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February 10, 2016

Where Has Paul Ryan Been During the Latest Shutdown Debate?

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

With Congress locked in near-continuous budget and debt limit battles, one influential lawmaker has been noticeably quiet this year.

Rep. Paul D. Ryan, the House Budget chairman and the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential candidate, has been a trusted, go-to source on budget and fiscal issues in the party for years. Yet the Wisconsin Republican has not, seemingly, been at the forefront of the most recent fight over a stopgap spending bill, nor has he been a loud voice on the debt limit.

And that has some Republicans scratching their heads.

“It’s a legitimate question. I have no idea,” Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah said in response to a question about why Ryan hasn’t been more vocal.

“I don’t know that I can really answer that question,” said House Agriculture Chairman Frank D. Lucas of Oklahoma. “Maybe he’s got a lot of things going on. I just don’t know.”

Republican after Republican spoke highly of the GOP star, saying Ryan remains a thought-leader in the conference.

“He is certainly someone that all of us look to for his ability as a budgetary technician,” said Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona. “His advice, I think, is always not only insightful, but has a compelling impact on most of the members of the conference.”

But even aides who note that Ryan has been vocal behind closed doors say he could be more active.

“Members obviously trust and respect his position on these issues — it’d be helpful to hear more from him in selling our package to the conference,” a senior GOP aide told CQ Roll Call.

Ryan hasn’t been seen standing side by side with leadership selling various continuing resolution or debt limit strategies to the American people, as he once did. Nor has he been seen standing up to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or bringing a dose of sobering political and economic reality to the fight to defund Obamacare.

Instead, Ryan has largely stayed out of the divisive intraparty battles over budget issues. Though he successfully pushed an austere budget resolution through the House earlier this year, he has said little as spending bills crafted under his blueprint have failed to garner rank-and-file GOP support.

Asked why he hasn’t been more visible on these economic issues, Ryan said he’s still “doing my job.”

“Just because you haven’t seen me on TV every day — I say things when I have something meaningful to say,” Ryan told CQ Roll Call.

Members and aides say Ryan has been quietly engaged and engaging.

“Chairman Ryan continues to be a leader on these issues,” a House leadership aide told CQ Roll Call. “He has worked with us on the debt limit and CR strategy.”

Rules Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said Ryan is involved, even if he hasn’t been at the forefront of the issues.

“Paul Ryan has probably the highest level of intellectual curiosity and direction, and is a team leader that keeps us focused on the answer,” Sessions said. “Paul is not trying to jump in front of these, but he certainly is nowhere on the second row.”

But why isn’t Ryan willing to be out front on those issues?

Republicans were not inclined to speculate, but Democrats had little problem spinning theories.

“I think that the basic dynamic of all this is pretty damn clear,” said House Ways and Means ranking member Sander M. Levin. “They’re divided, there really is no alternative. If they don’t come forth, this economy is badly hurt, and I think a lot of Republicans don’t want to be identified with that.”

The Michigan Democrat said he thought there was “a hesitancy to be associated with the result of what happens from their extremism.”

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, D-Fla., suggested that “Paul is a lot more reasonable than some of the people that you do see in the forefront, certainly he’s more reasonable — and anybody is — than Ted Cruz.”

But as much as Democrats — and Republicans — seem to enjoy criticizing Cruz, the Texas senator has raised his profile with the CR and Obamacare issue, perhaps fueling his presidential prospects.

For Ryan, who is also rumored to be in the running for 2016, the calculus might be exactly the opposite.

By seemingly staying out of the fight, Ryan avoids the blowback if the government shut downs, if Obamacare is not defunded and if Congress fails to raise the debt limit.

For Ryan, name recognition is no problem, and he has always aimed to attract mainstream conservatives, many of whom believe the effort to defund Obamacare is a folly.

Staying silent and keeping off camera allows Ryan to let Congress work its will — and if it really came to it, perhaps he could step in as a fresh voice in the Republican Conference to urge his colleagues to keep the government and the global financial market running.

And Ryan may have calculated that his voice is better heard behind closed doors for now.

Of course, the chairman has been keeping busy. Besides working behind the scenes to find a compromise on immigration, he is writing a book, titled “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Many Republicans have been wondering that themselves and could be looking to Ryan to tell them.

  • Gregagolf

    Maybe listening to AC/DC or Led Zeplin!

    • Voter

      Why does Paul Ryan want to create 30 million democrat voters via amnesty? I guess he really loves Hillary Clinton and wants to create constituents for Obamacare.

      • Goon

        He needs to be primaried, the good people of Wisconsin deserve better. .

      • josh

        BC Paul Ryan is a communist infiltrator and a traitor to the American people. He is a bought and paid for puppet.

  • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

    Rules Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said Ryan is involved, even if he hasn’t been at the forefront of the issues.

    “Paul Ryan has probably the highest level of intellectual curiosity and direction, and is a team leader that keeps us focused on the answer,” Sessions said. “Paul is not trying to jump in front of these, but he certainly is nowhere on the second row.”


    Paul Ryan, Leading from Behind.


    • Dylan Felts

      Good grief!!! Not another one.

      • SWohio

        I thought he was trying to redeem himself with his support of defunding obamacare.

        Apparently I was wrong.

  • darleenclick

    When Progressive Democrats use the word “reasonable” what they really mean is people willing to kiss their feet. Their visceral hatred of Ted Cruz (which used to be directed against Paul Ryan) is the mark that Cruz is on the right path.

    • Filbert Brazil

      it is not “visceral hatred.” it is wonderment at how you rubes can continually be taken by flim-flam men like raffi.”

      • Voter

        As opposed to the inexperienced community organizer? At least Cruz has a position on something. Obama doesn’t have any deep values.

        • buddman

          But he has deep pockets with our money

  • Chaz22

    How many personalities does this man have ? I mean , he fought tooth and nail to help the House in particular and the party in general, now he acts like it doesn’t matter if he’s around or not . And he’s the fiscal hawk of Congress. There is something going on there that…well…is strange . I think somebody should corner him and find out ; actually , he owes it to us and the faithful peers of the House to come out with the real truth .
    I remember shortly after the election was over he went into hiding for months. He acted scared to death of fame- like he just couldn’t handle it . He litterally ran down the street with reporters running after him and yelling . He wouldn’t even stop to answer one question . When the press came in one door he would sneek out the back door fearfully . WHAT should we think of that ?
    I say to him ” SHAME on you for shirking your responsibility now of all times ! Don’t you think you owe it to your peers to try ? A horrible thought comes to me : maybe he doesn’t know enough about the issues to say anything . I hope I’m wrong!
    Maybe he’s a total actor, and has them all fooled . Maybe he just wants to do the funest thing and to hell with the rest of it. WHAT is it ? Whatever- he should do a fast turn-around and get to work. If not he may not be forgiven this time .

    • Superpower

      America is fresh out of ‘benefit of the doubts’ for these political chameleons. He’s gone!

    • matism

      He s a Rove Republican. Like many OTHERS in that party. Democrat Lite. Nothing more. By and large, the two parties have become nothing more than opposite ends of the same steaming turd. The only difference is whose cronies get to slop at the government trough when THEY are in charge.

      • typicalwhiteguy

        Yet further proof that the American “2-partysystem” has devolved into US (the self-sufficient American citizens), against THEM (the ruling class, the parasites and the unscrupulous media).

    • Goon

      Paul Ryan is a RINO who has been exposed, finally.

      • Chaz22

        I don’t see that being a “RINO” has anything to do with it . What we have a right to know is WHY the Chairman of the Budget Committee in Congress is not on the job. He , according to everything I’ve read, has a lot to offer at a time like this. Everyone is wondering why he’s acting like he’s bashful or something . There must be an explaination.
        I hate to say this because I have been a fan of his , but could it be what he needs is a psychologist ? I have a feeling something is very wrong .
        In my humble opinion I would say that he is in the wrong business. Believe it or not, he is NOT a public person or a performer . I do not think he is unattractive by any means, and I think he really IS smart , but he is actually a shy, nerdy person who is awkward at speaking “off the cuff” .
        Whatever, it is a shame, because he is killing himself.

    • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

      He has spent his whole life in politics. He knows literally nothing else

  • johnB

    i work on the hill and have seen paul ryan twice in the last week, both times wearing ipod headphones and strolling around rather lackadaisically

  • RobPG

    Paul Ryan has ended his national career and quite possibly his Wisconsin one. I would send money to anybody willing to primary him.

    • WCommentary

      I’m in Illinois and would gladly knock on doors to help primary Ryan. I wouldn’t even mind if a Democrat defeated him in the general. Then we could move on. Peter King said Ted Cruz is a fraud; Ryan’s the fraud. It is unbelievable that people actually think he is the budget guru; how?

      • Marlene Hessler

        Please do not go dem in the 2014 election. Get some other Repub, even if you have to run. We take 5 dem senators out in Nov and Dirty Harry goes out. Impeachment will then pass both houses and the end of the corruption is in sight.

        • Dunnyveg

          You mean like the Republican senate went along with Beelzebubba’s impeachment?

      • Brian Cunningham

        The budget guru voted for No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the auto bailout and EVERY debt ceiling increase.

        • Klaus

          Will there be anything left for Huma Clinton to accomplish in 2016-2024?

      • freevoter2016

        Peter King started to sing a different tune after a beltway rumor cast his integrity into question several months ago. The media stopped in its track why for a Republican never, I guess we will never know. Its typical DC politics to get something on your opponent and shut them up.

        • Klaus

          Peter King proves that 9/11 was an inside job. If Al Qaida really carried out 9/11, then Uncle Sam would not be arming and funding Al Qaida in Syria.

      • Feliciene

        Ryan & Cruz are not frauds & Peter King should have never called Cruz a fraud either. They are just different types of politicians.

      • silentfor56years

        Peter King is a fraud!

    • Superpower

      Me too.

    • Scott Coleman

      It is so sad. Ryan, along with Rubio, are very big disappointments.

      • Obama_Dogeater

        And they both must be sent home for good.

        • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

          Make them Honorary Mexicans and give them a one-way trip.


          • TheCoffinMaker

            He looks so much like Weiner …have you checked his Facebook account? or maybe the local YMCA?

          • Brian Astby

            The looks come from NY/NJ jew inbreeding.

          • Bill1969xxx

            Paul Ryan is an Irish Catholic you piece of human waste. Your mother should have aborted you.

          • krusatyr

            She did: he was fished out and nursed by a camel.

          • BobRooney3

            Oppose amnesty now. Google this NUMBERSUSA.
            Once you are registered (join us) go to the “action board”.

          • bluesky

            Ireland is part of Israel. Jeremiah the prophet took the daughters of Zedekiah to Ireland.

          • Feliciene

            What a horrible comment & 10 likes? Talk about hatred because he is trying to do something about immigration which is needed. These comments are as bad as the far left makes.

          • Jim Bo

            THIS is what the sane Republicans are up against. Can’t negotiate with crazy.

          • MJ Alton

            What a disgusting comment. I suggest educating yourself about the art of discussion and manners.

          • Feliciene

            He looks nothing like Weiner & he certainly wouldn’t do what Weiner did because he is a very decent guy. Too decent & not phony enough to be a politician.

          • knotjammin2

            Excellent Post J.P.!!!

          • Dunnyveg

            Here is what I have done in the past to send a message to these open borders, we-are-the-world Republicans: At election time I go to a big bank and buy small-denomination Mexican peso notes, and send them as campaign donations, along with a sarcastic note congratulating them for their patriotism.

          • Sally Turnip

            I didn’t realize there was any honor in being a Mexican, and they can pay for their own trip.

          • nocab

            Mexico would send them back , they don’t want traitors , if they sell out America they will sell out Mexico also .

      • Brian Cunningham

        I was very excited when Romney selected Ryan as his running mate, but the more I have seen of him, the more disappointed I have been.
        Can anyone remember anything Paul Ryan did or said in the 2012 campaign (other than serving as a door mat for Slow Joe Biden)?

        • Akira88

          Instead of being disappointed where’s your outrage at the media ignoring huge issues? You know – Benghazi, Reid’s stonewalling, Obama twisting the arms of Senators —

          Doesn’t anyone question why Democrats are given a pass? No questions from the media why Democrats refused to pass the Republican resolutions?

          Paul Ryan hasn’t been in the news since last year. The media thinks we all suffer from ADD and are easily distracted.

          • John S. Perilloux

            We can be as outraged as we want to be because of the corruption of the news media, but there’s not a thing we can do about that. We CAN do something about Ryan though, and that’s vote him out.

        • HappyJohn9

          It’s apparent, now, that Ryan was a media selected VP candidate. A liberal in republican colors.

        • Thor Bonham

          Yes, he took a black girl to his prom .. That should tell you where allegiance lies ..

          • Bill1969xxx

            Go put your teeth back in and drink some moonshine you pig.

          • Dunnyveg

            Why don’t you go listen to NPR and sneer while sucking up your organic arugula and chablis, you liberal.

        • krusatyr

          Ryan gave factual, intelligent treatises on fixing deficits and debt, but now decided to take the establishment route to power, Cruz the populist/grassroots path.

          If Ryan delivers cheap peasant labor to big business, he has a lock on their campaign funding, is my read.

      • bitemeDC

        Yeah…I LOVED Paul Ryan…Amnesty has always been my “deal breaker”….

        • JoetheFilmmaker

          I never got past it when he brought his mom out.

        • Klaus

          Why did you LOVE Paul Ryan? You didn’t even know who he was. Why do you blindly follow leaders who are hand-picked for you outside of your control? Why are you always being asked to “give so-and-so a chance”? A chance to do what? Don’t they always do the same thing to you? When will you realize that R and D are fake opponents, owned and operated by the same globalist elite who are destroying your country by design?

          • Akira88

            Hey, Pal — we don’t even know who Obama is — and he’s the president.

          • Thor Bonham

            You don’t even know bitemeDC.. How can you make such claims without even knowing a person ? Sheesh !!

          • bitemeDC

            Because he’s handsome.
            That’s the answer deserved by your blathering…

            Go back to Alex Jones’ website…I think they have some more info about “building 7″ and “thermites”….;)

            Scurry along now…

          • bluesky

            If I want truth I go to Infowars. To bad you don’t know what the truth is.

