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February 9, 2016

Pelosi: GOP ‘Extreme’ for Blocking Unemployment Insurance Extension

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slammed House Republicans on Thursday for their “extreme nature” and “indifference” to extending unemployment insurance benefits, a day after Speaker John A. Boehner torched a bipartisan Senate bill.

“Here we go again,” the California Democrat said at her weekly press conference. “Washington Republicans have painted themselves into the far extreme.”

The Senate, Pelosi continued, “came to a compromise on a length of time and a pay-for,” which she said should be acceptable to both parties. Pelosi noted that she does not believe unemployment insurance benefits should be offset.

“This is a stimulus to the economy,” she said. “Ask any economist. … We want to create jobs.”

Yesterday, Boehner, R-Ohio, signaled he would block chamber consideration of a bipartisan agreement in the Senate to extend benefits for out-of-work Americans. Boehner noted a letter from state officials suggesting the legislation would take months to implement and said the legislation didn’t meet his requirements that the bill be fiscally responsible and create private sector jobs.

Unemployment insurance aid expired at the end of last year and House Democrats in particular have made the continuation of those benefits one of their signature issues this year ahead of the midterm elections.

  • VinnyFromIndy

    Can there be any clearer example of how little the GOP cares about the fate of millions of Americans than John Boehner’s refusal to bring any UI extension bill to the floor of the House for a vote? It is beyond cruel and the catastrophe endured by millions of Americans is quite real. Over the last few months, it appears the GOP is actually searching for groups to throw to the wolves. The poor, veterans and now the unemployed are all being denied critical lifelines by the GOP.

    I hope all Republicans that are laid off from work and are struggling to pay the mortgage or rent or car payment now understand just how deeply they have been lied to by their party. Guys like Boehner could not care less what happens to you or your family. The abandonment of so many Americans by the GOP is an awesome and terrible thing to behold.

    I hope all readers remember which party is doing this to you, your families, your friends and relatives this November.

  • Layla

    As one who has spent several days walking precincts, let me assure you that it is NOT the GOP whom the voters see as extreme. And while older members of the GOP may be wavering in their support, the Millennials are becoming surprisingly vocal in their displeasure at how our government is being run and the fact that you are turning us into a welfare state. They are having none of it!

    • God child

      it’s been a Welfare state since the great depression

      • mrmano_0

        You mean the Great Depression cause by the same kind of laissez faire capitalism that Republicans want to go back too?

    • Matthew Pieri

      you mean the government of big business for big business? yes, people have had enough

    • Robert Simmons

      Actually LAYLA, i have walked more precincts than YOU have, and what you say is complete garbage and propaganda, because actually Millennials HATE the GOP with their very souls. The hate the way the government is run because of republican obstructionism, you DOPE! Nice try though, sweetheart.

      • Layla

        Robert, you charmer, you…..we’ll find out in November, won’t we? FYI, the people want JOBS, not more welfare.

        • TJ

          let me guess you walk white precincts in Idaho…

  • mrmano_0

    More Republican tricks and shenanigans.

    The Republican Senators demanded these reforms that the Republican Speaker now says based on a memo from a Mississippi GOP operative, are unworkable.

    Republicans really think the rest of the United States is as easily duped as their constituents are.

    Yet another example of how the Republicans are trying to force the country into a vision where only a small group of people benefit.

    Don’t like the federal voting rights legislation that forces you to not not to discriminate against a whole class of people. Well we’ll just dismantle the apparatus by which the federal government funds itself and enforces that law.

    Don’t like the federal governments regulations on clean water and breathable air. Well we’ll just write legislation that defunds the EPA and call it a jobs bill because it gets rid of “job killing” regulations. Eventually our rich friends will use the money they saved to clean the mess up.

    The Republican party is playing games with the American people. They have been lying to and stealing from us for too long.

  • barrnone

    It seems like they are playing good cop/bad cop here with no intention of getting this passed. They could have gotten it done in Dec if they wanted to.

  • NeedsVacation


    John Boehner informed the media that The National Association of State Workforce Agencies said the proposed plan was not workable. NASWA said they did not say that — “NOT WORKABLE” is Mr. Boehner’s words, not NASWA.

    John Boehner is clearly about to do damage control for him and his Republican cohorts, because he is caught lying once again and his fellow Republicans more than likely would rather stay away from him on this. Mr. Boehner is a heartless uncaring Republican and he is tarnishing whatever bit of dignity the dated Congressional Republicans have left.

    Contact John Boehner’s office and tell him for himself. He clearly doesn’t act on behalf of the majority, he acts on what he wants!

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205

    Good luck everyone.

  • NeedsVacation


    John Boehner informed the media on Wednesday that The National Association of State Workforce Agencies said the proposed plan was not workable. NASWA said they did not say that — “NOT WORKABLE” is Mr. Boehner’s words, not NASWA.

    John Boehner is clearly doing damage control for him and his fellow Republicans, because he is caught lying and his fellow Republicans more than likely will distance themselves from Mr. Boehner. Mr. Boehner is a heartless unsympathetic Republican who’s tarnishing whatever bit of dignity the dated Congressional Republicans has left.

    Contact John Boehner’s office and tell him for himself. He clearly doesn’t act on behalf of the majority, he acts on what he wants!

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205

    Good luck everyone.

