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February 8, 2016

Obama Talks Pope, Ukraine, IMF With Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell

Updated 10 a.m. | President Barack Obama discussed the crisis in Ukraine, his visit with Pope Francis and other issues with congressional leaders Thursday evening at the White House, according to a readout from a White House official.

The meeting with Congress’s big four — Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. — was called by Obama to discuss his big overseas trip and Ukraine.

The White House readout noted the president’s discussion with Pope Francis of immigration and reducing inequality. UPDATE: A Boehner aide said Friday, however, that there was no discussion of immigration at Thursday’s meeting.

Immigration has stalled in the House, and the leaders have been far apart on the president’s agenda to combat inequality, including a minimum wage hike and an extension of unemployment benefits.

Obama also once again urged the leaders to pass IMF legislation, which Boehner has refused to bring to the House floor, and updated the leaders on nuclear security and Saudi Arabia.

Here’s the full White House readout:

This evening, the President and Vice President met with Speaker Boehner, Democratic Leader Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid and Minority Leader McConnell to discuss his trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia last week and the situation in Ukraine. The President shared with the leaders a readout of his consultations with the G-7, the European Union, and NATO allies on Ukraine, highlighting that the United States continues to lead a coordinated international effort to support Ukraine and isolate Russia for its violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The President thanked the leaders for finalizing an assistance package for Ukraine, which he signed earlier today, and urged them to allow for important IMF reforms so IMF has the resources it needs to fulfill its mission and ensure countries such as Ukraine have the tools to restore economic stability and determine their own future. The President updated the leaders on the Nuclear Security Summit and the important progress the international community is making in preventing nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands. He discussed his audience with His Holiness Pope Francis, in which the President and His Holiness discussed a wide range of issues including reducing inequality and the importance of immigration reform in the United States. The President also shared his thoughts from his meeting with King Abdullah on strengthening the enduring U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship.

  • alfie0077

    Note that bomma talks to the Catholics and screw the rest of the USA.

    The Catholic party now runs the USA.

    If you have the dogma, yes you can even talk to smoke, or invisible folks in the sky.

    The Vatican is having a hissy about the Constitution and equality to all. The Vatican cannot allow the Constitution to be the supreme document. They cannot destroy a nation if it has an educated populace.

    Pilosi is Catholic, Boehner is Catholic, Kerry is Catholic, Biden is Catholic. Paul Ryan is Catholic. Half R, and Half D.

    Hey, this is the entire top echelon of the USA.


    There are supposedly “two” parties, R and D. There is a third party, and it is of equal numbers to the Rs and Ds, and it is the C party. (actually, the C party is winning because the Rs and Ds are fighting each other instead of supporting the Constitution). The Catholics are a third of congress and senate. They also have “god before nation” which is “Vatican before the USA.” They are joined across both parties At this moment, they have installed 5/9 in the SCOTUS. They are in lockstep and are keeping the borders open, and free debit cards to every illegal alien Catholic invading terrorist that comes to the USA. It is time the USA citizens recognize that the Vatican has destroyed every nation it kisses. The Cs in the elected offices of the USA are intent in making the USA just as failed as every nation south of the US border. The SCOTUS recently stated in a decision that Corporations are “people” and can put unlimited funds into politics. This opens the gates for more Catholics to be put into office. Vote the Cs out of office and save the nation. Is this profiling, NO, it is just the evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    The Vatican is the largest “corporation” on earth. The amount “contributed” to candidates that are “good Catholics” is out of sight.

    Reposted and hope you do the same

    Caution: Catholics live in a haystack of failure and will seek the needle of success which they think refutes all the above. Failure is failure, and they will unsuccessfully deny it.

  • Bundle Up

    A default is only triggered if Hussein Obama’s regime chooses not to pay interest on the debt. Interest payments on the US Government’s debt are only about 10% of US government revenues.

  • yesIDeeClaire

    Here we find our resident Bolshevik agitator, Hussein Obama, spinning another chimerical tale:

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