      • HarryObrian

        Good thing he didn’t and will never make president. Just another anti-American bought and paid for slime ball.

        • call him pedro

          dont hold back. he is a traitor piece of fecal excrement, and the other pieces of paid-off pieces of rotting fecal excrement praise him in this article because they share the same smell and composition.

          Ryan/fecal filth has the same problem Rubio does, which is he destroyed himself and his career by embracing slave worker legalization for paying global corp scum.

          Now.. these two turds are seeking to keep quiet in hopes we will forget and elect them to SOMETHING again.

          Ryan may be able to get back into congress within his district, but he is a guaranteed loser in any presidential contest (unless he wants to switch over to the dem party).

          Even if the dems ran Hillary Clinton I would sit at home instead of vote for that treasonous piece of filth that calls itself paul amnesty ryan.

          • MyGiftMySon2010

            they all are working for each other for motives we will never know about.
            putting our Country first and it’s people are not even on the agenda.
            we are the little people who do what they want…when they want it.

          • rotorhead1871

            dude…..tell us how you really feel……

          • GoneApe

            You outdid me by a mile and I find you are right on target. His career is circling the bowl.

          • Thor Bonham

            Geez man, we all know what he is but he would be WAY better than Hilary ( Saul D. Alinsky thesis) Clinton ..
            Don’t bite your nose off just to spite your face ..
            This woman is as bad or worse as Oblowmo ..

          • John S. Perilloux

            There are at least three out there who are much, much better than Paul Ryan. I’ll name them – Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

          • LibertyUnited

            Don’t you love how the globalists pick our Presidential candidates for us? The RINO’s and progressive DINO’S are one in the same. I’m tired of picking from the lessor of two evils. They are bought and paid for by special interests. Vote for Constitutionalists only. Rand Paul, Cruz, or Mike Lee have fought for the people and not the lobbyists.

        • Deg8890

          A weak link…I agree with you!!

      • BadWhisky

        I can at least understand Rubio somewhat, considering the background his parents came from…. NOT saying I agree with him…..

        • Thor Bonham

          HUH ? Who cares what his parents did or didn’t do, we have a constitution to be followed here , which he was elected to uphold.. It has no bearing on his personal feelings ..
          I know you don’t agree with him, but just listen to what you said ..

          • BadWhisky

            I did not say he was right, far from it, this is what you get when you put people in power that have divided loyalties and it is the exact reason for the Natural born citizen requirement for the executive. No you are taking what I said completely wrong; I said I understand his motivation, where as Ryan’s I do not. Understanding an individual’s motivation doesn’t make the actions right. I understand Ahmadinejad’s motivations and I know it might lead to world war 3 does that mean I agree with him, like him or condone him? NO….

      • Klaus

        Ryan and Rubio are doing great jobs … destroying the Republican party. It’s time for the Republican voters to take a knee and let Ryan and Rubio run the ball in for the score. Then y’all can rally around Canadian Football League standout, Ted Cruz, whose wife works for Goldman Sachs, Obama’s biggest supporter. GOP RIP.

        • Feliciene

          I guess to some they are not loudmouths so you turn on them. They are not destroying the party, it’s just that some people like extremism & we get it from both sides.

      • Jonathan777

        I have $20 bills earmarked for both Ryan and Rubio’s challengers tucked away safely in my dresser drawer. McLame has a $50 with his name on it. I will not forget these traitors come election time.

      • levotb

        Actually, they’re just RINOs! What do you expect from an Open Borders RINO?

        • levotb

          How can you “love” a RINO? There isn’t a conservative bone in his body!

      • Akira88

        Why isn’t Harry Reid or any other Democrat being investigated? Republicans are always in the news negatively. Where are the mainstream media questions about the Senate stonewalling? Where’s the articles about Chuck Schumer? Bringing up Paul Ryan and blathering on to fill up space makes no sense other than to divert the attention of people from real issues journalists refuse to confront.

      • stmaybe

        Amen, Scott. I even had high hopes for graham like 10 years ago.

        • John S. Perilloux

          Nancy Graham?

      • fedupwithmentalcases


      • hun555

        no they not…not to me at least…most of you have been played as a fiddle, from the get go.

    • AlThompson

      Hell, If I lived in Wisconsin, I’d vote DemocRat just to get him out, the little Janus faced SOB !

      • I_RIGHT_I

        You go too far my friend but I get it.

        • Disgruntled2012

          Why is that? Ryan’s doing more damage to the party than any democrat could.

        • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

          Ryan is a democrat just as evil as any Kennedy and for the same reasons. Only this one hasn’t the integrity to declare his true allegiance. Hint: it’s not to the GOP and it sure as hell isn’t to America, the land that granted his worthless carcass succor in his time of need.

      • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

        There is something to be said for substituting a recognizable foe out in the open and plain to all, vs. the skulking puppet Ryan undermining the republic in the background

    • Mayer Rothschild

      Agreed. Where can I find information to help get rid of/replace Ryan?

      Edit: I found this Facebook page:

      • Marlene Hessler

        Contact your Repub party and let them know how many people are going to vote against Ryan. Locate Reps to replace him.

    • RESIST

      The Ugly Truth about The Political Elitist Oligarch’s Henchmen.

    • M_J_S

      This little twerp and any member of Congress that passes amnesty will authorize a mob to rebel. AMNESTY= REBELLION BY CITIZENS!

      • Laconic_Conservative

        DO NOT ADVOCATE REBELLION! You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out!

        Just another laconic thought to ponder while thinking about the politicians (on both sides of the aisle) whom YOU voted into office, who are now usurping our Constitution! In only 399 days, within the constraints of the Constitution, “WE, THE PEOPLE” ” have a renewed responsibility to respond to our nationally elected leadership’s errant legislative attempts to circumvent our rights by voting in the 2014 mid–term elections . . .

        • M_J_S

          So far, no matter who we vote it is not working.

          Enough is enough. No, we will not be lured into public marches, but good luck collecting the money to fund their idiotic programs.

          Perhaps someone will hack into members of congress’ bank accounts and seize their assets? Let them fund illegals, because WE WILL NOT.

          • Lt_Scrounge

            Considering that one of the sections of the Obamacare law requires that the government be given full real time access to your bank accounts, how hard would it be for some hacker to access that information and drain the accounts of a number of high dollar Democrat donors? One can only hope.

          • wookiebush

            Except that all high dollar DemonRAT donors have been given exemptions from Obamacare, so that could not happen.


          • Lt_Scrounge

            They’ve been given unconstitutional waivers concerning the individual and business mandates, but I don’t think that they have been given full waivers. Even if they have, those waivers are only temporary.

          • Deb Sharpe

            Well, I can GUARANTEE one thing. If you vote Democratic in 2014 and/or 2016, we are royally screwed. Had Romney been elected, we’d be on our way to recovery right now.

        • Creative_Artists

          Exactly. No to rebellion. Yes to legitimate political action in the political arena. Our putative representatives have forgotten their role. They now represent themselves exclusively. We are all still to busy working and trying to feed the family. We are all still a little too worried about remaining comfortable. There is too much on the line to leave it to others.

        • Thor Bonham

          You act like M_S_J is the only voter in this country ..
          There is no other way but a rebellion, his vote gets cancelled out by the first democrat libtard scum that walks in ..
          Besides, you’re just regurgitating some talking heads talking points ( Mark Levin ) with the “vote them out” mantra .. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mark, but just happen to disagree with him on this point ..
          The country is on it’s last leg because people try the “vote them out” policy ..
          Tell me, is it working ? Now, do you see any other way ?

      • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

        Amnesty = nullification of the word “citizen”

        • jmail147

          Closer to SUBJECT.

          The well connected will rule by fiat at 30+Million under-educated leftist happily take the lies and crumbs they hand out while subjugating American citizens.

    • 729

      Ryan must be wanting to put a stake in the heart of the GOP.

    • tkdblkblt

      I am absolutely disappointed in Ryan. I’m from Wisconsin. He has lost my support, as have most of the squishy republicans. It’s about time that we got some candidates who are truly conservative that will stand by their principles. I for one will probably sit out the 2014 election. It all depends on what happens with immigration; debt ceiling; abamacare and securing the border.

      • argh32

        Hard to fathom why Ryan sides with the ILLEGALS and stabs us AMERICANS in the back….I just don’t get it. Maybe he just wants to be like McCain when he grows up?

        • Feliciene

          Maybe because something has to be done as it stands now, it just gets worse. If you noticed in the last election, even though they tend to be more conservative, they voted for Obama.

      • sgb1

        I like “squishy republicans”. Well said.

    • DvdPvlch

      I’m with you, man!! What has happened to this guy?

    • Akira88

      Don’t you see what the media is doing? They are diverting attention away from themselves. Why bring up Paul Ryan when Obamacare has been shoved into the lives of the people against the will of the people?

    • GoneApe

      I’m in full agreement. To think this guy might have been VP and then Prez. He is a traitor to his country, state, party, and Americans that work for a living. If he runs for anything, I will support his opponent with donations.

    • TheBitterClinger1

      I know little of Wisconsin but I am predicting this: Instead of Amnesty BROADENING the base of the Republican Party it will cause yet more normally Republican voters to sit on their votes or vote third party. John McCain’s New Rockefeller Republicanism ‘ain’t reaching nobody’ as it were. You just might find Americans of Mexican heritage-Republicans-furious at this pandering.
      Too many of these “young lions of the Republican Party” were all too soon tamed and neutered by the old guard. Rubio was punked by Schumer and McCain and even Cantor seems to be caving.


    • Ken

      I will join that offer. He has turned into another worthless RINO.

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    No amnesty! Americans need jobs, so no unnecessary visas.

  • Hafthor Gunnarsson

    NO AMNESTY. We need our Federal Government to start enforcing our immigration laws. Deport all illegal aliens, secure the border and fine anyone who hires an illegal alien.

    • Falconflight

      Our Federal Government? You surly are /sarc on.

  • dbt3481

    To think I voted for Ryan. Geesh, at least the democrats look you in the face before they stab you. Republicans twist the knife from behind..

    I am so sick of these people.

    • Robsshots

      Amen to that. such low life Judas cretins…they deserve to be tossed on the ash heap of history, as well as in jail.

      • dbt3481

        It is amazing, I actually shook his hand. I never dreamed he would support amnesty.

        Makes me feel dirty.

        • argh32

          like Monica L when the word got out….?

  • Andrew

    What more proof do you need that these asshats do not work for us? They’re willing to pander to any group of people who will vote for them, piss on the American people. We are awake DC and you guys are NOT LISTENING, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Don’t work too hard, Golden Boy. Your star is right next to Marco Rubio’s…which has been sinking since he bumbled around the last amnesty talk….

  • Oboy_must_go

    What a sneaky POS! Not going to vote for him again.

  • thepoisonousmushroom

    I wonder what the NSA has on this traitorous f a g g o t

    • Tomas Cruz

      The NSA surveillance had nothing to do with national security. It was to control the masses.

  • buddman

    Paul Ryan sold his sole the Devil AKA. Obammie and his minnions for a seat at their trough

  • Middletown

    Paul Ryan met Marco Rubio.

  • BX7525

    f u ckin rino, good luck winning a seat w/o the base. marco rubio II

  • Superpower

    This RINO’s political career is DONE!

  • Mike Latoris

    2016 – The year RINO becomes endangered. We need a House and Senate filled with Constitutionalists like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Boot Obummer Boehner and RINO Ryan!!!

  • War_Machine2

    No better than Christie or McCain. I’m beginning to think they are all against us. Just waiting for bad news about Cruz so I can lose all hope of regaining freedom in America.

    • Middletown

      you are not alone bro. not by a long shot.

    • buddman

      We had a welcome home HERO party For Ted Cruz Sat nite DO Not Give Up He is the real Deal He represents us people who elected him The Demturds are scared of him he forgot more than they will ever KNOW SNOT SUCKING LIB COWARDS

  • buddman

    The Problem is the rinos think we are to stupid to see what they are doing LOL!! Say bye bye misfits 2014 is commin Adios MO FO

  • tcp53

    Paul Ryan is a well-meaning, naive tool of the Democrats…..

    • thepoisonousmushroom

      as blackmailed as the vile john roberts

      • John

        Ryan is a pig that I never trusted. He has never held a job outside of DC. Another policy wonk with 0 substance.

  • Falconflight

    “For Ryan, name recognition is no problem, and he has always aimed to attract mainstream conservatives, many of whom believe the effort to defund Obamacare is a folly.” How that for slimy marketing…the author should be charged with false advertising. “Mainstream conservatives” is an oxymoron.

  • ralphie44

    He is busy trying to sell out the WeimariKan populace on behalf of the jew world order

  • tham

    This was our choice against Obama/Biden in 2012?

    • buddman

      This was the medias choice It will not happen again

      • tham

        I just remember the enthusiasm for this guy when Romney picked him. Another stealth RINO.

        • buddman

          Huckabee stayed in as long as he could just to keep the media darlings honest

          • allyall

            Huckabee was cluck clucking with McConnell on his show last night regarding how McConnell “voted to defund Obamacare” but the big bad Democrats are in charge now so it’s not my fault.

          • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

            Huckabee is just as bad in different ways.

      • Unqualified?

        All Romney who was the Establishment’s choice. Hopefully Republicans will from now on vote the opposite of our establishment.

        • buddman

          Romney was the media choice just like McwackoBird

          • Unqualified?

            Or rather the Establishment listening to the media.

          • chucky greenwood

            Say what you want about Romney, but if he were president, we wouldn’t still be dealing with Obamacare, an Amnesty bill, gay marriage, DHS buying hundreds of millions of rounds, gun/magazine bans, Eric freakin Holder, the UN Small Arms Treaty, etc. Additionally, Romney was in support of auditing the Fed, reducing gov’t spending and size, a simplified tax code and many other good ideas. But apparently, since he wasn’t the “ideal” candidate, many Independents and Republicans didn’t vote and we’re stuck with Obama and all his great ideas for the next 3 years, and we get to hear these people complain as if they didn’t have a choice.

          • Unqualified?

            Romney was a terrible candidate who barely mentioned Obamacare during his campaign. He failed to attack Obama on too many issues because he listened to the typical establishment advisers. I’ll give you this; he was a much better candidate than McCain.

