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February 12, 2016

Pelosi: Campaign Cash Ruling an ‘Existential Threat’ (Video)

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is one of the most prolific fundraisers in congressional history. But that doesn’t mean she’s a fan of Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down the aggregate limit on campaign contributions.

Pelosi told reporters Thursday that the court decision was “suffocating the voice of the many.”

The 5-4 McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission ruling overturned the overall limit on what an individual may collectively donate to parties, candidates and political action committees in one election. The limit used to be $123,200. While the Supreme Court didn’t touch so-called base limits — such as the $2,600 cap on contributions to candidates per election or the $74,600 limit for political parties per an election cycle — the ruling allows individuals to give the maximum amount to an unlimited number of candidates.

“The Supreme Court decided to pour even more money into our politics and our process,” Pelosi said.

The California Democrat added that she was not surprised by the ruling, given the Citizens United v. FEC case, but the McCutcheon ruling “adds great insult to terrible injury to our democracy.”

“This is a very existential threat to who we are and how we do our campaigning and our government — and it should be something that should be roundly rejected,” Pelosi said.

But, as one reporter pointed out, Democrats can take advantage of this ruling just as much as Republicans.

“It doesn’t make it right,” Pelosi responded.

Pelosi, who raises millions for congressional Democrats, said she wasn’t thinking politically about this. “I’m thinking about our democracy,” she said. “Is this just supposed to be a money war?”

Pelosi agreed that candidates have to raise money to win elections, but she characterized the ruling as “an unlimited, constant spigot of undisclosed, God-knows-from-where-and-from-whom supply of money into the system.”

“It’s just plain wrong,” she said.

Eliza Newlin Carney contributed to this report.

  • MNHawk

    Un-American, Fascist Democrat garbage are never fans of legal, fully reportable donations.

    • DHFabian

      How many Republican fascists support full disclosure?

      • MNHawk

        Republicans aren’t the ones whining about this ruling, little guy. Turn off the MSNBC and try to keep up.

        • Nicko Thime

          Of course they aren’t. This allows the few to BUY government, which has been the rightwing agenda for quite some time.

          • MNHawk

            Name one person who sold their vote.

            You really are none too bright, are you? Sucks your President can’t man up, and out argue the people putting forth ideas you don’t like, I’d imagine.

    • Nicko Thime

      Yeah, because FREE speech should be for sale.

      • MNHawk

        It’s not, little guy.

        Because FREE speech should not be subject to the whims of some un-American piece of Fascist Democrat garbage, hiding in a Senate Well or behind a teleprompter.

        • Nicko Thime

          Yes, that is exactly what the very right-wing SCOTUS has just enshrined.
          Free speech cannot be for sale.
          It then becomes PAID FOR speech, which we can hear from our reps on both sides of the aisle almost every time they open their mouths.
          They should be required to wear jacket patches like NASCAR.

  • semby

    She’s a threat.

    • DHFabian

      To whom? And why? What has she achieved that would make her considered a threat to anyone? The last I heard, she was buds with Hillary Clinton, a powerful lobbyist for NAFTA. What does Pelosi actually stand for?

      • Kevin Schmidt

        She stand for the same thing most Democrats and Republicans stand for, the DUHopoly, which is owned by the global plutocracy.

    • Nicko Thime

      You mean the MOST effective speaker in history?
      I’d whine too, if I was stuck with a useless Boehner

  • jeffroe

    I actually agree with Pelosi on this one, as I think money has poisoned politics and damaged the system; but she’s still an idiot on everything else.

    Good luck with all of that.

    • itrain

      What has poisoned our politics is the desire for censorship of any views that do no agree with the New York Timesl. $300 billion in financial muscle behind the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NYT, NPR and their Hollywood studios dwarfs any campaign contribution any billionaire can make by a factor of 1000 to one. What you and Pelosi want is to silence the still puny challenge that the rest of us can mount to the power of a corrupt and left wing journalistic establishment.

      When you add the $500 billion that all us pay the liberal education education to indoctrinate our kids against our values, I am even surprised that there are still conservatives in this country

      • Robert Riversong

        I’m equally surprised there are still conservatives, since neuro-science has proved conservatism is an retrograde evolutionary atavism, but no other nation is as backwards in much of its thinking and values as the US.

        A striking example of that, in addition to having the largest percentage of population believing in Creationism and denying global warming, is that people like you perceive the center-right Obama as a “socialist” and mainstream media – which every study shows leans to the right – as “leftist”.

        • DHFabian

          One problem is that people in the US have lost their ability to put any issue into the larger context. Like young children, they want what they want, and to hell with the consequences. Obama has no choice. Virtually every marginally liberal proposal that he has presented to Congress has been shot down by Dems. With the latest budget, Dems did agree to cut food aid to the elderly, disabled and working poor. Again. Meanwhile, lib media beats the drums for corporate power, agreeing that only those who are of current use to employers/the corporate state are deserving of the mo0st basic human rights (food and shelter). There is no room for progress in a country that waves the Middle Class Only banner.

