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February 13, 2016

Ryan Critical of Heritage Immigration Study

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan was critical of The Heritage Foundation study predicting a heavy cost to the taxpayer if Congress approves an immigration overhaul that includes a path to citizenship.

In a statement provided to CQ Roll Call, the Wisconsin Republican had this to say about the Heritage report that the Senate bill’s “amnesty” component would cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion over several decades: “The Congressional Budget Office has found that fixing our broken immigration system could help our economy grow. A proper accounting of immigration reform should take into account these dynamic effects.”

Heritage defended its study during its unveiling Monday, saying its methodology adheres to that recommended by the National Academy of Sciences.

  • hippie1367

    Yes because the last election saw how good GOPers are with math…what do you expect from

  • Ubi Panis

    Lol…Heritage pretending they follow the National Academy of Sciences. Aren’t these the same guys that think the world is 6000 years old and dinosaurs and humans lived together? And now they are supposed to be down with proper scientific methodology? Puh-lease!

  • Robert Doyle

    Heritage Foundation began with good intentions decades ago, has gone ’round the bend toward fantasy & fear mongering. What is it about the state of S. Carolina that is reproving there are some mental illness among the political apparatus there. Are there some problems with the education systems, or just too much greed ?

    • bcmugger

      What does S Carolina have to do with it?

  • Chaz22

    Paul Ryan doing so good and he is still ticking away in spite of all the efforts of so many liberal journalists and death-wish blogs to rub him out and humiliate him. That he is so busy in spite of them tickles me because they hate him and want him to go away . They are irked that he has made an impression, good or bad, that is irrevocable – I mean too bad for them you can’t take fame away . Amazing that Ryan has such great duration in spite of their trying to grind him up . You have to give him credit- he doesn’t know enough to feel sorry for himself. And it’s a wonder because liberal cutthroats have actacked him mercilessly , and they were very personal attacks.
    As for the Republican party –they keep talking about change , yet when someone comes up with a new proposal they scream that he is forsaking true conservative values. They suffer such frustration I say : do you want the hispanic vote or not ? If it doesn’t matter Jim DeMint is your man–he’s a good puritan .

    • dalancroft

      Personal attacks such as pointing out he was washing already clean dishes, unasked? Multiple, provable lies about the shuttered GM plant (begun on W’s watch), or using the same $7.6 trillion savings of Obamacare while repealing Obamacare? Yikes Chazz please pay attention.

      • Chaz22

        dalancroft –oh yes, those good old cliches from the distant past ! He made some mistakes, but why is it he is the only one who got beat up over mistakes ? There were always excuses made for Obama’s flubs , but Mitt and Paul were given a drubbing. Can’t you think of anything new ?

        Why should Mr. Ryan be defined by his blunders of the past ?

        Even that cheating, selfish,liar Mark Sandford just got voted into office again. Clinton is still a repulsive adulteror and he look us in the face and lied, yet he’s just a darling today, isn’t he ?

        And when it comes to those “sins” of Paul’s you never hear it the way it actually is. There is always the other side of a coin. but the people never get to hear it .

        Also-he is amazingly different in his regular job than he was as a campaigner. He is the smart and assertive young fellow that Romney thought he was getting in the first place. Too bad things went awry but working for Romney was not his groove .

    • BloggerDave

      Actually, no one really cares about paul ryan these days…

      • Chaz22

        If you don’t care, you should. It’s an illusion that he is just another tag-along and a depleted power just because he “lost ” the Romney/Ryan election. As I’ve noted through the months he seems to be a teflon personality and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “lose” . But more to the point : he is still an iconic figure in Congress and is a respected member. His opinion still counts- a lot as a matter of fact, and he’s asked for that opinion often. He holds an important and fundamental posistion in gov. office as a Chairperson of a committee that often may be pivotal as to which direction any government proposal takes . That is a lot of power. He is still giving speeches , involved in immigration reform strategy , and resently made waves by saying where he stands on Gay adoption. If any other Repub. politician had mentioned the same thing there would be no reaction. But Ryan is still an outstanding figure.
        If “nobody cares” why are the media , reporters, and certain polticians asking him what he thinks ? He is on C-Span almost every week and he is the main focus. I watched him last night and for those who follow what is going on in politics and with our government , the budget battle is of utmost significance. The much needed and anticipated budget conference will not happen without his sanction . Three budgets and now’s the time to act, but things have been at a stalmate and he will probably be the one who gives the green light .
        There are two things you have to understand when it comes to Ryan’s standing : one is that there are oodles of liberal writers ; blogs etc who want to marginalize or ruin him, and also that he and the media have had a rift between them for months now and the ice is cracked, but not yet entirely broken .

        • Chaz22

          Make that “RECENT” , not “RESENT” Sorry-typing too fast.

        • BloggerDave

          Thanks for telling me why republicans care… Everyone else, not so much.. sorry..

  • nanblan

    And we are count on what the Congressional Budgets says after the lies about the cost of Obamacare? Give me a break.

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