    • Art L Gumm

      I did read the letter and it never stated unworkable, just difficult, mostly pointing to the .03% that are millionaires

  • Brenda Huddleston

    I for one am NOT happy with the way this government is spending money that we do not have. I am suffering just like everyone else, but creating jobs is the answer to the unemployment issue. It will be extended because we have so many unemployed due to issues beyond our control. Until creating jobs becomes a real priority for our government, we will be right where we are today. We are spending money on things that are priorities of people who are not in our shoes. The issues we are facing are no more the GOP’s action than it is the current administration.
    Changes must be made in Nov. to bring new thinking to government and we must not accept the status quo. It doesn’t matter which party got us here, it just is not working for way too many of us.

    • Robert Simmons

      you sound like a politician yourself. for chrissakes please dont ever run for office! and you’re wrong, it IS the republicans fault, or havent you been paying any attention whatsoever?!?

      • Brenda Huddleston

        Yes Robert, I have been paying attention for some time now. You have a right to your conclusions, but so do I. I won’t be running for any office, but you suggesting that I don’t would not stop me if I wanted to. How do you see everything as the Republicans fault when the Democrats are running the country. The President has already told you that he has a pen and a phone and can do whatever he wants. He has proven that several times with the Affordable Care Act, the min. wage increase for gov’t contracters. deportation, etc. He has bypassed everyone to do what he wants there, so why not for the unemployment extension? Boehner has voted with the Democrats more than not, so he isn’t all that is holding this up. No one person or party can be blamed for the mess we are in.

      • TJ

        This is how the Republicans get away with this crap. There are so many stupid people who want to blame “both sides” as if both sides have been filibustering and now refusing to vote for 4 months. It’s one party! THE REPUBLICAN ANY RAND SOCIOPATH PARTY

  • 86theRepublicans

    Right now there is just one person standing in the way of this extension, JOHN BOEHNER!!! His excuse is BS, his mind has been made up on this issue all along. He just is trying to put the blame somewhere else. We are not stupid!!! He is going to bring his party down, down, down. Come November, vote against all Republicans. Get them out of office! They only care about themselves. We don’t mean anything to them. We need to show the power of the people and make our voices heard!! I am sick of this!! Everyone affected has either already lost everything, or on the verge of losing everything. Our homes, automobiles, selling off our belongings, struggling day after day. This extension is the only thing that is going to pull me out of the hole this has put me in. You can only hold off the bill collectors for so long, Everything is past due!!! I have my car hidden in a friends garage so it won’t get repossessed, Lights will definately be off soon! I have not had any income since December! So am I a little bit stressed out? HELL YES I AM!! And I am getting real tired of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But at least I have something to eat. I know there are people who are having a tougher time than I am so I don’t want to complain too much. But for God sake, pass the extension so we can get our lives back to being somewhat normal. I am so far behind that without the retroactive payment, I am screwed! I know I am not the only one. Something needs to be done.

  • Payton Manning

    By obstructing attempts to reduce the Federal debt, liberals are shoving children further into the hock of hostile foreign governments.

  • Vicki-Ann Bush

    Where is the President? Where did he go? Do they still put missing people on milk cartons? Because I think we need to get a picture out there.

  • Oak Ridge Curmudgeon

    Nancy – Keep fighting to broaden our freedom from dreaded Job Lock…

  • ShadrachSmith

    Says the most hated woman in America.

  • Scoop Jaxson

    In related video, we find a delusional liberal named Barbara Boxer lying about Hussein Obama’s deficit record:

  • lottopol

    Unlike food stamp and welfare recipients, many unemployment compensation recipients (all of which previously held jobs) are Republicans. If the news media shows one person saying: that he had always voted Republican but if the House leadership does not allow a vote on extension of unemployment benefits he will never vote for a Republican again, the Republicans will cave, as 4.3 million voters could be a critical in the next election.

    The joke used to be that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. The new version will be a Democrat is a Republican who had his unemployment benefits ended.

    “..Equally unhelpful in terms of addressing the income and wealth inequality which results in the overinvestment cycle that caused the depression are those who emphasize various non-tax factors. Issues such a globalization, single-parent households, marriage trends, outsourcing, free trade, unionization, minimum wage laws, problems with our education system and infrastructure, regulatory policies and financial innovation can increase the income and wealth inequality. However, these are extremely minor when compared to the shift of the tax burden from the rich to the middle class. It is the compounding year after year of the effect of the shift away from taxes on capital income such as dividends over time as the rich get proverbially richer which is the prime generator of inequality…”

  • Five Guyz

    Article 1, Sections 7 and 8 of the United States Constitution, clearly define the power of the purse as belonging to Congress. The House, specifically. The President may make suggestions, per Article II, Section 3.


    How sad that men like John Boehner will stand in the way of the passing of the unemployment extension bill that would help the more than two million unemployed workers and their families without benefits, and the means to survive economically, while seeking employment. How can he claim to be for fiscal responsibility when millions of our tax payers dollars are going to fund corporate welfare and foreign aid? When tax payers dollars were spent on bailing out the Banking and Airline industries, amongst other companies, where was their “fiscal responsibility” and budgetary concerns then? Why is helping the average working American worker and families, not as important? I’m looking forward to the 2016 election.

  • Irene

    John Boehner need to be denied his pay check for 3 months without his other resources, im sure he has plenty.. People with out jobs are not lazy..they have worked for 30 to 40 yrs in some cases. when your age turns to 60 and up Companys don’t want to use you anymore . they just need a hand up. rich men should not deny the poor at least that.

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