          • chucky greenwood

            True. He was a hundred times better than McCain. But, he definitely campaigned on Repealing Obamacare. He was running commercials out here on it, mentioned it in all the debates and had it as part of his 21 point plan or whatever it was called. He did lose the thing, in part, because he got soft in the debates, when he should’ve relentlessly hammered Obama. The GOP also blew it by letting the debates be hosted by lying idiots like Candy Crowley.

        • Hedley Lamar

          Romney was THE ONLY Republican candidate who was against amnesty.

          • matism

            Romney is FOR amnesty.

          • Hedley Lamar

            WRONG! Romney got into a heated argument with Gingrich and Perry during the debates who were both FOR amnesty. Romney said to go after the employers and the illegals would “self-deport”. Look it up.

          • chucky greenwood

            Romney was a strong supporter of e-Verify as well. He knew that if you would take away the jobs magnet, the problem would nearly fix itself.

          • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

            Perry accused Romney of being “heartless”–if he’d thrown in “hostage-taker” and “terrorist” too, Perry could have made a great 2013 DNC spokesman

          • chucky greenwood

            You are correct, and we would not be having this discussion if Romney were president. He took a lot of heat for it, too. Some will remember the “self deport” comment. If you follow Numbers USA, you would see that Romney was tougher on illegal immigration than anyone except Michelle Bachman.

          • Feliciene

            I was a big supporter of Romney but I wished he wouldn’t have taken such a strong stand against it as he didn’t get too many Latino votes. He would have been such a good president.

          • Brian Cunningham

            In retrospect, it appears Mitt Romney was more conservative than Paul Ryan.

          • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

            Damning with faint praise

          • Unqualified?

            He didn’t lose the election because of amnesty I can tell you. He lost because he didn’t go on the attack enough, said nothing while Obama hammered him early, barely mentioned Obamacare, and he listened to the wrong(establishment) advisers. You first must win over your base to stand a chance in a national election.

  • Unqualified?

    Ryan will be finished if he tries this. This is another example of our legislators not listening to their constituents. Hopefully they will fire him when he’s up for re-election.

    • tham

      The problem is this scoundrel can do the amnesty damage even before next year’s elections.

      • Unqualified?

        Political suicide for sure.

    • argh32

      He IS gonna do it! I suppose the fools in Wisconsin will be just like the fools in Arizona.

  • Dantes

    These damn fool Beltway RINOs are hell bent for leather to lose the house next year.

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Paul Ryan claims to be a Randian capitalist, but he NEVER READ her, or obviously, could not grasp her ideas and principles. Ryan does not attack Corporate Welfare but he venomously attacks Workers. Rand opposed the Military and Religion as enslavers of the body and the mind, but Ryan grovels to both. Ryan is all FOR war ….. as long as HE does not have to put himself in “harm’s way”. Ryan is all FOR religion, as long as he does not have to show grace to the Working Class. Ryan strongly attacks Social Security, even though he cashed every single check after his Father died, and was so rich to begin with that he couls SAVE all those Social Security monies to pay for his college. He is a FRAUD.

  • marketcomp

    This is treacherous, Paul Ryan!

    • LastMomStanding

      Aiding the dims in bringing the country down, since he knows he won’t get re-elected, again. The only way ANY of these traitors will get re-elected is if their *elections* are bought and paid for by BIG $$.

      • tham

        That’s the problem — the amnesty deal is supported both by the leftists and big business.

  • tham

    What about his home constituency. They must be seriously dumbed down if they elect this guy again. I wonder if he’ll face any primary challenge due to this.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Why should I vote Republican?
    They fund Obamacare (cause their spineless), more spending, more debt, illegal immigration.
    I will only donate to CONSERVATIVES and donate to any conservative running against these RINO’S.
    NO more money to the RNC.

    • buddman

      TEA Party .ORG

    • tham

      Any donation money I feel like giving will go to individual candidates, not to the RNC, at least until the current leadership is ousted.

      • useyourhead2

        Amen. Reince Preibus must go before I even consider a dime to the RNC. He’s a loser and should not have been reelected by the RNC as their Chairman. His reelection signals more of the same and I’m tired of seeing these libs eat our lunch because of stupidity on the part of the RNC and their Progressive candidates and fraudulent voting.

  • KimsTruths

    I’m conservative, but we should have some type of work program for “currently employed illegals” but, they must prove they have been employed for the last 3 years and have been paying taxes, we can then put them on the slow track to citizenship at the back of the line. What we don’t need are to legalize NON working illegals who will only drain our funds via subsidized “everything.” We must ensure the illegals we put on a path to citizenship are hard working contributors and they must know ENGLISH and be able to pass a test to prove it. If they don’t have at least an 8th grade literacy level, they should have to learn before they get considered for a path to citizenship. No exceptions. Otherwise, we can pretty much assume they are going to be low level earners and need taxpayer support.

    While we are at it, we shouldn’t give any welfare to “Americans” if they can’t demonstrate an 8th grade proficiency in English. (unless they are handicapped) Why do we support the lazy and the weak, who have “chosen” to be that way. We should not. You know who I’m talking about here, the high school drop outs having 3 kids before they turn 20 years old. They should get nothing.

    • tham

      I thought the guest worker program made the most sense. No citizenship. They remain Mexicans and return to Mexico when the guest worker pass expires. There is a certain reality to these folks working in many aspects of America. OIbama isn’t even deporting the criminals at this point.

    • dareisay

      In 2009 our elite politicians brought in 1.2 million Visa workers, they want to double that number…this on top of millions we make citizens each year. There are not brought JOBS for us, let alone millions of foreigners!

    • Catoii

      The problem with any kind of requirements for amnesty is that the Obama administration will either game them or ignore them entirely. The immigration bureaucracy is already overwhelmed. There is simply no practical way they can verify things like whether an illegal immigrant has worked for the past three years (consider that they aren’t supposed to be allowed to work in the first place). So the Obama admin. will simply pretend to enforce such requirements. For example, they may just ask immigrants to sign a statement asserting that they meet them.

      The larger issue is, untrammeled immigration has absolutely destroyed our working class. If we were able to cut off immigration tomorrow, blue collar wages would rise and our current unemployed will be able to find work. But immigrants bring down wages for low skilled work, which makes going on unemployment or disability benefits more attractive than gardening or housecleaning for peanuts.

      The elites don’t mind because these illegals are never going to jeopardize their jobs, and they also get cheap labor for menial household tasks (nannying, gardening, cleaning). One of the greatest unspoken truths in our politics is that allowing illegal immigration hurts our poor the most, while helping the upper classes.

    • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

      The path to citizenship is institutionally permanent due to automatic naturalization of any children born in U.S. territory. Then, family re-unification, then chain migration of estranged nephews and third-cousins. Illegals of all races & creeds happily abuse this dysfunctional system, apparently designed to serve everyone in the world aside from U.S. citizens, lately found to be undesirable to our elites’ taste

  • bevus

    this guy is suicidal, politically, and now! wow, a runner up wtih Mitt, now amnesty! rrreeeaaalllyyyyy! hell no, viva el Cruz. who???? is putting money in his bank accoutn, becasue he is not running again?

  • necod

    Beware of sexy looking Republican frauds.

  • Don Anastas

    I know where Ryan should go – straight to HE!! with his Marxist pal Luis Gutierrez.

  • Tomas Cruz

    Hey Paul, you already had your 15 minutes of fame. That’s it for you. The rest of your worthless life will be one of shame and isolation. I hope you’re recalled!

  • Wigglesworth

    We need to unleash primary hell on these scoundrels.

  • KimsTruths

    So Mr. Ryan is seeking to add more subsidized Democrats to our society. Brilliant move Paul. We can afford that. I thought this guy was on the budget committee? What numbers has he been smoking?

    • tham

      LOL, that’s right, his claim to fame was his alleged budget prowess.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Ryan and Rubio are toast. The base regards them as traitors.

    • tham

      All depends on the quality of their primary opponents, if any. Takes a lot of work, money, etc.

      • Hedley Lamar

        If there’s no primary opponent, then vote Democrat.

  • Greg

    There is no mention of immigration in this article. I guess not too many people actually read the article.

    • tham

      He’s already public with his support for the “gang of eight” immigration bill. I think elsewhere there is some info that he and other leadership are working on amnesty while attention is directed to Obamacare.

    • dareisay

      Check the 2nd to last sentence!

      • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

        Amusingly, Roll Call presents that same spoiler line in a tinier font

  • DufusofAustin

    Hey Paul, the posts are not falling your way. Lots of piling on. I’ll withhold my views until I see whatcha been doin fella.

  • dareisay

    Hey Ryan, Cantor and all you other amnesty pols….Why aren’t you trying to help reduce regulations on our companies, and making a better environment for new businesses to start up??

    Why are illegals more of a PRIORITY than your FELLOW AMERICAN UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS?


  • semus

    Get ride of him, the sooner the better.

  • rowleya

    Resign RINO Ryan. No compromise on Immigration. Enforce the Existing laws.

  • Catoii

    Ryan was always overhyped. I liked him before he ran for veep, then I was decidedly underwhelmed by his performance. If he manages to push amnesty into law, his political career is over (But of course, he will be a leading candidate for the northeastern elite’s’strange new respect” award.)

  • Major Kalhoun

    Ryan, Cantor, and Boehner are traitors to conservative causes.

  • demonot

    Any bill from the House will eventually led to the Senate Bill. DO nothing.

  • snapperman

    Nice; Ryan isn’t working on our healthcare – he’s working on increasing campaign contributions from corporations wanting low cost labor. I will actively work against him in the future – even contribute to a D opponent, although I have contributed several times to Ryan.

  • I_Go_Pogo

    Time for a revolution.

  • Mayer Rothschild

    Wake up CONSERVATIVES. We have a wolf in the chicken’s coop!

    Make your voice heard, donate to replace these schmucks with tea partiers.

  • John Rivas

    Ryan is a wimp.

  • Tony G.

    Talks a fast one . . . does he not . . . time to oust the lot of them . . . with new real conservative blood . . .

  • WhiteBoy65

    Hey Paul Ryan you had your 15 minutes now go away. You’ll never get to the White House no matter how many illegals you give amnesty too. Ain’t gonna happen fool.

  • john q public

    I hope these guys don’t think we aren’t watching them. We are!

    • Fran123

      Obviously they don’t care what we think

      • argh32

        The most relevant comment on here.

  • WhiteBoy65

    Rubio and Ryan, so much for the so called up and coming new republicans. See the new boss, same as the old boss..Judas was a sellout also so you two are in good company.

  • Bill Billin


  • iaac

    If this nonsense gets through, then the Republicans, especially John Boehner and Paul Ryan, will perish in the upcoming elections. And I say: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • atillathehunney

    Republicans ‘look to Ryan?’ That says it all… they ALL need to be dumped. Then tarred and feathered.

    • Fran123

      No, first tar and feather them then run them outta town on a rail!

  • Bill Billin

    Paul Ryan

    AKA Paul Davis Ryan

    Born: 29-Jan-1970
    Birthplace: Janesville, WI [1]

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Roman Catholic [2]
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Politician
    Party Affiliation: Republican

    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: Congressman, Wisconsin 1st

  • atillathehunney

    Americans Si! Mexico No!

  • Big Dawg

    It’s over for Ryan! I can’t believe the arrogance of this congress! The majority are so against this. Yet they keep trying to undermine us! I really think we can only keep a handful of these representatives most have just lost common sense!

  • Bill Billin

    PASSED============================================================ IF
    STRONG DELUSION====================================================

  • Fran123

    Where has Eddie Munster been? Slunking about behind closed doors!!

  • Steve Randolph

    Hey Ryan, HEAR THIS. NO AMNESTY. The aliens are criminals. The only action the USA needs to consider and pursue is rounding them up and shipping them home. END OF DISCUSSION.

  • mscol

    Mr. Ryan thinks he’s unbeatable and will be in congress for life if we don’t have TERM LIMTS!

    • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

      He is actually sent from a “close” district. As he is worthless to any semblance of a conservative agenda I’d imagine some loyal Democrats could begin relocating there from Madison or outer Milwaukee. However it appears he can also lose the seat on his own without their assistance

  • Bill Billin

    <—– Isaiah 30:10 who tell the seers, "Don't see!" and to the prophets, "Don't prophesy to us right things. Tell us pleasant things. Prophesy DECEITS.

    NAsatan official deceit.

    *******NASA(T) – Beyond 2012: Why the World Didn't End.

    Jump to Nibiru/Planet X/Eris: Obviously, IT DOES NOT EXIST. Eris is real, but it is a dwarf planet similar to Pluto that will remain in the outer solar system;******.

    Isaiah 30:10 who tell the seers, "Don't see!" and to the prophets, "Don't prophesy to us right things. Tell us pleasant things. Prophesy DECEITS.


  • Marge3

    After we learned that Paul Ryan wants illegal alien amnesty….he is toast…. just like Rubio…..He has shown that the does not want to do what is best for American citizens without jobs and supports only to elevate his political ambitions. No, we don’t want to legalize 30 million illegal aliens from the Third World that are sucking us dry. Plain and simple…Paul Ryan has shown that he is NOT a conservative.


    Ryan just needs a little “come to Jesus meeting” with the fair minded conservatives of WI. A little blood on the ground wouldn’t hurt.

    • Bill Billin

      the name jesus will be counterfeited in the great tribulation. that is the name the son of satan will use. the son of satan posing himself off as jesus christ will demand SUNDAY WORSHIP.

      that is how you get the mark.

      • I_RIGHT_I

        Please forgive me, I took the name of the Lord in vain somewhat. A “come to Jesus meeting” is a colloquial saying in these parts of Texas. It means Paul with the help of his friends and supporters needs to be reminded who he is, what he is and where We the People wish him to lead us. No more than that. God bless and keep you and yours Bill.

        • Bill Billin


          • Fran123

            who are you?

        • Fran123

          @ I_RIGHT_I, We have that saying too. Not to worry you are just very upset and surprised. Everything is okay.

        • I_RIGHT_I

          Oh, and by the way Sunday worship is sanctioned by the Apostle Paul. I worship every day so as not to be confused or confounded by he who must not be named.

