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February 13, 2016

McKeon: Obama Broke Law in Bergdahl-Guantanamo Prisoner Swap (Updated)

UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 24: Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, delivers an address during a luncheon at the National Press Club on President Obama's plans to draw down troops in Afghanistan. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

McKeon said Monday the administration broke the law with Bergdahl swap. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 7:45 p.m. | The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Monday there will be hearings on whether the Obama administration broke the law in trading five Guantánamo Bay detainees for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who’d been held by the Taliban for five years.

“My perception is he broke the law by not informing Congress 30 days before,” Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., said in an appearance on MSNBC, referring to a 2013 law that requires the administration to notify Congress before detainees from the detention camp are released.

“We will be holding hearings. I’m sorry that this is being portrayed as a Republican issue. Democrats also voted for this law. It was important for our national security.” he said. “This is not a partisan issue.

“We passed a law last year,” he said. “It passed overwhelmingly on the floor and through the Senate and the president signed it. And although he said now he had a disclaimer along with it that he apparently didn’t support the law, he did sign it.”

White House National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice said Sunday that because officials were concerned about Bergdahl’s health, there wasn’t time to notify Congress.

“It was determined that it was necessary and appropriate not to adhere to the 30-day notification requirement, because it would have potentially meant that the opportunity to get Sgt. Bergdahl would have been lost,” she said.

The law McKeon refers to is the fiscal 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, which, in addition to the 30-day notification requirement, requires the administration to determine that one: the risk posed by the detainee will be substantially mitigated, and two: that the transfer is in the national security interests of the United States.

Those questions will probably be more interesting — and more difficult to answer — than whether the administration broke the law by transferring detainees.

The language from the defense authorization law is clear: the administration cannot transfer a detainee without congressional notification 30 days prior.

As aides from the Armed Services Committee pointed out Monday, the Defense Department called the committee on May 31 to notify them that a prisoner exchange was underway, and while the committee received a congressional notification on Monday, that was after the transfer, not 30 days in advance of it, as required by law.

On Monday, support for an investigation into the matter seemed to be growing.

Aides to Speaker John A. Boehner told CQ Roll Call that the Ohio Republican was supportive of hearings into the prisoner exchange, and a number of Republican Senators were urging Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., to hold hearings of his own.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., said in a letter to Levin that the administration’s decision to negotiate sets “a precedent that could encourage our enemies to capture more Americans in order to gain concessions from our government.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has also questioned the prisoner swap and is seeking a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee. 

  • wttexas

    Congress should relieve obama of his authority,,and govern untill the next election…
    we do not need a long impeachment process,,a decision from both houses,,and relieve this man from duty…..

    • Leota2

      Yeah, because getting an American POW away from the Taliban is much worse than lying us into a war with Iraq where thousands of American soldiers died and tens of thousands of Iraqis.

      Do you people even hear yourselves when you say these things?

      Just look in the mirror and say to yourself—-if Barack Obama saved my child from a careening truck, I’d round up a posse to get him thrown into jail for denying the hardworking EMS guys some work.

      That is how crazy the GOP has become.

      • voltaic

        You are absolutely correct. Although GOP would throw a poor kid under the bus and then blame the union bus driver for hitting the kid. Or GOP would blame the kid for being thrown.

    • Thirteen

      You wait on that, dude! I’m sure the House will bring the Obama impeachment up any day now, how much money are you willing to put on that?

    • Nicholas DeLuca

      Is that an option mention in the Constitution ? I think not. Talk about lawless. Willful ignorance is destroying our Nation.

  • Terry Stromky

    Obama needs to be impeached. I believe the American people need to vote on this. Obama has broken so many laws. The Middle class are being crushed. No jobs, food and gas pricings gone up. Health insurance cost continue to go up. No one wants Big Government. We want a president that believes in America and our values. God Bless America !!

    • voltaic

      GOP has not passed one jobs bill. GOP bailed out the banks and cut benefits to veterans. GOP is your enemy, but you are too clueless to see that fact.

