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April 28, 2015

Republicans Vote to End DACA After Tense Floor Debate (Updated) (Video)

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La.,, followed by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., saw their party rally to pass border and immigration bills on their first day in their new jobs. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Scalise and McCarthy saw Republicans rally to pass border and immigration bills on their first day in their new jobs. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Updated 11:51 p.m. | House Republicans voted to prohibit President Barack Obama from granting what they consider to be an unconstitutional amnesty to illegal immigrants Friday.

The bill would effectively end Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — a program that has allowed hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers” brought to the United States illegally by their parents to get work permits and avoid deportation. And it would prohibit the president from expanding the program, as he has been reportedly considering doing for as many as five million additional immigrants.

The 216-192 vote included four Democrats voting “yes” — Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, John Barrow of Georgia, and Nick J. Rahall II of West Virginia.

Eleven Republicans broke ranks to oppose it — Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida, Jeff Denham of California, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Mike Coffman of Colorado, David Valadao of California, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, David Reichert of Washington, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Joe Heck of Nevada, Mark Amodei of Nevada, and Fred Upton of Michigan.

The bill won’t get taken up any time soon by the Democrat-controlled Senate, which already left for August recess. And it’s unlikely to be signed into law by Obama, who started DACA through an executive action in 2012 and vowed to veto the bill earlier Friday.

Still, the measure, brought to the House floor as a reward for conservative members who agreed to help pass a $694 million appropriations bill to address the child migrant border surge just an hour earlier, will be an important messaging vote for both parties heading into the November midterm elections.

Republicans who voted “yes” will be able to tell their base they voted against Obama’s executive overreach, which they argue helped spur the record influx of unaccompanied minors at the U.S.-Mexico border that has overwhelmed enforcement agencies.

“It sends a vitally important message that minors wanting to come here in the future will … have absolutely no opportunity to receive DACA benefits,” said Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va., during floor debate Friday evening.

It also fits into the recent vote allowing House Republicans to file a lawsuit against Obama for acting without the consent of Congress.

The measure sparked one of the most vitriolic debates in recent memory. Democrats hurled accusations of xenophobia, cowardice and racism against Republicans. At times, they sat back in their seats on their side of the aisle in the House chamber and smirked, sarcastically applauding some of their biggest foes like Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. During other moments, they booed.

“In January you were saying that all of the Dreamers should get green cards and citizenship,” Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, D-Ill., charged in a scathing floor speech. “Now, Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz are literally writing the immigration script for the Republican Party.”

“This is one of the most mean-spirited and anti-immigrant pieces of legislation I have seen in all my years of Congress,” said Judiciary ranking member John Conyers Jr., D-Mich.

Republicans shot back, saying that they were not acting out of insensitivity, but out of concern for the separation of powers that Obama, in executing DACA, has allegedly disregarded.

“You failed to act, so don’t point your fingers at us!” Rep. Raúl R. Labrador, R-Idaho, told Democrats, who during their control of the House, Senate and White House did not enact comprehensive immigration overhaul legislation.

Bachmann even suggested they were putting a “handcuff” on Obama — a statement that brought a rebuke from the chair. (Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., later made a unanimous consent request to have her words stricken from the record but there was an objection).

Not every Republican voted “yes” on the bill on Friday night, but dissenters did not speak up on the House floor during debate. They chose instead to voice their frustrations in conversations with colleagues outside the parameters of the chamber, saying the decision to hold the vote was not politically advisable but stopping short of using the stormy rhetoric of their Democratic counterparts.

The challenge for some Republicans during this debate was that they agree that Obama has overstepped his constitutional bounds, but they support the general concept that the Dreamers should have some protections against deportation and pathways to legal status.

Diaz-Balart, who for the past year and a half had been fighting for his fellow Republicans to rally behind some version of comprehensive immigration overhaul legislation — and represents a heavily Latino and immigrant constituency in Miami — articulated that tension.

“I will be voting against this issue of DACA, but I don’t criticize folks for being concerned about the president overstepping his constitutional boundary,” he told reporters Friday morning.

Steven T. Dennis contributed to this report.


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  • DrGeneNelson

    If Obama decides to issue more Executive Orders expanding the immigration amnesty program, it will both help Republicans and hinder Democrats in the Senate and House elections to be decided in a mere 95 days. I believe that today’s House actions will create political problems for President Obama and the Democrats facing re-election challenges. Bipartisan legislation was passed in the House that asserts the “power of the purse” regarding Obama’s executive branch actions.