          • I_RIGHT_I

            Bill, you’re in big trouble but I’m guessing you know that.

    • Fran123

      Jesus has suffered enough, but your thoughts are understood

  • Brian Cunningham

    I am a conservative Republican and I’ve already decided to contribute to Ryan’s Democratic opponent next year.

    • Fran123

      Don’t give to either one of them

    • Marge3

      Why not primary him? Are there not any other people outraged in his district? Ryan is now a bona fide RINO who is wants all of the illegal aliens to stay and have a free lunch.

      • Fran123

        Better idea!

  • chronovisor

    fn lying RINO~ one of the MAIN reasons romney lost was because of this rino!

  • ErnieS

    He was going to be the possible VP with Robme. You GOP are freakin’ out of control. They were right, your party is circling the drain… FAST!

    • Fran123

      It’s better to be right than suffer eternal perdition

  • Bill Billin

    worldwide report to sunday church laws will be passed. do not go or at that point you have worshiped the beast and received his mark





  • snapperman

    Ryan must support Obamacare – isn’t working to stop it and wants to legalize tens of millions of Hispanics who support free government-funded healthcare.

  • larrybudwiser

    Ryan will never see the light of day as anything but a congressman from Wisconsin

    • Fran123


  • Ivan Simer

    Damn you to hell Paul Ryan! And take Marko Stupido with you!

    • Fran123

      That’s goin a bit too far. I understand your sentiments, however

      • keller23


        • Fran123

          Condemning someone to hell is too far. Only God has that say

    • sameolbs

      Good one…Marko Rubio is stupido. He rides the coat tails of Rand Paul. He rides the coattails of Ted Cruz. He doesn’t have a back bone.

  • Mike Lameyer

    Pieces of sheeeiiiittt all of them. Arm yourselves.

  • UteDB

    Rubio, Ryan, Ayotte, and the rest of the RINO frauds that voted for this AMNESTY need to be purged from the ranks ASAP

  • Native_New_Yorker

    Wow….another RINO out of the closet!!!!! What is wrong with these idiots!!!! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL. Round them up, lock them up, deport them. Period.

    • Fran123

      First brand them: “RINO”

  • libh8er

    The Surrender caucus gains a member.

  • Moses1967

    The Illegal Immigrants from Mexico are used to living in a country under the
    combined rule of Drug Lords and a Fascist Government. They have no concept of traditional American Liberty. The American corporations such as General Electric prefer partnering with Fascist governments such as China PRC. RINOs such as Ryan want Illegal Immigrants to make it impossible for Natural Born American citizens to elect a majority party that believes in traditional American Liberty. Either implementing ObamaFascistCare or converting Illegal Immigrants into voters will seal the deal to make the majority of the American voters subservient to a Fascist system of government. ObamaFascistCare will be a key to creating a Corporative State. A definition of a Corporative State follows: An “economic system inaugurated by the Fascist regime of Benito Mussolini in Italy. It was adapted in modified form under other European dictatorships, among them Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist regime in Germany and the Spanish regime of Francisco Franco [and now by the Fascist regime of Barry Soetoro]. Although the Italian system was based upon unlimited government control of economic life, it still preserved the framework of capitalism. Legislation of 1926 and later years set up 22 guilds, or associations, of employees and employers to administer various sectors of the national economy. These were represented in the national council of corporations. The corporations were generally weighted by the state in favor of the wealthy classes, and they served to combat socialism and syndicalism by absorbing the trade union movement. The Italian corporative state aimed in general at reduced consumption in the interest of militarization.”

  • Slappyhappy

    Romney made a BIG mistake in choosing Ryan as his VP running mate. Ryan is the face of taking away SS. 9 million Republicans didn’t show up on election day and many of these voters didn’t vote because Ryan is the no touch third rail. Well meaning idiot both he and Romney. How could they be so blind to reality. Now, Ryan his political career over wants amnesty. An investigating reporter wouldn’t have to dig very deep to uncover his future employer putting bundles of cash in his coffers. It’s all about the money. Ryan thinks he can run for the President. He will never ever get elected.

    • Fran123

      It’s like the sayin goes: “don’t touch a wounded animal (in this case Ryan), he may bite”

    • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

      His lack of instincts is attributable to a soft life spent mostly in the Beltway

  • Moses1967

    The Media Establishment is doing everything it can to support Obama’s dream of a Fascist America. As the New York Times was in 1922, the NYT and the American Media Establishment is in 2013. The New York Times was right there in the beginning of Fascism supporting Mussolini’s creation of Fascism. Please visit the NYT article as follows:


    “Scholar and Editor, Self Taught, Is Premier at Thirty-Eight, ONCE A SOCIALIST
    LEADER, Spectre of a Bolshevik Government Led Him to Organize Fascisti and
    Upset Cabinet”.

    By ALICE ROHE November 05, 1922,

    “EVERYTHING is possible in Italy. The speaker was Benite Mussolini, the
    new Italian Premier; the place was Rome; the time– just the other day. Since
    then his words have become reality. He has been swept into the seats of the
    mighty on that overpowering wave of Fascismo. Just as Fascismo is a political…”

  • Bill Billin






  • jjr5268

    Amnesty for the criminal illegal invaders is a disgusting political move.

  • Rabid_Koala

    Ryan, Christie, Rubio……..pathetic.

  • Bill Billin


    2 Corinthians 4:18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.




  • jamesben

    NO AMNESTY – and Ryan – you BETTER BET WE’RE WATCHING. Turncoat s.o.b.

    • Bill Billin

      <—- ryan cant hear you as he is in a underground city

      • Fran123

        We can’t hear you either

        • Bill Billin

          <——- are you in a underground city spamming us on earth?

  • sameolbs

    Republican traitor….and that’s why I am an Independent.

  • Joe Davis

    An amnesty deal now (which they’d definitely try to market as NOT an amnesty deal) would be the END of the over 150 year old Republican Party for all practical purposes.

    • Bill Billin

      <——- they are in underground cities

  • sameolbs

    That’s right, bring all the illegals in just in time for “free” healthcare. Say good-bye to the middleclass.

    • Bill Billin

      <——- underground cities are not available to the middle class

      go here without delay and do as the word of YAHUVEH GOD INSTRUCTS




      • sameolbs

        Take a chill pill.

  • Harry McMerkin

    If Ryan is cooking up some kind of Amnesty stew, I recommend that we hang him by his pointy little widow’s peak until he pees his pants.

    • Bill Billin

      <—— they are hiding in underground cities

  • Laconic_Conservative

    Even my young children understand the meaning of NO!

    Just another laconic thought to ponder while thinking about the politicians (on both sides of the aisle) whom YOU voted into office, who are now usurping our Constitution! In only 399 days, within the constraints of the Constitution, “WE, THE PEOPLE” ” have a renewed responsibility to respond to our nationally elected leadership’s errant legislative attempts to circumvent our rights by voting in the 2014 mid–term elections . . .

  • bworei

    Flood this man’s voice mail: No to ANY kind of immigration legislation! Our lawless President won’t even enforce current law, so it’s a waste of time. Tell Mr Ryan he needs to be out leading on the ObamaCare battle, NOT amnesty!

    (202) 225-3031
    (608) 752-4050
    (262) 654-1901
    (262) 637-0510

    • Bill Billin



  • KentM

    Had it with Ryan and the establishment stirring up stuff nobody wants except illegals You are going to cost us all hope of Senate and retaining the House. Quit it already

    • Bill Billin


      • nOmOREaMNESTIES!!!


  • N Martinez

    This guy is a little troll.
    I can honestly say I hate him as much as Obama.
    At least we know Obama is a @sshole. This guy posed as Mr. Conservative for a vote.
    He is disgusting…

    • Bill Billin


      go here without delay and do as the word of YAHUVEH GOD INSTRUCTS




      • Joe Davis

        Do you think you could get me in? I mean if I come up with a little payola? Hint. Hint.

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    You’re dead to me, Paul.

    • Bill Billin


      go here without delay and do as the word of YAHUVEH GOD INSTRUCTS




  • JoeHenry

    Paul Ryan is an embarrassment to the devoted conservatives in the great state of Wisconsin. Someone must have bought him. He is now one of Karl Rove’s mindless RINObots. I hope someone kicks Karl Rove in his fat caboose.

    • Bill Billin


      go here without delay and do as the word of YAHUVEH GOD INSTRUCTS




      • Joe Davis

        Yeah, there’s one directly under my house and those bastards keep me up all night with all the noise they make. Down there the sun doesn’t rise or fall and their hours get all mixed up. They don’t care what time of day or night it is and consequently I have to put up with people going to some bowling alley in the wee hours. Why would they be so fond of bowling down there anyway. Weird.

        • Bill Billin

          people have been hearing the banging noises for awhile now and when they use underground explosives the usgs registers it as an earthquake. im hoping people will catch on soon and repent of their sins and turn to YAHUSHUA, in truth and in righteousness. they must report here without delay AMIGHTYWIND D O T C O M im being censored

  • tpartynitwit

    He’s a heretic! Burn him!

    • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

      Worse, he’s a liberal tool

  • Richard291

    Who the hell does this man think he is? He gets in to the lime light last year and now he thinks that he has the cojones (little Spanish lingo) to screw The American People that don’t want this damn amnesty thing. This won’ fly, just like the other a-holes within the Republican Party. If Paul Ryan thinks this is a smart move he better think twice, because We The People have had just enough of their crap ramming things down our throat each and every day with no consequences to themselves but on to the hard working American backs!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough people. Vote him and the rest of the clowns out of office immediately in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randy Rogers

    And I actually voted for this traitor. No mas.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    I can’t believe you morons even considered Ryan for VP. Well, next time you can try McShame McCain and bologna smoking buddy Lindsey “I’m not gay” Graham. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • nOmOREaMNESTIES!!!

      What was the alternative…moron? Hope you’re happy with him.

  • Robsshots

    Such a turncoat traitor. Hope you folks in Wisconsin send him his retirement papers. Creep.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Paul Ryan has always been a RINO. Why do you think establishment Republicrats picked him to ride Romney’s pole?

  • calmvoice

    An amnesty deal will kill your career, Ryan. Americans don’t want it! And we thought you were a congressman who knew the score. Who did you sell us out to?

    • Bill Billin


  • another_engineer

    I unfortunately backed Ryan in the past, he has stabbed me in the back. He can now go to hell. I can’t even email his office, it’s not accepting any input from his bosses anymore.


    And to think that I voted for this POS!!! Phook Ryan!!

  • Steve White

    This is why the Republican congress has such low ratings! They say one thing to us, and work behind our backs playing democrat-lite. This whole thing is to replace conservatives who stayed home and didn’t vote for Romney with some sort of allegedly grateful Mexican immigrant, who they believe will suddenly vote for Republicans if they vote for amnesty.

  • Professor_Fate

    I used to think Mr. Ryan was a very promising young conservative politician. He said all the right things, made all the right noises. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words. Very disappointing.

  • jmatt55

    Ryan and Rubio need to be thrown from office as a message to the Republican Party: Treachery will not be rewarded. And we don’t care if that means a Democrat takes their place.

    The Big Government Republican Establishment must be eliminated.

  • god

    When you don’t hear from GOP elite, get ready to pull a knife out of your back. These turncoats always do the wrong thing in the middle of the night. Ryan is on the WRONG side of the immigration issue. He may be good on budgets but if he goes down the amnesty path and takes the GOP with him, you can kiss support from the base good-bye. The Tea party will move the needle one way or another, one candidate at a time. We’re sick of RINOS!

  • billrowland

    He just lost the tea party.
    How quickly they forget why they were elected.

  • redneckkk

    My congressboy is a shill for the dims it seems.

  • JBRoux

    Mario Puzo couldn’t have written this. A knife in the back from people we trusted. What is so attractive to these people about bringing in foreigners to compete for jobs, overburden our healthcare and welfare budgets, and vote against our candidates. Yes vote, Vote with every name on every false ID that they carry. This guy Paul Ryan was brought in to make the Romney ticket more conservative, and now this from him?

  • anAmericanMom

    The math wiz goes silent. Especially when HE of all, has to know the COSTS involved with millions of illiterates added to the doles.
    The legal battles if they garner amnesty for spanish speaking teachers in every district lacking. And every other thing they will be demanding.
    Oh and GOP they will put hispanics in YOUR seats.

    Most unAmerican tools at the helm of this great nation.
    Socialist scum .

  • Guinessforbreakfast

    Ryan is my congressman and I have wrote him on his immigration stance and got back a talking points letter……c’mon man!
    The man has been brainwashed by the inside the beltway crowd and the only cure, vote him out.

    • Bill Billin

      <<<<WARNING PLANET X CLOSING IN) the leaders are hiding in

      go here without delay and do as the word of YAHUVEH GOD INSTRUCTS




      • Guinessforbreakfast

        Man that must be some good stuff. What color are those pills?

  • wolfen244

    I never thought i’d be calling Ryan a traitor or coward – but he’s both.

  • WhereDidMyLibertyGo?

    Ryan is a back-stabbing traitor to the Americans who granted his ingrate people succor in their time of need (i.e., inviting the whole damned world to eat-out the substance of us Americans, without so much as a by-your-leave).

    Sadly, it seems to be a consistent character trait of his kind. No wonder the English did all in their power to crush them.

  • Pug

    You’re toast in Wisconsin RINO Ryan. Effing traitor.

  • Kevin Clark

    Primary Paul Rino.

  • thomashenryjr

    Excellent, more people to take Welfare that Regular Americans wont take

    • vegasdomar

      No sweat. It comes into the I.R.S. by the buckets full. The money they get from ObamaCare will take care of those problems, just like Social Security. Hard working taxpayers choke and croak.

  • Bill Billin

    do not censor this

    • Bill Billin


      • TheBruce

        It’s nonexistent, as in moot.

    • Bill Billin

      2 Peter 2:1 But there were also FALSE PROPHETS AMONG THE PEOPLE, AS THERE WILL BE TEACHERS OF FALSEHOOD AMONG YOU ALSO, WHO WILL CUNNINGLY INTRODUCE FATAL DIVISIONS, disowning even the Sovereign Lord who has redeemed them,
      and bringing on themselves SWIFT DESTRUCTION.

    • TheBruce

      Gee, wasn’t “planet X” supposed to hit us in December of last year?