      • Terry Stromky

        not correct, numbers do not lie. Harry Reid will not let anything go through. Obama is your Messiah and you will believe anything he says. You can not negotiated with enemies. Take a look and what they are doing to the Christians everywhere. I guess you don’t believe Obama is a Muslim and he is helping the Christians. Ben Carson would be the best first black president. He has class and morals.

        • voltaic

          You are sooooo brainwashed, that I hate to clutter your brain with facts, but let me try:

          In 2009, there were a record 67 filibusters in the first half of the 111th Congress — double the number that occurred in the entire 20-year period between 1950 and 1969.

          By the time the 111th Congress adjourned in December 2010, the number of filibusters had swelled to 137 for the entire two-year term of the 111th Congress. During the 111th Congress, over 400 bills that had been passed by the House of Representatives — many with broad bipartisan support — died in the Senate without ever having been debated or voted on because of the inability to obtain the 60 votes required by Rule XXII.

          These numbers ought to give anybody pause. The filibuster started life as a way to require the Senate majority to slow down; it has now become a way to make the entire Congress stop. What was once a rare and dramatic stopgap has now become a routine fact of legislative life. The filibuster against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the the heroic cloture vote that ended it, were high historical drama. The kind of filibuster we have today — in which, for example, Senator Mitch McConnell introduced a bill and then immediately filibustered it to prevent it from passing — barely qualifies as farce.

          The Senate GOP’s Unprecedented Obstruction In Five Charts

          Republicans have filibustered more of President Obama’s executive branch nominees than were filibustered under all other presidents combined. From 1949 through the end of 2008, the Senate held cloture votes to end filibusters of 20 executive branch nominees. So far in the Obama administration, the Senate has held cloture votes on 27 executive branch nominees. That means the Senate GOP is on pace to filibuster over twice as many of President Obama’s executive branch nominees as the total number filibustered under all previous presidents combined.

          – See more at:

          So please read something factual before getting into a political discussion. Your idealism is sweet but far off target….

        • Thirteen

          “numbers do not lie…”

          Then cite your numbers, this should be good.

          “Harry Reid will not let anything go through.”

          That is demonstrably not true, but congratulations on your dim grasp of how Senate Majority Leadership works.

          ” I guess you don’t believe Obama is a Muslim…”

          No one sane believes that. We’ve seen Obama drinking alcohol. We’ve seen him eating pork. We haven’t seen him praying towards Mecca five times a day, and I’m pretty sure SOMEONE would have noticed that by now, don’t you think?

        • Nicholas DeLuca

          Far Right delusions !

      • Evelyn William

        I predict that the new Republican/Neo-Con/Tea-Party mantra will change from Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, to Bergdahl, Bergdahl, Bergdahl.

        • voltaic

          Maybe to blend the two may be simpler for those in the RWNJ crowd. They can now scream incessantly Berghazi!!! Berghazi!!! Berghazi!!! Berghazi!!! Berghazi!!!!! Berghazi!!!

      • cfd_007

        Man you’re a stupid roll.

      • Layla

        And Reid is blocking all jobs bills in the Senate, ALL. You are as dumb as the people who voted for this fraud in the White House.

        • voltaic

          Can you please tell me what jobs bills he is blocking and how many jobs they will produce?

    • Thirteen

      The “American people” don’t vote on impeachment, what the hell Constitution have you been reading?

      Name five laws Obama has broken. Five shouldn’t be so hard, right, since you’ve clearly thought out how he’s broken soooo many laws. Would you prefer three?

      The middle class has been shrinking and health insurance costs have been going up for literally decades, are you going to claim that Obama is retroactively responsible for that?

      “No one wants Big Government.”

      Except for the 65 million people that voted for Obama, right? Except for them?

      “God Bless America !!”

      No, thank you.

      • Layla

        For every dime given to a man for doing nothing, someone else must work long hours in order to pay it. This is why people want Congress to stop the spending and cut the size of the federal government. You are turning the few still working into slaves.

