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February 11, 2016

Paul Ryan to IRS Commissioner: ‘Nobody Believes You’ (Video)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Ryan and other Republicans hammered the IRS commissioner Friday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Rep. Paul D. Ryan led a parade of House Republicans Friday ripping into IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and the tax agency’s handling of emails related to the targeting of conservative groups.

The Wisconsin Republican told the former Clinton and Bush administration official, who was brought in last year by the White House to clean up the IRS, “Nobody believes you.”

Questions about the IRS and its handling of conservative groups during the early days of the Obama administration have ramped up dramatically in the past week, amid revelations the agency has irretrievably lost months of emails from Lois Lerner, the former IRS official at the center of the scandal.

Koskinen said Lerner’s computer crashed in 2011 and her hard drive, along with the hard drives of other officials involved in the inquiries were recycled and likely destroyed.

“I want that hard drive and I want the hard drive of every computer that crashed,” said Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich.

Democrats on the panel apologized throughout the hearing to Koskinen for the interruptions and accusations levied by the Republicans.

The ranking Democrat on the committee, Rep. Sander M. Levin of Michigan, criticizing the tone of the questioning and said, “Witnesses deserve some respect.”

Republicans countered by saying the apologies should be made to Americans targeted by the agency.

Camp, in an opening statement, said, “The American people have no reason to trust the IRS or, frankly, the Administration on this issue. To wait years to reveal the fact the IRS was targeting the American people, and then wait months to reveal that you are conveniently missing years of documents … well, it is no wonder I have heard the word “cover-up” thrown about a lot this week.

  • F Michael Addams


  • qauthority

    It is a bunch of lies.

  • Jack Everett

    Lying Ryan again. Ryan needs the Cantor treatment. It’s the job of the IRS to investigate non profits. This whole IRS campaign scandal is a big joke and already proved to be a farce.

  • skip1

    I notice the Republicans pivoted back to the IRS matter, now that the wind has been taken out of their sails on Benghazi. How predictable.

  • Banshee2

    I’d believe the commissioner over Ryan any day. Ryan may believe what Ryan says, but we all know it’s Fox falsehoods.

  • ShadrachSmith

    There is no defense of the IRS targeting Republicans. Bureaucracies who destroy their own records about their own misdeeds are a danger to us all. Bureaucracies above the law are a danger even to their current ‘friends’. This is deeply corrupt activity, and may good men of both parties join efforts to save our Republic.

  • docb

    Is lyin ryan implying it takes one to know one??? Nah, he is just projecting and trying to finish his redmeat script for the cameras!

    This guy, Koskinen, is a turn around expert not a lifelong political hack!!!

  • GardenGrl

    Ryan is a member of a fairly loathed institution (have you checked out the polling numbers lately?!) not noted for its honesty. He himself has been less than forthright about Ayn Rand, which was required reading in his office before he claimed having quit her years before (cue “I can’t quit you” by Zeppelin). Therefore in claiming to sit in judgment and all but utilizing the royal “we” he comes off, at least to me, so disingenuous and badly that I really can’t get past that. At best, he was sent by his constituents to be their lawyer, he wasn’t sent to be a judge.

  • pitch1934

    Where was Ryan when Congress was investigating the outing of Valerie Plame?

    • Ulyssess

      He was running a 2 hour marathon, remember?

  • Samuel Sung

    Many things we rely on today, such as antibiotics and software, were developed by people who could only take the chance that others might find their products useful.

  • sameolbs

    I just read that there is an email backup company titled “Sonasoft” that was hired by the IRS in 2005 and served the tax entity through 2010. Now, let’s see those emails..

  • virgie

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    • Jack Everett


  • Santiago Alemedia

    Ryan’s abusing that poor man reminds me of people who scream at meter maids. Besides wasting time and making themselves look foolish, what more do Republicans want? What is their end game?

  • George Kato

    While those who understand freedom recognize that democratic methods tend to be aligned with liberty, those obsessed with their own selfish interests realize that democratic methods are susceptible to hijacking.

  • Ronda Astardly

    Recognizing that free markets will not supply law enforcement well does not imply that free markets should be cast aside in other instances.

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