    • Layla

      There will be a price for all. You don’t leave town for 5 weeks leaving the borders wide open and unprotected. Our national security is at great risk.

      Congress needs to be voted out of office if you want anything to change, BOTH SIDES.

    • Kelly Cowan

      You live in an alternate universe.

  • todd


    • betsym

      I can tell you why Gardner voted against the bill, it isn’t because he’s against it but because he’s running for the Senate and the only way he knows how to maybe win is by lying. He has a past that is following him through this election year. I’m a Republican but will not vote for any candidate that wants a “personhood bill” passed. He’s so out of touch with the majority of women in Colorado that he will lose because of their vote. Same goes for the latino vote in Colorado. Coffman is just as bad. They are both sleazes in by opinion. This bill that the Republicans have passed is the meanest and most hateful I have ever seen them. Good luck on getting elected this fall. That includes Mr Lamborn, my representaive with a little “r”.

      • Layla

        Really? Your President puts record numbers out of work and DOES NOTHING FOR THEM. One quarter of the nation’s homeless AMERICAN CHILDREN are living in cheap motels in Central Florida. WHAT IS HE DOING FOR THEM? We have AMERICAN FAMILIES sleeping in the woods, homeless, with children. WHAT’S HE DOING FOR THEM?

        • betsym

          You have to be kidding me. It was Bush who started the downward trend. It has taken the Obama Administration this long to get it even close to where it should be. Don’t you think that the “one quarter of the nation’s homeless AMERICAN CHILDREN” living cheap motels in Central Florida, is more of the Florida’s right wing governor responsible. You are really one naive chic. Get real…ignorant people like you are the ones that believe everything the tea party throws out.

          As far as the children from Central America are concerned most of these kids are being housed by churches, private homes, etc. I suppose you want to send them back to possible beatings, rape or death. Just remember that this country was founded on welcoming immigrants here.

          • Brian

            Maybe you could take a couple of these “children” in? Full beards, tattoos, who knows what diseases and gang affiliations?

          • betsym

            I must ask you Brian does a beard and tattoos define a persons character? What about the men of Duck Dynasty! And for your information I’m talking about children that are ages 5 to young teens. I would have to say that you are really pretty biased toward these young people. And yes I would take a couple of the younger children in, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t accept me as a foster mom since I’m in my 70s. Most of these kids that are coming over from Central America are not gang affiliated. Anyway, have a good evening…I’m sure you will have a good night sleep in your comfortable bed.

          • Layla

            You love judging people, don’t you, Betsy? Don’t have a cogent argument, so you attack.

          • MommyK1

            It was not “Bush” it was many of these same legislators and Pres Bill Clinton whose stewardship of the Glass Steigal and CRA caused this mess. Bush’s regulators reported before Congressional Banking committee on 6 occasions during the “diversity in banking” crisis; and they did NOTHING to heed the warnings. Obama administration has done NOTHING to resolve the problems; every act they have taken has been to aid a campaign constituency….unions, bundlers in green energy, donors. What has he done to help the African American CITIZEN who is crushed under failed education policy, welfare decimating the family structure and unemployment at 15% while pandering to non citizens and thwarting further opportunities for the poor and middle class who bear the REAL burden? In 2009, Pres Obama stood up for Pres Zelaya in Honduras who attempted to rewrite the constitution so he could stay in office a 4 th term. The country deposed him, Pres Obama called for his return. Zelaya supports the drug cartels….In 2010 Pres Obama used fiat to halt all interior deportations; insuring any found in country; could stay In 2012 DACA further empowering that magnet. We are told no illegal receives any benefit; more than 50% here; are collecting various forms of that costing the nation upwards to $100 billion or more – while these “illegals” send the fruit of their labors; about $50 billion BACK into their home country economies……You BetsyM are ill informed and part of the problem. Thank you for this failure.

          • Layla

            BetsyM likely works on the staff of Reid or Pelosi. I recognize the rhetoric.

          • betsym

            Show me where you get your so called facts. I do not believe that I’m ill informed at all…but I read your comment and that’s where I feel you are spouting off bs.


          • Layla

            And you have to be kidding me, Betsy. How long do you think it will be before a nuclear weapon finds it’s way across that border, if it hasn’t already? This administration is setting this nation up for an attack that will make 911 pale by comparison.

