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February 9, 2016

Pelosi: Obamacare Not to Blame for Alex Sink’s Defeat

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rejected the premise that Democrat Alex Sink’s loss to Republican David Jolly in Tuesday night’s Florida special election was a referendum on Obamacare.

“I’m very proud of our House Democrats, not only how they’ve embraced the Affordable Care Act, because they helped create it, but how proud they are of it,” the California Democrat said at her weekly news conference Thursday morning. “I think the Republicans are wasting their time using that as their election issue and they will find that out.”

Pelosi also praised Sink, noting that the race was close and it was a district Republicans had held for 50 years.

“Our candidate Alex Sink, she was so excellent, she was so superb, and she said it just right: There are many good things about the Affordable Care Act that are good for the health and wellbeing for the American people, there are some things that need to be fixed,” Pelosi countered. “And that is the message of our members.”

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel of New York has lobbied Sink to run again in November.

House Republican leaders on Wednesday celebrated Sink’s defeat as a sign that, come the midterms in November, voters will elect more candidates to office based on where they stand on the controversial 2010 health care law.

“You cannot spin away the election of last night,” House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California said on Wednesday. “The libertarian on the ballot, you had [Democrats’] ideal candidate, ran for governor, this is the seat the president carried both times.

“Last week, we had on the floor the individual mandate delay,” McCarthy continued, seeking to underscore Democrats’ mounting frustration with the rocky roll-out of the health law. “Five more Democrats joined with us [since the last delay vote last summer]. 22, 27.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also asserted Wednesday that the Affordable Care Act did not play a decisive role in the close election result.

  • Brenda Huddleston

    Oh Nancy,,,,,,,you are so out of touch with the reality of most of the people you believe you are helping. Step out of your role and look around. Loyalty is a good attribute, but not when it makes you blinded to truth.

    • Rob_Chapman

      Bloomberg just released a poll that 64% of Americans support Obamacare.
      58% of Republicans want to keep the key provisions of the act.

      An article in CQ this morning or yesterday cited capitol hill Republicans greeting Jolly and stating that he fits right in.

      Jolly fits right in with the obstructionist majority in the Congress.

      It is hard to see how Pelosi is the one out of touch with Americans.

      • pappadave

        Boomberg and CQ? Really? How stupid must one BE to be a Democrat these days?

        • Rob_Chapman

          PappaDave, why is that Republicans don’t seem to have anything to say to anyone that is not insulting?

          Even in a case like the recent special election in the Fl 13th in which voters paid homage to Bill Young be electing his office manager to succeed him, there is no graciousness from the GOP?

          It appears that the GOP is intent on galvinizing the opposition for the general election in November. It is unlikely that Jolly can depend on the low turn-out typical of special elections to save his bacon then.

          • pappadave

            Could be because I travel all over the country in the course of my business and I’ve NEVER heard a single, positive thing EVER said about Obamacare…not a single word. I speak to thousands of people every month and I’ll guarantee you that not ONE of them has said anything positive about that abomination…yet these two “pseudo-news” organizations say that the MAJORITY of Americans like it? Bushwah! There’s simply NOT anything about it that IS positive…if you think for ANY length of time about what it implies. Unfortunately, most Democrat voters are “takers” so anything promised to them “for free” appeals to them. NOTHING about Obamacare is “free.” Whatever happened to people being responsible for themselves and their own families? We were poor as the proverbial churchmouse yet my parents would have been literally appalled at any suggestion that they apply to the government for “help”…mostly because they know where the government’s “help” COMES from.

          • Rob_Chapman

            Pappadave, let me suggest an alternative explanation, which you probably won’t like, but anyway here goes.

            It is apparent from your posts that you wear your heart on your sleeve. It may well be that in your travels, only people who share your beliefs are willing to open up to you. This would give you a skewed view of public opinion.

            In survey research on the other hand, professional people put a lot of time and effort into dampening down factors that might the skew the results either way.
            I am not saying that people who spend years doing polls professionally necessarily get better results than you do, Pappadave, just that it is something for you to think about.

            Of course, as you consider pollsters pseudo-professionals, I am willing to hear more about how you have improved on their methods.

