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February 11, 2016

Pelosi Dismisses Obamacare Defections, Defends Statements

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended her rhetoric leading up to passage of the 2010 health care law Sunday while seeking to minimize the reports of unrest in her caucus and the potential for political fallout in the wake of the law’s rocky rollout.

“I stand by what I said,” the California Democrat told anchor David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” responding to two old interviews — one from 2009 and one from 2010 — in which she said that if individuals liked their existing health insurance policies, they could keep them, and that the Affordable Care Act needs to pass in order for the public to see what’s in the bill.

Pelosi’s appearance on the widely watched Sunday talk show comes at a critical time for Democrats, who are being accused of breaking promises to constituents as millions have received notices that their old insurance plans have been canceled because they don’t comport to the new standards of Obamacare, and the enrollment website has been riddled with glitches that have prevented those with canceled policies from easily shopping for new ones.

It also comes on the heels of a vote in the House on Friday on legislation, sponsored by Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., that would grandfather in those canceled existing health insurance policies. Pelosi and other leading Democrats have called the bill a blatant attempt to undermine the Affordable Care Act because it would allow insurers to sell those old policies to new customers, but 39 Democrats defected on Friday to vote “yes.”

Those “yes” votes defied a veto threat from President Barack Obama, who last week apologized for fumbling the rollout of his signature law and offered an administrative fix of his own.

On Sunday, Pelosi was unfazed by the defections and dismissed whether it signaled deep frustration within the rank and file.

“This is political, they respond politically,” Pelosi said of the 39 lawmakers who felt compelled to vote with Republicans on Friday. Many of those members face tough re-election bids in the midterm elections next year.

Pelosi said “the number is practically the same as two, three months ago” on votes to codify the administration’s one-year delay of enforcing the business mandate and to also delay by one year implementation of the individual mandate.

Thirty-five Democrats voted on the business mandate delay codification back in July, while 22 voted for the individual mandate delay.

Asked whether she was at all concerned that the health care law’s implementation woes would cost Democrats seats in 2014 — as they did in 2010 — Pelosi said she was not.

“I don’t think you can tell what will happen next year, but I will tell you this: Democrats stand tall in support of the Affordable Care Act.”

  • Brenda Huddleston

    Nancy has no clue what is going on outside of her office. She says the dumbest things and seems not to be aware how it sounds. What bubble does she live in?

    • SteveBronson

      She lives in the bubble where Democratic Party politicians have been generally protected by the so-called “mainstream” media. She knows the media helped the Democrats get the ACA passed by refusing (all throughout the process) to inform the public about this disaster in the making. There were plenty of Republicans warning of what would happen, but the media chose to mock and demean them while defending the Democrats.

      • Brenda Huddleston

        Yes Steve, you are right there. I have noticed some concern in the media lately though. I listen to FOX because I think they have been way ahead of the truth for a while now. What are you doing to help the Republicans in 2014? I am thinking of forming a local branch of the TEA Party, but would love to know if there are better things to get involved in.

        • SteveBronson

          Starting a branch of the Tea Party would be a good thing. I live in a conservative district, and my Republican congressman will be reelected. What I’ll try to do is support Republican candidates in states where Democrats currently hold those seats. Let’s do everything we can to take the Senate away from Harry Reid.

          • Brenda Huddleston


          • ksn2020

            Better watch out! You know those “tea baggers” as the left is so fond of saying, are all racists and bigots. That’s what amazes me, the completely vacant intellectual logic that goes into that kind of response. Talk about changing the subject when you have no response! These are people who know we are on a unsustainable path. The left just keeps on giving their looney responses.

        • Layla

          Also, stop donating to the RNC, NRCC and the SRSC and give a helping hand to primary candidates. Then ask others to do the same.

          • Vivian McPherson

            Yeah, donate to the DCCC or “Ready for Hillary”. Much smarter way to spend your money. GO, HILLARY, GO!!!! P.S. She will be the POTUS in 2016!!!

        • Vivian McPherson

          Are you kidding me??? Faux Noise is ahead in only one area — to tell the biggest lie first!!!!! I’m doing everything I can do to support Hillary!!!!!

          • Poor62

            Seeing as how you brought it up Vivian, please point out specifically what are the big lies that they told first? Kind of like the Harvard professor claiming Obama has been treated unfairly by the news media, but when asked to present ONE specific case, he tried to talk around it. So we see who’s really lying.