  • SideshowJon36

    Look at all the self-righteous “Conservatives” willing to cannibalize their own over a story in a Liberal rag

    • Mark Belmont

      Where have you been Mr. Sideshow? Ryan is at the forefront of wanting to legalize 50-60 million law breakers. Study up or shut up!

  • KunTewk

    Nothing like betrayal to eat your guts out

  • Thomas Freedom

    Ryan and Rubio compromised on Conservative beliefs and both doomed their chances for the Presidential nomination. Ted Cruz filled that vacuum.

  • SideshowJon36

    So, this story mentions nothing about Amnesty, and only has a half sentence on immigration. Did a bunch of reactionaries read a Drudge headline and lose their S**t? Ever think this is why we’re not taken seriously?

    • Mark Belmont

      Are you serious? Do you not know Ryan is at the forefront of legalizing 50-60 million illegal law breakers? Where have you been? The story doesn’t have to explain that to other people here, but apparently your head has been in the sand. You need to study up more and keep up with what’s going on like the rest of us.

    • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

      Ryan’s name is mud. Why would you need a 2nd opinion from Journolist

  • Les Legato

    PRIMARY RYAN OUT and deport him and his family to Mexico. I am sure Señor Romney can give him a reference.

    Hey Ryan, YOU’RE a TRAITOR, get out of of America.

  • jhpoland

    What made him believe This cause would further his political career??? He has lost any support of Conservatives Who once Liked him ..And the illegals he is tyrying to hope Would never vote for Him .. He has Self Destructed !!! Ashame !!!!

    • planet8788

      Didn’t we make a big enough example out of Rubio?

    • Grimest Reaper

      So TRUE ! ! !

  • vegasdomar

    Can’t go to Mexico and live. Too much involved getting across the border on the Mexican side. Also costs too much in bribes to live there.

  • Jean Mercer

    On Monday, Sept 16 saw him arriving at La Guardia in NYC in the SW terminal. Guess he was involved in UN talks with maybe Mexico.

  • bigdaddy

    ryan the rino must go, CRUZ IS THE REAL DEAL.

  • Detroit

    Ryan has been actively and publicly promoting amnesty for illegals at least as far back as April. Ryan, a RINO, surely will not be supported by conservative House members.

  • Kathleen3

    Ryan is wholly owned and operated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and totally functions at the behest of Party bosses.

    • Detroit

      Ditto for Wisconsin governor (RINO) Scott Walker.

      BTW, I resided in Ryan’s district before moving to metro Detroit.

  • Amagi

    Seems republicans are learning from the Obama administration by keeping us focused on the sword in one hand while holding a knife in the other.

  • NotThatStupidYet

    I might have to move to Wisconsin, just so I can vote against him

  • Chaz22

    OPEN LETTER TO PAUL RYAN : so you have chosen, once again, to dodge attention and find a safe hide-a-way . There has been quite a a bit of talk about this but nobody can answer the question “WHY ” ? My best advice to you would be : SPEAK UP AND TELL US WHY YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THAT !
    You seem to think you have what it takes to be a presidential candidate in 2016. Are you stupid or something ? Newsflash : a president has to be out there in front and communicating every day ! He has to be ready to face the cameras and speak any moment- he can’t slip out the back door and refuse to be a leader. What makes you think you can ever be president if you can’t face the music ?
    I wish you could read this, because you are killing yourself. You have had two wonderful oportunities to show what you are made of; to show the country that you can play an important roll, but you went into hiding . Or it seemed that way. Right after the 2012 election you vanished and everyone was puzzled. . After a while you joined the rest of the key Republican leaders and let yourself be heard. Now you are doing the same thing . You are missing a perfect chance to do your thing ( it’s all about budgets- you nitwit ) and you are afraid to stand up and do your job. We the people desserve an explaination. TALK ! ( Or you maybe won’t be forgiven )

  • Raymond Smith

    F*ck you ryan you piece of sh*t – here’s a deal – F*ck off. You’re a LIAR. A TRAITOR, and a FRAUD. You’re also UNEMPLOYED after the next election.

    • Grimest Reaper

      Way to go Ray.

  • Karen

    The budget deficit has gotten bigger under Paul Ryan. He is as smart as my pen.

    • Just FED Up with DC!

      No, I would say your pen is smarter. Ryan is a fiscal r e t a r d.

    • TheBruce

      Not a single budget written by Ryan has been passed into law. What are you talking about?

      Just to refresh your memory, there hasn’t been a budget passed into law since 2009, when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

  • Bill Billin


  • Kree13

    LMAO!! Go ahead Ryan do your thing why don’t these dingbats see that they don’t matter !!

    • planet8788

      Didn’t they see Rubio’s numbers plunge through the floor?

      • Just FED Up with DC!

        They are fiscal and policy r e t a r d s.

  • Dale

    He is a John and Lindsey clone.

  • FROG75


  • planet8788

    Didn’t he see what happened to Rubio’s number when he went to bat for free borders? You have to be insane to push this. Then again.. You have to be insane to run with Romney.

    • Grimest Reaper

      We don’t need to change our immigration laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have.

      • planet8788

        That would be a start, but we also need to stop bringing so many 3rd worlders in here and make it easier for intelligent folks to come here.

        • Grimest Reaper

          You don’t need new laws to stop that. Between Bush and Obama they never found a law they were willing to respect that they didn’t like. More Laws that a POTUS will not enforce will achieve nothing.

  • ocean

    Obama did ‘Declare War’ on jobs for Americans.
    Many Americans are suffering financial hardship.
    To many jobless Americans.
    The Democrat Party immigration bill will give
    American jobs to illegal aliens.

  • ounceoflogic

    Why don’t these spineless Republicans just give Pelosi and Reid their proxies and move on to their lobbying careers?

    • Grimest Reaper

      I don’t understand why they don’t just put a (D) behind their name. If you share the Dem’s values, go be one and stop misrepresenting yourself to US.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Per Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, Congress alone has the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States.

  • Johnrambo1

    Come on people vote this turd out!

  • JoetheFilmmaker

    These are the RINOS. They’ve already been marked. So lets get them out. It doesn’t matter what they do now. They MUST go.

    Don’t forget, Rubio and Ryan campaigned to defund Obamacare while offering free healthcare to illegal immigrants. They’re appeasing to the illegal immigrants in order to gain enough support for their “signature amnesty” legislation. The whole scam tells me that Rubio and Ryan have no intention (and never had any intention) of defunding Obamacare. They’re just angling for time while they wait for the big one-party Dem/Rep merge.

    Get them out, folks. I’m doing my part– I’m donating to all the conservative contenders in 2014. NOT the GOP. The conservatives individually.

  • ordinary american

    Lying Ryan has also contracted the “self destruct” germ that Rubio was infected with. Ryan has no concept that what he is doing is to make sure that the GOP will become extinct. Right now the GOP is on the “Endangered Species List” and either Obamacare or Amnesty will insure that the GOP will become a footnote in history. The real shame is that we will become a one party country and that will be the end of the American Experiment! Didn’t this dumb bastrd learn anything form history? He lost the last election and has not idea the he, Romney and the other establishment republican dumb bastrds so alienated the religious middle, religious right, conservatives, libertarians, Tea Party, American Patriots, etc that enough of them did not vote for him. Lying Ryan did not lose because of the lack of the Hispanic vote. It was because of the lack of inclusiveness by the GOP. Like others who have commented I too will contribute to whomever is willing to primary this POS and other POS who votes for Obama care and Amnesty.

  • Old_Conservative

    If any Republican supports an amnesty plan for illegals (I say send them all back and come in the front door like everyone else!) they should be recalled or impeached. That type of Anti-American behavior simply must be terminated one way or another! These folks are supposed to represent us yet they slither around behind our backs like the snakes they are and undermine our country and our Constitution! There is no difference between a Socialist Republican and a Socialist Democrat! All must go!!

  • Josephus Flav

    Bad idea

  • Josephus Flav

    These idiots don’t realize that as long as the Democrats play Santa Claus they will never get the Hispanic, Black or low information vote. If they had a lick of sense they would pay attention to the people that put them in office.

  • Steve Susie

    He is apparently to ignorant to see what has happened to rubio’s popularity in the polls since he was the poster boy for the illegal criminals. The only reason obama won a second term is because of the laws his justice dept. put in place to allow the illegals to vote without an ID. You need an ID to buy alcohol, you would think you would need one for our elections, don’t you????

  • Tommy Hancock

    Immigration reform like the government yearns for and the ACA are the two things that will completely change this country. In my lifetime this is the only time I have ever believed that we are near to the end of being the greatest country on Earth. We have been great because of our great Constitution and work ethic and innovation of the American people. Not to mention the Federal Reserve printing us into higher inflation that will make life harder for all except the fat cats on Wall St.

  • Retired military

    Go home Ryan. And stay there. If immigration passes I WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN. republican or otherwise.

  • TheBruce

    “Beware Trojans bearing gifts.”

  • Grimest Reaper

    Here is another one I can’t understand – Bush tried to force CRAMnesty down our throats twice during his 2 terms in office. I know Bush has relatives that are Mexican, but why is it they see the need to over-run the country with Mexicans. I know they want cheap labor, but these people don’t want America in the way my relatives did when they came from Europe. My grandmother became an American. She didn’t teach her children or her grandchildren how to speak her native language.

    The Mexican’s don’t want to learn English and they don’t really seem to like us. All they seem to want is the benefits our government will give them.

  • Cincinnatus

    Ryan had better be lining himself up for a seven-figure lobbying position with La Raza after the 2014 election; because he will not be going back to Capitol Hill.

  • bigbiz2

    Need to check his tie and see if theres Taco sauce on it..I think he’s turned….Any non liar would know that the Budget chairman ought to be at the fore front of stopping the Unaffordable Care Act AND stopping ANY legal status for illegal Mexicans..I,d love to get a picture of him meeting with La Raza traitors..


    he better not be doing any mother F%^king amnesty deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Defend The Constitution

    Here’s Obama’s deficit history, over the last four years:2009: $1.41 Trillion 2010: $1.29 Trillion 2011: $1.30 Trillion 2012: $1.10 TrillionThe guy putting your children in the hock to hostile foreign governments is Hussein Obama.

    • Jim Wolfson

      Aided by Weepy Böner’s spending bills.

  • ObfuscationReignsIn2013

    WOW – ANOTHER turn coat, forked tongue politician….. who sold himself as what he obviously is not just to get elected …. And once he’s comfy and ensconced in his office, he immediately begins working AGAINST his constituents.

    I am sick and fekking tired of the forked tongue dirt bags.

  • 1NonPermissive

    I’m from his state, i voted for him, i never will again.

  • SevenofNine

    A couple million villagers with torches and pitchforks outside capitol hill will remind the bloodsuckers who is really in charge…

  • Jim Wolfson

    Or, maybe conservative Americans are just sick of his shiite.

  • porkexpress

    What has happened to our Constitution?? Is nothing our fore fathers established sacred anymore?? Politicians are making a mockery of what our country once stood for. I have never liked lawyers and I really can not see a reason to start now.

  • Benjamin Martin

    Ryan’s pathetic debate with the halfwit Biden plus his support for amnesty puts an end to any shot at the White House.The guy is toast just like that fraud Rubio.

  • msmnewssucks

    Ryan, you better not ram and push for any kind of amnesty– period!!!! Now sit down and shut up!!! We the People reject amnesty, and you should be concentrating on getting rid of Ovomitcare

  • argh32

    Ryan, the junior McCain/grahm/mcconnel/king… sad.

  • Earl

    If he continues to push amnesty, he has no chance in any election cycle.

  • jnnrd54surrounded by libs

    What a total disappointment this guy turned out to be.

  • neverlickthehand

    You SOBs slip AMNESTY through while the focus is on the other stupid Washington DC BS… you should just go home now.

  • bd1143bc

    What a crap sucking sell out.

  • desicon


  • WatchingAmericaDie

    Paul Ryan is a piece of crap. I hope this SOB rots in Hell.

  • dennis pitner

    Since when and why are Dems so concerned about any divisions in the Republican Party?The economy belongs to Obama,Bernanke,Reid and the sycophantic press,they know that they are in trouble and they try to shift the blame on anything or anybody,Bush has been gone for 5 yrs ,so now Obama is running around calling out ridiculous charges of the republicans being economic terrorists,obstructionists and anything else he can think of.His Grand scheme on Obamacare is falling apart and he’s looking for a scapegoat.As far as Ryan is concerned he’s just another Rino who will sell out the country in a heartbeat.

  • Cellman

    Didn’t work when Reagan gave an amnisty. Why do the polititions keep ramming things down the throats of U.S. Citizens? Obama and Dirty Harry will shut the government down and the Republicans will be blamed again.

  • Deg8890

    A rino…no need for him and I disagree with his amnesty plan. Primary him out!!!

  • nunya fknbsness

    lets just move on dc and hang these sobs criminals…

  • Iben_Hadd

    Roll Call censors my avatar?

    • ObfuscationReignsIn2013

      The 0bama Propaganda Machines do NOT appreciate truth, facts, historical data, or anything resembling free thinking.

      • Iben_Hadd

        Since my avatar showed up above that must not be it. The post had no profanity. OB was not mentioned. I compared a twenty five year plan (Ryan’s) to balance the budget as being worse or funnier than an Old Soviet five year plan.

        • ObfuscationReignsIn2013

          Then it is most likely some “forbidden” word …. An example: – One cannot post about a party where “C@cktails were served” …

          Check to see if there is ANY chance of an “offensive” spelling…. Libs love to save whales, hug trees, and kill babies yet they are darn picky about “word” – go figure.

  • Beedogs

    Ryan and Rubio must be voted out of office for their amnesty treason/.

  • OverCooked

    Ouch… The fact that Messrs. Sessions and Hastings commented with attribution for this article is not a good sign for Mr. Ryan. Perhaps the honeymoon is over for Mr. Ryan.

  • jay jay

    Primary Paul Ryan. He needs to see how hard it is for us working stiffs to make it without supporting 35-60 + million more people, who came here illegally. Wisconsin you are smarter than this. This guy doesn’t represent your interests any longer. GOD BLESS.

