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February 8, 2016

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I’m Running’

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 5:00 p.m. | Think the spate of retirement announcements from senior House Democrats is going to drive Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi out of office?

Think again.

“I’m running,” the California Democrat said in a statement forwarded to reporters by her office on Wednesday afternoon. “I’ve already started the paperwork process. My work is not finished.”

The statement appears to be an effort to tamp down efforts to read too deeply into decisions by two of Pelosi’s closest allies and fellow Californians — first George Miller and now Henry A. Waxman — to leave at the end of this year.

But the “When will Nancy Pelosi retire?” parlor game has been going on for years.

Political operatives and observers quietly, and not so quietly, speculate that the 13-term California Democrat, at 73 years old, might step down at the end of this year in the event her party does not reclaim control of the House.

The first woman to serve as speaker, Pelosi has left many to wonder whether she might decide it isn’t worth serving another two years fighting against a Republican legislative agenda intent on thwarting her progressive priorities at every turn.

Her critics have accused her of standing in the way of a younger generation of lawmakers who would like to climb higher up the leadership ladder.

Even before Pelosi spelled out her intentions on Thursday, however, she wasn’t showing signs that she was slowing down.

“Since entering the Democratic leadership in 2002, Leader Pelosi has raised more than $363 million for Democrats,” said a Pelosi spokeswoman on Thursday afternoon in an email to CQ Roll Call. “This cycle the Leader has raised $35.5 million (as of January 1, 2014), and she traveled to 50 cities in 2013. Pelosi has raised $26.7 directly for the DCCC, already fulfilling her cycle goal of $25 million and has paid her $800,000 dues in full in November.”

  • Bill Wickman

    Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi are getting very old and becoming more and more marginalized. Miller and Waxman are going. So there is hope for the State of California. The pendulum will swing and we’ll eventually, maybe sooner rather than too late, get some sort of sense out of our congressional delegation.

    • Lance Sjogren

      I am not aware of any more intelligent politicians emerging in California to replace the brain-dead ones who are retiring.

      • AnybodRecognizeMyCountryLately

        Sounds like Sandra Fluke is as good as we gonna get, free condoms anybody?

        • Tom Jones

          there will be no fluke elections

      • Bill Wickman

        But hope springs eternal!

  • TwistedLefty

    i so pity my friends in Ca. wish she would fall in a hole and….

    • dectra


      What a Christian comment, lefty…..

      Jesus would be so proud of you.

      • TwistedLefty

        please don’t assume i’m a christian, and feel free to join her in the hole. Wow! over 8000 comments? i wonder if they were all this insightful?

        • dectra


          By your ‘logic’ the fact a person engages in conversation (that has been spread out over years) then they don’t have anything of import to say?

          Perhaps you should take your own advice and not post anymore. God forbid someone whine to you about ‘gee, lefty, you wrote down an opinion….”

          • Wcharnock

            You don’t whine either…as liberals love to do

          • TwistedLefty

            sigh, once again distorting facts, (typical Progressive) did not say you had nothing of “import” to say, just wondered if you had done it somewhere in those 8000+ comments, because you failed here. also, i wasn’t giving advice about anything, i merely stated what i “wished” and wanted you to feel free to join her. wow another obvious failure of the public schools. feel free at this time to have the last word, you no longer amuse me.

          • TwistedLefty

            sorry , my haste, made waste

          • TwistedLefty

            sigh, once again distorting facts, (typical Progressive) did not say you
            had nothing of “import” to say, just wondered if you had done it
            somewhere in those 8000+ comments, because you failed here. also, i
            wasn’t giving advice about anything, i merely stated what i “wished” and
            wanted you to feel free to join her. wow another obvious failure of the
            public schools. feel free at this time to have the last word, you no
            longer amuse me.

      • Lance Sjogren

        A Christian would hope that she would rot in hell in the afterlife, along with other evildoers like Paul Ryan and John McCain.

  • dectra


    I can hear the Tbagger heads exploding all over the twitterverse….

    • Wcharnock

      Lets compare resume’s

    • Wareagle82

      self-aware much? You’re the same scold calling out folks for alleged anti-Christian hatred and personal attacks. If only there was a word for what you have displayed.

    • happytortuga

      Maybe you should remove that unchristian hatred from your heart.

  • Tank_Commander

    She’s running; God help the country.

    • dectra

      Yes, God should always help America.

      Perhaps he can start by removing that unchristian hatred from your heart.

      • Wcharnock

        Judge not

      • happytortuga

        Says the Christian.

      • Lance Sjogren

        If being a Christian means having to suck up to destructive people in positions of power, then I am really glad I am not a Christian.

      • Tank_Commander

        Are we on first-name terms or something? Or do you judge people you don’t know this way all the time. Perhaps you could decide which God you serve and tell me more.

  • BestandBrightest

    And GOP operatives cheer and crack the champagne!!!