          • Redleg7

            You do that Viv……. Cause “what does it really matter at this point.” Tell me, will this be a Triumvirate with Bill, Hillary, and Monica sharing power?

    • PSGute

      If Nancy Pelosi were to paint herself green, put on a leather bodysuit and a strap on and bugger a boyscout at high noon in a public park in San Fran, her voting base would not even consider it strange. That’s the bubble she lives in…

      • Richard Tebaldi

        Want another opinion? She’s also ugly and stupid!

    • rambothedrughunter

      I dunno, but whatever reality-altering substance she’s on, I want some of!

  • TC

    She’s an idiot

    • Layla

      No, she’s a fraud and a criminal.

      • Poor62

        Actually she’s a liar just like the rest of her liberal mates in Congress.

  • fwiw

    So Nancy wants to “stand tall” with regards to obamacare. How can she stand tall when she continues to lie like a snake?

  • papal

    Pelosi exemplifies what is wrong with DC. I can’t tell if she is lying or is delusional. I know the folks that keep voting her in are delusional

  • Mygoodness

    Poor Nancy, she was the pride reason mental health is now part of all policies


    Why should Pelosi start telling the truth now?

    The Obamacare disaster is what happens when liberal magical thinking runs into cold hard reality. Combine that with lies, fraud, and incompetence and you get a lesson for the ages. It’s tragic that millions of innocent hard working Americans are being harmed in the process.

  • WPP1

    Is Ms. Pelosi standing behind her statement that “we must pass the bill to find out what’s in it?”

    • Susan Charlene

      Yes she is. There is a link on RCP where she defends that statement.

      She’s a flipping loon thrust on the rest of us by a very liberal San Fran. She isnt going anywhere. The best we can do is contain her by voting republican in 2014.

      Lying to our face is a huge mistake.

  • KeysorSozeII

    All is well….

    All is well…

  • califconserv

    Why aren’t those in the media who are questioning the role out not asking why Pelosi wrote legislation that leaves thirty million people out? Are we to expect another ACA?

    • Poor62

      The media lap dogs can’t do that because then their loyalty to covering for this administration would be even more obvious losing the falling credibility that they already have. They are just looking for something else to cover so they can walk away from Obamacare.

  • Layla

    She can deny it all the way to federal prison, where she belongs.

  • Ohioan123

    Democrats Doubling-Down on Lying. Just lie MORE…. spread the fairy dust… it will be fine, it will be fine … sure it will.

    • Poor62

      If you repeat a lie often enough,m long enough, it becomes fact. Period.

  • Susan Charlene

    I cant stand Pelosi and Reid. I am not a Republican either, registered Independent, but these two will out right lie to move their agenda for America.

    They insist YOU are too stupid to make your own decisions therefore they will force you to pay for the decisions THEY make for YOU.

    Dangerous people

  • Tom

    She’s stupid and evil

  • Tom

    Her read the bill statement will go down in the annals of our history after we get these arrogant, career politicians out of the people’s government.

  • grannycares

    The Obama Administration has resulted in ONE BIG SCAM on the American
    people. He also has two willing enablers who will ultimately receive
    their just due as history is written — Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    What else can go wrong you ask?

    * Job losses by the tens of thousands when employer mandates kick in

    * Severe doctor shortages in decades to come, for the vast majority would
    want private practice vice working for the Federal Government

    * Earlier deaths for seniors since they will ultimately be squeezed by Obama’s severe cuts to MEDICARE (Low reimbursements for MEDICARE, and increasing number of doctors refusing to see MEDICARE and MEDICAID patients)

    * Fewer medical breakthroughs due to shortage of funds

    * Through sinister political minds, folks like Obama will ultimately attempt to implement a SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM because of the total collapse of OBAMACARE.

    Obama’s problem was that he was taught that capitalism was bad. Without any experience to the contrary, he believes in on face value, and also feels that America needs to be punished for past sins (slavery in particular), and he is the self appointed judge.

    Obama’s lack of focus on businesses and jobs; public education; the plight of
    urban areas; long term foreign relations; abuse of the Constitution of
    the US; failure to listen to advice of senior military advisers causes one to
    wonder what his true plans are for America? Or, is he simply lazy with similar

  • gmonsen

    Not worth a comment. Pelosi is old news. Nobody cares anymore what she says, except the liberal media asking her this and that.

