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December 21, 2014

Ryan Talks GOP Budget Friction, Boehner’s Blowups on ‘Meet the Press’

GOP Caucus 21 121113 445x315 Ryan Talks GOP Budget Friction, Boehners Blowups on Meet the Press

Ryan, left, and Boehner both spoke in support of the budget deal earlier this week. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., is choosing his words carefully when discussing the tenuous relationship between GOP lawmakers and conservative outside groups.

In sneak-peek excerpts from an interview to be aired on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday,  Ryan — who sat for questions with host David Gregory alongside Senate Budget Chairwoman Patty Murray, D-Wash. — conceded that he was “frustrated” with outside advocacy groups, such as Heritage Action for America and Americans for Prosperity, which “came out in opposition to our budget agreement before we reached a budget agreement.”

But Ryan was quick with a caveat, adding, “I think these taxpayer groups are indispensable to keeping taxpayer interest accounted for, keeping people accountable.

“We sometimes have difference of opinions on tactics,” Ryan continued. “We all believe the same thing with respect to our ultimate goal.”

Simmering tensions between Heritage Action, Americans for Prosperity and the like came to a boil this week, when Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, devoted portions of two consecutive news conferences to slamming their strong-arm tactics intended to kill certain leadership-backed legislation.  In harsh tones, he accused them of “using” and “misleading” members of the House Republican Conference, and said the groups had “lost all credibility.”

In the excerpts made public on Friday, Ryan appeared to downplay the extent of Boehner’s anger.

“Well, look. I think John just kind of got his Irish up,” Ryan said. “He was frustrated that these groups came out in opposition to our budget agreement before we reached a budget agreement. I was frustrated, too. But I think these are very important elements of our conservative family. I would prefer to keep those conversations within the family. And I think he was just basically voicing his frustration with their opposition before we had reached an agreement.”

  • Dirk Diggler

    It’s basically a destructive feedback loop: Outside orgs push their members to pressure Congress on some real or imagined legislative or political action. Members/activists call and put pressure on Congress…Congress gets all ginned up, out of proportion to any real anger. By real, i mean actual anger voiced by constituents in districts and not special interest groups. Members of Congress then act outraged and have to overcompensate to the public and right wing groups, which then use those actions to generate more publicity, raise more money. Evil, evil people.

    • Leslie Piper

      Amen, brother. Wasn’t somebody here going to send me the plans on building guillotines? Some super hero needs to take down those bullies from the right wing.

      • David Walker

        Leslie, the super hero you call for represents all Americans. That super hero is not duped by the illusion of a false choice The bullies of the left are the same bullies of the right. Americas bully is a two headed monster: one face a Donkey, the other an Elephant. Open your eyes. Vote or neither again.

    • mabramso

      There is certainly some of that, but the Tea Party, for example, originated from town hall meetings of ordinary citizens who were angry and disgusted by obscene levels of spending that dwarfed even Bush.

      • tpartynitwit

        Feh, the TrueGreen Chemlawn Tea Party is a wholly created subsidiary of FrenchWorks and Fox Snooze.

      • Leslie Piper

        Mabramso…do you still believe that? why not just google “koch tea party” and you may get the announcement about Koch giving himself a plaque for instituting the Tea Party…about two years before YOU heard of it.
        Go ahead, show some cojones, look it up: and then trace back the involvement of the Koch family thru their subversive well-funded strategy groups and hired scribes all the way to daddy Fred who started the John Birchers in the thirties…just after his intensive, long-time direct employment by JOSEPH STALIN.
        Go on, sir, check it out. You’ve been fooled, used, made a patsy of, and worse: you’ve blindly helped the most sophisticated sedition and subversive campaign to malign and denigrate the American Government and its founding charter, the U.S. Constitution. Poor fools, all of you, and unAmerican to the core.
        And no, you won’t look it up, and yes, you’ll be the treacherous Kochs’ agent the rest of your life, working their will to destroy the most enlightened government on the face of the earth…traitors, all of you.

        • mabramso

          Yeah, and Obama was born in Kenya, and Bush ordered 9/11.

    • David Walker

      Dirk, it’s time to embrace the simple cure our post is calling out for. There is no problem with our Congress. The simple problem is the two parties that have extorted our great republic to serve their paymasters. Stop the cancer. Never vote Republican or Democrat again

      • Leslie Piper

        Yeah, you guys have swallowed the lies hook, line, and sinker. Sorry that the subversive campaign has persuaded you to obediently step out of your American birthright, political action.
        Of course probably none of you know much about it, no more than whatever Rushie Baby has dinned in your ears all these years.
        The great American Democracy, earned by blood, seat and tears, inherited by a bunch of cowards and mouse-sized humanoids afraid to be citizens…who decide to avoid politics altogether. HOw shameful.