    • Lance Sjogren

      She is now an esteemed “Elder Crackpot” and nobody really cares what she says anymore. She no longer is an asset to the Republicans.

      • happytortuga

        No, she helps the GOP hold onto the majority in the House. Not that they need the help for 2014. Even my Democrat friends (not her constituents) can’t stand her.

  • Whit_Chambers

    Pelosi is one of the most women in America. Each time this prune-faced hag opens her mouth, the GOP picks up more votes.

    Run Nancy Run!!

    • dectra

      Nice personal attack there, Whit.

      Now tell us….what thing of import have YOU accomplished in your life? Ever been elected to office? Ever even try to get millions of people to support you and your ideas with their votes?

      No, of course not; you’d rather just insult someone who has more guts that you ever will for reaching out and accomplishing that thing….

      • Wcharnock

        I started life as an orphan, served as a youth minister, completed my BS degree, worked on the Space Shuttle, served in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, flew by 2600 hours, became a certified teacher for Maine and Tennessee, became a certified NFHS coach, finished my Masters degree with straight As, became a licensed Methodist minister, and am two classes away from being curriculum complete on my PhD with a 4.0 GPA. Not bad for a right wing Tea Party Conservative. I’d say doing all those things help me to protect the lives of those around me and millions of Americans…What have you done with your life…there are a lot of conservatives like me…deal with it.

      • Wareagle82

        what did Pelosi ever accomplish that did not involve using coercion and other people’s money? Sorry, but the last we need is more of these Congressional lifers and I don’t much care which party they’re with.

      • happytortuga

        Have you noticed that Nancy Pelosi has lost the capacity to form complete sentences? Read a transcript of one of her interviews and you will see that I’m right.

    • Lance Sjogren

      Disagree, Chambers. Most Americans just consider her a stale joke. At this point, any benefit she has to the Republicans has worn out.

  • INTJ

    “The Leader”? Her spokespeople are as egotistical as the first Speaker of the House to appropriate her own airplane.

  • Wcharnock

    Pelosi needs to run for the door…she is a spent political force. Her whining…condescending attitude is not something Americans want to hear anymore

    • Lance Sjogren

      Yeah, but we’re used to it by now. Pelosi is not really a liability to the Democrats. She has her small band of acolytes and the rest of us have just tuned her out.

  • garyw631

    “Her work is not finished”? One more face lift and she will be sporting a goatee.

  • A Patriot

    This is so sad to hear. Hoping she would leave. She has harmed this country so much by her left wing wacko agenda. So grateful she is not Speaker and will not be in 2015.

    • EssEffOh

      i live in Pelosi’s district and am terribly sick of her as well, but if you think Pelosi has anything resembling a “left wing” agenda, you don’t know what “left wing” means. Pelosi serves the same corporate and military interests as your Republicans.

      The only difference between Republicans and Democrats are a handful of divisive social issues that they pretend to care about in order to appeal to their base constituents. But all Republicans and Democrats REALLY care about is where their campaign dollars are coming from and perhaps where they’ll be getting a seven-plus-figure salary job once they leave office.

      By far, the most campaign dollars and seven-figure salaries come from corporations, so that’s whose interests both Dems and Repubs serve, not the interests of the vast majority of citizens. Mr. Patriot, your failure to see this just plays into the hands of the already powerful.

  • Wareagle82

    well, of course, she’s running. If she is not able to meddle in the lives of other people, what would she do? And there is the part where her connections help the family business.

  • Ihaveaclue Doyou

    Certainly she is running…Satan never retires.

  • happytortuga

    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the fresh new faces of the Democrat party.

  • Jerald

    If I was a house democrat, I would demand she step down. You have no chance with her being Speaker.

  • Ladarius Wooten

    Thank You Nancy Pelosi for staying. You give the republicans 3 bulls eyes to use on target practice ads this November. As if Barack Obama wasn’t enough. Ads targeting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will also be running. Especially one of the iconic and classic ones that will show Nancy Pelosi saying, “Let’s pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.”

  • Doug Kimzey

    Pelosi as evidenced by her statement: “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it” is either a blithering idiot or think everyone else is a blithering idiot. In either case, this is the record-setting dumbest utterance ever made by anyone who works in Washington and a top-notch reason to *Not* vote for Pelosi (for any office).

  • Crutch

    My company just voted to move our annual meeting to Dallas over San Fran. Too expensive was the given explanation. Last year we spent 250K for our meeting. Real reason: Why give Liberals our money! Won’t go back because of CA Liberal bent. We’ll spend the same amount in Dallas by the way.

  • Bo Tye

    Today’s liberalism might as well be communism without the manifesto.

  • Guest

    Had enough Pelosi, Reid, Obama. Pelosi, Reid, Obama. Pelosi, Reid, Obama?

    VOTE on Nov 4th. Elections Matter.

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