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February 12, 2016

As McAllister Skips Vote, Angry Husband Says His Family Is Destroyed

Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La., right, talking with Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., before McAllister's swear in ceremony last November. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

McAllister, right, talks with Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., before McAllister’s swearing in last November. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Rep. Vince McAllister missed another roll call vote in the House on Tuesday as fallout from his infidelity scandal continued to escalate, with the husband of the staffer involved in the caught-on-camera incident telling the media that he’s leaving his wife and accusing the congressman of destroying his family.

Heath Peacock told “Inside Edition” that the conservative freshman lawmaker, who ran for the northeast Louisiana seat as a devoted Christian father of five, is to blame for the problems in his marriage.

“He’s had a hand in not only turning my life upside down, but my son’s also. He doesn’t care. He thinks he’s untouchable,” Peacock said, according to a press release from the syndicated tabloid-news program.

Peacock’s wife, Melissa Hixon Peacock, and McAllister were captured kissing in the congressman’s district office by a surveillance camera and the footage was mysteriously leaked and posted online Monday.

Since then, McAllister has issued a short statement asking for “forgiveness” and given a more detailed explanation to his hometown newspaper, in which he said he won’t resign, admitted to the infidelity and said he and his wife are working through the incident. But he hasn’t been seen on Capitol Hill, where his office is locked and he missed two votes Monday and another Tuesday afternoon.

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  • Sally

    So Weiner is forced by the GOP and media to resign immediately for doing something incredibly stupid, but not illegal or even really morally wrong, and the GOP reps can cheat on their wives, buy sex from prostitutes, use their position to chase a staffer, and all is OK because they are ‘Christian’ and beg forgiveness? The silence from the GOP on this is deafening. Such moral folks, dictating a woman’s reproductive health, while ignoring a man like this? Yeah, Reince. Keep up the rebranding. It’s going so well. Pretty soon even GOP women will wake up and realize what they vote for and live with. Please proceed,Mr. McAllister.

    • Steve

      You hit it right smack on top of the head of the nail !

  • Sue

    Oh Sally – come on, Weiner was a train wreck! Not comparable at all – and this husband – understandably is upset – must also understand it takes two to tango… he and his wife are as much to bame for this moment of indiscretion (and was it any more than just a kiss? I have heard nothing about that – we all make mistakes – i give everyone one chance to make ammends – I am not condoning the behavior it was wrong of BOTH of them – man and woman – I dont get that who victimization of women – granted if she was underage, ok – but not the case – she was married she knows whats up) then to add to the drama the guy is leaving his wife over the kiss – and publicly yet – please, he is making himself out to be a victim and he is not, unless he choses to be – like by giving up and blaming everyone else about the situation because is ego is bruised….and his ego is bigger than the love he has for her – she is better off without him (wow way to through yourself under the microscope dude!) – and one more thing Sally, sending pictures of your genitalia is not a “mistake”… again, I can not even see a correlation between this and Weiner (weiner has proven himself to be slime over and over and over…. – this guy has not and he does have a choice on which path to choose, and time will tell – and please do not jump to conclusions – this is not a democrat or republican thing – its a human nature thing and we need to start being able to tell the difference…) there is good and bad in both parties and if people think that by putting a label on it they can then tell what is right or wrong – well, its just plain foolish… and is a big reason why we have all these idiots in our government to begin with – people dont want to take the time to learn and understand what hey actually stand for before they pick a side – I am amazed at how many people are ignorant on what their OWN values are let alone what the party they support does (and I am clear on my values, so I dont care what party you say you represent, you do somethign wrong you get called out on it – Republicans get slammed for doing this because they dont “support” each other – no we hold each other accountable! Dems “tend” to allow bad behavior – just a generalization based on each party’s values and perspectives – if you disagree then you are probably in the wrong party) …. Ben Carson published a great article on this today – we all want to squabble over the petty bs (mainly to make ourselves feel better)… instead of looking at where we are headed as a country….

    • ibenzawla


  • Jack Everett

    “devoted Christian”, AHAHAHAHAHA he’s devoted ok but not to Christians. Just the standard republican double standards showing up again in the party of purity. He’s got five kids and I wonder how many other peoples wives they belong to? This is how republicans support women. Did this office help get a raise for playing Kissee face with him? Now the pig won’t even show up on the job!

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