            This “President” needs to be impeached and we all know it. No taxpayer money going to these kids? Really? Do you think the United States Military are paying for those being housed on bases? It’s ALL taxpayer money.

            How many of these children do you plan to personally raise?

          • betsym

   Your ignorance is showing.

          • Layla

            You didn’t answer my question, Betsy. HOW MANY?

          • Layla

            Legal immigrants, Betsy. My family were on the first boats. And it was NOT Bush who started this downward trend, it was Bill Clinton with the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Democrat Congress with deciding that everybody needed a new house and car in the driveway.

        • DonQuixote109

          Big Business has exported the number of jobs the (non-government) employment sector has lost – go ye forth and check the facts. Government employment continues to contract at both the Federal and State/Local levels.

          Stop listening to ElRushbo with his 1/2% income and mentality – he will feed you the Jimmy Jones Kool-Aid as long as you will drink it and have you begging for more.

          • Layla

            I’m not listening to anybody, least of all you. I’M LIVING IT.

    • Layla

      Thanks for identifying them.

  • WeCometoThis

    Now this is the only vote I agree with the republicans on Immigration. All other votes they should grant them to The President of The United States.

    • Donna

      Your comment doesn’t make sense – can you re-write it using proper English and sentence structure please so your point is understandable?

      • WeCometoThis

        you must be from israel, where it’s people don’t understand anything but putting death to children.

        • Donna

          That would be “its”, not “it’s” – and it is Hamas that puts Palestinian children in harms way. In the words of Golda Meir, “Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.”

          • WeCometoThis

            so you want to chat

          • Layla

            Likely NOT with you.

          • WeCometoThis

            You give me an up (^), an then you let me down, wow! make up your mind.


    The Republicans have been nothing but a severe disappointment to the American people. This is especially true for the more than three million unemployed families whom they denied an extension of benefits, since late last December. They have effectively forced millions of families into financial ruin and deep poverty. They have shown by their actions a true disdain and contempt for the poor in this country. They have voted against every bill that would benefit the unemployed, women, gays, and minorities in our country. They have prevented any positive change to take place by this president. They have thrown their fellow Americans under the bus, for their own selfish political agenda. They have aligned themselves with corporate America, and special interest groups, with deep pockets. They have proven clearly who they truly represent, and it’s not you or me. Sadly, the democrats have chosen to walk away from the unemployed too.

    • Layla

      Yonatan, I have followed your posts faithfully, but you do a great disservice not to include the entire Congress in this. There will be no extensions until Americans vote the entire Congress out.

      For now, you have been replace with people who break the law and you will be expected to pay for their food, clothing, housing, education while your family continues to suffer.

      Something tells me that the day this President is out of office, there will be great celebrations in the streets for the first time in this nation’s history. We will stop driving business offshore and there will be jobs again.

      • Nunaya Biddness III

        Illegal Immigration is not a victim-less crime. It is the working class, the Middle Class and Working poor of All Colors who are paying the bill for this unchecked invasion of Illegals into our nation, hospitals, schools and workplaces. The law of Supply&Demand was not repealed for Labor. If you want to help the American Worker, then stop helping Illegals and the companies who hire them.

        No one, regardless of Party who supports Amnesty or the businesses who hire illegals can be allowed to say they support the American Taxpayer, Middle Class, Worker’s and Families because they do not.

        We need our laws enforced and our people and legitimate business protected from illegal workers and scamming Corporations who do not obey the law and hurt all Citizens and businesses who do. It is the Working Class, Working Poor and law abiding business owners who are hurt the most by Obama&co. refusing enforce and obey our laws…where is your concern for them? Rather than protect our people, Obama encourages that criminal behavior, and you see the results at the border and welfare office..How is that OK with you. When will you stand up for American families and workers her a home?

        • Layla

          When our laws remain UNENFORCED, the victims are the middle class.

    • Nunaya Biddness III

      The House Voted to support Mainstreet. While Obama and the Democrat Senate gave their support to Illegals and Wall-Street went on vacation. No worries, Harry Reid and Democrats will kill any BIll that protects American families and workers in the Senate. The House has been doing its job with open floor debates and votes on the issues, just as they did here. It is the Senate and Harry Reid that are the problem…So let us know when Harry Reid brings BIlls to the floor for debate and a vote…so far, Nada.

      “The President is fond of referring to the House as the “Do-Nothing Congress.” But we have 352 reasons why it’s a “Do-Nothing Senate.”