        • KPMcGeezer

          For every dime given to a man for doing nothing, a worker earning the median salary has to work for less than a minute, and still gets to keep ~70% of what they made. You’ve exaggerated the situation to a ridiculous degree.

        • Thack

          You give more in subsidies and tax money to major corporations than you do to poor people. Why are cons so uninformed? The people who feed you the usual BS are doing it so that you will cut government down to a size that makes it cheaper to buy. Cons are fools. They still believe that trickle will start…any second now.

      • rebel1865

        1 – Gun running (Fast & Furious) to Mexican cartels;
        2 – Failing to protect Americans (Benghazi);
        3 – Bringing foreign soldiers onto American soil and training them in English and urban guerilla warfare (in case our own military refuses to fire on American citizens);
        4 – Failing to enforce our immigation laws to protect Americans (and not closing the southern border to keep out terrorists and illegals who are here breaking our laws);
        5 – Taking over the WH by fraud, corruption by accepting more than is legal in campaign contributions (Soros);
        6 – Failing to instruct his DOJ to prosecute proper criminal activities (ballot box threats by black panthers);
        7 – Unleashing 36,000 murderers, rapists, assorted thugs on the American population;
        8 – Ramming through his obamahoodcare under the guise of making healthcare “better” in America;
        9 – Trading 5 barbarian terrorists for 1 treasonous soldier, totally insulting and p*ssing on the lives of those who died trying to save the traitor;
        10 – By being an f’ing liar in the first place.

        Shall I go on? If these aren’t prosecutable offenses, then nothing is and this behemoth fraud will continue to subvert the Constitution and cr*p on America!!!

        As for your 65 million who “voted” for him – I believe about a third of those were dead, cartoons, doubles and illegals – you wanna keep bragging about the 65 million?

        • Thirteen

          Nice gish gallop, dude – figure if you stuff enough lies that if I don’t bother answering them all, it’ll sorta be like you have a legitimate point?

          1. What laws, specifically, were broken in Fast and Furious? What laws, specifically, were broken by the President?
          2. ‘Failing to protect Americans’ isn’t actually a crime, no more than it was the 13 times our consulates and embassies were attacked under Bush.
          3. What the hell are you talking about? I’m not familiar with that particular conspiracy theory.
          4.Proprietorial discretion, look it up.
          5. What fraud? When did he accept more than is legal in campaign contributions? Point me to a specific instance.
          6. Proprietorial discretion, look it up. And the DOJ did investigate the “new black panther” instance, you know that, right?
          7. Again, what are you talking about? If these arguments were so plentiful, you’d probably be able to get into specifics, right? What specific laws were broken?
          8. How is Obamacare illegal?! What are you claiming was illegal, here?
          9. You mean the terrorists that would’ve been released in 2016 anyway? The terrorists that were turned over to Qatar? The terrorists who hadn’t been charged with anything, but were being detained indefinitely anyway? (Wonder where your outrage was about that, by the way)
          10. Lying isn’t a crime, good work.

          If you are so goddamn cocksure that these are all prosecutable offenses, why has no one prosecuted him, do you think? Plenty of Republican lawyers and attorneys would be quite willing to actually do so if actual laws had been broken, would they not? Or is that part of the conspiracy too? How deep does the rabbit hole go, do you think?

          You believe? Well, I’m glad you believe that. It’s not actually true, but whatever you need to sleep at night, buddy.

          Or perhaps you’d like to present your evidence of 21 million fraudulent votes? Because, I’ll tell you, I’ve met literally dozens of your fellow traveler that have claimed that rampant voting fraud is a serious problem, and absolutely none of them have been able to present anything close to evidence of anywhere near 1% of votes in any given state in any given election. So I look forward to you proving that 21 million votes were fraudulent.

          • gmitch34343

            “proprietorial discretion, look it up” — haha…I suggest you look it up. I think you mean prosecutorial discretion there Thirteen. Not so goddamn cocksure on that one huh?

