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February 12, 2016

McCarthy Is First House Leader to Call for Shinseki’s Head

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

McCarthy wants Shinseki ousted at the VA. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California on Thursday became the first House Republican leader to call for embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign amid a scandal over poor veterans’ health care services.

McCarthy is the third-ranking Republican in the House, and joins a growing chorus of Republicans calling for Shinseki’s ouster.

“General Shinseki, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, has served his country with honor and integrity. No one doubts his dedication to our nation’s veterans,” McCarthy said in a statement. “However, the current state of the VA is wholly unacceptable and has become a national embarrassment – it requires immediate action. I believe new leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs is imperative to fixing the wrong that this massive bureaucracy has done to the men and women we owe so much to. Therefore, today, I call on General Shinseki to do what is right and step aside as Secretary effective immediately.”

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio has refrained from calling for Shinseki to resign, but said Thursday that he is  “getting a little closer.”



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  • Brenda Huddleston

    This should be handled just like any business would handle it. If you are in charge of the operation of a certain department, then you are responsible for what happens in that department. I am certain that he was paid to be responsible for the operation of the VA ,and he failed. He should be terminated. He may be a very nice guy, but he did not do the job he was hired to do. Even though he had other managers below him, he still needed to manage the managers.

    • Layla

      If we were being run like a business, this Congress, this President wouldn’t be able to bankrupt this country. What you are seeing is total political cronyism destroying one of the greatest countries in the world, from the inside.

      The irony in this case is that it is big business interests, like the US Chamber who are pushing us in that direction. To hell with the people, profits and access are all that matters, all the way down to the children and Common Core.

      Thank you, Bill Gates and Jeb Bush.

      • Andre Leonard

        Outstanding and well spoken Layla. Spot-on..

      • Ulyssess

        How does “this President,” correcting the cooked books from the Bush years, destroy one of the greatest countries from the inside? Are we to pretend those two uncalled for wars, the two unnecessary tax cuts to the already wealthy, all the unfunded mandates, simply went up in smoke upon Obama’s inauguration? When Hillary takes over in 2016, does she get to forget any debt incurred during the Obama years? When did we start accounting the way LayLa does?

      • erick

        The republican party hates you and hates your way of life.

  • ekaneti

    I personally hope he stays on as a symbol of this administration’s corruption, unaccountability and incompetence.

  • Robert Price Rifkin

    Shinseki needs to resign if only to show veterans that someone is finally taking their plight seriously, And if Republicans think they’re going to turn this into a partisan issue, they may be in for a few serious surprises of their own–the GOP record on veteran affairs is no brighter than the Dems’ and if you want to know what vets think of all this–ask them and don’t be disappointed when they don’t spout the party line.

  • Quentin_Patrick5

    I wonder why so many in both parties are so timid about asking Shinseki to resign? These scandals, no matter how long ago they might have started,have been happening under all of his watch. Yes he had a fine record as a professional soldier, but so what? The skills needed to be a good soldier are just different skills than those needed to be a hands-on manager for a huge bureaucracy. Shinseki is far beyond retirement age at 71 years old, he had a good pension, He should leave while he still can with some of his integrity and reputation still in tact. The welfare of veterans is far more important than the personal embarrassment of just one agency head.. New top leadership is needed at the VA as fast as possible.

  • Shamuz Alonzo

    Since prices serve as the free market’s communications beacons, government attempts to set prices of goods and services distort the signals that guide market players.

  • G26

    Since an advancing free country relies upon spontaneous processes to mold its wants and desires, it cannot offer equal results for everyone.

  • Robert Price Rifkin

    I take the opportunity to comment on a wide range of political subjects (my
    blog, specializes in skewering the folks in the
    Capitol) but today we’re going to take a bit of a breather. The subject today
    is fun. Good old, unfettered, American fun.

    the question of the day is: where has all the fun gone?

    when America was really a fun place, a nation of enthusiastic, ambitious,
    intelligent men and women who looked at the future with excitement and inquisitiveness?
    Remember when that thing called “the American Dream” really seemed to be within
    reach of every American (well, maybe not EVERY American…) Remember when we
    respected our leaders and figured, if they got where they are, they must have
    some idea about what needs to be done?

    too often, it seems as if the fun has drained right out of us all. We’re
    becoming a sad, discouraged, annoyed three-hundred-million-plus. We loathe our
    politicians, we hate the direction we’re heading as a nation, we don’t think
    our kids are going to be better off than we were, or even, better off than our
    grandparents were. And what about those kids? Ask your average Millennial what
    he looks forward to. Easy. The next iteration of a telephone. Number nine or
    ten or eleven.

    know what? This is just too depressing. It’s a nice, warm day outside and this
    is all too dour to think about this early in the morning. And I said I wasn’t
    going to talk about politics…

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