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February 7, 2016

Reports: Rifle Stolen From Renee Ellmers’ N.C. Home

Last week, while Rep. Renee Ellmers was on Capitol Hill debating legislation to reopen government and raise the debt ceiling, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a number of other items were stolen from her home in Dunn, N.C.

Local news outlets and The Associated Press reported Tuesday that on Oct. 16 a number of items were stolen from the North Carolina Republican’s unlocked garage — including the unsecured rifle.

According to the AP, “an investigative report released Tuesday by the Dunn Police Department says officers were called to the Republican lawmaker’s home last week after her husband noticed the rifle was missing. The weapon was last seen the prior day, leaning against a gun safe in the home’s garage.”

Ellmers spokesman Tom Doheny could not confirm that a gun was among those possessions taken from the second-term lawmaker’s residence.

“I can confirm that there was a break-in to the Congresswoman’s house and that several items were stolen,” Doheny said in an emailed statement to CQ Roll Call. “Since this is an ongoing investigation I’m not at liberty to disclose any other information at this time. As you can imagine, the Ellmers family is shaken by these events and is working with law enforcement to make sure those responsible are found and brought to justice.”

Officer Shennell Antrobus, a spokesman from the U.S. Capitol Police, said that while the agency was “notified of the theft … the investigation is being handled by local law enforcement.”

Hannah Hess contributed to this report.

  • joshua kit

    This is the same woman who tried to keep her congressional salary during the shutdown, until people raised hell and forced her to back down.

    She’s a real prize. Probably has a future as a Tea Party star.

  • OldmanRick

    Seems the individual who left the rifle out of the safe is the real idiot. Could the husband be to blame?

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    While we may not think about them nor fully understand why we follow them in a particular instance, we tend to use the ways learned from the lessons of others’ experience.

  • Otis1

    So the Tea Party idiot (s) who don’t believe in laws and rules and think they are above it, had her garage broken in to and her precious assault rifle stolen? Just wonder if she is going to be so arrogant when that weapon is found to have been used in a hideous crime? If that was to happen, God Forbid, she would be fully liable and responsible since it was not properly secured. She and or her family members apparently lacks any intelligence especially when it comes to gun ownership.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Those who understand the interdependence of morality, liberty, and prosperity also recognize that a government of principles and wisdom is impossible when democratic processes are subjected to a subservient people.

  • Pinehurst Ken

    I am a constituent in Rep. Ellmer’s NC-2
    District and will say that this gun incident is just the latest in what has
    been a bad month for her. She is a proud member of the Tea Party Shutdown
    Conservative caucus who has the benefit of serving in a “safe” gerrymandered
    district. Her bad month also includes this train wreck of a CNN interview
    yesterday (
    Not sure why Boehner/Canter/McCarthy would approve of her going on a non-right
    wing media outlet to debate the ACA. As a North Carolinian and an American I am
    embarrassed that we sent someone to Washington who is completely unable to
    articulate a rational position on such an important topic. How can you
    continually say something is a “monumental failure” when it doesn’t even go
    live until Jan 1, 2014?

  • John Rivas

    Certainly, the rate at which the formerly wealthy nations of the West have nearly come to a standstill due to their collectivist tendencies is one of the prominent features of recent history.

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