          • Thirteen

            Good point dude, pointing out an obvious error with spell check is almost like actually addressing the content of my post. That was totally worth responding to a ten day old post, just to point that out…

      • mr hope

        Well terry you seem to know how it works, this white house has blamed the previous for every problem while every positive was due to Mr.Obama. Im no lawyer but poke away at what I type: fast n furry run and gun, bengazi, bergdahl, IRS, VA, im sure if you search you can find what your looking for in broken laws. Im sure most politicians have broken laws too. Forget everything that I previously typed and focus on this…lets stop the left/right in-fighting and lets come together as a united front to help all americans, and once we can fix our own issues then try to move to ones outside the country. Or ignore and tell me to go to hell, its your choice and its everyone elses own choice to help and fix or not.

        • Thirteen

          “, im sure if you search you can find what your looking for in broken laws”

          No, I’m not obligated to provide your argument for you. Accuse Obama of breaking specific laws or admit that you have nothing.

    • Nicholas DeLuca

      Terry…. You are simply parroting Far right talking points that have become meaningless clichés . Rescuing an American serviceman from the Taliban after five years of confinement should be celebrated . Whinny GOP/TP crap is silly.

    • TruthGamer

      I’m black and Terry you are absolutely correct 100%!

      • Terry Stromky

        Thank you TruthGamer! Obama doesn’t care about the American people. He only cares about himself. After today when the EPA bill goes in effect, which we know is bogus. Wait until we get our enormous electric bills and the gas bills go up again. Obama followers will still say he is doing great for our country. blah blah.. and they will call me racist because I don’t like him. They don’t even know me. I have a black brother in law and tons of black friends who don’t like Obama.

        • TruthGamer

          Make that tons + 1 more :).

    • TruthGamer

      Please remind ppl of how big the deficient has grown under the Obama watch as well. It’s absolutely terrible and Obama care is nothing more than a tax forcefully imposed on everyone and pays Doctors based on Government Guidelines, there are comparisons to the Hitler regime and sadly they are undeniable!

    • Sharon Bartlebaugh

      I agree!!!!!

  • voltaic

    The GOP do-nothings wonder why Obama does something. Wars would go on forever and US POWs would be held till death if Obama waited for the GOP do-nothings to to something. GOP would complain about Obama bringing world peace because it would also bring peace to our enemies. GOP go nothing, they do-nothing besides make life miserable to all Americans smart enough to see through GOP hatred of non-white people.

    • Terry Stromky

      That is also not true … instead of it being about American people. People like you always want to make it a race issue. This is why we will always have racial in America because of people like you. Civil Rights movement is over. We have a black president, the most powerful person in the world. You can be whatever you want to be in this world if you work for it.

      • Thirteen

        If you point out racism, you’re the real racist. If you point out sexism, you’re the real sexist. I’m pointing out a dog, I am now the real dog…

      • Thirteen

        If you point out racism, you’re the real racist. If you point out sexism, you’re the real sexist. I’m pointing out a dog, I am now the real dog…

      • voltaic

        You are amazing. If racism isn’t an issue, then why is the GOP 92% white? It can’t be because of issues because so many on both sides seem to agree on many issues. No it’s race.

        Republicans are overwhelmingly non-Hispanic white, at a level that is significantly higher than the self-identified white percentage of the national adult population. Just 2% of Republicans are black, and 6% are Hispanic.

        And it’s also worthwhile to note:

        In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

        If GOP was working for all races, why is it so overwhelmingly white? Funny stuff, living in a bubble.

        • Joshua Williams

          Why can’t anyone disagree with the president without being called a racist? How about we have an intelligent conversation about the facts? And why do you assume that all who disagree with the democrats are automatically GOP? Are you really that small minded? There are way more free thinkers in this country than the media would lead you to believe. Both parties are full of liars and crooks. From top to bottom. It’s the mafia all over again. Divide and conquer. How do we expect to progress as a society when we can’t even talk to one another?