      “352 bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, awaiting action.

      “98% of them passed with bipartisan support. Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation.

      “50% of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition.

      “70% of the bills passed with 2/3rds support in the House.

      “And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats.

      “352 bills. Why won’t Harry Reid act? These are good bills; bills that put the American people back to work, put more money in hardworking Americans pockets, help with education, and skills training.

      “We call upon Harry Reid to get to work before he adjourns in August to pass some of these bills. The American people deserve better.”

    • Mark Scudder

      Yonatan…..your on the hit list idiot!

  • phil

    What can you expect by individuals who measure their IQ by looking into their shoe and getting the number out of it. The number: shoe size

  • Truth Happens

    That’s one way to shut down a tyrant. Outstanding news.

  • Brian Derrick

    All of this excitement… over a misguided and a way-too-late bill that has ZERO chance of passing in the Senate, and ZERO chance of being signed by the POTUS. Cobngress and Republicans are beyond useless.

    • Nunaya Biddness III

      Let us know when Obama and Democrats stop supporting Illegals and start supporting the American voters and families back home.

      Why should Americans put the interests of Illegal aliens or the businesses who hire at our expense, above the legitimate interests of our own Citizens and workers? Shouldn’t our first concern be for the well-being of our citizens, workers and Nation? When can we expect Obama and Democrats to stop pandering to Illegals, and start working for Americans?

      We have done all this before, remember….We Know Amnesty Does Not Work. That’s not an opinion, it is a fact; If Amnesty worked we would not be having this discussion. Amnesty is a proven bad idea that does not help our Citizens or our nation… So why do you want to do it again? How is that a good idea? When did the willingness of Illegals and Businesses to ignore and abuse our laws create a debt Americans families an workers must pay? We don’t owe them_ They Owe Us.

      Immigration; By the Numbers…this video will give you the numbers and facts of the issue.

      • Daniel

        For the most part, helping integrate the undocumented into the economy (aka providing them a way to pay for their offense, then legally work the jobs that they are already working) will be good for native-born US citizen workers.

        Example – the vast majority of agricultural workers in the US are undocumented. But the vast majority of truck drivers are US-born citizens. The more crops that get harvested (by the undocumented), the more US-born truck drivers are hired.

        Overall, *most* immigrants and *most* US-born workers aren’t competing for the same jobs.

      • Jacob Eagleshield

        Anyone who votes Republican,especially for these phoney Republicans since 2009,is either a glutton for punishment or just plain stupid.Oh well,they are all “ditto heads” so you can’t expect anything better.

        • disqus_rlSZVXRC24

          Your idiot in the White House has done well ?

    • MommyK1

      With all due respect; that the Senate and the Executive cannot get on the page with what is BEST for AMERICANS; Citizens, those who PAY their taxes and salaries; is sad. It is THEY who are beyond useless; for pandering to a voting block that holds NO rights under our Constitution while demeaning the rights and needs of THOSE who do.

    • left wing

      almost as worthless as senile harry and the child trafficker, obama, the corrupt

    • Layla

      Really? Want examples of misguided?

      “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

      “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

      “What difference does it make!”

      With all due respect, STUFF IT.

    • disqus_rlSZVXRC24

      So is your dumbass occupant of the White House

  • Midge

    It is so clear that Obama’s unilateral action to create what Congress wouldn’t, the Dream Act, is what created the mass influx of minors. More Americans will be killed by “dreamers” than Israelis by Palestinians.
    Why do the Democrats have so little compassion for their own countrymen? If it was Israelis being killed and raped by gangs, every member of Congress would go to the microphone and make a speech with tears in their eyes.

  • votemout2010

    Finally Congress is looking out for the American people. DACA needs to end and the illegals deported ASAP. 18 Trillion in debt we have no business making the American Taxpayer pony up for Obama’s lawlessness.

  • Kelly Cowan

    Conservative Xenophobic Nativism, Disinformation and White Fear in America

    • Layla

      No country has been as generous as the United States, ever. And never have we had an administration who so needed impeachment and a Congress unwilling to comply.

      You are NOT representing the needs or the will of the American people.