  • dave kenny

    There can be only 1 reason GOP leaders ignore voters
    I wonder what Ryan confesses to?
    No hiding place there


    • Gas_Passer

      La Raza must be highest payer.

  • Vince Foster

    Ryan jumped the shark when he lied about his marathon time, if he will lie about that he will lie about anything.

  • Anthony Clay

    you cannot win anything without conservative support, Ryan is history

  • gibbygoo56


  • Chaunte

    Is that all that cretin knows?

  • formerusaf

    Ryan – Apparently, he believes he will become a sainted political leader of the Hispanic voting block when he runs for the presidency.

  • chuckles

    These RINO’s need to know we are taking names. Is everybody writing them to let them know we are watching? My Congressman has gotten 50 emails just from me in the last month. Course, my Senator is Cruz so I just send kudo’s. Cornyn, OTOH is finished and I let him know as much. He wrote back and said he voted to defund ObamaCare, but I wrote back and said he voted for cloture. To bad, so sad.

  • Azlecitizen

    These people just don’t seem to get the message, “you WILL carry out the will of the people, or you’re history”

  • Al Weezy

    Sneaky Edie Munster Looking Son a BEETCH…RINOs LOVE AMNESTY.

  • rdlynn

    Enforce the law before there is any discussion of reform. Does open borders sound like “Reform” to you?

  • levotb

    Ryan’s a damn RINO, a faux conservative who couldn’t even deliver his own state to the ticket last year. Why? Because Conservative voters stayed home.

  • Pat Nash

    He was really a disappointment and I think he does best working behind the scenes, but buddy you better not be back stabbing the Americans or else you will not be coming back.

  • fulredy

    Paul Ryan will not be able to get elected to any office at any level.

  • Nobel Sweepstakes Winner

    The sooner that useless, sell-out wimp becomes Former Congressman the better for the country. If you cannot do the job, you will be replaced

  • CashMcCall

    Paul RINO the big gov planner. He showed up at the debate unprepared and got his but spanked by Joe Cverkoff Biden. Romney had done well in the first debate and then Ryan fell flat on his RINO face totally unprepared.

    His career is over. This guy is a loser.

  • CashMcCall

    Mainstream Conservatives? This guy attracts only RINOs. Conservatives can’t stand this freaking backstabbing eddie munster loser, liar, diaper dancer. Filthy usurper. These RINOs are worse than liberals.

  • Amberteka

    His approval ratings are in the toilet. One of the FAmilas groups he works with has been linked to the Second largest drug cartel in Mexico….The Knight’s Templar is their name.
    His now close working partner……Frank Sharry..former head of Jeb Bush’ National Immigration Forum…Now George Soros’ America’s Voice….IF HE IS NOT A COMMUNIST…………..WHO IS? DOES ANYONE EVER LOOK AT HIS PAST SANDANISTA HISTORY?
    Ryan is looking for love in the barrio…and his is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is…………HE is being used…………not vice versa.

    • Col Klink

      I dont doubt it

  • rockribbed

    I hope an illegal runs against him in the primary. Irony is all we have left.

    • Rednecksrule

      Yes, an illegal will be willing to be bought a lot cheaper than this turd Ryan as a Congressman.

  • Daniel Furrey

    how about enforce the immigration laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS? instead of amnesty for upto 58MM LOW-SKILLED illegals?
    Try asking a non-US citizen trying to LEGALLY live here & become a citizen – what they think about all this? Your mind will change for sure!

  • Rob

    We gave the nation away… WE GAVE IT AWAY!

  • Akira88

    There’s something odd going on when some hack journalist takes attention away from the unbelievable mess Obamacare will bring by blathering on about Paul Ryan – an ex pres candidate. It’s of no importance at all — not today. It’s only serving to get people riled about Republicans while the Democrats are left in their little bubble untouched by scrutiny.

  • SalMoanella

    Primary this treasonous RINO.

  • landofaahs

    The Republican establishment types are hell bent on making sure the conservative Tea Party Liberty loving types stay home next election. They must be longing for minority status.

    • ernaldin

      Exactly what happened last November, eight million GOP voters did NOT go to the polls. It affected much more than just the presidential race…

  • Col Klink

    These jokers think we are all asleep to the Catholics supporting their fellow Latins. There’s a billion Catholics and another billion Muslims in the world. Political power comes through demographics. Once they change and replace Americans they win!

  • Pepperspray137

    You know when the left calls (R)s stupid this is one of the reasons why. When the Amnesty takes effect they will seal their fates. No Mexican coming from Mexico is EVER going to vote (R) EVER. I don’t mean they disagree with republican policies, or their stand on moral issues, they just know that (R) = bad. It’s is the exact same with the Native American population out here, every single one I know and talk to about politics would NEVER vote (R) lest they be disowned and alienated. (R)s have some serious PR issues they need to work out before they increase the left’s voting bloc with so little thought. We on the right blame the left for “ruining America” and the right just hands them a few million more votes as if it’s going to do anything but strengthen their opposition.

    • Col Klink

      Those Nat-Am people are just doing what they believe is best for the working middle-class. Ive heard it before. But those days are over. As if voting matters anyway.

  • PatriotBill

    “For Ryan, name recognition is no problem, and he has always aimed to attract mainstream conservatives, many of whom believe the effort to defund Obamacare is a folly.”

    I have NEVER met a mainstream conservative who believes that the effort to defund Obamacare is a folly. Every conservative who I know, wants to end Obamacare. What a hit piece this article is!!

    I sure hope Paul Ryan takes note of how his former running mate, Mitt boy,ran his poorly planned campaign. Mitt clearly ignored his base and targeted independents and moderates. Look how well that strategy turned out. Millions of grass roots Republicans (conservatives) did not vote in the last election cycle. YET there are still those who wish to work with the other side and be non-confrontational. Do the Democrats work that way. They never quit even in the face of defeat. They all stand together on issues. NOT like our RHINO weak stomach turds. They slink down in their seats hoping that no one will notice their yellow bellies and quiver at the thought of standing together with their base. Ryan working on an amnesty deal makes me sick. Just like Marco Rubio. I am so done with these RHINO’s because they continue to ignore their base. We need to do something about it because they just do not get it anymore!!

  • downtownon911

    Paul Ryan is a fool on a fool’s errand.

  • Col Klink

    The immigration and gun control issues go together back and forth between the two because gun control is preparation for the coming civil war with govt backed immigrant cartel gangs, and the muslim refugees. They may even have a crusade here in north America and guess who will get caught in the middle.
    Hopefully it is still many years away, but this is what is taking shape!

  • ernaldin

    NO AMNESTY! Here illegally? GET OUT!

  • Sonshine

    Well in a country that selects it leaders like they buy the breakfast cereal what can you expect. American politics have always been about image not substance; especially when dealing with national elections.

  • Hedley Lamar

    Ryan is hiding under his desk because, like Rubio, he made himself irrelevant by advocating amnesty.

  • John Geyer

    Adios, Ryan.

  • disqus_hQ19w3VLjt

    I have written him many times and spoke to him once. This bill will result in 12 years of wage depression for Americans. How is that representing the americans you are supposed to represent? He represents those who have no right to representation at the expense of the American taxpayer. I agree with RobPG. Let’s get a real representive to challenge him.

  • AdmiralAkbarf

    If amnesty pushes through, the thousands and thousands of people who spend thousands of dollars in filing fees, travel time, and time off for themselves and their families to come here the right way should get a refund.

  • eeddggy

    Mr. Ryan, I can’t tell you just how severely disappointed working Americans are with you. Just disgraceful.

  • Don Bullis

    Political Suicide. I thought there was more to Ryan. A big disappointment.

    • Gas_Passer

      Just think….he could have been Vice President.

  • Doug Doakes

    Amnesty is insanity for conservative Americans.

  • Ron

    I hope Paul Ryan is not willing to fall on his sword like Marco Rubio on Amnesty. Without assured strong border security Amnesty is out of the question.

    • gene456

      That means amnesty is forever out of the question, because the Democruds will NEVER, EVER secure the border.

  • bucketnutz

    I never understood why an American Congressman feels the need to represent people from another country over the interests of the people who he is supposed to represent.

    • Gas_Passer

      I would call a person like Congressmen Paul Ryan a “Benedict Arnold” of the Republican Congress and American people.

  • Deserttrek

    ryan has been co opted by something. illegal aliens don’t need reform , they need to be removed.
    another rino is born

  • Thomas

    Paul Ryan needs to become a democrat. NO AMNESTY!

  • Brian Astby

    Let’s primary this traitor.

  • SwaptionsNG

    Ryan’s presidential potential is finished. He made sure of that when he decided to back amnesty over law. He is working on amnesty because he feels its his “catholic” duty. And that’s fine and I respect his personal religious beliefs. But its not his political duty, which is to uphold the Constitution of the United States and protect our borders. Its Republicans like Ryan, Cantor and Boehner that allowed the country to be taken over by the left in the first place. They are too weak to stand up for principle.

    • DeadWhiteMan

      I’m a devout Catholic, and I can tell you that there is NO Catholic teaching stating that you must support amnesty or dictating anything specific about immigration.

      I would end all immigration, not just the illegal variety.

      • SwaptionsNG

        I agree with you sir. Thats why I didnt capitalize catholic in referring to Mr Ryans personal beliefs. I do not find any Catholic teaching supporting or dictating amnesty either, however Mr Ryan when talking to Democrat Mr Menendez said his cathloic teachings required him to support amnesty, thats what i was referring to.

        • DeadWhiteMan

          Don’t worry, I wasn’t implying that you were casting stones. I just wanted to make clear what the reality was since so many “catholic” individuals are misrepresenting the teachings. Heck, even Nancy Pelousy would talk about her alleged Catholicity. However, the recent smackdown the Vatican gave her should disabuse a few more people of the notion that she represents anything but the Devil.

          God bless

          • SwaptionsNG

            Thank you, I agree sir.

    • gene456

      When Catholics decide they “must” become liberals, they tend to be the worst of the lot.

  • abigz

    The RINO’s have forgotten the American working people.

  • sgb1

    Traitor! You fools! The Hispanics will rarely, if ever, vote GOP. The legal ones don’t want this amnesty.

  • 101ABN327


  • YERMOM182

    GOP…. any amnesty plan. ANY… and you might as well slit your throats, because that is how dead you will be.

  • jayballs

    We need immigration reform, there are many good Hispanics that been here for a long time and have families. I think they should serve in the military to become citizens or pay back taxes. We should kick out all the illegals that have committed crimes and also they need to learn and speak English! Don’t bash Ryan until we see what’s in his bill..

    • MinistryofFear

      His bill won’t matter. It gets sent to the Senate and then reconciled. Whatever positive items get yanked. Then they can pass it and say “See we tried, but the Dems fooled us!” Cover for all

    • gene456

      No, we do NOT need “immigration reform”. We already have very good immigration laws in place. They just need to be enforced – that’s all. Just because a bunch of slimy thieving TB-infested Pedros decide to break the law does not mean we must change the law.

      What a jerk.

    • DaveHolden

      I’m so sick of this. Why should the government benefit by NOT doing their job? If you do that, why would they ever secure the border. Don’t you people ever think? No wonder you are losing your country.

      “We should kick out all the illegals that have committed crimes….”

      Illegals are criminals and all should be deported.

  • Thor Bonham

    What does he care ? Just look at where HE lives ..

  • knotjammin2

    Ryan, you need to stop working on a bill that brings in more illegals and start working on one that would help the legal citizens get back to work.

  • Steve N Adrienne Hughes

    When are we going to learn there isn’t but a few that wouldn’t sail all of us down the river for a little added sweet pork in a horrible bill as long as it gets his or her brain dead constituents to vote for them next election cycle. Now how good does that “crazy” Ron Paul look in comparison to the turn coat ticket Romney Ryan.

    • gene456

      He still looks crazy. Ryan may be a turncoat, I agree. But Ron Paul is still wacked out. Nice try, though.

      • DaveHolden

        How is he crazy? Sounds most like the Founding Fathers.

        • gene456

          Please!!!! Take your druggie pals to some other site. And it’s time for your medical marijuana now.

          • DaveHolden

            Yeah, outlawing plants should be the Federal Government’s concerns, right?

          • gene456

            Yes, it should. Drugs fcuk people up, including marijuana, which IS a gateway to harder drugs, in spite of the nonsense you people try to foist upon us. Every person I’ve ever known who has screwed his life up with drugs – and I’ve known a number of them – started out with pot. You want to deny that reality, be my guest. But that’s the truth.

            It’s little wonder why Ron Paul’s followers are such fanatics. The man is a modern-day Pied Piper.

          • DaveHolden

            “Every person I’ve ever known who has screwed his life up with drugs – and I’ve known a number of them – started out with pot.”

            If it is a gateway it is BECAUSE it is illegal. Ever consider that? Why aren’t cigarettes a gateway? Alcohol?

          • gene456

            That makes absolutely no sense. A lot of things are illegal. That doesn’t mean they lead to drug use. But pot DOES. Sorry, but again, that’s the truth.

          • gene456

            Right! Because marijuana is a gateway to other drugs, in spite of the absolute lies you people try to foist upon us.

      • Steve N Adrienne Hughes

        Please troll tel me what makes him .crazy, the fact he is right 99% of the time on the economy, or the fact he thinks we as a nation should not get involved In civil war ie Syria, Libya, Egypt. …… I think you get my point. Or maybe the fact that big gov is constantly intruding in our private lives vie phone calls, e-mails…… go back to your mommies basement and let the adult talk

  • eeddggy

    Just how clueless are these RINOS? They are putting themselves in the unemployment line as they have misjudged how serious we are about our country staying solvent.

    • Iva

      Everyone of them has a corporate CEO job waiting in payment for their dirty work.

      • lizsalander

        Don’t think so – they have far more job security and cushy benefits staying in DC scr*wing us.

  • Mr_Smith01

    it’s astounding to me they work tirelessly for amnisty while at the same time allow the DOJ and DHS to continue enforcing the “100 mile” constitution free zone allowing unwarrented search and seazures. If you are not aware google ACLU 100 mile constitution free zone. Two thirds of the US citizens are impacted by this administrative ruling suspending due process all under the illusion of protecting our boarders…

  • gene456

    Paul Ryan would have been a shoe-in for the nomination in 2016. But that’s no longer the case. Like Rubio, the dope swallowed the McCain Kool-Aid, and now he’s tainted forever. Such a shame.