        • itrain

          I feel sorry for you. After a miserable, unfulfilled life you will soon face your maker.

      • DHFabian

        Huh? The US remained under right-wing rule from Reagan until Obama, and it nearly destroyed the country. (Yes, this includes Bill Clinton.) Money is power, and the right wing controls the money. For years, Dems in Congress have quietly worked to pass more of the rt wing agenda than Republicans. As for education, please do explain your surprising view. My daughter attended both public and parochial schools, and the public school cirricula was actually to the right of the church’s cirricula. We did have a liberal revival in education decades ago, when the focus was on teaching students to find and analyze information, comparing sources, etc. That was ended with the Reagan years, and the results are clear: In academics, the US students have fallen well behind those of all the modern nations.

  • EricStoner

    Steyer Brothers, Coal, Indonesia, Clinton, Hypocrisy: Riady Years:

    Clinton Indonesian Coal Deal:

    Steyer Brothers and Keystone:

    Steyer’s and Reid:

    Schumer, Attacks on Koch Brothers Going Fabulous:

    When one’s world is imploding, lash out, that’s the Democrat response and who better to show their stupidity than Nancy, “insider trading is fine for us”, Pelosi. The ravages of accidental Botox injections into arteries.

  • GuardAmerican

    Pelosi is right: This decision is a threat to who and what she is, what Progressives are.

    Free Speech is a threat to tyrants, everywhere.

    • DHFabian

      Well, with both Pelosi and liberals, the discussion has been limited to the complaints of the middle class who chose the politics and policies that brought us to this point.

      • GuardAmerican

        I wouldn’t call former Mozilla Brendan Eich “middle class,” though it was Progressives like Pelosi who took his scalp — including her daughter, Christine, who reprehensibly cheered them on, hounding Eich and his beliefs from the public square.

        • Nicko Thime

          With free speech comes accountability for what you say. What he said was offensive enough to spur others to speak freely about his bigotry.

          • GuardAmerican

            So, in your view, a freeborn individual can say EXACTLY what a winning presidential candidate said in 2008, in 2008, and lose his job in 2014 for that speech?

            Sorry: No sale.

            But if you believe that, I presume you are ardently working to impeach Pres. Obama and remove him from office.

            Yeah…thought so.

          • Nicko Thime

            I’m not a right-wing nutcase.
            They are the only folks who waste America’s time and money on such ideological bullpuckey.

          • GuardAmerican

            We can all see what you are, Nicko.

            All of us.

          • Nicko Thime

            Ideological blindness prevents vision.
            Anyone who questions the service of others over personal politics is simply unAmerican.

    • Nicko Thime

      So how much should free speech cost per word?

      • GuardAmerican

        If necessary, your entire life.

        Progressives appear intent on discerning its price.

        • Nicko Thime

          Monetarily, since that is the CONTEXT of the discussion.

          Signed PURPLE HEART COMBAT VET who fought for FREE speech, not the bought and sold speech of the wealthy few that SCOTUS just insured.
          Now get back to sucking up to the oligarchy. I heard they have scheduled a session of trickling down on their lackeys. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

          • GuardAmerican

            If, in fact, you are a decorated vet — and your conduct makes me doubt that — then you know what I said is as true as can be.

            If, in fact, you did serve (which I doubt, but who knows?), thank you for your service, and good luck to you.

          • Nicko Thime

            My CONDUCT?
            Kiss my butt.
            Questioning my service because you don’t like my politics marks you as a rabid ideologue who failed critical thinking 101.

  • EricStoner
    • Kevin Schmidt

      Dubya didn’t worry either about his inside trading.

  • Veteran

    What b.s. Her “lesser evil” Democrat colleagues in the Senate in overwhelming numbers voted FOR these fascist justices!

  • Mr. Sequel

    Today’s liberals are mostly marxists. No question.

    • DHFabian

      Really? How so? Most libs are for Democrats, and Democrats of this generation (esp. since Clinton) have actually been well to the right of even Eisenhower and Nixon on socioeconomic issues.

      • MNHawk

        Take this coward, unable to just man up and express his beliefs, trying to lie to the world what they are.

        Democrat trash to the right of Republicans. Man up, boy. No one likes of coward.

    • MNHawk

      I’d say they’re mostly Fascists, judging from how the un-American trash of today’s Democrat Party are now in Full McCarthy mode.

  • DHFabian

    It has been years since the poor have had any voice in the public forum, any representation whatsoever in government. It was inevitable that this agenda would trickle up.

    • Nicko Thime

      And now SCOTUS has institutionalized that the poor will NEVER, EVER have a voice because they cannot afford to speak.

  • DHFabian

    Just curious: How is today’s “Progressive Agenda” any different from that of the old (pre-reactionary) Republicans?

  • Nicko Thime

    ““suffocating the voice of the many.””

    That was the purpose of the decision.

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