      • betsym

        Just remember one thing…the President was elected by the majority. The wealthy couldn’t even stop that. He promised to end the two wars, and he did. He promised healthcare for all Americans…unfortunately he couldn’t get a “single payer” passed because of the blue dog dems so he got the next best thing. It’s tough governing when you have a Congress that promised to oppose anything that he has tried to pass.
        Oh, and I almost forgot about the Lilly Ledbetter Act…you know the law that says women should have equal pay, or maybe you don’t like that one. Has tried to get a raise in minimum wage passed…but has not been able to get that through congress. And guess what many corporations have proven that the better pay their employees get the better their business is. But unfortunately the tea party doesn’t want these, they are living in the dark ages.
        I’m done here, there’s no sense arguing with people who just don’t get it.

        • Layla

          The wealthy couldn’t stop it? THEY SUPPORT HIM, they are funding this. Do you know that most in my town are now working THREE jobs because of Obamacare? Any plans to FIX THIS? Likely not, as the WEALTHY like not having to pay benefits. They’re making bigger profits than ever before and loving it.

          You need to get out more, Betsy.

          • DonQuixote109

            And those of us paying taxes and with health insurance paid for all those trips to the E/R when they didn’t have their own insurance because their employers couldn’t be bothered to have a plan they might be able to contribute to and have coverage.

            Don’t blame the ACA. We’ve had employer sponsored insurance and seen it go from a Blue Choice flat co-pay to a high deductible ($6500/family) before just about anything kicks in, and our % of the premium continues to go up. ACA has at least slowed the rate of inflation, and reapportioned the costs to everyone, not just those of us with insurance.

            Get your head back in the light. State and Federal law REQUIRE hospitals to take care of people w/out insurance – it becomes a line item in their budgets – they still have to make up the short fall – and they aren’t getting it from Medicare/Medicaid/VA PRIOR to ACA changes. Ask yourself WHERE they were getting it from.

          • Layla

            Baloney, DQ. Rates are still going up, as much as 20% in many states. PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD THIS; we don’t all work in Washington.

            A health policy with a high deductible is no health insurance at all for most.

          • DonQuixote109

            That 20% figure likely isn’t an apples to apples comparison. Some of the policies that were out there were next to worthless/extremely expensive for the estimated loss ratio. Part of ACA was requiring certain minimum coverages.

            Yes, the rates have still gone up, but at a much lower rate than they have been. You have been fed so much bull by El Rushbo and his ilk you can’t see through the brown.

        • left wing

          more lies from the insane left wing wacko obama worshiper

  • skip1

    And then they all slipped out of town under cover of darkness.

  • mikiej

    you know, this child and border thing is allmost like a conspiracy to kidnap. The U.S. Federal Government is in a conspiracy with Mexican outlaws to take children across national borders without legal orders from a judge in the various Central American Countries. The U.S. Federal Govenment has no legal paper to take possession of these minor children. Thus there is no assurance that these children have not been kidnapped , and have been transported against their parents will. The United States Government is in willing conspiracy with Mexican outlaws to kidnap minor children. The U.S. Government should immediately close all border crossings into the United States and they should remain closed except to those with legal documents that allow that individual to cross.

    • Nika Khwikball

      What you’re citing is already the LAW. That’s exactly the problem and anyone entering into the United States without legal documentation is breaking U.S. Law and our boarders closed to everyone crossing illegally. Those in Washington ignoring this and/or supporting it are stepping on our CONSTITUTION. Vote them out and those into office standing for re-building and strengthening our nation. It’s Americans standing together for our CONSTITUTION and all it declares including our upholding Laws that will stop politicians from doing as they please wielding power with irresponsible leadership. They are there (elected) to serve FIRST THE BEST INTEREST OF AMERICANS and our country. If not vote them out and elect those who will.

  • isac

    This just shows who GOP really are, they wont help immigrants, they wont help dreamers that came here before they even remember their countries, trust me GOP wont even help their own people (Americans). Basically GOP will only support the rich, and make stupid wars to steal the goods of other countries.

    • disqus_rlSZVXRC24

      Do you understand the word ILLEGAL?

  • disqus_rlSZVXRC24

    The number isn’t as important as the decision and how harmful it is to the U.S. and this sonofabitch has done more harm to this country than any other 10 presidents

  • Derek Thomas

    What are we going to do to stop these maniacs? Their base eats up this stuff like candy. Most Americans are apathetic and now we’re dealing with real extremism from the GOP. We’re in trouble if there’s not a message sent that this kind of nutballery isn’t tolerated in 2016. I’m donating hardcore to the democratic party.

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