  • Feliciene

    Ryan is basically a very decent guy who doesn’t need the limelight as some politicians do. It doesn’t help him politically but I really like him & wish we had more politicians like him.

    • gene456

      Any Republican that a dirt bag like Alcee Hastings speaks well of CANNOT be good. Sorry, but if the Democruds and/or old media like him, then REAL Americans cannot. That’s the way it is.

      • Feliciene

        It’s sad how people turn on a decent politician the minute they don’t agree with him on some issues. I don’t know any politician that I totally agree with.

        • gene456

          This is not just “any” issue. This is a matter of our survival.

          With the handouts that the Democruds plan to give these vermin, and the way the old media is against us no matter what we say or do, this issue becomes a matter of life and death for us. It is Fantasy-Land to believe that these illegals suddenly made legal are going to support us. Ryan is just playing right into the Democruds’ hands.

          • Feliciene

            Doing nothing is not working either because something has to be done as the illegals keep coming in. I have to give credit to Ryan & Rubio who are least trying to do something about it. As of now, we lost most of the Latino votes.

          • Guest


            Fcuk the La-teen-no vote. If we bring in all those illegals and make them legal, there is NO WAY they are ever going to vote for us anyway. This is something those boneheads Rubio and Ryan fail to comprehend.

          • Feliciene

            Whites will be a minority pretty soon if not already. We need more Latinos &, of course, the far right staying home instead of voting didn’t help matters either. If we don’t unite, dems will win again.

  • ScottyGunn

    What is it with these people? Once they get to Washingon, they turn on us. Everything they do upon arrival is to further their career and they are puzzled why people get angry with them. Did they all go to The Arlan Specter School of Politics?

    • gene456

      I’m afraid so. And the Dean of that infamous school is headed by Professor John McCain.

  • E. O’Neal

    Ryan couldn’t even win a debate against Slow Joe, something Sarah Palin accomplished.

    If Ryan is working behind the scenes on a stealth amnesty bill, he has no future at all in national Republican politics.

  • no amnesty

    NO AMNESTY! We have already given amnesty to millions of illegals…where does it stop? Hey worthless Congress, here is an idea…CLOSE THE BORDER! How can you work a deal on amnesty when the border is still open? You will give amnesty to 11 million illegals, then in three years have to give amnesty to 20 million more. REAL AMERICAN TAX PAYING CITIZENS, want the border CLOSED! You worthless politicians are killing AMERICA!

  • Iva

    Edie Munster is a prime example that neither party can be trusted. It is a fake wrestling match.

  • silentfor56years

    Are they really that stupid? They think that by offering amnesty Mexicans will like them? We are doomed.

    • lizsalander

      Nice avatar. And agree with your sentiments. “just give me amnesty tonight; I’ll still love you in the morning.”

  • daytonatom

    Are militias still in existence? If so I want to join one. I want to be on the front line when we have an armed revolution to take this country back

  • Kemo Sabe

    “For Ryan, name recognition is no problem, and he has always aimed to attract mainstream conservatives, many of whom believe the effort to defund Obamacare is a folly.”
    There you have it.Mainstream conservatives. Sooo the large majority of conservatives are not mainstream according to this blah blah blah.
    Methinks they have confused conservatives w/ republicans. Deliberately.
    Conservatives and republicans are not necessarily synonymous. It quite true most cons votes the R ticket most of the time because the large majority of dem pols are are even worse.
    By it’s very nature, if one is a conservative, one wants the government to get out of their health care decisions.
    This piece is part of the MSM effort to keep Ryan in the forefront of campaign for the R nom for prez.It may work w/ republicans, but not “mainstreet conservatives”
    Um, MSM = mainstream media.. Mainstream Media = hard left propaganda machine.

  • thefifthcolumnreport

    Ryan became drunk on the D.C. power and privilege train. He forgot his Wisconsin roots and became a RINO douc-e.

  • Iva

    But Ryan, Rubio and the Gang want to share America’s Freedom and Prosperity. America is the beacon of Hope and Change for All. Bwaaaahahahaha.

    • J Wolfe

      No, they want to take what YOU HAVE and give it to Mexican nationals, all in exchange for…………………………… votes and political power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I hope you buried your $$ in the backyard, because they (politicians & Mexicans) are coming for it!!

      • planet8788

        Don’t worry, it won’t be worth anything in a few years anyway.

  • luckystrike57

    We have traitors working to bring our country to it knees in Washington.

  • MA Jack

    Granting mass amnesty is an afront to the Constitution and American Citizens in general. Payback will be swift.

    • DaveHolden

      Not really. Nothing will happen and they know it. I would love to be wrong… The only thing that would make these people wake up can’t be posted here.

  • Steve_J

    Quoting Alcee Hastings? Now that’s funny.

  • Bossman

    Ly’in Ryan is just another one that professes to be Conservative but in reality is a Washington insider… His budget was laughable…. only began to balance the budget like in 20 yrs. what fools we are to believe these people want what is best for America. They all have to go, except maybe 10% of them.

    • DaveHolden

      ANYONE who licks the boots of Israel like Ryan does should be suspect from the get-go.

    • Kemo Sabe

      20 yrs. That was a joke. And the MSM went all fake gaga over it to convince idiots that Ryan really wants to balance the budget. I’m surprised he did not go w/ 100 yrs.

      • Bossman

        Right on Right on Right on…. Conservatives are so damn gullible because they are afraid of being labeled… not me… give me the budget and I will slash the crap out of it FAIRLY…..

  • Kemo Sabe

    The MSM (mainstream media = ministry of propaganda for leftist =DNC pols)thinks “mainstream conservatives” (their words) can be easily lead by their nose rings like the lemming masses who follows their leftist dem pols.
    They (MSM) must be related to Mr Magoo who could not see past his nose.
    They have been in the desert too long. They are seeing mirages of nose rings on cons when none exists

  • DaveHolden

    Ask Ryan if he would support a RETURN of the Palestinians to their homes in Palestine (now called “Israel” in some parts.) He would oppose that. Yet he supports an outright invasion of foreigners here. What does that say?

    • luckystrike57

      Ryan is a Hypocrite.

    • Mike Latoris

      It says he is a globalist, zionist shill. There is a reason RINO infiltrators like Ryan run in Liberaltarded states like Wisconsin. He can get liberals to vote for him on a Republican ticket. Age old Communist tactic – infiltrate and erode from within. The common voter can’t seem to grasp details beyond the name of the (football team) political party.

  • Hedley Lamar

    If I lived in Paul Ryan’s district, and he made it through the primaries, I’d vote democrat in the election just to try and get Ryan out. And…. up until now I’ve never voted for a democrat in my life.

  • Midwestmike

    Whether or not Paul Ryan likes it were not going to reward criminal aliens with amnesty or anything else.

  • Al Linski

    Contrary to popular belief and Republican establishment hopes, Paul Ryan and his ilk (Rubio, McCain, Graham, Goodlatte) are the reason why the Republicans will not only NOT take the Senate in 2014, but will more likely also lose the House.
    If the American people want Democrats, they will prefer the real ones rather than the Democrat-lites masquerading as Republicans.

  • J Wolfe

    I am a life-long conservative, however I would rather liver under 20 years of oppressive Democrat/progressive rule than to be lied to and led to the slaughter by these lying scum-bags.

    Get them out, by any means!!!!!!

    • Obamamerica

      You’re only 5 years into Obama’s 1st 20 year term. Just watch and see

  • imbustinloose

    Ryan is the next generation of Republicants ready to step in and capitulate to the whims of the Marxicrats. Romney and Ryan had a chance to save this country from the continued misery of a Obama presidency and chose to be the Dole and Kemp of 2012.

    • Mike Latoris

      Actually, there is a silver lining – Romney / Ryan would have put the conservative base back to blissful sleep while they set upon furthering the globalist agenda of Socialized medicine (Romenycare predates Obamacare), working on ful blown amnesty, and an “assault” weapons ban, something Romney supported fully.

      These RINOs aren’t conservatives and they are antipodal to the US Constitution. Yes, we suffer under Obama, but the sleeping neo-rino-cons in this country need to emerge from the slumber, feel the pain, and reconnect with the founding principles of these United States.

  • ra44mr2

    Balanced budget is now extremism, not wanting socialism, extremism i hope history looks upon these jerks with the same disdain as other democrats that imposed slavery and Jim Crow laws and stated that it was constitutional law.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Just another RINO insider whose allegiance is to HIMSELF !! GREEDY, SELFISH, anti-Constituional scum all !!!

  • Mike Latoris

    Boot out Betrayer Boehner, Irresolute Rubio, and RINO Ryan!!!

  • mike2000917

    Paul Ryan lost a debate with Joe Biden. Say no more.

    • Obamamerica

      He followed his script perfectly

  • fedupwithmentalcases


  • DaveHolden
  • Right-wing Realist

    Can anyone tell me the benefit of multiculturalism?

    With a major shift in the hispanic population within the U.S. how do you think things will play out?

    What happens to a so called democracy when everyone in the country is different and have opposing views?

    Doesn’t multiculturalism destroy nations and the uniqueness of cultures?

    • DaveHolden

      Hitler embraced multiculturalism….

    • Mike Latoris

      Multiculturalism only succeeds when there is individual liberty and a common bond of admiration and adherence to the US Constitution. The wave of immigration in the early 20th century was comprised of dozens of cultures who all desired to assimilate under the ideal of personal liberty and freedom and succeeded due to a hard work ethic and pride in one’s labor and ability to provide for one’s family, free from the interference of Statism they experienced in their lands of origin.

      “Multiculturalism” and “Liberty” today are misnomers.

  • jabusse

    Maybe Ryan should move to mexico where the budget is balanced on the back of americans. He might learn how they really take advantage of us.

  • Right-wing Realist

    Even the German chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that multiculturalism within Germany has “utterly failed”.

    -One recent poll showed one-third of Germans believed the country was “overrun by foreigners”.
    -It also found 55% of Germans believed that Arabs are “unpleasant people”, compared with the 44% who held the opinion seven years ago.

    DOES THAT SEEM FAMILIAR? CAN YOU RELATE TO THAT? Multiculturalism will destroy America. It is no coincidence that the massive increase of non-european immigrants into this country has caused America to head off course.

    • DaveHolden

  • Al Linski

    Contrary to popular belief and Republican establishment hopes, Paul Ryan and his ilk (Rubio, McCain, Graham, Goodlatte) are the reason why the Republicans will not only NOT take the Senate in 2014, but will more likely also lose the House.

    If the American people want Democrats, they will prefer the real ones rather than the Democrat-lites masquerading as Republicans.

  • J Wolfe


    Congressman Paul Ryan – home office contacts:

    Racine Office
    216 6th Street
    Racine, WI 53403
    Phone: (262) 637-0510
    Fax: (262) 637-5689

    Kenosha Office
    5455 Sheridan Road
    Kenosha, WI 53140
    Phone: (262) 654-1901
    Fax: (262) 654-2156

    Janesville Office
    20 South Main Street
    Janesville, WI 53545
    Phone: (608) 752-4050
    Fax: (608) 752-4711
    Toll Free: (888) 909-RYAN (7926)

    On gun control, the farm bill, and amnesty bills of the past; we called – they listened. Harass them to no end!!

  • Covington13

    Another worthless traitor in a long line of them.

  • NWFlyGuy

    Praise from Hastings, a member of the Black Socialist (BS) Caucus.

    • gene456

      Exactly!!! It’s like an endorsement from the devil. There’s nothing more to say.

  • mrrealworld

    Here’s the certified RINO’s in the US Senate. “Yea votes,” for amnesty, economic freedom for illegals and open borders act.














    Measure Number:S. 744 (Border Security,Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act )
    Measure Title:A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for otherpurposes.

    • Obamamerica

      Makes you sad to realize how many enemies of We The People there are in Washington, 17th Amendment needs to be repealed

  • marlinmaddog

    conservative are really in trouble. we can’t trust any of these people not to be self serving. they sell out at the drop of a hat if they think it will make them popular on msnbc.

  • pearsone

    His 15 minutes of fame are done.Wisconsin do the right thing and primary him out of office before he further damages our republic.The political class like him,boehner,king in ny, and a list of other so called republicans are no better than the BIG GOVERNMENT PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS.

  • mrrealworld

    The GOP needs a new voting block as the RNC/GOP leaves the conservative base-constituency in droves. After 33 years of supporting this party, the GOP finally left me. I’m free!

    • Obamamerica

      The Tea Party needs to make it official and leave the GOP

  • J Wolfe

    Here’s Cantor’s home office contacts:

    Culpeper Office
    763 Madison Road #207
    Culpeper, VA 22701
    Phone: (540) 825-8960
    Fax: (540) 825-8964

    Richmond Office
    4201 Dominion Blvd. #110
    Glen Allen, VA 23060
    Phone: (804) 747-4073
    Fax: (804) 747-5308

    Remind the representative that it was the Tea Party that gave them the House in 2010 and God help them if they push amnesty!! The country may be focused on this bogus “gov’t shutdown”, but we are watching them.

    • DaveHolden

      Is Cantor a citizen of Israel?
      Does he support the return of the Palestinians to their land?

    • Obamamerica

      He doesn’t care. He’s a progressive

  • Jason

    I don’t get it, Obama is mad the Congress is using it’s power to defund an unpopular ACA. All the while Obama thumbs his nose at the current immigration laws. The guy truly thinks the only valid laws are the ones he agrees with.

    To Jeff Flake and the rest…what makes you think any new law will be enforced any more faithfully than the current law?

    • Obamamerica

      Why has Arizona NOT recalled Flake-out yet??? I understand its hard to get out McCain, but c’mon man!

  • pearsone

    Wake up America -Now who is really upset about this shutdown.The Washington establishment and all their cronies who steal our money.Washington and its career politicians and bureaucrats,and the public sector unions who have a strangle hold on our government .All their perks and pensions is where the money is going.

  • mdavis223

    Ryan stands the chance of being a one-time VP candidate in one term to being booted off the Hill in the next term. That is what will happen if Ryan attempts to push through immigration reform, if not worse.