  • gordortho

    Another reason why we need term limits!
    To prevent the senile from ruling and ruining are country for their personal financial gain!
    She should be tied to a chair and forced to watch the video on a continuous loop so her eyes bleed and her brain implodes like ours do when we watch this dribble!

    • Vivian McPherson

      That would put a lot of your old-time repiglicans, like McCain and Graham, out of work!!!

      • Redleg7

        Viv…. can I call you Viv? … your Progressive thugs are flailing away, trying to stay ahead of their many lies. Defeat is neigh and Obama will take down the entire rotten infrastructure with him.

        Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together! Thanks for the act of self-destruction. cheers!

  • RD44

    hahaha. It’s nice to know the democrats have the dumbest person in government leading them. Nancy is saying everything is fine despite millions of cancellations,
    and rising prices. The face of the democratic congress, is on par with Baghdad Bob. As everything was being destroyed around him, he says: don’t listen to whats really happening, we are winning. Just like Pelosi. With BO, Harry Reid & Pelosi, you have a trio of incompetence.

  • Bernd_Harzog

    The more the Democrats lie in support of ObamaCare the more they are sowing the seeds of their own demise.

    The fact is that Obama/Pelosi/Reid did not just promise people that they could keep their health plans if they liked them (which was and is a lie).

    The fact is that they wrote ObamaCare so as to bribe insurance companies to cancel those policies so as to force the people who held those policies into the exchanges where they would over-pay for insurance in order to fund ObamaCare.

    In other words not only did they lie. Not only did they lie on purpose. They caused those 5 million people to lose their insurance on purpose, and then knowingly lied about what was going to happen.

    Here is an analogy. The Democrat goes and drains all of the gasoline out of your car and gives it to someone else. Then knowing that he has just screwed you he makes a speech an promises you that you will make it to your destination without running out of gas.

    This is a pre-meditated lie. They thought about the lie. The did the thing that would cause the promise to be a lie. And then they went out and made the promise knowing that they had already caused it to be a lie.

    In the private sector this would be called fraud, and people would be going to jail. Maybe impeachment is in order.

    • Letscheck

      Obama, Reid and Pelosi have made a lot of money for themselves and their friends while in government.

      Just like they did long before 2008.

  • NoCensorship

    Pelosi is the most cancerous, corrupt maggot in the entire cancerous Dem cabal of fools and liars. The congressional black caucus is a close second place.

  • Mygoodness

    Actually they should have used Nancy as the poster child for the need for mental health coverage.

  • ibeeducky

    Why are the people of San Francisco to stupid to vote this idiot out? (Maybe Marijuana and crack use?) Plus she is in some stage of dementia.

    • Poor62

      Guess you haven’t spent much time there. Just be careful which sidewalk you sleep on.

  • Michael C Stephenson

    This woman cannot form complete sentences. She either has some neurological issues or she’s just too dumb to speak publicly.

  • Letscheck

    I wonder if Pelosi’s family realize that mom has gone crazy?

    • chaos344

      They should have known she was crazy, when she began sleeping while hanging upside-down, under the Golden Gate Bridge?

  • Joe

    When I see or hear Pelosi, I get diarrhea and painful flatulence.

  • Jardino

    I blame Pelosi more than anyone else about the ACA’s shortcomings, but her heart is in the right place. From the beginning, I think the Democrats should have taken smaller, bipartisan steps to regulate the health care industry. That’s the best way to drag the knuckleheads forward.

    • czervik

      Now if she only had a brain…

  • czervik

    Admit I lied…never. Admit I was wrong…no chance. I’m Nancy Pelosi and, gosh darnit, people like me.

    • chaos344

      Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. If she wasn’t from Kalifornia, she would have been out of congress after her first term. Even people in New York or Mass. would reject her, and they love liberals!

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    In a collectivist system, those chosen to try new things are selected according to the political whims of centralized authorities.

  • Richard Tebaldi

    Do you think Nancy and Barry are getting “together” together? Boy, these two are something else. Can you imagine? “We must pass this bill so we can see what’s in it?” That’s a “derivative”, isn’t it? Madoff style! How come those two are not in prison? Oh, yeah! They make rules for everybody except themselves. BAH! We need much better people running our Country.

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