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February 11, 2016

Protesters Disrupt House Immigration Markup

CQ Roll Call reporter Joanna Anderson tells us that the House Judiciary Committee’s markup of an immigration enforcement measure was rudely interrupted by pro-immigration protesters this morning.

“The meeting began with roughly 20 protesters standing and chanting, ‘Shame, shame, more of the same,'” Anderson wrote. “Members of the group wore sheets of paper pinned to their shirts bearing the phrase ‘Remember November,’ seemingly a nod to the 2012 presidential election in which President Barack Obama handily won the Hispanic vote.

“The protesters were escorted from the room by committee staff and U.S. Capitol Police but were met with cheers as they filed out into the hallway. And the group could still be heard outside the room saying both ‘Si, se puede’ and the English translation, ‘Yes, we can,’ prompting Judiciary panel Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va., to briefly suspend committee activity.

“Goodlatte then made note of another group in the audience wearing graduation caps and gowns — a reference to the DREAMers, young illegal immigrants granted a reprieve from deportation by Obama if they attend college or serve in the U.S. military. The chairman welcomed the group but warned they also would be escorted out of the room if they chose to engage in protest.

“California Democrat Zoe Lofgren, who opposes the Republican bill, later said she supported Goodlatte’s effort to allow the panel’s work to go forward without interruption. But Lofgren, her party’s top lawmaker on the Judiciary Committee’s immigration subpanel, also said, ‘I understand why demonstrators were here this morning. This is very personal.'”

  • Pete Petretich

    Immigration is not just a Latino issue. Everyone needs to obey the law!

  • giatny

    This is exactly why the rule of law must be enforced.

  •!/groups/UnitedforaSovereignAmerica/ Brandy Baron

    These people refuse to see or admit that it is not their skin color that most Americans have a problem with. It is their total lack of respect. People who don’t respect our laws and borders don’t respect our country and people. Those people don’t deserve the American Dream and neither do their children. They demonstrate their lack of respect in almost everything that they do. Her in Arizona we’ve had to watch them desecrate our USA flag and state flag in front of our state capitol. Is it any wonder why we don’t welcome them here?
    We’ve seen what amnesty does to our country. We’ve been living with the results of it… and many Americans have died as a result of the endless flow of illegal aliens being allowed to enter and remain in our country. We can’t afford to allow another amnesty. Get the facts, keep up on what is REALLY happening and learn how you can help stop it here (and PLEASE SHARE!)… (and please ‘Like’ Remember 1986 on Facebook)

  • MProblem

    Why S. 744 the illegal immigration amnesty bill would be a disaster for America and Americans:

    Please watch and share!

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