  • DrDean

    Headline should read:

    “During the Latest Shutdown Debate, Paul Ryan’s Been Working On Amnesty, Gutting The Working/Middle Classes, and Killing His Career.”

    Film at 11…..

    • sickofit5

      sadly, that appears to be true.

  • johnnyjunior

    “If amnesty goes through, America becomes California and no Republican will ever win another national election, I can see why Democrats would want amnesty, but why on earth are Marco Rubio and these endless Bushes supporting it? Even Shemp and Zippo Bush are supporting amnesty for illegals.” (Ann Coulter 3/16/13) Add Paul Ryan to the list.

    • DaveHolden

      Because Israel demands it.

    • Obamamerica

      Because Progressives control both parties. War is coming

  • Christopher Morgan Gilcrest

    Ryan got a taste of the Ruling Elite living style with the failed presidential effort and does not like the hard life of a Tea Party Revolutionary.

    Now over the next week few weeks the Ruling Elite in the Republican Party will join Democrats pass a CR that funds Obama Care, raise the national debt limit with some meaningless savings over 10 years that will be gone by the next CR, pass a flood the USA immigration plan. Happy Holidays, I can hear the audio from Star Wars……..”THE REPUBLIC HAS FALLEN”……..
    And in 2014 when burned out conservatives stay home again the House will fall to the Dem’s, and the Republicans will enjoy a life time of being the happy minority free from the burden of answering to the conservative cause…….

    • Obamamerica

      He was never “Tea Party”. We just thought he was a believer and backed him. He has been exposed like Rubio has

    • DaveHolden

      What makes you associate Tea Party with this vacant-eyed psychopath. If they support a foreign socialist welfare state and WAR on their behalf they are not a tea party candidate.

  • jb80538

    NO AMNESTY! Deport all illegals!

  • Memphis Slimbo

    Little Eddie Munster’s 15 min are officially up

    • gene456


  • J Wolfe

    Remember folks; socialism is NEVER for the socialists. It’s for the serfs, while the socialists make themselves out to be rulers, living in the vast luxury that was paid for with the serf’s labor & money.

    Americans, by and large, have too much wealth and individual liberty to be relegated to serfdom. Therefore, a 3-headed assault has been designed to separate you from what you have. The 3 fronts are:

    -guns – no means to resist.

    -amnesty – flood our culture and job market with hordes that are conditioned to vote for more socialism.

    -economy – QE, de-valuation of the $, tens of trillions of new debt.

    The last point is where this ACA debate is relevant. Any government that controls the means and access to healthcare not only controls your wallet, they control you!!!

  • Humidifier

    Politicians will work for food if necessary. Core values my fanny.

    • My Son My Hero

      well there’s your problem I saw it right off, you assume that a politician has values to begin with that was your mistake, politicians are like reptiles they’ll eat their own to get ahead, come to think of it that’s why we call lawyers snakes right and what are most politicians….. lawyers

    • lisa a

      They will offer some of your food to someone else so they can have the lions share to bribe someone else with (maybe another food stealer).
      Rinse and repeat

  • Karen

    Kohler laid off 750 workers in Paul’s district, but they signed a letter to congress stating they needed comprehensive immigration reform because they are having trouble finding workers.

    • Gas_Passer

      What a bunch of crap!

    • Jonathan Miller

      “Trouble finding workers” What companies say when they wish to wage-smash the workforce so the CEO can get a million dollar bonus,

  • Richard Stanton

    Why is it these fools don’t get that we don’t want OCare or amnesty. Ryan needs to get with the peoples wishes that put him in office and quit trying to be a Democrat.

    • DaveHolden

      Because Israel demands both.

    • Gas_Passer

      Where the hell is Ryan from? Wisconsin? Come on Wisconsin, get rid of this illegal alien lover who is gonna screw your kids from getting a JOB!

    • Gas_Passer

      You’re G-D right! I’m tired of taken this shlt!

  • miss_msry

    No Amnesty! Can that be any clearer?

  • Buddy P

    Working on an amnesty deal?…Working on an amnesty deal! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. Why the heck hasn’t he been working on a way to keep this government open?

    • Obamamerica

      Paul Ryan is a Progressive

      • Buddy P

        I hope this guy doesn’t insult America by trying to run for President, or any other office, as a Conservative. I have held my nose and voted for some pretty crappy Republicans, but I couldn’t vote for this idiot

  • Bear1000

    Just another typical, backstabbing politician.

  • DaveHolden

    H1b fraud:

  • Gas_Passer

    Is it even worth for a white American to even vote……..for a Republican anymore?

    I see less and less in being represented by our elected Republicans that WE elect.

    • Obamamerica

      This is why we need to push Levin’s idea for a State’s Convention to amend the Constitution for TERM LIMITS

      • Gas_Passer

        Bring it on!

  • Jfd6400

    Mr. Ryan, you sir will be defeated in the next election!! I will do my part to make sure it happens. Good day!!

  • Obamamerica

    Paul Ryan has been exposed as Marco was. RINO PROGRESSIVES

    • DaveHolden

      Why do people assume otherwise? Why do people think con-artists like Herman Cain would be otherwise.

      Go by voting history. Had Obama supporters done so they would have known him, too. Just look at his FISA bill vote in the Senate. All you need to know.

  • DaveHolden

    It would be easy to defeat this Amnesty. You guys don’t know how to play the game. Most of you are brainwashed in to thinking issues are strictly pigeon-holed when they are not. TIE the issue of Amnesty in the US to the Palestinians returning to their land. It is pretty easy to do – if the US is to support an invasion of foreigners then Israel, if they are supposedly “like us”, should at the very least allow the Palestinians to RETURN to their land AND allow comparable immigration of non-Jews. Amnesty would never be spoken of again.

    Look at who supports Amnesty and it is a list of Israeli dual-citizens in our government. People like Schumer and Cantor and Feinstein.

  • Dunnyveg

    Democrat liberals are the reason I am enjoying this government shutdown, and Republican we-are-the-world, open border liberals are the reason I hope this shutdown is permanent. Our own government has declared war on us.

  • knighttemplar01

    Ryan is not listening to the American people, he is owned by his backers and they want cheap ignorant labor, its like having underpaid Chinese workers only they speak Spanish. We have been warning our representatives, to let the obama/ reid and the gang of 8 obamanation die, seal our borders deport the illiterate, illegals here now, period.

  • Buddy P

    Please stop using the term “illegal aliens” That is a Racist term. Instead you must call them by their real name – foreign invaders.

    • lisa a

      Pre Democrat voters.

  • dougtheavenger

    Paul Ryan = POS.

  • n_slash_a

    Maybe he has been quiet because he knew the legacy media would blame the entire government shutdown on him if he was more vocal?

  • dougtheavenger

    Cheap immigrant labor is subsidized by the taxpayer. All the welfare
    they collect (food stamps, EITC, Section 8 housing, etc.) supplements
    their wages and allows the people who employ them to pay less. This is not free market forces. It is indirect subsidy of low wage industry. We should never allow a US business to employ any foreign national for less than a living wage ($14.50/hour).

    • Jonathan Miller

      Good luck with that, you won’t find any jobs in my state that way.

      • dougtheavenger

        If I take your statement as true, then only foreign nationals hold jobs in your state. US citizens would be able to work for $7.25/hour under the law I proposed.

        • Jonathan Miller

          I live in NC, where there are no jobs. Period. And when one is lucky to find one, they do not start at 14.50. You can demand two-tiered minimum wage but demand and wish away and see which comes true first.

  • dredzo

    Ryan needs to leave the amnesty for illegals alone, or he will lose any support from anyone.

    • dougtheavenger

      As far as I am concerned, Ryan is unfit for public office.

    • Buddy P

      lose? Does he have any? Oh ya, dopey me. He has a bunch of libs and foreign invaders behind him

  • LVR

    If they are going to grant “11 million” illegals (FELONS) amnesty, or in other words a pardon for their crimes then every person (Citizen) in this Country who has been convicted of a crime must get the same consideration and pardon. Equal protection clause, right?

    • lisa a

      I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

      • LVR

        Laws must be applied equally. If they don’t grant pardons to everyone, they can’t grant them anyone.

        • lisa a

          You’re assuming they are going to play by the rules.

          • LVR

            True, but if this passes, I’d bet you’re going to see many people taking their convictions to court requesting pardons under the equal protection clause. I don’t see how it can be denied.

  • dougtheavenger

    Ryan has made it clear that he considers a “labor shortage” to be a bad thing. In other words, high unemployment is good. What a douche.

    • Gas_Passer

      How does Ryan think there’s a labor shortage when MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans can’t find a JOB?

  • lestref

    Paul RINO. No amnesty. Period.

  • big_conservative

    The Repukes in the House do Obamnesty, they can count the GOP as good as dead. It may already be dead anyway. But Obamnesty will be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Gas_Passer

    Does Ryan think that helping pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is going to help him in a presidential run in 2016. He’s insane if he thinks that’s going to help him win. He won’t be getting my vote if he is the nominee for the Republicans.

    • Loretta Adams

      Yes, because he knows you will vote for him over HIllary…no matter what happens…and he is RIGHT.

  • mcc985

    yes, push hard for that amnesty, Paul! It did wonders for the presidential prospects of Rubio! You should take all the lessons you learned from the 2012 election and be doing the OPPOSITE!

  • mcgirv

    He has Rubioitis. It’s contagious.

  • muthamedia

    With the disaster that is the federal government, this guy is working on amnesty for illegals that will take the country over the cliff.

  • JI

    There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans on any issue of big importance (such as replacing the native population with an entirely different culture that has proven it will not assimilate).

  • fcalsnoe

    Ryan Rubio Cantor have turned pure evil. Is this the only place people seem to notice it and bring it up.


    Folks! We The People!

    When will you tax paying people wake up and realize that you are being treated like tax paying slaves to a bunch of insane mentally ill tax paid government employees of We The People who have been in a mode of treason for decades?

    We The People’s Constitution does not authorize a tax paid health insurance program that is being rammed down your throat whether you like it or not! Something like this must go through the amendment procedure which is being deliberately treasonously ignored by We The People’s evil and corrupt tax paid government employees!

    We The People…We Need To Talk!

  • Mark Woodworth, Ph.D.

    If the Rs allow illegal immigrants to become legal, in any way shape or form, the party is dead. A new party will emerge. The RINO party will become irrelevant.


    And on the subject of amnesty. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE IN 1986 PEOPLE!

    Wake up! What is wrong with you people? You people should be kicking these tax paid treasonous freaks of nature out of We The People’s Washington D.C. job site ASAP! They all need to be placed into hospitals for the mentally insane! They are destroying your home and you do nothing about it!

    We The People…We Need To Talk!

  • fb0252

    Ryan is working on a bill to stop legal immigration.

    • SophiaWeisheit

      Yep, all you have to do is legalize all the fence jumpers and there won’t be any more illegal aliens. Problem solved! What a genius !

  • SUSANM621


    • NUTN2SAY

      America has many We The People who are out of work. What do corrupt and treasonous tax paid elected government employees do? They import illegal foreigners from across the southern border to America so as to give those tax paying unemployed We The People unfair job search competition! And for a second time these traitors want to turn these imported illegal foreigners into U.S. citizens! This is your tax dollar at work! This is treason!

  • FaceliftMask

    The same Paul Ryan that voted to exempt himself from insider trading laws too? I’m so shocked… NOT.

  • leighrow

    So how much is this big government tool going to personally make from the deal!? What a loser!

  • Julia Thompson

    Work on any deal you want Ryan…you are slitting your own throat. I for one will not even vote for you as dog catcher….

    • leighrow

      Paul Ryan doesn’t care…he is a big government tool. The only job he ever had was in government. He will go to work for a big Lobbyist soon if he doesn’t run for president. Paul Ryan is the epitome of what we Don’t need in Washington!

    • Loretta Adams

      Yes, you will. When push comes to shove, and you have to choose between Hillary and someone like him, they KNOW you will vote for them….even if it means you voting for someone who cannibalizes their own principles. God Bless.

      • Julia Thompson

        Sorry, Loretta, you are wrong. I have quit voting for RINOs….I no longer sacrifice MY principles and have stopped voting for them for sometime now. I will skip the primaries and votes rather than do something that is against everything I believe.

  • leighrow

    These people will be added to the Obamacare rolls which will drastically affect the quality of healthcare that law abiding citizens receive. I detest this ugly man!

    • Ron Mexico

      I agree with you 100%. Two weeks ago we found out that in Los Angeles alone it will cost tax payers $650 million to provide illegals with welfare and free health care. This does not include education or incarceration. We have become a third world dumping ground. Bye, bye America!

      • leighrow

        It is funny how politicians like Paul Ryan ignores this glaring fact…I guess Paul Ryan is getting paid well by the globalists to sell out the USA!

  • omnibus

    When did Paul Ryan become a Democrat?

  • SophiaWeisheit

    Another flash-in-the-pan republican who actually shows his true RINO colors.

  • Reader11722

    RINOs who love illegals (like Ryan and Cruz), yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama, support Rand Paul.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  • jnsesq


  • An_Angry_American

    These ‘leaders’ are working for the Democrats.

    Sell outs, and traitors to their constitutional oath.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Paul Ryan is a traitorous POS!!!

  • hun555

    Hey…what happened…He used to be your Republican hero?…next is Cruz..

  • mike077

    Scandal in waiting? Is that why he is quiet? A national campaign brings a lot of pressure and temptations.

  • Pax Romana

    I’ve voted Republican all my life. If the Republican Party votes for legalizing illegals, then I am finished with them and will never vote Republican again. And I’m not the only one saying that. Many of my friends and relatives are saying the exact same thing. These corrupt ‘Big Business in their Pockets’ Republican Leaders are destroying America and the Republican Party all at the same time. If they’re so hell bent on destroying America and the Party, then to hell with it!

    • hun555

      what happened in 1986…did not get the memo?..or you just a younger person.

  • Jesse4

    He’s probably trying to keep all that shutdown stink off of himself for the next election. Cruz and some of the others will be associated with the shutdown debacle, while Ryan isn’t. Assuming voters take revenge for the shutdown/CR crisis like the polls suggest, he might end up being the most electable Republican running after the others self immolate in protest of Obamacare.

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