in Guantanamo for abetting terrorists in his treasonous plans to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT via SEDITION.

      SO would John Boehner.


      They just want that media face time with the camera.

      • Doug Fisher

        If I remember correctly it was obama who refused to negotiate on the ACA in delaying the individual mandate. With this refusal to negotiate, Congress did not fund the ACA, which is their CONSTITUTIONAL PREROGATIVE, and the gov’t was “shutdown”. The gov’t was then reopened and obama promptly delayed parts of the law the repubs wanted delayed and that he refused to negotiate on. Now, SEDITION you say?

        • billybobz

          Barlow and the rest of the useful idiots who infest the democRAT trailer park are stupid M***********s, aren’t they.

      • billybobz

        No sense being stupid if you can’t show it, right stupid. You useful idiots are what oBozo and boss soros count on to help dumb America down.

        • Stephen Barlow

          What crime has Soros actually committed? You FLEE like a 7 YO kid when asked for a fact.

          And I wouldn’t be so proud of that botched circumcision that shortened your usefulness by 60%. how do you NOT pee on your shoes?

          I guess you Depends hunh?

          • Doug Fisher

            Besides helping round up jews for the Third Reich in his youth, I guess nothing, lol.

          • Stephen Barlow

            But isn’t GWBush doing the same thing, by importing messianic Jews to israel?

          • Doug Fisher

            I wasn’t aware that bush was importing people and no it’s not alright. Btw, what the hell are you talking about?

          • Stephen Barlow

            he spoke at a conference early this year. Fund raising to convert Christians to Judaism and transport them to fill the Holy Land in order to force the fulfillment of scripture.

            The minute this became public, the conference (Held in a stadium) went dark online, the EX prez went silent and no reporters were allowed into the new venue because the mission had become both classified and secret.


          • Doug Fisher

            And trying to convert Jews to Christianity is the same as rounding up Jews to bake and gas how?

    • Prospector

      We can’t. No one can. He just gave a speech yesterday, reassuring Ukraine that the U.S. has their backs. Do you think the Ukrainians believe him?

      Let’s coin a new term: To “ukraine” is to offer hope/help/action and then backtrack; as in, “President Obama is ukraining the border.”

  • Alfred Neuman

    Meanwhile in a not so far away place, Chief Banana, ruler of the United Banana Republic, chastised his legislature for calling on him to enforce all laws uniformly. Spokesman Jay Plantain said “Chief Banana believes strongly in a free legislature even if it exists for symbolic reasons only. As leader, it is the Chief’s duty to exercise judgement as to what is best for his people. We say politely to the legislature, butt out. We know what we are doing.”

    • Stephen Barlow

      The Boehner House is most certainly Representation in Name only…

  • Arch

    Let’s assume Congress passes a bill that requires border enforcement first and amnesty later. What’s to keep Obama from skipping enforcement and granting amnesty?

    He skipped the employers’ mandate and the individual mandate on a health care law written, passed and signed into law by his own party.

    • Prospector

      Two years ago, the individual and employer mandate was so important for the ACA to succeed that the executive branch sued SCOTUS to have it transmogrified into an oddly constitutional form of taxation, after arguing for two years that the ACA would not raise taxes. That was the first huge lie of Obama.

      Now, it’s not so important, afterall.

  • higgins1991

    Laws are to be used only against political opponents.

  • georgedixon1

    The wonderful precedents which Obama/Democrats have created and defended will be fun to watch as they are applied by a GOP President.

    Roe v. Wade, for example could be ignored, executive orders could be issued to enforce the Border or to make Voter ID mandatory.

    In the name of scared “Diversity” both the NBA and University faculties could be integrated with Whites and Conservatives, respectively.

    Democrat Liberalism’s examples are universal.

  • bittman

    Obama has unilaterally made 31 changes to Obamacare. Since the worse of Obamacare is still to come, we can only anticipate these changes to accelerate both in timeliness and in terms of complexity.

  • dogwonder

    Ah yes invoke the “It’s for the children” liberal yell, like anyone believes you lying pieces of pandering trash.

  • Bob Marley

    Democrats and their long history of racism rears it’s ugly head again. They want people of color to have no jobs so that they can stay firmly planted on the Democratic plantation.

    • Jose Cuervo

      Vote for us, we’ll GIVE you free stuff….the Democratic voting mantra…

  • pilsener

    Roll Call wrote: “the dispute threatened to end any lingering goodwill Democrats were inclined to extend toward GOP leaders”
    This is the funniest thing I will read today. “Lingering goodwill” !!!