          • pappadave

            I have a close friend from my HS days who used to work for Gallup. At a reunion one time, I asked him…point blank…why no one I knew where I live had EVER been “polled” by his organization. He replied. “Oh, that’s easy to understand. You live in _____________, and that’s a conservative State. We’ve been instructed to NOT poll conservative States because they ‘skew the data.'”

          • Rob_Chapman

            Great Dave, it is obvious that everyone agrees with you and that all those elections that elect are frauds. I hope you can go home now and enjoy the fruits of your towering intellect.

          • Rob_Chapman

            Typo, thanks for catching it. GOP national convention four years later. Sorry about stretching your literalism with a minor error. Since you knew what I was talking about the mean spiritedness of your response reflects a lot about you.

            Now you have become a mind-reader and know what people read?

            Let me ask you Pappadave all propaganda aside, would you be happier if the Obamacare mandate on small businesses had gone into effect? Do you think that the mandate’s adoption would have scuppered Obamacare? Do you think the cost to small businesses of that process is a good exchange for the political goal of possibly scuppering Obamacare?

            It is clear that conservatives would not praise the Administration for implementing the small business mandate. It is clear that the plan to complain about the waiver was in place and ready to go as soon as it was announced.

            Conservatives show no vision or principle, just reactive opposition to the Dems. That works politically I guess. It is just a tragedy for the US in that it makes such a mockery of the two party system. Thanks Dave.

          • pappadave

            By the way, Conservatives DO have positive things to say about some people…just not any member of, or supporter of, THIS bunch currently running the government. We have positive things to say about ANYONE who is intent on following the Constitution as written and amended. You don’t like the law? Fine. Amend the Constitution. It’s simply inane to ignore or subvert it in order to accomplish your “goals” because sooner or later that’s going to come back and bite you in your butt!

          • Rob_Chapman

            Papadave, I remember the Governor of New York standing up in front of the GOP/Conservative delegates gathered for the 2004 GOP Convention in the City of New York and calling GW Bush, the indispensible man.

            I also recall that two years later the GOP wouldn’t let GW Bush, the incumbent President speak at their convention.
            Are these the conservatives that you claim have good things to say about anyone?

            As far as the constitution, make your argument. All I read is that no one in government follows the constitution. What do YOU think the constitution says and how do you get that interpretation? I am waiting to hear something other than negativism and generalities from you or any conservative.

          • pappadave

            Care to explain to us WHAT “GOP convention” in 2006 you’re posting about that they “refused to allow GW Bush” speaking rights? As far as I know, the GOP and Democrats have national conventions every PRESIDENTIAL election year and 2006 was NOT any such thing.
            As far as the Constitution is concerned, how about we elect people who actually have READ it for a change and then install people who actually BELIEVE what it says? It was written in language that anyone with a reasonable education can easily understand. You don’t pass a law and then allow one person to subvert that law by edict–as Obama is doing almost DAILY these days.

  • Gary Kunkel

    I once theorized that Obamacare was written so that it would fail. And now I’m almost convinced that Democrats want to lose the Senate as they’re ignoring election results and polling indicating that Americans are very troubled by this legislation.

  • Don

    Nancy Pelosi is right. I wasn’t Obamcare which sank Sink. It was her outspoken support for “comprehensive immigration” reform, aka “amnesty”, which Jolly opposes. So the message is that Democrats will lose running on “comprehensive immigration reform” and Republicans will win by opposing it. There now! All better, Nancy!

  • wttexas

    If the repubs get control of both houses this Nov,,,it may be a good thing,,,placing Obama in check for the remainder of his term…the congress may be on hold also,,for a few yrs,,,but ,,the less done may be the best ,,and honestly,,they do nothing as it is…

  • Rebecca Griffin

    I think it would be shortsighted and self-defeating for Democrats to run away from Obamacare as a result of this. It’s not going to work and they have little to lose by just embracing it at this point, and more to gain. I expanded on the idea here:

  • Payton Manning

    As this video demonstrates, Hussein Obama is the primary perpetrator and criminal fraudster behind Obamacare:

  • One Thirsty Bear

    In this related video we find the liar-in-chief, Hussein Obama, lying to the face of the American people:

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