          • voltaic

            I wholeheartedly agree with you, but lies, stupidity and racism cloaked as American needs to be called out. Yes, both parties have their share of shameless shills that are better at rhetoric, hyperbole and fear than at governing. But I ask you to look at these posts and tell me that there isn’t a deep seething hatred for democrats and especially Obama. You still have the crowd here that thinks Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya and is here as the antichrist. If you can talk some sense into that group, good luck. GOP had the reigns of government from 20001-2007 and the House from 1994 – 2007. The damage they did is remarkable, but so many forget that damage because of the emotional issues. Both parties are full of liars and crooks.I am here as a devil’s advocate.

          • KPMcGeezer

            You certainly didn’t read voltaic’s comment. What a thoughtless, knee-jerk response. If you’re so high-minded you should actually take the time to understand someone’s comment before attacking them.

            So now, since you want an intelligent conversation about facts, provided them instead of calling both parties crooks. I’m not disagreeing with you, but to convince someone you’ll have to go beyond making baseless accusations.

      • Layla

        This President is NOT black.

    • Joshua Williams

      Nevermind the fact that he is the Commander in Chief and has had the ability to stop this war since 2009 (such a peacemaker). Nevermind the fact that a U.S. Marine remains imprisoned in Mexico while the Obama administration makes zero effort to get him released. Nevermind the fact that “WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS”. Nevermind the fact that the President has broken the law with every swipe of his pen since being elected. Enjoy your criminal faction.

      • voltaic

        GOP started a needless war that killed thousands of troops and maimed hundreds of thousands over fake WMDs. I’m sure you forgot about that…..And Obama ended that needless war. Now go bury your head in the sand again.

        • Joshua Williams

          And Obama has extended all of the horrible policies enacted by the Bush administration. ALL OF THEM! Stop playing partisan politics. Just because I am opposed to the actions of the current administration does not mean that I supported the policies of the prior administration. They’re both crooks and war mongers. But if it makes you feel better that the wars are under the watch of a democrat, good for you. Wrong is wrong regardless of the party who is doing the deed. It doesn’t make it ok just because the other party is just as stupid.

          • Arizona Don

            You’re absolutely correct but you are also wasting your time trying to explain to these idiot obama supporters. You see it is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. Is any more information needed in order to explain their position then that. I mean how smart does someone have to be to still be an obama supporter? I don’t wish to write a book here but just some of his short comings are he is a compulsive liar, who can screw up a one car funeral and he is running (if it can be stretched that far, certainly not leading) the nation into an abyss we may not recover from for years. If he is leading us into anything it is an armed conflict. Somehow they support obama’s ruling by executive order when bills do not pass congress but blame Bush for all obama’s failures. But actually blaming Bush for obama’s shortcomings is an excuse for failure not a recipe for success. Anyone who cannot see that is more stupid then obama! Saying obama is an empty suit is an understatement. Saying he is ignorant is also an understatement. Obama is a racist, bias, bigoted person with no abilities whatsoever who promised fundamental transformation into something he never explained and his supporters cheered him for not even knowing what it was. Just another example of how smart they are. Consequently, if you in anyway think you can change their mind I would like to wish you luck! I think it is impossible.

          • Layla

            Most who voted for this President can’t even name the VP.

          • voltaic

            And your proof of that lies where, Einstein?

          • TruthGamer

            Not sure about the racist part but everything else I agree with.

          • voltaic

            I did not vote for Obama and did not support the Afghan surge. That war should have been done long ago, but at least Obama ended the WMD war that the GOP started and failed to finish.

        • Layla

          Really? Exactly WHEN did he end it? Are you aware that this President and the majority of the Democrats voted in support of the war? Or did that little fact slip by you? Pull your head out of your partisan a$$.

      • KPMcGeezer

        Nevermind the fact that military experts agree it would have been irresponsible to end the war in 2009 and some still argue against it today. Nevermind that he ended the Iraq war. Nevermind the fact that the marine was not active duty captured during his service, but instead was arrested for breaking the laws of a foreign nation like a total idiot and you have no idea what they may or may not be doing to orchestrate his release. Nevermind the fact that “we do not negotiate with terrorists” but we always have, when it serves our interests. Nevermind that your last accusation is stupid and baseless. We should still all listen to your idiotic ramblings, right?