        • David Walker

          Leslie, your political birthright you speak of demands every citizen to VOTE–but nowhere in our birthright does it say the choice boils down to voting for these two parties who have a stranglehold on our Congress. A vote for Dem or a Republican is no vote; it is equal to avoiding politics. Your duty is to get politically active which means voting for candidates who are not Dems or Republicans, very simple

  • Brenda Huddleston

    The Republicans should be happy to have Tea Party groups standing with them. Unless I am mistaken, we still have free speech. We all have an obligation to our country to speak out when we see things going in the wrong direction. Spending money that we do not have is dangerous no matter which party you stand with!

  • friskyness

    Boehner has lost “credibility”……..he’s a wuss……………….

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    A default is triggered if Hussein Obama’s regime chooses not to pay the interest on the debt.There are more than enough US government revenues to cover interest on the debt.If Hussein Obama’s regime chooses not to pay the interest on the debt, then it has chosen to default.

    • Hussein

      As a man called Hussein myself, I must thank you and others like you for using Obama’s middle name. Hussein is a beautiful name that means blessed. Your using it with the President of the United States helps rid it of the stain it got from Saddam. Thank you.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    The disagreement between the liberty school and the collectivists is not an argument about attempting to improve civilization, but rather about the best ways of doing so.

    • tpartynitwit

      My meaningless gobbledygook should be taken seriously.

      • Socialism: Organized Evil

        I think we can all agree that the ideology of today’s liberalism is fundamentally un-serious.

        • tpartynitwit

          Liberals lack the courage to become socialists.

          • Socialism: Organized Evil

            There’s no material difference between the ideology of liberalism and the ideology of socialism.

            Both are held together, first and foremost, by a hatred of Christianity and Christians.

          • Pachuco4u

            Have you ever spoken openly to a liberal? Are you that closed minded? I am both a Christian and a liberal. I cannot understand a mindset such as yours. I will not let your hatred for me cause me to return such animosity. We too are his children and you will never be able to take this from us. Perhaps this is the cause for your anger.

          • Socialism: Organized Evil

            In this YouTube video, a Memphis liberal named Steve Cohen attacks Christians while waging ideological warfare against the Bill of Rights:

  • twmmd

    If there was ever an action which helps/helped the dems/Obama plans for Nov 2014 the Boehner blow-up is it……effectively he wants to cut off his nose to spite his face…..cutting the Tea Party out of the GOP.(if he had evidence that they are really dems in disguise that is one thing)……maybe he needs to think that one thru better for he is just kissing away many conservatives who were willing to stomach some of what he does in the House but were conservative…..but now this House leader turkey is playing right into Obama’s/dem’s hands… separating the strong conservative types, the Constitutionalists and the non-dem idealists OUT OF THE GOP……and he really thinks he will win elections without them…..NOT NOT NOT…dissing other more conservative than he is foolish and destructive but he can not see it for he has been blinded by becoming more moderate and slipping into the dem camp…..the dems have not changed Boehner has majorly…….and if he proceeds with amnesty while the rest of the country is against it he is duplicating the grave mistake the dems did with Obamacare….and the backlash against the GOP by conservative would be great.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Despite Hussein Obama’s vicious threats, he hasn’t been able to panic financial markets. Here’s why:

  • Benjamin Dover

    Liberty would be a meaningless term if it were defined by the whims and ever-changing will of fleeting majorities and their elected agents.

  • tpartynitwit

    Those outside elements of the “conservative family” should be locked in a basement with no food, water, or internet service.

  • Scientist5

    Both sides of this should get an ass-kicking. We need ONE VOICE and stop the internal genocide. GOP leaders (Conservative, Moderate, Liberal, or RINO) start using some commonsense – same tent. It seems they are bent destroying the Grand Old Party,.

    • David Walker

      Yes, Scientist5, you are getting close to the present political pathology. America is sick with DEMUBLICAN Disease. Simply, cast no vote for either of these parties ever again. This is the simple medicine our county requires. Any problems America faces pales in comparison to the primary pathology that afflicts our nation. A vote for any Democrat or Republican perpetuates this illness. Get Healthy vote Humaucracy

      • Scientist5

        A vote neither side also guarantees the fall of our nation. Our best hope is the GOP, and I am not happy with them. However, I think it is our only option. Standing on the sidelines is a sure way for collapse of our nation.

  • David Walker

    There is a simple answer America. Stop the ridiculous finger pointing. Break the stranglehold this Democratic/Republican Duopoly has on our government and our nation. Every citizen duty is to vote but cast no vote for either Republican or Democrat. These two parties are incapable of representing our country. From this day forward, it is time for every American to recognize A vote for a Democrat or a Republican is a vote against United States and a betrayal of America.

  • erick

    Why not relieve some of the tax burden on small businesses by placing a tax on wall street financial transactions?

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