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February 14, 2016

Obama Call to Boehner: No Negotiations Without Clean CR

Updated 11:43 a.m. | President Barack Obama called Speaker John A. Boehner Tuesday morning and reiterated his refusal to negotiate on the fiscal impasse that has shut down the government and threatens a debt default.

“The president called the speaker again today to reiterate that he won’t negotiate on a government funding bill or debt limit increase,” Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said in a statement to reporters.

Obama has repeatedly said he won’t negotiate until the Ohio Republican agrees to hold a vote on a “clean” bill reopening the government. Boehner has refused to do so.

The White House released a readout of its own saying Obama reiterated what he told the speaker last week in person at the White House.

“The President is willing to negotiate with Republicans — after the threat of government shutdown and default have been removed – over policies that Republicans think would strengthen the country.  The President also repeated his willingness to negotiate on priorities that he has identified including policies that expand economic opportunity, support private sector job creation, enhance the competitiveness of American businesses, strengthen the Affordable Care Act and continue to reduce the nation’s deficit.”

Obama again urged Boehner to hold a vote to reopen the government and allow a timely vote on a clean increase in the debt limit.

“He noted that only Congress has the authority to raise the debt limit and failure to do so would have grave consequences for middle class families and the American economy as a whole,” the White House said in the statement.

Earlier Tuesday, House Republicans proposed creating a new supercommittee to negotiate a deal.

  • ian807

    Conservative republicans have lost their chance to be health care heroes.

    Had conservative republicans stood by their alleged principles, the health
    care debate would never have happened. They would have used their
    majority to open all of health care to capitalist competition. Americans
    would be able to buy insurance across state lines and overseas. They
    would be able to buy drugs from any country. Hospitals and health care
    providers would be required to post prices for the 200 most common
    procedures online and on posters in every medical office. Price competition would take care of the rest.

    In short, conservative republicans could have used the times when they
    were in the majority to deregulate current anticompetitive health care
    law and lightly regulated the rest to create a fair, level playing
    field. Capitalism could have fixed this, but the allegedly free market
    conservatives did NOTHING about this, even when they could.

    • me987654

      LOL, what you propose has NEVER worked anywhere in modern history.

      • megapotamus

        ‘Worked’? How is the crap-assed fascism of modern Proggies working now? Not at all.

        • Layla

          Looks to me like what used to be a pretty good institution is now run by a bunch of spoiled, rich, little facists with big degrees. Believe me, it is not attractive. And it almost looks as if the parties have changed sides. Weird. Really, really weird.

  • dectra

    Bohener is a Coward.

    • Steve

      Pot – Kettle.

    • Layla

      Boehner is my hero, for taking a stand for the American people on this one. As long as he does that, we’ll stand with him.

  • zombietimeshare

    Oh no, Barry is drawing another red line so he must mean it—this time.

    • dectra

      President Obama can’t and won’t negotiate under the threat that the House will
      blow up the economy if he doesn’t — any concession at all would
      legitimize extortion as a routine part of politics.

      • Steve

        It was legitimated a long time ago. Remember, we have had since the last budget to work out these details, and that hasn’t been done. The offer to negotiate afterwards is meaningless.

        • Layla

          Nobody out here believes that, either. This President is not good about keeping his word.

  • Layla

    Unbelievable….a bunch of bitchy little babies. You have spent us into oblivion and you want to spend more. None of you gives a damn about the American people. Continue to run up the debt and I promise you, you will run yourselves right out of office.

  • Dan Hossley

    Where Putin when we need him?

    • Jesse4

      You feel you need Putin?
      Let me guess: Republican, right?

      • Unc Remus

        Ignorant Wretch

  • Unc Remus

    Petulant, Petty little Man…Obama is a Disgrace..

    • LordDart

      Absolutely…that’s why he was re-elected by a majority last year, because they all thought he was a disgrace…


      • Unc Remus

        2 Crackheads make “Majority”…Ballwasher…

  • Steve

    Doesn’t Obama understand, he is the only one who can avert failure. The Republicans are already blamed for the shutdown, and capitulating now would do nothing other than infuriate their base. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    On the other hand, Democrats holding fast to a do not negotiate strategy cannot help but be seen as uncooperative, even as the media work as hard as they can to alter reality. Democrats have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Obama should figure this out and cave on the Obamacare coverage for Congress and the Executive branch as well as give a one year hold on the Individual Mandate.
    If he doesn’t, he will join the Republicans as the losers.

    • Jesse4

      If you give in to hostage takers/terrorists, it just encourages them to do it again in the future.

      • Steve

        Your version of Americans who want to be fiscally responsible is to follow the Democrat’s lead by calling them hostage takers/terrorists?
        I believe in that case that you are a follower of Cloward-Piven and are trying to purposely destroy this great nation by bankrupting it. You are obviously a true threat to the nation.

    • LordDart

      “give a one year hold on the Individual Mandate.”

      How many times do you teatards have to be told…if you delay the mandate but require insurance companies to cover people regardless of pre-existing conditions, then all the healthy folks won’t sign up and only the sick will. That will run up costs for the insurance companies, causing them to raise rates, causing more to lose coverage, and continuing until you have exactly what we had before.

      Delaying the mandate AND delaying requiring the coverage of pre-existing conditions would, again, be exactly the same system we had before. In other words, the GOP knows that a delay is the same as repealing the heart of the ACA. And that is what they’re after.

      It’s real simple…no negotiating with the GOP on these parts of the ACA. And especially no negotiating with them until they quit trying to blackmail the President and the country with the shutdown. The GOP have created a scenario that if the Democrats dance to their tune this time, it will never, ever end and a minority will dictate to the majority whenever it doesn’t get it’s way. And that’s no democracy.

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