        • Joshua Williams

          Hi! Welcome to the conversation. This was yesterday bud. I’m done talking to sheep. Good day sir.

          • KPMcGeezer

            At least I can hope that anyone who might be influenced by your inane comment can be set straight. It was a pleasure. Goodbye

          • Joshua Williams

            Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I have no interest in what you have to say. Please stop popping up in my notifications. Go troll someone else.

      • Ted Danson

        A marine can’t drive across Interstate 10 without getting lost in Mexico? ha ha ha ha ha
        Not too bright is he.

    • Layla

      Your President is the most corrupt ever to hold office in the United States. Which side shall we blame….the arab side or the white side? He is NOT black.

  • Mr Lou J Apa

    So…where is The DOJ with the subpoena to prosecute the breaking of the nation’s laws? NOWHERE…..and there will be none! SCANDALOUS!

  • RonaldWilsonReagan666

    Yup, should have traded arms for hostages… that is legal and you don’t have to notify congreffs.

    • patrick

      No, Obama just released 5 of Al Qaeda’s top Generals for a SGT who deserted the Army to join the Taliban

      • RonaldWilsonReagan666

        Nice regurgitation… do you call yourself a ditto head ?

      • Thack

        Cons are idiots. They would leave an American soldier in the hands of the enemy because of their judgmental nature in all things. Cons are the most despicable people in our nation. When Bergdahl was captured, they insisted that Obama should be impeached for not getting him home. Cons are worse than children.

  • marijoca

    I predict that the new Republican/Neo-Con/Tea-Party mantra will change from Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, to Bergdahl, Bergdahl, Bergdahl. What can you expect from a party that has done zero for the people and has no accomplishes to boast about. Such simpletons, they can’t even come with an issue that starts with two different letters.

    • Layla

      Let us hear what your Democrat Senate has accomplished. You are too much of an idiot to realize that BOTH sides need to go. Nothing will change until that happens.

      • marijoca

        If you don’t know, you’ve been tuned in to Fox too long. I really don’t have the time to educate you.

        I would rather you use your time to tell me what the GOP has done for you, and the country, except to send a lot of young people to unnecessary wars and then not funded the VA so they could get timely treatments when they came back all maimed and needy. Or how they have filibustered every effort to create jobs; taking unemployment checks away from people that are suffering because of their actions. I’m stopping now, the list is too long.

  • jbowen43

    I doubt that part of the law is constitutional.



  • Layla

    This Republican is tired of the political posturing. We all know he’s done enough to have him impeached, but we have a Congress unwilling to do it. That leaves the American people left with the choice of voting Congress out and electing one that will uphold their Constitutional Oaths of Office and Impeach or remove this President from office.

    So don’t bother with the hearings. You don’t intend to follow through and we are all disgusted with the whole thing. Is there corruption going on in the US government? Hell yes….in the Administration and in the Congress, both sides.

    Shame on the lot of you. You don’t deserve to represent this nation.

    • KPMcGeezer

      All you have from Republicans for the past five+ years is political posturing. Their only major accomplishments are stopping the President in his tracks. They are outraged the President managed to get anything done.

  • cfd_007

    This guy is and deserter and should be shot.

  • PWSB

    Know I am older than most of you….but..I remember the Creed of our Military….”No Soldier Left Behind”…If he had informed Congress they would have tied it up forever and our POW might never have come home

    • KPMcGeezer

      I think that was the point of the provision. They didn’t want the president to have the power to take decisive action, they wanted to tie him up. Who knows if they even knew this was coming and wanted something in place to make it more difficult for him.

      • RufusChoate

        Yeah that is. An untrustworthy and inept community organizer who has tripped his way from crisis to crisis without resolving anything with his own initiatives but relies on his Predecessor’s policies to see him through needs to be tied up. Delusional

        You are suffering from the supreme cognitive dissonance of having elected a man who is nothing that he claim to be: Intelligent, articulate, bi-partisan, strong, decisive, negotiating for the best interests of America and beloved by everyone.