    • DavidKramer

      What, they are going to quit calling them racist and saying they do not care about children that are starving? What a frelling joke.

  • pizant

    “His administration’s blatant disregard for the rule of law has not been
    limited to just a few instances,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.,
    said on the House floor. ”From gutting welfare reform and No Child Left
    Behind requirements to refusing to enforce immigration and drug laws,
    the president’s dangerous expansion of powers appears to be endless.
    Whether one believes in the merit of the end goal or not, this is not
    how the executive branch was intended by our founders to act.”

    When are you going to court to stop Obama from usurping the Constitution? Bitching without action is just bitching.

  • Stink Eye

    oath? what oath? lol. “No fair asking the executive branch to faithfully execute the laws of the united states!”

  • brainpimp

    But on Wednesday the dispute threatened to end any lingering goodwill Democrats were inclined to extend toward GOP leaders, who just weeks earlier unveiled a set of immigration principles for overhauling the nation’s broken system — and then said Obama needed to earn back the GOP’s trust that he would enforce the law.

    OH yea the Dms are just overflowing with goodwill. What a freakin joke.

  • George B

    Republican politicians, if anything, are more open to “immigration reform” than their constituents who are beyond pissed off about the issue. The reform that is needed is to end the immigration preferences for relatives of immigrants. The “anchor baby” phenomenon means that one birthright citizen of immigrants can sponsor his or her parents, starting chain migration that brings in a bunch of relatives. Adding the “dreamers” to the “anchor babies” makes the immigration mess worse. Long past time that we select immigrants based on merit instead of family ties or willingness to sneak in illegally.

  • Alarms & Discursions

    Democrats: We want immigration reform that allows a gateway to citizenship and amnesty, but that also includes tough legislation to better police our borders.
    GOP: And you will enforce that tough legislation?
    Democrats: Of course not, that would be racist.

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    Leftists routinely distort the Constitution’s intent to suit their political purpose of the moment. Why would they think differently about trivialities like “laws”?

    Laws are for the “little people”.

  • Rick Caird

    We certainly can’t have Obama being forced to pay attention to the laws rather than what he wants to do. We will have to wait for Democrats to insist on administration enforcement of laws until a Republican wins the Presidency. Then, there will be a Democratic reassessment of responsibilities. /sarc.

  • massjim

    What the h$ll have we come to when we have to pass a law to require the President to do what is required by the Constitution and Democrats are upset. We need to clean house and get rid of these anti-constitutionists. We should brand the democrats as just that, “the anti-constitution party”.

  • billybobz

    **** that treasonous greaser gutierrez. That POS needs to be tried and executed for treason.

    • A Smith

      Easy, big fella.

  • popsbent

    The problem is that we have not enforced the immigration laws for a long time. Entering the country without going through proper immigration is a crime and these people need to realize that if you commit a crime then you have to face the punishment for the crime, not receive a reward.

  • popsbent

    Immigration without serious consequences is 100% not compatible with a society which provides various living assistance (welfare).

  • Chance Boudreaux

    No Amnesty!

  • Robert Miller

    We up here in Oregon need to see a list of Republicans who voted for this. It will work well in getting rid of the last few Republican office holders in this state.

    • Callawyn

      If you hate yourself so much, why don’t you just commit suicide?

  • billybobz

    These ****ing parasites who call themselves “dreamers” are criminals. Nothing more.

  • Federale

    Illegal aliens and Demoncrats don’t get to decide which laws are enforced.

    • jake

      Truth is,if the majority of illegals here,were from England,Denmark,Germany,Canada or Australia or some other lily white protestant country,they would be falling all over themselves to get them legal,and make it easier for more to come. They have really done a terrible job of covering up their racism.
      They know that before long,the party of old rich white protestant white guys and their stepford wives,will be in the minority,and all but extinct,except for the Swstika wavers.

      • Federale

        Wrong, and your desperation by childishly resorting to accusations of racism proves you are both stupid and evil.

  • jake

    Republicans sue the President of what they see as his over reach in the use of executive orders(his use only half of that of Bush) then whine like ten year olds when he does not use it to solve the immigration issue.
    I just think they are ticked off because Obama did not take their baiting tactics.
    Had he done what they wanted,then they would say,”see we told you he was outof control.”

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