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February 10, 2016

Issa: Longing for the Private Sector?

(Grace Dobush/Roll Call)

(Grace Dobush/CQ Roll Call)

AUSTIN, Tx.— Rep. Darrell Issa says he is running for re-election, but he may return to the private sector sooner rather than later.

At a panel on entrepreneurship at South By Southwest Interactive, the California Republican expressed a desire to return to his roots as a businessman. “I hope to go back to the private sector soon,” he said in front of an audience of about 100. “Anything I say that can help me today … I came to Congress to burn up a four year non-compete, and I’m still there.”

When asked about it, an Issa spokesman said, “Congressman Issa views himself first and foremost as an entrepreneur and his experience helps him connect to technology audiences. He is running for re-election this year, but is still an innovator in his heart.”

Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is believed to be on a short leash with his party’s leadership following a contentious exchange with the committee’s ranking member, Elijah E. Cummings, D-Md.

California’s 49th District is currently rated Safe Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

  • Rebecca Lakerfan

    Never apologize for doing the right thing. Never.

    • kind67

      I agree with what you said, but that doesn’t apply to what Darrell Issa did. What he did was wrong, which is why he apologized, albeit belatedly.

  • Leslie Piper

    What, no cars to hotwire, no buildings he owns to burn down for insurance in DC?
    Or has even the reep party felt its gorge rise and determined to expel His Foulness?

  • Dmac73

    He did what he had to do when he saw Lerner and her atty lied to them about her going to testify. It was a waste of everyone’s time. No one thing Cummings could have said would have changed anything. I think he was just looking to drag out something futile just for camera time and to start a flare up. He acted like an immature spoiled kid throwing a fit. Lerner just went in to thumb her nose at the committee again and Cummings wasn’t smart enough to realize it. Short fused Cummings blowing up. Not at all impressive. Lerner was walking out so anything he said wouldn’t have ment a hill of beans to that snippy broad.

    • truthseeker

      Wow, the conspiracy theorist weighs in!

      • Dmac73

        What conspiracy? She promised to testify is why they had the hearing again. And didn’t. She lied like everyone else in this admin.
        IMO something happened from above to stop her. No conspiracy just judging from that has happened in the last 6 yrs. And with hiding the Benghazi witness’s.

        • Camille Cormier

          Good god, Man! Uninformed much? Actually, she did NOT say she would testify … Issa stated on Fox News that she would, but her attorney told him the previous week that she would not, which he reiterated after Issa’s asinine interview. IF Mr. Issa were REALLY interested in learning any additional information Ms. Lerner knows about the IRS targeting of liberal and conservative nonprofits, he would allow her attorney to submit her written testimony, which he has not. That is what a conscientious and effective committee chair would do. This one is anything but. His modus operandi since being handed this committee is to haul witnesses in whether they have anything to do with a particular hearing or not, berate them for cheap publicity on Fox, and talk over and obstruct his fellow committee members’ questions. Sell crazy somewhere else, Dmac. We’re all booked up here.

  • truthseeker

    Please, please, please make it sooner. This guy is a joke and I’m sorry to say, is the congressman representing where I live. Of course, I never vote for the guy, but he is so entrenched he’s hard to beat.

  • truthseeker

    Oh, yeah, by private sector, he means become a lobbyist, like they all do and make even more money because there is never enough.

  • Jay Va

    Since liberty leaves it up to each of us to use our abilities toward the circumstances we face, it becomes positive only in our use of it.

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