        • KPMcGeezer


    • RufusChoate

      That is a ridiculous and unhistorical comment about something that was never a creed of the US Military.

      There are unmarked and marked grave across the world filled with abandon American Troops from the 19th Century on. The experience of the Korean and Vietnam Wars made the US Military sensitive about not leaving Soldier behind because the Left in America and our enemies used POW as pawns to extract concessions and abuse their service.

      It is a recent development.

  • Atnor

    And although he said now he had a disclaimer along with it that he apparently didn’t support the law, he did sign it.”

    lol… you can sign a law with your fingers crossed so it doesnt apply to you?

    “It was determined that it was necessary and appropriate not to adhere to the 30-day notification requirement, because it would have potentially meant that the opportunity to get Sgt. Bergdahl would have been lost,” she said.

    This happened SO FAST… that the President of the United States could not even get the heads of relevant committees and/or the few Congressional leaders of each party on a conference call? That wasnt attempted? And, at no time prior to the actual exchange being actually underway… did they even know that it was going to occur at all and so were entirely unable to call anyone in Congress as required by law? Even though they had been in talks with the Taliban for months, which “intensified” over the “weeks” prior to the deal being carried out?

    Yet, they also gave sincere and intense scrutiny and study to discussing and evaluating whether or not it was a good idea to proceed, how to conduct the operation, and how to prepare for the PR of presenting it to the public…

    OK, sure…*sigh* I guess I need to go read up some on the timeline here, and they must be pretty confident their ducks are all in a row… cause this doesnt sound at all plausible.

  • WeenieHolder

    ‘Breaking the law’ is the hallmark of the WH and DOJ. This so-called prisoner swap was not only unlawful, but treasonous. It’s just the latest in a long list of f yous to the military, veterans, rule of law, and all freedom-loving Americans.

    Narcissist Barry thinks he’s being clever, but it’s always pride before the fall.

  • KPMcGeezer

    Keep in mind that this was a provision tacked onto the defense bill. This means to vote against this provision you would have to vote against funding our military and DoD.

    No one in congress wants to be blamed for leaving our country defenseless so it’s going to get overwhelming support. Certainly the president is not going to veto the defense bill…the backlash would be way worse than what we’re seeing here. And it would be more dangerous to our country, by a long shot. So this is why he signed it and then added the disclaimer. He’s saying “I’m signing this because I have to, but this particular provision is bullshit”. In fact, Democrats fought to have this provision removed before voting but failed.

    • RufusChoate

      So “tacked onto a defense bill” means it isn’t law? You might be surprised how many things that are tacked onto miscellaneous bills can send you to prison for decades.

      See we make laws in America the same today as FDR, LBJ etc… did. How quixotic is that?

  • om·i·nous

    This is a situation that can’t be ignored, Barack Obama had legal advice before he made this deal and he knew the consequences, set all emotions aside, Barack must face the justice system just like any other law breaker.

  • G26

    In some related video we find even more lies from Hussein Obama:

  • Thomas Hall

    Notice that there were no such restrictions under GW Bush who released 500 NOT five Gitmo prisoners. The GOP have fought to keep open their corrupt, unprecedented US prison outside US laws and the US Constitution and have blocked the transfer and final trial after 12 years of prisoners to the US.
    Nobody mentions that the Taliban did not attack America instead America invaded, overthrew the Taliban regime, and have occupied the country for 13 years.

  • Wuthie

    One minute Republicans want Putin for a leader when he broke international law invading another country. That is a real leader many said.

    Now Obama made a decision and depending on how you look at it may have broken a law. Congress knew for years there was going to a trade.

    The 2014 law only required the president to notify them 30 days prior to the transfer. There were some other stipulations but it wasn’t something congress had power to stop if it met those requirements.

    The five terrorists were going to be released anyway as soon as the war was over as they were POW’s and not charged with any war crimes.

    Bergdahl isn’t a deserter until he is proven to be a deserted. He was however AWOL Huge difference.

  • Scott Towellz

    Here we find Bolshevik ideologue Hussein Obama lying about healthcare again:

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